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2016-5-23: /r/KotakuInAction Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our feature on KiA (check out part 1 here). That’s right, there’s enough garbage content from KiA to warrant a second part. You see, KiA is big on trying to claim that the only thing they are being accused of is being sexist. I’m here to shed some light on the fact that they’re actually trying to defend themselves from being all-around bigots in general. So let’s look at all the other ways KiA is a hate sub, yeah?

It’s about ethics in being anti-queer

Hatred toward women is one thing, but KiA doesn’t shy away from the main tenants of bigotry exhibited by catch-all hate subs like /the_donald (or whatever fractured sub they’re all clamoring to as they begin to eat their own). The harassment centered around Brianna Wu is where transphobia rears its ugly head in KiA.
For starters, KiA falls squarely in the transphobia crowd. In an effort to attack Wu, they have repeated rumors that insist Wu is going through transition and, therefore, mentally ill. [1] Again, the belief that transitioning is a mental disorder is a belief perpetrated by transphobes.
Hi. Appreciate the thoughts. Wu is spreading herself across the media defining GamerGate as a harassment movement, telling outrageous lies about you guys and it's worth collecting the reasons she should not be believed in one place. I thought so, anyway.
Edit: My point is: she's mendacious, vindictive and immoral and no amount of tiptoeing around her is going to make her stop. (She's counting on your sensitivity to excuse her excesses.) But people like Wu shouldn't expect to bully and lie about other people without it coming back to bite them one day. You can't fight a bush fire with a damp rag, which is why the story is punchy. [+758, actual Yiannopoulos post]
The amount of moralfags up in this bitch is annoying. [+39]
Here we have Milo Yiannopoulos, self-hating gay man [1] and neoconservative [2] writer for Breitbart, solidifying himself as the poster boy for GG and KiA as a whole by joining in on hating the other. KiA obviously eats this up—they have a minority on their side now, and not only that, but he’s gay, and if you have a gay man agreeing with your transphobia, then it must mean transphobia is okay. At least, that’s how KiA sees it.
Not convinced? Some more examples. [1], [2], [3], [4]
They really make no attempt to hide that their hatred toward Wu just also happens to align with their transphobia. [1]
Shouldn't they have went with a transsexual actress? Don't want to erase the transsexual experience, now do we? [+76]
“Hey guys, we’re totally inclusive to LGBT! Now let me drop some transphobic comments to prove that point!”
They also got upset at the inclusion of a transgender character in a video game and began to harass the developer responsible for it (bonus points for KiA: the developer is a woman). [1]
Careful guys, some idiot @ kotaku/Polygon might write an article on GG being homophobic, transophobic, protesting the inclusion of gay and trans characters in BG and driving “game writer” Amber Scott out of gaming after a “sustained harassment campaign” [+82 before deletion]
Actually, I do tend to not like gay and trans characters in media. I much prefer characters that are gay and trans, instead. [+188]
If SJW's could just write good characters that happened to be gay or trans, most people wouldn't have a problem with it. But they put their idelology and "message" first, quality becomes a non-issue for them. [+153]
Hetero white men deciding on what makes a gay or trans character a “good character.” More on this story later tonight on Channel Zero-Self Awareness News.
There was also the time that they drove away a hero of theirs because they wouldn’t drop the transphobia issue. [1]
The transgender issue is absolutely poisonous.
I don't give a single fuck if someone is transgender or not; from what I've seen most people in GG don't either--but this whole thing where being transgender is a free pass for being a paedophile or whatever is ludicrous. [+94]
That's not what anyone was saying to him?
Kern decided that she was no longer trans with a wave of his hand as if it was a medal given to her. If a gay man I'd arrested is he no longer gay? [-19]
Sorry but it should be perfectly acceptable to call a trans person by their original pronoun. Again, I have no problem with trans people, I just don't think you can change gender. They're still beautiful and wonderful (if indeed they were), but I'll refer to you with whatever I feel like at the time and that doesn't make me a monster. You can't change gender just like you can't change race. You can wear and call yourself whatever you like, but I'm not going to call an orange an apple because it was painted green. [+13]
“I refuse to accept volumes of scientific work and the entire professional scientific community that says that I am wrong!” And you guys wonder why your heroes have left you in the dark.
KiA also tries to contend with the issue of homophobia as part of gaming culture, namely the use of homophobic slurs in online gaming. [1]
Gay dude here (and a furry. Gasp!). Been here since the beginning and pretty public about it when it's been relevant and I've never had any hate thrown my way. "Faggot" has to be the most disarmed offensive word of all time at this point and doesn't exactly represent anti-queer sentiment. Taking a word or statement and extrapolating an entire system of belief from a person is SJW logic.
But even if there were people with anti-queer sentiment here (which there probably are), as long as they aren't violating the rules, what business is it of mine? Sure, I'd rather people be nice to each other and agree on my positions, but that's the double-edged sword of free speech. I'll put up with other people's shit so that I can sling my own. [+37]
Here we have Asa Gayman speaking for the entire gay community by giving a free pass on homophobic slurs because “they don’t bother him.” He finishes the race by including a bit about “free speech” as well.
I personally can't speak to the 'trans' stuff so much cause I don't really bark up that tree so much, but in regards to 'faggot', I feel like it much like 'nigger' is discussed here. I disagree that it is in anyway 'anti-gay'. In fact, I would argue that such is a requirement for true acceptance. You can argue that this is a 'minority' opinion, which is very possible, but it is one shared by my lesbian sister and her wife, so clearly even amongst the very group we are talking about there are 'dissenters'. [+11]
Just some white men deciding on whether or not hate slurs are hateful. Add in a healthy dash of “I have gay friends” too.
I'm pretty sure this is a textbook case for an "OP is a fag" meme.
It's a word. A word that, thanks to the internet, has positive, negative, and neutral uses. You sound like someone who understands the concept of "reclaiming" words. Faggot is one such term.
It could be used in place of "person": An illustrator can otherwise be identified as an art fag or draw fag.
It can also be used as an insult that may, or may not, be tied to sexuality: Freddie Mercury is homosexual, not a worthless faggot like Justin Beiber.
It can also be applied in the modern lexical format as a term for homosexuality. This can be as a playful endearment (like when Milo refers to himself as a dangerous faggot) or as an insult when directed at a heterosexual who may be offended by being mislabeled.
To give you context, I'm speaking as someone who'd describe their tastes as heteroflexible. I don't really give a shit where that puts me on the faggot scale, but I'm pretty sure it's closer to bi than straight. Hell, even if I WERE straight as an arrow, it's still just a word. Sticks and stones, faggot. <3 [+14]
Prime candidate for /badlinguistics.
Quit being such a faggot. [+5]
Sometimes, KiAers don’t need to do mental gymnastics to justify their hatred. They just come right out and say it.
While KiA tries to keep their homophobia hidden, they can’t seem to stop finding heroes amongst right-wing homophobes. Jason Miller, for instance, is a neocon blogger-hailed-hero of GG and KiA. In fact, one time he even went to /ainbow once to defend KiA. [1] It didn’t end up well for him when someone pointed out that he’s a raging MRA homophobe.
Ah well, they have one self-hating gay man on their side, and that’s all KiA really needs to believe that they aren’t anti-queer at all. You know, much like how Fox News hires African American anchors so they will specifically rail against the black community. Or more aptly: how neocon website Breitbart hired a self-hating gay man to rail against LGBT progressivism.

It’s about ethics in racism

I’ve already presented a few examples of racism when it became a bonus when KiA was railing against the woman they were hating for a particular week, but let’s get down to the specific examples where they are just unabashedly racist as well.
For starters, there is a clear link between KiA and 8chan. For the longest time, KiA’s sidebar used to have links to /gamergatehq/, the main GG board on 8chan. However, there was a second board called /ggrevolt/, which was created because they were upset at the moderation on /gamergatehq/ that was deleting a lot of racist content (basically imagine a scenario in which someone leaves the Nazi Party because they feel as if they are not extreme enough) which also appeared on the sidebar. After /ggrevolt/ was removed from the sidebar, half of the KiA community became upset, which led to them doxxing their own members. [1]
With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few examples.
For starters, let’s talk about KiA’s fascination with “cultural Marxism.” This is your crash course about neo-conservatives—if someone is going on about “cultural Marxism,” they’re a neocon (and usually by extension a neo-Nazi, as the Nazis started off railing against the very same thing). Which is rather interesting, considering KiA likes to periodically claim that they are “leftists.”
guys if you want to be taken seriously you should maybe stop continously linking yourself to the right wing world, especially when it doesn't have anything to do with games. [-54]
Calling someone or something right wing doesn't invalidate it. Bet they didn't teach you that at SRD. [+38]
Oops. I thought you guys weren’t right-wingers though? They sure like to celebrate when a right-winger says they’re on their side, however. [1]
Idk. Good to see we have more support from celebs but Dean Cain is an outspoken conservative. All this will do is just give the SJW more ammo to the "Gamergate is a right wing X group" gun.
At this point, the right wing is not the enemy. [+12]
Sure seems like the opinion of a leftist to me! Here it is again with a known CT user talking about “cultural Marxism.” [1]
Did you just seriously jump straight into calling blinky64 a Nazi? There is nothing in the comment to justify that. [+41]
Except, you know, his entire post history, but alright. KiA proceeds to play devil’s advocate for another 133 comments after that. If nobody stands up for the neo-Nazis, then who will?
Speaking of Nazis, they’d also love to stick up for the KKK as well.
Hell yeah I'd stick up for the Klan. I'd even stick up for something even worse, like feminists. [+33]
I'm not going to say I'll stick up for the Klan.
But I'll stick up for Klansmen who are physically assaulted simply for being Klansmen. It's a stupid thing to be, between being utterly discredited and shitty to begin with, but free association remains a right. [+17]
I don't care what people think as long as they aren't being criminal, or political, because then the point is caring about what they think. Doesn't mean I'll go around working to no platform people or assault them for wrong think.
I fully support the Klans right to exist as long as they aren't resorting to violence or discrimination, and I'd definitely defend them against the same. [+6]
Newsflash: the Klan has been resorting to violence and discrimination since its inception. Anyone not blinded by the white can see that. But considering KiA’s fascination with yelling at the BLM movement (Remember when this was about video games? Me neither.), it’s pretty clear what category they fall under.
She is also a mexican immigrant... ammo for trump. [+39]
For the love of God, these numskulls are going to get him elected [+65]
If you never clean up after yourself, eventually you need to call an exterminator. [+20]
It’s about ethics in genocide, clearly. Then they get on about the execution of Jamar Clark.
He was assaulting his girlfriend, assaulted the EMT's when they arrived, tried to attack and disarm a cop, got shot. #BLM AMIRITE [+86]
Like a good little bigot, a KiAer is trying to rewrite history. Clark approached EMTs (didn’t attack anyone), cops threw him to the grown, pinned him down, handcuffed him, then executed him. KiA seems to have a habit of following every story in which an African American is murdered and the murderer is cleared.
And there's also the fact that Martin was not the cute boy the media kept showing on TV. He dressed and acted like a thug in pictures on his Facebook profile with guns and the middle finger (and likely also in real life). But people act like he was an innocent schoolgirl who had a difficult time fending off Zimmerman even though ZM got some pretty nasty scars on his head from that "boy". [+30]
Remember when they complained about Michael BRown's pictures making him look like a thug? Apparently, the media has responsibility to present the victim of an alleged crime in the absolute best light, even if he couldn't be arsed to himself. [+21]
Don’t mind KiAers using dog whistles here. Nope, totally not racist, especially with automatically assuming the worst out of Trayvon Martin “just because.” Except the “just because” here is, “I’m a raging racist who thinks all black people are criminals.”
Let’s try another one. How about a made-up story?
Near where I live, there was an incident several weeks ago where some black thug was interfering with paramedics who were treating a man that he had assaulted, then when the cops arrived to deal with him he allegedly attempted to take one of the officer's guns and they shot him. BlackLivesMatter has been protesting outside the local police station for weeks by barricading the road (blocking emergency vehicles) and throwing bricks and molotov cocktails; some of which are landing in people's yards who live near the station.
Pretty much the entire neighborhood is lower-class black families. Those families have been pleading with the protesters to leave. The family of the man who was killed has been pleading with the protesters to leave. It's pretty universally recognized by everyone involved that their protest is doing more harm than good. They don't care. They're just there to scream and shout and throw shit and break things.
I'm thinking it might be time for Roof Koreans again. [+23]
“I think it’s time we start killing black people.” Thanks for clearing that up for us, KiA. Just for one more good measure, let’s see how they really feel about African Americans.
She said something to the measure of "Don't say the word 'nigger'" And they got her fired for saying that.
Nigger is the new Voldemort. [+357]
To anyone reading this, and most likely screen capping it to post it elsewhere out of context saying "Look at at the racist GooberGoofers upvoting this comment on KIA!" It is most likely in reference to this song. And this has already been pointed out below but I would just like to repeat for clarity. But I'm probably just wasting my time and there's a sjw already foaming at the mouth as we speak. [+190]
“Ha ha, okay guys, we had our fun saying the n-word, but seriously, here’s some bullshit where I justify why we all just upvoted the n-word.” Wew lad, I don’t even know if McKayla Maroney can jump through hoops like that.
Are we still not convinced that they are neo-Nazis?
so white supremacy just involves sitting down and engaging in civilised discourse? [+41]
White supremacy is anything civilized, apparently. I honestly am starting to think the irrationals just want to tear down anything resembling order, fairness and process because they've decided that between "The Patriarchy" and "The Whiteriarchy" these fundamental concepts of society are tools of oppression. Oh, and science, too. You know, the thing that made just about every human advance possible.
If rationality and order are going to be defined as racist I'm very quickly going to get to the point where I start saying "Yep, I'm racist and proud of it." I am not going to throw western society and the principles it stands on under the bus because these idiots have suddenly decided those principles are socially unacceptable. [+14]
100% pure white supremacy talking points from Stormfront. “White people are civilized, we stand for order, muh Western culture” etc., all the garbage you hear from any hate sub on Reddit.
Let’s switch gears a bit. Ever since the popularity of Donald “Little Hands” Trump, KiA has also taken up yelling about spooky Muslims.
For starters, they (like the rest of Reddit) turned on Ahmed the clock kid once they realized that nobody was talking about their lord and savior STEM.
He didn't even assemble it. This guy goes over all the parts and why the kid did nothing but take the case off a normal clock and put it in a pencil case. [+7]
Well then that settles it. Take him away boys. [-17]
The point is people think it was made to start a controversy, not sincerely.
It has no purpose otherwise. Therefore people think this is a scam, that's so far working.
There's no reason to justify what happened, or anyones belief it was ever intended to "be" a bomb.But there's plenty saying they (his family) were trying to make this happen. [+14]
Yes, the child tricked the police into arresting him for bringing a clock to school. Are you people fucking retarded. [-12]
I'm not saying the police were right, but he went around showing it to multiple teachers until he got the result he wanted. It took him HOURS to get the result as he kept showing it to teachers every class (why?) until 6th period. People who interviewed the kid and the teachers have said this.
He didn't make it for a school project, he didn't even make the device, yet he was showing it to every teacher he could find. Why? A teacher even told him to put it away but he still kept showing it around. Why? Why was the device at school at all?
And considering there is a relevant law they're citing, yeah "tricked" may be the case. Imagine walking into a government building with that device, think people wouldn't give you odd looks?
Look the situation isn't good, common sense should come before the law every now and then. But just because it's a kid, I'm not ignoring the details. Being objective protects you from liars looking to profit.
Ever seen that Boondocks episode where a teacher called Reilly a "nigga"? This may be like that. [+17]
Because he was a dumbass kid who was proud of a minor accomplishment?
I remember kids going around school showing off stupid shit to everybody. [+3, controversial cross]
They kid is 14 and clearly smart, I don't buy it. He's apparently built plenty of other things that he actually did in fact make. He's apparently in the school robotics club for instance.
Why the hell would he want to show everyone at school a clock he clearly didn't make? Hell considering whats said about him I bet his parents made the damn clock.
According to witness reports he apparently didn't even talk or explain the device, he said nothing and things got out of hand. How is that pride?
It's shady. There's no way i can look at this and not call it shady. Yeah the school is fucking dumb but the scenario is shady. [+7]
This one hits all the points. “He didn’t do anything special” for starters, which translates to, “Ugh, people are saying positive things about a Muslim kid! Please stop!” Then we go down the full-blown conspiracy path that insists a 14-year-old boy is a mastermind progressive who tricked trained police officers and school administrators. Or there’s Door B: KiA needs the brown kid to be the bad guy.
Let’s try for something a little more obvious, yeah? How about the time when KiA fell for the rumors that there were “rape gangs” on the streets of Cologne (which was later disproved)? [1]
You ever notice how the whole meme of "Islamophobia" only came into its own after an attack by Muslim extremists that killed 3000 Americans? There's something really fucked about that. But then again I'm /pol/ so what do I know. [+189]
Islamophobia was coined by the muslim brotherhood in order to get the western media to spread it around as comparable to homophobia an others in that same vein. [+96]
How dense does your skull have to be if you consider Islamophobia a “meme” and you think it only cropped up after 9/11? Europe had entire crusades against the religion. Oh, and KiA finishes off with a dash of YouTube video conspiracy theories. But let’s delve a little deeper, yeah?
This is one of many reasons why I honestly do consider myself an "Islamophobe"(As well as slightly anti-religion in general, which is admittedly a strong factor in my hate of Islam.). Others include that many of Islam's teachings dictate that I should be killed for my beliefs, the actual misogyny found in the Quran, and pretty much every other facet of the culture, other than some of the pretty awesome art it produced(I find it to be awesome that artists still managed to exert some creativity under the litany of anti-creativity rules and regulations their culture put on them.) [+87]
I also have no problem with hating a toxic culture that promotes rape and murder especially when people use "culture" as a shield to detract criticism on grounds of being accused as racist, xenophobic or whatever trendy catch all term gets thrown around. Even more so when "culture" is used to excuse and look past vile acts. If your "culture" promotes murder and rape I don't have to like it, I don't have to shut up about it, I don't have to look the other way and I'm sure as fuck gonna hate on it. [+32]
With Islam there is no distinction between culture or religion. Islam is their culture. That is what many in the West cannot understand, Islam is an complete set of political and cultural commands wrapped up in a religion. It literally tells people how to live their lives almost every waking moment of the day. What we are seeing in Europe now is true Islam. Those Muslims who live in the West and do not act like this are viewed as apostates by those who do. The fundamentalist Muslim is the driver of all that happens in Islam, and the beliefs they hold are mainstream Islamic thought. Why? Because the way they act is the way Muhammad acted, and in Islam Muhammad is considered the perfect being, to be copied in all respects. Islam is, and always has been, a cancer on all of humanity, right from he start. It is fundamentally incapable of playing nice with others, as it's 1400 year history lays bare for all to see, and is at it's core fundamentally incompatible with Western ideals and concepts. [+45]
We hit all the points here. KiAers welcome being called Islamophobes, they lump all Muslims with all extremists, they insist religion is indistinguishable from culture (yet in the same breath they will all shout, “Can’t be racist against Muslims, not a race bro!”), they repeat /European talking points about Muslim refugees in Europe, and they talk a big game about “Western culture.” If we were playing Islamophobia bingo, I would’ve filled up three cards by now.
They are other examples where they just come out and say exactly what they mean.
Islam is like anything else. If you want to destroy it infect it with feminism.[+42]
In fairness, Islam is the only thing that needs feminism anymore [+64]
Islam needs to disappear from the planet. All muslims are extremists because Islam is extremist.
PS: I am a "muslim". [+6]
Yet again: “Kill all the Muslims” from KiA. Oh, and add in a dash of, “the only thing” when it comes to feminism. You heard it from KiA: sexism only exists in the Muslim world!
But the real crowning achievement of KiA? That would be when they took advantage of the Paris attacks to Photoshop an image of a journalist who is critical of GG and give him a suicide vest and a Quran. [1]
KiA mods were quick to remove all mention of how the plan to Photoshop the image originated on KiA itself. [1] It’s about ethics in censorship until you have to CYA, I guess. At this point though, KiA is indistinguishable from /the_donald when it comes to any issue that deals with police brutality against African Americans or any discussion about Islam.

Bonus: It’s about ethics in pedophilia and defending rapists

As I have demonstrated the clear parallel between KiA and 8chan, it also shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that KiAers are also ardent defenders of child pornography.
right now there is a thread on 8chan /b/ called "Official Pedo Thread" with pics of clothed little girls, sorry but that is fucking creepy and should be shut down.
Are you making the jump of "this is creepy, therefore it should be shut down" or is there more to your reasoning?
Surely, if it's not illegal and only in poor taste, it's up to the moderators (and the admins beyond that) whether or not it gets to stay on the site.
I don't want to look at it either, but it's not my website and not my place to say, legally or morally, whether or not it should be there. [+29]
Ah yes, the ever-famous “free speech” that is the rallying call of bigots in America. I have a headline for you though—child pornography isn’t “free speech” you pedo-lovers, it’s an actual crime.
If that isn’t nauseating enough, KiA couldn’t help themselves after a card player from Magic: The Gathering was banned from playing at any official tournaments after it was revealed that he is an actual convicted rapist. They start this one out by making him out as an innocent wittle white man with the thread title: “Remember the Magic: the Gathering player who was witchhunted for being a sex offender?” What they really meant was, “Remember the convicted rapist who got outed as a convicted rapist?”
Was he a sex offender? [+29]
Here [+11, archived post of the rapist trying to justify what he did and then expressing zero remorse]
So he made a mistake as a teenager and then paid for it, and worked hard to better himself. Once again, outrage culture strikes again. [+28]
Ah yes, “made a mistake.” Oops, he forced his penis into a woman on accident! And then they have the gall to call this “outrage culture.” You’re literally defending a remorseless rapist. Let’s see how KiA reacts when someone tells them just that.
you guys are defending a rapist. he buttfucked a drunk girl against her will.
the celebrity worship on this subreddit is disgusting. just because a pro MtG the player has criticized their decision doesn't mean it's okay.
for a sub that's meant to think critically and objectively we have a lot of work until we get there [-38]
An ex-convict who took a plea bargain that was OFFERED BY THE VICTIM, played it out in full, and then took on even more extra legal and court baggage to be exonerated by the governor to allow him back his voting rights, who has not seen legal trouble since.
This isn't some black late teen with three hundred armed robbery counts getting shot by a cop and then Twitter crying a river over how an innocent with only a few aggravated assaults while on parole could be treated so poorly. This is someone who did a crime, did the time THAT WAS SUGGESTED BY THE VICTIM, then did extra time to be allowed to vote again, and never redid any criminal actions.
Either say your thoughts directly: "All criminals should be put to death", or let it go because that is what you're advocating: Never forgive, never forget, don't even let them play CARDS for hell's sake, let alone find employment, I'm sure you'd take issue with that too, an ex-con making money to live on, how awful. They should be slowly starved to death, or maybe tortured to death, right edgelord M'Jawn?
I believe in rehabilitation. This man seems rehabilitated after his punishment AS SET FORTH BY THE VICTIM, and his later efforts, and believe that, yes, even an ex-convict should be allowed to play cards.
Yeesh, you far-right authoritarians are all the same. You know we abolished hanging and cutting off right hands, too, right? [+24]
So first he starts with some old-fashioned KiA racism (“This wasn’t some black kid, it was someone we care about—a white man!”), and then goes straight into full-on rape apologia. But remember: gaming culture doesn’t promote rape culture, apparently. Well, except when it does, like in this case.


They targeted gamers.
We're a group of people who will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and over all for nothing more than a little digital token saying we did.
We'll punish our selfs doing things others would consider torture, because we think it's fun.
We'll spend most if not all of our free time min maxing the stats of a fictional character all to draw out a single extra point of damage per second.
Many of us have made careers out of doing just these things: slogging through the grind, all day, the same quests over and over, hundreds of times to the point where we know evety little detail such that some have attained such gamer nirvana that they can literally play these games blindfolded.
Do these people have any idea how many controllers have been smashed, systems over heated, disks and carts destroyed 8n frustration? All to latter be referred to as bragging rights?
These people honestly think this is a battle they can win? They take our media? We're already building a new one without them. They take our devs? Gamers aren't shy about throwing their money else where, or even making the games our selves. They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us? We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds with a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a group that's already grown desensitized to their strategies and methods. Who enjoy the battle of attrition they've threatened us with. Who take it as a challange when they tell us we no longer matter. Our obsession with proving we can after being told we can't is so deeply ingrained from years of dealing with big brothers/sisters and friends laughing at how pathetic we used to be that proving you people wrong has become a very real need; a honed reflex.
Gamers are competative, hard core, by nature. We love a challange. The worst thing you did in all of this was to challange us. You're not special, you're not original, you're not the first; this is just another boss fight. [+388]
Yep, it’s a hate sub. There’s no getting past that issue, KiA is just the Reddit office for 8chan’s /gamergatehq/. Everything was born out of a misogynist movement built upon propaganda (they went nuts with creating their ideal woman mascot and then they immediately sexualized her because their penises are their diving rods) and lies. And the lies were spread by a spurned ex. All of which was ripe for the movement because they had already been hating women in the video game industry for years ever since Sarkeesian had the sheer audacity to speak up.
There is no argument here. Not only is Gamergate a hate movement, but KiA is a hate sub. And that’s just something they don’t get. There’s no arguing whether a sexist movement is sexist or not—it is sexist, point-in-fact. Your heroes realize this, which is why you don’t have anything but fringe support in the video game industry, and you’ve since replaced those heroes with neocons. “But we’re totally leftist!” Being barely left of Bill O’Reilly doesn’t make you a leftist.
So move the goal posts, write your point-by-point rebuttal, or whatever mental gymnastics you can come up with to justify your bigotry—you’re a hate sub. And like other bigots on this planet, you are too chicken-shit to fess up to being what you really are—scared little boys afraid of women and other minorities taking away your toys forcing you to come out of the fantasy world and into the real one.
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Most Players Against The Blackout Are from PC, & the Devs only listen to them

Isnt it odd that most of the criticism against the blackout happens to be from PC players? Why is that even significsnt you ask? Well the main problem is that the devs are simply out of touch with a majority of the community. Its well known that the PC population has experienced the most significant loss of players since launch. Over 3/4ths of the current playerbase is on consoles. So why is it that the devs havent watched a single console tournament? Why have they not invited even ONE console player? Why do they continue to cater to the same group of 12-15 players?
Plenty will argue about what happens behind the scenes. But before you do so, do you kind explaining why console patches routinely get submitted after pc patches even go live? If the devs refuse to balance the game differently, then the only cause for consistent delay is outright negligence. Why do the community moderators enable and encourage division in the community? They encourage blantant insults towards console players, they encourage blanket assumptions about the capabilities of console players and Id be willing to bet none of them even play console. How can they represent the community?
The reason we need this blackout is because of this preferential treatment towards PC streamers. Its because their desired changes are the only ones being read by the devs. And when you look at all of their suggestions, such as the one from baracedice, they all essentially tell console players to go fuck themselves. Console players are inferior according to them despite their skill not translating over to console (yet every console player i know that went to pc has near 100% parry rating). These are the personalities that the devs pay thousands to fly out to their studio. These are the individuals who are basically allowed to say damn near anything without any punishment (a few have called me the N word, made implications and references to slavery. Yet im the only one who was banned simply for reporting these for honor celebs).
This blackout is very much needed and I know im not the only one whos taken note of how blatantly console players and their vision for the game is ignored, downvoted and banned. You wont see this post since chances are the reddit has a bias, but the fact remains that a significant majority of players are on console. Yet their suggestions dont mean shit to the devs. Their vision doesnt mean shit to the devs. Their competition and hard work put into mastering the game with limitations doesnt mean shit to the devs. The fact that top tier console players have to study anims and play with hud off to parry lights. The assumptions of our skill level is outright disgusting considering how many pc streamers got completely embarassed on console. This post will never reach you but if it does, just remember that a blackout is the only way console opinions will ever be heard.
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[Table] IamA Professional Designated Driver AMA!

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Date: 2014-01-20
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So you are basically a taxi driver that hangs around bars? No sir, We are Licensed Chauffeurs. a team of drivers will be dispatched to your location and drive you home in your own car. We do no let people in our vehicles.
I assume your company has a couple people who drive the dd's to jobs? You would be correct (we call them "Runs")
Man, I'd hate to have a job where I got the runs all the time. I knew I should not have used that term here. I asked for it.
So they're Designated Designated Driver Drivers? That sounds weird when you put it like that.
Ahh, that's usually what I call "Two Dollar Taco Night" at the local Mexican restaurant. Nice!
You mentioned that you saw a lot of crazy things, including fights, naked woman, drug deals, sex, etc... Did that happen while you were driving the car? Tell us a little more about those odd situations! People frequently get busy in the back of the car... alcohol makes things interesting. I've been in the middle of drug deals that i had no clue were happening till they were over (hey can we stop at "XYZ" I need to stop and see a friend really quick to drop something off.) fights that have happened between friends in the car while driving because someone is being stupid drunk. Guys taking strippers home from the clubs. Girls just taking their clothes off for no reason for each other and for me. I've been invited inside on more than one occasion, but i am a married man... im sure some of the single guys have fun with the job. I've carried women into their homes and put them on the couch, Ive left guys in their car in the driveway cause they dont want to go inside and deal with their wives... Ive seen a lot.
I guess you could say... You've seen some shit. Tru Dat.
Where I live there's a similar service, but they ride little foldable scooters that they put in the customer's car. That way you don't need a chase car. Have you thought about doing it like that so you don't have to split the income across two people? We have, but the distances we cover and the time it would take to get from A to B would be too great. plus putting a scooter in a clients vette or Porsche really doesn't sound appealing.
plus putting a scooter in a clients vette or Porsche. It would fit. These things fold down to the size of a large gym bag. The only issue I would see in some places - they would be a bitch to ride in snow/ice conditions. Oh yeah.
winter. That too.
People have porsches in Detroit? Yeah, plenty. Oakland county is one of the richest county's in the US.
Old school money. Yes it is.
But it trickles down! Yes it does.
Are the people usually totally bombed, or just smart enough to know that they'd likely be over the limit if they got pulled over? Bingo, on the second. People make a choice to use our service. most of them set it up ahead of time and have everything to lose if they get a DUI/
You get to drive nice cars AND mess around in them? Where do I sign up? Upon occasion, I definitely dont make it a habit, Safety First! (Im pretty good at driving cars that move fast)
Of course safety is important, but if I find a stretch of road in my 95 Camaro I'm gonna floor it. Careful, you cant replace that beauty.
Does using your service work out cheaper of more expensive than taking a taxi to the party and a taxi back? It will 9 times out of ten be cheaper than going both ways in a cab, but what you have to understand is that cabs in the Detroit area are unreliable to the point where sometimes they never show up. we work on a schedule that our clients pick. we are always on time and the benefit of having your car in your drive way in the morning sells the service alone.. again this is Detroit, People love to drive there cars. Plus everything is so spread out here it is not uncommon for people to drive 30-40 minute to got to an event or the bar.
Cabs not showing or being late up is pretty common. Drives me crazy. I've almost been late to a few flights because if this. Its the worst.
What's the worst experience you've had while driving a client? Best? Worst... Lets go for sad. Had a guy call his wife and say he was going to be spending the night at the buddies house who was in the car with him, but when we got to that buddies house he said he was just going to have me take him home. I start heading towards his house and he says "were not going to my house, were going to the casino. (3am at this point) as were pulling into the parking garage at the casino hes peeling off the sticker on a new credit card and calling in to activate it. IDK why, but that really made me feel horrible. probably one of the worst rides ever, just on principle.
Depressing. Yeah, it really stuck with me.
You were almost killey twice on road? Any details? I was once hit by a Drunk driver on the way to pick some one up. she fled the scene and was picked up a few miles down the road. the other I was a split second from being hit head on by a car driving the wrong way on the freeway (just like you see in the freakin movies). it took me a few seconds to process what had happened, it just didn't make sense see a car coming right at you on a divided highway.
The first story is ironic. Just a little, but considering the times that we operate and the locations we service... it was only a matter of time.
I've been almost hit by an oncoming driver on the interstate as well. I had about a second to react cause I didn't know what was going on at first. The driver made a van, semi, and truck(me) get out of the way. So much adrenaline... Its like it doesnt register correctly in your brain for a second.
Did you still make it to the pickup on time? It was the last Run of the night and another driver was free
What's your weirdest story? I posted a odd one earlier. here's another: I've been driving this same dancer home every Friday for almost the past 6 months and its still the same thing every time. Shes coked out of her mind, still introduces herself to me like we've just met, passes out half way through only to awake and ask where she is. she also looks for her keys when we are close and i keep telling her they are in the ignition. Like freaking Groundhog Day. lol.
Do you ever feel pity for people like this? Try to help them? Advice etc? Yes, but everyone has there demons... Im helping her by getting her home in one piece and helping everyone by keeping her off the road. I try not to interfere in peoples lives.
Funny, super sad, but funny. Yuppers.
Any unusual 'tips' from customers? I got a huge can of peanuts last week, lol odd.
I would say thats nuts... Link to www.99980.net
That was a risky click. Sorry.
Have you drove any famous/important people? I have driven many local Celebrities home (sports, radio, tv). we keep that stuff pretty confidential (part of the service).
What is the typical economic situation of the people that you drive? I wouldn't imagine you just drive every ordinary Joe home. The demographic varies from the very affluent executives to the average sales person who cant risk getting a DUI. It really covers everyone. but most of them are 30 and up.
Any chance you've driven one of the Red Wings players at some point? I'd say there is a really good chance of that :)
While I understand the need for confidentiality, if I found out a celeb had gotten drunk and then called your service, it would raise my opinion of them instead of the other way around. Nothing wrong with having a good time once in a while, and I am glad they don't think they are above the law. Understandable.
I bet you drove Eminem to Chin Tiki at least once. That man has people who do that for him.
On a scale of 1 to 55: how Kronwalled was he? :)
How did you get into designated driving? It just started as a way to make some money for Christmas one year and then i was going to quit... I loved it so much I never did and its been a great 7yrs. I've made great friends, business connections and flat out just met a lot of cool people.
What advice would you give to the people starting out? Advice... hmmm... be reliable and focus on your clients needs. also depending on your state get good insurance and be properly licensed. other than that have fun, know the right things to say to clients and when to say them. Being able to read a room goes a long way.
I'll need to work on my social skills since i don't have any. I'm not normally a very social person, but I'm in my element when I do this job.
What happens after you drive them home? We have a chase car that follows me and they pick me up and we go to our next pick up.. we work in two man teams.
Wait so the single men that "make the most of the service" just tell the chase car to just wait? Im not following your question.
You said you've had invitations to come inside with women, but you're married so you don't. If you were single and did decide to go inside, the chase car would just have to wait for you? Yeah they probably would :)
If the driver goes in to bone the customer does the chase car driver just wait or is it a 2 for 1 special? I'm hoping this does not take place... and I have never heard of it happening.
Is there a lot of vomit in your job? Sometimes, thank god its in there own car and i don't have to deal with it... but the smell, lets just say i can tell what they drank all night.
I really hate to do this but here it goes: their* Yeah I know I'm all over the map tonight, rapid firing answers out as quick as they come. trying to keep good with my there, They're and Theirs. sorry
What is your craziest story as a designated driver? Had two guys and a girl get to the car, the one guy handed me the keys and said "be careful its my wifes car" not even five minutes later they got this girl in "Finger Cuffs" Link to www.urbandictionary.com
If I come over to a hockey game, will you drive me back to windsor? Some of our drivers have their enhanced licenses and are able to do that. I'm sure something could be arranged.
What was the weirdest experience you've had when driving someone home? Weirdest... Thats hard... I had a wedding I picked up from and a girl got in the car with this long dress as we took off I heard her scream in pain really loud. I stopped immediately but no one else in the car with her could understand what she started screaming about. She was doubled over in pain and not talking for like two or three minutes. she finally relaxes and catches her breath and she explained that the belt from her dress was gone. Well what had happened is it was so long that it came untied and it got closed in the car door when she got in and got caught under the tire while we drove away and ripped it right off of her. Shes lucky it came untied or she would have gotten really messed up.
Very lucky. Link to en.wikipedia.org. Wow, apparently.
Paper or plastic? Paper for sure...
Do you have any funny stories about really drunk people? Most are funny. the funny drunks always want to know who's following us and where there car is even though we are in it.
Drunk to the point where they're trying to prove they're not drunk because they're not going to forget where the car is! Ohhh. they forget where they park all the time.
How much money do you make a year from this? We are a for profit company... It pays well enough. and it is a great supplemental income for those who are looking for a part time job on the weekends. This is a service based industry so tips really help.
Do you split your tip with the chase guy? Great question. Yes. that is why we pretty much hire husband and wives, brothers, or people who live in the same household... it kind of helps get rid of the bullshit.
But did you split the can of peanuts? Nope. the peanuts are mine.
How many times have you had a gun pulled on you? Never. we are not a cab service. We secure every run with a credit card and our clientele are most of the time pretty well off. (I do carry a FNS-9)
Wow, never, Detroit must be getting better than I remember it. We service all of greater Detroit. basically most of South Eastern Michigan. Yes Detroit has recovered greatly in the past 6 years... We have Dan Gilbert and others to thank for that. Link to en.wikipedia.org)
How does the company feel about the FN? I feel fine about it. I'm the only Driver that has a CPL.
Dan Gilbert? Huh. That letter he foolishly wrote when Lebron left totally made me lose any respect for the guy. Good to know he's doing good work somewhere. The guy will save Detroit.
What's the ratio of automatic/manual transmissions? You can probably deliver a better answer than most. Also, what are you driving yourself? 98% automatics these days, even the sports cars. most of the Manuals tend to be VW's. for the business we drive a Honda Civic. as for toys... well look at my username and i think you can figure it out. :)
87 buick regal? :3 mmm. Turbo Regal.
What's the longest distance you've had to drive someone home? Like, Detroit to Ann Arbor? Ever have to go into Windsor? Grand Rapids back to Detroit. we've also done a few ann arbor to the East side of town to. We will go where ever our clients need us. Very seldom into Windsor.
What do you think of the the British company that drives to you in a collapsable scooter and drives you home in your own car? I saw it on Top Gear UK and wondered why the heck we don't have something so cool and so downright sensible here in America. There are companies that do that here in the US. We looked into it, but with the weather and the average distances we cover it just would not work for us.
How often do people have you stop for food or smokes and such? All the Time. Taco Bell is our #1 request. most people want to stop and get booze too, but never realize you cant buy after 2am.
Your chase car should carry booze $$ No... It shouldn't, lol.
Whats the Hardest car you've had to drive? I have a client that has a Maserati.., its an aromatic, but drives like a stick... it was very odd driving it. drive wouldn't engage with out being at a certain rpm.
That stinks. Im told it was based on a formula 1 race car.
That's like how my Focus drives right now! Really? by design?
You were driving a maserati with a F1 gearbox my buddy has one and yes they are very tricky to drive for an "automatic" car. It was the oddest thing backing out of the parking lot... I looked down three times to see if i was in gear and then once to see if there was a clutch.
Want to go have a drink? Lol, I do still drink, just not on the days I work. Gin and Tonic please.
Have you ever caused an accident or even scratched a client's car? Who pays for that? Hit a Deer Once... it was a non issue. I forget what its called, but it has something to do with "no fault"
Also he'd be a dick for suing you for it. Deer damage, maybe a grand. Deer damage AND A DUI a lot more than a grand. Deer is covered like an act of god, it is not preventable.
How often do you have people run off without paying and do you chase them if that happens? Never. we take a credit card before pick ups.
I imagine there is really no point in running off, since it's their own car. True.
About what percentage of your clients (that you know of) have had a previous DUI? I would guess about 20%
How many drivers do you have? How much are you guys making a year? Number of drivers varies by the season. normally from 5-10 a night. They make enough to keep doing it. (its a good Supplemental income)
I seen the response about taking the guy to the casino instead of home. Has there every been a time you have refused to take a client where they wanted to go, and instead taken them straight home? (assuming you know where they live since you have their credit card details) In seven years I have only bailed on one client. It was a woman and she was horrible. Insulting, loud, belligerent and just a bad drunk. I stopped at a gas station apologized, took the keys out of the ignition and took them inside to the gas station attendant and told him that she was drunk and should not drive and told her to call someone to come drive her and if she attempted to drive home I would call the police. (it was that bad, I can deal with a lot, but this woman got to me.)
Man, did you at least give the gas station clerk a tip or something? That'd suck having a random belligerent drunk dropped on you in the middle of your shitty minimum wage graveyard job. Yeah, no... I could have handled that better looking back on it... I just wanted out of that car and away from that woman.
I did not know this was a service that existed! That's really cool. Definitely sounds like a unique job. I've never been paid to DD but I've done it for my friends out of the goodness of my heart...always interesting. Do you ever get repeat clients? We have a huge repeat client base. many of the people we service have standing appointments on the weekends. (bar owners, dancers, bartenders)
How annoying do you find drunk people? People always ask me that... I dont find them annoying at all. Probably why i can do this.
If you don't mind me asking, how much do you get paid? It really varies, from week to week and the tips that are made. Its worth it. (about the best I can say without saying, sorry)
Has anyone ever given you the wrong address? Not deliberately, but forgot where they lived? Yes... it gets interesting out there sometimes.
How does it work if you or one of your driver gets pulled over and the cops find illegal drugs in the car you are driving? Has that ever happened to one of your drivers? If so, what were the outcomes? Open booze is on us, drugs are a possession thing.
Do you ever get harrassed by the drunks? Very seldom, most people get why im there even when they are drunk slobs.
What were the situations where you almost got killed? I was hit by a drunk driver and totaled my car, the other I was almost hit head on by a car going the wrong way on a divided freeway.
So do you have a scooter to take you on site that you can pack in their trunk? Like they did on that show top gear I think it was... No, we use real cars as chase vehicles. drivers work in teams of two.
Are you Mormon, or Muslim? (both forbid drinking) Neither and I do drink, just not when I work.
Ranjeet? Huh?
Dang, in college I would drive people to the Mexican restaurant to get hammered on margaritas and in Exchange they'd buy my dinner. Now I feel like I was selling myself short. You were indeed padawan.
Whats the nicest car you've driven while working. I honestly get to drive a lot of nice cars. My very favorite just from a driving experience has to be The Audi A8. I also have clients that have Porsche Panamera's, Bently's, Astom Martins, Maserati's
A lot of men now envy you good sir, I am one of those men. IreallywantthisjobsoIcandrivetheaudi Got another client who has an A7 and he insists I mash on it at a light. Love that guy.
For 2 years I worked for a company in Arizona called DD 24/7. I had a guy who owned an e63 amg. He insisted that I race my co driver in his sti on the freeways. That was my best client and always gave us %100 gratuity! I hear you.
He was a strange dude. From what I remember he used his own service most nights. The fact that he skipped town doesn't surprise me. I seemed to always get his "friends" as clients who never paid or tipped, and Jonathan would never follow through on reimbursing me. Bingo.
I work roadside assistance in Detroit and have many interesting stories also. Just last night I went to change a tire at the Manoogian mansion. Stay safe out there man! Thanks man. tell the Mayor i said Hi.
There is a bar right down the road from my house. They are a big place that caters a lot to the college aged kids, lots of live music and cheap drinks. They have one of the schools old "short" bus. They will take you home with-in a 25 mile radius, for FREE!!! They're doing the right thing, good for them... you cant drink in their bar again if your locked up or dead... Their protecting their customer base. Smart.
You sir have the perfect story for the sequel to Drive. Yes, but I dont plan on killing anyone :)
Ah, but the story! Or anti-hero can't escape the drive so he's found a little more suitable life style taxiing legitimate and 'law abiding' patrons. Only deals in cash. It's got some potential. We can work on it.
Tell us the crazy drunk girl story we all know you have! Picture a lot of Boobs.
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[Table] IAmA: I was a personal assistant to a Hollywood actress AMAA

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Were her children ever forced into Scientology? Did they weird you out? Were you working with her when she was under the guidance of Stanley Kubrick? Did you meet him? To my knowledge her children werent forced into Scientology, there is nothing Scientology when I worked for her.
Thanks for your replies. Can I follow up with; Dog or Cat person? And can you not reply to. Was she threatened by more attractive actresses like Natalie Portman? Because her attractiveness is a clue? Sorry I can't answer that.
Because you like dogs and cats equally??? My bad, I like both but I prefer cats more.
You can say who it wasn't. You just can't say anything about what you did for a certain person. There is no reason you can't say "no it wasn't soandso" There's only so many people...
There's only so many actresses in Hollywood? That's true.
Is there a 'network' of personal assistants that get together and bitch about their celebrity bosses? What do you make of it when personal assistant's become semi-famous in their own right? (I feel bad for knowing Cacee Cobb was Jessica Simpson's assistant) Can you give us one juicy tale about someone who wasn't your boss? You don't know how badly I wanted spill all the juicy dirty secrets but I can't that's why celebrities make their personal assistants sign NDA as a celebrity you have to If personal assistants make themselves famous all the more power to them that's awesome.
Sheesh! You are much more disciplined with your secrecy than I'm sure I'd be. Such an interesting gig. One last general question: have you ever seen evidence of manufactured "storylines" in the personal lives of celebs? (fake fights, fake romances, etc). Would you say this kind of PR exercise is a widespread practice? Would people be surprised to find out what really goes on? Sorry I can't delve into that I'm really sorry.
How often did they send you on cocaine runs? Fortunately the one I worked for was a responsible parent and did not do that.
But boy have I seen stuff it's ridiculous...
But boy have I seen stuff it's ridiculous... I've been to parties where the pile of cocaine was a foot to a foot and a half high miniature pyramids its fucking ridiculous, just piles of Coke I've never seen my boss partake in the snorting of Coke.
This seems fairly unbelievable. Truth is stranger than fiction you see a lot of people wasting their money on a lot of dumb shit all the time.
Google: Rich kids of Instagram.
And you'll see what I'm talking about...
Wow, I wish I was at them parties. They were cray cray
That's just...wow. Yeah.
I suddenly feel not-so-spoiled...relatively, at least. Yes.
It doesn't seem that bad... Sometimes I wish I can live like that and not have to worry about keeping a roof over my head.
It's a far cry from a foot and a half pile of cocaine though, wouldn't you agree? I consider a foot and a half to be two Pringles cans stacked on top of one another in other words two Pringle cans high.
How did you get the job? Do you have any long term goals in the industry? Pure luck there was a job posting and I applied to through my school I have no long-term goals in the entertainment industry.
Though I sometimes work as a background extra from time to time.
Thanks for the response! How do you get work as a background extra? Very easy sign-up witb central casting and extras management.
Did you get a christmas bonus? Was it good? No unfortunately the turnover of a personal assistant is really high. I stayed on for a glorious three months before the holidays :(
Did you quit or were you fired? Sorry if this is personal, just curious why the turnover rate is so high. I was fired the turnover is pretty equal when it comes to quitting and/or firing.
Why were you fired? I returned from running an errand for her and when I arrived at her house she was arguing on the phone with somebody regarding a script.
After she got off the phone she took out her anger on me and made it seem like I took a long time for me to run the errand.
After she chewed me out I was upset and kind of angery at myself for making those slave bitch jokes because it's not fun after that happens to you IRL.
I didn't say anything and I let it slide for the most part I did not want to lose my job the next day she told me this isn't going to work out and she terminated me.
What's more fucked up is that this bitch fought me on my EDD claim and I can't collect unemployment now while I'm starving she sits on a bucket of money.
I have to save what little money I have for gas and my student loans my expenses are too high to collect food stamps.
I sent an appeal for EDD I will eventually get my unemployment because she is too busy to go into unemployment court to fight it.
What got you fired? See reply to 2012ctsv.
Why were you fired? See response to 2012ctsv.
Wow this makes me angry, I wish I knew who you worked for so that I could boycott her movies. Not that it'd lessen her cash pile or anything, but it'd give me personal satisfaction. :(
You're very loyal and protective of her privacy considering the way she treated you. I have to be, I signed an NDA. I'll get into serious trouble if I break it.
Well, even though you have it hard right now I'd say you are better off with this person out of your life. You have an interesting experience to look back on too. It was a very interesting experience and is something I always wanted to do and I'm glad I that I at least got to try it out.
Not necessarily...but its generally not worth the risk. Yeah it's definitely not worth the risk.
You already broke it by doing this AMA. You're not some shining beacon of morale. I never said that. I am far cry from a shining beacon of morale :)
Just because you may not receive any consequences for a dishonest act does not mean what you did is okay. I never said that what I did (am doing) is okay either.
For an errand girl? And you consider that "okay" pay? Sorry, but thats .. With $50,000 in student debt and my expenses running 2000 a month it's okay pay with the economy the way it is you take what you can get and put up with a lot of shit for it too.
Your expenses don't figure into the money you are receiving for the job you are doing. Nobody cares about what degree you have as long as you can get the job done. Depends on where you live, there are some places that are really expensive to live This job required a college degree, that's what she wanted. 38 is just barely enough to get by but the economy sucks You take what you can get Making less than that you need a roommate there's no way you can make it.
I mean, thats three times minimum wage. Thats really not bad money. College grad working in college grad requiring job should be getting more, but 36k/year is plenty for a random errand runner requiring no education. College grads from my school make around 50 K a year 100 K if they go in to investment banking, 60 to 80k to a tech/engineering job
Have you thought about moving to a cheaper state? I work so hard to leave the state where I grew up and I'm at where I want to be now I know it's a struggle but I'll fight.
Were you paid well? Were you berated when you screwed up? I was paid okay and enough to get by but it wasn't glorious my boss was kind of cheap.
Yes I was. The first two months were cool and then after that she turned into an evil bitch.
What evil bitch things did she do? I used to joke with my friends about being someone's slave that I was a bitch to someone I was essentially a bitches bitch.
I used to joke that I was a slave and I would pretend I was on Spartacus I'll go to work everyday pretending I was a slave on Spartacus and I was in that mindset as role-playing for me minus all the rape.
I would often go to work an hour early because I wanted to be a good worker sometimes I would sit in my car before I start work and she would knock on my window and have me start errands anyways not caring for my personal time ignoring the fact that I am sitting inside of my car on my phone.
Take out her bad days on me and yell at me which is complete bullshit but you know the economy is bad you need to keep a job.
You should have baked that bitch some "special" brownies. It sounds like she needed them. There's only so much a slave could do :/
Were her kids really bratty and demanding of you? So in addition to being her slave, were you the childrens slave too? No her kids are very decent and nice to me they enjoyed playing with me. They never asked much from me except for helping them play which I happily did. Despite being the biggest cunt in the world she is a good mother.
Hahahaha, you seem to get more hostile as this AMA goes on. Maybe it's NOT a waste to keep reading. I expect you to be plotting her demise by the end of this. Lmao.
Except she didn't have any kids.
I always see younger Hollywood actresses showing up to one event or another to smile, look pretty and get photographed. It could be to a movie premiere, a new sneaker line or cell phone, something like that. Are they pushed by their agents to just "get out there" to maintain a higher profile or are they usually paid to appear? It's one of all three.
You have a profile to maintain you need to keep food on the table so you do you go to those events even though if you don't feel like it it's a job you do what you have to do.
It's mainly managers that get the public events and PR reps less the agents.
Sometimes they get paid to make appearances.
Understandable on profile and how it's your job, but I'm sure whoever it was is more than capable of putting food on the table if they don't show up and take some photos. In any industry especially the Hollywood industry it's extremely important to stay relevant.
You need to keep food on the table. Are you fuckin kidding me? Its more like you need to keep the Yacht Club Membership active and the Rolls-Royce gased up! Well you know she has kids she needs to provide for and everyone needs to make a living somehow.
Yeah but saying "you need to keep food on the table" makes it seem like she's dead broke and is eating paycheck to paycheck. Regardless of one's lifestyle I fully support ones trying to support their family regardless of what it is or how much it brings in.
Whether it be very rich or very poor.
Yes she needs to make a living, but she can live with 1 quarter of what she makes... me and you work for keep food on the table, she doesnt do shit. Ask me how I really feel about celebrities? How do you really feel about celebrities?
Was the actress an A-lister? Or lesser celebrity? - What is the weirdest thing she ever had you do/weirdest errand she ever had you run? I can't answer the first question, providing any clues is a big no no. What I can say is this, she is a mother and she's a woman.
Weirdness I would have to say going to the bank and making a deposit onto her account as long as you have the money and the number, banks don't fucking care it's kind of scary.
I would babysit her kids during my lunch break which is kind of fucked up but I like it so it it wasn't really a big issue for me.
Nothing out of the ordinary much mainly it's I'm too fucking lazy to do this do this for me okay, going out in public to do stuff is a different story though
That is scary. Just the thought of someone depositing money into my account gives me the shiv... wait a minute!
Can you explain this? I still don't get it :/
The bank thing is pretty standard everywhere. They figure deposits have a pretty low threat of fraud - withdrawals on the other hand... Yeah that makes sense.
Adding money to an account is not a risk to the account holder. Makes sense. When I add money to my account at the credit union they always ask for ID :/
Meh, fuck it I rather show my ID than to fill out those fucking deposit slips.
If you take money out at the same time you're making the deposit(which I usually do), then they would ask for ID. Ah. Noted.
What was the best part of your job? One of the very few times my boss fed me bitch made me pack my own lunch She would eat her dinner in front of me and I had no break for dinner sometimes I work really long days but I was only given one meal break She fed me dinner like four times frankly not enough but I really enjoyed getting fed.
Punctuates like dog, enjoys food like dog...is this dog? No -_-...
Since when do dogs prefer cats over other dogs?
I really enjoyed getting fed. I bet you did... I love food and nourishment It's so simple and fulfilling
how many fucking employers "feed" their employees- not many. get a grip. Read my comment about putting in 14 hr work days with no second meal break and having to be there when she's eating dinner.
"Wahhh my boss didnt give me a lunch today /gquit. Shits not fun to watch especially on an empty stomach.
Wooosh. Lol.
How come you can't reveal to the general reddit public who it is due to an NDA, but you're allowed to break the NDA by confirming with a mod? Did you reveal to the mods who the actress was or did you use some other means? With the mods its different there's a trust in the Reddit community that the mods are not going to send this over to TMZ But this is a public forum and anyone from the Internet can read it possibly my ex-boss also.
I understand that (although you should realize they're human, and a bad apple could arise) but you're not supposed to break an NDA under any circumstance. True but they won't find out I made a reddit about this if I don't tell anyone, only the mods know.
I trust that the mods will not rat me out.
Right, if you're the only person who doesn't tell anyone about this AMA on a site that is viewed by millions of people. Just make sure you're being vague because I'm pretty sure even if you didn't reveal her name, it would still be breaking the NDA. Technically yes.
Was she always on crazy diets? How much effort/money does it take to maintain a celebrities figure and appearance? She always made it a point to work out every day and she always emphasized that she only shops at whole foods and when things get desperate she'll settle for Trader Joe's.
I desperate I mean in a time crunch.
Did she actually ever shop for herself? Or did you do all the shopping? Yes, I did the majority of the shopping. She never left the house unless she absolutely had to. Her own home was her prison and she could never leave.
I've actually always wanted to be a personal assistant to someone really important, I just thought it would be fun to remind them about their appointments, keep their calendar, etc have them rely on me. But nothing is ever how you imagine it will be. Sounds like hell actually. The whole experience entirely depends on who your boss is.
Does she feel the fame is worth this? I suppose it must come down to why she does what she does. Does she just love acting and can't consider doing anything else. Did she just take a natural ability and decide to become famous without realising what it really cost? She gets paid the big bucks and needs to win the bread at the end of the day.
Also, DYK if her attitute towards fans coming up to her the standard for all actors? I don't know I talked to actors outside of my profession like when I did background work and they were really nice to me I guess it's a personal thing I've seen all types.
Did you ever see yourself in paparazzi photos like tmz.com or anything? There's only so many paparazzi photos and I want to keep my identity secret
Do they really arrange for the papparrazi to film them and act all surprised?? Im convinced some of them notify the papparrazi of where they're going to be so their picture can be taken. In the vague sense yes this does happen ...often
Wow! I would have never expected that considering how much it seems celebrities dislike the paparazzi. Would SHE call them to alert, or was that more the PR people doing it for her. I can't comment on what she does specifically but celebrities in general do that and it's through their PR people and agencies.
Is the public opinion of this person that she is a nice person? Not trying to get details but I guess what I'm asking is, did she act like, or treat you, different when the two of you were alone or in her private residence, vs. out in public? In general people act differently in a private setting especially when they think they can get away with it look at domestic violence.
In a way working for her was like domestic violence I was dependent on her for making a living and she took advantage of my dependency on her because of that.
Wait, wait, wait. YOU were a stalker? Can you elaborate? If you go on my profile I did and an AMA back in March.
I remember that thread... Not to stray from the topic, but is that still an issue that haunts your thoughts or is it well behind you? No, sadly it still haugnts me : / Still looking for a replacement, the way the ex ended things didn't exactly help. I still think about him and miss him way more than my ex, and I actually had a relationship with my ex. I think about him constantly still. Now my priority is to get another job after things have settled perhaps I can find a Mormon twin with similar physical traits, blonde , 6'4" with blue eyes. I know that he will never be a reality but at least I can find someone similar kinda and I won't be alone without a family. As I said before, better mourn him with a husband and kids than without. I still desperately live him still, the same as I did the instant I met him. We haven't spoke in years. He's in another state now.
You sound NUTS. We all have our demons I suppose shrugs
Were you starstruck when you first met the actress? How does a regular jane get a job as a personal assistant to a hollywood actress? Did you get to meet other actresses/actors? are you allowed to talk about them? if so, dish some of the good stuff! I wasn't, no. I got mine through a job posting through my school but you can get them through a personal assistant agency and oddly enough craigslist Sorry I can't answer this last one.
Yet a few comments ago you were saying how she had to do what she had to do because she has a family to support and food to keep on the table, and now she's some mean bitch who is starving you. Also, why should she have to keep you on if she doesn't feel it's working out? That's the nature of the beast you're at their every whim.
She's an evil bitch because she fought against my unemployment claim and I needed the money from unemployment to put food on my table at the very least I have something to eat and get by as I'm in between jobs.
She was nice at first but eventually changed I couldn't control that and she's at no obligation to keep me.
The thing that pisses me off is that I can't eat when I'm hungry and she at the very least let me get my unemployment because I didn't quit and I did everything I could as a personal assistant, I did everything she asked of me.
Who's your least favorite actress in Hollywood? Lol.
Enlightenment. Oh! Lmao, that's a good song! I like it, better than scream and shout by will.i.am featuring Britney Spears.
It's a celebrity with 1+ kids and a mother. There does not seem to be a man in the picture. So, a single mother with a mother and at least 2 kids. Who is it? Denise Richards? I can not say who it is.
Whats the weirdest thing you've been asked to do? Do you have a set routine with the celeb you work for or are you just at their beck and call? Pretty much at their beck and call there is kind of a set routine but it's very loose because things change day by day.
How much did you make? Any crazy sex stories? I made 38k a year. -_-... No comment.
No comment. If you know what I mean.. Oh dear.
Does the NDA expire? If so, when? It doesn't expire I don't think there is an expiration date.
So you say. Sad girl is always sad. Many of us don't get meal breaks, we learn to eat on the fly. Why do you have the special ability to experience this so acutely? Eat on the fly you say? That's hardly appropriate when you have work to do, a ton of work to do. Designated eating area is on the other side of the house, can't leave, work must be done.
She probably didn't fight your unemployment. She probably knows nothing about your claims. People, of great income, hand notices like that to their lawyers to handle and don't even think about it. Trust. I never said I was proud. If she didn't know then she knows now, we have a hearing with the judge.
Have you ever assisted any other celebrities? Is this person really high up in Hollywood and were you surprised at how big of a bitch she was or did you know what you were getting into? I knew what I was getting into. Needed the money and having the gig is pretty exciting. Sorry I can't elaborate much more than that.
Other than being a good mother what redeeming quality would you say about your employer? Also i hope your unemployment works out :( Not much else. She does treat her mother well. Aside from that, I only observed her as a peon. She's not the nicest to this peon : /
How exactly does one become celebrity assistant? I got mine through school but you can also work through personal assistant agencies and craigslist.
So is this common for students? Or do the people hired range in experience and age? And did you experience any other celebrities and how they treated their assistants? Thanks for taking the time to reply to us btw. Its my pleasure.
It really depends on the employer, some prefer experience but if you just get your foot in the door it's easy to rise up in the ranks so to speak.
No, I don't think it's particular common job for students it is a very niche job.
I've worked in the Hollywood industry before so I was already familiar with how they treated their assistants and it was something I always was curious about.
So is it fair to say the treatment from most celebrities isn't exactly pleasurable? They're just like people you have nice guys and not so pleasant folks : /
"Like" people, but not actually people. They are people too, they bleed blood just like us.
Do you know if she has acquired another assistant? Turnovers very high one goes one comes I'm pretty sure she has a replacement by now.
Close to the holidays Christmas shopping for the kids for sure yes.
How long is your NDA for? They usually have a year they run out correct? Mine is different, it didn't have a date as to when it would "expire"
Is it Julia Roberts? I cannot say who it is.
Wait, so then what did you not understand? The part where the guy was talking about a shiv.
Ohhh, no. Not a shiv, the shivers. Like that would be so awful it gives me the shivers! But then he cut off because, no it wouldn't be awful. Oooohhh okay, that makes sense.
Does said actress act or is considered a sweetheart to the general public but is a total thunder cunt behind closed doors? Sorry I can't comment in this :/
Is she considered nice at all? Originally at first yes. Towards the end she had her moments -_-...
How long ago did you get fired? October.
Did you have to work for her husband? Or did you just run errands for her. I did errands for both
Ok so said actress is. Married. Hot. Has more than one child who is pretty young. Probably gets regular movie roles. Famous enough that my mum would probably know who she is, so she's more than likely uber famous. Either it's Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon or maybe even JLO. Is it not either of them? I can not say.
Are you an idiot? No, I am not an idiot.
dead broke. So you're saying that people who are broke are literally dead? It's a figure of speech, it's not literal. Right. Only thier wallets have died.
Then why would you deposit it in the first placE? To add to the money pot...
You are still crazy and deluded. That isn't going to hide itself for very long. Kudos to your employer for picking up on it and protecting herself. That isn't why she fired me, you may think so but it's not Protecting herself from what?
I imagine your personal problems slipped out, since you are not very good at hiding them (in fact, you are proud of them in your stalker post.) As you say, your employer is a good mother. She wouldn't want crazy near her kids. Many days I would put in 14 hours with one meal break I don't think that's fair.
If you want to get out of your NDA you can go get a lawyer to look at it. Depending on how cheap the person was, they could have gotten a template NDA off the Internet that wouldn't hold up for your situation. A consultation is usually free. Even though the consultation is free I doubt the lawyer would actually do that for free.
Given who she is and the nature of the profession an NDA is very reasonable.
Having read her "I was a stalker" AMA... this chick is seriously unbalanced. I feel sorry for the lady that fired her. She's close to dangerous, if not actually dangerous! I'm not dangerous The lady is fine she has her money and her family she's fine I'm not saying who she actually is and keeping her privacy safe (I have to) In the world of personal assistants they come and go sometimes I've seen personal assistants get treated like accessories what's in one season is out the next, gay man, a cute girl Asians it comes and goes yes I've seen this.
Since we're seen in public with them to parties excorting them we're seen in the public eye to know where basically I'm just the purse really an accessory that also do stuff like your cell phone that's what I am to her.
Which is completely fine that's her prerogative that's what I signed up for.
That's what life is as a personal assistant you are not a person you are a smart phone.
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[Table] IAmA: I'm performing on the Grammy's tonight. Anybody care to AMA?

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Does anyone pre-record their performances at the Grammys? Or perhaps enhance the performance with recordings or electronic aids? Is it a big deal among musicians to do so? Are there famous artists who get nervous about a live performance before people who may not be fans? On the other hand, are there artists who just thrive on performing live? Yes, but I can't name names. We never do on principal. I can say at country awards shows it's usually about 2/3rds pre-tracked except for lead vocals. It's much less in the rock world. I've heard only 3 bands are using tracks tonight.
Last time we had a show with usher he had tons of laptops running. 3 keyboard players onstage and not even one of them even bothered to mime playing that 2 note intro.
Electronic aids is pretty vague. There are plenty of drum machines playing click tracks in our ears...ear monitors could be considered electronic aid.
There's definitely a machismo to playing live as opposed to doing the milli-vanilli. But pre-recording means you get paid twice...for the performance and the recording, so they kinda win that way.
Dave matthews came offstage at an award show and his response when we complimented him was (approximate quote) "I almost shat my pants I was so scared". We thought somebody with his experience still being that moved by it was awesome.
Miranda is definitely one who thrives on the performance. sometimes you have to reassure the producers that it will pick up for the real show. I feel that for sure. The stakes get high and I get lost in the fun of the moment. I liken it to mountain biking. It forces you to be as focused on the moment as you are capable of. Seeing Pink doing pushups and jumping around like a badass just before she hit the stage at iHeartRadio was awesome to see. However you feel about a star's music sometimes you can't deny the energy and entertainment they provide live.
"I almost shat my pants I was so scared" He scares easily. I heard he got scared crossing the Chicago river a few years back. It landed on a boat full of tourists passing under neath. We often get lectured on being careful because we represent Miranda's name...but it truly is funny how much people exaggerate when celebrities have messups. I have a little inside info on that one: The driver for one of the crew busses, probably full of technicians that never even interact with dave, decided to dump his toilet illegally...it smells awful when they get full and sometimes the drivers are too lazy to find a truck stop to empty the shitter properly. Years ago I stepped in a stream of pee from Miranda's bus when her driver dumped on the desert roadside right when I was walking up barefoot to check on another crew member...pee mud, ugh. I boiled my foot. Anyways, going over a river on a grated bridge seems like a sneaky place to dump without getting caught. But the decision had nothing to do with Dave himself...I'm sure he was asleep on another bus miles in front or on a jet. And I'm sure that driver was a good man who got fired over a careless decision. Still, it makes fun enough headline that people latch on to and don't care about details.
Just a wee bit of proof is all we ask, and then I promise the questions will come flooding in. Everything I've heard about Frank Ocean paints him as one of the nicest people on the planet. His dressing room isn't far from ours, maybe I'll try for a fiver. Last time I saw the bieb's he was flanked by 4 bodyguards who tensed up when we said hi. It's fun being an unknown backstage because the celebrities always say hi back in case you might be somebody they should know.
Preemptively, will you please kick Justin Bieber in the balls for me? Oh and give Frank Ocean a high-five. Edited for proof.
Who are you. Chris Kline.
What are you performing? I don't think I'm allowed to reveal the song but it's a Miranda Lambert hit.
What's your opinion on the nominations. I don't really follow award shows, but I heard some people grumbling about album of the year snubs.
What's your opinion on the current state of music and the music industry? It seems like rock is going through an 80's sounding phase but with more modern and tasteful production. Keyboards are suddenly cool again. #1 songs may not have an acoustic instrument but they are far from say AHA. I don't really follow pop though.
Vertexguy?! Nope...I think of him as the "more famous musician/programmer named Chris Kline". I had never heard of him till I won bioshock years ago... imagine my surprise when his/my name came up in the credits!
It didn't take much time on YouTube to see he knows his way around a guitar neck more than I do!
Being a country fan I was pissed Chief wasn't even nominated... It was released summer of 2011! It wasn't eligible for anything "of the year 2012"...
Ooooh I love Miranda Lambert! Saw her in concert once, wonder if you were there too… She is awesome live! I you saw her in the last 7 years, then yes, I was probably there!
How do you feel about the current state of country and western? Has becoming more mainstream been good or bad for it? It seems to be going through a hair-metalish phase. A lotta drop D loaded with distortion. Country is more rock than it's ever been. It's growing in popularity and I think that's a good thing. Good music will always be made, what sells or gets radio play in a given year is not directly related. I'm a fan of more songwriterish stuff.
Sounds like my kinda music. I gotta listen to you more often. You're the Chris Kline of "The Bionic Jam", right? No, the Chris Kline of Bioshock fame is not me but I've been meaning to invite him out to a show. I've seen him on youtube and he is a shredding guitar player. As a CS majomusician he gives me a nerd boner. Also I loved bioshock.
He's definitely the most famous Chris Kline unless you count Chris Klein of American Pie fame (I've gotten so many funny emails meant for him). But there are literally hundreds of us on facebook last I checked.
Maybe you two could start a band and really confused a whole bunch of people :) It's one of those John Smith kind of names... hundreds on Facebook. There's another Chris Kline I know of who is a drummer. We grew up in the same city, went to the same college, have the same middle initial... We easily spent 2 decades in the same city and somehow never met. But I thought it would be cool to track down all the CK musicians and make an album. Of course, people would just think it's a Hunter Hayes kind of thing.
If country is getting more metal, then pop is getting more folk. Funny how that goes... I just saw this comment ...that's a great way to simplify it!
Have a good time at the Grammys, and let us know if you see anything gossip-worthy! I saw plenty of funny things happen and I love to tell stories, but as a high-school nerd the word "gossip" makes me think of degrading somebody for entertainment and I'm really not into that. As far as fun little details involving celebs: Kelly Clarkson was still going on about getting stuck on Miranda when she made her way back to the dressing rooms just after her grammy. Miranda later said Kelly was not the first or last person to get stuck on her dress...it was an accident waiting to happen with every hug and many a faux diamond was lost.
Hey, to be fair, Google's Suggest feature suggests your name as first result, and that's generally a good indication of fame. Link to imgur.com
Hmm, maybe if I insist on the spelling...and I think that re-ordering is recent, but i'll take it as a good thing!
I swear, it wasn't doing that four days ago! It's all about incognito mode if you want unbiased results, and it still might use your IP region. The kind of tailor made results and advertising that goes on with your average google search is a little creepy.
How does it feel? Is it your biggest gig yet? How is the dynamics in the band during the show? Any room for improvisation - not so much melody/chords I would imagine but perhaps phrasing? We did the grammy's a couple of years ago so not crazy jitters...but we were a little shaky at rehearsals so there is a little danger factor.
No...playing a sold out wrigley field with paisley felt biggemore significant.
We are combining 2 bands for a medley,,,lots of musicians onstage who haven't jammed together much playing through quickly built ear mixes.. it's a bit like walking a tightrope together but we try to relax and remember to have fun.
I'm playing B3 on a song with no B3 so im completely improvising...I've been changing up some inversions on the fly...just feeling it out. I'm not the sort of musician who knows exactly what I'm going to play but there's not too much wiggle room when just padding some big chords.
Will your grammy watch the grammys in her pajammies? That is entirely likely.
Can you punch Chris Brown in the nuts for me? That would be very cathartic for the sane people in America.
Who are you? A musician. A redditor. Chris Kline. You've never heard of me.
Can you take a picture of Katy Perry's boobs while you're there? We have vast amounts of Karma to share and no one to give it too. Dat dress... i hope it's not too sexist to recount my most special 53rd grammy rehearsal experience. We sat out in the empty audience seats while the rest of the bands rehearsed. Katy Perry had a bubble machine going during the rehearsals which put out smoke filled bubbles everywhere. They looked really cool, caught the light, and made little smoke poofs when they popped. But they popped a lot and the dancers started slipping on the pools of soap. After the song she announced into the mic that it was too slippery and they couldn't dance with the floor that way. As she demonstrated to the producer how the bubbles made them slip she lost her balance for real... and to catch herself she had to double over in a full forward fold with her ass to the audience. She was wearing a very short skirt and very thin underwear. I'll be in my bunk.
Is Blake Shelton really that awesome?? He is effortlessly funny. It's not just for the camera. He could easily be a comedian for a living in an alternate universe where he didn't play country. He's a kind soul as well...Its that certain honesty that goes hand in hand with being a comedian. If he has a bad side I haven't seen it.
Congrats on the TV gig. How different is it to play a TV gig versus a live show? Is it different playing in front of other professional musicians? Will you be watching the show when you're not playing (and if so, do you have your "I'm so glad so-and-so bad musician won and I'm on TV" face practiced?)? Staring at seated celebrities instead of wild fans is way different...and occasionally a camera gets in your face and you have to pretend its not messing with you. I intentionally don't wear my contacts so I don't space out looking at say Elton John or Jack White.
We will be backstage gherming after we play. We stand by the stage exit and say hi to the celebs as they pass...it's tons of fun.
I love the fact that you said gherming here... Fellow musician with a lot of Nashville background in my family. Didn't realize how significant this word was until I started spending more time in Nashville. I think the word extends to the film world as well...but I had never heard it until I started working around famous people.
Do you see celebs gawking at mega-stars? I don't care if I'm King of the Universe, I'm gonna gawk at Aretha... :) Of course! I think most stars don't think of themselves as stars unless they buy into the ego trip. And as much as people love shitting on celebs, the majority of them get to where they are by having an amazing talent. At awards shows stars bump into each other in the hall constantly and as they are walking away you will hear them saying stuff like "OMG that was amazing". It's kind of a mutual admiration society (older than facebook)... and I think that's half the purpose of putting all the dressing rooms in close proximity. Miranda loves Beyonce and was giddy to talk to her. Dierks looked like Mcauley Caulkin saying "yes" to himself after talking to Steve Martin at the ACM's, it was sweet to see. Dave Grohl seemed excited to talk to everybody, but I think he's just the human equivalent of a happy puppy.
I would space out immediatley after seeing Jack White in the flesh. As a band we pretty much did that. Nobody came up with anything relevant to say besides "we loved your performance" so the awkward small-talk came to an end with him walking away saying "see you around Nashville".
In retrospect some good ice-breakers would have been "We are guys from the rock world playing in the Nashville scene...we love what you're doing there...You'd be welcome to jam with us anytime (you never know)."...but no, instead we hosted our own little Chris Farley show.
Can you say hi to Reddit when you're on camera? Something so we know you're acknowledging us? I doubt I'll get any camera time...and there's no way for me to know if they do have me in a shot. I wore a reddit pin for many of the country award shows we've done but they are psycho abour not allowing logo's onstage at the grammy's.
Have you ever sang a Miranda song at a karaoke bar? May I recommend you get drunk and try it sometime? Oh jeez, yes a few times. Never sober. Everybody thinks they are clever signing me up for a miranda karaoke song. The thing is I sing all her songs for soundcheck every day so I'm very experienced with performing them. But this one time I was in hell when Blake's sister secretly voluteered me to take over for the pianist at a crowded piano bar and play Kerosene. This was downtown little rock after a concert so it was packed with fans. I had never actually played the song on anything but harmonica and I was unsure of the chords or how it could even be done with a piano. I mouthed to Miranda "help me" but it was too late to let the bar down. The bar crowd ended up being so noisy that nobody minded me searching for a few chords and lines...but I still catch flack from Blake's sister for not knowing all the words. We ended up getting escorted from the bar to the busses later by a team of 4 mounted police.
I really appreciate the way you elaborate on your answers and tell good stories. Storytellers like you make for really interesting AMAs even when I'm not familiar with the subject to begin with. Thanks! Cool, I figured it would be fun and I'm glad you are enjoying it. I get so much out of this website so it's great being able to contribute.
Do you have a solo career? Sort of. I post my new songs to chriskline.com/mp3 when I finish them... But I got this gig after I was finally crushed enough by the harsh reality that is the music industry...and started looking for work as a side-man. I've been kicking around getting involved in the Nashville songwriting scene but I'm mostly a rock guy and the one point everybody makes about country these days is it doesn't need more people trying to dress up rock songs as country songs.
Do you mind telling what is the harsh reality that is the music industry? Nobody cares about the art you nurture and birth to the world. Also, nobody will tell you if your art simply isn't original or passionate enough to be interesting... You just get ignored until you can bring warm bodies into clubs or sell records. Then everybody wants a piece whether it's good or not. Also, it takes money to make money... The day of the starving artist getting discovered is over.
What about Carrie Underwood? nobody to huge star in a few years? Does she write songs? I'm not saying you can't be a great performer and achieve fame. She has a voice and show that can sell tickets and albums and so a big label invested in her.
Miranda lambert played saxophone in high school. Why didn't any hot girls play saxophone at my high school? I do think girls should find more things like band instruments or science fun, but american culture just doesn't reward these sorts of activities right now...it's all about popularity and fun. Don't get me started. But the cool nerd does seem to be making a comeback lately.
Link to soundcloud.com. Holy shizzle-fries! That is hilarious and disturbing to hear something I wrote with the voice inside my head spoken in your voice...a professionally smooth voice I might add.
Can you get me a job with Miranda's crew? I'm really fun to hang out with. "The hang" is so important. And we had so many revolving crew positions when we were a Texas based band... hiring friends and friends of friends to tune the guitars and such...but somewhere between 2008 & 2010 it got so big that we hired mostly nashville professional technicians, which is a professional pool that just isnt as big in texas. To put it another way, we outgrew the supply of TX touring professionals. Now we are such a well oiled organization that suggesting a friend for a position would just be laughed off if that friend hasn't already proven themselves in the hellfire that is the touring industry. There were too many people at the shows to just stop things and say "sorry, the guitar tech put the capo on the wrong fret", as happened from time to time in our clubbier days. People expect a bigger, tighter production once thousands start showing up for the show.
It's important to note that the texas region is big enough that it has its own country market that is often at odds with "nashville country". Bigger Texas bands never have to stray far from Texas to make enough money to support themselves. But if you want to play arenas you have to make it to a national market and Texas alone can't provide that...it's a hard or impossible transition for many southern country/rock bands. Once you become a nationally famous band the Texas markets might reject you for not being Texas enough. These are very vague generalizations but my point is that the nashville vs. texas tension is quantifiable.
Is that a no then? : ( PS Miranda and Dierks did awesome! TL;DR: No. (Management specifically announced a "no more hiring friends" rule years ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed the mashup!
Thanks for doing this AMA. How did you land the job as a musician? Are you a 'studio musician'? What does your job require of you (hours put in, how much creativity, etc)? What other artists have you worked for? How different is working for a a singer as opposed to being in a band? what education do you have for music/keyboards? No prob...just sitting here otherwise.
It's all who you know basically...networking, networking, networking. Having enough talent only puts you on the field, not in the game.
I record my own songs for fun and have the occasional session, but my touring (and insecurity about my skills) keeps me from any regular studio work. Also, producers in Nashville generally have sets of musicians they prefer working with.
Before I moved to nashville, which is geographically convenient, I was gone more days than I was home. We worked it out to 191 days on the road in 2009. Now it's mostly Wednesday evening through Sunday morning and back home. On a normal day I roll out of bed, sing a few songs for soundcheck, work out or work on songs, pretty myself up, then rock out for 90 minutes...and usually have some fun after the show until we roll to the next city in the wee hours.
I haven't worked with anybody as big as Miranda except in Miranda-related events.. I got to back up Fogerty when he joined us onstage. I got to trade vocals with Carrie Underwood while standing in for ML at a rehearsal. I got to jam with Charlie Daniels once and he tossed me a solo. Paul Shaffer wanted me to do a solo on Honky Tonk Woman at a Letterman commercial break...but I didn't see his gesture...when he told me later all I could say was "wow" and froze up like a giddy little girl. We have Blake join us every now and then. Dierks, Paisley, Urban, whomever Miranda happens to be jamming a song with on a given night. I almost forgot: I played keys on Will Hoge's latest single "Song Nobody Will Hear"
She treats us like family. We are a band and we love being that way. She's said we should get our own name, but we never play as a group without her. I'm still the new guy after more than 6 years. She likes us being able to roll with situations on the fly and not clam up when shit goes wrong. Bands that don't really know each other are more susceptible to train wrecks without that trust. We've finished out playing unplanned songs, the wrong song we started but played anyways, capo's being in the wrong place so we transpose on the fly, jamming until the microphone can be fixed, or when she wants to talk...that sort of stuff.
I had piano lessons as a kid and a teenager but I didn't really fall in love with music until I could learn songs I loved on guitar. I had the odd guitar lesson here and there but nothing consistant. University of Texas' music program was very old school: Jazz or Classical only. But I took studio engineering classes at Austin Community College in the 90's. I ran a music studio and played with local bands for next to nothing for years until I got this gig.
What is your favorite Miranda song to perform live? Favorite song of hers that you don't perform in concert? In the current set Over You is my favorite because I get to play a prominant guitar part, sing a big harmony, and swell an organ note in and out with my feet.
I absolutely love Fine Tune but we never play it because the crowd gives us blank stares. It's not very country. I miss Crazy Ex Girlfriend too because the B3 part is wacky but she's been tired of that one for a while.
How emotional does Over You get? I imagine it's worse for her husband than her. She gets choked up and lets the crowd sing sometimes. It's about the same with House That Built Me...she didn't write it but she's internalized it. As far as Blake, that's not something I know or would ask about...but I can say he has been side of stage at plenty of shows when she sang it and spoke about it's significance beforehand.
Is Aden going to rock a mohawk tonight? Tell Miranda to come back to Montana soon! Aden cut off the mohawk a year ago. It was a great visual (and networking tool) but after 5 years it had pretty much run its course!
Will you actually being singing? Or will you be pulling a beyond at the inauguration? I sang. I was not as confidant about it as I was at rehearsals...not as clear an ear mix but there are a million possible reasons for that. Hopefully didn't muff any notes, I haven't heard it yet.
Did you mean Beyonce'? If you're going to pick on an entertainer for prioritizing entertainment over a live display of musicianship then put it in an envelope and mail it to madonna in the 80's...nothing has changed. Ill bet if Beyonce' thought she could relate more to her crowd by strumming an acoustic and singing with a bluegrass band around a single microphone she could pull it off. Just my impression of her. I didn't see the inauguration but I'm guessing it was enough of a formality rather than her regular crowd having a good time that she might have said "fuck it, let's run the vocal track tonight". Or maybe she had a cold. I don't know why I'm defending her, she just seems like she genuinely cares about music and has talent... and that's good enough for me.
Are all the performers there already? If so, do you get to walk around and maybe meet a random artist? Yes, Dress rehearsals started at 10amPST and the entire show is run mock live at the same pace.
Btw, in the very minuscule chance that you see him, say hi to Frank Ocean for me :) Absolutely, it's the most fun part. Last time I got to make a fool of myself with Neil Patrick Harris, Jamie Foxx, Usher, Gwennyth Paltrow, Beyonce', Polly Peret, said hi to the beibs. I invited NPH to go get "a sandwich"...I'm pretty sure he was very unamused but he was nice about the gag. Usher held my hand for about 10 seconds when the crowd pushed in...he looked back and presumably realized I wasn't his bodyguard and let go without any explanation. Jamie Foxx loves Miranda's music and recognized us from the performance...he approached US which was awesome! I hope this year is as exciting as the 53rd was!
Just watched you on the Grammy's. Good job. How much can you make a year as a touring musician? Not as much as I was making at Dell as a web programmer, but I wouldn't trade it for any job!
Haha! xD have you talked to taylor swift? First impression of her? I've met her a couple of times. She was really sweet and all smiles. Just a few seconds of smalltalk.
EDIT: Here's the pic: Link to picasaweb.google.com
Wow, you're classically handsome. That's about the nicest thing a stranger's ever said to me.
Besides of course all the emails I used to get for Chris Klein like "You hav nice musles" and "I loved you in rollerball"
I'm just kidding, nobody ever said they loved him in rollerball.
Hey you know you just posted your whole Picasa album for them to see right…? It's a public photostream for your enjoyment!
Watching you as i type this. Good job. My question: what is Miranda's phone number? She's had to change her number so many times it's usually different by the one occasion a year I have to call or text her.
But sorry no...It doesn't say "Answer You Anything"!
How do you even get into the business like that? I always wonder how the people operating the sound at concerts got to that point. I asked him that myself and the answer was: Internships. His was through the Grammy Foundation i think.
Are you a session musician? I have a bunch of friends to do tours with big names as fill in musicians and they love it. The term "session musican" means staying in town and recording in studios to me, not filling in on the road. For the most part the nashville recording clique is seperate from the touring clique. I haven't tried to break in. I'm a bit insecure about my abilities in the studio...I lean more towards the showman side.
What did you do at dell? It changed a lot over 7 years. Most of that I was a contractor with no bennies coding in ASP and PHP, but it allowed me to work part time and run my music studio at night. At first I was contracted to do internal facing customer relationship sites for people who needed inside information but didnt work for dell. Later I was the junior developer for the Internet Partners Division...which was a specialized arm between small and large business for Dell partners who had few employees and large profits, and offered venture capital to potential companies like that. Then the big tech bust happened in 2000 and those companies mostly flopped like fish in a dried up lake. My entire division of about 300 dried up. First the sales force was redirected to the small and medium business divisions. Then one by one the marketing executives were either laid off or reassigned. Before the admin (that's Dell-ese for secretary) knew she was to be laid off she handed me my contract. She mentioned she had tweaked the employee database to give me a status somewhere inbetween a contractor and direct employee. Eventually the Director and everybody I worked for was gone and I was left alone in the empty cubicle farm for 20 yards in any direction with no standing orders or responsibilities. I realized it was some sort of glitch that might soon be fixed so I started wandering around looking for people that needed computer help...excel spreadsheets, mouse ball cleaning, pc load lettering, whatever. About a month later I was helping somebody and they realized I could edit web pages and shouted to their colleagues "WE HAVE A WEB RESOURCE!". Apparently they hadn't been able to update their web pages since the layoffs. I handed their admin my contract, which was somehow pre-funded by Intel for keeping their logo on the site, and my job continued for another 6 years...now with flexible hours since I was effectively an independent contractor. My contracting company had lost every employee but me and gone under...they sold out to another arbitrary entity whom I kept faxing in my hours to and I kept getting paychecks. I did internal and external coding, photoshop work, copywriting, at my most prestigious point I managed the home page...then I took it a step further and re-did the menu system on the home page. It was kind of a disaster because I went around the usual dell content and made a javascript system that was only PC compatible, but was there really much business we lost from people on Mac's trying to buy Dell's? I knew it would be fixed soon enough and i knew I would never again get the opportunity to work on web pages that get millions of hits daily. I had no more ambition left for the tech industry. Right about that time Dell started gearing up for the second round of layoffs in 2006...maybe third if you count how many contractors they let go at any given time. I had been forced to go full time and forced to lead a team of programmers, which was cool but i had turned it down because as a perfectionist it made me want to get there early and leave late to make sure shit got done. It was a responsibility trap. I had to escape and my solo music career had fizzled in the last few years. So I told all my musician friends I was looking for a road gig...I'd even play country..but corporate money is a hard addiction to kick! Miranda wasn't the first audition to come up but it was the first one I'd leave Dell money for...
Are you involved with the songwriting process, or are you given sheet music to learn? Miranda's songwriting process? No. I do hole up in the back lounge and write songs while we're on the road but that's just my own thing. She gives us rough mixes as the albums are in progress so we can have the songs ready to play before the album is released. We often make nashville chord charts to get started and Keith always writes drum charts, but the songs are always quickly memorized. It's all done by listening. We use our own best judgement as a band on how to translate studio parts to a live performance by a 6 piece band. We're very against using tracks to have a slick production in the live show.
I was surprised about your answer that you made more doing Web Dev. Are you going to have to quit in a few years and get a 'real job'? Well, nobody can tour FOREVER! I hope to get involved in the songwriting scene so I can continue to pay my bills with music and not computer skillz...it's just more fun. Although I do enjoy programming, I enjoy it much more when it's not for a company that I am not attached to..I like hobby programming like VST plugins and the Reaper SWS extensions i'm playing around with.
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[Table] IAmA: I'm Ben Collins AKA 'The Stig' - Ask Me Anything!

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Date: 2013-10-07
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Questions Answers
Was it hot inside that helmet? Some say the Stig once took off his helmet only to find another helmet in there.
Only with Sienna Miller.
What sort of measures did you have to take to guard your identity for so many years? P.S. Big fan. I got myself a BBC ID card with a fake name "Richard Jameson" cleverly made of the 3 presenters names - so that i could book hotels and get up to mischief without getting caught. Used to wear a balaclava everywhere to hide my face anywhere near a Top Gear shoot and generally be as sneaky as possible.
What does Jeremy's hair feel like? If you've ever had a scratch in the morning 'down there' then you'll know. Kind of pubey but longer...
Which "some say" are actually true? Is the answer "all of them"? Be honest here. All of them except this one. "Some say he is illegal in 17 US states, and he blinks this way [sideways]. All we know is he’s called the Stig.” - It's actually 18.
Some say his politics are terrifying.
It came about after an extended stay at Jezza's house on the Isle of Mann and he realised that there was someone even extremer than himself.
Were you always the Stig? Or were there stand-in Stigs? I couldn't make a photo shoot once because i was filming for Top Gear elsewhere and they booked a stand in - apparently Jeremy said "get rid of it" and refused to have his photo taken with him, which made me laugh. With some very rare exceptions, i did all of my stuff from walking through London to all the testing off camera and all the studio work.
Did the preseters always know that you were the Stig? The presenters didn't know for a while at first then yes , they knew , but Jeremy often used to open the visor just to double check
For how long had you had access for each supercar? Was it only one or two fast laps or whole day? The tyres can;t take more than 5 / 6 laps on the supercars and we rarely had spares so it was a 25 minute blind date.
Of the three presenters; May, Hammond or Clarkson, whom did you like best? And why? Where you there when Hammond was injured in the rocket car? How awful was that? I really liked working with all three of them! Jeremy can be a pain in @ss but hilarious in the same second, Hammond loves a fight and that's endearing and James is mad, i used to spend hours watching his eyes spinning around like a loon.
I was meant to be there the day Hammond was hurt but was called away to work with Jeremy - it was horrible when it happened and thankfully he pulled through. Like i say he's a fighter.
Can you talk Jeremy and the guys into doing an AMA? If we collectively tweet them to hell i'm sure we could pull it off!
Do you know who the current Stig is? There's several bless them - it was like the night when they fed Gizmo's bothers after midnight and Stigs started popping out everywhere
At first when you came out as 'The Stig' there seemed to be a fued between you and Top Gear but you've been on the show since. How's your relationship with Top Gear now? Frosty but warm - but not boiling, more luke with a slice of lime and hint of mint.
Why aren't you stig anymore? Great job but i decided to leave because after 8 years the game was up in terms of keeping it secret. The BBC had leaked my name to the Radio Times and the tabloids ran varous stories, so i handed in my notice. I wanted to go full time racing again anyway so it was a new lease of life, but it didn't work out well for the cardboard cut-outs of STIG..!
Most of the auto journalists in the UK have a thing against Audis, mostly due to their heritage and understeering nature. Yet you drive one and even became their brand ambassador. How come? What's your secret to having just as much fun in one as a rear wheel driven car? My race mechanic had the original 1991 spec Quattro when i started racing in 1995 and the things he could do with it on a country lane were unreal. More recently when i was racing in Formula 3 my engineer took me out in an A3 and after seeing the way it gripped i got rid of my Toyota Supra and bought the A3, then proceeded to put 250,000 miles on the clock. It refused to die!
In the end that car had leaks everywhere, dents from being parked in London and i had ragged it every second of its life. But it still clung to the road like shit to a rug. I eventually scrapped it, being heartless and needing the cash, but there some love there. Kind of.
Many journalists can't drive very well so i don't believe what i read. And most people should judge a car from their own test drive i reckon. I've never driven an Audi that understeered - the only model that might be over-engineered is the TTRS, but the standard TT is wicked, i drove one last week.
As for heritage.. the rallying pedigree is mega but look at Le Mans. They don't just win - they destroy the competition and having seen up close the attention to detail and the preparation, the skill and the passion that goes into that racing program it makes it hard not to admire them.
If you could come up with your own “some say” intro for The Stig, what would it be? Some say they should just give me the keys and let me drive without the damn intro!
Can you give us two facts about ducks? 1) Most male ducks are silent and very few ducks actually "quack." Instead, their calls may include squeaks, grunts, groans, chirps, whistles, brays and growls.
2) There are more than 40 breeds of domestic duck. The white Pekin duck (also called the Long Island duck) is the most common variety raised for eggs and meat.
Off to fact check - this is the true litmus test of Stigness. Edit: Must be the 'translators', the facts check out. Maybe they simply couldn't understand the odd combination of V12 revs, turn signal clicks, and seat belt alert chimes that are the language of the Stig. It's difficult to hear the muffling from under the helmet but I think that's what was said. Duck facts are serious business. - The Translators
What was your biggest "oh sh*t" moment? I hit a kerb in a Formula 3 car at Rockingham at 135 mph and my point of view was towards a fluffy cloud which i thought might become my final destination. When the car finally landed i had a nice concussion but i managed to win the top wheelie award in Max Power so it ended well.
What would be your favourite car you have driven on Top Gear? Ferrari 458.
How much of the time Stig was on camera did you actually spend in the suit? Was it you walking around London, appearing in studio... etc. I was entirely method. I slept in that suit. I spent family christmases never revealing my identity. To anyone. Not even myself.
Hello Mr Collins, of all of your cousins around the world which is your favourite? And do you think we'll ever get to see a battle of the Stigs? Japanese Stig was excellent because he kept kicking Jeremy in the face, and don't we all want to have a go at that sometimes?
P.s. Big fan, thanks for all of your hard work! There could never be a Stig battle, it would just be far too dangerous as it would most likely create a black hole in space.
Do you only enjoy riding cars? Would you ride motorcycles? If you had rode a motorcycle which do you enjoy more cars or motorcycles? I ride bike, i fall off. i don't like bike.
1) What was your least favorite car to drive? 1) Any kind of TVR.
2) Who was your favorite star in a reasonably priced car? 2) Tom Cruise was amazing, he pushed himself to get a fast time and he was incredibly down to earth.
3) Who was your least favorite star in a reasonably priced car? 3) No one really. There was never a dull day in the office, but I did think I was going to get fired when I scared the shit out of Jack Dee. He tried to get out of a moving car.
Do you like roller coasters? What is the best one you've ridden? Nah, too slow.
Any advice for somebody wanting to get involved in the racing world? Try go karting - its the cheapest fun you can have with your clothes on.
Do you still keep in contact with anyone from Top Gear? Yes - i got to see all the old faces when they came to the set on Skyfall but i've yet to encounter The Clarkson since i left the show. I'm looking forward to that..
Has being a former Stig gotten you out of paying for tickets or vice versa? The Police are pretty cool in my experience but i've only ever pulled The Stig card when i was wearing The Suit - otherwise it would have been a double whammy - jail and get fired. When a cop asked my name (as he detained me on the M1 in a caterham) i shouted slowly "T H E S T I G" and he laughed and walked off.
How did you get the job? What kind of training did you go through to become such a badass driver? Still learning - i had the best teachers which is to say i've raced some big talents and you have to learn quickly or finish 2nd all the time. I got the job by writing to the boss, meeting him and then driving a car - quickly. Quite traditional. I beat the Old Stig's lap times and got hired - SWEET!
Were you actually listening to that stuff in the car? The language CD's and morse codes..? No. I used to tune into Chris Evans though - top man.
I know this would be a long response but here goes my question, I've read somewhat about how it went but I wanna hear it directly from you. What was your routine going in to work. -Did you leave home with the Stig outfit in the trunk and then change before you got there, a special room? Or how did it work out -How did you deal exactly with your payment since I assume it wasn't under your name. -Did you ever get bribed by anyone to tell you who you were? No long response needed...
Thank you so much for this AMA I love Top Gear and you were great as the Stig and it was great to hear all the celebrities say you were a great teacher and made me wish I saw you teaching as the Stig. Get up. Suit up. Shower. Start engine. Leave for work. Method.
Stiggy! Do you enjoy classic American muscle (I drive a '68 Firebird 400)? If so, do you have a favorite? Cheers! I love the old Challenger, purely because of "Vanishing Point" - driving them is something else. When you press the pedals it's like writing a letter and asking politely if the car might respond sometime in the future.
What was your relationship with the cast like on Top Gear when you were The Stig? Did you guys chill out with drinks at all or was it purely professional? I rarely got to hang out because it's hard to drink a beer through the old helmet, but when we toured the world we had some good parties - until the 3 musketeers started playing musical instruments. Then i tended to hail a cab.
Hi Ben, Thank you for doing this. If got given any amount of money to start your own racing series with your own rules, What type of racing could we expect? Death race 2014.
Can I be a part of that? Sir Von Tittyfuck with a name like that, you'd be most welcome.
Any cars you have not yet driven you hope to someday drive? The new McLaren - and the Ferrari P4!
What car have you had the most fun in? Was it the fastest or the smoothest through the corners? Most fun - easily a Formula One car, but actually at Le Mans i drove a car a few years back with an F1 engine, huge wings and killer brakes that was dynamite to drive. 220mph through a winding ribbon of tarmac past trees and people waving beers from a Ferris Wheel - awesome.
Top Gear or Fifth Gear? Top Gear. You can't beat a big fat hairy budget.
Have you ever helped in designing some cars? If yes, what did you do for them? Something more than driving on track? I helped design the Ascari - that's a bit strong really. I drove it and worked with the clever designers so they could chip away at the marble and produce the KZ1. It became a kick-ass racecar and we had a lot of success in FIA GT racing with it, and the GT2 edition was incredible. Had it not been wet on the day we took it to Top Gear it could well have posted the fastest time, still today.
What is your favorite color? Where did "The Stig" nick name come from? Black. Not white. Controversial eh?
Wanna play me in Mario Kart? I bet I could take you. I bet you could.
What is your daily driver? Don't have one but i'll get onto it - every man needs a chauffeur - quite right.
Anything you listen to at home but not in the car? Currently loving "Imagine Dragons"
Any plans on running Le Mans this year? Absolutely - nothing sorted yet but working with a couple of teams to get into something fast - hope to see you there!
Who is the best formula one driver through the ages in your opinion ? Also why does every answer involving Clarkson have thinking dots...? I love dots - it's morse code for ..--..-.- something... Gilles Villeneuve was the best to watch, by far, but Senna remains the best. It's hard to compare but really when you watch him action and the psychology he brought to the sport, he was unbeatable.
Hello ben! Which do you feel is more fun/realistic Forza or the Gran Turismo series? I can't play Forza - i got stuck on Level One and nearly threw my xbox through the TV! And GT is quite cool but i just don't get it. It still feels arcade like and i end up loading Black Ops II to get some trigger time instead. But i don't live by myself anymore so those days on Xbox Live are Looongg gooone.
What's your favorite automotive website? Link to jalopnik.com and Yahoo.
What cars do you own? I've got a van! VW Transporter - yes - i live life on the EDGE!
Why did You start your racing career? I grew up going fast in the back seat of my dad's car and without realising it i was hooked on speed from day 1, so the racing career was a dream come true. It's totally addictive - out of body in a way
Hi Ben -- how hard was it to not break character when shooting scenes as The Stig? It seems like the opportunities for a zingy one-liner are almost endless. Only one man is allowed one liners on TG!
Did you ever get bored of driving the Top Gear track so many times? Never ever got bored of the Top Gear track. There were just too many awesome cars to drive.
How does one learn the basics of drifting and oversteer without access to a rear wheel drive car? How realistic is it? You'd better hire one! Silverstone have a Caterham with low grip tyres which is great for learning. Trying to drift your FWD car could prove painful..!
Hi Ben. How much of your racing ability is concentration? Do you feel that your body knows what to do and almost like you're being driven around by yourself? Basically does raw talent carry you or is it just ball achingly painful to be as good as you on track? It's 100% concentration, so long as your body is fit enough to cope with the G force and the physical abuse of wrangling the controls. That's the part i love most, you lose track of your body completely - it's like breathing - and the whole world is reduced to a flight path and a gut feel. It's never boring! Ok it was once - i did a 24 hour race in a 2CV and you spent 100% of the lap on full throttle. I thought my luck was in when the car got smashed up but they just bent it straight and sent me out again ;)
Hey!! What do you do in your downtime? Its clear you work hard, but also have a young family, it must be hard to keep up with family life while traveling the world driving fast cars? Love skiing and it won't be long before the kids are doing things faster than me!
Hi Ben, you've been away from Facebook and not updated your website news for ages, so what have you been up? Also, are you planning on any more front-of-camera film roles like you had in the Dark Knight Rises? All the best, Fay. Hi Fay, Not as much Facebook but I do tweet over here: Link to twitter.com
I've been doing some cool stuff like this film for Audi: Link to www.youtube.com and as for film stuff the new Spiderman 2 and the new Secret Service Film.
What is your ideal car? Fast enough through a corner to break my neck - would be a different way to check out.
If you had to make the choice between being a professional stunt driver, OR a professional racing driver for the rest of your driving career, which would it be? Such a hard question because they're both so fun. Racing but I'm lucky that I don't have to choose between them IRL.
I know that Mark Webber figured out who you were when He did his lap on Top Gear. But did you ever get the impression that someone else might of figured out who you were as well? Rubens rocks - people knew but for a long time kept the secret. It only started going pear shaped when the Radio Times gave the impression that the BBC were making it an open secret.
I know you work on Automaniak, the Polish tv show, do you have any plans to come to a UK show? You left FifthGear after just a few episodes, but would love to see you on TV again! Wait...Doesn't everyone in the UK watch Polish TV?!
Would love to do some TV in the UK - the Poles are wicked and up for some mad stuff so it reminds me of TG in the early days. Be great to do a UK feature though.
If you could legally change your name to The Stig would you? No! would you?
Are there any American cars you have been excited to drive? Love Corvettes - but the ZR1 was a bit disappointing - i prefer the C6 which was a simpler beast, like me probably. I also drove the Batmobile! That was the best - engineered by the Brits but it had the Corvette engine.
If you could race on ay current F1 team, which would it be and which of the drivers would be your teammate? Red Bull would be fun, and as it's my fantasy team I'd have three. Me, Vettel and Alonso.
During Top Gear - did you have your own influence on the show or just rode the track and that's it? I mean - were you, in your own opinion, somehow a decision person or just the guy to drive the car? I once suggested that we do a feature on Tyres because they made such a big difference to lap times e.g. Pirelli or Bridgestone - and the Boss said "not if you want anybody to watch the show" but i disagree i think people want to be informed about stuff that matters.
I don't remind any TG episode, when you would test tyres, fuels or oils. Any reason for that? I used to come up with ideas, stuff like the stunts and car football was a mix of lots of ideas "from the floor". In the early days it was easier to come up with something and get it to the screen.
So who is helping you with your typing then? :) The lovely people I shot the Audi film with. Though I'm actually managing to answer most of them myself.
Grandma would you type faster for chrissake!
Mr. Collins, I'm a huge fan and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this. I read your book recently and it was excellent. What was your favorite segment to film for Top Gear? Also, what has been your favorite driving experience outside of Top Gear? Would you do it all again (Being the Stig) if given the chance? Thank you for logging in! I wouldn't change a thing although with experience i wouldn't make as many mistakes , hopefully.. ! I loved being The Stig, especially the first two years, they were Golden and if you asked the boss Andy Wilman he would almost certainly agree. It was very much a family unit that grew into a commercial beast, but still has some great talent spinning the wheels.
For me the best part was rocking up, getting chucked the keys to something expensive and walking out the TG cabin door onto a cold stretch of tarmac to give it some large around the track. That was great. And terrifying the celebs of course - i did my best to relax them but some folks really [email protected] themselves.
There seem to be some pretty successful drivers currently, in all major racing series, Sebastian Vettel, Jimmie Johnson, Scott Dixon, etc... Who of each major racing series do you feel has the greatest overall natural racing skill? Natural talent is hard to measure and besides it doesn't always trump hard work. Scott Dixon was my team mate in America and he's a huge talent - but Dario Franchitti for me is the maestro! He's incredible in Indycar and i'm wishing him a speedy recovery because he's currently in hospital after a big hit yesterday. He's also the nicest guy you could meet in this business - top man.
Besides a Tag Heuer, which other watches do you own? Omega Seamaster, and a Bremont.
This also reminds me to read your book again, seriously motivational. Thanks! Give it another read, it's even more fun the second time around.
What's your relationship like with the presenters? Also in real life are they the same as they appear on tv? I think someone needs to tell them when the cameras aren't rolling! They are turning into caricatures of themselves, its hilarious
Stig-san, would you say your military training had anything to do with making you a decent driver? Does that help with the psychological side of fast driving? And is the Scuderia that much better to drive than a 458? SO many questions for you, but those are top of the list. The time i spent in the army had more influence on my outlook than anything else i've done and affected my whole approach to life, so it certainly helps with racing. You learn never to quit and to break through self imposed limits, which in the end aren't real.
Favorite driving music or road trip songs/albums? When I'm not learning a new language... (jk) I'm addicted to Leftfield and Massive Attack, but then I would say that. I'm from Bristol.
What are your thoughts about next year engine change in F1? Should be interesting! I'm sure it will be plus ca change, plus c'est le meme.
Loving F1 at the moment but i wish it was on BBC still so i could actually watch it.
Sorry, Im making the most of this though, probably won't get the chance to ask these again!! - favourite food/drinks - what music genre you into? - whats your favourite film you have worked on? - do you have any pets? - did you design your own Reddit Stig?! very impressed with that!! Some say he uses Adobe Photo Shop in his spare time.. but mostly that was my friend Tiffany who has always wanted to create an Alien Stig that slightly resembles a penguin.
Batman Dark Knight Rises was a heap of fun to make because we raced Batmobiles down Wall Street and ran riot.
Had you tested cars only on tracks or also in normal conditions (roads)? How often TopGear stuff had some troubles with police? Did police close roads for filming? The Police were always really helpful. We filmed the Bugatti in East London and just when i thought we were about to be arrested the word came through from the cop who had said "make sure he gives it some". They helped us contain the area so it was safe etc.
Who is the most talented F1 driver currently? Not sure - is it Alonso ? He's 110% everywhere and can overtake. But Vettel is mega and no denying. Let's see how Raikonnen goes next year.
Do you really have 600 testicles? Were any of the things they said on the show true ? Yes - i carry them like scalps in my leather satchel from every driver that ever hogged the middle lane on the M4. And probably not.
Hi Ben, thanks for doing this session and for being fun with it! BTCC needs a bit of a shake up - it's way too expensive and i wish the cars had a bit more power being honest, like Aussie V8. That said the racing is superb and it's pure.
How realistic would it be for a young person (24) to end up into a race series such as BTCC? What kind of motor racing would you suggest pursuing to end up at that main goal? Unless you're minted - if you want to get into racing i would look at something like 'Legends' where you can race wheel to wheel without costing an arm and a leg.
Hi Ben, huge fan! Off cam, how was your chemistry with the top gear gang? You seem like you really click with the 5th gear guys but did the whole stig thing isolate you a bit or make you feel secondary? Thanks! At first i thought it would be hard to gel with anybody from behind a mask and sitting in a small red bricked hut, by myself. In reality everyone was up for a laugh and filming Top Gear is such a good time that you can't help but get on. The crew really set the tone, the magicians wielding the cameras - and their banter was just as vital to the off cam chemistry.
Is it true that you like Genesis? You mean uncle Phil ? o'course
Have you had a chance to drive the new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento? No, it's a sore point.
What was your initial thoughts on the reaction to the reveal that you are the Stig? It felt like falling down an elevator shaft. 8 years of one mindset is hard to break and it felt really uncomfortable people suddenly knowing who i was - but it was absolutely fantastic at the same time because so many people had such a positive affinity with the character.
Did you ever get injured in Top Gear? And as a stunt driver? I broke four ribs racing but nothing with TV and thankfully nothing so far with the movies either. Long may it continue!
Ok , any car, money no object, ...which is the fav daily driver, which is the fav toy and which the fav vintage ? I'd be driving down the high street in a Formula One car towing a two-storey trailer (for the fuel and the jacuzzi)
Toy i'd like a Renault 5 Turbo 2 doubles as Vintage - but maybe throw in a Lancia Delta Integrale.
Being a professional driver you've probably experienced a few crashes. Have you ever been in any bad ones and if so how did it affect you afterwards? Yes - it affects the way you walk mostly! If you can still drive then you crack on and the adrenaline works its magic, but i can't say i felt affected by any accidents.
Opinion on the Reliant Robin? Link to www.video.v10.pl
It's a fun funny car!
So where in the world are you right now? working on what? In Bristol! Typing!
Jeremy, james or hammond ? :) Context? Is this a Lord of the flies scenario?
What is your favorite road to drive? M32. Southbound.
Why that specific road? Best road is probably the Fluela Pass in Switzerland, or the highlands in Scotland - stunning.
Favorite Car? The time i spent in the army had more influence on my outlook than anything else i've done and affected my whole approach to life, so it certainly helps with racing. You learn never to quit and to break through self imposed limits, which in the end aren't real.
Whoops! Ferrari 458.
What do you think about the Grand-Am - ALMS merger? I hate it. It's going to be interesting to see how that shapes up...
I guess I am wondering, is this being mocked elsewhere? Grand Am's DPs are a joke among the ALMS community, and being NASCAR owned we feel it is going to be a scripted shit show. I am curious what the buzz is from a driver's stand point, on the whole series? Grand Am DP is a huge success racing wise and NASCAR makes the show go round so you have to admire what they built. There's some big brains working on how to make them run alongside P2 but my money will be on the LMPC / Formula Le Mans cars being the formula to race in next year.
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