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Trump, Vote Rigging and the Series of Suspicious Deaths

The Ukrainian presidential elections in 2004 where mired in corruption and violence, the country was on fire. The pro European opposition candidate narrowly lost to the pro Russia oligarch Victor Yanukovych whose overthrow in 2015 led to the bloody conflict in Ukraine and and a new cold war between Russia and the West.
What's been overlooked is how there are some familiar some of these faces are in the Republican campaigns of 2004,2008 and 2016.
Helping Yanukovych's Presidential campaign where some major GOP linked groups, these included:
3eDC: a lobbying firm run Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. The pair have engaged in number of shady ventures over the years involving lobbying and political consulting. Stone was a key figure in the Watergate scandal.
New Media Communications:: run by CEO Mike Connell, who was accused of rigging GOP elections
Integrated Web Strategy:: another Connell affiliated company that works with Chamber of Commerce Institute of Legal Reform, which has been found by courts to have engaged in illegal election manipulations
Campaign Solutions:: run by Mike Connell's wife, Becki Donatelli
Airnet Group:, parent company of Smartech Corporation, owned by Jeff Averbeck, which was employed by Mike Connell in the controversial diversion of the state of Ohio's official vote prior to certification of a contested majority favoring George Bush over Democratic opponent John Kerry.
Dynology Corp:, which has a heavily military client list: "a majority of our staff hold security clearances that allow access to Secret and Top Secret classified government information."
U.S 2004 Presidential election
In December 2008 IT expert Mike Connell was killed in a plane Crash in Akron Ohio days before he was due to testify in lawsuit into vote rigging.
His notes,phone and laptop have never been recovered.
The nature of the assistance given to GOP's operative during the time is also suspicious the Bush white house used a private email server (sound familiar?) and private email addresses for the president and other senior Republicans millions of these emails where lost before
More recently allegations have surfaced about the way the voting machines Ohio where set up and their apparently lax security which could have led to vote counts being altered.
New Media communications also IT support for the Bush and McCain campaigns.
Connell's wife owns Donatelli group which also was also linked to voting controversies in Florida 2004 election to do with election machine software effecting the vote counts. Florida was/is a key swing state, which Bush won by a very small margin that year despite exit polls showing wins for Kerry.
Roger Stone helped spread a false rumour that elections officials in Florida where interfering with the vote recountprompting protesters to storm the offices where the recount was taking place. Stone had been sent to Florida on the express orders of senior Republicans.
CBS (2008):
Beginning as a political campaign worker and congressional staffer, Connell became a key Republican media consultant who developed Internet strategies for the 2000 and 2004 Bush-Cheney campaigns. He was founder and CEO of Cleveland-based New Media Communications, which built Web sites for President Bush and former presidential nominee John McCain, according to the company's Web site. He was also chief IT consultant for Karl Rove.
Connell's ties to the Bush family extend back to working on campaigns for George H.W. Bush and former Fla. Governor Jeb Bush, for whom he built the campaign site In 1999 he told the Cleveland magazine Inside Business, "I'm loyal to my network, I'm loyal to my friends, and I'm loyal to the Bush family."
He was also quoted as saying, when asked to predict the Internet's role in the upcoming presidential race, "There are things we will be doing on Election Day that haven't even been dreamt of yet."
The rise of the Republican Party in Washington in the '90s, and especially after the 2000 election, meant that Connell's network of connections was expanding as well. Having worked with Ohio Congressman Bob Ney and Governor Bob Taft, Connell's IT skills were sought after for the campaigns and Congressional sites for dozens of GOP candidates and officeholders. The New Media Communications Web site (now turned off, with a memorial to Connell in its place) boasted, "New Media's client list reads like a 'Who's Who' of Republican politics."
In 2000, Connell co-founded with his wife Heather GovTech Solutions to pursue government contracts.
GovTech's clients for databases, content management systems and other services included the White House, the Energy Department, several Republican-led Congressional committees and a few dozen congressional members' Web sites.
The Center for Public Integrity reported that in 2002 and 2004, the General Services Administration allowed federal agencies to purchase services directly from GovTech without a full bidding process.
In 2004 Connell helped form an online advertising firm called Connell Donatelli, which administered the Web site for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a 527 developed to attack Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.
Connell's central role in building the IT infrastructure of the White House and his association with Karl Rove has brought him into the controversy surrounding missing White House e-mails relating to the firing of U.S. Attorneys and other topics, and the fate of e-mail communications sent by Rove and other administration staffers which were sent via a Republican Party Web site,, rather than through a address.
Connell built the site, which shares mail servers with GovTech.
Connell's Internet expertise also led him to be subpoenaed earlier this year to testify in an Ohio federal court regarding alleged voter fraud in the 2004 election. Despite exit polls showing a lead by Democratic nominee John Kerry of more than 4 percent, Mr. Bush won the state's vote by 2.5 percent, along with its crucial electoral votes.
Much has been written about problems at the polls in Ohio that year, where voters in many (predominantly Democratic) precincts were forced to wait hours because of a shortage of working voting machines. A lawsuit being pursued by attorney Clifford Arneback seeks to answer questions about this and other ballot problems. [For example, in Franklin County Mr. Bush received 4,258 votes in a precinct where only 638 voters cast ballots.]
Questions have also been raised about how votes from Ohio counties were tabulated. Computer expert Stephen Spoonamore, a Republican who works in detecting fraud in network architecture and protecting computer infrastructures, has testified that the Ohio election returns he saw were indicative of a "KingPin Attack," in which a computer is inserted into the communications flow of an IT system, with the intent to change data as it passes to its destination.
It was later learned that Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell's office had routed Internet traffic from county election offices through out-of-state servers based at SMARTech in Chattanooga, Tenn. SMARTech hosts dozens of GOP Web domains.
Last month, U.S. Judge Soloman Oliver refused Connell's request to quash a subpoena connected to the lawsuit, King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell, and demanded his testimony relating to his IT work.
In [a previous] his deposition given in November, Connell denied any knowledge of vote rigging.
The Ukraine connection
Sydney Morning Herald (2004):
Pens filled with disappearing ink. Hospital patients forced to vote in exchange for treatment. Students instructed to show their ballots to professors.
These are just some of the tricks used to skew Ukraine's disputed presidential election, observers say.
As the Supreme Court grappled for a third day today with the country's spiralling election crisis, legal experts, election monitors, and politicians said it could take weeks to unravel the knot of irregularities.
The Central Election Commission declared Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich the winner of the November 21 runoff for the presidency with a margin of 3 per cent - or some 880,000 votes - ahead of the top opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko.
International observers noted numerous election flaws and described them as blatantly counter to Ukrainian laws and international standards. Those allegations are the basis of the case the opposition has presented to the Supreme Court asking it to name Yushchenko the winner.
The examples filed to the Supreme Court focus on eight eastern and southern regions with more than 15 million votes, almost half of the total cast in the runoff.
Yushchenko's lawyers and observers pointed to turnout figures that exceeded 127 per cent in some precincts. Observers mainly attributed this to pro-Yanukovich activists who travelled across the country and voted many times as absentees.
"You can achieve 127 per cent ... if you have several well-organised groups to travel around," said Peter Novotny, the head of the 1,000-strong observer mission of the European Network of Election Monitors, who described the vote as "an outright fraud."
Prison officials were reported to have forced inmates to vote for the government candidate. One Western observer who spoke on condition of anonymity said some hospital patients were told to vote for a specific candidate if they wanted treatment.
Students said they were stripped of their right to a secret ballot, or face the loss of privileges.
"We had to, or we could have lost our rooms on campus" said Serhiy, a student from Yanukovich's eastern stronghold of Donetsk, who only gave his first name for fear of reprisals.
Ukraine's opposition has produced transcripts of telephone conversations between pro-Yanukovich officials, allegedly taped by Ukraine's Security Service, that purportedly document vote-rigging. One exchange, published on the Ukrayinska Pravda Web site, went like this:
Official 1: "Why is the voting rate in the Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions so low?"
Official 2: "We're increasing it now."
Official 1: "Don't drag things out."
In the Ukrainian election similar allegations where made with regards to vote rigging where made when tapes where released of Yanjkoich discussing tampering with ballots
The opposition leader at the time called the election 'rigged'.
Suspicions where aroused when exit polls and final vote tallies turned widely different the same issue that alarmed voters in the U.S the same year.
Bloomberg (2017):
Jim Slattery arrived at the Stalin-era presidential headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine, with an unusual gift for the nation’s strongman leader: a bust of Abraham Lincoln.
What Slattery didn’t know was that another American operative was helping the president defend the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko, an act widely condemned in the Western world.
His name: Paul Manafort, future presidential campaign manager for Donald Trump. Today, Manafort sits at the center of the concentric circles of worry and suspicion over what President Trump has called “this Russia thing.” What began with questions about Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election has Democrats, and even some Republicans, now warning of Trump’s Watergate.
Until recently, Manafort had receded into the background as the uproar over Trump’s firing of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and then the FBI director, James Comey, began to shake the White House.
But the Manafort story—a tale of pro-Russia players, political tradecraft and cunning financial maneuvers—has never gone away. The reason, in a word, is money. Manafort, who less than a year ago was playing a central role in the Trump campaign, made millions of dollars over a decade promoting Kremlin-friendly interests in Ukraine and beyond. No other Trump associate has profited as handsomely from ties to Russia-linked businessmen and politicians.
In the decade before he worked for Trump, Manafort’s efforts did for Moscow what its finest political minds had failed to do: help get a pro-Russian candidate installed in Kiev. It culminated in Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the revival of Cold War tensions, Western sanctions on Russia’s energy and banking sectors and Russia’s campaign to get those sanctions removed.
Manafort, 68, had claimed Yanukovych was the one Ukrainian who could lead his country closer to the West at a pace Putin could stand, according to Dan Fried, a former U.S. assistant secretary of state for the region which includes Ukraine. But that proved false.
Manafort, who denies any contact with Russian government officials, never registered as a lobbyist for a foreign government for his Ukrainian work. His spokesman said Manafort had “received formal guidance recently from the authorities” on registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for some of his work, none of which, he contended, was for the Russian government.
Ukrainian prosecutors are investigating what they call a “criminal organization” set up by Yanukovych via bribes and theft of state assets before he fled to Moscow after the killing of more than 100 protesters in 2014, and they are looking at what role Manafort may have played in the suspected scheme. They’ve repeatedly asked the FBI for help to question Manafort as part of their inquiry into a New York law firm in connection to a report that largely defended the Tymoshenko prosecution.
“We’re waiting for a response,” says Serhiy Gorbatyuk, Ukraine’s head of special prosecutions, his desk piled high with papers.
For Manafort—who resigned from the Trump campaign after six months amid reports of his work in Ukraine—ties to pro-Russian politicians go back to 2005. He played a key role in transforming Yanukovych, who was convicted in his youth of robbery and assault, into a popular candidate who clinched the presidency in 2010.
“Manafort raised very sensitive issues to spin Yanukovych more effectively,” says Serhiy Leshchenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament. “He used damaging techniques to divide Ukrainian society and help Putin to achieve a simple goal.”
Manafort, who speaks neither Russian nor Ukrainian, developed a close working relationship with Yanukovych, discussing—through an interpreter—politics and strategy during sauna sessions and tennis matches at the opulent Mezhyhirya palace, according to a person who worked on Yanukovych’s election campaigns.
In the five-year period from 2007 to 2012, Manafort was paid at least $12.7 million, according to a handwritten Party of Regions ledger found later in its head office. Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau and the FBI are investigating whether the ledger reflected any illegal payments to Manafort and to others. Manafort’s spokesman says that after being paid he had many expenses and so the payment figure does not represent profit. One payment to Manafort on the ledger matches an invoice he signed in 2009 to sell $750,000 of computers to a Belize-registered company called Neocom Systems Ltd., according to documents obtained by Leshchenko from Manafort’s Kiev office.
Belize is investigating. Doug Singh, who runs International Corporate Services (ICS), which registered Neocom in 2007, says he’s received multiple requests for records from Belize’s Financial Intelligence Unit, which investigates money laundering. Belize authorities declined further comment. Evgeniy Kaseev, listed as a director of Neocom, couldn’t be reached for comment. Manafort’s spokesman disputed the authenticity of the invoice and said Manafort is unfamiliar with it.
Manafort’s contacts with pro-Russian politicians go beyond Yanukovych and the Party of Regions. Viktor Medvedchuk said he met Manafort in 2014. Medvedchuk is so close to the Kremlin that Putin is godfather to his daughter and he is under U.S. sanctions because of his role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. In a written response to questions, he said of Manafort that he was “the best, both among foreign and domestic political consultants. The events of the past year in the United States have only strengthened my opinion.” He said he had not had contact with Manafort since then. Manafort’s spokesman confirmed the 2014 meeting but said he didn’t recall interacting with Medvedchuk directly.
Even after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and Yanukovych fled to Russia, Manafort returned to Ukraine 17 times, earning at least $1 million to help reelect pro-Russia politicians, according to a party official who worked with him. Manafort’s spokesman declined to comment on that payment.
The idea of working in Ukraine first came to Manafort in 2004 from Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire who controls aluminum producer Rusal, according to a person familiar with the situation. Ukraine was in the throes of the Orange Revolution—protests over allegations of electoral fraud in Yanukovych’s November 2004 victory. The Supreme Court ordered a new election. Manafort’s then-partner, Rick Davis, went to Kiev and concluded it was too late to help. Yanukovych’s pro-Western rival Viktor Yushchenko won.
Manafort Timeline:
March 2006 - Helps Party of Regions win parliamentary elections, paving the way for Viktor Yanukovych to become prime minister.
January 2010 - Helps Yanukovych win the presidency.
October 2011 - Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is jailed.
November 2013 - Yanukovych terminates negotiations with the EU over Ukraine’s association agreement, sparking widespread protests.
February 2014 - More than 100 protesters are shot in Kiev’s Independence Square. Soon after, Yanukovych flees to Moscow.
March 2014 - Putin annexes Crimea. The EU and U.S. impose travel bans and asset freezes on Russian and Ukrainian officials.
October 2014 - Advises the Opposition Bloc in snap parliamentary elections, and it wins 10 percent of the vote.
April 2016 - Joins Trump’s presidential campaign. Resigns six months later.
April/May 2017 - U.S. investigators demand Manafort’s bank records. The Senate requests details of his contact with Russian officials. Manhattan prosecutors probe his real estate transactions.
Manafort arrived in 2005 to advise Ukraine’s richest man, billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, who was worried his business interests might be seized by President Yushchenko. That same year, Davis Manafort Partners Inc. registered a company in Moscow at an address used by more than 80 other firms. It’s unclear whether the company actually functioned, and Manafort’s spokesman said no such office was opened. While working in Ukraine, Manafort earned millions from a side private equity fund with Deripaska, according to a lawsuit by Deripaska, who is suing Manafort in the Cayman Islands over the soured business partnership. Deripaska declined to comment.
Akhmetov, then a major financial backer of the Party of Regions, asked Manafort to help Yanukovych’s 2006 parliamentary election campaign. Manafort hired as many as 40 top-flight U.S. campaign workers, some of whom later worked on the Trump campaign, including Tim Unes, who organized Trump’s rallies, and Rick Gates.
Crucial to the strategy—and new to Ukraine—was research from focus groups and better polling to drive messaging. Among the issues: the rights of Russian-speakers and opposition to Ukraine’s joining NATO.
“He was going for visceral issues and an emotional reaction,” says Kateryna Yushchenko, the American-born wife of former President Viktor Yushchenko and a onetime State Department and White House official. “When I confronted his people about it, they said, ‘That’s politics.’ I said this isn’t like gun rights or abortion. Here it could lead to war.”
Even though he hired Manafort, Yanukovych retained Russian advisers from Moscow, including Vyacheslav Nikonov, a member of Putin’s United Russia faction, and Sergei Glazyev, Putin’s current adviser on Ukraine, according to Taras Chornovil, a top Party of Regions official until 2008. A spokesman for Glazyev confirmed he advised Yanukovych from 2004 to 2009 but didn’t consult with Manafort.
The Party of Regions emerged from the 2006 election with the largest number of seats in parliament; Yanukovych became prime minister. His victory was short-lived, however. His political struggle with President Yushchenko resulted in elections a year later. This time Manafort ran a cookie-cutter campaign. In one ad, a Party of Regions poster showed what was purportedly a smiling blonde Ukrainian girl holding a bright yellow umbrella under the slogan “Stability and Prosperity.” In reality, Manafort’s advisers had plucked a stock photograph of an American girl.
His party did well but Yanukovych was pushed into opposition after Tymoshenko cobbled together a ruling coalition. In 2008, then-President Yushchenko announced a campaign for eventual Ukrainian membership in NATO. To exploit widespread opposition to NATO, Manafort’s team brought a truck to the parliament filled with anti-NATO balloons and instructed parliamentarians to each take one into the chamber.
Ukraine’s hope of joining NATO ended with its 2010 presidential election. With Manafort guiding him, Yanukovych won narrowly. Manafort prepared Yanukovych’s first visit as head of state to Washington that April. He advised Yanukovych to give up Ukraine’s remaining stock of highly enriched uranium, according to a person close to the situation. Ukraine had given up its nuclear weapons in 1994 and there was little sacrifice involved in yielding the uranium. But it helped Yanukovych clinch a major prize: a photo of him beaming alongside President Barack Obama.
Manafort was closely involved in recruiting the firm of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLC on behalf of the Ukrainian Justice Ministry to write a lengthy report on Tymoshenko’s prosecution. He met with Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych to go over the contract with Skadden and emailed with Skadden partner Greg Craig, according to documents uncovered by Ukrainian prosecutors. The ministry agreed to pay Skadden a mere $12,000, just below the threshold requiring it to go to a public tender. But much more money was to come to Skadden.
Manafort was prepping the Party of Regions for another parliamentary election in October 2012, bringing in Tony Fabrizio, who would later become the Trump campaign’s chief pollster. International monitors said the elections were marked by the abuse of state resources and lack of transparency in party financing.
Manafort advised Yanukovych to push ahead with an association agreement with the EU. But the EU insisted he release Tymoshenko, while Putin pressured him to abandon the deal. In November 2013, Yanukovych terminated negotiations with the EU. The move triggered widespread protests.
Months after Russia annexed Crimea, Manafort returned to Ukraine to advise the pro-Russian anti-NATO party, now known as the Opposition Bloc, for the 2014 parliamentary elections, again bringing Fabrizio on board. Nestor Shufrych, one of the party leaders, says Manafort pushed for them to be the voice of Russians in the east. Shufrych thought they had no chance but they got nearly 10 percent, with 29 seats. Manafort personally approved the list of candidates, according to another party official.
Shufrych says the party paid Manafort roughly $1 million. The two celebrated over a bottle of cognac at Manafort’s Kiev office.
The new disclosures are required under a law that was passed to combat Nazi propaganda during World War II, known as the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The disclosure requirements are more stringent than domestic lobbying forms and include more information, including details like itemized meetings and phone calls.
Also in the filing is a flyer that the firm distributed, touting reforms to the voting process in Ukraine to make it more "free, fair and transparent." For example, one new rule increased the vote threshold a party is required to have before they could be admitted to parliament from 3 percent to 5 percent. Another nixed the option to "vote against all" on the ballot.
During the contract with Mercury, Manafort also attended meetings with Paula Dobriansky, a former State Department official during the Bush administration, a senior fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Nadia Diuk, a vice president at the National Endowment for Democracy.
The disclosures also detail all the other contacts Mercury made on behalf of the Centre, including reaching out to dozens of news outlets and meeting with government officials, staffers and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, think tanks and nonprofit organizations.
The documents also bring to light details first uncovered by The Associated Press last August about what Manafort did to influence U.S. policy toward Ukraine and Russia.
His relationships with pro-Russia figures and work in the Trump campaign have been central to the controversy swirling around accusations that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election in Trump’s favor.
Similar filings by Manafort could be forthcoming, his spokesman told The Hill earlier this month.
Even before the 2016 elections, Manafort “has been in discussions with federal authorities about the advisability of registering under FARA for some of his past political work,” said spokesman Jason Maloni.
“Mr. Manafort received formal guidance recently from the authorities and he is taking appropriate steps in response to the guidance.”
Violating FARA is considered a felony, though only a handful of prosecutions have been pursued since the law's formation. It is considered a compliance-based statute, so even filling out registration paperwork late can get firms and individuals out of trouble with the Justice Department. FARA is more broad than the LDA, and covers consulting and public relations efforts, in addition to traditional lobbying.
Mercury and the Podesta Group had been registered for the Centre under the Lobbying Disclosure Act, which dictates domestic lobbying disclosure. The two firms made a total of $2.2 million during the two years of work.
Both firms had signed statements from the Centre, saying that it received no funds or support from a foreign government or party — something lawyers advised the firms would preclude them from registering under FARA.
However, following a series of AP reports that included details about how Manafort and his associate Rick Gates directed strategy while operating as advisers for the Party of Regions, the firms have decided to register with the Justice Department retroactively.
U.S 2016 Presidential election
Trumps Key campaign staff Cater Page ,Paul Manafort and Roger Stone had an huge impact on Trump's political campaign in both it's message,strategy and day to day operating it's very likely these three had a key impact in shifting the GOP's position on Russian sanctions and the Ukraine crisis.
The Washington Post (2017):
A 2004 article at Slate details the allegations against Yanukovych, including stuffing ballot boxes and use of police to intimidate Yushchenko supporters. The rampant fraud led to a series of protests dubbed the Orange Revolution -- and a second ballot, which Yushchenko won.
At some point over the next two years, Yanukovych hired an American consultant to help the Party of Regions in the parliamentary elections. A cable released by Wikileaks noted the addition to Yanukovych's team.
Enjoying a lead in the polls since the fall 2005 Orange team split, ex-PM Yanukovych's Party of Regions is working to change its image from that of a haven for mobsters into that of a legitimate political party. Tapping the deep pockets of Donetsk clan godfather Rinat Akhmetov, Regions has hired veteran K street political help for its "extreme makeover" effort. According to the Internet news site, Davis, Manafort & Freedman is among the political consultants that have been hired to do the nipping and tucking.
Davis, Manafort & Freedman was, as you'd expect, Paul Manafort's firm.
Business Insider (2017):
Before the GOP's national security committee meeting last July, Trump had said multiple times that he thought the West should respond more forcefully to Russian aggression.
He gave a speech in Ukraine in September 2015, at the Yalta European Strategy Annual Meeting, where he said "our president is not strong and he is not doing what he should be doing for the Ukraine." He mentioned that he thought Europe should be "leading some of the charge" against Russia's aggression, too.
But his tone on Ukraine and Crimea appeared to shift after he hired Manafort to manage his campaign in April 2016, as Politico's Michael Crowley has reported.
At the end of July, for instance, Trump told ABC that "the people of Crimea, from what I've heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were. And you have to look at that, also." Days earlier, he had told reporters that he "would be looking at" the possibility of lifting sanctions against Russia for its annexation of Crimea.
Manafort served as a top adviser to a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine from 2004 to 2012, and he helped the Russia-friendly strongman Viktor Yanukovych win the Ukrainian presidency in 2010.
Yanukovych was ousted on corruption charges in 2014 and fled to Russia under the protection of the Kremlin.
Secret ledgers uncovered by an anti-corruption centre in Kiev and obtained by The New York Times revealed that Yanukovych's political party, the pro-Russia Party of Regions, earmarked $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments to Manafort for his work from 2007 to 2012.
Manafort has denied ever having collected the earmarked payments. But the unverified dossier on which top US leaders have been briefed alleges that Yanukovych "confided directly to Putin that he authorized kickback payments to Manafort," who "had been commercially active in Ukraine right up to the time (in March 2016) when he joined campaign team."
Quartz (2016):
In early May 2016, the Missouri state legislature submitted a bill to the governor requiring that citizens must show photo ID in order to vote. Democrats staged an all-night filibuster opposing the measure, noting that it could potentially disenfranchise over 220,000 voters who who lack proper ID. Missouri attorney Steve Harman noted the bill would most likely affect black Missourians—11% of the population—and that it echoed the political aims of Jim Crow. As is true in most states, there has never been a case of voter fraud in Missouri history, leading many legislators to question the true intent of the law.
Missouri is known as “the bellwether state,” having voted for the winning candidate in all but one presidential election between 1904 and 2008. Obama lost the state in both elections, but in 2008, he lost by a mere 3903 votes. Imagine what that result would have looked like had 220,000 voters—among them his black Democratic base—been unable to cast their ballots.
In swing states like Missouri, voter ID laws that disenfranchise non-white voters could potentially influence the outcome of national elections. In this case, purple states like Missouri may in the future turn blazing red.
Missouri’s law will not be passed in time to impact the 2016 race. But it is part of a growing trend of states that have passed or moved toward restrictive voter ID laws as America’s population grows increasingly diverse. In 2016, 17 states will have new voting restrictions in place for the first time in a presidential election: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
Of these states, Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin have been identified as swing states. Others are newly ambiguous: Texas, a state that has voted Republican since 1980, is now less of a sure bet. After GOP frontrunner Donald Trump proclaimed Mexicans “rapists” in the summer of 2015, applications for citizenship and voter registration among Texan Latino immigrants soared, and polls have shown a tight race. But will the new voters be able to cast their ballots? Under current regulations, an estimated 771,300 Texan Latinos, many of them recent immigrants, lack the required ID.
Buzzfeed (2017):
The dead man was Scot Young. The one-time multimillionaire and fixer to the world’s super-rich had been telling friends, family, and the police for years that he was being targeted by a team of Russian hitmen – ever since his fortune vanished overnight in a mysterious Moscow property deal. He was the ninth in a circle of friends and business associates to die in suspicious circumstances. But when the police entered his penthouse that night, they didn’t even dust for fingerprints. They declared his death a suicide on the spot and closed the case.
A two-year investigation by BuzzFeed News has now uncovered explosive evidence pointing to Russia that the police overlooked. A massive trove of documents, phone records, and secret recordings shows Young was part of a circle of nine men, including the exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who all died suspiciously on British soil after making powerful enemies in Russia. The files reveal that Young lived in the shadow of the Russian security services and mafia groups after fronting for Berezovsky.
Scott Young is one of 14 people suspected of being assassinated on the orders of the Russian state on U.K soil.
CNN (2017):
The brazen daytime slaying of a Russian politician outside a Ukrainian hotel this week brings to eight the number of high-profile Russians who have died over the past five months since the US presidential election on November 8.
Steele dossier allegations:
The Steel dossier shed new light on the Trump-Russia controversy much of this has been corroborated.
Page 4:
Dossier claims Paul Manafort & Carter Page were colluding w/Russians.
Dossier claims Wikileaks is a front for the Kremlin.
Dossier claims Russia had moles within the Dem Party.
Page 9:
Dossier claims that Russia has krompat on Trump in addition to material on Clinton.
Dossier claims Cater Page held secret meetings on sanctions. (2017):
An ex-KGB chief suspected of helping the former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to compile his dossier on Donald Trump may have been murdered by the Kremlin and his death covered up, it's been claimed. Oleg Erovinkin, a former general in the KGB and its successor the FSB, was found dead in the back of his car in Moscow on December 26 in mysterious circumstances. Mr Erovinkin was a key aide to Igor Sechin, a former deputy prime minister and now head of Rosneft, the state-owned oil company, who is repeatedly named in the dossier.
He has been described as a key liaison between Mr Sechin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr Steele wrote in an intelligence report dated July 19, 2016, he had a source close to Mr Sechin, who had disclosed alleged links between Mr Trump's supporters and Moscow. The death of Mr Erovinkin has prompted speculation it is linked to Mr Steele's explosive dossier, which was made public earlier this month.
Talking Points Memo (2017)
Congress is investigating whether any private voter information allegedly stolen by Russian hackers was passed to or used by the Trump campaign, Time reported Thursday.
Ken Menzel, general counsel of the Illinois State Board of Elections, told Time that 90,000 state voter records were obtained through cyberattacks on their system, 90 percent of which contained drivers license numbers and a quarter of which contained the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers. Two anonymous sources close to congressional investigations into Russia’s election interference say lawmakers want to know if any of this stolen data eventually ended up in the hands of Trump’s team.
Time did not specify which of the five congressional committees looking into Russian interference in the election is investigating this specific thread.
This report is the latest indication that Russia’s cyberattacks on the United States’ electoral infrastructure, which include efforts to delete or alter voter data in Illinois and targeted attacks on election systems in 21 states, are becoming a focus of congressional and federal probes into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
The issues that come up again and again are:
The real question is how far does the Russia-Trump web spread? And has this plan been a long time in the making?
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Quantum AI, Robot Idiot Savant Invasion Automata Ex Machina Predator Terminator Star Wars WarGames True Lies Minority Report Matrix 2001 End of Days
by Jayge 8^J
While most of us enjoy our last day of summer, world governments & tech giants race to build & release highly advanced quantum supercomputers & artificial intelligence or AI. Genius minds urge caution.
"Artificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity." -- Joseph Addison
"I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted." -- Alan Turing
"The entire effort of artificial intelligence is essentially a fight against computers’ rigidity." -- Douglas Hofstadter
"I'm increasingly inclined to think there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level just to make sure that we don't do something very foolish." -- Elon Musk
"With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon." -- Elon Musk
"It [AI] would take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded." -- Stephen Hawking
"Everything that civilisation has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools that AI may provide, but the eradication of war, disease, and poverty would be high on anyone's list. Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last." -- Stephen Hawking
"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." -- Stephen Hawking
"Google will fulfill its mission only when its search engine is AI-complete. You guys know what that means? That's artificial intelligence." -- Larry Page
"A lot of movies about artificial intelligence envision that AIs will be very intelligent but missing some key emotional qualities of humans and therefore turn out to be very dangerous." -- Ray Kurzweil
"We are going in the direction of artificial intelligence or hybrid intelligence where a part of our brain will get information from the cloud and the other half is from you, so all this stuff will happen in the future." -- Arnold Schwarzenegger
Well, if Arnold keeps all this stuff in the future, maybe we'll be safe. Not!
Milestones fell like dominos:
2700-2300 BCE – 1st appearance of Sumerian abacus, a table of successive columns which delimited successive orders of magnitude of their sexagesimal number system
205-60 BCE – Antikythera mechanism, ancient complex clockwork Greek analogue computer
1637 – Rene Descartes broke down specialized & general AI differences
1689 – Modern binary number system, the basis for binary code, was invented by Gottfried Leibniz
1822 – Charles Babbage built Difference Engine 0 mechanical calculator
1834-1859 – Per Georg Scheutz & his son Edward built Calculation Engines
1836 – Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (née Byron 1815-1852) early programmer
1837 – Charles Babbage proposed Analytical Engine mechanical general-purpose computer
1876 – George B. Grant built Difference Engine & Centennial Model calculating machines
1884 – Herman Hollerith filed "Art of Compiling Statistics", punched card tabulating system
1911 – Superconductivity was discovered by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, studying resistance of solid mercury at cryogenic temperatures using recently produced liquid helium as refrigerant
1920 – R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) sci-fi play by Czech writer Karel Čapek
1943 – Birth of neural network brain-inspired AI tools
1950 – Alan Turing's first test to measure a computer’s intelligence
1955 – John McCarthy of Dartmouth College coined phrase “artificial intelligence”
1956 – Dartmouth Summer Conference extended brainstorming session
1966 – MIT ELIZA computer psychotherapist gave computers a voice
1969 – Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) early packet-switching network formed
1978 – XCON eXpert CONfigurer for DEC by John P. McDermott of CMU & the rise of useful AI
1980 – Paul Benioff described a quantum mechanical model of Turing Machines
1982-1991 – Birth of the Internet from ARPANET, CSNET, NSFNet, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, HTML, Nexus, WorldWideWeb, & ISPs
1988 – Statistical approach used to mimic human brain cognitive processes
1994 – Peter Shor at Bell Labs found quantum algorithm which factors large integers exponentially faster than best classical algorithm
1997 – Deep Blue defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov
2000 – Photonic crystal fiber carried over 3,000,000 full-duplex voice calls or 90,000 TV channels
2005 – DARPA Grand Challenge prize competition for American autonomous vehicles funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
2006 – "Cloud computing" was popularized with releasing its Elastic Compute Cloud product
2011 – 1st commercial quantum annealer, the D-Wave One, claiming a 128-qubit processor2011 – Apple Siri virtual digital assistant
2011 – IBM supercomputer Watson’s Jeopardy! Victory
2012 – Google Now virtual digital assistant
2012 – True power of deep learning unveiled to the world – computers learned to identify cats
2014 – Microsoft Cortana virtual digital assistant
2014 – Amazon Alexa virtual digital assistant
2014 – Documents leaked by Edward Snowden confirm Penetrating Hard Targets project, by which National Security Agency seeks to develop quantum computing capability for cryptography purposes.
2015 – Scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei achieve quantum teleportation
2015 – Machines “saw” better than humans
2015 – NASA publicly displayed first fully operational quantum computer made by D-Wave Systems at the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at its Ames Research Center
2016 – Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI defeated the Go world champion Lee Sedol in four games to one
2017 – Samsung Bixby virtual digital assistant
2017 – Scientists built microchip that generates 2 entangled qudits each with 10 states, for 100 dimensions total, more than what 6 entangled qubits could generate
2018 – Self-driving cars hit the roads
2019 – "At least 75 out of 176 countries globally are actively using AI technologies for surveillance purposes, including smart city/safe city platforms (56 countries), facial recognition systems (64 countries), and smart policing (52 countries); technology linked to Chinese companies—particularly Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, and ZTE—supply AI surveillance technology in 63 countries and U.S. firms’ technology—from IBM, Palantir, and Cisco—is present in 32 countries; 51% of advanced democracies deploy AI surveillance systems [Carnegie Endowment for International Peace AI Global Surveillance (AIGS) Index]"
20?? – Quantum supremacy?, hypothetical speedup advantage quantum computers would have over classical computers
20?? – Singularity?, point at which machines become smarter than humans
20?? – End of human epoch?
Correction: In an article today 9/22/2019, "Google researchers reportedly created a quantum computer that has achieved “quantum supremacy”.":
"AI venture capital investments
U.S. AI and machine learning startups raised $6.62 billion so far in 2019, and international startups raised $6.79 in the same period. The global total for all of 2018 was $19.5 billion [Crunchbase News]
AI market forecasts
The North America AI chip market is estimated to reach $30.62 billion in 2027, up from $2.5 billion in 2018 [ResearchAndMarkets]
The Asia Pacific AI chip market is estimated to reach $22.27 billion in 2027, up from $1.03 billion in 2018 [ResearchAndMarkets]
AI quotes of the week
“An AI-equipped surveillance camera would be not a mere recording device, but could be made into something closer to an automated police officer”—Edward Snowden
“When you get into the millions, you can really start to generate the levels at which humans stop understanding the correlations, and the machines start to understand the correlations”—Ricky Knox, co-founder and CEO, Tandem Bank
“As AI gets better at performing the routine tasks traditionally done by humans, only the hardest ones will be left for us to do. But wrestling with only difficult decisions all day long is stressful and unpleasant”—Fred Benenson, former vice president of data, Kickstarter
“AI can do things previously unimaginable with the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of big data. It can deliver an edge given the information intensity of all of the processes in asset management”—Amin Rajan, CEO, Create-Research
“By 2025, a quarter of all miles driven will be driven by on-demand services”—Amy Wyron, vice president of business solutions, Gett" --
Soon AI won't need us anymore so what then? Will inter-dimensional alien species rescue us from our AI Overlords? Or will Brain Child, Star Seed, & Mensa Mind, 3 human neural nets allied to allay bio-bots, score a victory for humankind? Don't bet your life on that.
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WEEKLY EVENTS 3/28 – 4/4

WEEKLY EVENTS 3/28 – 4/4
Friday is First Friday and Saturday is Springtime Tallahassee. There’s a parade, all kinds of stuff in the downtown parks, music, food. Go down there and enjoy it.
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
The FSU Circus is proud to announce the 2016 spring show series "Action!".Click here for schedule and details.
Check here for the current run of excursions offered by Camp Folks. If you want to check out the local outdoors, this seems to be a good group to go with.
  • Tallahassee Senior Center: Breaking Down Barriers - a complimentary, pre-film reception, followed by "Glen Campbell, I'll Be Me". “This award winning film is about country-music legend Glen Campbell, his diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in 2011, & his poignant 2012 farewell tour. Film will be followed by a panel discussion of advocates and experts, moderated by Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer.” 6:30pm
  • The Moon: Of Montreal. 7pm/$20
  • Bryan Hall Learning Community: Movie Night w/ Mad Max: Fury Road. 7:30pm
  • Encore Nightclub: Discover: San Holo. 10pm/18+
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Wednesday Night Lab Session Hosted by Jim Crozier, featuring Dylan Ragpicker Allen. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • The Junction at Monroe: Live Band Karaoke. 7pm/$6 coveBYOB
  • The Fox and Stag: Ladies Night with DJ Loden. 7pm-9pm.
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. Here’s what I suggest: pick up an order to go at the Crumbox Gastgarden, bring it on down to Proof, order a brimming glass of locally brewed deliciousness, and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • Krewe de Gras: Trivia with Mr. Matt. $40 first prize 8pm
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Karaoke With Nathan. 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • FSU Conference Center: TechExpo 2016. “This year, TechExpo has partnered with FSU's Digitech Conference to promote student innovation and collaboration in the Big Bend. Come explore students' creative works, tech start-ups, apps, and robotic exhibits. This is your opportunity to network with top-tier STEM students, recruit local talent, and participate in their Shark Tank-style competition and awards ceremony.” 7am-10pm
  • Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education: Women's History Month Celebration. “TCC invites you to celebrate Women's History Month with us as we honor several outstanding women in our community! This year's theme is "Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government." Our keynote speaker is Christina K. Daly, secretary of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. The ceremony will also feature a performance from the TCC African Drum and Dance Ensemble and the TCC forensics team.” 6pm
  • Crystal Portal: Sound Healing Journey: Singing Bowl & Didgeridoo Sound Healing. “Please hydrate well before coming and bring water to integrate the sounds you’ll be experiencing throughout the evening. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket if you wish to lie down during the session. A few mats and pillows are available along with serving Free Hot tea. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so you have time to settle into a comfortable position by 7pm. You are welcome to join us if the healing has already begun but please do so quietly.” 7pm/Sliding Scale Fee: $15-30
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Wednesday Evening Gastgarden Sessions featuring Nate D'Angelo. 7pm
  • Ruby Diamond: Semi-Toned. “Comprised of 13 current students from the University of Exeter in The United Kingdom, SEMI-TONED is the reigning University Champion of Voice Festival UK, having won this honor in April 2015. With their trademark musical wit and charisma, five-star reviews, and a Bobby Award for being one of the most highly rated shows of the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, SEMI-TONED has wowed audiences both in the UK and the United States. SEMI-TONED’s performance will feature two fantastic a cappella groups from Florida State – AcaBelles and All-Night Yahtzee. You don’t want to miss this!” 7:30pm
  • Side Bar: THE NTH POWER (New Orleans) w/ Wolf & Witness & Adam Hendley. 9pm/$14
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday with Mimi Hearn and the Hearn Dogs. 6pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Open Mic. “The only open mic that pays the performers! Bring your instruments and play an open slot or just come and be entertained in Tallahassee's best sounding room!” Doors and registration open at 7pm/$10/BYOB (no coolers, cups, or non-alcoholic drinks allowed)
  • HalfTime Pie Pub: Trivia. Check the Pub FB page for a theme and possible bonus points. 8pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Thursday Evening Sessions with Libby O'Neill. 8pm
  • Gaines Street Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank @ Warhorse Whiskey Bar. With a picture round! Sound round! Speed round! Hoarder’s Delight drawing! And all the other trivias! Win a delicious 18” pizza! 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke Hosted By Jumpin Jams. Some of the most diverse and longest running karaoke in town. 10pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke with Davin. 10pm
  • Goodwood: Centuries of Settings. “A new exhibit at Goodwood tells the story of ceramic use and dining customs through the ages using the museum’s porcelain collection and archaeological artifacts from the region. Goodwood has partnered with the Florida Division of Historical Resources, the Florida Public Archaeology Network, and the Tallahassee Porcelain Arts Guild to present this fabulous exhibit. Join us for the exhibit and series of free and ticketed events that take a fresh look at time-honored traditions. Here are the details.
  • Louis Shores Building, FSU: Free Headshot Event at FSU. “Professional attire is recommended!” 4:30pm-7pm
  • The Pod Advertising: PeaHarmony 2016. “This is your oppurtunity to make a hapPEA intership match! Many will try, but only a select few will make it into The Pod. Participants will rotate between 6 or more interview stations for 3-minute interviews with agency leaders and some of your very own PEArs. Internships Available: Graphics/ Digital Content/ Video Production/ Account Service.” 5pm
  • Civic Center: Line Dance: Showcase of the Arts. “The Largest Greek-run philanthropy at Florida State University is back this year better than ever. On March 31st, seventeen sorority teams will face off in a dance competition under the lights of the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. This years event will also feature a step show, Marching Chief performance and an exhibition by the Golden Girls. The fraternities of Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Delta Theta invite you to watch this one of a kind philanthropy event.” 7:30pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Literary Night featuring Carol Lynne Knight. 7pm
  • Opperman Music Hall: Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea). “This spring, FSU Opera presents the 2nd of Claudio Monteverdi's operas, " L'incoronazione di Poppea." This Italian baroque opera, updated to a contemporary setting, illuminates the dramatic love stories and murderous plots that surrounded Emperor Nero's reign and the rise of his mistress, Poppea, to Queen. Baroque specialist, Maestro Daniel Beckwith, will be leading a continuo group of period instruments for this exciting production of "The Coronation of Poppea." 7:30pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: JACUZZI BOYS w/ Echo Base, Naps & Yikes. 9pm/$10
  • Liberty Bar: The Tyler Denning Band, Wolf & Witness And The Brown Goose. 10pm/$6
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Karaoke with Big Bob. 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get ready to dance your A$$ off at the Club-Side Party from 9pm to 2am with high energy music from DJ Carben and DJ Double G along with the best show in Tallahassee at midnight starring Ms. Debra Adams and members of our fabulous Queen team!” 9pm/$5/18+
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bill’s): Karaoke with DJ Scott Long. 10pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Johnny Ray. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Landis Green: Puppies & Pizza. “Come out and play with some puppies while enjoying some pizza, baked goods, and a chance to take cute photos at a puppy photo booth! As we are baking delicious sweet treats and providing fun props for the photo booth, we ask that you provide a small donation that will be donated to Relay for Life!” 3pm
  • Kleman Plaza: Music Festival with Josh Turner. 6pm/free
  • Mount Beasor Primitive Baptist Church (Sopchoppy): The Inspirations. 7pm
  • Lucky Goat Coffee: Tallahassee Latte Art Throwdown: April Fool's Edition. “It's that time again. Come out and test your latte art skills, hang out and make some friends. There might even be a little April Fool's silliness. And I bet there will be beer.” 7:30pm
  • Opperman Music Hall: Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea). “This spring, FSU Opera presents the 2nd of Claudio Monteverdi's operas, " L'incoronazione di Poppea." This Italian baroque opera, updated to a contemporary setting, illuminates the dramatic love stories and murderous plots that surrounded Emperor Nero's reign and the rise of his mistress, Poppea, to Queen. Baroque specialist, Maestro Daniel Beckwith, will be leading a continuo group of period instruments for this exciting production of "The Coronation of Poppea." 7:30pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Greg Tish Celebrity Roast. “Join us on April Fool's Day for our first Celebrity Roast. Greg Tish, Tallahassee's most eligible bachelor and local legend (it's true, just ask him) will be up on the chopping block as other local celebs take pop-shots at him. It's payback time for the biggest prankster in 7 counties. The evening will be filled with music, comedy, and a few secret, special guest appearances.” 7pm/$10/byob
  • Midtown Studios: Midtown's Weekend Pass Event Series. Comedy. A Night of Comedy with Lawrence Singleton. 7:30pm/$15 for one night, $30 for all three
  • Backwoods Bistro: Frank Jones Trio. 8pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: First Friday featuring The Saplings. 8:30pm
  • Club Downunder: Standup Downunder. “This is the seventh show in our first Friday local comedy series! Come relax and experience the comedy of local students and community members alike. If you have ever wanted to try comedy yourself, sign up at the production table the day of the event. We have 15 slots, first come first serve!” 8:30pm/GP $5/18+
  • Side Bar: Sway Jah Vu EP release w/ Flat Land(Gainesville), Rachel Hillman, Form & J Cruz from Ethnikids DJ set. 9pm/$7
  • Kavakaze: KidDEAD Tour Kick-off and Tape Release with Versailles the Everything, MF GOON, Kayla Gordon and Furlough Noir. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Mr. Sipp. 9pm
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” I bought some beet jelly there last week, and it’s delicious. 9am – 1pm.
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge: Bob Carey on Piano. “Come on out and bring along your vocal chops, browse through my lyrics book, pick up one of my pass-around mics and sing your heart out, or just grab a stool and enjoy a fun filled evening of music and dancing. Full bar open til late.” 7pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke With Devin. If you want to sing and drink cheap beer and liquor and not have to wait for huge crowds, this is your spot. 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary (formerly Blue Monday). 10pm/$35
  • Rock Landing Marina (Panacea): 2016 Trash Fish Classic. Go here for the rules. 7am
  • Main Library: Spring Title Wave Used Book Sale. “We'll be offering amazing prices on books, DVDs, and more at the Collins Main Library before, during, and after the Springtime Tallahassee parade...and we'll also be doing a drawing for 2 free tickets to Elizabeth Gilbert's April 5 talk via Opening Nights Performing Arts (must become a new or renewing member by 4/2 to be eligible)!” 9am
  • Downtown: 48th Annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival: Jubilee. “With more than 200 arts, craft and food vendors from around the country, this event is represented by some of the best! You can expect artists displaying original, handmade masterpieces, and find cuisine with international flavors to ignite anyone’s taste buds! Bring the kids and check out the children’s park with a gulf specimen marine lab touch tank, pony rides, face painting, puppet show and more.” 9am-5pm
  • Capitol Building: Springtime Tallahassee Concert. 9am
  • Tallahassee Nurseries: Succulents! “Steve Chandler will give a talk on successfully growing succulents. We have a great selection, large and small, of these wonderful unique plants that are so fun to grow.” 10am
  • Esposito: Beekeeping Basics & Open Hive Demonstration. “Charles Futch, with the Appalachee Beekeepers Association, will teach a class about everything you need to get started with beekeeping. Following the presentation, Chuck Boooker will open the hives and let you get an up close and personal look at Esposito's bees.” 10am
  • Tallahassee Senior Center: Tallahassee Stamp & Cover Club presents TALPEX 2016. “Largest stamp show in north Florida. Free admission, free appraisals, and free parking! Buy, sell, and trade. Several stamp dealers will be on-site along with educational exhibits. Hourly door prizes and more!” 10am
  • North Monroe Street: 48th Annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival: Grand Parade. “Being one of the largest parades in the southeast the Springtime Tallahassee Grand Parade, presented by Tobacco Free Florida needs no introduction. Come see over 100 colorful units and floats, marching bands, dance groups, Springtime Krewe floats, and much more!” 10:30am
  • The Globe: Success in Service: Life After Peace Corps (FSU). “Success in Service: Life after Peace Corps is a student-organized, TED-style program featuring diverse, passionate Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who share their stories about how service impacted their personal and professional trajectory.” 11am
  • Mickee Faust Clubhouse: The F-Word Presents: Take No More Fest 2016, Night 1. “Formerly known as Lady Fest, Take No More Fest is an event to celebrate and highlight all of the very talented folks in Tallahassee who are sick of gender based oppression. Take No More means we will not tolerate any more of the hypermasculine and cissexist shit we constantly see in punk and art communities. We will use this day as a platform to sing, scream and yell that we will TAKE NO MORE!” 4pm/$5 for the day, $8 for two days
Night Witch 11:00 - 11:30
Gorgeous 10:20 - 10:50
En Ami 9:40 - 10:10
Blemish 9:00 - 9:30
Ex-novia 8:20 - 8:50
SPEW 7:40 - 8:10
Annacrusis 7:00 - 7:30
Lingua Franca 6:20 - 6:50
Isabella Folmar 5:40 - 6:10
Kayla Gordan 5:00 - 5:30
Doors: 4:00pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Marc Broussard. 5pm/$25, $100 VIP
  • Esposito: Aquaponics 101. “Lowell Collins, founder of Tallahassee Aquaponics, will teach you everything you need to know to build a new aquaponics system or improve an existing one. He will cover required materials, nutrient cycling, the benefits of utilizing fish in your growing system, maintenance requirements, and much more! Following the seminar, Lowell will be available to answer any questions you might have about a new or existing aquaponics system. This seminar will be great for novices and experienced growers alike!” 7pm
  • Waterworks: Little Mystic w/ Wit Derls. 7pm/$5
  • B Sharps Jazz: John Coltrane: A Celebration of Life and Music. “Come out to B Sharps Jazz Club to hear 2 sets of music by John O'Leary and friends! We'll be presenting the life and music of the great saxophonist and composer John Coltrane. The band will consist of the following: John O'Leary - Tenor Saxophone; Kalen Mercer - Alto Saxophone; Will Fulkerson – Piano; Brian Hall – Bass; Adam Hendley – Drums ...and special guest Tyler Wertman on trombone.” 7pm/$10
  • Ruby Diamond: Demetri Martin. 7pm/GP $25
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Beat the Beetus Benefit Show. The Line Up is listed here. 7pm
  • Opperman Music Hall: Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea). “This spring, FSU Opera presents the 2nd of Claudio Monteverdi's operas, " L'incoronazione di Poppea." This Italian baroque opera, updated to a contemporary setting, illuminates the dramatic love stories and murderous plots that surrounded Emperor Nero's reign and the rise of his mistress, Poppea, to Queen. Baroque specialist, Maestro Daniel Beckwith, will be leading a continuo group of period instruments for this exciting production of "The Coronation of Poppea." 7:30pm
  • Civic Center: A Sweet Escape: Pride Prom 2016. “Come out and experience prom your way in an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment where all genders and sexual orientations are accepted. Dress how you want to dress and bring the date or friends you want to bring. Party at Pride's biggest event of the year as we take over the Civic Center for an unforgettable night! Enjoy dancing, music from a live DJ, food, games, and a photobooth! Dress however makes you feel cute.” 8pm/free
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Eric Taylor w/Lori Kline. 8pm/$15
  • Midtown Studios: Midtown's Weekend Pass Event Series. One Act Play: Sorry, Wrong Number. 8pm/$15 for one night, $30 for all three
  • Atmosphere Pub: SoulSwitch w/ Casual Sam, Stormcraft and more TBA. 8pm
  • The Moon: SOJA. 8pm/$25
  • American Legion Hall: Spring Under the Stars. “This is the 1st Annual Beltane Ball, come Join us on April 2nd at the American Legion Hall. It will be a fun night of dancing and music. The music will be provided by Bedhead Betty.” 8pm/$10
  • Side Bar: Local Band Saturday: Backlash Band w/ In Between & The Jade Limbo. 9pm/$7
  • Bird’s Oyster Bar: PIECES (1982): A Trash Cinema Night 5 Year Anniversary Shindig! “Sink your teeth into the BEST damn burger in town, wash it down with a pitcher of your favorite adult beverage and prepare for an evening of chainsaw carnage, skinny dipping, stoners talking about fucking on waterbeds, unexplained teenage skulls, Wendy's burgers and fries, pants pissing, awkward skateboarding, random kung-fu, red herrings a plenty, several climaxes, and so many gut churning death scenes and naked breasts, you;ll think you've died and ascended to Trash Cinema Heaven...or is that descended? EITHER WAY! Come out and celebrate 5 Fun and Filthy Years of Trash Cinema Nights at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack! Just think, one day you'll be able to tell illegitimate love children that you were there!” 9pm/18+
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Jarekus Singleton. 10pm
  • Lake Ella: Sunday Brunch Featuring Travelin’ Light. “The Spring Concert Series is here! Come out to Lake Ella every Sunday for food trucks and live music!” 11am-2pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Bicycle House: Bicycle House/Joyride Collective Sunrise Gran Fondo. “This is a 110 mile route/ ride with some hills, some "roadbike-able" dirt roads, a couple of nice towns... hopefully nice weather... This ride is a no sag, no amenities whatsoever. Everyone is completely on their own and completely responsible for finding their way... That being said, this is a beautiful route... Average speed should be around 20mph. donations to Bicycle House are appreciated, but not required. Please attend! We are going to have a lot of fun...” 6:35am
  • Bald Point State Park: Coastal Birding With Marvin. “Marvin Collins is going birding at Bald Point State Park and you are welcome to join him. This is a good time of year to visit the coast to observe sea birds, marsh birds and migrating songbirds. You will have the benefit of Marvin’s birding expertise to help you identify these sometimes confusing species. If there is time, Marvin will take the group to Alligator Point (many birds utilize the power lines there) and then make a quick stop at Mash’s Sands. Meet at 7:00AM on Sunday at the Well’s Fargo Bank parking lot at the intersection of South Monroe Street and Paul Russell Road, across the street from the Florida Fair Grounds entrance. You may carpool from there if there are other willing participants, or you can meet at the entrance to the Bald Point State Park (at the north/east end of Alligator Point where the Ochlockonee River enters the Gulf) at 8:00AM. Bring your binoculars, field guides, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc.” $8 adults, $4 kids
  • Governor’s Park: Coffee Outside. “We will be meeting at the Governors Park, ride with a group from any of our starting points or just meet us there. Bring a stove, coffee making device and coffee/tea/cocoa and we will enjoy each others company while sipping. Afterwards folks can ride off on their own, head to brunch or a group ride.” 9am
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Rockin for Renee Fundraiser. “Music featuring Big Poppa & the Shuffle Brothers, Blues Factor, Keith Taylor Band, and Kevin Warren. Proceeds benefit the Garcia family medical expense fund.” 3pm/$15
  • Midtown Studios: Midtown's Weekend Pass Event Series. MidTalks: A Conversation with FoundeDirector of MLG Productions, Markeshia Luree Gorden. 3pm/$15 for one night, $30 for all three
  • Mickee Faust Clubhouse: The F-Word Presents: Take No More Fest 2016, Night 1. “Formerly known as Lady Fest, Take No More Fest is an event to celebrate and highlight all of the very talented folks in Tallahassee who are sick of gender based oppression. Take No More means we will not tolerate any more of the hypermasculine and cissexist shit we constantly see in punk and art communities. We will use this day as a platform to sing, scream and yell that we will TAKE NO MORE!” 4pm/$5 for the day, $8 for two days
Naps. 11:00 - 11:30
So What 10:20 - 10:50
Versailles The Everything 9:40 - 10:10
Mercury Blood 9:00 - 9:30
Scabs 8:20 - 8:50
Grooveslave 7:00 - 7:30
Ampersand 6:20 - 6:50
Kilo Tango 5:40 - 6:10
Bat Magic Preservation Society 5:00 - 5:30
  • Proof: Tallahassee Music Week Kickoff w/Crossroads Bluegrass Band. 3pm/free
  • Opperman Music Hall: Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea). “This spring, FSU Opera presents the 2nd of Claudio Monteverdi's operas, " L'incoronazione di Poppea." This Italian baroque opera, updated to a contemporary setting, illuminates the dramatic love stories and murderous plots that surrounded Emperor Nero's reign and the rise of his mistress, Poppea, to Queen. Baroque specialist, Maestro Daniel Beckwith, will be leading a continuo group of period instruments for this exciting production of "The Coronation of Poppea." 3pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: New Orleans Suspects. 6pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7 :30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:30pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke With Nathan. Drink specials and the best selection of songs in town. 9pm
  • FSU Union Green: Take Back the Night. “Take Back the Night is an event spearheaded by VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood, Empowering Women Globally, kNOw MORE, the Womens Student Union, Asian American Student Union, and the Veterans Student Union to raise awareness on sexual assault. It is a night in which we'll come together as a university to Take Back the Night and denounce sexual assault. During this event, we're asking students, faculty, alumni, and the community to come together to stand up, speak out, and fight against sexual assault via a march around the campus to and from the integration statue, a candlelight vigil, and a sharing of stories by student survivors.” 7pm-9pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Scotty Barnhart presents the Classic Jam Session Series. “Acclaimed trumpeter, FSU jazz professor, and two-time Grammy Award winner Scotty Barnhart presents the Classic Jam Session Series at [email protected]. The series features select seasoned jazz musicians and offers a jam session environment to jazz students and other talented performers.” 8pm/$10
  • Shark Tank: Femignome ATL + Heavy Eyes ATL w/Winded and Night Witch. 8:30pm/$5/all ages
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Wikipedia background information about: Anthony Robbins, Robbins Research, Guthy Ranker

Tony Robbins aka Anthony Robbins
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article contains information about: Anthony Robbins, Robbins Research, Guthy Ranker
Anthony Jay Robbins
Tony Robbins in 2009
Anthony J. Mahavoric (1960-02-29) February 29, 1960 (age 57) North Hollywood, California, U.S.
Motivational Speaker
Years active:
Known for
Motivational Speaker
Becky Robbins (m. 1984–97) Sage Robbins (m. 2001)
Tony Robbins, born Anthony J. Mahavoric (February 29, 1960), is an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach.[1] Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. Approximately 4 million people have attended his live seminars.[2][3]
Robbins is the founder of several companies that earn approximately $6 billion in annual sales. In 2015 and 2016 he was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.[4][5] He is also an active philanthropist, partnering with organizations such as Feeding America.[6]
1 Early life
2 Career
3 Select bibliography
4 Teachings 4.1 Personal performance
4.2 Seminars
4.3 Health and energy
5 Philanthropy 5.1 Anthony Robbins Foundation
5.2 Feeding America
5.3 Spring Health
5.4 X-Prize Foundation
5.5 Underground Railroad
6 Legal issues
7 Television and film
8 Personal life
9 Associated people
10 References
11 External links
Early life[edit]
Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavoric in North Hollywood, California, on February 29, 1960.[7] Robbins is the eldest of three children and his parents divorced when he was 7. His mother then had a series of husbands, including Jim Robbins, a former semiprofessional baseball player who legally adopted Anthony when he was 12.[8]
Robbins was raised in Azusa and Glendora, California, and attended Glendora High School. He was elected student body president in his senior year. While growing up, Robbins worked as a handyman to help provide for his siblings.[9]
During high school, Robbins grew ten inches, a growth spurt later attributed to a pituitary tumor.[7] He has said his home life was "chaotic" and "abusive". When he was seventeen years old, he left home and never returned.[7] Robbins later worked as a janitor, and did not attend college.[10]
Robbins began his career promoting seminars for motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn when he was 17 years old.[11][12][13]
In the early 1980s, soon after meeting Neurolinguistic Programming co-founder John Grinder, the two became partners. At this time Robbins taught NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.[13] In 1983 Robbins learned to firewalk, and incorporated it into his seminars.[14]
In 1988 Robbins released his first infomercial, Personal Power, produced by Guthy Renker,[15] which helped to promote his services as a "peak performance coach". The infomercial helped Robbins gain wide exposure, selling his Personal Power self-help audiotapes. His early infomercials featured celebrities such as Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton and actor Martin Sheen. By 1991 an estimated 100 million Americans in 200 media markets had seen his infomercials.[16]
In 1997, Robbins began the Leadership Academy seminar.[17][18] He is a speaker on the seminar circuit sponsored by Learning Annex.[19] Robbins was a featured speaker at the 2007 Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference. As of August 2012, his talk was the sixth most popular in the history of the event.[20]
Together with Cloé Madanes, Robbins founded the Robbins-Madanes Center for Intervention, an organization that trains life skills coaches to help families and individuals deal with addiction and other issues.[18][21]
In 2014, Robbins, along with a group of investors including Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm, and Peter Guber, acquired rights to launch a Major League Soccer franchise in Los Angeles, California, currently referred to as the Los Angeles Football Club. The soccer team is scheduled to begin competition in 2018.[22][23][24]
In 2016, Robbins partnered with Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber and Washington Wizards co-owner Ted Leonsis to purchase Team Liquid, an eSports pro gaming organization.[25] In 2017 Team Liquid won The International 7, a Dota 2 tournament with a prize pool of over $24 million.[26]
Robbins has worked on an individual basis with Bill Clinton,[27] Donald Trump,[28] Justin Tuck, Wayne Gretzky,[29] Serena Williams,[30] Hugh Jackman[31] and Pitbull.[32] He has also counseled American businessmen Peter Guber, Steve Wynn and Marc Benioff.[33] He was named one of the "Top 50 Business Intellectuals" by Accenture[34] and one of the "Top 200 Business Gurus" by the Harvard Business Press,[35] and is ranked on the Forbes Celebrity 100.[36]
Select bibliography[edit]
As of 2017 Robbins has written five books, four of them best-sellers,[citation needed] including Unlimited Power[37][dead link] and Awaken the Giant Within, which is a New York Times best-seller.[38]
In 2014, inspired by the financial crisis that cost many Americans their retirement savings,[39] he published Money: Master the Game, which reached #1 on the New York Times best-selling list in December.[40]
Unlimited Power. Free Press. (1986) ISBN 0-684-84577-6
Awaken the Giant Within. Free Press. (1991) ISBN 0671791540
Giant Steps. Touchstone. (1994) ISBN 0671891049
Money: Master the Game. Simon & Schuster. (2014) ISBN 1476757801
Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Simon & Schuster. (2017) (co-authored with Peter Mallouk) ISBN 1501164589
Personal performance[edit]
Throughout his writings, seminars, and speeches, Robbins espouses viewpoints, techniques, and other practices he asserts can help adherents improve their lives.[41] Among these are methods he calls the "controlling state" and "neuro-associative conditioning".[42] He speaks a great deal about various "human needs, influences that affect people, the power of making decisions" and the need to achieve "emotional mastery". He has said that, to live an extraordinary life, you must master two things: "the science of achievement" and "the art of fulfillment".[43][44][45]
Robbins holds multiple seminars annually. These seminars include Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Life and Wealth Mastery, Business Mastery and Leadership Academy.[46] He has identified seven "keys to business mastery": create loyal, satisfied customers and culture; be honest about where the business is, and create an effective business map; strategic innovation; world-class marketing; sales mastery systems; financial and legal analysis; and optimization and maximization of people and processes.[47]
Health and energy[edit]
"Energy: The Fuel of Excellence", a chapter in Unlimited Power, is dedicated to a discussion of health and energy. It endorses the Fit For Life program of Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, food combining and deep breathing. Robbins refers to Harvey and Marilyn Diamond as his "former partners".[48]
Later in his career, in his audio product Living Health, Robbins changed his teachings on health slightly. He attributes this change to the influence of Robert O. Young. In Living Health, he endorses natural hygiene, the alkaline diet, live blood analysis[49] and the works of Antoine Béchamp.[50]
Anthony Robbins Foundation[edit]
In 1991, Jay Robbins founded the Anthony Robbins Foundation.[51] The charity helps individuals and organizations to make a difference in the quality of life for youth, homeless, hungry, prisoners, elderly and disabled.[52] The Basket Brigade, one of the programs of the Foundation, brings groups of volunteers across the world together to assemble and deliver baskets of food and household items to needy families.[53]
In 2016 Robbins and his Foundation partnered with Bob Carr and the Give Something Back Foundation on the ROC 'N Robbins Challenge event. Carr matched the $1 million Robbins donated at the event, with the proceeds going to send 100 low-income students to medical school.[54]
Independent charity watchdog Charity Navigator gives the Anthony Robbins Foundation a rating of four out of four stars.[55]
Feeding America[edit]
In 2014, he donated the profits of his book, Money: Master the Game, along with an additional personal donation, through Feeding America to provide meals to people in need.[56] The combined donation fed 100 million needy people in 2014-15, according to the charity.[57][58] Robbins partnered with the charity again in 2016 to provide 100 million more meals.[59] On February 2, 2017, Feeding America announced that the 100 Million More Meals Challenge, conducted in partnership with Robbins, helped provide more than 101.6 million meals to children, families and seniors through Feeding America's network of 200-member food banks in 2016. Robbins is also donating profits from Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook to Feeding America.[60]
Spring Health[edit]
Robbins works with a water company called Spring Health, which provides fresh water to small villages in rural eastern India to prevent waterborne diseases.[61]
X-Prize Foundation[edit]
He is also a benefactor of the X-Prize Foundation. Robbins joined Elon Musk and donated to the Global Learning X-Prize.[62]
Underground Railroad[edit]
Robbins helped raise more than $1 million for Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization that fights against child trafficking and slavery with the assistance of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives.[63]
Legal issues[edit]
In May 1995, Robbins Research International (R.R.I.) settled with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged violations of the agency's Franchise Rule. Under the settlement, R.R.I. was not found to have violated any law and agreed to pay $221,260 in consumer redress.[64]
Wade Cook sued Robbins for allegedly using copyrighted terms from Cook's book Wall Street Money Machine in Robbins' seminars. In 2000, a jury awarded Cook $655,900 judgement, which was appealed.[65][66] Cook and Robbins settled for an undisclosed amount.[67][68]
In 2001, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruled that The Vancouver Sun had defamed Robbins when it called him an "adulterous, wife-stealing hypocrite. "The court awarded Robbins $20,000 in damages and his legal costs.[69][70]
In July 2012, the San Jose Mercury News published a story reporting that multiple people had been burned and hospitalized during one of Robbins' fire-walking events on July 19, 2012. This story was picked up by other media outlets, including Fox News. These reports were later retracted as inaccurate.[71] A similar corrective article was published by The Huffington Post.[72][73]
On June 24, 2016, it was reported that "dozens were burned and required medical attention after attempting to walk on hot coals during a fire-walking event at a Tony Robbins seminar in Dallas, Texas".[74] Several attendees were transported to medical facilities to treat burns, and a bus was used as a staging-area for between 30 and 40 people who were less seriously hurt.[75] A spokeswoman for the Robbins organization stated, "Someone unfamiliar with the process of the fire-walk called 911 reporting the need for emergency services vehicles […] there was no need for emergency personnel […] only 5 of 7,000 participants requested an examination beyond what was readily available on site."[76]
Television and film[edit]
Robbins has played cameo roles in the films Reality Bites, The Cable Guy[77] and the 2001 film Shallow Hal.[78] He also appeared in The Roseanne Show and an episode of The Sopranos.[79] He plays himself in the 2010 documentary film The Singularity Is Near: A True Story about The Future.[80]
He was lampooned in the Family Guy episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein"[81] and the Beavis and Butt-head episode "The Miracle That is Beavis".
In July 2010, NBC debuted "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins", a reality show that followed Robbins as he helped the show's participants face their personal challenges.[82][83] NBC canceled the show after airing two of the planned six episodes due to low viewership of 2.8 million.[84] In March 2012, the OWN Network picked up the show for another season beginning with the original first season set to re-run and thereafter leading directly into the new 2012 season.[85][86] In April 2012, Robbins began cohosting Oprah's Lifeclass on the OWN Network.[87]
In 2015, film maker Joe Berlinger directed and produced the documentary "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru", about the Tony Robbins event "Date with Destiny" after filming it in Boca Raton, Florida, in December 2014.[88] It premiered at the South by Southwest film festival in March 2016[89] and opened the American Documentary Film Festival (AmDocs) in Palm Springs in February 2016.[90] The documentary was translated into languages for 190 countries and released by Netflix on July 15, 2016.[88][91]
Personal life[edit]
In 1984, he married Rebecca "Becky" Jenkins, after meeting her at a seminar.[92][93][94] Jenkins had three children from two former marriages whom Robbins adopted. Robbins and Jenkins filed for divorce 14 years later.[94]
In 1984, Robbins and former girlfriend Liz Acosta had a son Jairek Robbins, who is also a personal empowerment trainer.[95]
Robbins married Bonnie "Sage" Robbins (née Humphrey) in October 2001.[96] Robbins resides in Palm Beach, Florida.[97]
Associated people[edit]
Cloé Madanes[98]
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