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Stimulus Check FAQs 3/27/2020

4/20/2020: I'm trying to keep this post updated, and trying to keep up with questions. Thanks everyone for helping answer questions in this post! Go team tax!
Stimulus Payment = Economic Impact Payment = EIP = Advanced 2020 Recovery Rebate
4/16/2020: There are a lot of issues with Get My Payment. If you are getting error messages, there are quite a few reasons why that's happening and the IRS is working to fix them. Here's an article from Washington Post that I'll try to excerpt below: Glitches prevent $1,200 stimulus checks from reaching millions of Americans.
4/15/2020 (afternoon PDT): Economic Impact Payment Information Center has been updated with some FAQs for the Get My Payment application, including error messages and questions about Direct Deposits. Get My Payment FAQs are now on a separate page (Updated 4/17/2020).
Also if the IRS attempted to direct deposit your payment to a closed account, then there's no option to update the bank account information. You will receive a paper check in the mail to the address the IRS has on file for you (usually the address on your last tax return unless you updated it).
The IRS clarified today that SSI recipients DO NOT NEED TO FILE a simple tax return unless they need to add qualifying children dependents. Automatic stimulus payments should be sent out by early May.
4/15/2020 (morning PDT): Get My Payment is now live, but you may have to wait a few minutes to get through. Also a lot of people are getting error messages - not sure if this is due to server overload or personal information not matching. My suggestion is you try again tomorrow.
To begin, you need your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Address and Zip Code from your most recently filed tax return.
If you get through and need to add your bank account information, you'll need your Adjusted Gross Income from your most recently filed tax return (Line 8b for 2019, Line 7 for 2018), the refund or amount owed from your latest filed tax return, and Bank account type, account and routing numbers.
See also this News Release: Treasury, IRS unveil online application to help with Economic Impact Payments; Get My Payment allows people to provide direct deposit information and gives payment date
Some issues noted:
4/14/2020: IRS started sending payments out Saturday 4/11/2020. Many people should see the payments tomorrow in their bank account. A couple of things:
IRS Links
IMPORTANT NOTE: Stimulus payments will be available for the rest of 2020. It sounds like you do not need to wait until next year if you miss the first round of stimulus payments.
Update: File no later than October 15, 2020 to make sure you receive a stimulus payment this year, according to the IRS. (Revenue Procedure 2020-28)
NOTE that your tax return needs to be processed before you'll receive the payment. Normal processing time for an e-filed tax return is 2 - 3 weeks but if your identity or wage information needs to be verified it might take much longer.
We now return to the original post with updates:
The CARES Act (H.R. 748) has now been passed by Congress and signed by the President. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers that I believe to be true based on the text of the bill, reliable news sources, and some educated guesses based on the stimulus payments sent out in 2008. Please let me know if I got anything wrong.
Link to section in the bill about 2020 Recovery Rebates (edited link 4/9/2020)
What is this?
How Much?
Who will get the ADVANCE stimulus payments?
Who is eligible?
When will payments be sent out?
What AGI Qualifies?
What is the Phaseout Range for AGI?
For those of you who want to calculate it, the phaseout is 5% by the amount you income is over the AGI limits above. The phaseout range grows by $10,000 per qualifying child. There are also online stimulus check calculators.
What if I had a baby / adopted a child this year?
What if I alternate custody of my child with another person every year?
Who is NOT eligible at all?
What if I was claimed as a dependent for 2018 & 2019 but I will not be a dependent for 2020?
Should I amend my 2019 tax return to say I was not a dependent?
What if I didn’t file tax returns for either years?
What if I didn't have taxable income for 2019?
What if I need to update my mailing address and/or direct deposit information with the IRS? Please DO NOT CALL the IRS at this time.
To help everyone check on the status of their payments, the IRS is building a second new tool expected to be available for use by April 17. Get My Payment will provide people with the status of their payment, including the date their payment is scheduled to be deposited into their bank account or mailed to them.
An additional feature on Get My Payment will allow eligible people a chance to provide their bank account information so they can receive their payment more quickly rather than waiting for a paper check. This feature will be unavailable if the Economic Impact Payment has already been scheduled for delivery.
What if I owe back taxes?
What if my student loan is in default?
What if I owe unemployment compensation debt? (Added 3/28/2020)
What if I owe child support?
What if I don’t get a stimulus payment and I really need the money? This SUCKS.
What if I have other questions? Should I call the IRS?
Feel free to ask questions below, and/or check, but DO NOT CALL the IRS at this time.
Some added FAQ:
What if I receive the stimulus payment but don't qualify for it?
Is this going to make my taxes go up, or my refund be less next year?
BONUS Historical IRS Links (added 3/31/2020)
Again, corrections / updates appreciated! Updated 4/20/2020
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[OC] An insight in the world of football kits - 454 teams that play in the most unusual colors

I would like to start with a humble warning, that this will be a longer than "usual" post. Hopefully, it will compensate with the amount of information you might deem as interesting. :)

After finishing my first journey into the world of colors in football, by counting which teams play in red & black color combination, I decided to pursue my next curiosity:
How many football teams in the world play in unusual colors?
By this, I was thinking of teams which have a “main” color that is rarely used (grey, brown, purple, pink, etc.) or use an uncommon color combination.
Because of this coronavirus madness that is going on, I was able to spend more hours for this project than I planned, so in the end I was able to go into almost every single league in the world. I checked teams from over 400 divisions, of different tiers, from all continents. Although it’s not an official list, I tried to include as many clubs as possible on it.
Now, you're probably asking yourself "How do you measure how rare or how common is in football a color / combination of colors?"
An exact answer is impossible to give, so I started the study using my own experience as a football supporter, finally finding an useful purpose for the thousands of hours spent on watching football games. Therefore, I used a subjective point of view and excluded the color combinations that I, personally, considered to be the most common in football teams, namely:

The selection criteria for the teams were as follows:
  1. The team should have their main kit in colors which are different than the ones enumerated above;
  2. The team must have played or been associated with the colors for several seasons;
  3. The team should be currently active (dissolved clubs were not included).

But enough introduction, let’s jump straight into the list of the most uncommon kit colors in the world of football:

CATEGORY I - Teams with 1 main color

1. Purple (includes purple+white or purple+black) - [73 clubs]
Notable teams: Fiorentina, Anderlecht, Toulouse, Austria Vienna, Real Valladolid.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - CE Carroi (Andorra), SV Austria Salzburg, Austria Klagenfurt (Austria), K Beerschot VA (Belgium), Etar Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), NK Dubrava (Croatia), Daventry Town FC (England), Istres (France), VfL Osnabrück, Erzgebirge Aue (Germany), Ujpest, Békéscsaba 1912, Kecskemet TE (Hungary), ACD Legnano, AS Ostia Mare, Gioiese, Casoria Calcio 1979 (Italy), St. Andrews FC (Malta), FC Argeș, ASU Politehnica Timișoara, ACS Poli Timișoara (Romania), FK Graficar (Serbia), KFC Komarno (Slovakia), NK Maribor (Slovenia), Real Jaen, Alameda de Osuna EF, CD Becerril, Atletico Guadalajara, CD Guadalajara, CD Liendo, CD Santurtzi, CD Palencia, La Baneza (Spain) (Spain), Afjet Afyonspor, Hacettepe, Orduspor (Turkey).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

2. Burgundy (includes burgundy+white, or similar shades: maroon, claret, dark red, wine red) - [74 clubs]
Notable teams: AC Torino, Metz, Sparta Prague, CFR Cluj.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - FK Sarajevo (Bosnia), Chelmsford City, FC Northampton Town (England), JJK Jyväskylä (Finland), Dynamo Berlin (Germany), AEL Larissa (Greece), UM Selfoss (Iceland), Galway United (Ireland), Reggina, Cittadella, Salernitana, Trapani, Livorno, US Pontedera, Arezzo, Reggio Audace FC, Fano, US Capistrello, AC Morrone, AC Locri, ASD Bovalinese, Borgosesia Calcio, Milano City FC, Union Clodiense Chioggia, USD Breno, Olympia Agnonese, ASD Travestere Calcio, AC Nardo, ASD Citta di Acireale (Italy), FC Džiugas Telšiai (Lithuania), Nardo FK (Norway), CD Fatima, Clube Oriental de Lisboa (Portugal), Rapid Bucharest, Viitorul Ianca (Romania), AC Libertas (San Marino), Heart of Midlothian FC, Stenhousemuir FC (Scotland), NK Triglav Kranj (Slovenia), Independiente de Vallecas, CD Cenicero (Spain), Hatayspor, İnegölspor, Bandirmaspor, Elazigspor (Turkey), Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (Wales).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

3. Orange (includes orange+white) - [54 clubs]
--- full photo gallery here ---

4. Pink (includes pink+black) - [7 clubs]

5. Cream - [3 clubs]
Universitario, Universidad Tecnica Cajamarca, Leon de Huanuco (all from Peru).

6. Grey - [5 clubs]

7. Brown (includes brown+white) - [7 clubs]

CATEGORY II - Teams with 2 main colors

1. Green + Red [34 clubs]
Notable teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Maritimo Funchal
Other teams (full photo galllery here):

2. Green + Blue [16 clubs]
Notable teams: Seattle Sounders
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

3. Blue + Azure (or any other combination of two shades of blue) [28 clubs]
Notable teams: Zenit St. Petersburg, Sydney FC
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

4. Orange + Blue [24 clubs]
Notable teams: Montpellier, Istanbul Bașakșehir
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

5. Orange + Green [5 clubs]

6. Orange + Grey [2 clubs]
AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), Forge FC (Canada).

7. Orange + Purple [1 club] - FK Armavir (Russia)

8. Purple + Yellow [6 clubs]

9. Claret + Yellow / Amber [4 clubs]

10. Claret + Gold [2 clubs]
Deportes Tolima (Colombia), Stellenbosch FC (South Africa)

11. Claret + Blue [22 clubs]
Notable teams: Aston Villa, Burnley, West Ham United, Trabzonspor
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

12. Claret + Green [1 club] - Ciudad de Plasencia CF (Spain)

13. Pink + Blue [5 clubs]

14. Brown + Blue [1 club] - Al-Kawkab FC (Saudi Arabia)

15. Brown + Yellow [2 clubs]
Trujillanos FC (Venezuela), Ohod Club (Saudi Arabia)

16. Brown + Amber [1 club] - Sutton United (England)

17. Grey + Red [4 clubs]
UEFA - Cremonese (Italy), Pembroke Athleta FC (Malta), Strommen IF (Norway), Club Esportiu Jupiter (Spain).

18. Grey + Blue [2 club]

19. Lime Green + Black [10 clubs]

20. Lime Green + White [1 club] - Pirata FC (Peru)

CATEGORY III - Teams with 3 main colors

1. Blue + Yellow + Red [3 clubs]

2. Blue + Yellow + White [1 club] - CA Bella Vista (Uruguay)

3. Blue + Yellow + Black [1 club] - Real Sport Clube (Portugal)

4. Blue + Green + White [1 club] - St. Louis FC (USA)

5. Blue + Orange + White [2 clubs]

6. Orange + Green + Black [1 club] - Venezia (Italy)

7. Orange + Green + White [1 club] - Deportivo Masaya (Nicaragua)

8. Green + Yellow + Black [1 club] - GKS Jastrzębie (Poland)

9. Green + Yellow + Red [4 clubs]

10. Green + Red + White [13 clubs]
Notable teams: Fluminense
Other teams:

11. Green + Red + Black [11 clubs]

12. Green + Black + White [2 clubs]

13. Green + Burgundy + White [2 clubs]

14. Red + Orange + Black [1 club] - Nagoya Grampus (Japan)

15. Red + Yellow + Black [8 clubs]

16. Claret + Blue + Yellow [1 club] - Madureira EC (Brazil)

17. Pink + Blue + White [1 club] - Yangon United (Myanmar)

Category IV - Teams with 4 main colors

1. Red + Yellow + Green + White [4 clubs]

2. Red + Yellow + Blue + White [1 club] - ASDC Verbania (Italy)

3. Red + Yellow + Blue + Black [1 club] - Coras de Nayarit (Mexico)

Here they are. 454 teams from across the entire the world, from Feroe Island to Papua New Guinea or the 4th Italian league. This should be about it. However, if there are by any chance teams that I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them on the list.
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!
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State Of Decay 3 Wishlist: Updated

SOD 3 Suggestions and Ideas. BIG LIST
I PROMISE this long list is worth it. Lets begin.
· Quarantine zones - these zones Is high risk high reward quarantine areas. These areas should preferably be in enclosed areas like hospitals, by mass grave pits , sewers and subways. The loot should consist of rare weapons, rucksacks , maybe a recruit to rescue. These areas should house 100 zombies, Ferals , juggernauts and bloaters. The reward should be worth the risk.
· All zombies/freaks should carry diseases that is harmful to humans. Plague zombies make your infection meter rise fast and regular zombies carry plague but at lower levels and has not fully turned into a plague zombie so if attacked by them your infection meter goes up but not as fast.
· Plague infection. if you want to protect yourself from infection you have to wear armoriot gear but armor can break over time if attacked alot. (juggernauts breaks armor in one hit and ferals shred armor if they pounce on)
•Noticeable symptoms of blood plague. A lot of coughing you can hear, sneezing and more.
·Bigger hordes - Villages , towns and cities should be filled with hordes of zombies and outside of these areas should be somewhat feasible
· Zombie/Freaks models show be More decayed ,rotten and creepier looking. Some should be missing limbs , no jaw or broken jaw, torn face , maggots on the skin ,bones sticking out limbs that are broken, exposed organs , skinny , hanging eye ball and more. Just give us a more gritty helpless feeling of zombies , show us the fate we will have if we turn. No more glowing eyes to , give the zombie ghostly veiny white eyes or red/ yellowish veiny blood eyes. Think 28 weeks later.
· Creepier zombie sounds - every zombie game has its own unique zombie sound from the clickers clicking sound in the last of us (kinda a zombie) , to Old school resident evil slow moving zombie “uhhhhhhhh” sound and left for deads more aggressive sounding zombies. Give us a more creepy, screaming , rasipy ,decayed sounding zombies. Nothing more horrifying than a horde of zombies screaming chasing you down with no ammo.
·Regular zombies should do a bit more damage so you don't want to fight a lot of them at once
·Intelligent zombie spawns and detection. If i'm running around being silent why am I being attacked constantly in a houses and etc. I should only be attacked so heavy if i'm making a lot of noise.
·Military bases with soldiers ,these bases can be attacked by bandits or you can attack these bases for the loot but it's risky since these are highly trained soldiers With the best weapons. You could also help them out with different problems and become allies.
·Military Presence around stopping people from “looting” and killing those that don't obey the law. Will be shot if you don't comply. So let's say I'm looting with a friend and soldiers that are scouting see us and tell us to put everything back or we will have problems we will then be given an options to comply ,bribe or SURVIVE meaning to fight for survival.
·More hostile and friendly enclaves with Larger player counts 10+ people. Player count can increase over time ,they can upgrade their home with better facilities and get better guns for their settlers.
·Hostile enclaves can choose to contact you and make demands. you can choose to deny the request and face their wrath when they are ready to attack or you play by their rules, build your numbers and wait for the right time to strike. Think about negan and rick grimes group and what happened to them and then eventually fought back.
·Bandits that camp out around the world ,raid and plan large scale attacks on different bases for loot including yours. You can bump into them scavenging around also.
·How Outposts should work - You should be able to build as many outposts as you want as long as you have community members at your base that you can send to live and guard the outpost of your choice (sending members will free up space to recruit new people for your main base). You can only station 2 min or 4 max community members at each outpost or leave it undefended. Outposts can be attacked and taken by Hostile enclaves or bandits. Your outpost can radio you if they need back up or not. Placing guards at your outpost also makes the safe area bigger. Building outposts a few meters close to hostile enclaves, bandit camps and hostile military bases will be attacked more often. If your outpost is far from hostiles they won't risk the journey unless the reward is high so sending your best guys , with the best guns and having a lot of supplies to support your outpost will bring raids. Hostile and friendly enclaves can also have outposts with guards. Enemy outposts can also create safe zones but you won't be safe from their armed guards so be careful and maybe use their safe zones to your advantage.
·Hostiles can ambush you at any given time while you are out. They set traps on the road like cars blocking the roads or bridges then start shooting at your car, they will try to ambush you while your scavenging and block entrances of the building your looting to so you will only have one exit and may more ways.
·Clearing neighborhoods/areas of zombies should make spawn rates there less of a zombie fest for a while (30 mins maybe) before zombies start spawning at the normal rate again.
· Random Squatters that are staying at houses ,garages and etc. They should all react to you differently so some will be friendly, scared of you than tell you to leave and some will shoot on sight. You can try to recruit them ,kill them and take their loot or just leave them be.
· Revolts/Uprising in your enclave - if your community happiness drops to 0% your community will start an uprising for the leader to step down and members will leave your community. You will have warnings to fix the issue and keep your community happy.
· Scavengers - I can send a group of 3 people from my base out to scavenge surrounding areas and their success is determined by their skills and weapons they carry. All A.I enclaves can do the same.
· Raiders - I can send a group of 3 to 4 people to kill and loot hostile enclaves, Betray friendly enclaves ,neutral enclaves bases, bandit camps, military bases .Success is determined by skills and weapons they carry. All A.I enclaves can do the same.
·Home Bases - give us some more unique bases to capture like maybe a neighborhood that's blocked off ,hospital ,military fort, schools complex building, amusement parks and much more or give us a choice to go full fallout 4 style and give us ultimate freedom to choice a spot to fortify and call home.
•Living World - It feels like I’m the only one trying to survive this pandemic and I don’t feel dread or hopeless. I want the world to be more lived in , I want to see more enemies and allies scavenging, battles in the streets or buildings between different settlements or zombies, I want to bump into a ambushed enclave and choose to help or keep it moving, I want to see corpses in the streets and corpses in cars, cars on fire and more. I want to see a better representation of one of the scariest apocalypses that could ever happen to mankind and the ugliness humans will have to become to survive.
•Let factions be in charge of their own destiny and let factions go about their lives organically. Let them thrive , turn evil or turn good , create allies or enemies , destroy factions or join another faction to strengthen their numbers , create outposts , recruit 20+ members, build a strong base with the best facilities and mods, patrol neighborhoods and more. Let them change the world as will. It’s not all about me it’s about everyone having an impact with their actions.
·Name our community
•Holsters to carry side arms
·Faster way to switch between weapons and grenades (tired of opening up menu to change weapons). Switch weapons with the press of a button. Carry primary gun and side arm IF WE HAVE HOLSTERS
· more freedom. I would love you to create my own story through my own actions. All my actions should have a consequence. Cause and effect. Let me be a evil murderous raider settlement that everyone hates and fears , let me try to Switzerland and be the main trader settlement for all factions or let me be the savior that the world needs and everyone goes to for help. Just give me options to create and see how me and others affect the world.
· Give us the ability open our map , hover over the face our cursor is on and see what their relations are with other factions.
·Play card games at the lounge. So poker night will actually be an activity you can take part in.
·Big Social Hub 1. This will be a big base controlled by the network and heavily guarded by the network. This will be a destination where you can meet new enclaves , trade, go on missions , craft (crafting here will cost your materials and influence) and much more. This place is "Switzerland" so no confrontation of any kind only peace.
·Big Social Hub 2. "The Pit" ,this is a place where bandits , cannibals and many more undesirables like to go from time to time. This will be a place where you can buy alcohol rucksacks, buy drugs, play poker, see chained zombie pets and participate or make bets on fights till the death (two humans from different enclaves will be locked in an enclosed area and fight till the death). You can bet anything valuable you have to trade.
·Creating trade pipelines. So we have different community assigned to different pipelines. Each pipeline will be different, so for example I can radio in an allied community and say ”Hey I would like to create a trade caravan and trade you guys x amount of food for x amount of medicine“ so on and so forth. All pipelines can be long term (forever) or short term (one time thing). This will open up many different options ,so lets say we don't have a farm but our friends do so why not trade them resources we have that they need and in return we get what we need, now I can build something else in that slot since we are secure on food because of our trade pipeline. Give us many different options like our services for food or something else, fuel for ammo, trade community members and much more. Theres no limit on how many pipelines we can create but our caravan can get ambushed if they drive past a hostile a hostile controlled area
·Creating drugs in a drug lab facility and beer in a brewery facility to sell in our pipelines. We can also take drugs for it’s morale boosts or even OD on some. In an apocalypse some people will want to have a way to try to escape so will turn to drugs to boost their morale and be happy.
·Creating poison. Poisoning food and medicine rucksacks and trade it to enclaves or other npcs in the world to kill them. If I trade poisonous food to an enclave in our pipeline and someone dies they will become hostile towards you and take action unless it kills everyone. This will be great to try to raid without lifting a finger, betrayals and etc.
·Jail cells in your base. This will take up a large slot and this will give you a big morale boost and allied relations will rise if you lock up hostiles. You can capture anyone and ransom them off for rucksacks or other valuables. The more skilled and valuable the npc the better chance you have with the random.
·Bounty hunting. Red Talon will radio in all enclaves and inform you about a bounty. If you take them out you can take there loot, gain influence and your moral/relations meter will go up for doing good. These bandits will be heavily armed and dangerous and anyone can claim the prize like allies, hostile enclaves and bandits. Bounties are issued on individuals or a group of individuals that kill innocents , attack military personal and terrorize everyone on the map.
·You create what type of leader you are through your actions. You leader will develop leader traits through his or her actions. Traits such as humility ,diplomatic, problem solver ,savior ,tyrant , evil , ruthless, Murderer , addict ,negotiator and more
·Being able to kill ANYONE. If I want to massacre my entire group that should be a thing lol.
•Mass grave sites will give the world a much darker and gritty look.
· ability to improve relations with hostile factions. So trading , doing jobs for them , helping their members in life or death situations , helping them with raiding bases or protecting them
·If you Injure you legs you will have a limp to your walk and run which will make you slow
·More emphasis on stealthy play , a cover system to hide behind objects and etc.
·Smarter and deadlier human A.I's that will take cover and flank but Military A.I's Should stand out more since their actually trained soldiers and will try to flank you and add suppression fire.
·first-person mode option
· Lock picks to unlock locked doors so we can have a quieter option. Shoulder door bash and kicking in doors animation.
·Command Enlisted followers -maybe a bunch of preset commands like watch my back , Go silent (use melee only) ,Go loud (guns and grenades) ,stay here ,Search and destroy, Loot (only works while in building) and grab rucksack command and etc.
·Bring 3 followers (the more followers you have the less likely community members will survive a human siege or zombie siege)
·Keep all personality traits, skills and characteristics and add more for SOD 3 with backstories
·intense gunfights and melee altercations. riddle enemies with bullets and watch their mangled limbs fall apart and run the streets red, brains ,guts and Pieces of bone land on the ground, beat enemies with your fists or melee weapons and feel the impact and weight behind every strike and watch your enemies crumble to their knees with their face or body bruised and bloody than you can subdue them and capture them.
· Relationships with community members and other enclave members such as romances ,friendships and etc. Also betrayals. Character development good to bad and bad to good or never changes. This will give a sense of love and care for all of the survivors not only because of what they offer in terms of stats but because they feel like real humans you want to care for and protect.
· more realism to rucksacks - I would like to carry one rucksack on my back and two in each hand. (if I get attacked I drop rucksacks in my hands) also realism to rucksacks going inside different vehicles like we can put one rucksack in the front seat ,two in the back seat and however many rucksacks or items in the trunk. Keep in mind followers can get in if the seats aren’t occupied.
·Being able to close interior doors and Being able to hide under beds, under cars ,in closets and more. There was one time I was unlucky to have 2 ferals chase me into a house and I had no bullets for my gun and a broken weapon from traveling around fighting. While my car glitched and flipped over in proximity of 2 ferals ,So I ran in a nearby house house to try to lose them and well long story short one tackled me in the living room and well I was ripped apart eventually. I remember seeing a closet in that house and was wondering I wish I was able to run to the house fast enough to give me a split second to hide in the closet and wait it out for them to leave.
·Deeper crafting system for melee weapons ,makeshift bombs ,IEDs , Special ammo like explosive bullets and incendiary bullets , gun attachments and more.
•Look through sights
·Daily/weekly challenges that reward you influence or other rewards if completed.
·Military and red talon convoy trucks with goods and rucksacks driving to their base. You can kill the drivers and take the goods or leave them be. If you attack the Convoy they will radio in and call for back up unless you stop them first. There will be a radio indicator over one npcs head ,it will take 5 seconds before the call is made so be quick.
·Hand to Hand combat. I would love to be able to use my fists and different techniques to defend myself when I don't have a weapon. Think last of us for example or other open world games with hand to hand fighting like red dead 2.
·Barricade idea. If there is a giant horde coming after me and I have nothing to defend myself with I would like to be able to run into a house and being able to barricade it. So I would like to lock the doors and nail wood planks against the door ,same with windows. Ferals and jugs should be able to break through faster than regular zombies and plague zombies. Also I should be able to ceven move furniture in front of points of entry for added barricade protection. Imagine you run into a hospital and a horde is behind you and you run into an office with one window, you decide to close the door, lock the door and move the office desk towards the door for added protection. You look out the window but its a high drop and you risk injuring your legs which will affect your mobility but the door and barricades won't hold for long so what do you do, risk getting injured and maybe getting away or getting injured and theres zombies outside and you risk dying or wait for the zombies to break down the door and they kill you anyways. I want to make these type of life or death decisions.
•Houses and building can catch fire and attract zombies.
GAME WORLDS With features:
· Atmospheric Worlds with dynamic weather system and volumetric lighting. If achieved please make fog dense at times and thunder loud and piercing. Stormy days should mask all my noise including driving and gunshots. Dense fog can make us almost invisible from zombies and other hostiles and it's harder for zombies to see at night.
· Some Interior objects like tables ,chairs and etc should react to you when you collide into them.
· Better Ambiance - lets have more environmental sounds, So for instance if I'm walking through the woods I can hear crows cawing or bird wings flapping away, crunching of leaves and branches, gunshots in the distance ,screaming , stepping on wooden floors sometimes have creaking sounds and etc.
· It's been awhile since the outbreak and grass and vegetation should start growing on buildings ,roads and etc. Nature is taking its world back
•Map should be a giant map like ghost recon wildlands consisting of different biomes such as swamp lands ,snowy mountains, suburban areas, rural areas, farm land with big corn fields (imagine getting chased by a feral or horde through a cornfield in a stormy night hearing the zombies groan loud and angrily (HOLY SHIT) and yes cities PLEASE. If not cities give us two or three story buildings to replicate a city. One giant map should keep the fans contained for a long time if done right and with the features I added up top.
If you guys used Advanced Locomotion with third-person capabilities that would put State of Decay 3 far ahead of its predecessors.
Here's a link to what I'm talking about
·cover system for first and third person
·Better physics all around and ragdoll physics
We have no information on this but this engine looks very promising and should be looked at for the future.
There needs to be more weapon and plenty of attachments for guns like larger magazines ,look through different scoops ,red laser dots ,attachable flashlight and more. Add on to the list of weapons you already a have. Here's a little list of weapons I'll like to see in SOD3
·Throwing knives, Throwing Tomahawks and throwing spears.
·Stun Guns (ragdolls zombies and Humans and is non lethal)
·Compound bow. PLEASE
·Ball clubs
·Claymore mine and Claymore sword
·Bowie Knife
·Weponized blood plague gas launcher (grenade launcher that spreads blood plague gas this will attract all blood plague types and infect those in the gas)
·Tear gas -military will use this and this will give you blurry vision and cough a lot.
·Brass knuckles ( Takes alot more hits to kill but if u have a perk that makes u a heavy hitter u can be a bit more lethal)
·Some objects in the world (bricks on the grounds ,tree branch and etc).
Vehicles Ideas:
-Fire truck
-RV to sleep and camp in if you are traveling far and want to rest your character’s. RV has a big carrying capacity.
-Tow truck to move vehicles on or off the road. Like the cars on the road in the current games we could move them with a hitch on our car or tow truck. (fyi this can be great for setting up traps against allies ,hostile ,military and bandit enemies driving or walking on the road)
-Military vehicles ,only found at bases or patrolling military soldiers and they will be fully upgraded
-School buses
-armored money trucks
I would like to see more emphasis on the network ,red talon , stories/legends on how the outbreak occurred and Story of Sasquatch and his team.
Other than that I would like to see you guys continue to build upon on the sandbox game play you guys already have and hopefully use my ideas to build upon it and give it a more realistic, gritty and dark feel.
Character Model Ideas
·Characters with tank tops ,overalls, beards and other facial hair styles, grizzly beards, braided hair, woman and man buns, long hair ,mohawks ,clown face paint character, no shirt no shoes characters.
·More military looks. War ready military characters (all gear on) , camo face paint military character, pilot helmets and body armor.
·Swat team characters with riot gear.
·Different body types (which effect cardio and movement speed) and height (for immersion). Body - Fat ,body builder ,husky, athletic and skinny. Height- 5'9 - 6'3
·LOVED: -Being able to randomly pick community members at the start of the game.
-Traits ,skills and randomly generated faces and names. (Please don't scrap just add lots more)
-Consequences (please expand upon deeper with more brutal consequences, peaceful ones, Friendship changing consequences and more)
-I played all SODs and I've always loved how I can enter every building. I'm hoping that stays the same as worlds get bigger and dense.
-Base Building. I would like to see more depth to securing your base with spike fences ,steel doors that are hard for zombies to break down ,left over room in your base to be used and overall more freedom to create the base of your dreams. Think fallout 4 but in state of decay.
-DLC content so far. Now that you guys have a bigger budget I am hoping for bigger and better worlds with better DLCs.
-Amount of Human presence in the maps. I would have liked to see NPCs Scavenging, driving around to grab the rucksacks for their group, setting up traps on the road to catch us off-guard, looting buildings, attacking our base sometimes and much more. NPC's and factions doing different things and each of them having different agendas. Like have military enforcing laws like the first sod ,threating enclaves to disband and miltary scouts making sure the laws are enforced. Red talon home bases doing whatever it is they do. The Network home bases trading with enclaves , trading posts and helping other and bandits around the world fighting, looting and killing others for their loot. There's so much more that could have been done.
-Combat- I feel combat could have been better in terms of melee strikes ,reaction to being hit and much more. I would have loved to see hand to hand combat with other humans and seeing them react to the different blows accordingly.
-How I wasn't able to kill anyone at anytime.
-How I couldn't choose my own path of what type of leader I could be through my actions like killing innocents, killing bad people ,helping people survive, set up trade routes ,giving free rucksacks of food to communities and much more.
-There wasn't really friendships/relationships between individual community members. You would think surviving together ,fighting together and being together always would build bonds and much more. Like taking a certain follower with you all the time opens up relationship paths or doing good or being back attracts different people and etc.
-Graphics weren't that good but I won't judge to harshly because they WERE a smaller studio some would say an indie studio. Hopefully my favorite Prospect company can Turn SOD Into a AAA game for the next gen xbox.
-maps were to small
-Not much to do. Create a bigger sandbox experience.
If you are reading this I thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to my suggestions and ideas. If you are a developer for the State of Decay series I want to thank you for hearing me out and hopefully taking my suggestions to Heart. I truly believe that this series is a Hidden Gem in the game industry right now. I believe with the proper push, support and Manpower you guys can deliver the most unique zombie survival game to date. The foundation is there it just needs to be built upon more and I believe the ideas I have given you and keeping all the best bits of the SOD series will keep players sticking around for the long run in offline play and co-op play.
With the new Xbox consoles on the horizon and rumors of it being extremely powerful with brand new AMD Tech and Undead Labs now becoming a first party studio with all of Microsoft's support and funding (HOLY SH** BTW lol) I believe you guys can capitalize on this and build a beautiful optimized, creepy and realistic world with amazing physics and atmosphere.
I wish the Undead Labs team all the success in the world. I believe in you guys. Much love from The Windy City.
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Some discords that do regular giveaways

Most of these are gambling discords, take them as you will.
I personally mute all the non-giveaway channels and simply play the giveaways as I personally hate gambling.
I've actually won a decent amount between the different sites.
Enjoy and hopefully win some items!
Just paste the following into discord add server
3Kk7rqK -Abras
DWAfXZ2 - Runebanks
HrYskZY -Runebet
n8GrkmG -OSRS giveaways
Bn6NFmV -Aory's
rpVN9DP -Dragon Dice
3pVcDAQ -StakeLand
XzefcNK -Probemas
mPJpNHc -Party All night
qXq8kJV -Chasm Of Fire
SU3vXdt -Frost Bets
BwYnSXv -Elite Ranks

I did not make them links because people often do not trust links on Reddit. Instead by just having the discord invite copy/paste there is no risk involved, as simply joining a discord has 0 risk involved.
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KC RP: Ranov'la Aka

KC RP: Ranov'la Aka
Ranov'la Aka means "Secret Mission" in Mando'a
Go read the previous part of this mission, made by u/Legoninja5102
[RP- Lieutenant Rageth Sebrul Ka'rakyra]
Grand General Karn had sent a group of forty MDA agents to Vanquo. Our mission was primarily reconnaissance, but secondary purposes existed too. This one\1]) had been tasked with one of those secondary missions. As a Lieutenant there were 20 men and women under this one's command, a troop which we'd named "Durgolusk Company.\2])" After having found a place to set up our outpost, and making contact with a nearby village, this one began to assemble soldiers for a more secret mission. The party consisted of this one's squad - the 1st Engineering Squad - as well as an additional soldier for escort. Before we left, however, this one needed someone to lead while the salvage crew was away.
"Private Wilder," this one said, approaching the blue clad Centurion.
Todd stood up straighter and turned to look at this one, giving a salute, "Lieutenant Rageth, Sir."
At ease, Sergeant.
"At eaze, Sergeant," this one said to the young man. Were it not for the helmet of this one's beskar'gam, the former Jedi would have certainly noticed the mischievous and toothy grin plastered on this one's face.
"I'm sorry, sir, did you say Sergeant?" The boy did not know what he had done, "I'm a priva-"
"Thiz one knowz you were a Private, Ruuz'alor\3]) Wilder," This one said. Humans spoke of a term called patience, a term this one was well aware of. The patience of waiting for a hunt, the patience of stalking one's prey. But apparently in other cultures one should have patience for people, even when they cause offense, "But thiz one seez you as ruusaanyc.\4]) Thus, thiz one thinkz you ready to become a Sergeant, that way you can lead your squad and Sol'yc\5]) Squad while thiz one is away," this one's speech was interrupted by a low hissing noise, "and you are lucky to be a former Jedi, otherwize thiz one would not have such respect for you after your apology."
The young man paused, clearly confused. After processing what this one had said and regaining his composure, he replied, "Thank you, Sir."
This one nodded their head in approval, and turned to attend to the salvage operation. For his part, Sergeant Wilder returned to camp, likely to address the rest of the mission.
The First Engineering Squad and Escort, from left to right, front to back: Lieutenant Rageth Ka'rakyra, Escort Ika Itera, Kad Priest, Private Vev Gedyc, Tra Bralor, and Traycin Rook.
The First Engineering Squad, escorted by fellow Durgolusk Platoon member Ika\6]) Itera, stepped out of the Orar'senaar and onto the rocky terrain. We had traveled fairly far from camp, to explore a suspected crash site - or archaeological site, this one supposed - from the Battle of Vanquo nearly four millennia ago. Despite this one's warnings to Grand General Karn, the esteemed Jedi would not listen to this one. Any crashed ships from the battle would have already been scrapped, salvaged, scavenged, rusted, and disintegrated in the time since the early, early mandalorian conflict. But Quilian was insistent that we ought to check to see if there was anything that could be of use, and so this one was out with the squad to find three-thousand year-old wreckage. This one will have ijaat by this one's clan, even if it was a fool's errand.
"Thiz iz where it ought to be," this one declared. The region we stood in was a sparsely forested hillside. Orbital scanners, historical records, and geological data had indicated that this was the best bet for any sort of wreckage. A quick visual scan of the area indicated that it was, empty. Barren, nothing was here.
Still, anything that had been here would have had to have been buried, so we fanned out. Kad used her sensor equipment to scan deep underground, and Private Vev began to dig around the area, marking an excavation site.
Gotta Chainsaw some logs.
This one walked off and tried to use the HUD to determine the location of any wreckage. As this one had feared, it was a useless endeavor. Just as this one was about to give up hope, though, a loud crack sounded off behind this one. A flare! this one though. The whole squad was equipped with flare guns, instructed to fire them if anybody located something of note.
Thiz one turned around to see Operative Kad Priest had fired her flair. By Noga-Ta she'd found something!
My bricks got so dirty for this one, I hope ya'll really like the photos here.
Immediately we began excavation efforts. Given how under-equipped the MDA was, it was slow going. We had to make camp for the night and dig in shifts throughout the night. The whole experience gave this one an idea for a new excavation landspeeder, likely a good product for this one's newest venture, Ka'rakyra Industries. But that was a project for after the mission, unfortunately. Following another day's hard work, we had recovered a decent amount of scrap. Any computer components had long since wasted away, and the durasteel Hull plates had long since been cannibalized for parts. The whole thing was badly rusted, but it would serve the reconstruction purpose well enough.
As this one emerged from the wreckage, a more unstable portion broke off, collapsing onto this one. Quickly, this one spun around and procured this one's handheld shield, activating the device. A large partial sphere of energy, maybe a meter across, sprung out from the handle. While this one's gauntlet had smaller Shields, of course, they were not nearly as large and thus as useful.
So, so dirty. Ugh.
Activating the jetpack, this one used the shield to lift the debris back into it's proper position. Gaining more altitude still, this one was launched up and over the rest of the wreckage and landed before it. This one had always hated flying, it burned this one's tail. And while Barabel scales were blaster-resistant, that didn't make a rocket booster completely negligible.
Ah, there's a shot. It's no River photo though.
"Signal General Karn," this one ordered to the troops, "tell him we've found the partial, ruined, rusted hull of a Kyramud."
[End RP. Or maybe they'll be a follow up, IDK]
All Mando'a translations made using
[1] Barabel don't speak using the personal pronoun "I," rather they say things like "This one" (with their accent it's be spelled "Thiz one"). Therefore I have elected to write first person RPs from Rageth in this manner. Please let me know if you like or dislike this practice.
[2] Technically 20 people, under KC Army ranking, would constitute a Platoon. Meanwhile a "Company" is 100 soldiers. But, "Durgolusk Platoon" doesn't sound as cool. "Durgolusk Company" sounded infinitely better.
[3] Ruus'alor - Sergeant.
[5] Ruusaanyc - trustworthy.
[5] Sol'yc - first.
[6] Okay, the name "Ika Itera" is a joke, as "Ika" is a suffix you add to the first three letters of a child's name as a sort of diminutive per name. So naming someone Ika might as well be naming them "Junior."
There's a few references and things I didn't explain, fyi. Feel free to look them up yourself.

“When life gives you lemons, they’re probably tainted” - someone forgotten from a defunct message board.
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Professional Challenger Coaching (Challenger since Season 4) | Unique and Personalized Sessions | Over 100 Reviews Available

Hello there!
My name is Shelbion and I have been a League player for almost a decade now. I reached Challenger for the first time all the way back in season 4 and ever since, I was at the top of the ladder. Some of my personal achievements include
Being satisfied with what I've achieved as a player, I've entered the field of coaching in season four. At first, it was simply because I needed new challenges and as the time went by, it became my passion. I enjoy watching the process of each student growing and getting to reach his full potential. In order to tailor my sessions to each student's unique needs, I tend to combine knowledge from a variety of different fields, from Psychology to Communication and Esports. Looking back, I can proudly say I've helped more than a 1000 students of various ranks, from Bronze to Challenger improve, climb and finally reach their dreams. In addition to personal coaching, I've achievied success with over 20 different teams (From Oceania and Europe to North America), as both a coach and an analyst.
How does it work?
First thing we do is booking an Interview (Lasts for 7-10 minutes) which is used to answer all the questions you possibly have, to give more detailed explanation of the coaching and to set up the time for the First Session.
First Session - This is the initial session used to assess the current level of your gameplay, to highlight all the areas which must be improved and polished out and to give me an insight on your mental and the way your mind works while you are playing a League game. After this, the Coaching Plan is created(You get access to all of it at the start of the Sessions).
Coaching Plan?
Like the name suggest, all the sessions are planned out so they'd maximize your improvement. Personalized and created for every student's needs, this would be your best bet in fulfilling all of your goals! Plan consists out of different session types. I'd higlight three basic ones.
  1. Theory session - Used to explain theory behind the aspect of the game we are covering. Examples would be Wave Managment, Vision Placement, Decision Making etc.
  2. Practical session - Consists out of either a VOD review or a live game. Used to put the theoretical knowledge into practice and to analyze and further improve your gameplay.
  3. Review - Occurs after some time, used as a checkpoint to rate the improvement made during the sessions.
Personalized Support
Alongside the sessions themselves, you'll be able to message me whenever there is something you'd want to ask or discuss, regardless whether it's a rough game you've just had or whether you simply want to flex your 12/0 Teemo in the jungle. I'll come back to before you even know it!
Currently Under Construction! Live on 15.07.2020.
You will be invited to join the coaching community (Both Discord and Site included). With over 100 members already waiting for their invites, do not hesitate and reserve yours today!
Various events will be held, from free weekly sessions to RP Giveaways!
I am able to cover any server and any timezone, no issues regarding that. Rates for both Private and Team coaching are negotiable so we will easily get the sessions to fit your budget and your needs. Payments are usually done through PayPal, however other forms of Payment such as Direct Transfer can be discussed.
Main form of contact is Discord on which you can find me at Shelbion#8832
Feel free to message me either on Discord or through a Direct Message on Reddit and I will come back to you as quickly as possible!
Kind regards and best of luck on the Rift, Shelbion.
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Professional Challenger Coaching (Challenger since Season 4) | Unique and Personalized Sessions | Over 100 Reviews Available

Hello there!
My name is Shelbion and I have been a League player for almost a decade now. I reached Challenger for the first time all the way back in season 4 and ever since, I was at the top of the ladder. Some of my personal achievements include
Being satisfied with what I've achieved as a player, I've entered the field of coaching in season four. At first, it was simply because I needed new challenges and as the time went by, it became my passion. I enjoy watching the process of each student growing and getting to reach his full potential. In order to tailor my sessions to each student's unique needs, I tend to combine knowledge from a variety of different fields, from Psychology to Communication and Esports. Looking back, I can proudly say I've helped more than a 1000 students of various ranks, from Bronze to Challenger improve, climb and finally reach their dreams. In addition to personal coaching, I've achievied success with over 20 different teams (From Oceania and Europe to North America), as both a coach and an analyst.
How does it work?
First thing we do is booking an Interview (Lasts for 7-10 minutes) which is used to answer all the questions you possibly have, to give more detailed explanation of the coaching and to set up the time for the First Session.
First Session - This is the initial session used to assess the current level of your gameplay, to highlight all the areas which must be improved and polished out and to give me an insight on your mental and the way your mind works while you are playing a League game. After this, the Coaching Plan is created(You get access to all of it at the start of the Sessions).
Coaching Plan?
Like the name suggest, all the sessions are planned out so they'd maximize your improvement. Personalized and created for every student's needs, this would be your best bet in fulfilling all of your goals! Plan consists out of different session types. I'd higlight three basic ones.
  1. Theory session - Used to explain theory behind the aspect of the game we are covering. Examples would be Wave Managment, Vision Placement, Decision Making etc.
  2. Practical session - Consists out of either a VOD review or a live game. Used to put the theoretical knowledge into practice and to analyze and further improve your gameplay.
  3. Review - Occurs after some time, used as a checkpoint to rate the improvement made during the sessions.
Personalized Support
Alongside the sessions themselves, you'll be able to message me whenever there is something you'd want to ask or discuss, regardless whether it's a rough game you've just had or whether you simply want to flex your 12/0 Teemo in the jungle. I'll come back to before you even know it!
Currently Under Construction! Live on 15.07.2020.
You will be invited to join the coaching community (Both Discord and Site included). With over 100 members already waiting for their invites, do not hesitate and reserve yours today!
Various events will be held, from free weekly sessions to RP Giveaways!
I am able to cover any server and any timezone, no issues regarding that. Rates for both Private and Team coaching are negotiable so we will easily get the sessions to fit your budget and your needs. Payments are usually done through PayPal, however other forms of Payment such as Direct Transfer can be discussed.
Main form of contact is Discord on which you can find me at Shelbion#8832
Feel free to message me either on Discord or through a Direct Message on Reddit and I will come back to you as quickly as possible!
Kind regards and best of luck on the Rift, Shelbion.
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My Summary of Origins

Before I start - I'm British, my spellcheck is American, don't think too hard into how I’m spelling stuff. This is my personal opinions on the new origins, I may be wrong, I may be right. Let's start off with the basics:
Prosperous Union: This origin is about as simple as it gets. 4 additional pops and 2 additional districts. This is essentially the old normal start, with a slight buff to planetary happiness. Nothing unique, nothing really to comment on. I feel like people will probably overlook this as the "boring" start, but hey that extra population can give you an early game resource boost!
Mechanist: Mechanist is one of the old civics that's been adopted into the origins system, start off with 8 of your pops being robotic, and the production facilities to pump more out. Overall, its pretty good if you're planning on going for the good old fanatic materialist robot-rush, but in a normal materialist empire it sometimes can feel a bit extreme, especially since you're not going to get the droids tech for a while anyway.
Syncretic Evolution: Another old civic, Syncretic evolution is the biological equivalent to mechanist. 12 of your pops are a secondary dumber species. This species has the servile trait, effectively making them the perfect happy dumb laborers, but makes them incapable of anything requiring more than 2 brain cells, such as being a leader or specialist. Honestly speaking, I used to hate this civic origin, but the new system of managing planets has made it a lot more viable - ignoring the pain that is managing biological ascension without having entirely specialized planets.
Life Seeded: Life Seeded has you start off on a size 25 Gaia world. I imagine you, as many of my friends have done, jumped from your seat a little bit - either with the childlike wonder of someone who's excited for an easy game, or the horror of someone whose just seen a game breaking bug, but don't worry! Life seeded may give you the biggest, best-est planet of the bunch, fit with its own unique resources, but it also somewhat limits you to that planet. Unless you find another Gaia world, or invest in some expensive terraforming/mega-construction, you're not going to be colonizing any planets for a while due to your species having a forced Gaia world preference. Good for the one-planet-challenge if people are still doing that.
Post-Apocalyptic: The last of the adopted civics, I don't really have much to say. You start on a tomb world; you can inhabit tomb worlds. It makes the horizon signal event chain even stronger from a gameplay sense, but perhaps a bit more boring from a story sense. I *THINK* you still get to choose a planet preference, but I haven't actually played this one yet, so outside of a planet type having a yellow circle around it (unlike with life seeded,) I can't verify this.
Alright, so that's the old dusty origins out the way, now it's time for something new and exciting.
Remnants: In the past I have often wanted to play as a once great empire, reduced to nothing but ashes, trying to build my way back up to the top. This initially seems like a really strong start; relic worlds are highly sought after right? Well, other than being able to rebuild your world back into an ecumenopolis, this relic world is a bit... different... For a start, it has food districts, while most relic worlds don't. And additionally, it doesn't offer the same tech buff that other relic worlds give. Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about this origin. (You still choose a normal planet preference)
Shattered Ring: Shattered ring is a more balanced version of the old ring world start mods. It starts you off on a ring world segment, which seems stronger than can possibly be balanced - however it somewhat is by the fact that two of the other segments are damaged, and one has been completely destroyed by an overly friendly planet (a good source of minerals, in an otherwise mineral-free system. You still get to inhabit regular planets and having a big ringworld capitol is kind of cool from an RP sense. I like it, some people don't.
Void Dwellers: Void dwellers feels like the shattered ring's annoying younger cousin. Again, you start off inhabiting a megastructure, however you are somewhat stuck on your three little habitats. You can obviously expand onto more habitats, as well as some special high-habitability planets and ringworlds. You get buffs while on habitats, and it makes the void born ascension perk an extremely obvious choice. If you're planning on building really tall, this can be an amazing origin, but for casual players like me who are prone to unoptimized mayhem, it's a scary start.
Scion: While most players tend to stare at fallen empires from a great distance, some enjoy getting involved in their enigmatic and ancient affairs. For this kind of player, there is the scion. Have you ever enjoyed having your every move controlled by an older (and richer) individual while receiving fine payments and lots of affection? Outside of the obvious jokes, scion is an interesting origin. You start off as the vassal of a fallen empire (with somewhat similar ethics to your own) - whether you choose to obey them and receive the many boons they can offer, or rebel against them and take their technologies for yourself, you're going to be stuck getting pushed around for a while.
Galactic doorstep: There's not a whole lot to say here. There's a gateway in your home system, there are some events keyed to it. It's interesting I guess but I've not actually looked into it that heavily. If you're looking for a unique home system story line/event chain, I'd still argue shoulders of giants is the better bet. What I can say is that this origin doesn't provide the same (sometimes considered unbalanced) buffs that some of the others do.
Tree of Life: Looking like something straight out of Avatar (2009) you play as a hive mind built around a massive tree. This tree provides a number of benefits for your planet, and every planet you colonize can have its own tree sapling planted too (this process occurs on colonization, resulting in your colony ships essentially being expensive oversized seeds.) This origin fixes some of the issues with non-swarm hive minds being pointless compared to their hungrier cousins, as it is not available to devouring swarms. Be careful though, the loss of your tree will heavily debuff your planet, so protect your home world carefully. This fits really well with the whole jungle world, plantoid, ecologist aesthetic.
On the Shoulders of Giants: This origin brings quite a lot of story with it. You start off in a relatively normal home system, but with a large number of archaeological sites present, with several boons available at their completion. Somebody's been here before you, and they've left quite a few things behind. I like this origin, it expands on the concept of precursor empires really well, providing a story to the home system of your empire, which I have for a while felt this game desperately needs.
Calamitous Birth: Federations, the newest DLC, was preceded by lithoids. This origin expands on the already interesting content that the species pack offers. Not only does lithoids have unique gameplay, unlike plantoids or humanoids, it now has its own origin. Calamitous birth plays on the idea of panspermia, with your species of rock-men having originated from an asteroid and using these asteroids to colonize new planets in a rather... calamitous... manner. This origin sacrifices the +50% habitability that lithoids usually possess, instead giving you a pop growth speed boost on colonized planets.
Resource Consolidation: As Lithoids got its origin, so does Synthetic Dawn. Machine empires now have the option to start off on a machine world. These massive factories lie somewhere between an ecumenopolis and a hive world. With machine worlds being completely inhospitable to biological life, this origin serves a similar function to Tree of Life, buffing default (non DE, DA, RS) machine empires. An all-around okay origin, you trade in the orbital resources of your home system for a worker output buff on your home world (including a flat out +25 minerals +15 food).
Common Ground: Just as Starfleet entered the space age hand in hand with the Vulcans, you can too. This origin starts you off as the leader of a galactic union. Your friends may have stolen your guaranteed habitable worlds from you, but they have also stolen your heart. This is a fun start for someone who plans on uniting the galaxy under a federation of united planets, but I warn you that expansion can be difficult with three of you starting in such close proximity to each other (let alone if you find yourself on the end of a long line of hyperlanes, both of your "allies" inhabiting the only route out)
Hegemon: Common ground expands on the oldest of the federation types, the galactic union, whilst Hegemon expands on one of the newer ones. You start off as the leader of a hegemony. This is a federation form reminiscent of the old feudal society civic. Your fellow federation members are effectively vassals to you; however, they possess slightly more autonomy. Very similar to common ground, but you play more of a dominant role in your federation.
Doomsday: For as long as Stellaris has been a game, people have been trying to challenge themselves. The one planet challenge, even the one system challenge. Well, paradox has once again bent to the whims of their self-destructive players and provided the doomsday origin. To cut it short and simple - your planet is going to explode. Full on 2012 (2009) style. As your planet crumbles, some extra resources rise to the surface, as if god herself is trying to apologize for dooming your species so badly. If that isn't bad enough, you also don't get garunteed (edit) habitable worlds. Overall, I would suggest this origin for experienced (and possibly suicidal) players only.
Lost colony: Finally, we're at the last origin, lost colony. For a long time, the game has contained a couple of default empires, the United Nations of Earth, and the Commonwealth of Man. If one of these empires spawned in, the other was guaranteed to. This was a fun little bit of roleplay, with two completely different human empires, however they still counted as being biologically distinct species. Well, now you can play this scenario to the full, with another empire somewhere in the galaxy possessing exactly the same species as you. They may be friend, they may be foe, but they will always be family. In my opinion, play the CoM if you want to play this origin. it has its own unique starting system events, and some cool unique dialogue when you meet your long-lost cousins. (also, playing a pre-set empire every once in a while is good if you're feeling low on creativity.)
Feel free to tell me if there's anything I've gotten wrong or forgotten.
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"Harshnag to the Rescue!" or "To the Rescue of Harshnag??" - Chapter 3 - Session 10.

Previous Session: Our adventurers gain a new ally even as one of their friends part ways. They all teleport to Neverwinter, defeat a small cell of Dragon Cultists, take a ship to the freezing North. They're followed by a Gnome in Hundelstone, attacked by a mutated Frost Giant, and the next day by a pack of Yetis. Zep on the other hand learns to fly on Griffons and will be arriving at Bryn Shander a day behind the others:
Cast: (Level 6) - (LEVEL UP to 7!)
Our heroes stayed the night at Geldenstag's Rest, where it's proprietor was persistent in questioning them about... well, everything - she was very nosy. They have breakfast and make their way towards Market Square while keeping an eye out for Zep. Somehow he made excellent time and meets up with them yet in the morning.
They're in the Ten Towns region specifically to find Harshnag, so Jormo and Zep take the Initiative and start yelling as they walk down the street, "Haaaarshnag?? Harshnaaaag, are you here? Are any friends of Harshnag in Bryn Shander?" They got a lot of looks from the locals, but to no one else's surprise, this tactic didn't yield results.
They entered Market Square and found a small smithy and weapons dealer called "Black Iron Blades." The quality of wares was... lacking, but would suffice in a pinch.
Lyra is extremely perceptive and felt certain they were being watched, but the streets and market were so crowded it was impossible to know who and where from.
Suddenly the party hears the KA'PWAAAAANG'G'G of hollow metal ringing loudly, followed by an eruption of cheers coming from a crowd gathered around one corner of Market Square. They ask a nearby lady what the commotion is and she tells them "it sounds like another game of Cold Rock Ruckus."
Zdravko, Zep, and Jormo rush over to see what this game is all about, while Lyra and Beau keep a lookout for who might be tailing them.
There are 3 crates set up in a line 10' from each other and 25' from an 'X' in the snow where the participant stands. The crate closest to the X has a leather-bound, stuffed target-dummy on it, the crate 35' from the X has a wooden pin on it, and the furthest, crate has a dented iron Vase currently being placed back on it from the snow beside the crate.
The participant has to hold a 3" diameter stone, polished smooth (though chipped in a few places from striking the vase) for 6 seconds before throwing it, which is enough time for it do deal 1 cold damage. The owner of the game explains that 5sp gets you one throw, people in the crowd can bet on which target - if any - the player can hit. Zdravko insightfully points out "So there's nothing in it for me?" The proprietor explains that accolades and favor are often showered on those who can hit the metal vase. Despite his strength, Zdravko is less confident about his odds throwing this large stone than he would be with a proper weapon. Jormo and Zep bet that Zdravko won't hit any target, and hearing this he aims for the leather dummy (disadvantage for distance, AC 10) so their betting against him will fail. Jormo and Zep bet once more that he could hit the Iron Vase if he wanted, and he tries for it (disadvantage for distance, Base AC 10, +5 for 3/4 cover behind the other targets) and HITS!!! The crowd goes wild; several spectators offer him free drinks at Kelvin's Comfort if he comes by later.
I made up this game specifically to bait the 2 players in my party who are obsessed with Felgelos (only know him as a Halfling) to specifically mention him because he wowed them so much by throwing a rock further than they thought possible (which has now morphed into a tale of him throwing it around the world and catching it again). It was going to lead to some Zhentarim in the crowd hearing them (but who only know Felgelos as a Dragon) setting up an ambush for the group which didn't end up happening due to time constraints. That said, I'm proud of this game and it totally feels like something that might be cooked up by bored residents of a frontier town.
(Taking the bait, hook, line, and sinker) - Both Jormo and Zep keep talking about how the Halfling Felgelos "the Rock-Chucker" could win this game every single time.
After the game Zep uses his Cloak of the Raven to fly to the highest point in the city (House of the Triad Temple) to get a better lay of the land and see if Harshnag is anywhere in the lands surrounding Bryn Shander. As he takes off he sees a woman in a thick coat with hood pulled up over her head, on the roof of a nearby building; she notices him get line of sight on her and she quickly scuttles off the roof down a back alley. Zep continues to fly to the temple spire where he sees a wide open landscape of ice broken only a few ridges and crevices, the view several hundred feet beyond the city frequently washed white but swirling wind-whipped snow. There are no Giants in sight - Harshnag or otherwise (If only he'd waited a little longer). He flies back to tell the others.
Meanwhile the others were looking for knowledgeable guards or city officials to inquire about Harshnag. Conveniently a patrol of 4 guards, and 2 humans wearing the official colors of Bryn Shander, along with insignia denoting official status walk through the market square. The middle-aged man has broad shoulders and who's stern face is as cold and unmoving as the frozen ground. Beside him walks a slight but impressively confident young woman, no more than halfway through her 20's.
A woman's voice (Beldora - unseen) calls out from a crowd of people huddled around a Brazier of hot coals, "Lookout! Here comes Sheriff Markham Stoneface Southwell - everyone be on yer best behavior now!" The Sheriff turns his head slightly, but not enough to actually be searching for the heckler. The young woman beside him turns and gives a polite smile and wave in the direction of the unseen heckler and she and the sheriff continue along the way they were going.
Zdravko approaches them and says, "Stoneface, I have questions for you."
The sheriff stops in his tracks and turns, slowly meeting his gaze with Zdravko but without saying much more than "Yes?" as his eyebrow raises so slightly as to nearly go unnoticed. The young woman is warmer in her reception, but never loses her shrewd edge of diplomatic professionalism, "I am Duvessa Shane, Town Speaker of Bryn Shander - How can we help you, traveler."
Zdravko explains that they traveled a long way looking for Harshnag the Frost Giant to help them in their quest and wonders if she knows where he might be.
Duvessa, without a hint of anger projects her voice forcefully, "No, we will not ever forge alliances with Frost Giants. Now if you and your companions could come with us, we have some questions ourselves." The guards never raise their weapons, but it nonetheless feels like they're not asking so much as expecting the order to be followed. Zdravko, Beau, Jormo, and Lyra follow the Town Speaker and Sheriff around back of the Town Hall where stone steps lead down into a crude basement carved out of the frozen, hard-packed earth. In the back are 3 jail cells, and the rest of the space has been converted into Sheriff Southwell's office. Duvessa Shane asks the guards to wait outside.
The long and the short of it is that Bryn Shander stands in solidarity with other cities in the Ten Towns region that have suffered heavily from Frost Giant attacks and cannot be seen aiding a Giant or its allies in any capacity. Duvessa states that she has heard enough conflicting stories about Harshnag's good-natured way of aiding those in need that he may be worth taking a chance on even if she never personally would risk her life trusting him. She offers to secretly provide them with cold weather tents, sleeping bags, and provisions for a Tenday to find Harshnag provided they keep him out of and away from the Ten Towns.
Sheriff Southwell advises, "Duvessa, careful. If word gets around that you're advocating for peace with Frost Giants... that will damage the respect the folk of Ten Towns have for you" But she has already made up her mind. She asks that they give her a few hours to have the supplies gathered and they can collect them here later.
Zep comes flying back as they come out of the Sheriff's office and sees the mysterious woman spying from down a side street. She takes off running as she sees him arrive. Zep alerts the rest of the group that she's probably why they felt like they were being watched and they give chase. Jormo identifies footprints that likely belong to her and they follow. As they turn a corner they see her at the end of a long street and she looks surprised and takes off running down another street. Zep and Lyra both fly up to keep a bead on which street she's on and where she's likely to go next. Zep spots an angled side-street that will provide a shortcut for Beau and Zdravko to cut her off, while Jormo keeps following. Seeing that she's surrounded she throws her hands up and her hood back - It's the woman who gave them local rumors from the night before: Beldora!
"Hey hey hey, I meant no harm. Just keeping my ear to the ground, rumors is how I make a living and you seem an interesting bunch."
Zep scrutinizes her and has the insight to know she's not being entirely forthcoming. He threatens her and Jormo makes Dancing Lights spin around her increasingly close to her face. They intimidate her into coming clean.
"Okay okay. I'm a Giant hunter - even developed my own technique for fighting them eye to eye! And no, I won't share my secret methods. Anyway, heard you all yelling 'Harshnag' and thought maybe I could tail you and bag your quarry first!"
They explain that they aren't hunting him but want his help. After some more questions and some fumbled answers on her part they divine that she's still not being honest with them. They try intimidating her more
(I had another series of lies planned where she claimed to be a water elemental taking human form (sleight of hand to grab snow and squeeze it so it looked like water dripping from her fist) but decided the RP was going long enough already).
She playfully laughs, "Alright - Thwip was right, you are a sharp bunch. You can put the Dancing Lights away, I know they're harmless but wanted you to feel good about your effort. We're on the same side, Thwip and I both work for the Harpers and stay in touch via Sending Stones - I knew you were coming. He just told me this morning that he figured out you are allied with the Harpers as well."
When asked why she was spying on them she suggested they "think of more as, 'I've got your back.' For example: during the Cold Rock Ruckus game, you mentioned Felgelos and some men in the crowd didn't seem to like that, they were planning an ambush on you but I spooked 'em off." She wasn't sure who they were or why they turned hostile after hearing the party mention Felgelos.
As the party is getting ready to head back to the Town Hall 3 guards hurriedly run down the street past them. Jormo calls out to ask them what's going on.
Guard: "They've Issued a Close All Gates Order - Something about an army of Giants - that's all I know!"
Lyra unfurls her Tiefling wings and soars up to see what she can. There are 5 Giants at the main gate and 8 more spread evenly around the city walls!
The Party and Beldora rush down the main street to the Gatehouse. Visible over the 15' parapets of Bryn Shander's wall are the broad armored shoulders and huge head – blue like glacial ice – of a Frost Giant. She stands next to the gatehouse, Her hair is short and wild, accented only with 2 thick braids held by bronze clasps.
Duvessa Shane and Sheriff Southwell climb the stairs up to the parapets and the town speaker meets the Giant face to face. . .
Jormo, Zdravko, and Beau all follow right past the guards at the bottom of the stairs who are too stupefied at the behemoth on the other side of the wall to pay them much mind. Duvessa Shane gives them a brief glance to acknowledge that she knows they're there.
The Town Speaker projects in the Giant's own language (which Jormo translates for the group), "Welcome, to Bryn Shander. I am Duvessa Shane and speak for this city. You have surrounded our walls but not yet attacked them. I hope we can resolve whatever you came here for peacefully – but be assured we will defend ourselves if necessary. Why have you come?"
The Frost Giant narrows her eyes down at the small woman before her and booms a reply, "You are brave, tiny one. I am Drufi. A man named Artus Cimber is in your city. Bring him out to us or we pile your dead as high as these walls!"
Duvessa Shane orders many of the guards to scour the city for the man, then replies back to Drufi, "If this 'Artus Cimber' is here, we'll find him, and bring him to the wall. If he's a citizen of one of the Ten Towns we won't simply turn him over to you if he's not willing to go. We are looking for him, and at the very least will question him before making a final decision."
Drufi huffs and walks away from the Gatehouse back toward 4 other Frost Giants.
Zdravko asks Sheriff Southwell what they can do. The sheriff, still without showing much emotion admits that he's never faced a threat this large before and is out of his element but if they can help fortify the defenses in any way or have any idea who this Artus Cimber is or where he might be that would be the best help.
Lyra and Zep fly up to the rooftops to look around for anyone trying to stay hidden in case this Artus really doesn't want to be found. Instead they find Beldora had snuck away and is waiting behind an A-Frame roof with a hand crossbow, ready for the Giants if they break through.
Lyra asks Beldora if she knows anything about Artus and Beldora says she's never worked with him but knows that he was a member of the Harpers but went AWOL years ago and the Harpers have been trying to track him down ever since.
The group decides to see about the "out of work caravan guard" who Beldora told them about yesterday - the one who she was sure was undercover in some way. Even though she said he gives off a righteous knight vibe and from what little she knows of Artus, he's more of a Ranger. They find him drinking Brandy at Kelvin's Comfort, which is still packed! It's not that nobody knows about the Giant Army - it's all anyone is talking about - they just aren't taking the threat seriously.
Zdravko approaches the man and asks his name, the knight - very obviously lying - hesitates and makes up a name on the spot, "I'm Clyde." Zdravko firmly puts his hand on the man's shoulder and asks again. The man sighs and answers quietly, "I'm Sir Baric Nylef from the Order of the Gauntlet." Zdravko asks why he's trying to be sneaky and he says he's hunting a bounty for a Dwarf wanted in Mirabar and that he's drinking Brandy to fight off a cold.
Zdravko not so subtly asks him to quit drinking and prove his valor against the Giant threat. Sir Baric grabs his glass, smiles, and says, "That's precisely what I was planning on doing." As he chugs the last of his liquor, he brandishes a Maul and follows Zdravko out the door.
Just after going back outside they hear a commotion coming from the gate, shouting. Loud crashes and splintering debris as boulders and chunks of ice fly over the walls and tumble through buildings all around the city.
The party leaps into action and sprints towards the gate. Before they're halfway to the gatehouse they hear a loud, intense slam and the whole gatehouse shakes and the thick wooden door buckles but holds strong.
Lyra and Zep again take to the rooftops, while Jormo and Beau position themselves at the entrance of side streets where they can still see the gate.
WHAM!!! Another heavy hit to the door, which splinters and weakens but still holds... for now.
One of the Frost Giants - a younger one wearing a helmet just a little too tight for his huge head - climbs up the wall and reaches the top, he easily dislodges a large stone brick that served as a parapet while guards scatter from his feet. He readies his makeshift boulder for a suitable attack as he scans the meager, remaining defenders behind the wall.
Augrek Brighthelm, the cheery Dwarven Guard who welcomed our heroes the previous day ducks with her back as close to the wall as she can possibly get. Sir Baric Nylef charges the gate, ready for whatever might come through. The young Giant on the wall decides this defender is worthy of his stone and heaves it at the knight. Direct Hit! Sir Baric has the wind knocked out of him but is hanging tough.
Jormo uses his magic to slow the Giant on the Wall and positions some of its Area of Effect behind and below the Giant in case there are other creatures back there.
Lyra Calls lightning down from the sky on the now sluggish Giant. Ka-BOOM!
Beau attacks with Chromatic Orbs and Eldritch Blasts.
Beldora looses crossbow bolts from her hidden rooftop perch, but misses every single time (definitely not the Giant-Hunter she'd claimed to be).
WHAM!!! The door is very weakened. Close to breaking.
The young Giant Charges Sir Baric, Zdravko, and Sheriff Southwell but is too slow to reach them (and as I found out, Slow makes it so that one can't even ready actions!) Sir Baric sees his opportunity to attack! Zep flies down and also attacks. The young Giant is getting weaker. Augrek Brighthelm sees her chance to shine and charges the injured Giant as well.
WHAM-CRACK!!! The door explodes in a shower of splinters! A Giant with a great big white bushy beard rushes in as it puts away a portable Battering Ram made of Dragon Bones. Zdravko charges and attacks! A 3rd Giant accompanied by a large wolf with white shaggy fur sprints past the defenders, further into the city.
Another large white wolf runs in and unleashes a icy blast from its mouth at Augrek, Zep, and Sir Baric! Thanks to Zep's Uncanny Dodge an Northern Visage Tri-Climate Coat(TM) he's barely effected. But both Sir Baric and Augrek go down and are dying!
Lyra calls down lighting and heals the knight.
Beldora keeps missing with her Crossbow.

The Giant that ran further into the city calls to one of the boulder-thowing Giants to join her and it starts moving towards the wall.
Beau and Jormo keep assaulting the Giants with ranged damaging spells.
Eventually both the young Giant and the Giant with the Bushy Beard are slayed by the group of defenders.
Beau administers a potion to Augrek Brighthelm.
Zep leaps onto the back of the Winter Wolf and eventually kills it.
The chaos settles for a moment as our heroes take in their surroundings. They no longer see the Giant who had been moving towards the wall. The one in the city is headed towards the temple. Through the broken gate they see Drufi, a body guard, and a 3rd white wolf - who seem momentarily transfixed on something to their left which is hidden from the party because of the wall. Two defenders on the wall are pointing in that direction - excitedly and with some hope - laugh, "Ha HA! The Giants are fighting each other!!" The group checks out the scene and a familiar giant wearing a dragon skull as a helmet has pulled the Frost Giant down of the wall and they are fighting. Harshnag!
Zdravko asks the Sheriff what he wants them to do. Sheriff Southwell will muster the forces within the walls and take on the one Giant and her Wolf and they should go help Harshnag.
By the time they make it out the gate Drufi and her Bodyguard have already gotten a headstart as they sprint towards Harshnag who continues fighting the 3rd hostile Giant.
Covering a few hundred feet the group (with Beldora alone deciding to tag along) have time to administer healing potions and buff themselves with spells before combat begins. By the time they arrive Harshnag is already fighting off the first Giant he'd attacked in addition to both Drufi and the Winter Wolf. Zdravko intercepts Drufi's Bodyguard before he can get there.
It seems like the party has the edge, and Harshnag is more than a match for any one Frost Giant, maybe even two, but then... Drufi lands a critical hit against the would-be Jotun Ally. He diverts his attention to Drufi and retaliates severely, but is very hurt with 2 foes focusing all their might on him.
Jormo rushes to aid the friendly Giant by transferring his own life-essense into Harshnag who heals 48hp while Jormo loses 24hp.
Zep is knocked Prone by the Wolf's bite.
Beldora tries to prove that she could be a Giant-hunter if she wanted and uses her grappling hook to climb the Frost Giant that Harshnag had been wailing on. She tries to stab it in the face for the killing blow but loses her balance enough to not deal any damage with the attack.
Harshnag hits Drufi again and gets her down to within an inch of her life. Instead of finishing her off he knocks her prone and offers the honor to one of the Small Folk. Zdravko caves in her huge face and finishes attacking the Giant that Beldora is riding, but is unable to finish it off as well.
Seeing Drufi and her guard down, the last Giant runs off with Beldora trying to climb down the rope to safety as it does. She manages on last attack on her way down which still isn't enough to earn her the coveted "Giant-Hunter" title she wanted.
Beau finishes the job with Eldritch Blasts to the fleeing Giant's back. As it lurches, tumbles, and falls Beldora gets whiplashed off her rope and goes flying, but after a few seconds gets back up saying, "Oh-kay, THAT was awesome!"
Harshnag congratulated the party on a hard-fought battle while the remaining Frost Giants retreated as they learned of Drufi's death. He noticed the defenders on the wall gathering with shields and spears still raised towards him and suggested they all make camp together out of sight of the city. They find a suitable spot to hunker down and the party returns to Bryn Shander briefly to receive a mix of accolades from some, whispers and accusations from others. They are granted several gifts from those they directly helped however.
Also, Jormo (with Harshnag's permission) chiselled out 5 of Drufi's teeth to sell on the market and managed to sell one to a strange buyer for 20gp.
They returned to Harshnag's campsite where he gauged their interest in helping Giant Kind and repairing the harm caused by the breaking of the Ordning. Seeing that they were motivated to help and seemed true of heart he proposed they seek out an ancient temple from the peak of the Ostorian Empire. Based on the research he commissioned in Waterdeep he believes Annam himself will commune with those who seek him and bring tribute.
Harshnag tells them ancient history about the ancestors of small folk battling scattered remnants of the fallen Ostorian Empire and how those early people kept trophies from their Giant kills and buried them in tombs and ritual mounds. He believes collecting and delivering several of these lost artifacts to the Giant holy site could grant them audience with the All-Father who can then direct them on how to heal all this chaos once and for all.
To be continued:
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The SWRP Problem

SWRP. It’s been how long, what, nearly seven years? Back in 2013, the first SWRP ruleset was released. Since then, there have been multiple different rulesets and two or three different versions. In late 2017, as the gallery was no longer suitable and it was soon to be taken down, some SWRPers moved to the website Mocpages. They stayed there for a few years, and there was one of the said versions. It was complete, but nobody played it. Why? There was no activity. But why? Because nobody tried. Nobody wants to put their time into an inactive game. But that’s what causes inactivity. In order to become active, the inactivity must be pushed through. If one person RPs, another will be inclined to RP as well. Inactivity only becomes activity when the players take initiative. This was what happened on Mocpages (Yes, I know site crashes are an issue, however they were uncommon at that point in time). And we’re facing the same problem now. There hasn’t been an RP in nearly a week. I’ll admit, there are factors that play into this, like school and our actual lives. But what I believe to be the main issue is inactivity. Many of us do have the time to write an RP or two a day. They don’t have to be 5 pages long, they just have to be a good Star Wars Roleplay, no matter the length. If anything, a few short RPs a day from a few users would increase the player activity. This would also be better for users who aren’t as experienced. Instead of seeing a complicated, 7 page long RP from a week ago, they could see a short and simple RP from that day. This would be less intimidating, and it would most likely encourage the less experienced RPers to write short, simple RPs of their own, instead of feeling like they have to write an overly long RP with some kind of grand narrative. While I don’t think that long, structured RPs should be discouraged, I also don’t think that they should be the main focus. If SWRP continues as it is now, then it’ll be dead in a matter of no time. Don’t just go “Oh, it’s inactive, I don’t need to post anything”, because that mindset leads to a further fall in activity. Take initiative, whether it seems inactive or not, and write an RP, no matter how brief or simple it is. That’s what leads to an increase in activity. I will address that during battles, there is a peak in activity. However, this peak is brief and relies on an uncommon event. So, we have a good ruleset. We have a playerbase. We have the time and resources to RP. So please, don’t wait until there’s more activity, because that’s exactly what leads to inactivity. Post RPs, no matter how long or short, no matter how complicated or simple. Only then will there be activity. Otherwise, the rules that were worked on will be for nothing as the playerbase slowly withers away due to inactivity. They don’t have to be published novel quality, this is a lego Star Wars roleplay. There’s 2 solutions I can think of. Get people to join, people that have more time and have an actual interest in the RP, or encourage the current playerbase to take initiative. Or, both can be done. This would be the best possible solution. The more players, the more RPs. I do, however, believe that there should be a standard of quality. It doesn’t have to be novel quality or 7 pages long, but at the very least it should be readable. It should also follow canon as well, and seeing as the majority of the current playerbase is fairly well versed in both canon and legends, this should be a rather simple thing to do. If a player gets a bit of lore incorrect, it should be fairly easy to correct in a comment on the post that has said error, or by contacting them via the discord. But how do we promote this to people? There’s most likely a lot of people who’d be interested in this, but the issue is finding those people. This is up to the individual attempting to promote the RP. However, being completely honest, at its current state SWRP really isn’t that interesting. And really, that’s what this is about. We need an active playerbase, we need more RPs. Hell, even in-game events could be a good idea, which aren’t just things like battles. Maybe add a system for something like Sabaac, where people can play it with their characters, even being able to bet their credits on it. At this point, this is just me rambling. But really, anything that motivates people to play the game, to write RPs, should be used or put in place. Without it, this will die out and fail just like the other attempts. I’m sorry if this is incoherent, I’ve spent over an hour writing it with multiple breaks and it’s 10:48 at this point. However I do hope that this was of some help. Looking back at the very beginning of this piece, it’s a bit strange, but I hope I was able to get my ideas through. Thanks for reading this.
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They also have a weekly lotto (tickets awarded with every roll and referral roll) with the last 1st place winner receiving .32769156 BTC (2587$ USD at current bitcoin price).
This is also not including my current commissions on accounts not owned by me. In this post I will describe some of my strategies I've incorporated, and some insight into how this website works.
To offload or withdraw bitcoin, you're going to need what is called a "wallet". I personally use Coinbase (available on mobile or desktop) as you can sell it through here as well and easily move money to Paypal or a bank.
If you are already on FREEBITCO.IN, do you have someone who referred you? Do they share commissions? If not, why not make a new account and join me, where you'll get a return on everything you earn.
As you can see, large affiliate groups don't share anything, hoarding hundreds of thousands worth of BTC earned off their referrals
I share 50% of my commissions. I get 50% of your roll rewards, 25% of your interest, and 0.4% of your wagers. All of this is paid out by FREEBITCO.IN as a commission, so it's not pulled from your rewards or held BTC.
So the more you're active, the more you'll receive from me weekly (being active is doing anything that I get commissions from). IMPORTANT: Your (and all referrals) shares are based on activity, so if you are inactive for the week, you get a lower % for that week. If you're the most active of my referrals you get a higher percentage of what I share. This is to incentivize being active and to stop people from getting a cut without doing anything.
If you have FREEBITCO.IN automated, you don't have to worry about this. However, having a larger bankroll to earn interest, or playing Multiply BTC (I do not suggest playing unless doing so to meet auto roll requirements) will increase can your activity further.
Commission Structure
Here is some proof, I've actually shared about 2/3 of all commissions
Commissions update 12 January 2020
Here is a proof of Payment section per individual
📝NOTE: I've noticed when I was creating the images of commission sharing that the "RECENT" blocks are showing zero. If you look at totals from the first image, you can tell I'm actively sharing with all of my referrals.📝
Join my team FREEBITCO.IN
You can earn AT LEAST .00000552 BTC (.048$) daily when automated (or claiming every hour on the hour) before bonuses (like using reward points to increase rewards 1000%). After some testing, it seems that this amount will always be about .048$ worth of BTC, base claim rewards no bonus active.
After .00030000 BTC, you accrue compounding interest at a rate of 4.08% APR, paid daily. As soon as your daily interest is accredited, it too starts earning interest. The daily interest rate comes out to ~0.011% of your total held BTC.
FREEBITCO.IN gives you a roll once every hour, free
📝NOTE: Roll rewards fluctuate inversely with BTC price. BTC goes down, roll rewards go up, vice versa. The BTC rewards USD value will be extremely close to the values represented below.📝
Current rewards and probability with every hourly roll.
(.002$) -> 98.85%
(.02$) -> 1.00%
(.20$) -> .08%
(2.00$) -> .04%
(20$) -> .02%
(200$) -> .01%
UPDATE: I decided to do some research after some odd outcomes when extensively testing some of my Multiplier strats. Turns out FREEBITCO.IN does indeed have a house advantage that isn't too transparent. Longer sessions are almost always going to come out negative. If you still plan on playing, do short sessions, once daily max, with lower amounts.
There are a couple methods to play the Multiplier with a reduced risk (but still a risk) here as well. I would suggest small play sessions.
My preferred settings for AUTOROLL on MULTIPLY that I've had the best success rate with to date. (preferably with .00005000 in ACCT for best results)
BET: Minimum
ROLLS: (doesn't matter, 100)
BET ON: alternate
STOP BETTING PROFIT: .00000050, important as the bets will get exponentially higher with every loss. Win in small increments.
STOP BETTING LOSS: Set a loss limit if you want, I have mine set to .00001 and haven't reached it
ON WIN: select increase bet 0%
ON LOSS: select increase bet 65%
Here is a pic of the settings
Anything else doesn't matter. Make sure the boxes are checked for the above options.
With this strat, I've won positive on one account, about .000077 BTC, and I've only played 5 or 6 times, at less than 2-3 minutes of play time a session.
Good for accounts with a low balance. I've had a surprising amount of luck with this method, enough so that I thought I'd post it here with an update. This could work well for accounts with less than 1k Satoshi, as a losing streak wouldn't be a huge loss. For this strat, you should have at least 189 Satoshi in your account.
BET: Minimum amount
ODDS/WIN CHANCE: 189 or %0.5
ROLLS: 189 (remains the same no matter if you bet more)
BET ON: High or Low, but not Alternate.
STOP BETTING ON PROFIT: Minimum amount, once again, you want continuous small wins
UPDATE: Conducting more tests for viability
I played these settings 10 times, I came out positive 8/10 times. In the end I was positive 433 Satoshi total with selecting "hi".
On selecting "low" I went positive 5/10 losing 525 Satoshi.
On selecting "hi" and betting 10 Satoshi, I went positive 3/10 times losing 9708 Satoshi.
On selecting "high" and betting 100 Satoshi, I never went positive, 0/10. Losing 189000 Satoshi (~15$ USD).
There does seem to be a pattern of losing more when betting more. Like anything gambling, there's probably a house advantage that's not too transparent.
Win small lose small.
Pic of these settings
Another strategy I've tried is betting most of my balance once occasionally with a 94.06% chance of winning. This is, eh, alright to risk OCCASIONALLY, but a loss would set you back more than you ever made using this strategy, which happened to me, I lost about 40 USD worth of BTC after making maybe 5 USD.
Playing this in auto roll, out of 20 rolls I'd always lose at least once, putting me into the negative. Even with 10 rolls, I'd more often then not lose at least once.
Pic of these settings
There are other strats out there, such as the "Martingale", which is essentially doubling the bet amount every loss, then resetting your bet to minimum after a win to in theory "win back what you lost". At 47.5% odds of winning, I've had loss streaks that would drain my account.
My summary for Multiply, use sparingly. Don't use it as your primary means of earning. Use once or twice daily, limit play sessions to 5 minutes max.
📝NOTE: FREEBITCO.IN captcha requirements seem to be tiered, with requirements for Captcha free upscaling when you BTC holding passes a certain threshold.
I'm currently testing, as is another team member (Shout out to u/SrExtreme69) , what exactly these thresholds, if holding at these thresholds increases the length of Captcha free rolls, and at what amount does FREEBITCO.IN no longer require these to be met.📝
📝NOTE: To start automating, remember to verify email and setup 2FA or the Captcha will still appear even if your account meets Captcha free requirements. Check the site occasionally as Captcha free roll requirements can change. After certain held BTC amount you don't need to renew your requirements. I haven't had to achieve new requirements in over a month.📝
📝NOTE: You may need to manually roll for a bit until the the ability to achieve a Captcha free account becomes available. It doesn't show at first.📝
📝NOTE: It's very difficult, if not impossible to automate on iOS devices.
First of all, getting to this point can be a grind, but once achieved you'll have a steady flow of BTC with options to increase earnings through rewards claims using RP. I would suggest going to your PROFILE tab on FREEBITCO.IN and disabling lottery to increase RP production when starting out. Using other apps or resources to supplement income is a good idea as well.
On the FREE BTC page, there is a blue text hyperlink with requirements that need to be met to make your account captcha free, thus allowing you to enable autoroll on extensions or apps. It has multiple ways to achieve this and they can change, so if your autoroll has stopped, check to see if these requirements have changed.
Here are the requirements. (Amounts vary)
It seems only two of these requirements need to be met.
The less risky and easiest method is to buy lottery tickets and bet with jackpots on. Even better is depositing bitcoin if you have that amount.
The POSSIBLY least expensive method is to bet both regularly and with Jackpots enabled on MULTIPLY (for higher amounts required, IMO Multiplier strat #3 works best)
For computers
I would suggest using Firefox, as you can add functions and tools to your bar up top. One of the being a "auto roll" for FREEBITCO.IN, still requires a "captcha free" account. Turn it on and let go, check it occasionally to make sure its still going.
Autoroll firefox add-on link
My link again for ease of access
Not my preferred method, but good for a second account, as using a computer means devoting more attention to FREEBITCO.IN in an inconvenient manner if you are just starting out. After Captcha has been removed, this becomes more hands free, but not as profitable as using bitbot, as you can't autoclaim RP rewards.
I haven't tried many methods besides using Firefox addons, as I'm wary of sources or intent when it comes to 3rd party scripts or programs. If I find any trustworthy scripts or programs, I will update here.
For Mobile
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not have access to BitBot, nor do they allow extensions/add-ons on their browsers. I have not personally found a way around this. You may still access the site and manually roll.📝
I use BitBot. This is the best place to start from IMO. You can set it to notify you of rolls and gives direct access to the site from the app (you can also access the site from any device with internet). Once your account is "captcha free" you can set it to auto roll AND automatically claim rewards every 24 hours (RP increase, BTC increase, Lottery ticket Increase).
📝NOTE: Bitbot allows auto roll from the app for accounts over 500 RP. This isn't permanent, as it uses your RP. You'll need to log onto the website through a browser to achieve captch free account requirements, which Bitbot does recognize, which allow completely free rolls.📝
📝NOTE: Accessing FREEBITCO.IN through BitBot doesn't allow access to the Hi-Lo or betting games.📝
Bitbot optimization
I started manual claims by setting roll notifications to "ON" for a while until I supplemented my BTC in FREEBITCO.IN with what I was collecting from my miner and CryptoTab. Once I was able to AUTOMATE and I had enough RP to claim the RP BONUS, I set it to do that automatically every 24 hours as this nets more RP than you spend (EG, 100 RP roll bonus costs 1200 RP, but can net 2400 RP if claimed every hour). Eventually you accrue enough RP to claim the %1000 BTC bonus, probably at a rate of once or twice a week.
My current BitBot settings now that its auto claiming, I have the 24 hour auto bonus claiming 100 RP roll bonus and 100% claim bonus, spending a total of 1520 RP, but I'm making 2400 RP with the RP bonus, leaving me 780 RP in the positive each day. Every now and then I'll stop the auto bonus claim so I can buy the 1000% claim bonus (3200 RP). So on a normal day I'll make about 1344 Satoshi. Bitbot auto bonus settings
Once your accrue more referrals, or save enough RP, it's possible to claim the 1000% BTC roll bonus multiple days in a row. This is just about as optimal as you can get for auto rolling.
Self Referrals
If you have two devices (phone and computer preferably) you can make two accounts as long as one uses a different wifi or internet connection, as the roll rewards tracks IP addresses for roll counts. So if you have 2 devices on the same network, it sudo links accounts, so if you roll on one, it restarts the timer on the other. This allows you to collect referral rewards from yourself. Effectively adding 25% of interest and 50% roll rewards.
I currently have a phone autorolling on BitBot with a computer autorolling on Firefox with a tool to roll automatically as long as the page remains open. My computer account is referred from my mobile account, and is currently bringing in an extra .000015+ BTC weekly (currently, total will be this Sunday and I will update).
I've also made another account on my partners phone, linked it with bitbot and got it auto-rolling. Once bitbot is going, its non-invasive and you can silence notifications, it also uses minimal data.
Supplementing with CryptoTab
I'll use CryptoTab on my computer 24/7 to earn BTC from that while I have FREEBITCO.IN running. I also have it running on my phone at night when I sleep and on an iPad I have that I don't use much, its server mining, so no worries about battery on mobile devices. On computers it does actually use your processing power. You can directly deposit into you FREEBITCO.IN accounts.
CryptoTab Link
I've used it for two weeks and have earned a total of .000454 BTC (3.60$ USD). Not huge, but enough to start collecting interest on FREEBITCO.IN and to get the capthca free account requirements.
Supplementing with Cointiply
🛑WARNING: Cointiply's main currency is the constant, weighted against the dollar (10,000 coin/1USD). This means your actually BTC holdings will fluctuate with BTC's price.
For this reason, it's my strong opinion that DON'T HODL in Cointiply as you're not holding actual BTC.🛑
Cointiply is a great site to earn decent amounts of COIN which translate to SAT's. Earn coin, withdraw to FREEBITCO.IN (as you actually hold BTC in cointiply).
I also use an ASIC miner (Antminer s9i, DIY liquid cooled and overclocked with BixBit firmware), and whatever I earn I'll put that into FREEBITCO.IN to collect interest. If you want, I may be willing to do a rental.
📝NOTE: Since this faucet has been around a while, many people privy to sites such as this are already signed up. So getting referrals can be a slog. My tips for your ads is be genuine and don't hard sell or post "too good to be true" sensational ads.📝
This is another faucet. Its structure is a bit different from FREEBITCO.IN, as you complete offers to earn coin. Within this site (also an app) users can earn coins by doing PTC ads (and other offers), this is a good method to get exposure as you can advertise as well. Using this method my traffic for last week as about 800 people.
13000 coins buys about 1000 "clicks" on your ads. They also have options to advertise to people based on location (these options will increase or decrease cost). After your first ad, you usually get a 10% off coupon good for 7 days as well.
You can earn this amount within a day doing surveys on Theorem. I've done surveys before, and this has to be one of the best surveys sights I've ever done. Very rarely do I get kicked out mid survey, and if I do, I still get partial pay.
I will also use "Hideout" on my computer and leave it running. It has to be the open tab on your browser, with the browser open, not minimized. Let it go and check it occasionally as it has a timeout at roughly 2-3 hrs idle. As of now this is the best passive method of earning on Cointiply.
Pi Network, an ICO (Initial coin offering) based on trust and social media is another good medium for advertising. I will usually see 15-20 people click on my link with 2-4 ads posted per day.
Just go to "chat", select "random" and post an ad in the chat channel. No charge.
My tip, keep your ads short to medium in length, don't spam.
This is another crypto earned through "geo-mining". On the "coin" app you can do a "geodrop" where you can leave a note. Just click on the box with a parachute icon, select "any" on the "Tile" selection. Leave your ad in the "note" section.
It costs 10 "COIN" at the very least to do a "geodrop". This method may not be worth it if you aren't already involved in the program. To earn a substantial amount of coin, you'll need a subscription or a "sentinel". Sentinels can actually be purchased for under 20$ nowadays (depending on site) and is the best option to earn. Without these you'll only make approx .05-.18 coin every 30 seconds if you're actively moving.
My tips if you plan on advertising on this platform, once again keep it short, and only advertise around 7-9am and 4-6pm, as this will be peak mining hours with people driving to and from work.
My FREEBITCO.IN Referral Link
What is a Satoshi?
Bitcoins price through Coingecko
CryptoTab Link
Autoroll on Firefox
Coinbase Link
submitted by thatoneguyYMK to SpareCash [link] [comments]

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