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Webinar Wednesday Master List 1 Ep 1-40

Webinar Wednesday - Week 40 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (05/16/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
Webinar Wednesday - Week 39 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (05/02/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
Webinar Wednesday - Week 38 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (04/18/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 4:50 - UPDATE: Posted By Snapshot Widget
  • 8:01 - UPDATE: Exporting members with custom fields
  • 9:02 - UPDATE: Hiding “Specialties” tab on a member’s profile page
  • 11:13 - UPDATE: Recent events expiration date issues resolved
  • 12:48 - Tip of the Week: How to Create Irresistibly Compelling Offers
  • 36:56 - Can you make features/plugins/widgets for Brilliant Directories?
  • 42:12 - Editing the homepage search module
  • 46:06 - How to import data into your Brilliant Directories website
  • 48:16 - Adjust how the mobile view of your website looks
  • 54:01 - How to create a VIP membership area on your website (Members Only Content add-on:
  • 1:06:37 - Show company name below title of job listing
  • 1:11:29 - How to drive traffic to landing pages
  • 1:21:41 - How to create/sell educational courses
Webinar Wednesday - Week 37 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (04/04/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 7:20 - Weekly Website Showcase:
  • 52:40 - Multi-Category Checkbox Filter: category search filtering in sidebar (https://www.thecustomizationexperts.c...)
  • 55:45 - How to quickly grow your member community
  • 1:00:00 - Where to add valuable keywords on your website (continued at 1:15:03)
  • 1:01:40 - How to cater your site to your end-user
  • 1:08:43 - What makes a good pricing page?
  • 1:11:57 - Importance of collecting data to improve SEO
  • 1:13:34 - Google Trends: keyword popularity research tool
  • 1:20:54 - Utilizing the “Upload CV/Brochure” member feature
  • 1:27:01 - Add a border to website modules
Webinar Wednesday - Week 36 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/21/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
Webinar Wednesday - Week 35 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/07/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 6:51 - Member Cover Photo Workaround
  • 24:00 - Set image upload limit for members
  • 28:21 - Display custom banner ads only in the members' dashboard
Webinar Wednesday - Week 34 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (02/21/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 2:30 - Contest of the Week
  • 4:17 - Free Gift (EXPIRED): Lead Price by Category add-on:
  • 7:22 - How to feature members on your homepage
  • 21:33 - Moderate which member posts get published on your website
  • 27:50 - Using affiliate solutions with your website
  • 33:48 - How to offer free membership accounts to students
  • 41:38 - Accessing your Brilliant Directories billing account
  • 42:57 - Block the IP address of certain members
  • 45:48 - Future updates to "Manage Posts" admin area
  • 46:57 - Displaying Google AdSense ads on your website
  • 51:58 - Effectively upscale your local directory site to cover a greater area
  • 1:00:47 - Remove "Posted on" date from articles and lengthen article preview text
Webinar Wednesday - Week 33 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (02/07/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 2:09 - When and why to pay for customizations
  • 15:04 - Brilliant Directories customization developers
  • 17:01 - Free Analytics Pro plugin: http://analytics.thecustomizationexpe...
  • 30:18 - NEW ADD-ON: Lead Price by Category:
  • 37:22 - Customizing SEO templates
  • 45:09 - "List in All Locations" member setting
  • 48:15 - Embed a scheduling tool on members' profile pages
  • 58:16 - Adding featured members to the homepage
  • 1:03:09 - Market your local website by creating consumer-facing content
  • 1:05:16 - Adjust homepage elements' section order
  • 1:06:53 - Featured Blog Article Slider add-on:
  • 1:08:00 - Customize classifieds lead form
  • 1:14:00 - Stream SoundCloud audio files on homepage
Webinar Wednesday - Week 32 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (01/24/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
Webinar Wednesday - Week 31 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (01/10/2018) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 5:10 - Tip of the Week
  • 17:48 - Sort members by login date
  • 23:38 - Improving user engagement
  • 28:41 - Marketing campaign ideas
  • 30:56 - Attracting your first members
  • 41:21 - Using claim listings with third-party email services
  • 46:53 - Include blog post meta description when sharing on social media
  • 57:25 - How updates affect website customizations
  • 59:14 - View weekly Brilliant Directories updates
  • 1:02:03 - Identifying duplicate widgets
  • 1:06:02 - Choose features categories on your homepage
  • 1:11:13 - Optimize member profile photos for Instagram
Webinar Wednesday - Week 30 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (12/13/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 4:12 - Tip of the Week
  • 28:10 - Review of Desi Connect (
  • 42:19 - Review of E.P.I.C. Tribe (
  • 57:10 - Review of YouMeMine (
  • 1:08:33 - Editing pre-defined text with customizable text labels
  • 1:16:29 - Click to Call add-on:
  • 1:16:42 - Member Profile Analytics add-on:
  • 1:17:14 - Add a live chat console to your website
  • 1:21:57 - Locating and editing SEO templates
  • 1:25:52 - Create custom SEO templates for specific pages
  • 1:31:10 - Add alt tags to homepage category images
Webinar Wednesday - Week 29 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (11/29/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 2:03 - Tip of the Week
  • 3:54 - Change layout of the member login form
  • 17:24 - Review of Rolleston Directory (
  • 23:58 - Add custom content to your homepage
  • 29:36 - Change size of homepage hero image
  • 31:40 - Picking the right theme for your website
  • 44:15 - Custom Bootstrap homepage
  • 47:48 - Hide website elements in mobile view
  • 1:00:33 - Benefits of allowing free member signups
  • 1:01:14 - Claim listings with social media accounts
  • 1:02:11 - Change claim listing signup page
  • 1:06:37 - General marketing tips and ideas
  • 1:10:50 - Best ways to let people know they can claim their listings
Webinar Wednesday - Week 28 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (11/15/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 3:35 - Deal of the Week
  • 4:57 - Tip of the Week
  • 22:39 - Review of Afya Directory (
  • 28:48 - Review of
  • 43:25 - UPDATE: Homepage Section Order
  • 45:43 - UPDATE: Show “Add Content” in Member Dashboard
  • 48:16 - Sell a product/service without including a membership
  • 52:49 - Shopping cart integration
  • 55:29 - Facebook and Google Social Login add-on
  • 58:34 - Redirect customers to a specific link after signing up
  • 1:09:55 - Sidebar “buy” button for member-added products
  • 1:13:45 - Smart keyword tags for content and listings
  • 1:16:03 - Add button category links above search results
Webinar Wednesday - Week 27 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (11/01/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 3:09 - Contest of the Week
  • 4:29 - Recommended Reading: Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
  • 6:21 - Tip of the Week
  • 22:12 - Professional networking & membership website (
  • 31:57 - Events directory (
  • 46:50 - Processing ticket purchases for events
  • 48:42 - Overview of types of publishable content
  • 51:55 - Repurposing features to create new features
  • 54:33 - How to make a specific feature members-only
  • 1:02:24 - Making an FAQ page
  • 1:12:45 - Google Sitemap Generator add-on:
  • 1:17:34 - Enticing professionals to join your website
  • 1:33:49 - Fostering an interactive online community
Webinar Wednesday - Week 26 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (10/18/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 2:11 - Contest of the Week
  • 6:27 - Tip of the Week
  • 24:27 - Pet Care Professionals Directory (
  • 25:34 - Creating a public video library
  • 37:25 - Editing sidebar content
  • 40:40 - Local Business Directory (
  • 52.25 - UPDATE: Member Dashboard
  • 55:19 - 'Recommended articles' / 'read more articles' feature
Webinar Wednesday - Week 25 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (10/04/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 2:04 - Contest of the Week
  • 7:44 - Best Practices for Building Successful Landing Pages
  • 28:56 - Premium Add-Ons overview and info
  • 32:06 - Do Brilliant Directories websites support intentional members?
  • 33:11 - Removing main search module from homepage
  • 39:11 - Integrating Google AdSense with a website's blog
  • 46:29 - Banner Ad Manager overview
  • 47:52 - Creating a catch-all member category
  • 54:34 - Google Trends keyword research tool
  • 57:27 - Place feature forms/CTA's within the member dashboard
Webinar Wednesday - Week 24 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (09/20/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 3:00 - UPDATE: Improved mobile menus
  • 5:02 - UPDATE: Add-Ons Status Checker
  • 6:31 - UPDATE: Insta-Load Search Results add-on:
  • 12:05 - UPDATE: Click-to-Call Members add-on:
  • 12:57 - Contest of the Week
  • 15:44 - Display member reviews within posted classified ads [continued at 52:29]
  • 18:57 - How to add/embed forms on static webpages
  • 22:10 - Change confirmation email sent after contact form submissions
  • 26:28 - Hide specific member info from the public
  • 34:54 - How the BD system automatically matches members & leads
  • 37:10 - Change webpage info displayed in Google search results (editing SEO templates)
  • 45:55 - 3 Secret Hacks to Turn Your Website Into a Content Publishing Powerhouse:
  • 52:29 - [question from 15:44 continued]
  • 1:02:13 - Email automation and best practices
Webinar Wednesday - Week 23 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (08/23/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 3:20 - UPDATE: New Billing Manager
  • 6:50 - UPDATE: Auto-Recurring Events add-on:
  • 11:02 - UPDATE: Dynamic Design Settings beta
  • 12:05 - UPDATE: Facebook Login add-on:
  • 13:20 - Recommended Reading: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
  • 15:00 - Important News: Google SSL security update
  • 16:48 - Deal of the Week
  • 18:45 - Change header search module to search for videos
  • 20:54 - Enable header banner ad module
  • 23:06 - How to create two pricing pages
  • 29:09 - Change where website contact form messages get emailed to
  • 31:10 - Create email accounts for your domain
  • 32:00 - Set up email forwarders
  • 34:45 - Pricing page formatting
  • 43:28 - Website Setup Plans:
  • 45:31 - Website Audit Review:
  • 47:12 - 404 error when going to a member's profile page
Webinar Wednesday - Week 22 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (08/09/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 4:26 - UPDATE: Deep Keyword Search
  • 7:28 - UPDATE: Linkable - Website Address Field
  • 9:37 - UPDATE: Transactions History Manager
  • 14:19 - UPDATE: Import Member Profile Photos
  • 14:54 - Recommended Reading: Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • 16:36 - Deal of the Week
  • 19:20 - Transactions History Manager question and clarification
  • 20:58 - Website homepage review
  • 31:15 - Website homepage review
  • 45:07 - Organizing your website & establishing member categories
  • 1:03:16 - Geo-target banner ads
  • 1:10:55 - Lead form formatting and messaging
Webinar Wednesday - Week 21 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (07/26/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 6:39 - Custom member SEO settings
  • 14:26 - Custom form formatting & website messaging
  • 18:57 - Making your website's messaging resonate with visitors
  • 23:25 - Turn member profiles into their own websites
  • 27:13 - Website activity email updates
  • 28:58 - How to set up email addresses: http://bootstrap.brilliantdirectories...
  • 30:48 - Pricing page setup
  • 34:41 - 50% off Website Audit Review:
  • 36:16 - Structuring lead-gen forms & pages
  • 39:22 - New Theme: Lead-Gen Theme:
  • 42:56 - Multi-Listing Manager vs. Multi-Location Listings
  • 52:15 - Can Brilliant Directories be used as a CRM?
  • 55:09 - Is there an email sending limit with Brilliant Directories websites?
  • 56:53 - How to learn about Brilliant Directories
  • 57:58 - Send emails to a specific group of members
  • 1:00:42 - Claim listing email template
Webinar Wednesday - Week 20 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (07/19/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 8:24 - Use the same email address for multiple member accounts/claim listings
  • 12:45 - Multi-Listing Manager add-on:
  • 18:05 - Submit a feature suggestion
  • 19:06 - Members’ uploaded brochures/resumes
  • 21:44 - Alternative Bootstrap calendar
  • 27:53 - Change search results order
  • 29:55 - Edit the lead/get matched form
  • 37:34 - Offering a free trial period to your members
  • 39:37 - Coming Soon Add-On: Lazy Load Search Results
  • 41:45 - Coming Soon Add-On: Facebook Login
  • 42:45 - New Feature: Social links in header
  • 44:15 - New Theme: Easy Association Theme:
  • 46:21 - Preventing spam listings/sign ups
  • 50:55 - How are member listings indexed for searches?
  • 58:48 - Homepage customizations
  • 1:04:55 - Clone a customized website with the Clone My Website Service:
  • 1:08:28 - Edit search results design
  • 1:13:53 - Add new links/buttons to member profile pages
Webinar Wednesday - Week 19 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (06/21/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 9:34 - Are keywords enough for good SEO?
  • 13:38 - Add "View Profile" button to mobile search results
  • 20:38 - Google AdWords vs. keywords to increase website traffic
  • 24:33 - Landing pages and calls-to-action
  • 31:11 - Premium Masterclass Workshops:
  • 32:07 - How claimable listings work:
  • 34:07 - Allow multiple member sign-ups with the same email address
  • 38:26 - Center dropdown menu item text
  • 40:11 - Keywords are not everything
  • 44:01 - Live business operating hours on member profile page
  • 45:20 - Where to find Bootstrap scripts
  • 46:51 - Update: Duplicate widget identifier
Webinar Wednesday - Week 18 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (06/06/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Strategies to drive consumer traffic to your website
  • Facebook ads
  • Custom listing details form
  • Custom member search form
  • Overview about leads
  • Override a sold out lead
  • Replace member logo with profile picture
  • Remove map from member profile page
  • Edit/remove member profile page sidebar
  • Create social media banners with Canva:
  • Create a general user membership level
  • Automated signup confirmation emails
  • Add sidebar to homepage
  • Add recent reviews to sidebar
Webinar Wednesday - Week 17 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (05/31/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Select which sidebars to display on your blog
  • How to get your first website visitors
  • Blog categories
  • Blog search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Developer Marketplace: http://marketplace.brilliantdirectori...
Webinar Wednesday - Week 16 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (05/24/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • How to check for bad website links/URLs with Google Webmaster Tools:
  • Change number of search results per page
  • Add-on Coming Soon: Lazy Load Search Results
  • Add schema markup to display reviews in Google search results
  • Add-on: Featured Blog Article Slider:
  • Managing member reviews
  • Member search visibility settings
  • Member & website variables
  • Add-on: Daily Website Backups:
  • Sidebar on checkout pages
  • Editing checkout page
  • Editing website footer menu
Webinar Wednesday - Week 15 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (05/10/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Importing members as free listings and enticing them to upgrade to premium accounts
  • How to create coupon codes:
  • Editing the "Get Matched" lead form
  • Adjust Featured Members on homepage
  • How to put Newest Members on homepage
  • Show author's info on blog articles
  • Comments section on blog posts
  • Set max limit for how many members receive a single lead
  • Leads Module video tutorials:
  • Set default search radius for location-based searches
Webinar Wednesday - Week 14 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (04/19/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Clickable Australia search map alternative
  • Benefits of using Google Analytics:
  • Track website visitor activity with Hotjar:
  • Customize "CV" download text label
  • Website blog articles vs. member articles
  • Editing content-specific sidebars
  • Automatically translate webpages based on a visitor's IP address/geo-location
  • Using variables to edit page SEO templates
Webinar Wednesday - Week 13 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (04/12/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Monetizing your website with banner ads
  • Determining your recurring monthly prices
  • Using the right verbiage to convert visitors into members:
  • Setting membership levels as "claim listing" vs "paid"
  • Sidebars on checkout pages
  • How to change/remove search variable options
  • Editing the property search module
Webinar Wednesday - Week 12 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (04/05/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Use Easy Coupon Code add-on to offer free trials
  • How to get your first members signed up
  • How to build & advertise a "visual directory"
  • Facebook ads & blogging to market your website
  • Website Setup Plans:
  • Promoting online courses
  • Repurpose an existing member feature to better fit your industry
  • Rearrange tab order on member profile pages
  • Filter your directory's members based on a visitor's location: http://bootstrap.brilliantdirectories...
  • Edit text/content on your homepage
  • Turning your website into a mobile app
  • Improve SEO for local directory websites
  • Attract more leads with a quote/lead form on your homepage
  • Improve SEO for local pages in a national business directory
Webinar Wednesday - Week 11 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/29/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • New Add-On: Easy Coupon Codes:
  • New Add-On: Essential Business Categories:
  • Eliminate duplicate website content & manage canonical URL's to improve SEO
  • Test changes to your website without them going live
  • How to get your members to add content to your website
  • Leveraging your homepage to generate leads
  • Editing custom form save actions
  • Embedding videos into emails
  • How to add multiple CTA buttons on your homepage
  • Setting up a city website/local business search website
Webinar Wednesday - Week 10 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/22/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Integrate Infusionsoft with Brilliant Directories-powered websites
  • Claimable Business Listings add-on walkthrough:
  • View all recent updates to the Brilliant Directories platform
  • How to connect Google Analytics to your website
  • How to edit your website's robots.txt file
  • How to add Google AdSense ads to your website
  • Set maximum lead inquiries per user per day limit to reduce spam
  • Disable unique email validation when joining
  • Change listing search results button text and links
  • Brilliant Directories link sharing
  • Approve/decline member reviews
  • Reply to Member Reviews add-on:
  • Entice new members to add profile details
  • Open homepage divider links in a new tab
  • Send confirmation email to new newsletter signups
  • How to sell products/services on Brilliant Directories websites
Webinar Wednesday - Week 9 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/15/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Display venue in events search results
  • How to RSVP to events
  • Add custom SEO meta details to member articles
  • Add Google Translate to your website
  • Hide elements of your website
  • Best ways to market directory website:
  • Add custom searchable fields for your members
  • Geocoding's importance for SEO
  • SEO & verifying member sign-ups for local directories
  • Turn member profile pages into landing pages
  • How to duplicate your website's home page
Webinar Wednesday - Week 8 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/08/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Brilliant Directories' affiliate program:
  • Customizing email signatures
  • Allow one email address to be used with multiple accounts
  • Improve SEO on member profile pages
  • Generating a sitemap
  • Add a sidebar to checkout pages
  • Control which emails are automatically sent after a form has been submitted
  • Best practices to market events & other content on Brilliant Directories websites
  • Edit search result page titles
  • Change layout of search results (list, grid, map)
  • Edit member details displayed on member profile pages
Webinar Wednesday - Week 7 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (03/01/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • New Add-On: Easy Coupon Codes:
  • New Update: Place the lead capture form on your homepage
  • New Update: Homepage divider button links
  • New Update: Option to show/hide QR code & member badge in member dashboard
  • Manually inputting membership payments
  • Change categories for various publishing tools/posts
  • Collecting payments for banner ads
  • How to export members
  • How to populate your website with members
  • Featuring members on your homepage
Webinar Wednesday - Week 6 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (02/22/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • 7-day free trial of Brilliant Directories:
  • Free Brilliant Directories Support Resources:
  • Member verification options
  • Remove country from member profile URL
  • Can you sell your Brilliant Directories website?
  • Future Update: Free trial periods for your members
  • Future Update: Coupon codes add-on
  • Brilliant Directories' community forum: http://bootstrap.brilliantdirectories...
  • Create members-only web pages
  • Benefits of having landing pages on your website
  • How do lead/contact form submissions work?
  • Reorder tabs on member profile pages
Webinar Wednesday - Week 5 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (02/15/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • New Add-On: Reply to Member Reviews -
  • New Feature coming soon: Admin Account Restrictions
  • Update: Admin member search console & export search results
  • Update: Option to display members' addresses on their public profiles
  • Editing display options for form fields
  • Editing members' listings
  • Adding a sidebar to search results page
  • When is the right time to start advertising to customers?
  • Stored email addresses of website visitors
  • Breadcrumbs and their SEO value
  • Built-in Brilliant Directories SEO & keyword inputs
  • Multi-Listing Manager add-on overview -
  • Brilliant Directories vs. eDirectory - Why is Brilliant Directories better than eDirectory?
  • Improving SEO on location pages
  • Custom homepage sections & Website Edits training sessions -
  • Member logo vs. profile photo
Webinar Wednesday - Week 4 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (02/08/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • New add-on: Google Search Assist -
  • New Feature: Sidebars on signup pages
  • New Feature: Clone menus & menu links
  • New Feature: Sub-sub categories drop-down list on categories page
  • Coupon/discount codes
  • Sell and manage ad space on website using AdButler
  • Change the size of featured/newest listings on homepage
  • Default lead matching overview, Automatic Lead Matching add-on (, & - - - Get Matched pages overview
  • Disabling customized widgets
  • Advice on buying & importing a database of members
  • How to edit the leads form on the Get Matched page
  • Restrict category selection at signup for specific membership levels
  • Benefits of HTTPS security SSL certificates & how to obtain them for your website
Webinar Wednesday - Week 3 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (02/01/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Hide specific elements from member profile pages
  • Customizing home page search form
  • Enabling related keywords for member categories
  • Hide specific elements from member dashboards
  • Member Statistics add-on overview
  • Set custom publish date for blog articles
  • Edit/add blog categories
  • Walk-through of Real Estate theme features
  • Customize member profile logo link
  • 301 Redirects
  • Automatic Lead Matching add-on overview
  • Altering the aesthetic of the grid view search results page(s)
Webinar Wednesday - Week 2 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (01/30/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Editing SEO templates & variables
  • Customizing text labels
  • Creating static web pages
  • Website blog vs. member articles
  • H1 & H2 tags importance for SEO
  • How to integrate a third-party chat feature
  • How to entice members to upgrade
Webinar Wednesday - Week 1 - Brilliant Directories Webinars (01/18/2017) -
This webinar covers topics including:
  • Adjusting membership level settings for claim listings
  • Adding Google ads to custom locations on a website
  • Duplicate content and its effects on search rankings
  • How to add pop-up notification/offer boxes to a website
  • Neil Patel webinars
  • How to turn a website into a mobile app
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$85,000/month selling shopping cart softwares.

Hey - Pat from here with another interview.
Today's interview is with Mark Thompson of PayKickstart, a brand that sells shopping cart software.
Some stats:

Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi everyone, my name is Mark Thompson and I am the co-founder of PayKickstart. I started the company back in 2016, completely bootstrapped, in order to create a better way for businesses to sell online.
Our flagship product, PayKickstart, is unique shopping cart and affiliate management solution, which helps subscription-based businesses, accept payment, maximize recurring revenue, and increase customer lifetime value.
We’ve recently broke $1MM in ARR and have doubled in size year-over-year.

What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

Since becoming an online Entrepreneur back in 2009, I have created over 25 different digital products and sold over $20 million dollars of various training/coaching programs and software. Needless to say, I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to selling online.
Over the past decade, I noticed that the solutions available to help me sell my products and power my businesses, were simply outdated, archaic and were not keeping up with the high standards customers have when purchasing something online.
After switching between four or five different shopping carts, we realized a common theme - lack of flexibility, minimal functionality and profit leaks everywhere! For example, we sell a variety of different types of software (SaaS, desktop) and training. For our SaaS products, we require an API that allows for flexible billing and checkout process. For our desktop apps, we require a licensing system to properly secure each install. For our training programs we required seamless integrations with membership services like Wishlist and FreshMember, to properly add a customer to the correct membership level. Not to mention, conversion boosting functinoality like 1-click upsells, order bumps, coupon code management, etc...
There is not a one size fits all when it comes to an ecommerce platform.
It’s how and why we even built PayKickstart in the first place - out of sheer necessity. In the early days, we didn’t even have a name for it. It was just our internal shopping cart to sell our various digital goods.
In the first two years of using our own solution, we increased our revenue by 30%. By cutting out per-transaction fees that previous shopping carts were charging, adding revenue-boosting functionality like order bumps, 1-click upsells and coupon management - it was like the training wheels came off our bike!
Before we knew it, we had colleagues, partners and influencers asking us “Hey! I just purchased your software and WHOA, I was blown away at the checkout experience. What are you using to do that?”. That was our “a-ha moment”!
The moment we knew that the frustrations surrounding selling online were real. That other online businesses were struggling to scale and grow because of the same challenges we faced years ago.
That’s when PayKickstart was born!
Lucky for us, we were able to reinvest a good chunk of our profits from other products we sold, back into turning PayKickstart from an internal solution, into a real business - a solution that other businesses could utilize. We also had a fantastic team of designers, developers and support staff surrounding us.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product.

As you can see below, the system we started with and what it is today is night and day. The first iteration was literally just a way to add our products, set a price and create a checkout link.
It took approximately six months to build the first iteration of our internal shopping cart. Again, just the basics - checkout page functionality and payment gateway integration.
Then we started adding more functionality.
Coupon management. Affiliate tracking. 1-click upsells. Licensing. New checkout pages. 3rd party integrations (payment gateways, email auto-responders, fulfillment services, etc…). Each new feature provided more flexibility, more revenue, more profit.
We would average around one new feature per month. So it took around 2 additional years to get the platform to the point where we were self-sufficient (not relying on Infusionsoft to handle the affiliate tracking).
We used the platform internally for around 3 years before we opened it up to early beta vendors. The beta group tested the system for around 6 months - providing feedback, bugs and suggestions. After the core functionality was solid, we felt confident to open it up to the general public - this was around the end of 2016.

Describe the process of launching the business.

Given the fact that our solution dealt with the life-blood of businesses, their money. We had to be super cautious in the early stages. At first we invited around ten or so vendors that we knew to give PayKickstart a test-drive. Of course, that came with a huge warning that while we were using it to sell our own products and services, this platform was still in the early beta stages.
As the first ten starting using the system, we prepared our team to “be on high alert”, ready to take an influx of bugs and feature requests. Oh, and they did! Luckily for us, we had been building software for years and we were as best prepared as we could be - addressing the most critical bugs first and working our way down the list. Over the coming months, we started slowly inviting more and more vendors to start selling, using PayKickstart. With each new vendor, the core framework started to become bulletproof - increasing our confidence that we were ready to start scaling.
We started working on and launched the first iteration of the website. We created a webinar to introduce everyone to the platform and teach them the real business challenges it solved. Things were smooth sailing ...well...until our first big promotion to our internal email list. We had been getting great feedback from our initial vendors, however we overlooked one major thing - to get a business to switch from their existing shopping cart to ours, is not necessarily “easy”, especially if they have never heard of us before.
To help overcome the fear of switching, we make it easy for vendors to import/migrate their existing subscriptions over to PayKickstart. After the vendor connects their payment gateway, they can head to our Import Subscriptions area and map the existing subscriptions from the gateway into PayKickstart - literally taking 30 seconds to complete.
We also added live chat support to help new vendors get onboarding and migrated over to our system. This helped overcome any obstacles or challenges standing in the way with the migration process.
Our API also supports the ability to move your PayKickstart-powered subscription to another payment gateway, if the vendor feels that it is not the right solution for their business. This was another way to help remove the fear, knowing that if they ever needed to, they can access those subscriptions and move them to another platform.
We opened the pricing up at $99/mo for the Professional plan and $149 for the Premium plan. We also sold a $997 deal on a webinar, that would give them one full year of our Premium plan, plus a bunch of additional bonuses.
After gathering some feedback, we realized that many vendors wanted a lower priced plan so they could test the waters and get comfortable with PayKickstart before switching their entire business over. So in mid 2017 we added a $29/mo plan that had limited functionality.
Given that the platform has matured and evolved a lot since 2016, we are in the process of grandfathering in all of the existing vendors at their current pricing, however we will be doubling our pricing and adding thresholds for how much a vendor can process without receiving additional fees. This is meant to help generate expansion revenue, targeting larger power vendors who are processing a large volume of sales each month.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

It just goes to show you what focus, determination and the ability to overcome obstacles can do to your company. Since launching the site, we did whatever it took to get that initial customer base - private demos, podcast and video interviews, guest blog posts - you name it.
Private Demos
Using a cold email outreach sequence, we would send a three email sequence to people who use one of our integration partners (ie: email autoresponder, webinar service). In this email sequence we would request that they either sign up for the trial or schedule a time for a private call. Here is a look at one of our cold email outreach sequences that we send via MailShake.
Guest blog posts
We were confident that if we could build that initial customer base and provided over-the-top customer support - they would be our top brand ambassadors. And that’s what happened. While the initial group of 25-50 new vendors was small, it started a snowball effect. They started telling their friends. Their friends started telling their friends. Now we had something we didn’t have before - social proof!
I felt one thing we have always done extremely well, has been listening to our customer base. If you’ve ever created a piece of software before, you realize it is never perfect. It’s like a living organism - it’s always evolving. Each and every month we could continue to add new features our customers wanted. Which meant that each and every month, our platform was getting stronger and stronger.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Fast forward to today, we currently are right around breakeven. The majority of our expense has been in development (with 8 full time developers) and on infrastructure (server resources, PCI compliance/security).
While our YoY growth has doubled each year, our biggest challenge we currently face has been churn. At first, our focus was on finding product market fit, however while we were signing up a fair number of new vendors, we noticed many were not sticking around.
Churn originally started around 25%, however we have started implementing a number of things to combat churn.
#1. Quick Start Guides
Vendors can download this quick start guide, that is a series of screenshots and explanations on how to add your products into PayKickstart and start selling
#2. 14 Day Bootcamp
The 14-day bootcamp sends the vendor one email each day during the free trial. Each day provides a new training video, walking through a different part of the platform.
#3. Knowledge base
We also made the Knowledgebase articles more accessible. Instead of going right to our live chat agent, which was bogging down our support resources, we first nudge them to try and find a KB article first before contacting us.
By adding these three support resources, we have been able to reduce churn to around 17%.
While that number has improved, it is nowhere near where we want it - ideally close to 3% is our goal.
Another challenge we have faced is our free trial to paying customer percentage has been low, around 40%. We would like to get that up to at least 60%.
We are in the process of revamping the entire website and UI experience. Over the past three years, the platform has evolved a lot. We’ve been adding new features and functionality that our users want, which has lead to the UI getting bulky and overwhelming for new users specifically.
We’ve broke the revamp up into four core areas:
#1. The Website
We are restructuring the website hierarchy and navigation to make it easier for prospects to better understand, exactly what we do and who we serve.
#2. The Free Trial Flow
Currently, we require a credit card on file to sign-up, however the new free trial flow will not require a credit card on file (more on this in the next point). Our goal here was to remove as many barriers as possible and get them inside the app and selling as quickly as possible.
#3. The In-App Onboarding Experience
Part of the reason our churn is so high, as been new vendors getting confused as to where they needed to go first to get their products added and start selling. Immediately after sign-up, we are implementing a new in-app onboarding experience that will walk them through three key steps they need to take, to start selling. This experience will help get them to what we call “first value”. We’re confident that once a new vendor makes their first sale, they will see the tremendous value PayKickstart brings to their business.
Included with our new in-app onboarding experience will be a hyper targeted email sequence, which will dynamically nudge them along the onboarding flow if they fall out.
#4. New App User-Interface
As I mentioned previously, we continued to add new features and functionality. This lead to new options getting thrown in random places inside the app. We have taken a step back and completely redesigned the platform from the ground up.
Before we did this though, we went on a fact finding mission, surveying all of the users to find out what they liked and more importantly, what they didn’t like about the platform. Where could we improve? What areas were confusing? This was our blueprint for what areas we needed to focus on.
With three years worth of data and customer feedback, we are hoping that this four-part plan will introduce a new era for the business and the platform. Our goal is to resolve the churn issue ASAP, so that we can then ramp up lead generation and other sales related initiatives.

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

For every software business, there is always the ongoing battle between sales/marketing and development.
The sales/marketing guys want things done yesterday and the development team wants to ensure the stability and security of the platform before going “feature happy”. This leads to longer ETAs on the development roadmap and how quickly you can get to market with new ideas.
We’ve learned that the stability of our infrastructure is always priority number one. While new feature requests seem to be endless, we understand we simply cannot accommodate all of them. This is why we have learned to better prioritize new requests and focus on the high priority, high impact features.
We’ve also learned that new features at some point needs to take a back seat, if the user experience is flawed. If you cannot get your customer to first value or if you fail to properly identify the target audience you are after, it kills your LTV of a customer.
One aspect of our business that has contributed to immediately social proof and building our footprint online has been a focus on review sites like Capterra, G2 Crowd and FinancesOnline. We recently ran a campaign where a customer would receive a $25 Amazon gift card if they left a review on our Capterra profile. We found that the traffic to these review sites is extremely high quality with buyer intent. They obviously are shopping around and researching your company and the competition. This is an ongoing effort of ours, to continuously build up our reviews on many of the top review sites.
A situation that has sidetracked the progress of the platform, have been the new laws and legislation that have passed recently, particularly in the EU countries. Things like GDPR, SCA, and PCI Compliance are things not only we need to address, but every online shopping cart has to. Even though its added resources on our part to ensure we are compliance, I think it will help ensure the buyers information and data is safe and secure.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

At PayKickstart, we have tried to minimize the number of tools we use to run our business. If there isn’t a specific reason or purpose for a tool, we get rid of it.
As you can assume, we use PayKickstart to handle everything related to our checkout process and affiliate management. We use ClickFunnels and OptimizePress to create our front-facing sales and landing pages. We process payments with PayPal and Stripe. Our help desk is powered by FreshDesk, with Intercom as our live chat and in-app notification system. We love Jira, as our project management solution. We use Hubstaff as our time tracking/employee management solution. AWS and Github for our code management. And that’s really about it.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

I would say the handful of books that have served as a bible for the way I manage and run my business today would have to be The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Good to Great by Jim Collins.
These books have provided the framework for not only how to build a sustainable, long term business but how to avoid many of the mistakes and the reasons why the majority of startups fail.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

It feels like every week, I have someone coming up to me for some type of advice or wisdom for how they can get started. Usually my suggestions are the same…
Do something you’re passionate about.
Starting any business is NOT easy (or everyone would do it, right?). There will be challenges and bumps along the way and unless you are truly passionate about your industry and business, you won’t have the perseverance to overcome those obstacles that get in your way.
Obsess over your target audience.
You would be amazed how many people want to start a business, without even understanding who their target audience is. Knowing your customer personas is critical, as it drives almost every decision you make along your journey.
Take imperfect action.
Most Entrepreneurs have the tendency for everything to be perfect. This leads to a tremendous amount of wasted energy and time. Once you are willing to accept imperfection, it will help you get to market faster, be able to adapt quicker and ultimately build a thriving business.

Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

We are always looking for hungry, driven individuals to join our team.
If you are a developer, sales professional, have experience in quality assurance or support feel free to submit your resume to [email protected] and we are happy to review it and see if there is a good fit.
Please provide a two minute video introduction that explains more about who you are and why you are excited about the potential opportunity.

Where can we go to learn more?

There are a few places you can go to learn more about myself and PayKickstart.
Liked this text interview? Check out the full interview with photos, tools, books, and other data.
For more interviews, check out starter_story - I post new stories there daily.
Interested in sharing your own story? Send me a PM
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Joe Dispenza Meditations?

Anyone try Joe Dispenza's meditations?
Listened to this talk by him and got interested in him:
Bought these meditations (not an affiliate link) for $5.
At the final stage you're supposed to meditation for an hour and 10 minutes per day. Just wondering if anyone's got to that level and how they felt? Although I could probably easily do it, I have trouble allocating that much time per day to something like meditation.
Right now I do transcendental meditation, but very inconsistently.
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The Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List from YouTube

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today. Building an email list from YouTube is like planting a tree--it doesn’t start growing until you plant it, and once it grows it can give you value for life.
You must have heard it before--”start an email list” or “build an email list,” and so on. If not, check out the 30-second video below of literally ALL of the YouTube/business gurus online telling you how freakin’ important this is.
Why should I care?
There are a couple main reasons why this is the most important thing you can do if you have a YouTube audience.
Your email list gives you “platform security.” That means that if YouTube decides to shut you down or changes their algorithms, you’ll still have a way to interact directly with your audience. You can continue to send them videos via email if you like, or you can point them to a new channel or even new platform like Vimeo or Facebook if you must. Your email list gives you a private relationship with each viewer that signs up. Basically, the inbox becomes a private room you can use to discuss things with each person. You can find out what your audience really wants, both in terms of content from you and the progress they want to make in their lives (i.e., potential products or services). You can then create or find things that help them and sell or deliver that via the inbox. This is not the same as comments or even PMs in YouTube. When was the last time you bought something because someone PMed you on YouTube? Probably never. Have you ever bought something from a company that emailed you? Probably yes. The coolest thing is that you can automate most of the conversation and scale it! If you want to do it yourself, here’s what you do:
First, create a landing page
There are a lot of ways to do this, and loads of companies like LeadPages and Instapage are dedicated to making these. You can also hire a wordpress or web developer to make landing pages for you. These can range in professionalism from basic freebie URLs like to professional URLs like
A landing page needs three basic components:
A form for signing up A call to action or reason to sign up Connection to an email service or spreadsheet Sign up form
Your sign up form can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it, but generally simple is better as long as the reason for signing up is good. Here are a couple of examples, one simple, just a newsletter signup, and one more professional and enticing:
As you can see, both of these examples have a form for signing up, a call to action, and we can assume that they record the email addresses somewhere. Now think about this--which one would you sign up for? Probably the one that will give you the guide or other useful tool or information.
Today, not many people get excited about newsletters, but they do get excited about information that will help them change their lives. In our experience, landing pages that offer a download in return for signing up bring in 3-10x more subscribers than a basic email newsletter signup.
Reason to sign up
Don't have anything to give people in exchange for their email? Sure you do! You just have to make a bit of useful content.
The best way to make a downloadable giveaway to boost signups on your landing page is to consider what your audience already wants.
Do they come to you to watch you cook recipes? Give them a recipe book. Do they come to you to learn something? Give them a free guide to doing something related. Do they watch you for inspiration or motivation? Give them a checklist they can print out and hang on their bathroom mirror. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to overthink it. Just make something useful in a PDF or video format and only allow access to it through your email signup form.
One important consideration here: think about what the majority of your audience wants. If you have a soccer technique channel and people come to you for that, you probably don’t want to offer a diet guide as a giveaway. Sure, some people may associate you with health and endurance, but you’ll probably find that more people will want a drill practice sheet or something else more relevant to your most popular video content.
ADVANCED TIP: You can use remarketing tags to target your video viewers with display ads online. The whole setup is beyond the scope of this guide, but basically it tags your audience with a cookie and shows them ads for your landing page. This can double or even triple the number of leads you get, on top of boosting conversions from having the giveaway!
If you want help with this, let me know.
Email service or spreadsheet for collection
So you’ve built the landing page and it’s enticing for people to give you their email, now you need to tie this to something that records the emails that come in. This is usually an email marketing service like MailChimp or Infusionsoft, but it can be as simple as a Google Sheet from a Google Form signup form.
There are many different services you can use of varying expenses and levels of difficulty and usefulness, but unless you’re a digital marketer, many of them may be intimidating. The main benefit of using an email service is that in the future you can set up autoresponders to communicate with your audience and even sell things while you sleep--completely automated.
Second, send viewers to the landing page
Ok, so you have what’s referred to as a “lead capture system” in the digital marketing world, now you have to send your YouTube viewers there! There are three ways you should do this, in order of most effective to least:
Links in your video, playlist, and channel description Cards End screens Description links
If your giveaway is attractive, and you put the link at the top of your video descriptions, those links will count for 70-80% of the traffic to your landing page--seriously! Links in your descriptions are the most important to put up, and they should go on the first line of your descriptions.
This can seem like a daunting task if you have 100+ videos, but you can use a service like TubeBuddy to change all the descriptions at once, as well as set your upload default to have the description you want. The picture below shows a good example link that brings in 1,000+ email subscribers per month.
The minimum dose on this is to just take the top 20% of your videos by view count and add the link to those descriptions.
Remember, today is the best opportunity you have to start growing your email list, no matter how small your channel, so take a few minutes and get after it. If the links are there, the numbers will come in and start growing over time.
Think about every email subscriber as being worth more than $1 this year. That’s about the same as getting 500 views if you're monetized with AdSense… why not get both at the same time?
The next most effective links to your landing page are cards. We recommend adding at least two cards to each video that link to your landing page.
The first card should show within the first 15 seconds of the video and the second card when the video begins “winding down.” You may know what I mean on the last one, most videos have a sort-of endpoint when the main, juicy information has been covered and many viewers leave before your closing comments.
You can also check the average exit time on your video analytics and target your card to show at or just before that time. If you do it right, when your viewer’s brain begins looking for somewhere else to go, they’ll have an attractive card popup that will lead them into your email list.
Again, you can add all these yourself, which is time consuming, or use a service like TubeBuddy to bulk add/change cards on all your videos.
To endscreen, or not to endscreen?
Finally, endscreens can drive some clicks to your landing page. They aren’t as effective as the other links, and usually only drive 1-5% of traffic to landing pages in general. However, if you post short videos, or if your videos have high engagement until the end, you can see better numbers than this.
Are endscreens worth it? If you’re serious about your channel then the answer is yes. If they only add 10 email subscribers per month, that’s 120 in a year and 600 in 5 years. When your email subscribers can be worth $1-10 per year later on, that’s a significant return on a little time. Again, adding these does take time, which you can save by using TubeBuddy or by hiring us do it all for you.
Finally, put that list to work!
Now that you have a sweet setup for building your email list, don’t just sit back and watch it grow! Put it to work:
Start building out your content empire by creating blog articles, emails, and social posts from your videos. Setup an email autoresponder that asks thoughtful, engaging questions that will tell you what your audience wants, what they will pay for, and how much. Start pre-selling a product. Start recommending affiliate products And, of course, keep making awesome videos! I’ll cover digging into your audience’s desires, creating your content empire, and pre-selling then developing products in later guides. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share!
If you want help setting this up, let me know!
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UTMs in Analytics not working?

I've been trying to get UTM codes from Facebook ads to work in Analytics and I'm just completely stumped. Analytics has no record of any visitors or goal completions being from any of my links. The links pass through an InfusionSoft affiliate link, which I fear might be causing the data loss. I have cross domain tracking enabled (I believe, not really sure how to test this) and have added the infusionsoft domain to my referral exclusion list. Is there anything else I should be trying?
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Mautic - Free Open Source Marketing Automation

Mautic - Free Open Source Marketing Automation Mautic is a free, open-source marketing automation software system. It can be setup through the Mautic cloud or installed directly on your server (preferred).
Mautic has already saved me hundreds of dollars. In the long run it will surely save me tens of thousands. The simple fact of the matter is that most commercial solutions are very overpriced. Whether you are using an exclusive email client (Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc.) or something more comprehensive (HubSpot, Infusionsoft, etc.), you can easily pay into the hundreds of dollars per month.
Mautic is still early in its development, but do not be fooled: the platform is already very robust. The developers have done a great job releasing timely updates and bug fixes. Furthermore, they are responsive on the Mautic support forum. Community members frequently chime in with answers to common questions, too. Overall it's a friendly and helpful place to be.
Seven Reasons to Use Mautic for Marketing Automation Let's now review seven specific reasons to use Mautic for your company's marketing automation needs:
1. Mautic is Free (not "freemium" - actually 100% free) Because Mautic is free, the sole motivation for its development is functionality. There are no financial interests, corporate interests, or outside motives playing into its evolution. Furthermore, there are no referral or affiliate fees to be made for supporting its use.
2. All Resources Are Aimed at Development of the Mautic System The developers and the community behind Mautic all have a common goal to develop a powerful marketing automation system that frees them of the corporate bloat of commercial solutions. Virtually no time or money needs to be spent marketing and selling their software, because that is not the purpose. All resources are aimed at developing a functional end product.
3. Mautic Works Reliably and Effectively The real reason I support Mautic is because it works. And as time goes on, its functionality will only continue to improve. It already has a number of options for creating forms, scoring leads, developing autosponders, and creating if-then hierarchies for marketing automation. There are already many integrations in place for existing mail systems and CRMs, too. It's handling my leads properly and the configuration is solid within my VPS server. It does take a little technical know-how to setup CRON jobs, but other than that it's pretty much plug and play. It also tracks IPs and uses a tracking pixel to determine pages visited, links clicked in emails, etc.
4. Mautic is Not Limited Like Many Other Marketing Automation Systems Mautic gives you full control over your handling of leads. Something very frustrating about Mailchimp was needing to group contacts within a single "master list" to keep costs down and prevent duplication of campaign efforts. Within Mautic, though, you can simply assign a lead to any number of lists when they submit a form or perform other actions, such as within an automated Campaign. You won't need to spend hours reading Mailchimp's support documents and re-configuring your lists with them to achieve simple segmentation goals. The process in Mautic is easy and intuitive.
5. Mautic May Improve Your Email Inbox Delivery Rate In Mautic, you can configure your email sending settings however you'd like. Whether you tie into a scalable solution like Amazon SES (I'm working on this right now) or host from your own server, you get to choose where your email comes from and goes to. And at least in my case this has improved my inbox delivery rate. Emails coming from the dedicated IP on my VPS server are arriving in people's inbox, whereas the mail I had previously sent from Mailchimp often would land in the gmail "promotions" tab. Mautic's email builder is nice, too, including merge tag functionality so you can craft personalized messages.
6. Mautic's Campaign Builder is Easy to Use Whether you're building a basic autosponder or a more complex campaign, Mautic's visual campaign editor makes it easy for you to quickly create workflows. Campaigns can be triggered when leads are added to a list, or when leads submit a certain form. Leads can be added to other campaigns from within a campaign, too. Delay times may be specified, and the system can even be configured to push a lead onto a campaign when their Points total hits a certain value. Basically the system is very flexible and allows you a nice blank canvas on which to design your ultimate marketing funnel.
7. Mautic Allows You to Own Your Data Forever With Mautic, you will never be at the mercy of your payment agreement with a commercial solution provider. You own your data forever and have all rights to it. You also have full control over what you put in your email headers and footers. Obviously, you still must comply with CAN-SPAM laws and market smart. But there are no roadblocks in your way, and if you'd like you can even expand upon the code to create your own functional elements of the Mautic system. Independent development isn't something most users will take on, but it's nice to know the flexibility exists for those who do.
How to Install and Configure Mautic on Your Web Server You can find Mautic's complete support documentation on the website. There are three basic steps to installing and configuring Mautic:
1. Download the most recent stable release from the Mautic website. 2. Upload the included *.zip file to your server and unzip the files. 3. Navigate to that file location in your browser and follow the on-screen instructions.
Beyond this, there are a few more steps to ensure a proper configuration. Let's look at these one by one.
A. Setup CRON Jobs If you aren't familiar with CRON jobs, web server management, php, or scripts, don't worry. I wasn't either when I got started with Mautic and it took me less than an hour to figure it out - from scratch. In most web hosting accounts you'll find the CRON job manager in your cPanel under "Advanced" settings. Clicking on this will bring you to the CRON job manager. These are the basic CRON jobs you'll need to setup on your server for Mautic to work correctly:
To update Lead Lists: php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:leadlists:update To update Campaigns: php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:campaigns:update To trigger Campaigns: php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:campaigns:trigger
For those of you total noobs out there (like me), please realize the "/path/to" part of this code needs to be replaced with YOUR unique file path from your web host. You will need to navigate to your cPanel and into your File Manager to determine exactly what yours looks like.
Finally, if you choose to Queue your email (rather than send immediately), which is advisable if you're working with lead lists of any size or volume, you'll also need to setup the following CRON job:
To trigger Queued Emails: php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:email:process
Notes: On Bluehost, the proper php call format is not just "php" but rather "php-cli." This took me a few minutes of head scratching to figure out, but don't worry - if your CRON jobs aren't working, this may be the reason why. Hence the proper format for Bluehost is php-cli /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:item:action
Furthermore, you may need to "force" certain CRON jobs by appending the operator "-f" to the end of your php calls. This looks like: php-cli /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:item:action -f
B. Setup IP Tracking From within the Mautic - Configuration menu, I've been using the service without needing to setup or configure much of anything. It's been working effectively to track and identify my leads. There are a number of available services you can use for this, though - it's worth getting one working so you know where your leads are coming from.
C. Install Your Tracking Pixel The format for the Mautic tracking pixel, which you can install on some or all pages of your website is:

Remember to replace the info with YOUR domain and file path information, or the pixel will not work. This will be obvious to some but not obvious to others. The tracking pixel is very helpful because it allows you to leverage Mautic's world-map dashboard to see visually where your leads are coming from. Furthermore, it allows you to see exactly who is accessing what pages of your site and when.
By the way, if you are using WordPress there is a plugin available to help you with this.
That's it! Now enjoy your install of Mautic. At this point, you'll need to go into your dashboard and configure your workflows, template emails, point scoring rules, and the like. But the above steps are the only ones you'll need to take in order to setup the Mautic system in the first place. Even though some of the final steps are a bit technical, they are pretty easy for anyone willing to dive in and get their hands dirty for a few minutes.
You can find the full article here complete with photos.
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Affiliate Links Page. Shortcode Used: [memb_affiliate] Once you understand how to add the links to this page, you’ll be able to build out as many links and banners (covered below) as you need. The only “tricky” part is getting the links from Infusionsoft – and that isn’t even that difficult. Step 1 How to Setup an Affiliate Program in Infusionsoft. Level: Beginners Setting up an Affiliate Program is pretty easy with Infusionsoft. There’s only one requirement which is that Infusionsoft must be your shopping cart — otherwise, you’d be registering a whole bunch of affiliates but not paying them. 4 thoughts on “How to Create Simple Affiliate Links in Infusionsoft” sales leads generation techniques. 21 May 2015 at 4:08 am. This can help sales achieve sales targets faster. Reply. binge eating symptoms. 15 June 2015 at 1:22 am. These are a few of the reasons that folks with Create referral tracking links in Infusionsoft and give your partners access to them via the Referral Partner Center. Navigate to CRM > Referral Partners and select Referral Tracking Links from the Referral Partners menu. Click Add a Referral Tracking Link. Enter the Sales Website Information. This can be a website, web page, online store Now, if you have set up your commission programs for your affiliates in Infusionsoft, you can use Infusionsoft affiliate links to track orders that are placed on your Spiffy Checkouts, and keep track of any payouts your affiliates may be entitled too! Please let us know if you have any questions at all, just send us an email at [email protected]

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