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Beats By Dre Headphones & Samsung's Galaxy Smartphone Among "The Best Hip Hop Affiliated Tech Gear"

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Hip-Hop Artist/Producer and EPMD Affiliate Stezo, Dies at 51

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IIL "Intelligent" hip hop like Aesop Rock, Run the Jewels, Wu Tang (and all affiliated solos), WEWIL?

Just discovered Run the Jewels yesterday and am hooked. Now I want to explore this style and hopefully find more great stuff like this.
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Need extra income? Interested in working from home as an Affiliate Marketer? Join the movement! Become a Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen Brand Ambassador. Earn money selling our Artist Development eBooks and online classes to aspiring independent music artists.

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Why Shook Ones Part 2 by Mobb Deep is in my opinion the greatest hip hop track of all time

First: I am not a writer for the new york times so cut some slack on typos and whatever shit like that you come across. If you don't like this post please either close the tab or leave some insight in the comments.
Boom. Bap. Original Rap.
The golden era of rap was a great fucking time for music. Hip hop quality was at its finest while popularity didn't always fit in with main stream views (aka shooting/fighting people = bad most times). It was the long long ago. When the radio wasn't covered in trap beats, auto tuned verses of three words per bar and I was just a fucking baby. So lets get the "Le wrong generation" shit out of the way. I like modern hip hop, but its watered down compared to what it once was. Big Daddy Kane says it, Snoop says it and fuck now even I say it.
The culture behind rap at the time was you had to act the way you perceived yourself to be in your songs. Artists were violent, so to make violent songs took balls knowing that rappers were getting shot down or going to jail frequently for shooting other down. This song is fucking violent. The lyrics include "rock you in the face stab your brain with your nose bone" at a time when people took hip hop affiliations very violently. Basically what the point of this is that Mobb Deep were trying to reach a throne in the hip hop world and I think they made an immortal classic with The Infamous.
The west coast was at this time revitalizing hip hop. Funk samples and jamming vocoder beats were making their way in to the top of the hip hop world riding the back of Dre, DJ Quik, Tupac and basically every west coast star of the time. The east coast responded to the west coast with (generally violent) hardcore rap over gritty sample heavy beats. Wu Tang, Nas, and of course Notorious Big are pretty solid examples of the hardcore rap styles that were expressed by New York at this time period.
Let me first start off by talking about the sample. This sampling by Havoc is basically regarded as the holy grail of hip hop. Nobody knew where exactly it came from for quite a while. As you listen to the link you can tell exactly how the sample was edited to fit in with the track as well. As far as sampling goes in hip hop or music in general the sampling in this track is as good as it gets. Without any side chain compression (think Benny Benassi bass to describe side chain compression for those unfamiliar) or dodging the sample is able to fit in with the drums and not compete for any sort of space in the track. They maintain a similar tone and almost sort of paint a picture with the reverb as well as the binaural spacing (Left -> Right). Basically the sample and the drums are a perfect fit and were managed with effects such as an EQ to make perfection. Does that melody ever even get old? I could listen to a 10 hour homework edit of the instrumental before I even get bored.
Now the drums. I'm a huge fan of a simple repeating drum pattern that maintains consistency throughout a track. You don't need a new drum pattern every 16 bars and the fact that one could be made with nearly no automation from start (minus the the short into) to finish that again never gets old is a huge factor to me. The high hat, the kick, the snare just everything about the drums is kicking. Up until this point its really hard to find anything wrong with this track.
The vocals: Now let me start by mentioning the only problem I have with this track. Transitioning between bars you can hear Havoc speaking in the background basically softly talking things to add a more gangster feel. It's not something immediately noticeable in the track but they sort of take away from the effect for me. Especially taking in to account that this is a big part of rapper Redman's style, whom Mobb Deep vocally had problems with. Taking that out of account that it doesn't bother me too much but I think the track would be better without it in the verses itself.
Moving back to the vocals it is described as being one of the most violent songs in hip hop and lets be honest when we say that the 90s was a very violent era for hip hop. The violent output was a pretty good representation for what was going on in hip hop at the time. Even if they rapped about butterflies and titty sprinkles it would probably be revealed that they were just using those as metaphors for violence.
Prodigy verse - Prodigy is regarded as not the best, but one of the best rappers of the 90s. This verse which is likely his most iconic and well appreciated verse of all time is just fucking incredible. It's smooth, its rugged, it's angry and it's fucking effortless at the same time. From start to finish I'm riding around Queensbridge in that shitty little car wearing a Hennessy shirt in my mind. Just the beats combining with his voice paint a picture.
Havoc verse - Havoc made this song his sistine chapel or some shit like that. It's his masterpiece, not to disregard any other work of art he's made. This was almost entirely through production though. Nothing to disregard his verse as starting off with "for every rhyme I write it's 25 to life" is a pretty fucking dope bomb to drop in an instant.
Hook - lets just say I'm glad this song wasn't around for the age of auto tune. I love the hook. It's cutting the crust off the peanut butter and jelly. It's the moment you open a new can of tennis balls. It's that first cup of coffee in the morning. It's just pretty good for fucks sake.
All in all theres a lot of great hip hop classic tracks out there but do you know how hard it is to find one that is universally accepted to have little to know flaws while being played at parties, clubs and even the local lab I work at for going on 20 years now. How many times have you fucked up and pressed "next" on Shook Ones part 2? Probably 0 if you real.
Anyways I typed this up out of boredom and it's an answer to that internal question I always ask of "What is the best _____ of all time?"
Differing opinions?
Takes on what track you may think is the best?
Next week I'm makin a post on why I think Ed is the best damn janitor of all time, stay tuned bitches.
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My Rap/Hip Hop/R&B and all things affiliated playlist, Z. Over 150 hours of Rap. 3 years in the making. Updated daily.

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Affiliate Beat: "Mist" (Prod By D Eighty Beatz) Smooth Emotional Hip Hop...

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Affiliate Beat: "Mist" (Prod By D Eighty Beatz) Smooth Emotional Hip Hop Rap Instrumental

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We are the only NBA Youngboy fan server as well as other affiliates (Baby Joe, Quando, etc). We support all hip-hop talk though. We are new and still in progress with setting up so come by and help support us and share music (praise nba youngboy) with us

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We are the only NBA Youngboy fan server as well as other affiliates (Baby Joe, Quando, etc). We support all hip-hop talk though. We are new and still in progress with setting up so come by and help support us and share music (praise nba youngboy) with us

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[TOMT] Name of a summery rap song with an extended metaphor about a girl as marijuana

I've been trying to find this rap/pop song from either 2011, 2012 or 2013 with lyrics about a girl that are a really thinly-veiled metaphor for weed. It's by a male rapper and has a lady with hip hop affiliations with quite a high-pitched voice on the chorus, I first thought she might be Dev, but after extensively searching her back catalogue, have concluded it wasn't. There's a verse where they describe running from the police and one bit in the background where a bloke coughs after inhaling? There was a summery lyric video for it on youtube. Please help me, this is really pissing me off.
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I hate that I always have to defend Kanye West

I do not always agree with all of Mr. West's public outbursts and antics, but I am a huge fan of his music- but a lot of people can't separate the two and look down on me for like his music. And it's rare if a major news source, that isn't hip-hop affiliated, says something positive about the guy. He is a successful rapper with some very loud ideas, that does not make him a terrible person.
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China Mac On The Asian Culture In Hip Hop, Red Money Label, Prison Bids, Clears Up Blood Affiliation

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NBC-affiliate in Atlanta releases ATL hip-hop docu-series #ThirdCoastATL

The world of Hip-Hop is a multi-billion dollar industry with battle lines historically drawn between the East-Coast and West Coast...until, as Andre 3000 would let the world know, the “South had something to say.” In NBC affiliate 11Alive News’ latest docu-series, reporter Neima Abdulahi dives into Atlanta’s rap game and discovers how it became the third coast of hip-hop music and why it’s here to stay.
The five-part series features interviews with some of the most influential names of hip-hop and trap music - including Gucci Mane, trap-rap pioneer Zaytoven, young rap prodigy Bankroll PJ, aspiring artists and local hip-hop radio personalities. The series also looks at the dangers of the rap game, what it takes to make it and the worldwide appeal that has made Atlanta a ground-zero for the cultural phenomenon.
You can watch it now on www.11Alive.com/ThirdCoastATL!
Here is a link to the 2-min tease on youtube: https://youtu.be/43bMIkDysCs?list=PLxSDPGC2EVp_NWkwQuOELZgtX3fb7CuLl
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Mecca Starr - How sweet it is (feat. Lady Alma) (prod. DJ 600V) [Hip Hop] New Music from Mecca Starr, Legendary Roots Crew Affiliate, from Bahamadia's "3 Da Hard Way"

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Affiliated - Mississippi [Hip-Hop] (2010)

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[TOMT]Hip-Hop song, around 2005 to 2010, affiliated with T.I./Young Dro, sounds like this:

The very first five seconds go like this: https://onlinesequencer.net/422471
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Hip Hop Show at Soundbox Tavern Tonight. (Not affiliated with the venue or acts)

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Burlington based Jenke Arts affiliate just released a free Instrumental Hip Hop Album

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'Affiliates' (Treal Rap Lyrics) - Hip Hop All Star Mixtape

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Affiliate- Mississippi (Hip-Hop)

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To join 100 BEST HIP-HOP WEB SITES - MEMBERS AREA affiliate program all you need is a PayPal or Skrill account to receive payment and a Click2Sell account to get your unique affiliate link. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Click2Sell account – it’s free and it’ll take you less than 1 minute to sign up. Top 10 Hip Hop Outfits016 of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews Sale Rank No. #1 Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt , Academy Blue (408)/Steel , X-Large Chief Keef Affiliate Tray Savage Shot & Killed [VIDEO] By HHL JT a month ago. Share Tweet. Glo Gang rapper Tray Savage was shot and killed in his South Side of Chicago neighborhood of Chatham at 11 AM this morning. Affiliate Program - Sell Hip Hop Beats. Shopping Cart View. Sell any of the beats from the Beat Brokerz marketplace for your own profit! Earn up to 50% of the sale profit as commission! Simply refer buyers to our site, or sell beats on your own site, your choice. The Hip-Hop community is once again gathered in mourning and remembrance after news that rapper Stezo has passed away at the age of 51. As a former dancer for EPMD, Stezo broke out on his own in

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