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For questions and comments about the Plex Media Server. The Plex Media Server is smart software that makes playing Movies, TV Shows and other media on your computer simple.

Hurricane Florence

Please share information and resources regarding Hurricane Florence. Feel free to post your photos, videos, personal experiences, and general information about the storm. Posts with dangerous advice, memes, joke photos, non-Florence related material, gore, deliberately false/unhelpful information, spam/affiliate links, and rude religious or political commentary will be removed.


A place for non-fiction writers, agents, publishers and editors to discuss their craft and industry. > You're welcome to join us and share advice about writing, layout, typography, readers, sales, promotion, and anything else that helps us produce amazing books and publications.

Found a really useful app for helping choose which gauge strings to use with non-standard tunings. Info in comments (I'm not affiliated with the developer in any way, I just wanted to share something I thought may be helpful)

Found a really useful app for helping choose which gauge strings to use with non-standard tunings. Info in comments (I'm not affiliated with the developer in any way, I just wanted to share something I thought may be helpful) submitted by kakar0tten to Emo [link] [comments]

[Benchmob] "NA Contenders scene is a mess. Feels like a new horror story is shared with me every day—and it isn’t the non-affiliated teams. More oversight is needed and teams need to be held accountable. I don’t exaggerate when I say that players’ careers are absolutely being ruined."

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hello from 20 months beyond the bump! i finally put together a registry list of items i’ve srsly loved or wish i found out about sooner. really wanted to share with this group bc i always loved those kinda posts when i was lurking here 😊🍼💝 (URL to non-sales-affiliated amazon ideas list)

hello from 20 months beyond the bump! i finally put together a registry list of items i’ve srsly loved or wish i found out about sooner. really wanted to share with this group bc i always loved those kinda posts when i was lurking here 😊🍼💝 (URL to non-sales-affiliated amazon ideas list) submitted by spaceistheplaceface to BabyBumps [link] [comments]

Does anyone know of a (non-affiliated) "co-op" structured shared gym space?

A few of us who train regularly were kicking around this idea given prices for schools are pretty high in NYC and open mat times arent always convenient. Mainly geared towards higher level belts who can learn independently and don't need a full service school to enjoy bjj.

What do you guys think? Would be interested if anyone has attempted this before.

  1. Nice private facility (access card, security cameras, showers, etc) paid for monthly by (vetted) members who share mat space access
  2. Community rules/member upkeep, eg everyone must leave it clean or get de-membered
  3. Member fees won't go towards any instructors or staff, so hopefully very little upkeep costs
  4. Supplemental upkeep income for the gym (if needed) maybe through classes/privates run by members, so eg, each member has to be available 2x a month to teach
  5. If 4 above, then all profits go to charity, so maybe the gym can be organized as a nonprofit to save on taxes
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Amazon “Renewed” Smart Home section has some decent deals. Just stumbled across this and thought I’d share. (Non-affiliate link)

Amazon “Renewed” Smart Home section has some decent deals. Just stumbled across this and thought I’d share. (Non-affiliate link) submitted by mrRandomGuy02 to homeautomation [link] [comments]

I found VCT Subohm Tanks at a great price. I thought I would share. $15.99 is rather unbeatable, agree? - Non-affiliate

I found VCT Subohm Tanks at a great price. I thought I would share. $15.99 is rather unbeatable, agree? - Non-affiliate submitted by ViperVaporLLC to electronic_cigarette [link] [comments]

[@YonhapNews] Chaebols' financial affiliates urged to sell non-financial shares

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not comfy posting about politics on FaceBook, etc.? sharing the informative non-partisan Get Out the Vote LINK inside will help Bernie! 49.7% of primary delegates will be decided as of 3/15. voter registration, change of party affiliation, deadlines as soon as this Tuesday for some states!

I realized that without getting into politics, I can help Bernie by trying to spread the word on social media that these deadlines are approaching. Bernie's chances go up with more people registering and changing party affiliations if necessary before these deadlines.
if there's a lot of us who feel the same way, maybe we can make sharing a reminder about upcoming primary deadlines a trend!
the best laid out website I've found is clearly Bernie backing,
but, if like me, you want something non-partisan to share, best I've seen is
if someone knows of a better non-partisan site, please chime in.
we might also be able to persuade the people "" to create a non-partisan version of their wonderfully laid out page by contacting them here,
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Because I'm sure those starving, non-American-citizen African kids would much rather share your political affiliation than oh, I don't know, a sandwich.

Because I'm sure those starving, non-American-citizen African kids would much rather share your political affiliation than oh, I don't know, a sandwich. submitted by xsuneaglex to facepalm [link] [comments]

Face Masks - A List of Face Coverings for MFA

Aight -- I've been low-key kinda hyped for wearing masks during the whole epidemic and have started collecting them to accessorize with. To that point, I did my best to spin up a list (AKA spreadsheet) of brands that I've found that have some cool designs going on, as well as to list any causes (AFAIK) that they might be donating to/supporting.
All of this is still a work in progress, so I'm just slowly adding stuff as I go.
DISCLAIMER -- I am NOT affiliated with any of the businesses, companies, or brands listed. They're just selling some masks I thought were cool that I wanted to share. I am not, and have no intention of, profiting from this in any way.
Additionally -- not all of these masks are up to CDC standards/specs or classified as N95. Some are and/or have filter pockets though, and I might try to specifically flag those ones if I get the chance.
TL;DR - I tried my best to create a list of masks from a lot of "mainstream" fashion labels. Link.
Please let me know if y'all have any comments or suggestions!
P.S.: I really hope this is in line with community guidelines mods plz be merciful.
Edit: Dang y'all -- it's so dope to see all the cordial discussions going on in the comments. Thanks for recommending masks and informing each other on other options and suggestions!! Coupla updates:
Please keep the discussions ongoing y'all -- it's so dope to see all the support and care in the sub going on!!
Edit II: Thanks for the continued input and suggestions y'all -- as of this edit, I think we've got about 150+ masks on the list. Several "quality of life" updates to the list:
Edit III: List is still going strong and we've got about 150+ brands at the moment, with about 100+ on the way. I'm still fleshing everything else out, but since this has gained a lot more traction and people have been asking about health concerns and CDC/WHO standards, I'm slowly also trying to detail and make more information readily consolidated/available. I also might try to start doing/posting reviews on masks based on availability and (personal funds).
Edit IV: I've had some brands and users reaching out to me to show support, so I'm working to start up a blog and post information, updates, etc. regarding masks (and hopefully even COVID19 info) because people have been asking for recommendations and this has been useful in not only (hopefully) raising awareness for others, but in educating myself and learning more and more about masks, COVID, and current medical standards.
I'm still not a healthcare/medical professional, nor am I claiming to be, and this is in no way being done for profit or marketing -- it's just something that progressively spiraled out of a hobby of mine into a legitimate avenue for discussions and education, and I have no formal affiliations or stakes in any of the brands that I've listed/detailed. Starting off with an Instagram for now while still putting together a blog/website (both currently under construction), but it should just serve to act as a more formal medium for what I'm doing here and on the spreadsheet but with more write-ups, details, and even fit pics for different masks.
Please keep in mind: I'm a "one man shop" and this list may or may not have been made on a whim because I wanted to keep a running list of brands that I liked. So please keep the suggestions coming and I'll do my best to update/course correct accordingly. If you or someone you know personally owns/runs a brand, please PM me and I'll try to include it (once again: I am not including Etsy/eBay/FB/etc. shops because that's a slippery slope and harder to "track").
This is still an ongoing WIP, so thanks for the continued support and feedback! Please also make sure to checkout/show some love to some of the other lists that are out there:
Please reference the following links for information/details regarding health and safety standards with respect to buying, wearing, and even making masks:
My original list can still be found here.
Instagram (WIP) can be found here. -- UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Please feel free to DM me with any questions/inquiries -- thanks y'all!
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Historical float data

Hi everyone, I need historical float data. Maybe anyone knows some kind of provider for this data? Or at least know a method how to calculate it using SEC filings? Thank you!
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A take on the Jio apps as alternatives to Chinese apps

To Indians who are suggesting or trying out Jio products as replacements for the banned Chinese ones, please read privacy policies of their apps. Just because they are from an Indian company does not make them secure and private automatically.
JioBrowser is not a better alternative to UC browser. This is their privacy policy - According to this, they can store your personal and non personal information and share them with third parties for ads and promotional services. The JioBrowser also stores all of your browsing history, downloads, permissions granted to sites, cache of the websites you visit and "Thumbnail-sized screenshots of pages that you visit most often" among other things. All of these can be used to "provide you with marketing communications and advertising" and "provide you with recommendation about services you may be interested in, based on your use of the Jio Browser"
Solution: Firefox, DuckDuckGo or Brave browser are simply far better when it comes to protecting your privacy. Open source and treating your browsing data with respect.
Similarly, JioMeet is not better than Zoom. It looks like a copy of Zoom in design And here is their privacy policy - JioMeet collects personal information about you ("name, age, gender, contact information, products and services you are interested in or require more information about") and can share it with affiliates to serve you ads and promotional services. There are many red flags in that policy. I just mentioned the most obvious ones.
Solution: Signal is the most secure and private option for personal video calling. Even apps like Duo, Whatsapp or Facetime which are developed by mega-corps are end to end encrypted. JioMeet doesn't say anything about end to end encryption. Zoom will begin allowing users to enable end-to-end encryption of calls. You can continue with Zoom or Google Meet for business requirements. They both have their flaws though. You can try something like Jitsi Meet as an open source solution
Next app on the list is JioSwitch (alternative to ShareIt/Xender). Here's their privacy policy - It stores similar personal information (age, gender etc). It can also store your IP address, device ID, the IMEI, IMSI of your SIM etc. This "File Transfer" app may also collect "certain keywords and their counts from your SMS" in a way that does not identify you. 🤔(The app doesn't have the SMS permission on Android so this is not even possible, but it's there in their privacy policy 🤷)
Solution : TrebleShot is the best alternative to ShareIt (Free and open source) - but you can try Files By Google or Easy Share as well
And last on today's list is JioChat - alternative to WeChat. The text messaging app that doesn't have end to end encryption in 2020. JioChat's design has some eerie similarities with WhatsApp. It's privacy policy can be found here - The app will collect same personal information as other Jio apps (name, gender, age, contact information etc). And sensitive personal information "will carry the meaning as may be defined by applicable laws from time to time". And the privacy policy states - "You accept the inherent security implications of providing unencrypted information over Internet"
Solution : There are countless better alternatives to this app - Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp being the most popular ones.
Don't install the app on your smartphone just because it's made in India. If it's developed by a for-profit privately run business, it should be analyzed in the same way we'd do with Google/Facebook/Microsoft etc. Support genuine Indian apps which also respect your privacy.
I wrote the original thread here -
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r/chess and ChessBae Toxicity [Confirmed] Censorship

For those of you that missed the post discussing the toxic behavior of ChessBae because it was removed, here is the link.
I'm very sure that many here will be well aware of who ChessBae is. A friend of mine was able to confirm ChessBae's toxic nature and speaking out against her has resulted in the post being removed as you can see. ChessBae's influence has been allowed to crawl into most nook and crannies of the online chess community and to be quite frank, it is alarming how even chess mods are influenced by her.
Edit: Original Post Content Below
There's been a bit of drama recently revolving around and the people affiliated with them, specifically ChessBae94. Just a day or two ago, Gold Dust Tori announced the discontinue of her support for the website for reasons yet to be revealed. But the main focus of this post derives from this conversation between ChessBae and IlySuiteHeart where ChessBae displays her toxic behavior towards a League of Legends streamer who decided on a whim to stream chess one day. In a nutshell, the verbal exchange revolves around ChessBae's extremely demeaning attitude towards IlySuiteHeart as her appearance and general attire were deemed to be offensive to her feminist principles.
Naturally, like most others, I took the screenshot with a pinch of salt but a friend of mine managed to get in contact with IlySuiteHeart who confirmed that the conversation did indeed take place. And what's more, he was able to sleuth around and find this video of ChessBae's toxic behavior which provides undeniable proof of ChessBae's interaction with IlySuiteHeart.
This hasn't been a single, isolated incident though. The OGs in here will remember how ChessBae basically warded off Neekolul as well. Many of the ChessBrah fans will know about the disagreement relating to banning of subs too. And just recently, about three weeks ago, are the accounts of BrujaWeb and various other mods where ChessBae attempts to use her influence to unmod members who have been part of the community for much longer than any of us.
I love to see chess grow just as much as the next person, but if we continue to allow such toxic behavior from individuals such as ChessBae, it's going to be a very difficult struggle to see the further development of online chess. It's taken a global pandemic to experience the much needed growth of chess since the Fischer Boom and would be a deep shame to allow individuals and their controlling nature to push away and discourage non-chess streamers such as IlySuiteHeart and many others from enjoying chess alongside with the rest of us.
Edit: The post got removed from LivestreamFail as well. Here's the post.
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Frontend Web Developer Roadmap: Everything you need to know to get started

If you're feeling lazy and would prefer to watch a full video summary, one is available here. Let me know if you have any feedback!
What is frontend web development?
It is using code to create the visual part of a website. The content, the colours and positioning, as well as the logic that is on a page, such as submitting a form. That's frontend. The other part is 'backend', which is everything related to the database and network; the non-visual things that are going on behind the scene.

Different routes to learn web development
CS Degree: The first is a degree, through either a university or college. This offers strong foundational knowledge in computer science, which can be very helpful, especially in certain areas of programming. However in my experience, this understanding of computer science is not necessary in order to get your first web development job and you can learn all of the theory and nitty gritty details of computers while on the job. Additionally, getting a degree is also a very long process, so 3-4 years, it's also extremely expensive - and the majority of it won't be focused on web development.
Bootcamp: Next -3-4 month coding bootcamps (offers good structure and forces you to be fully immersed, but expensive and must be full-time)
Self-taught: Finally -Self taught. What the focus of this guide is. This route offers a flexible schedule and inexpensive, and as long as you have the right set of online courses and curriculum set up for you, I believe it is the best option. Getting your first web development job is not about what certificate or degree you have. In most cases, it is a meritocracy - that is, if you have the skills to do the job, you can get the job.

How long does it take to be job ready? 4-12 months.
Outline a timeframe which you are able to dedicate towards learning web development(3, 6 or 12 months) and create a schedule around it. This way you can track your progress and hold yourself accountable if you set a specific date to, such as finishing a specific course or start apply to jobs. Whether it is 3 or 12 months, the only thing that changes is how much time per week you are able to dedicate towards learning this craft. If it is 3 months, you'll need to be working 12+ hours per day, and for 12 months, maybe 2 hours per day. The key is coding daily, so you can immerse yourself.
It's also important to stick to one programming language, based on the job you're wanting to get. Don't get distracted by other languages. They're fantastic, but your focus needs to be on the core frontend stack. You don't want to be a Jack of all trades, but master of none. You need to get vertical proficiency, not horizontal - and you get that by practicing that one thing, daily.
What do you need to learn?
HTML (the content - the text, images, links), CSS(the styling - colors, positioning and responsiveness), and JavaScript(the logic for your website, when you click a submit button - what happens?). Once you have learned those three and have a strong foundation in JavaScript, then you'll be at a crossroads; React, Angular or Vue. These are JavaScript libraries and frameworks, which act as wrappers around vanilla JavaScript, giving you additional functionality that would take longer to code otherwise. It is important that the first thing you do before getting too deep into one of these, is to look on job websites (LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Indeed) and ensure that there are a lot of jobs for all of these in your area. Search for titles including "frontend developer and frontend engineer", as well as the words 'Angular, Vue and React' and see how many listings there are. If there is more of one of these technologies in your area, it may be better to learn that one. You'll likely find many of each. Personally I would recommend React as it is easier to learn than a full framework and there are usually a ton of jobs out there for it.
As a bonus, I would recommend looking into TypeScript and Redux. In JavaScript, you don't have to say that variable x is a number. It will infer that x = 5 is a number type. This however can sometimes lead to hard to catch bugs. TypeScript is still JavaScript, but it allows you to add strong typing to your application, where you define that variable x will be a number.
Redux is a state management library. Angular, React and Vue all have their own variations of Redux. When your application gets bigger and there are lots of different parts with their own data, Redux acts as a centralized memory for all of your different UI components to read from. It acts as a single source of truth so that everything stays organized.
Also need to be familiar with the version control technology Git (allowing you to 'save' your app at a specific point, roll back to it if necessary, and share the code online to others using Github or Bitbucket).
May also be helpful to know the basics of SASS (CSS wrapper, giving you more utility. It is still CSS, but just some extra tools which can be huge time savers). Along the way, you'll also need to learn basic terminal commands, using NPM packages and the build tool Webpack. You should also be familiar with the basics of Agile methodologies, which is a management style that a lot of development teams work in. If you're familiar with the very basics, then it will be an easier transition for you to join a dev team, and hiring managers will know that as well.
Learning resources
So, what resources can you use to learn all of this? I found that between YouTube and Udemy, you can learn everything required. I am going to leave a list down below with a list of Udemy courses you can pick up for $15 (when on sale). Each course is about 20-30 hours and it will teach you the required fundamentals. I'm not affiliated with these courses and make no money on it. I simply know the instructors are excellent and am sure they are high quality courses.

Once you've completed a these courses and have built a few projects
After that, it is all about getting your first job. I am going to create posts (and videos) on each of these points, because they deserve a post of their own.
In short, you'll need to have a great resume which highlights your love for web development, while also emphasizing how all of your previous job experiences has guided you towards this new career path.
Have a GitHub with your own projects on it, as well as some of the work you've done while learning along the way. Build out a portfolio website which highlights the projects you've build and the skills you have. You can host your portfolio and projects for free on GitHub Pages.
Consider doing 1 or 2 freelance jobs(even if it is just for friends or family), where you're working with a real client, with a real deadline. This will be good practice for you, and will show your future employer that someone has already trusted you, and that you delivered.
Familiarize yourself with LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor - and start applying for 3-5 jobs per day. I did this for an entire month, had a few interviews and then landed my first job. It can take a few weeks, or a few months - eventually you will get your first opportunity. Getting your first job is the most difficult. Once you have worked somewhere and have some experience, finding your next job will be a lot easier.

On a final note, learning code is not easy. There will be roadblocks and it can be a difficult grind at times. Remember that the path you are on now is worth it and can get you to the place in your life where you really want to be, whether that is career satisfaction, ability to work from anywhere in the world, or financial freedom.
Thank you for your time! Consider checking out my YouTube channel, as I'm posting weekly now with videos specifically for frontend developers who are just starting out. Available here.
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Apologies for the disruption. And welcome newcomers.

Hi to all our old and new friends here at FriendsofthePod,
I hope you're all doing well and I'd like to extend a welcome to the influx of new visitors we've seen in the past few hours. I'd like to take a moment to clear up a few things, because we've always run our sub that way.
Today 2000 subs were banned by Reddit for violating their content policy. While we had nothing to do with this, it's come to our attention that several Discord groups and Tweets had targeted us for harassment. I appreciate the concern some of you have had regarding this, but this is absolutely fine. Welcome.
For starters, I'd like to reintroduce myself, but for those of you waiting for a TL;DR this is a good paragraph to skip. This comes as no surprise to many of you regulars, but I tend to overshare and keep things in the daylight — it makes it easier to run a smallish sub with a small crew when we're very transparent with you all. I (and the other mods) aren't affiliated with Crooked Media in any way. The closest degree of contact we've ever had with them has been going to live shows as ticket-paying audience members. I'm a first-generation American raising our very first second-generation American in Berkley, CA. I've volunteered for every presidential campaign since a rock-the-vote event I attended in grade school where I got to meet Hillary Clinton. I've also volunteered for Warren (senate), Sanders (2016 MA primary), and Buttigieg (2019-20 primary). In this cycle I've donated to (from most to least) Pete, Warren, Bernie, Yang, Booker, Inslee, Bennet, and Castro (not including donations I’ve made in honor and at the request of some of you, though I did refuse to donate to Bloomberg and would have said the same for Gabbard if anyone had asked). Now I'm donating, volunteering, and voting for Biden. When I ban someone who's a Biden supporter... they accuse me of being a leftist Bernie bro. When I suspend Bernie supporters... they accuse me of being a centrist shill. When I encounter a Gabbard supporter... I'll let you know. I say all this because some of you have sent me some pretty angry messages today assuming I am someone very different from who I am. I promise: if I ever get to speak with Lovett, I’m not wasting my chance to get snarkily denied my request for a wedding invite just to pass along your insults.
Now to introduce this sub. First and foremost: anyone abiding by our rules is welcome here. Please read them. This should be a welcome destination for anyone who is a fan of Crooked Media. All Crooked podcasts, newsletters, volunteer opportunities, and more. Your opinions cannot be too far left, centrist, conservative, populist, religious, etc. for this sub. However your opinions cannot be shared at the expense of the dignity, safety, or rights of any of the other users here. We encourage passionate, informed debates. We remove comments, suspend, and ban users for ad hominem attacks, false news, threats, calls to violence, and either not voting or encouraging others not to. That includes making those statements about other users, public figures, or anyone in between. If you see a comment that violates our rules, please report it, downvote it, consider blocking that person, and please: don't respond.
If you were a fan of another sub and find yourself here, please consider checking out one of the 20ish different Crooked podcasts to see if you might like one. If you're only here to stir shit up: I wish you wouldn't.
To that effect, we had to temporarily restrict posting privileges on the sub while we cleaned up some inappropriate comments. We're playing it by ear, but I imagine we'll restrict the sub during hours we're not able to be vigilant mods, but our intention is to do so as little as possible. I hope that doesn't discourage too many of our users on non-US timezones from participating. Please let me know if it does.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to share your thoughts below.
Wishing everyone good health and a better tomorrow,
OHK + The Mods of the Pods
TL;DR: Welcome new people. We're all just podcast fans here and we don't care what other podcasts you listen to. Be excellent to each other. Otherwise we'll have to pause the sub for a bit while we clean things up.
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New and Improved Rules! Updates and Clarifications, for Your Viewing Pleasure

Hi all!
Your moderator team has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing updated and clarified rules for use on the sub. Our goal with this update is to be as clear as possible for users as well as for ourselves in our moderation activities. This update is necessary due to our continued growth as well as gaps in the rules that we've noticed over the past several months.
We'll be taking input through Friday, discussing any additional changes based on your feedback over the weekend, and the rules will be updated in the various places they live on the sub early next week. While it is highly unlikely we will be making changes to the spirit of these rules, we're open to changes that increase clarity and ease of use. No moderator actions will be based on the new rules until they have gone live in the sidebawiki/etc.
Thank you all for being awesome.
Quick guide/explainer - we have essentially done a long and short version of the rules, short version will live in the sidebar and include a link to the full version that will live in the wiki. Where you see "further clarification here" will always be the link to the full wiki version, which is what follow it in each section. Please read "Kickstarter" as meaning any crowdfunding site.

Be Kind

SIDEBAR: Every interaction on the subreddit must be kind, respectful, and welcoming. Do not engage in hate speech, racism, sexism, targeted harassment, dog whistles, devil’s advocate, arguing in bad faith, sealioning, or general pot stirring. This is an LGBTQ+ friendly space. Acting in bad faith in this community can and likely will have consequences.
Further clarification here.
Our vision is to build a reputation for inclusive, welcoming dialogue where creators and fans of all types of speculative fiction mingle. The community always comes first.
Hate speech, racism, sexism, targeted harassment, dog whistles, devil’s advocate, arguing in bad faith, sealioning, and general pot stirring are not permitted. No person should ever feel threatened, harassed, or unwelcome. Any of the above couched in “polite” or joking language will not be tolerated. We are committed to protecting and supporting our marginalized or vulnerable community members.
Marginalized or vulnerable groups include, but are not limited to, groups based on their actual and perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability. These include victims of a major violent event and their families.
Please see Reddit’s site-wide content policy for further information on the standards we set for our community members.

Hide All Spoilers

SIDEBAR: Hide All Spoilers, no matter how old. Spoiler tags look like this: text goes here Please make sure that there are no spaces between ! and the text.
Further clarification here.
Hide all spoilers, regardless of the age of the media.
If an entire post will be spoiler discussion, indicate so in the title, eg. “Spoiler Discussion for The Empire Strikes Back” and toggle spoiler mode on. If a comment in a thread without spoilers will disclose a spoiler, tag it appropriately.
Spoiler tags that work for both versions of Reddit and on mobile look like this: /text goes here/ will look like Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker.
**Please make sure that there are no spaces between ! and the text** or it may not show up correctly on all devices: >! text goes here!<, text goes here or >! text goes here !< do not work on all devices.

No Pirated Content

SIDEBAR: Absolutely no pirated content or references to pirated content. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban.
Further clarification here.
Do not post links to, reference how to access, or request creative work that has not been authorized by the rights holder. Do not encourage piracy in any way, shape, or form. Piracy includes, but is not limited to, YouTube videos of audiobooks/movies, PDFs of books, blogs whose content is books, etc. The content will be removed and you may face an immediate ban.
Any external link to original content must either be on the creator’s own site or properly attributed.
Fair use of copyrighted material is allowed. If you have questions about whether something you would like to submit is allowed under fair use, please contact the mods.

Art and Image Posts

SIDEBAR: Only regular and consistent community members can post art. The artist MUST be credited in the title. If you are the artist, our Self-Promotion Policy also applies. Please read the full rules, linked below, prior to posting art.
Do not post direct image links or memes.
Further clarification here.
Memes and meme-like content are never allowed.
Image posts are typically not allowed. This includes static images, gifs, etc. If you are posting fantasy-related art, please see our rules surrounding art posts below.
Images may be used within text posts to supplement a discussion topic.
Interesting or unusual photos are permitted at moderator discretion; if you believe your photo falls into this category, you must reach out via modmail for prior approval. Author signatures, author photos, and pets do not qualify.
Cover reveals are allowed. You may post this as an image. If you are the author of the book, or friends with the author of the book, then our self-promotion rules apply. Only one post per cover reveal is allowed, and all others will be redirected - including those by the author if they were not the first to post.
Shelfies, hauls, etc may be posted in the monthly “Show and Tell” thread. See our recurring posts calendar for more information.
Art Posts
"Art" includes, but is not limited to, paintings, cosplay, jewelry, metalwork, and woodworking.
If you are the artist, our Self-Promotion Policy also applies.
Only regular community members can post art. By this we mean community members who consistently participate in the sub. Stopping by only to make a few comments or posts before posting your art does not make you a regular community member. We are primarily a discussion-based subreddit rather than an art sharing platform. If it is clear you are primarily here to share art rather than to participate in discussion, then this conduct fails to fulfill the Fantasy mission.
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The artist MUST be credited in the title even if the artist is you. Usernames are okay.
All links or discussions surrounding art commissions or purchases belong in the bi-weekly self promotion thread. See our recurring posts calendar for more information.
Spoiler warnings and NSFW tags must be applied to art if necessary. Do not post any art that is primarily erotic or otherwise highly disturbing in nature.
All art must have a clear speculative fiction related element. Off topic art will be removed.
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Further clarification here.
Self Promotion
Self-Promotion includes any content you have a vested interest in. This includes content created by your friends or family. Whether you have a financial stake in the content is not relevant to this policy; promoting free, non-monetized content you have created falls under this policy just the same as monetized content.
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If these requirements seem onerous to you, remember that we do an annual census of the subreddit, and that data is available to everyone - past surveys are archived here.
Remember that any survey here only represents the users of this subreddit, and that your data is likely to be skewed as a result. It's useful to post in many places for the best representation (unless your research is specifically about reddit). Posting in /samplesize is a useful tool, as is other social media, particularly twitter.
It's a best practice to share your findings with folks who participate in your survey/study. If you have results to share, please do so, again as a self post.
If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We want this to be a useful tool for folks, but we also don't want our users to feel taken advantage of.
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Only one post per Kickstarter is allowed even if new stretch goals are added. Please think carefully on when you would like to post - whether to post at the start of fundraising, in the middle, or to announce successful funding.
In addition to this, you are welcome to post in the bi-weekly self promotion thread. See our recurring posts calendar for more information.
Other Posts
If you would like to make a post that is not specifically mentioned in our rules, or have any questions, please contact us via modmail.

This is a list of tweaks we're working on based on feedback so far: (updated 8 am EDT Friday, this list in non-exhaustive and in progress)
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Food bloggers who make you scroll past 5 pages of B.S to get to a recipe are the absolute WORST!

"if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe". only the late, great, carl sagan can get away with this kind of cheekiness.
when all i want is a recipe for homemade apple pie i shouldn't have to read through the history of apples, and that one summer you worked in an orchard and met your future ex-partner, and how baking apple pies reminds you of van morrison because you heard him on the radio when your nana was baking once (such a great voice though!), and how you have brown eyes, too, and how you totally believe the eyes are the gateway to the soul which makes you super deep, and speaking of soul, i should totally sign up for your mailing list because next week you're going to share your favorite recipe for sole fish (hahahahah funny pun!!), and FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD, JUST GIVE ME THE FREAKIN' RECIPE ALREADY!!!
too bad ;)
if i really want that recipe you're gonna make me open up this slide show that begins with 16 pictures of apple-related things borrowed from other people's instagram and pinterest, then i'm gonna have to watch a 30 second car insurance commercial which starts over if i try to drag the slider to the end, then you're gonna make me sign up for your newsletter because you don't want me to miss out on the bestest recipes on the web, and finally (assuming i've made it this far without having a frustration-induced aneurysm) i'll get to a super basic recipe you stole from some other food blogger that's packed with sketchy affiliate links for baking products i already have. [email protected]$#%#@$%
all of you shitty food bloggers have ruined the experience of finding and sharing recipes online and i hope you figuratively die in a proverbial fire in a totally non-violent way. i'm going back to cookbooks because of you. good day!
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I was just asked to leave my CrossFit box

A couple of days ago my (former) CrossFit box made a post saying that they support BLM and that they were considering unaffiliating due to the controversy. I commented on that post.
My Comment:
"100% agree (to unaffiliate). Even prior to this CrossFit has always has had a negative perception outside the community. I chose to train at this gym a few years ago over others because it was not a crossfit affiliate at the time. It was called (gym name at the time with no reference to CrossFit). When it reaffiliated I left. I came back this year despite the CrossFit name because I know how great the (gym name) community is. At this point though I personally wouldn't feel comfortable training at a place with a CrossFit sign on the front door"
To clarify what I meant when I said it had a negative perception and why I was turned off of the brand even prior, I was referring to other controversial topics like the pro-gun stance, pukey the clown, LGBTQ controversy.
After posting my comment I had a few comments showing support and some discussion started in their comment section. Shortly after, the gym deleted my comment and censored everything other than the overtly positive "We love you..." type (they only have 3 comments now). They then private messaged me in a one-sided text conversation calling me an "asshole with a pitchfork", expressed their support for Greg Glassman and said those who think poorly of him are "idiotic" and have "a lack of intelligence". They then said they would like to terminate my membership due to that comment.
Their Message:
"Hey (name),
We love you, you're always welcome at our spot.
I didn't know you kept your membership going through the lockdown, my apologies. I don't want this to get lost through text.. I mean this from a position of happiness, not bitterness at all, we don't expect or want any charity. We worked hard through the lockdown to raise our workload and meet the expectations and value people were paying for. We appreciate the gesture greatly.
Knowing how you feel about us, the exact thing we do, we should probably drop your membership ya
Despite that first sentence, I definitely don't feel as though I'd be welcome there. I never once asked to cancel my membership (although they may have felt my comment implied it). The second paragraph refers to the fact that during the CV19 lockdown I messaged them and told them I would like to continue paying my membership fees to help support them through that time (since they could not open due to government regulations). I paid for 3 months without ever stepping foot in the gym. To add to all this, in a twist of comical irony, the gym is mostly white. The owners are white. I was one of the few non-white members.
I guess I was compelled to make this post and share my experience because it's been a few days and I'm still a bit stunned and confused about the whole situation. I've never heard of someone being kicked out of a CrossFit gym for simply holding a different opinion on a subject than the owners. I was not expecting my comment to garner so much hostility and honestly thought it was fairly respectful. I even explicitly stated their gym had a good community. I do recognize it's basically impossible for me to be objective in this situation though so would be curious if people here thought my comment was out of line. I appreciate all feedback positive or negative.

EDIT: This was taken from a post below. I thought I should add it to the OP
Wow I had no idea this would blow up like it did. I initially wanted to avoid posting screenshots because I didn't want myself or the gym doxxed. It's pretty hard for me to post the full convo without someone who knows me irl seeing this post and knowing it's me/what gym this is. But here are a few.
This part of the convo that references the "asshole with a pitchfork" comment. I don't want to post the actual original comment due to the fact that I think you could possibly dox it, but they didn't address me asking if it was directed at me, so i assume it was. It was also from a private message after all.
This is the message where they say the public got the CF/Glassman stuff wrong over "a lack of intelligence"
This is them telling me that my opinion is "idiotic/insane" ,

EDIT2: I just want to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments. I wanted to address some in the original post. Apologies for not replying to you each individually, but I have read every comment, good and bad.
1) I am not going to ask for a chargeback or refund for the 3 months of fees I paid. I told them I was happy to do it and I still stand by that. I feel it's important to support small businesses now more than ever. Even if I wanted to do that they had a DM of me saying I'd like to continue paying so I probably wouldn't have a case for it anyway.
2) To the people urging me to out the gym, I've thought about it and I'm very conflicted. I don't want to be responsible for killing a small business, but I understand the points people are making in this thread. This thread got pretty big. The thought that someone who goes to this gym could have seen it, thought to themselves "this place sounds awful, I'm glad it's not my gym" and then go into that place for a WOD oblivious is pretty disheartening to me.
I will not name the gym on here but I've been informed by a friend that a senior coach there has become aware of my exile and plans to talk to the owners about it. In a twist of poetic justice, by attempting to silence my voice in their gym they have made it louder. By attempting to quell discourse, they've created more. I've started a fire.
Furthermore, I am a competitive regional level strength athlete. I have a lot of ties to the local strength and fitness community. This CrossFit box was always a place I recommended and spoke highly of to others. At this point I will dissuade anyone interested in functional training from going there. To the posters that are disappointed in me for not posting the gym name, I want to assure you that I don't think this gym will get out of this unscathed. I've started a discussion in their ranks, and the bad word-of-mouth that they will now get from this will be damaging.
Thanks again to everyone for their feedback. It's help me process my thoughts through this whole experience.
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Lechoker_ Amazon Affiliate Case Study - Month 18

Hello guys,
I hope everyone is doing good. This is the 18th month of my case study and as always, I want to share with you how the website is doing. All is well and the website is also doing very well. I've been working non-stop on it and I assume that I will get the return in the upcoming months.
Let's see what I have been doing.
I haven't been writing articles myself for a while now and I miss it a lot. Writing content is so much fun but it is not efficient. I work with 4 different writers now that makes me able to put out content very fast. And that's what I should do to catch up with my competition. Those websites have a ridiculous amount of content on their websites.
Therefore, I assume they make a lot of money. And the math is very simple right. If 100 articles make 1,000 Dollars for you, there is a good chance that 200 articles will make you much more. So, content is always my priority.
That's why I aimed for 70,000 words last month. I failed and I put out 60,131 words and that gets me up to 547,407 words in total. Even though I couldn't reach my goal, I'm confident that I'll do a better job in July.
Month Organic Referral Direct Social Total
Month 6 768 0 43 0 811
Month 7 1,813 0 75 0 1,892
Month 8 2,902 0 122 0 3,024
Month 9 3,399 0 139 0 3,538
Month 10 4,462 0 124 0 4,586
Month 11 6,870 0 208 0 7,078
Month 12 9,705 0 355 0 10,060
Month 13 12,753 0 608 0 13,557
Month 14 12,227 0 590 0 12,817
Month 15 13,863 0 516 0 14,401
Month 16 27,561 0 1,341 0 28,902
Month 17 26,833 0 732 0 27,651
Month 18 24,534 0 821 0 25,364
The increase in traffic is still due to Corona. I don't how long it will continue to go like this. It should go back to normal once everything returns to normal. However, there is a chance that people's habits will change. I'm not sure what will happen but my approach is always the same. Work hard and hope for the best. I should also mention that doing that quiets my mind a little bit.
Click & Earnings
Month Clicks Ordered Items Shipped Items Returned Items Conversion Rate Total Earnings
Month 6 729 23 22 0 3.16 % $ 32.78
Month 7 3,199 78 69 2 2.44 % $ 97.17
Month 8 4,893 57 60 10 1.16% $ 113.15
Month 9 5,485 104 99 2 1.90% $ 238.02
Month 10 3,830 150 137 2 3.92% $ 366.74
Month 11 4,403 509 576 16 11.56% $ 1,099.36
Month 12 6,462 975 964 35 15.09 % $ 2,521.83
Month 13 7,444 910 888 38 12.22% $ 2,247.56
Month 14 6,638 701 695 29 10,56% $ 1,736.76
Month 15 7,790 976 830 36 12.53% $ 1,946.86
Month 16 13,227 1,661 1,445 30 12.56 % $2,718.74
Month 17 10,729 1,536 1,615 66 14.32% $1,620.51
Month 18 7,356 1,095 1,106 57 14.89% $1,215.53
I also made 238.05 $ with the Amazon UK and 119.54 $ with the Amazon Canada affiliate program and 687.88 $ with other affiliate programs and $196.06 with Ezoic. Again, very good money for the country I live in. I mean very very good money.
I decided to try Geniuslink a couple a days ago and it seems much better than Amazon's Onelink feature. It does a better job at finding the same products in other Amazons like Australia, India etc. So, I signed up for those affiliate programs. I don't know how much money I will make from them though. I'll report next month.
I was going to go a little crazy and aim for 100,000 words. However, I will be out of town for at least a week. So, I will stick with 70,000 words again. I will also publish a couple of guest posts.
As always, thanks for reading and see you guys next month!
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A Letter from the CEO - James Ferguson

I’m James Ferguson, CEO of Immutable and Gods Unchained. In addition to Chris Clay’s recent State of the Beta, I wanted to give an overview of our journey with Gods Unchained and where we’re heading.
Gods Unchained has always had a grand vision. When we sat down to plan it, we knew exactly what we wanted: to combine the magic of physical card ownership with the convenience and fun of digital TCGs. To build the first AAA quality game with blockchain assets at its core.
When Gods Unchained was conceived, Immutable had 3 employees, but only two desk seats at a coworking space… We then grew to 10 full-time and our first playable version of Gods Unchained. Today, we have our own office, and 63 incredibly talented people who are hard at work building something important.
In that time we’ve made many learnings, with the main ones I’d like to talk about being:
On Play to Earn...
How important can a new TCG really be? Gods Unchained is the first example of a new type of game, a game which radically shifts the relationship between players and developers. A lot of you will already know this, but for those who don’t, it’s important to understand what exactly Gods Unchained does differently, and why the biggest gaming investor in the world and the biggest public crypto company in the world think it is the first example of an entirely new genre of game.
In the physical world, if I sell you a shirt, it’s yours. You can wear it, sell it, store it in your basement or destroy it – like I said, it’s yours. However, if you bought a shirt from Target, and they told you that (1) you couldn’t lend it to a friend and that (2) they could take it from you at any time, you’d correctly refuse to buy it: that’s (at best) a rental, not a sale. However, in the digital worlds of modern free to play (F2P) gaming, this is exactly what happens. Companies sell you a virtual shirt that you have absolutely no legal rights over. Last year, F2P games made $87B using this model. None of it went to players. We’re determined to change this.
While tradable assets are not new in games, what’s new is the power that trustless ownership, programmable assets and the infrastructure of the Ethereum network bring to the table. These go beyond simply buying and selling in-game items, as it’s the things that allow users to creatively utilize assets beyond the game that really excite us – like smart contracts being able to interface with your digital assets to create new ways to earn. The potential we see in this space grows with every day that Gods Unchained expands.
The Play to Earn process is the foundation of our game, and every iteration is based around the above ethos of true, trustless ownership. We’ve had a few iterations of this so far, and we’re constantly learning from these segments in order to build out more instances in the future.
One of the biggest scaling potentials for Play to Earn comes from our work with StarkWare on building out Immutable X so that our players and buyers can capitalize on the bonuses of blockchain (namely: trustlessness & programmability) without being hindered by the downsides (gas fees & limited output).
The learnings we’ve gained from the Genesis Raffle and the Flux & Fusing system have shown us what Play to Earn needs to take off and run in a sustainable manner, and Immutable X is a big key to carving this out as we forge ahead.
On blockchain’s potential...
Immutable X also helps reinforce the creation of user-built tools. Blockchain assets create a space where anyone can build an extension to Gods Unchained’s asset system. Here, users have complete freedom to interact with these extensions, with no input from Immutable. We believe that you are, after all, best placed to make that call.
When this is combined with upcoming guaranteed Immutable X fees for affiliates and sites who drive liquidity, this means that now is an exciting time to be building community tools for Gods Unchained, and we’re incredibly grateful for those talented people who are doing so now. When we first started, we had a few ideas of what could happen in this space, but we’re endlessly surprised (and impressed!) with what the community is doing in this space.
Outside of Immutable X, there are other infrastructure spaces showing huge potential on the Ethereum network that have come to our attention, the most recent being the billions of dollars locked in decentralized finance (DeFi). How we can deliver more value to our players and buyers based on the inherent interoperable nature of cards and chests is a question constantly at the forefront of our minds, and DeFi has the potential to become an extremely exciting area for this, but one we’re only just starting to explore.
For example, Genesis and Season 1 chests are ERC20 tokens and therefore compatible with many existing DeFi primitives. While they are unopened, there are some wild ways in which they can be plugged into the wider ecosystem, such as:
These are simply ideas at this stage, but we’ll have more on this soon...
On going mainstream...
So where are we with Gods Unchained? Are we ready to take advantage of these benefits, and to take the game to a million plus players? I’ll be honest: not just yet. We’re extremely keen to do this, and we have the money to simply purchase a large number of new users. But we know that, for any influx of players to be long-term sustainable, we need the following:
  1. Improvements to the UX of onboarding
  2. Improvements to the core loop of the game (e.g. the aforementioned Play to Earn)
  3. Scalability and liquidity for asset trading
We are continuing to explicitly focus on these problems, both in isolation and holistically. We want to create an enormous Gods Unchained economy, and this is where Immutable X’s function is at its most important, as it will keep the economy intertwined to progression through the Gods Unchained experience. This will enable us to retain mainstream users long term while creating value inside our existing economy.
With these changes and mobile in the works, we think that Gods Unchained will be ready to start scaling to the big leagues and hit the goal of 1M players.
The upcoming season will quite possibly be the last time where Gods Unchained is still quite niche, for early blockchain enthusiasts and some TCG players rather than all mainstream players. As we complete the final necessary pieces of the Gods Unchained ecosystem, the next step function planned is growth: for the playerbase, market and liquidity.
We think all of these upcoming opportunities are incredibly exciting, and it makes coming in to work each day both a joy and a rollercoaster. TCGs are popular – centralised games like Hearthstone have had their annual revenue estimated at over $400M. This revenue is essentially from selling a license to use non-sellable cards for entertainment. What Ethereum is doing to finance, by being programmable money, we aim to do to Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering by creating programmable cards and packs, and real markets.
For our players and fans, we are so grateful that you’ve been on this journey with us. We’ve grown immensely in the past year, and so has our ability to work effectively as a team and prioritize the most important tasks to both us, as a company, and you, the community (a balancing act that could count as the fourth major learning in this piece). We think we’re about to enter the phase where the journey becomes increasingly interesting and we’re excited to share this next part with you.
James Ferguson, Immutable CEO
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A close examination of the story. Part 22: What exactly did Katarina do for the cabal and the KGB?

In this series we have been examining the apparent narrative, and finding how it crumbles when it is subjected to scrutiny. The Blacklist resembles a massive illusion, both in the narrative to the audience, as well as the story as it occurred within the show. I think that what is underneath the illusion is far more interesting. It is master storytelling.
We turn now to examine what the emerging real story looks like, beneath the facade.
We had questioned the narrative that Katarina was a a KGB agent. We did a bit when we examine it in Part 3 & Part 2, and concluded she could not have been really a bona fide KGB agent. The attitude of the KGB and the CIA was not consistent with that. The CIA seem less than inclined to want to find her, the KGB was trying to through Anton Velov, then the OUC.
But what was Katarina doing then? What was she doing for the cabal? Why were so many people wanted her dead, forming the Townsend Directive, led by a mysterious figure, Neville Townsend. What is this business with the Sikorsky Archive, that Fakerina is hell bent on finding, going as far as saving Red if it secures her Liz's goodwill?
First, let us do a quick recount on Katarina's supposed comrades:
Ilya Koslov had to have been an identity of Ilya pretending to be a KGB agent, because the FBI does not have information of a supposed Russian diplomatic worker working in the inexistent Russian Embassy in Washington DC in 1991. So, "Ilya Koslov" is a ghost because there was no Ilya Koslov. Ilya, however, exists and is a childhood friend of Red and who Katarina turns to in her hour of need.
Dom, her father, is also a ghost, a man supposedly investigated by the CIA for being a KGB operative, but whose prints and face are not in the system. That looks like a scrub job. I doubt Dom was a real KGB agent, but he was intelligence of some sort.
Fakerina seems to have been involved in the "Katarina Rostova" identity as one of the Katarinas. It is unclear what did she know of the entire scheme. She seems to think Dom and Ilya were KGB and was unaware that Ilya and Red are childhood friends, she knew of Dom's daughter, but is unclear what else she knew about her.
So, if Dom and Ilya were not really KGB agents but were pretending to be so, exactly what was Katarina doing for the KGB and what was she doing for the CIA. And what was she doing for the cabal and Alan Fitch?
Who is Neville Townsend, that Ilya says he cannot stop him?
YOUNG DOM: Do you know they've assembled a directive? The Russian Vory, KGB, the Americans, her enemies have pooled their resources and put a bounty on her head. They're calling it the Townsend Directive.
YOUNG ILYA: Neville Townsend?
YOUNG DOM: He's at the top of a very long list of people who want her dead.
YOUNG ILYA: Are you worried they'll find you?
YOUNG DOM: I'm worried they'll find Masha, try and leverage her.
YOUNG ILYA: Look, Dom, I I can't help you.
YOUNG DOM: You made a promise! To Katarina. You told her you would look after Masha if anything happened to her.
YOUNG ILYA: Yes, but I can't call off Townsend. And he will not stop looking.
Seems clear Ilya knows who this Neville Townsend is.
Another interesting point is the list Dom gives of the people looking for Katarina:
The Russian Vory, KGB, the Americans,
Note he never says, at the time they are discussing this, which is after Katarina disappeared, likely even after the surgery even, possibly years later, during the Belgrade affair, that the CIA is after her.
Contrast then what Red tells Kate circa 1997:
Katarina was a traitor to two countries, both global superpowers.
which coincides with what Katarina told Kate in 1991:
The KGB uncovered my affair with Raymond, which means US Intelligence knows as well. Both sides are tracking me down.
forget the cockamamie reason: the KGB would be happy with her affair. It was supposedly the job. Seduce RR and her information. But what Katarina told Kate was that she was being chased by BOTH sides:
Both sides are tracking me down.
and that is further established by what Red tells Jennifer when he is desperate to get to Naomi, and Jennifer is demanding truth:
In 1990, the KGB and the CIA had almost nothing in common except the mutual determination to hunt down one individual.
So, what we KNOW, is that while in 1990/91 Katarina had BOTH KGB and CIA after her, by the time Dom and Ilya meet in Belgrade, the CIA is absent of the list:
The Russian Vory, KGB, the Americans,
The KGB is after her (or its successors), as they were since 1991, since they sent Velov and then the OUC. Nothing has changed there.
Russian organized crime is after her. So, likely their links to power are threatened. Look at Motya Morozov, who has someone with the same last name, who was the Minister of Finance, and he used to be employed by the cabal.
Motya Morozov, part of the Russian Vory, and Kiryl Morozov, former KGB & cabal operator and later Minister of Finance
And when Dom says "the Americans" we are meant to connect that the CIA is still after her. But they are not. They are now protecting her. So, between 1991 when they were chasing her, and the time Belgrade happens, which we do not know when it did, the CIA had learned that Katarina was not a traitor to them:
KATARINA TO DOM: I am not a traitor.
So, the Americans after her, are not the CIA. She was not a traitor to them. She is now being protected. Likely someone high in power told the CIA to leave her alone. Alan Fitch?
So are the American who are after her, the goons, the organized crime that were also benefiting from the cabal? Are these Americans the ones in Bonn?
And IF as it seems Katarina was truly a CIA officer, operative or agent, then it means that in 1990, they believed she had betrayed them, becoming a double agent, but later on they were told or convinced she was not such.
IF she had been CIA masquerading as KGB, that likely means she had been a covert agent. Someone skilled at making people believe she was someone different than who she really was.
And IF she had been a covert agent, she would likely had been in contact with another CIA officer who decades later, headed the Clandestine Services: Peter Kotsiopolus. Who seems quite happy to kill Liz, once he ascertain who Liz was.
Especially if Peter, who decades earlier might have been a handler, had been "betrayed" by Katarina working for someone higher up the food chain, Alan Fitch, who in 2013 is the Assistant Director of national Security, but who in 1991 might have had a different job. And since he is buried in Arlington, that might have been a job with the US military.
Fitch is buried in Arlington
Going over his head, making him a fool. A man who was quietly biding his time until he could get one up on Fitch. Sure Reddington did not have the fulcrum. Eager to have him killed.
Was it Peter who sent the bones & body parts to Berlin? An incredibly cruelty.
Whoever did so, was hoping that Berlin would annihilate whoever he held responsible. The question is, who did the person who sent those bones believed this person to be? Reddington? Maybe this person believed it was someone different, someone who could have approached Berlin's daughter, someone who would also present as a dissident. Maybe someone like Katarina.

With that explored, what was Katarina really doing? What is the narrative and what seems to check out?

It is a difficult endeavor, as Red seems to be using Redspeak to confuse anything related to Katarina. Not once has he talked about her to Liz as just "Katarina". Only as "your mother", "Katarina Rostova" or "she and her". He uses Katarina to Dembe, Dom, Kate and Ilya.
But who is who? When is Red talking about Katarina (Dom's daughter), the woman who raised Liz, and when is he talking about Fakerina, a woman whose real name he does not know, and who seems to have had some sort of relationship with?
IF that were the only two there were. I feel there has to be more. Three at least, because Fakerina is not sure why was she chosen.
Let us start by what we know is about Katarina for sure.

The most important piece of information Red gives Liz refers to secrets Katarina, as a secret keeper, "took with her" when she disappeared.

Red tells Liz this in 3.11 [Daniel Knauff, writer] when Red shows Liz a map, and tells her why she cannot just walk away:
RED: The Cabal is in green. Their affiliates are in red. Their competition is in blue. Since I've been a fugitive, the pestilence on this map has only grown. This is what we're up against-- a multi-headed hydra. You cut off one head, it grows two others, you have to cut off every head and burn the rest of it. It's a mythic battle, and it's not anywhere close to being over.
LIZ: It's your battle, not mine.
RED: I wish that were true, Lizzy. But the manhunt revealed certain facts that had long been hidden about you.
LIZ: Me?
RED: Katarina Rostova was a name that had been lost to history. Masha Rostova was never more than suspicion and rumor. The manhunt and the publicity it generated changed all of that.
LIZ: But who would care that I'm Katarina Rostova's daughter?
RED: The daughter of a legendary spymaster, the secret-keeper who disappeared - ... The secrets she took with her could compromise any number of players on that map.
LIZ: But I don't know anything.
RED: They don't know that. You can't walk away, Lizzy. They won't let you.
When this aired, I thought this was singularly important. It was not the fulcrum, which was long exposed. This gave us the reason why Katarina is hiding:
a legendary spymaster, the secret-keeper who disappeared. The secrets she took with her could compromise any number of players on that map.
This has to be the Sikorsky Archive (SA). It also tells us the SA contains information not only on the cabal, but related players and even competition. But the cabal seemed weakened, yet, there is one level of the cabal we have not learn much about it other than location, it seems singularly important:
THE DIRECTOR TO SOLOMON: if you don't and our friends in Bonn learn of your insubordination, I don't think they're gonna be very pleased.
The higher echelon of the cabal is located in Bonn, which was the capital of West Germany during the Cold War.
Germany was divided during the Cold War. Bonn was the capital of West Germany.
And it tells us that even though Liz was 4 years old when her mother Katarina disappeared, "they" would come for her. If that is because they believe a four year old would know something, or because she is leverage, is unknown.
One thing is worth remembering, though. Liz, even with her tampered memories tampered, even if she does not recall faces, she remembers words:
Is it possible that Liz knows something she does not know she does? Like the location of the stolen archive, hidden in a nursery rhyme, a song with changed lyrics, a child story?
Is Liz's burn the result of an accident, or is it a mark of some sort, maybe to identify her?
What is not certain is why would she take this information with her. Was it the objective of her being involved? Was it insurance? is it something she is protecting to use it? What we know is that Ilya seems to have been involved in it, but it is uncertain if they were accomplices, or if he had tried finding it, or got involved by association.

What is certain is that that object or knowledge that Katarina took with her when she disappeared, has secrets that are damaging to powerful people. It tells is why is she hiding.

We know too then, that Ilya is involved with the Archive, and now Fakerina is trying to find it. The secrets in the SA are lethal:
How many times have I told you? Leave it alone. I warned you. Even saying the name Katarina Rostova has consequences, and now you see. Now you see what that name will make others do.
Note the curious wording. Not the normal one: 'Even mentioning HER (Katarina) has consequences, and now you see. Now you see what HER name will make others do.'
This tells us that whatever Katarina do, she was a secret keeper in that name and mentioning the name, a name that seems to have been inhabited by many women has consequences, in that people would come out of the woodwork to do unspeakable things.
Katarina seemed to have been then collecting information, or stealing a collection of damaging information on many players involved with the cabal. Almost make it seem like the fulcrum was a decoy for the real thing. Given that the CIA is not really trying to find her, it would seem they were not affected by it. We can then gather that the secrets are not from the American players of the cabal.
this is what Fakerina tells Liz the SA is:
Do you know what the Sikorsky Archive is? ... It's a blackmail file. It has compromising information on very powerful people. I've been accused of stealing it. He knows I didn't. I think he knows who did.
What is not clear is who commissioned her to do so, if anyone did. What it sounds like is the way Red described the fulcrum:
The Fulcrum.... It's a blackmail file-- proof of the existence of an extraordinarily powerful clandestine organization. If their activities were made public, some of the most powerful and influential men would go to prison or be executed.
Peter sees the fulcrum for the first time. he had examined the pieces, as if he did not know it had pieces, or had seen the pieces before, but not know what they were.
Is it possible that Red believed the fulcrum was the Sikorsky Archive? Because when we looked at the fulcrum, it exposed the cabal members, but was not blackmail. It would undermine the cabal. The entire thing. Not specific members, including the one who supposedly created the thing, Alan Fitch, dead by the time was exposed.
Unless the fulcrum was a decoy for the Sikorsky Archive. Or part of the Archive. Unless that device was made in a such a way that different codes unlock different parts.
The exposure of the fulcrum debilitated the cabal, but it is still there. The Bonn faction or echelon is still active. Now we have compromising information. Was it in them, or was the Archive taken out of Russia, containing information that compromises them?

The second fact we have is that even if the tape of Minister D was recorded as a "get out of jail card" for Red, because it is hard to imagine two seasoned intelligence people discussing things openly, with no code words, and in an unsecured line, the fact that Katarina and Alan Fitch recorded it tells us they DID work together. It serves as confirmation of this part of Rassvet:
DOM: Remember, all this happened as the Soviet Union was collapsing. She betrayed all of us.
LIZ: By working with the Cabal.
DOM: By helping to fan the flames of an uprising. Many powerful people were looking for your mother, and she knew she needed to disappear, to fade away.
Dom never mentions a cabal, but it is clear she was working with Fitch, parts of which we see in Rassvet. A curious part, because she tells her mother and her father diametrically opposed things:
KATARINA TO LENA: Because I'm a traitor. And they'll think you're a traitor, too. They'll think you're on my side.
KATARINA TO DOM: I am not a traitor.
The KGB believed her to be a traitor, dispatching Anton Velov to hunt her, then the Osterman Umbrella Company:
Your mother loved that photograph. Represented everything she wanted but couldn't have. Not after she betrayed the KGB. After that, she was a hunted woman.... Hunted by the Osterman Umbrella Company.... A burn notice can mean kill or capture. When it's kill, they're the hit squad of choice.
So, It seem as we explored in part 2, Katarina's mother was KGB, but Dom was not. This puts these lines from Rassvet into perspective:
No, Papa, listen to me. You have to go. You can't come back here.... Moscow's gonna fall. It's only a matter of time. You have to leave.
Former KGB involved with the cabal stayed in Russia, after the USSR fell. An example? The esteemed relative of Motya Morozov, one of the goon who bought into the Townsend Directive bounty:
RED: Motya, I need to take care of this myself. It's personal.
MOTYA: Ah. Do you know your conversations with the Minister of Finance single-handedly responsible for getting my operations pushed out of Kiev? I lost millions in rail lines alone. I lost my relationship with contractors, politicians
Back in 2015, when the team was trying to find the man responsible for faking the death of Berlin's daughter, and setting the bombing at Kursk, they discover that the man who set the explosives was Kiryl Morozov, a man who back then was a low level KGB officer, and rose to the rank of Minister of Finance:
COOPER: Kiryl Morozov. He was a low-level KGB operative.
NAVABI: And today?
COOPER: One of the most powerful men in Russia.
WRIGHT: Kiryl Morozov is one of Putin's most trusted advisers. The man runs the finance ministry.
COOPER: And we have reason to believe he's responsible for the 1991 bombing in Kursk that left -
WRIGHT: 12 people dead. In Russia.
so, if Morozov not only could stay in Russia, but seemed to have benefited from the cabal's activities in rising to a position of great power, why did Dom have to leave?
Add it to his being a ghost, and the answer is clear: Because Dom was not KGB. If he was involved with them, was as a double agent. But it is more likely that the reason Katarina is warning him to get out, is because the KGB discovered she was not really KGB, and Dom would become persona non-grata. Accused of espionage. Maybe false flag operations
would a real GB use Russian explosives? Or would that be the work of a non-KGB to create a false flag operation?
Since the KGB seemed to have really wanted to get their hands on Katarina, while the CIA seem to still work hard at not finding her, or her relatives, the deduction is an easy one: Katarina masqueraded as a KGB agent, but was really CIA, with a burn notice. Her existence is denied. Dom seemed to have a cover blown, and so did Ilya.
What was the cabal's apparent objective? Quoting from a letter from Lukas Reiter:
The CABAL was engaged in a global conspiracy to bring about the fall of the Soviet Union. The players agreed that, once the Soviet Union was dismantled, the world would enter a 25 year period of instability, allowing the group to profit from the political and economic uncertainty that followed. Afterward, the world would return to a Cold War posture, with the two opposing super-powers restored.
But Fitch making an object that would effectively dismantle the cabal (if it had been used in the 1990s) and then protecting Red while he found the missing piece, certainly puts that part into question. So, what Fitch was really doing, likely under the guise of enriching the group, is ending the Cold War by accelerating the fall of the USSR.
If the upper echelons were in Bonn, then this part really just wanted the end of the USSR. Maybe the reunification of Germany. At any rate, it seemed Fitch was using the rest of the cabal to end the Cold War.
It was Fitch who ordered the then KGB operative Morozov to bomb the meeting in Kursk of the old guard who were trying to hold on to the old order, keep the USSR in place. People like Colonel Milos Kirchhoff.
these men were trying to keep the USSR together, opposing the cabal plan to accelerate its demise.
Someone must have assessed those individuals who opposed the end of the USSR, to get them out of the way. One way was a crude one: a bombing. Another was more devious: make his daughter disappear, and then make Kirchhoff believe she was in jail, get him to compromise himself by facilitating her "escape", which landed him in Siberia.
the plan to compromise Berlin by making him believe his daughter was in jail was hatched by December 1990. Reddington was blamed for it afterwards.
Katarina seemed to have worked with Fitch in ending the Cold War. So, what would be the job of a woman who could get anyone to believe whatever she wanted them to believe? Maybe find out the weaknesses of those opposed to the plans of the cabal?
This was what Red starts to tell Constantin while being drugged, under intense pain, with less control he usually has:
You saw what Katarina wanted you to see. She lied to you about everything. KGB trained her to seduce foreign diplomats, intel intelligence personnel into believ--
Before he corrected himself to the standard narrative that "Katarina Rostova" was a honeytrap, Red was telling Constantin Katarina was an illusionist, someone who could make others see what she wanted them to see. For Constantin it was an illusion of a happy marriage, with a child of his own.
Red corrects himself, though, and gives Constantin the apparent narrative: Katarina was a seductress.
You saw what Katarina wanted you to see. She lied to you about everything. KGB trained her to seduce foreign diplomats, intel intelligence personnel into believ - revealing secrets. You always thought I was the interloper. The truth is that I was an assignment. I'm I'm sure you were, too.
Red does not use verbal clutches often, those "ahhh", "Ohh", "Mmmh" or has interrupted speech, in which a thought starts to come out, and he checks himself midsentence, changing it, or abandoning the thought. He has done it three times. ALL related to a "Katarina Rostova".
  1. You saw what Katarina wanted you to see. She lied to you about everything. KGB trained her to seduce foreign diplomats, intel intelligence personnel into believ - revealing secrets.
  2. Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
  3. Your parents Uh, father and -- They were both in foreign intelligence.
I have explored that maybe there was no child born as Masha Rostova. No birth certificate under that name, or the Russians would have been certain there was a child. Even the Director did not know for certain, for he sends his people to interrogate Velov.
VELOV: All I know is they say she had a daughter.
We also explored that it is entirely possible that Katarina may not have been Liz's biological mother, but the woman who took her in, and Liz may have been the child of one of the other women using the name Katarina Rostova, as Red's use of a natural way of refering to Liz's mother ("your mother") and an unnatural one ("Katarina Rostova") seem to indicate.
The first time we hear the name of the blond woman in the swing, this is what Red tells Liz:
I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
That sounds like what Red tells the task force about Fakerina: "She has no name."
She doesn't have a name. She's a ghost. Think of a name, any name, and that could be it.
Which sounds like Wujing. A ghost child, whose invisibility was an asset:
They say that Wujing was a second child. So they gave him away, denied he was ever born. He was invisible to his family. Wujing made a life working in a business where invisibility was an incredible asset.
Red certainly knows what Katarina's real last name is, because he knows who Dom really is. So when Liz asks about her mother, it seems Red is telling her there about a mother who is NOT Katarina, the woman who raised her, but about the one who gave birth to her. Or he is digging telling Liz her mother's real name.
This is further compound by one of the most mysterious phrases of the seven seasons of the show:
Your parents Uh, father and …They were both in foreign intelligence.
Red had just told Liz that her mother was KGB. Why then does he appear to be repeating himself?
Unless, of course he is NOT repeating himself. We KNOW Liz's had several paternal figures: her biological father, RR; her adoptive father, Sam Milhoan; the man who believed himself to be her father, Constantin Rostov; and Red, who had been directing her education through Sam, and who did not want her to be like him.
For the longest time I believed the rest of the phrase had to do with another father Liz had. That Katarina took her from dad to dad, making several men believe she was theirs.
Then Fakerina appeared. Now I am inclined to believe what Red meant was that
Your parents Uh, father and [biological and adoptive mother,] They were both [ALL] in foreign intelligence.
It would explain some of the dodging Red is doing, using "Katarina Rostova" or "your mother" only. IF Red is talking to Liz about two women, who both used the name "Katarina Rostova", and whose first name may have been Katarina, it really explains a lot.
So, when we look at the evidence, what we know is that at least one of the women who inhabited the name was a KGB agent that Red knew as "Katarina Rostova" and maybe he never knew her real name.
I think it is possible Liz's biological mother is either Fakerina or another one of the "Katarina Rostovas" including possibly the bones.
A KGB agent who targeted Reddington, which explains Red's feelings at being used, at Liz discovering her husband did not exist, feelings that seem more personal, like something he had experienced himself:
And the CIA was actually being somewhat straightforward:
I don't think there are any photographs of Katarina Rostova.... She's a myth. Tall tales late at night over vodka shots. Probably an amalgamation of a half-a-dozen unknown female Soviet operatives-- the Pinko Mata Hari.
They seem to be covering up the charade, but "Katarina Rostova" was a honeytrap, a professional seductress who extracted secrets from targets using seduction and sex, and that seems to have been the province of the Russian, real-KGB agents, as Red said in the trial (partly)
Have you ever heard of Katarina Rostova? ... She was a KGB officer. Would it surprise you to learn that she and I had quite a complicated history? Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. Did I say "sex"? Sex....
35 years ago, a Naval intelligence officer working for the US government fell fell into a relationship with a beautiful Russian woman. Unbeknownst to his superiors, that relationship, which started as guarded attraction, quickly evolved into passion, which resulted in pregnancy. They had the child. ...
What the Naval officer didn't know, but certainly should have suspected, was that the Russian woman was a KGB officer, that Katarina Rostova had been assigned to get close to Raymond Reddington and steal classified information from him.
There is no subterfuge there. We know the woman Red met as "Katarina Rostova" was a honeytrap who was assigned to him to seduce him and either turn him, or steal information from him. Just what Dom tells Liz, except that is not about his daughter Katarina:
Not necessarily Dom, but the "Katarina Rostovas" would have been KGB agent ordered to turn Reddington or steal secrets from him. Sometimes, the female KGB agents were ordered to have children, to secure the relationship, or to use as Kompromat. Proof of an affair, leverage against the men.
Did Katarina stepped into that role as well, pretending to be seducing Reddington, but fell in love with him? This could be a way how this bizarre phrase works:
KATE: Is it serious?
KATARINA: Yes. It's frivolous exciting dangerous
Frivolous and serious are antonyms. There is one way to make it work.

Another indication we have of Katarina's activities are in what Constantin accuses Red of.
I don't really know how we got here, Raymond. I remember being an honest businessman in a happy marriage until you came along.... Seduced my wife. To her credit, Katarina broke it off, - but you couldn't let go.
For Constantin it was Red who had seduced Katarina, and made him into a dishonest businessman. But how would that happen?
This cannot be simply a case of Katarina pretending to Constantin she was the innocently seduced. Because it is the fact that Constantin makes Red responsible for his no longer being an honest businessman which suggest Red blackmailed him into being a spy for him. And this is not a third party, as Constantin recalls an opportunity in which he had a gun in Red's mouth:
Do you know what I'm thinking, Raymond? That house by the water, holding a gun in your mouth. I should have pulled the trigger.
Constantin was referred to in a newspaper as a trafficker in secrets from the USSR and goods into the USSR.
So from Constantin POV, Reddington was who had seduced his wife and made him into a dishonest businessman, apparently by either allowing his identity to have an operative going into Russia using his name, or having him be a reluctant spy ( like the architect in Wujing) and a smuggler.
Likely, by blackmailing Constantin with exposing his wife as a KGB agent, if he did not do as told. With the irony that his wife was NOT really a KGB agent, but was pretending to be so.
Most of it comes from the trial, where we learned that Katarina framed him for it from the tape, when Fitch tells Katarina to kill RR because he discovered the cabal, and who Katarina really was. That tape is bizarre, but this part is quite interesting.
But if we discredit him... The intelligence I stole. We leak that it came from him. No one will believe him after that. Not with the blood of 134 Americans on his hands.
And where do that leave the Gideon? Did it really exist? Was Fitch fine with working with an agent who had caused the death of 134 Americans? Fitch send the guy who was attempting to disable the bomb home. It is the act of a good man, a man who loved his country:
I've been in the intelligence field a long time now. On my orders, 763 men and women have died in service to their country. And there wasn't a grieving wife or mother or husband I didn't either call or visit personally. Thank them for their sacrifice. That's what makes it the hardest. The families. You can't disarm it, can you?... That's more than enough. I'm not gonna make it 764. What's your name? ... Go home, Mike. You've done everything you can.
Were the 134 sailors part of the 763 men he had been gone to thank their families for? Or was the USS Gideon a false flag operation? An old sub made into a charade? Were they really 134 sailors? Was it full of 134 traitors, delivered to Russia on a silver platter? (Reverse Red October?)
Was Seaduke among them?
Was Katarina the one who really steal those coordinates from Reddington? Or was Reddington's name used as the US Navy did with the Grayscape 17 stunt:
A defective stealth fighter called the Grayscape Seventeen. The Navy knew Ross was working for China, so they made sure he stole plans for a plane that couldn't fly, and when it crashed, China blamed Ross, turned him over to the feds
Because if the US Navy (Or Fitch) knew that Reddington was not the real identity of RR, then maybe it had always been the idea to use that identity for whatever was needed, because not been a real one, Raymond could then disappear into another identity, leaving "Reddington" behind.
Was the USS Gideon another Grayscape 17? If Katarina had "stolen" coordinates that were a sham, or the submarine was a sham, what did it do to her reputation? Greatly enhanced it, I bet, until the KGB discovered she was not really KGB.

So, Katarina seems to have been a CIA (or the like) officer, an illusionist like Red, who infiltrated the KGB, working with the cabal to end the Cold War, and who took a lot of secrets with her when she disappeared.
see the entire series. First the crumbling facade:
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State of the subreddit, 400k subscribers edition

A little over a year ago we hit 300,000 subscribers in /magictcg, and we did a series of "state of the subreddit" posts to talk about some things that were going on and that we wanted to do in the future. Here's the last of that series for context.
This week we hit 400,000 subscribers, and there's a lot of stuff going on, so here we are again.

What's new

We rolled out the updated subreddit rules last year. Aside from rule 8, and some of the people who've been on the wrong end of rule 1, people seem to be OK with the rules. Most of the drama last time around was the content-creator guidelines, and once we got that settled after a few rounds of feedback and changes, people have seemed pretty happy with that too. The one-per-week self-link policy has mostly held up well, and we haven't had to do much enforcement of it.
When we think someone is violating the one-per-week limit for promoting their content, we've been following a process of:
  1. Remove excess posts.
  2. Message the user to let them know we think they're over the limit.
  3. If they continue to go over the limit after that, try a temporary ban, and escalate that if they still don't change their behavior.
In about a year of enforcing the new content-creator guidelines, we've issued one permanent ban that I'm aware of for repeat violations.
We set up post flair, and at first we relied on a combination of AutoModerator guessing flairs from post titles and sending automatic reminders to people asking them to flair their post when it couldn't be sure what the right flair would be. More recently, reddit's been rolling out the ability to require flair selection at the time the post is submitted. We have this turned on, but it doesn't work on every version of reddit. I know it does work on new-design desktop, for example, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on old-design desktop. Since it's not universally enforced by reddit, we still have AutoModerator doing what it's been doing.
We've had several people ask why there's no "Discussion" or "Help" flairs. The answer is we've been trying to avoid super-generic categories like those, because just about any post could arguably use them. "I want help with a rules question, so I'll tag Help", for example, or "I want people to discuss this deck, so I'll tag Discussion". So we don't currently have plans to add those kinds of flairs. We are looking at adding some for expanding categories like people sharing Magic-related apps they've built, or posting links to forums/subreddits/Discords for specific formats, deck archetypes, communities, and so on.
We've also tried to clean up the subreddit sidebar, make it more useful than it was before, and keep its content consistent across all of reddit's various designs and platforms. We know some people miss the old magic-expanding list of Magic-related subreddits, but the expand/collapse effect only worked on the old desktop reddit design, and that version of the sidebar has a 10,000-character limit on what text we can put in it. So we moved that out to a wiki page, and now the sidebar links to that page. The new desktop reddit design has support for a calendar widget, and we've experimented a bit with that as a way to have upcoming events/products automatically show up at the right times, but unfortunately it doesn't work on old desktop reddit, and doesn't support much in the way of rich content. So the sidebar is manually updated for now.
Something that's gotten a more mixed response is a change to how we use AutoModerator. There are several triggers in our automod setup that try to give stock responses to some common and repetitive types of posts. For example, if you make a post that seems like it's asking for help identifying a foreign-language card, or what set a card is from, AutoModerator will trigger and post advice and links on how to do that.
There are also some triggers that remove certain types of posts our subreddit rules don't allow. An example there is people posting to share or ask for Arena codes; AutoModerator will remove those posts and leave a comment explaining that transacting Arena codes isn't allowed here, and suggests where to go to do that. Especially during prerelease weekends when people spam tons of excess codes, and /MagicArena usually has a consolidated thread for them, this saves a lot of time and effort (the reason they're not allowed, incidentally, is that posts of codes "expire" almost instantly because someone browsing /new will use the codes, and then turn into long threads of frustrated "those are already used, anyone got more" comments).
For several other common types of posts that violate the subreddit rules, we have similar triggers in place that remove the post and leave a comment telling the user what rule AutoModerator thinks was broken, and to message us for manual review if AutoModerator got it wrong. The majority of false positives are for the tired/repetitive posts rule, and specifically for posts that look like "what's your favorite guild" or "what's your favorite deck" (or planeswalker, or flavor text, or art...), which we used to get a lot of before we started removing them. Tuning AutoModerator to catch these without also removing other things has been difficult, and we may just give up on that one and do something more manual.
The rotating weekly threads like Tutor Tuesday and the weekly buy/sell/trade thread took a hiatus during the first wave of the COVID pandemic. We were getting ready to bring those back this week, but we've ended up wanting to use the sticky slots (we only get two at a time) for other things. They will come back again in the near future. We'd love to just be able to set AutoModerator to post them and move on, but its scheduled-post functionality seems to be awfully flaky, and mod-support forums are full of people who've been unable to get it to work, so for now they'll be happening under a non-automod account instead.

What's still ongoing

There's a recurring question we've never been able to get or give a clear answer to: "What is this subreddit about?"
In theory we're a large general Magic forum. But that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In earlier eras, we (the mods) mostly let people push specific types of content out of /magictcg and into more narrowly-focused subreddits by saying "don't post that here, post it in (other subreddit)". Which is great for those subreddits, and many of them have turned into thriving communities in their own right. But it leaves the question of what still goes here. Those of you who complain that it's all either spoilers, drama, or alters and arts and crafts will be familiar with this. It's not quite true that that's all the content we see here, but it does describe a significant amount of the content that gets posted here.
This also manifests itself in the experience people have posting here. The other day on Twitter someone compared /magictcg to a subreddit for a different hobby, saying that in the other subreddit they could post a question and get lots of "I don't know but I'm upvoting so other people will see it and answer", while here they would get a bunch of immediate and probably correct answers, and also be downvoted to oblivion. Which is a weird phenomenon, but does line up with what we've seen happen.
In previous posts like this, we've put up some ideas for how we could recruit and promote a wider variety of Magic content here and asked for people to tell us what they think, but we've gotten very little engagement on that. We're still very much open to ideas and feedback, and this is something we can't just solve on our own. For exmaple, something I've proposed a few times is trying to have regular spotlights/"best of" roundups from other Magic-related subreddits posted here, which both provides quality content here and helps get attention on those subreddits, but that requires people with strong knowledge of specific communities and the enthusiasm to put in the effort of doing the roundups on a regular and ongoing basis. In other words, it's not something we can just wave a magic mod-wand and do; we need the community to step up and tell us what kind of content they want to see here, and help to produce and promote that content.
Another ongoing debate is how we should handle crowdfunding campaigns; the rules currently state that they require pre-approval and get one post (to stop the flood of daily and sometimes hourly updates some Kickstarters tried to do here). But for a while now we've been enforcing a moratorium on those, largely because of the high volume coming from/affiliated with one specific entity. We stopped approving any crowdfunding campaigns temporarily as a way to be fair and not show favoritism or single anyone out, and we're not sure how to proceed from there, so ideas are welcome.

Our relationship with Wizards of the Coast

I shouldn't have to say anything about this, but it's a meme that won't go away and that people seem to trot out when they want to generate outrage directed at us. As the sidebar says, this subreddit is not produced, endorsed, supported by, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. Nor are any of the moderators employees of or compensated by Wizards of the Coast for what we do. We not only allow but often promote content that's critical of WotC, and of the state and direction of the game, and Wizards of the Coast has no say in how we moderate here.
WotC has some accounts that they use to post things here. We don't interfere with them doing that. Sometimes we've stickied their posts for things like Pro Tours (or whatever they're called now), but mostly that's laziness -- it saved us the trouble of making the threads ourselves, because in the days when in-person Magic was a thing we used to have a sticky thread most weekends for discussing whatever big tournaments were going on. Some WotC employees also have had individual reddit accounts here. We've tried our best to flair those accounts so you know when you're interacting with them, the same as we've flaired SCG and CFB staff, and some notable pro players, artists, and other Magic figures who've popped up here.
They do send us a preview card most sets. Only one member of our mod team sees those, and also handles posting them on the appointed day. We do not give WotC any preferential treatment in exchange.
Speaking for myself: during my judge career, I was under temporary contract to WotC a few times as staff for Pro Tour events. My last PT was Battle for Zendikar. I chose to let my L3 certification expire, and ceased to be a judge of any level, in 2017. Outside of that, my relationship with Wizards of the Coast has ranged from neutral to occasionally outright adversarial. As, for example, when I took down the judge community and event-staffing site (which I hosted and ran out of my own pocket) to protest actions they'd taken toward some of my fellow judges. My post and comment history is public, and a quick browse of it -- especially highly-voted/gilded stuff -- should dispel any notion that I give or would give special favorable treatment to WotC.
I don't expect any of this to stop people who say we're paid WotC shills who remove anything that criticizes the company, but I hope it does inspire you not to listen to such people, and maybe also to question what they stand to gain (often, traffic to their sites/articles/videos) from making such claims.

The thing you came here to talk about

In theory this subreddit has ten human moderators, plus the AutoModerator bot and the "magictcgmods" account, which is a shared account that has mod privileges so it can do stuff like sticky posts. It was created with the idea that it could do the recurring daily topic threads since those were supposed to be coming back this week, and although I could have used it for this post, I've always done the state-of-the-subreddit posts and don't mind having them associated with my personal account.
In practice, not all of those moderators are active, and the ones who are, aren't active all the time. I'm not going to quote specific numbers or call people out, because it's not relevant here. And of the mods whose activity is low or declining, it's mostly been gradual enough that we don't feel it most of the time, because this is a pretty low-maintenance subreddit from the mod perspective.
That's probably a statement some people will find surprising and that they'll instantly disagree with, so I'll explain a bit: especially in relation to the size of this subreddit, it's kind of shocking how little human intervention is needed most of the time. We have some pretty dedicated trolls, for example, but they almost never come up with new material and so a few battle-tested AutoModerator rules take care of most of the trouble they try to cause. Most days, all we really need is a couple people who'll check the mod queue and modmail box occasionally to confirm the stuff AutoModerator caught, fish out any false positives, and deal with user-initiated reports and questions. The busiest "normal" time is preview season, when we need to chase down and remove all the duplicate posts of each card.
The problem has always been the occasional surges when there are big stories, scandals, or other things that really get people riled up. During those times we have to be a lot more vigiliant about rule 1 and rule 8, the mod queue fills up a lot more with reports and with the kinds of slurs that normally only the trolls throw around, and it needs both more attention and more frequent attention.
Which is what's happened over the past week, and in the worst possible way. We've had multiple things that more or less exploded the instant they were posted, filled up the initial theads with people flaming each other, produced self-sustaining storms of additional posts, and it happened during a preview season and at a lull in mod activity. For various reasons, two of our mods who are usually pretty reliably active weren't, and some who are more intermittently active also weren't around much. This isn't their fault, but it did put us in a bit of a bind. And as has been said in some of the other stickies recently, even at the best of times we're mostly set up to handle the kind of moderation a card-game subreddit needs, which is different from the kind of moderation that's been needed this past week.
Speaking for myself, I think that as much as people would have hated it, we should have gone to a consolidated thread for the card bannings faster than we did, so that there would be some thread for people to vent their initial outrage a bit, and expose the trolls and assholes more quickly, so that real discussion could happen later. At the same time, the public statements from this mod team about how we got literally blown away, especially on Wednesday, by the volume of things in our queue, and taxed for more than normal moderating the sticky theads, are pure unvarnished truth, and we just had to find a way to turn off the firehose for a bit.
But again, speaking for myself, I'm also glad that we were able to have the sticky threads we had this week. We've been able to put attention on things that needed attention, and I don't begrudge the fact that it pushed us as a mod team beyond what we're used to.
I've seen this subreddit go through a few cycles where things seem to be OK for a while, then something flares up and all the nasty folks pop out of the woodwork with new accounts spewing the same old crap. When that happens, we ban a bunch of people (for those of you who've been insisting "just ban the trolls and racists", you should know we do -- we're well into triple-digit numbers of bans per day right now, and we know we're still not catching all of them, so if you see somthing, report it). Then things settle down until the cycle repeats.
And to be clear: this subreddit is explicitly not a safe place for racist assholes, sexist assholes, homophobic assholes, transphobic assholes, xenophobic assholes, or other types of bigoted assholes. That's a policy we've had and been pretty open about for as long as I've been a mod here, and our reputation in the nastier parts of reddit is pretty solid proof of that.
That said, we are going to add more moderators, and we're having discussions as a team about how to do that and what goals we have for expanding the team. We're not aiming just for quantity -- we're aiming for quality, and for commitment, because when we hit our limitations right now it's not because of too few total mods, it's because of too few currently-active mods.
Some of that will necessarily depend on what kinds of initiatives people come up with. We also need to figure out how our approach to the subreddit is going to change as we continue to grow, because it's clear that the low-maintenance days are coming to an end and that the way we've been handling things isn't going to work. We're open to suggestions on that, though those of you who'd prefer a completely or almost completely unmoderated subreddit are probably always going to be disappointed. The same for people who demand that every mod action be published and put up for debate and review.
Our main goal is that we want this to be as friendly and welcoming a place for general Magic content as a subreddit our size can be, and that means sometimes we're just going to take action to kick people out, and some things just aren't going to be allowed here. We know there's a dedicated faction of people who think that makes us horrible censoring fascists, and who will roll their eyes at what they see as us doubling down on it, but that's not an aspect of this subreddit that I see changing.

What's next

That depends, in large part, on you. Last time around our main focus was on the subreddit rules update and flair, and we got good feedback and made use of it. This time around, the main things are:
Ideally here we're looking for specific actionable feedback. This is the internet, we've heard insults and personal attacks plenty of times and they don't have any effect at this point. Similarly, we've heard plenty of "just do this", where the person suggesting it often either doesn't realize we already do that, or doesn't realize how much they're glossing over with the word "just". We try to pay attention to what people do and don't like and also to the way the subreddit as a whole reacts to things -- for example, the stickied posts this week for Zaiem Beg's thread, and the "Black Designers Matter" post, seemed to be generally well-received, the "open thread" for discussing the card bannings less so -- but we very rarely get useful specific feedback, other than the "mods all suck, resign and kill yourselves" stuff that comes with the territory. So if you have that kind of feedback, please let us know about it.
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(1) Notice Any person that receives from another person related to it by common ownership or affiliated by corporate control a communication of information that would be a consumer report, but for clauses (i), (ii), and (iii) of section 1681a(d)(2)(A) of this title, may not use the information to make a solicitation for marketing purposes to a consumer about its products or services, unless— Non-Success Stories: 30+ Affiliate Marketers Share Their Niche Site Missteps. Doug Cunnington, PMP. I’ve made more than my fair share, but I’ve been able to course-correct, analyze, and keep on keeping on toward my goals. “I had a general idea about what affiliate marketing was, and I knew how to build a website. Pre-FACTA affiliate sharing. not develop a joint database which could collect such information from all affiliates within a corporate family and share it with any other affiliate. to permit the sharing among affiliates of non-transaction or non-experience information that fell within the FCRA's "consumer report" definition. More (2) Nonaffiliated third party includes any company that is an affiliate solely by virtue of your or your affiliate's direct or indirect ownership or control of the company in conducting merchant banking or investment banking activities of the type described in section 4(k)(4)(H) or insurance company investment activities of the type described Affiliate: An affiliate is a type of inter-company relationship in which one of the companies owns less than a majority of the other company's stock. Affiliation can also describe a type of inter

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