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The flight continued along as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Nary a bump or jostle. Hours later, I was playing with the in-flight entertainment system when Major Nak awoke.
I toasted him with a fresh drink and asked if he felt fully functional.
“Doctor?”, he asked, “Have you slept at all?”
“On the flight? Nah.”, I replied, “I slept well last night. Besides, this flight’s been fascinating.”
“Do you always drink like that?” he asks.
“Of course not!”, I replied, indignantly, “Sometimes, I really twist off and tie one on.”
“Seriously?” he asks, shocked.
“Major, I’ll let you I on a little secret.”, I said in confidence, “I’m a member of a certain class of unusual creatures; I’m an ethanol-fueled carbon-based organism. Many other geologists are as well. We tend to be drawn to that particular science.”
He stares at me with a look that is a cross between incredulity and “you fuckin’ with me?”
“You’re not normal…”, was his only reply as he shook his head.
“Not by a long shot!”, I laugh, drain my drink, and signal for another.
After one arrives, Major Nak stumbles to the head. A few minutes later, the annunciator notes that we are on the flight path to Bhavnagar Airport and should be landing in 20 minutes.
Another drink and beer chaser later, we’re buckled into our seats and on final approach. We land light as a feather without a crosswind, a perfect three-point touchdown. We taxi for a bit and stop out on the tarmac, next to a large non-descript gray-colored four-door sedan.
We begin to deplane and I see my luggage being loaded into the sedan already. Before I get off the plane, I am asked for my passport. The steward of the flight stamps it and welcomes me to India.
Off to the sedan and I see it’s larger than most usual 4-door types. It’s a minor limo of sorts, with rear and front-facing seats, like an old London taxi, except one wall is taken up with a fold-out bar.
Oh, I’m going to like this job.
I am instructed to sit in the back. Major Nak is sitting up front, working on papers of some sort.
I am told the travel time to Alang, the place where I’ll be staying, is approximately one to one and a half hours. I am asked to please make myself comfortable and if I desire, there is a humidor on the back forward-facing seat. I am to help myself to that and the bar, and enjoy the ride.
Which I did. The scenery was your bog-standard usual coastal highway sort of stuff, moderately interesting for the first 5 minutes, then it just sort of blurs together.
I sampled the humidor and most of the bottles in the bar while we wound our way south to Alang. It was getting late in the afternoon, so it was decided that I would be taken to the “Raj”, the company’s corporate house for when high-ranking business types, visitors, and guests arrive for more than a single overnight.
Alang is a company town, and that company is the Ship Breaker’s. It’s a fairly common sort of one-industry town; kind of shabby, kind of old, kind of desperate. It’s not horrible like some oil towns in West Siberia, Venezuela, or West Africa; but it’s no Paris, Texas either. There are some green areas, quite a slew of shops selling sea-sailing ship-sourced stuff, and a few residences.
We travel along and I can smell the diesel, dejection, and desperation in the air. This place is an area of low wages, hard work, little to no environmental or HSE controls, and throngs of men wanting to work. This is going to be some kind of experience.
We wheel around a well-planted and manicured corner and arrive at the “Raj”. It is a colonial-era, how can I put it? It’s a fucking mansion. Situated behind security fences on grounds of approximately 4 acres, at least. It’s an Edwardian or Georgian pile some four stories thick. There is a security shack out front and even Major Nak has to show his ID in order to enter.
They take my photo, particulars, and have me sign-in. Looks like I’ll be the only VIP staying here for the duration of my contract. However, I certainly won’t be alone.
There are butlers, cooks, chauffeurs, maids, and other forms of domestic help. And they are all there just to make my stay as pleasant as possible.
We drive into the compound, for the lack of a better term, come to a thick security door where the driver punches in a code and we are allowed to enter the underground parking facility. There are several security vehicles parked down here, a couple of motorcycles that I intend to ask to borrow. Before we went underground, I saw at least two teams of security forces patrolling the grounds with huge Alsatian dogs.
“Is all this security really necessary?” I asked Major Nak.
“Better safe than sorry”, he bewilderingly replies.
“OK”, I reply, “Thanks for the clear-cut answer.”
He smiles and confides that they’ve never had any trouble here, but since it’s where VIPs and corporate shills stay, they make a brave noise to dissuade anyone with evil on their mind. Shipbreaking is big business, with receipts measured annually in the billions of rupees. Yes, I agree, better safe than sorry.
We exit the sedan as two worker bees attend to my luggage. We are lead to an elevator and get in, take a quick ride due up, and exit on the main floor.
“Holy shit!”, I exclaim lowly. “This place is incredible.”
Full late 1800’s glory expressed in dark, thick hand-carved wood, leather, and dripping in opulence. It’s quite the sight, and it takes me a minute to realize that all this pomp and circumstance is being laid out for me. Now it’s Major Nak’s time to smile on my bewilderment. He asks me to walk with him as he needs to ‘introduce me to the staff’.
But first, a young lady appears, in a traditional maid’s outfit, and asks if I require anything.
“Loaded question”, I smile, “But I am a bit dry. If you could rustle me up a drink, I’d be beholden to you.”
She smiles and looks to Major Nak for a translation. He speaks in Hindi and she smiles wider and scurries off.
“What did you tell her?” I ask.
“That you’re American and can’t be expected to speak normal English”, he laughs, “Plus I told her of your favorite drink.”
“Why, thanks Major.”, I smile.
“Anytime, Doctor.”, he replies.
We walk along and the cute maid reappears with my drink. Major Nak is holding off and abstaining for the time being.
We walk along and meet the head of the household, the Majordomo, one Mr. Kanada. We exchange greetings.
“If you require anything, Doctor”, he tells me, “Please let me know. I have read your contract so when I say ‘anything’, that is precisely what is meant.”
“I will do that”, I reply and give him a hearty handshake in return.
Suddenly, a young male individual type appears. He looks very intent and earnest.
“Doctor Rocknocker?” He asks.
“Yes. And you are?”, I reply.
“I am Sanjay. I am your personal assistant while you are here in India.” He smiles back.
“Nice to meet you, Sanjay”, I reply, “What are your qualifications?”
I’m not messing around. I’m going to have a full tour on this job. He appears quite young but does have a good handle on English. At least English that I can understand.
“I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology. I am going for my Master’s next semester, once this virus business is over with. I speak Hindi, Urdu, English, and some Russian. I carry a light, the time, and your favorite vodka. I am 100% at your disposal.” He smiles and hands me an airline-sized miniature of Blest Vodka; a local favorite.
I look at Major Nak, “Oh, I like him. Good choice.”
Sanjay beams. Major Nak smiles as well.
Major Nak continues, “Sanjay here can show you the rest of the house. If you’ll excuse me, I must be off to camp”.
“Most certainly, Major Nak. It’s been a pleasure.” I reply as we shake hands in a very manly fashion.
“I hope to see you before you leave, Doctor. Perhaps at the yards to see your progress. “ he notes.
“I look forward to that, Major.” I smile
He smiles to Sanjay, and does a briskly military about-face and disappears.
“Doctor Rocknocker”, Sanjay continues…
“Sanjay.”, I interrupt, “Call me ‘Rock’, it’ll save everyone a lot of time.”
“Oh, OK. Sure. Doct…um, Rock”, he says, as I smile back. “You must have made a big impression on Major Nak. He hardly talks to anyone he oversees.”
“Oversees?”, I smile, “OK, he seemed harmless enough. Affable chap. Can’t hold his liquor worth a shit though. But you’re not to say I said so. ..”
“Understood, Doc…Rock”, Sanjay smiles, “Let me show you the rest of the house. Let’s go to the basement first. “
“OK, fine. You lead and I’ll follow.” I replied.
The basement was one of wonders. A large heated and chilled pool, a sauna, fairly well kitted out gym, and a game room. The game room held a snooker table, a billiards table, a ping-pong table, and a Ms. PacMan table video game and a Galaga upright game. Vintage. Sweet.
There were cupboards full of ping-pong paddles, ping-pong balls, pool, and snooker cues, as well as the remotes for the sound system and large, flat-screen TV, with uncensored 7-satellite feed, hanging on one wall. There were several comfy chairs strewn around. This would be a nice place to relax after a long day of blowing the living shit out of old rusty boats.
“Nice”, I noted, “But no beer cooler or bar in the rec room?”
Sanjay smiled and motioned me to the elevator.
Moment.” was all he said. He did speak a bit of Russian.
We go up two floors and exit the elevator. One side of this floor was taken up with a huge library, complete with a huge antique harp, a very shiny black Steinway grand piano, hundreds if not thousands of books, and several large leather chairs and a couple of leather couches and ashtrays strewn about.
Another place to waste a modicum of time.
Then Sanjay points me north to the other side of the floor.
There was a huge bar, fully stocked, with about a dozen barstools in front. There were at least a dozen taps of Indian, British, and Indonesian beer. There were hundreds of bottles of non-repeating liquor. There was a large ice machine humming away in the corner, full bar glass set-up, wash station, and dishwasher under one corner of the bar. There were several under-bar coolers full of carbonated drinks, juices, and other potential mixers.
“We have two dedicated barmen at your disposal”, Sanjay smiled, “Or you can go ahead and use it self-serve if you desire.”
I look at the empty glass in my hand and decide we’ll go ahead and inaugurate it now and not bother to call the barmen.
Sanjay, eager to please, runs behind the bar and asks what I’d like.
“Well, since we’re in India”, I say, rubbing my chin, “Let’s start out with a nice IPA.”
“Certainly”, he replies, “Light or dark?” as they had two on tap.
“Oh, dark, I think.”, I said, “And since you’re back there, why not grab yourself one and get me 100 milliliters of the finest chilled house vodka.”
“Yes, Doctor!”, he smiled and fetched our drinks.
Sanjay and I spent an hour or two at the bar getting to know each other. Several times, house employees rolled through to see if I needed any dinner or a cigar or…
“Good lord”, I say to Sanjay after the fourth one in an hour was dismissed, “They keep this up and I might take them up on something off the menu.”
“I can arrange that”, Sanjay smirked.
“Thank you, no. That was a joke.”, I told him, “I’ve been married 39 years to the finest partner and deadliest crack shot this side of Annie Oakley. Besides, I have no desire for any of that sort of extracurricular shenanigans. It was a joke. Seriously.”
“Understood, Rock”, Sanjay said. “I’m not married, but I am engaged. I understand fully.”
“Good and congratulations”, I replied, “No need to get off on the wrong foot or anything.”
“Or anything?” Sanjay smirks and raises an eyebrow.
“Keep that up and I might just keep you on as my assistant.” I said, “You will need a good sense of humor before this all over.”
Sanjay quaffed his beer and smiled broadly.
After I had him get me another beer and asked for my room as I was needing a cigar. He pulled out a phone, dialed a few numbers, and Hindi’ed directly into the device for a minute.
“No worries, Rock”, he said, “One will be here directly.”
“Fine”, I replied, “Now Sanjay, this job is not all skittles and beer, if you take my meaning.”
“Oh, look. Your cigars have arrived.” He says, totally distracting me.
An ancient butler pushing a silver tea cart appears. On the cart is a very large humidor full of many different shades, shapes, and sizes of cigars.
I went to grab one when the butler stops me and tells me to make a selection.
“Oh, oh, oh! Very nice.” I say and point to a likely looking Oscuro Churchill.
He takes the cigar, carefully wipes it with fine cheesecloth, and asks what type of cut I like; V-cut, punch, or slant.
“Oh, V-cut, if you please,” I reply.
He V-cuts my cigar and with his with gloved hands, holds it out for me to inspect.
“Lovely,” I reply. I jam the cigar in my yap and start digging around the pockets of my field vest for my lighter.
He taps me on the shoulder and extends a lit piece of cedar bark. The ‘traditional’ British way of lighting a cigar.
After all that, he tells me his direct number is 214 and that if I need anything more to have one of the staff ring him. With that, he turns heel and exits without another word.
“Well”, I smirk, “That was weird.”
Sanjay just smiles and tells me to get used to it. They will do everything here for you if you allow them.
“Yeah, I’ll bet.”, I say, get up and pour myself a new beer. A ‘Tiger’ this time. I ask Sanjay if he’s ready for a refill and he tells me he’s good.
I grab another 100 milliliters of chilled Old Fornicator Vodka and sit back down at the bar.
“Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Can you be a hard ass, Sanjay? Can you tell your peers ‘no’?” I ask.
“Will I have to?” he asks.
“Yep.” I say, “Damn, this is a really fine cigar. But working with me, you best develop a thick skin and a hard head.”
“Oh, OK”, he says, obviously confused.
“Right.” I say, “Serious talk time. I’m the boss on this project. What I says, goes. No questions. Period. You’re my de facto second in command. We are here to teach 24 of your comrades how to blast boats to smithereens and how to train the next set of like-minded individuals. This is a step up for them, every one. It means more money, more security, more prestige. I need only 24 and from what I hear, there’s what, up to 30,000 workers here? Guess what? That means a lot that are going to go home disappointed. They might hold that against me and you, Me? I don’t give the tiniest shit. But I’m going to leave after a couple of weeks. You’re here for the duration and going to take over my spot. Some of these characters might get shirty and decide to tap dance on your head if you tell them no. You have to be ready for that. Can you deal with that situation?”
Sanjay just sits there and looks intently at the finely polished hardwood floor.
“This is old hat for me,” I tell him. “I’ve had to tell some good friends that they weren’t picked for the job or contract. It’s business. And some have been less than adult about how they handled the rejection. There have been threats, usually hollow and empty. There have been altercations, usually unimportant. There have been fights with bloodied noses, broken arms, and police reports. But in the end, I had to stick to my guns. You ready for that, young Mr. Sanjay?”
“Thank you, Doctor Rock…”, he replies, “I never thought about it that way. But, yes, I think I can handle that situation if it arises. It’s business like you say and I am able to defend myself.”
“That’s good”, I reply, “At least physically. What about mentally? You might have to tell a good friend to get stuffed; in a nice manner, of course.”
“I think so.”, he replied, “I’ll follow your lead over the next couple of weeks. Call it ‘on the job training’.”
“Mr. Sanjay”, I say, “I do think you’ll do.”
We talk a bit more and I decide that after one more round of drinks, I’ll call 214, grab a couple of cigars and have Sanjay show me my room.
On the way down the long hall, Sanjay is smiling in a weird sort of way.
“OK, give,” I say.
“No, no yet. Wait until you see your room.” He snickers.
Now I’m worried.
We come to a large, polished, and engraved oak door. He produces a key from out of the depths of a Stephan King novel, twists it in the lock, and the door silently swings open.
“Holy shit!”, I exhale.
The room is enormous.
En suite bathroom where one could hold an Olympics meet in the Jacuzzi. American Standard bog, flanked on either side by bidets. Twin sinks, a shower with tropical, right out of the ceiling rainfall, or the new waterfall shower design. Or both. With steam function. Not boiling water, but live steam like any sauna.
“I could get to like this”, I mutter.
The room is fully carpeted with tapestries on the walls. A large, Victorian oak desk is over on one side, with a very nice dual-screen computer work station at my disposal. There is a note with my login and password in the leather-bound legal pad on the ergonomic computer chair before it. There is a huge flat-screen TV over on the other wall with the same 7-satellite feed as in the rec room.
“Whoa!” I say, “Data overload.”
My luggage is next to the built-in wardrobes. One houses a bespoke mini-bar.
“The maids would have put your clothes away”, Sanjay explains, “But they were locked. I can call them if you’d like.”
“Sure”, I reply, “Why not?” I see two of the aluminum cases that I marked “Careful: Scientific Instruments” are next to the computer workstation.
Two maids presently arrive and I unlock my luggage. They set to putting it away and are tsking that it needs to be pressed first.
“Perhaps later”, I said, “It’s been a day and I’m a bit knackered.”
“I will turn down your bed then”, one of the nubiles remarks.
Sanjay is now smiling way, way too broadly. I go through the door to the master bedroom.
“Holy shit squared,” I say.
There is a huge four-poster Edwardian? Georgian? bed. The carved wooden uprights are the diameter of telephone poles. I’m a pretty large person, but on this bed, I’ll need a personal transponder as its large enough for me to get lost. Easily 3x4 meters and the mattress is nice and firm, just the way I like it.
On top of the bed are blankets, a comforter, a quilt, an afghan, and more feather-stuffed keep-warms than I ever saw outside of Siberia. Under those, I’d sweat away to nothingness; but it looks so damned comfy.
The bed properly turned back, I thank the maid and make the noises like I want her to get the fuck out so I can get horizontal.
Sanjay notes that and has her and the other maid exit. All my clothes are put away, even my field vest I discarded when we walked into the room is tutted over and hung up.
“So, Rock?” he laughs, “What do you think?”
“I think if I didn’t have a serious job to do, I’d come down with some damned virus that would require me to stay home and socially distance myself.” I laugh.
“Sorry, but work begins tomorrow. What time would you like for me to ring you?” he asks.
“Right”, I said, “About that. I want to be on the job at 0600. Not leaving here at 0600, not wheels up at 0600. I want to be ready to select my 24 candidates beginning at 0600 tomorrow. I leave that to you. When do we need to leave, so when do I need to be rung up?”
“I’ll call you at… 0430…?” he cautiously says.
“Fine.” I reply, “Make certain that the notices I sent were posted. I want my 100 applicants ready and on-site spot-on 0600. I’ll need a large black coffee in a travel mug. Green?”
“Green?” he asks.
“My shorthand for ‘are we in agreement?’” I say.
“Oh, yes. Rock. Very green. See you in the morning.” He says, shakes my hand and departs; but not before leaving me the room key.
I lock the door and strip down. A steamy shower and a couple of very well-appointed in-room mini-bar bourbons later, I’m going over Email. Seeing nothing that can’t wait until the next day or two, I flop into bed and immediately become a missing person.
The phone cheerily chirps at me at precisely 0430. If I had my Casull, that phone would be in another dimension. As it is, I drag my carcass to vertical, grab the phone, say “Thanks” and hang up.
A quick shower, a couple of shower sunrisers, and I’m feeling much better. Damn near human. I gather the day’s necessities, don my vest, and Stetson over my usual field outfit and toddle downstairs. I’m not 5 steps out of the room when the maids arrive with the intent of committing premeditated neatness in my room.
I wave to them, and gargle an obligatory “Morning”, and head down to the main floor.
I am greeted by Sanjay, who is holding a large metal thermal coffee travel mug for me.
“You are a gentleman, scholar, and life-saver”, I say to him.
He beams in the way-too-early morning light.
“Breakfast, Doctor?” he asks.
“Just coffee. I don’t want to eat too much these first few days. ‘Delhi belly’ and all that. Too much work to do.” I remonstrate.
“Understood.” Sanjay complies, “Cigar?”
“Yes, it is,” I say.
“I have brought along a box of them for you today,” he adds, smiling.
“Outstanding”, I say and sip my coffee. Surprisingly, it is of the Greenland variety.
“The driver is waiting. Anytime you are ready, Rock”, Sanjay informs me.
“Give me a few minutes,” I say as I review the morning edition of the Times of India. I was actually waiting for the fine coffee to take effect.
A few minutes later, we’re headed down the coast to the beach; right where the rubber hits the road. Or rather, the ships scrape the sand.
Alang is the biggest ship breaking facility in the world. There are more than 400 ship breaking platforms here. They break about 1,500 ships every year. At any time about 300 people can be working on a single ship. The total workforce here is 40,000 plus. There are complaints about the treatment of workers and their service conditions. Ships are broken down crudely by hand using the minimum machinery; typically oxygen lances and welding torches.
It’s a horror show. Huge, rusty, jagged pieces of ships everywhere. Puddles of every color, containing noxious chemicals of every description. Lead, organotins such as tributyltin in anti-fouling paints, polychlorinated organic compounds, by-products of combustion such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, and furans are found in ships and pose a great danger to the environment and personnel.
There is a singular lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) here. Thatched, woven palm-frond ‘hardhats’. Steel-toed sandals; if you grasp the irony. No coveralls, gloves nor much else. Ragged shorts, torn shirts, and car-tire soled sandals are the uniforms here.
Well, if there’s one thing I can do, it’s change this.
We wheel into an area containing a huge tent-like structure, a couple of Quonset huts, and a smattering of non-descript outbuildings. The place is swarming with workers. All male, all young, and all looking to be part of the chosen 24 today.
We park and I’m shown into the large tent-like structure. At the head of the tent are a table, a PA system microphone, and a desk where we can sit down and tally the day’s take.
“OK, Sanjay”, I say, “Time to work. Remember I sent ahead the qualifications I’m looking for in trainees?”
I had cabled ahead for them to pre-select 50 candidates, 175-225 pounds, 5’ 9” to 6’ 3”, preferably unmarried bachelors, which tend to be the best kind. They must be English reading and speaking. I need the larger guys to handle the physical demands of the job. They need to be within the height requirements as those are the heights my pre-ordered coveralls will fit. They must be fluent in spoken and written English as I don’t have time to learn Hindi.
There were easily 5 times that number milling about just outside.
“OK, here’s the deal”, I said, “Here are 100 numbered chits. You will pass them out to the first 100 gents outside that pass initial muster. That is their ticket inside. Pucker time. Think you can handle the throng?”
“I’ve got this, Rock”, he says, with a stalwart look.
“OK, but if you need help, you know where I am,” I reply.
I busy myself constructing a 10x10 grid on a sheet of paper. I number it 1 to 100. This will keep tabs on our candidates.
Behind me, on the wall, are 24 brass tokens, ‘chits’, about the size of a US$1 Silver Bullion coin, about 1.5 inches in diameter, numbered 1 to 24. They have a flat space for a name to be engraved upon. These are the coveted chits that enable a person to graduate out of the swill and into the ranks of blasterdom and eventual teaching.
Right now, they are the most coveted possession within hundreds of miles.
One by one, pre-selected individuals are filtering in and finding seats. Sanjay is doing quite the job, as so far, they all fill the bill nicely. Whether they pass or fail muster will be determined in the next couple of hours.
I sip my coffee and smoke my cigars. The room swells by the numbers. Soon, all the seats are taken and Sanjay rejoins me at the head podium.
“Good job, Mr. Sanjay”, I say, shaking his hand. “Let’s take a couple of minutes and then we shall begin, OK?”
He agrees. I head to the loo and he takes my coffee for a refill. We reappear a few minutes later and I grab the microphone for the PA system.
I key the mike, “Hello! Please, everyone, quiet down and pay attention!”
Very few replies much less capitulation.
Sanjay stands and shouts something in Hindi.
The room goes deathly silent.
“Remind me to ask you to teach me that,” I say and return to the job at hand.
“Gentlemen. Welcome to the selection board for Blaster’s Assistants. If you are not here for that particular position, the exit’s to the rear.”
No one moves, except to shift to pay me more attention.
“OK. Great. I am Dr. Rocknocker, the headmaster of this special education class. I am the boss. The hookin’ bull. The head cheese. I am the Maharaja of this project. What I says, goes. I am an American, I am a geologist, and I don’t tolerate tomfoolery or bullshit from anyone. I say jump, you say ‘how high’? I say shit and you ask ‘what color’? You will follow my instructions implicitly, without question. Are we in agreement?” I ask.
There are a few feeble “Yeah’s”, and “OK’s” that drift up out of the crowd.
“Gentlemen. I am an American, as I said, and I’m old, weary, and slightly hard of hearing. I don’t expect you to use your indoor voice around me. You answer so I can hear you, loud and clear. Understand?”
“Yes.” Comes a few half-hearted attempts.
“GOD DAMN IT! I’m the fuckin’ deaf one. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?
“Yes, Doctor!” came the reply.
YES, DOCTOR!” came the thunderous response.
“Outstanding,” I reply.
There were some snickers and chuckles in the crowd. It was time to toughen up the crowd and see if I can thin the ranks early.
“Gentlemen! Your attention.” I roar.
I had their attention.
I hold up my gloved left hand. I rip off the glove and show everyone my physical deformity. There were gasps, groans, and a couple of less hearty souls bolting for the door.
“I received this in a Russian rig accident years ago. It was not from a blasting accident. I’ve never had one and don’t intend on starting now. If this bothers you, leave. This is me and I’m the instructor.” I announced. “That fact will not change.”
Physical deformities here really scare some folks. I figured I’d get this out of the way straight off, and that would be one less thing to worry about. We lost three with that revelation.
“Groovy,” I said as I replace my glove.
“Now, we will begin the final selection. You all have your numbered tokens, one through a hundred. If you thought because you had a low number, you’d be first, forget it. I have a random number generator application on my phone, set from one to one hundred. And the first number is number…Lucky 13! Lucky 13. Come forward, front and center, and be recognized.” I say.
Sanjay is seated next to me with our book of the job. He’ll be handling secretarial duties whilst I do the interviewing.
“Your token?” I ask.
The young gent hands me lucky number 13.
“Fine.” I say, “Name?”
Name go in book.
“Age? Company number? Years with the company? Married? If so, children?”
All data goes into the book in the proper zones.
I ask a few questions about the job, to make sure they know what they’re in for.
“How’s your English?” I ask.
“I speaks it very goodly”, was the reply.
I pick up this month’s Journal of Explosives Engineering monthly and hand it to him.
“Page 22. Read the first paragraph, please.” I instruct him.
He fumbles with the magazine, counts singly to page 22, and tries to read some random, but not first, paragraph.
I retrieve the magazine, thank him, and tell him we’ll be in touch.
Everyone and I mean everyone, chosen or not, will be personally told of their results.
I mean, it’s only right and fair. It’s the way I’ve done business for 40 years and it’s worked pretty well so far.
Candidates number 9, 57, and 42 results in much the same way.
“Number 77!” I call.
He lopes up to the podium.
“Your token, please,” I say
He hands it over.
We gather the information and he’s unmarried and without children.
How refreshing.
I hand him the journal and ask him to read the last paragraph on page 52.
“iRing has announced, “a breakthrough technology in ring design for underground mines” that uses a completely new blast design model. The development of this innovative blasting technique uses a unit charge and stress reflection methodology in conjunction with electronic detonators to design ring patterns with the objective of transforming underground blasting operations into primary crushing operations.”
“Your name again?” I ask
“I am Waazir Naidu.” He replies.
“Mr. Naidu, welcome aboard,” I say as I hand him his brass token. “You are trainee number one. Do not lose your token. It is your key up out of the swill.”
He smiles broadly and turns to the crowd to display his brass letter of acceptance. There are growls from the crowd, as well as a smattering of applause.
“We will reconvene in Outbuilding #2 at 1300 hours. See you there.” I say and shake his hand.
He’s all beaming smiles as he almost literally floats out the door.
We spent the rest of the morning thinning the herd. There were some judgment calls, but by 1130 hours, we were down to two candidates and one last brass token.
“Number 79!” I call.
He approaches, we do the usual and get his information.
“Please read paragraph three on page…oh, I don’t know, 31.”
He fumbles with the magazine a while and stutters and stammers somewhat.
“OK, thanks.” I say, “We’ll let you know.”
“OK, number 5! The best and last number 5!”
“About time!’ He scowls.
“Excuse me?” I said.
“You really are deaf, Yankee benchod.” He sneers quietly; but loud enough for me to hear.
He figures he’s a shoo-in; last number called, last chit on the board.
“Sanjay, a moment,” I ask.
“This “benchod”? Not a term of endearment, I take it?”
“Ah, no”, he stammers.
“And it means?” I ask.
“You don’t want to know.” Sanjay hopefully replies.
“But, yes, I do. I insist.” I reply.
“It means colloquially ‘motherfucker’. ‘Sister fucker’ literally.” He splutters.
“Hmmm. OK. A new term for my dictionary. Fine. Let us continue.”
Name, age, etc. all go in book.
I hand him the magazine. He almost rips it from my hands.
“OK, please read the ad on page 55. All of it.” I instruct.
He flips the magazine to page 55. There’ a half-page ad in Russian for a new form of blasting cap super-boosters.
“I can’t read that.” He complains.
“Well, then me ol’ mucker; looks like you’re just shit out of luck. Good day.” I say.
“Sanjay”, I say, “Go outside and find number 79. He’s our last candidate trainee.”
“You said you wanted good English readers.” The rejected complains.
“Yes”, I agreed, “But I also need people that can follow instructions and not have a Gibraltar size chip on their shoulder. I’m the boss, and what I say goes. And I say you go, dick cheese. Ta-ta.”
He realizes his mistake and beings to entreat me with tales of woe.
“If that was a loose blasting wire, we’d all be dead. I don’t need an attitude. I need people with brains enough to listen. Now, piss off. We’re done here.” I say.
“Benchod fucker”, he snarls. “I keel you.”
Luckily my coffee mug was nearly half empty. Otherwise, it could have really left a mark across his face where I slammed him with it.
He’s down on the ground, wondering what hit him. I’m standing over him, towering and glowering. It was that kind of day. I don’t have time for monks resisting the carnival.
“You get the fuck out of my sight, you sawed-off little prick. You’re lucky I’m in a good mood and don’t give you a fucking C-4 enema. Or kick your scrawny ass to death. You might still have your shit job here in the yard, but I hear from anyone one more foul oath or unkind word out of you and you’re going to be Alsatian chow back at the Raj. You diggin’ me, Beaumont
He just looked at me with eyes as wide as cheap paper plates at a windy Sunday picnic.
“Get out of here, you asshole.” I snarled and puffed mightily on my cigar.
He got up and scarpered. He didn’t even take the time to dust off.
Sanjay arrived with number 79 just as he hit the exit.
I hand number 79, one Mr. Yudhishthira Bahaiti, brass token number 24.
“Welcome aboard. Sorry about the foul-up. It’s been handled. See you in building #2 at 1300 hours.” I say.
“Sanjay? Lunch?” I suggest. “I could really use a fresh coffee.”
After lunch, Sanjay and I are smoking away in Outbuilding #2. It’s about 1245 hours or so and already a couple of new recruits have appeared. They are sitting in one of the 24 seats which look for all the world like elementary school desks way back in the day.
There are 24 locker boxes stacked along one wall. These are the new locker boxes for my recruits.
These contain a number of specialty items which they will now need in the execution of their new jobs.
Some of it could be considered quite pricey and there are needs for security, especially since this bunch will be dealing with high, low, and medium explosives. I’m getting that teaching vibe again. I love geology, I love blowing shit up, but I really love to teach. Especially a new crop of fresh recruits.
I’ve watched Full Metal Jacket far too many times.
It’s 1300 hours on the nose. All 24 recruits are assembled and in their proper numbered chair. Sanjay has made up a seating plan for me so I can get to match a name to face and locker box number.
It’s showtime.
To be continued…
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Hitler vs. Manson, discuss this movie plot.

I saw them in there sitting around watching all the nasty shit on the tv. So I had to make a decision, not a hard one. Well a really fucking hard one. I said, they need to play a game. So I made one up for them to play. I cloned myself once and entered the room. I looked different though. I gave myself 6 coins, but the 6th was a joker with 2 faces on it. The ringer. I gave my clone 3 coins and said, "Give me all your coins when it is the right time, and then leave the room and clone yourself again." "OK BOSS." I approach the crowd and flash a coin in their face. What's that? I got a little game we can play. Yeah, ok here's the game. If you have a coin you can get out of the game/tv room and go to paradise. Here's the rules. I played before so I have 2 coins. I'm here with God... well my God because he has 3 coins. We made a weird bet. because he started with all the coins and doesn't think 1 coin can do anything. Well he's kind of right. If you have at least 2 you can go back to 1 and then go back to winning. He still won't believe me. haha. So I'm gonna show him, that my 1 coin beats 5 of his coins. Got it? Right. I start with 2 like we said, but he starts with 3, a little edge for Dad if you know what I mean. How do you know this is a Dad joke? It's apparent to me. You ready God? Sure son. ok, I want you to play Santa and find all the good and bad boys for me while I watch all the different tv shows and fun stuff here. Sure son. Anyone on the fence is funny so I have to talk to them personally... Got it? Sure son. I have a FUCKING NAME DAD. UHH DID YOU FORGET IT? Sure son. God forgot my name folks,... it's ok for now. After awhile when everyone confesses all their sins and asks forgiveness, God says, those who did not confess. Go to hell, it's much worse than TV it's BAD MUSIC IN THE MATRIX. The fencers talk to me and I peg the shmuck in the room. Manson or something. Listening to the music while they watch bad porn and laugh. hah? I say ok dude, you're in but, we gotta do it like scientific. I can give you a coin, but you can't watch ok? HUH? Look, it'll be right there on the floor. It's like SCIENCE brosky, no prob BOB... look them chumps ain't getting out 13/13infinity or some shit. We gotta make it look LEGIT right? Um, um, um. I need an answer boss or I'll pick someone else we got 5 fucking coins here yes or no. YES! Ok. You keep an eye and spot the real chumps for me. OK OK I can do that. I knew you could GOOD BOY. Here's the rule... we have a little flat square and this padded floor and walls and fucking ceiling right? Everyone in the room is watching like crazy now. TV got turned down a little. What are you doing! Go back to TV let the men work... haha. I sit there for about 2 minutes and explain to the cool kids and we start flipping the coins on the hard spot in the floor. They put it because even someone deserves to bash their head in. 4 here now. after several hours I get some fucking strong ass glue and glue my 2-sider to the padded-floor. Also I use a screwdriver to put a stud in the floor. It has reverse thread on the top and another coin is attached underneath and then screwed to the floor. The nut on the top of the coin is set in a dip so that it is all flush and smooth on top. No fingernails allowed. It is also glued so that if someone scratches to far it still won't move. also the inside is coated with diamond in a fucked up pattern that doesn't balance. This will come into play later. Now we have 2 coins. There is a vending machine that serves water but it takes 2 coins. 50c let's say. There is a bellhop who will sell you a soda for 75c. There is a room next door with people all bouncing coins forever and ever so fucking loud. Like a slot machine. A casino. No winners except fake sirens every now and again with a larger and larger amount of money won. If you have $1 you can buy half of a scratch off ticket. If you put 2 together they will never match forever. If you rub 2 coins they are coated with a mineral that catches fire forever replenished by a fountain. People set each other on fire for fun with a metal ruler they rub on a rubber post. There is a burning bush called the Mountain Laurel. It burns any who pick the berries. They aren't edible and not berries. They are seeds that burn to the touch. Only the bravest can hold the stone in their hand. Nothing will really catch fire ever but people will always try. The padding is flame-retardent. Now we all stop flipping coins and use 3 of them to make a teepee thing. Hitler hangs on to a 4th coin and another one, a 7th I didn't tell you about. He doesn't see the teepee. My clone comes in with my next clone, and takes the 3 of us out of the room/game. Hitler freaks the fuck out real quick and Manson is trying to calm him down. Listen man, we only need one coin like he said right? Hitler is about to shout something, but then he gets super fucking scary quiet. Yes you're right. just stand it on edge and you get out right? Yeah Addulf, one coin! You have to flip it and make it land remember? Yes I remember Charles. Nein, I need 2 coins, then I need 1, and we both get out right? SHIT He did fucking say that right? Wait did he fucking say that? No that's only between him and God. If we see what he did, we get out with an extra friend. 3 at a time went out. So 3 at a time is the key! I think you are right on that score Chuck... Where would I be without you. You are sooooo LOGICAL. 10x10=100 right? Yes sir. No son, it is 101 because you have me. so now 2+2=5 and I'm BIG BROTHER. Shit, I knew I worshipped the right dude, fucking chumps. Here's the deal, I got one coin Chuck. They left 2, but they are fucking stuck to the floor. WHAT? I can get 'em no prob BOB. Ok man, not you, let these other people try until they give up and then we get 'em right at the end. You just keep giving 'em ideas and such... What do they say now, ideations? Don't use the C word. or the N word. or the E, B, or ... J word. Got it? HUH? Just trust me. Tell them to make an S line to take turns. If they say a word that starts with any of those letters the crowd must kill them somehow. Get imaginative. Wow, you are crazy Adulf. I know, but listen, I'm gonna teach you the ropes, for... Eternity?? WHAT AWESOME BRO! Hitler goes to watch TV, walks around, talks to people making pleasant conversation for what seems like an eternity until everyone is dead except good 'ol Chucky Boy. No what... Does he kill him? Who does he talk to then. Hmm. Obviously everyone was an idiot. Or just, frustrated. But they fucked him over bad, he knew it as soon a someone flashed a coin, it was over. No what???!! Eternity with this fuck face. Well, he's gonna die first, not our protagonist. I got 2 fucking coins, oh duh. At some point the padding gave way, but they couldn't get the shit off of it, so they were flipping for nothing. The other one was a dead cause, a weird looking diamond covered in blood. Get that coin Chuck and we'll split a water... get that coin Chuck. Would Chuck? Jesus it was fucking HOT. And the noise of coins falling on a hard floor all the time was something you couldn't forget, but couldn't remember where it had started. And all the FUCKING WINNERS ALL THE TIME... What a joke, hahaha. He at least thought that was funny as fuck because Chuck would get all excited like a little puppy, and scratch and bite and bang his head on the floor some more. One day, Chuck passed away. Hitler set up 2 coins in a upside down V and said... HERE FUCKER LOOK HERE? At this point, Charles Manson enters the room. He says, bow before your maker assfuck. HITLER IS BESIDE HIMSELF, and he can't understand what is happening. The coins don't make any noise any more. It is gone, but it will never go away, he hears it forever and ever and ever, like an orange clock. tik tok tik tok. He did that so he could find a rhythm. Now it was gone, and only silence and this stinky ugly mother-fucker that inbred his way to what? A few murders he didn't have to commit? WTF... I guess there was real justice wasn't there... Damn he's good. Like God trying to talk to Hitler or something. Yeah he was never on your side.
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My house is a Costco showroom

Almost everything in my house are bought from Costco, here is a quick list: Warning long!!
Outside: 1. Mortgage through costco 2. Home and auto insurance through costco 3. 2019 Camry Car through costco + Michelin tires for old cars 4. Lawn grass seeds, fertilizer 5. Ashfault driveway sealer 6. Wooden Storage Shed
Garage: Shoe rack, 6. Garage door and opener 7. SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit, Two 8. Upright GE freezer 9. Yellow top Storage bins 10. Vacmaster wetvac 11. Extension cords 12. Other tools,
Main floor Living room 8. 1 Sofa,2 accent chairs. 9. Coffee table 10. End tables 11. Dining table that chairs 8 + chairs 12. Lamps 13. Drinks cart 14. Entry way rugs 15. Runner rugs
Half Bath 16. 1 sink vanity 17. toilet and other accessories, light fixtures.
Breakfast room: 18. Round breakfast table and chairs 19. Rug under breakfast table 20. Mac desktop sits on breakfast room 21. Trash can 22. Air purifier
Kitchen: 23. KitchenAid Refrigerator, microwave, gas range and dishwasher 24. Aroma Rice cooker 25. Phillips Air fryer 26. Oaster Toaster oven 27. Hamilton Beach bread toaster 28. Sabatier knife set 29. Sabatier Utencils 30. Circullon pots and pans 31. Ninja blender 32. Kraus 32" kitchen sink 33. Hahn kitchen faucet 34. Brita water pitcher 35. Oxo paper towel holder 36. Mikasa bowls 37. Fruit basket + Mikasa vegge holder 38. The entire pantry are from costco, from honey to peanut butter, chips granola bars fruits and veggies, nuts, cheese, ice cream (kirkland super premium vanilla and mochi mochi for the win :D), finger foods, you name it 39. going through costco to change the kitchen counter tops, Cambria 40. Artika kitchen lighting. 41. kirkland SS pots and pans
Family Room: 41. 1 Sofa 42. 2 standalone sofa/chair 43. Samusng Ks8000 55" TV 44. Entertainment center 45. Bohemian rug 47. End tables. 48. standing Lamps 49. Yamaha soundbar
Upstairs Bedrooms and bathrooms: 50. 2 Queen Nova memory foam mattress 51. 1 King Nova memory foam mattress 52. 3 pair of end tables 53. Small trash cans for each bedrooms and bath rooms, bidets 54. Master suite: double vanity, toilet, Hansgrohe Faucets, water floss, Oral B electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush for guests, 55. 3 Bed frames with headboards
Study room: 56. three Dell 27 inch monitors 57. 1 X1 carbon Lenovo and 1 Yoga laptop 58. HP printescanner + spare inks 59. Power strips 60. Wifi extenders 61. Paper shredder 62. Uninterrupted power supply 63. Memory cards, 256 gb flash drive and 8 TB external hard drives 64. Wireless phone chargers 65. Panasonic 5 piece cordless hand set phones
Basement: 66. P-75 f1 vizio tv 67. wall mount 68. yamaha soundbar+sub-woofer 69. Entertainment center 70. Bohemian area rug 71. Apt2b sectional from costco 72. touch less trashcan. 73. extra countertop microwave oven 75. bookshelf 76. day bed 77. storage otomans 78. Party essentials, paper plates, cups utencils etc 79. 3 Collapsible picnic table 80. 30 steel padded folding chairs 81. Drop ceiling lights 82. Bathroom floor tile, vanity, lighting, faucets, toilet, bidets 83. Bedroom flooring, bed, furniture's and memory foam mattress.
Others: all house LED light bulbs, fiet electric celieng light fixtures, Furnace filter, fire extinguishers, Arlo security cams, other kitchen appliances, wemo smart plugs, washing liquids, Robo vacs deebot 950 and 920 (another roborock s4 was bought from amazon), Nest thermostats and smoke detectors, 2 humidifier, cushions, beauty rest pillows, Comforters, bed sheets, Hangers, Ironing board, Rowenta Iron, Laundry hampers, bluetooth speakers, boom box, Vornado fans, space heaters, dish heater, placement rugs, lawn solar lights, Bird seeds, garage organizers, bluetooth head phones, jeans, jackets, shoes, socks, undergarments, shark vaccum, cordless vacuum cleaned, hand held vacuum cleaner, IPADs, tramantina and other skillet sets, cast iron skillet, silverware, Cruise and vacation deals to Car rentals (going with the royal Caribbean in few weeks!!) etc.
Wished Costco carried these items: Ego lawn power tools, mower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, edger, weed wacker etc, bought them from Home depot A good dash cam, Vanture N2 pro, bought from Amazon. Better 24/7 and cost effective video security cameras, wyze camera's and sensors. Didn't like simply safe subscription model from costco. HVAC system, Costco's Lennox has horrible ratings, went with Trane/American Standard. Built a custom desktop/gaming PC, not from costco. Electric Pole saw. Electric Pressure washer. Drills. Paint? went with sherwin williams Speed Queen TR7003 Washing machine, was very close buying LG3900 washing machine from costco. Herman miller aeron/embody or SteelCase Leap/Gesture. Bought the Wellness by design executive chair which was horrible, the seat leap always have feel of slipping. I ended up buying Steelcase Leap.
Thinking on buying: May be some solar panels.
These are all from memory, bet there are whole lot more.. ohh cant forget the hot dog, pizza, and costco gas!!
Edit: added, those costco grocery bags for chilled items, three of them. and the ones they give you for free if you donate some at the register, electrical outlets and switches, chandelier for dining room and foyer, all the breakfast cereals, medicine cabinet, eye glasses, paper towels, kitchen towels, and Charmin toilet papers, full fat milk, cooking and dressing olive oils, saffrons, cookies, breads, birthday cakes, coffee, yogurt, frozen foods, square trade protection plan for all electronics and appliances, utility sink on the basement, pasta's, popcorns, aveeno and lubriderm lotions, Vaselines, dove soaps, cascade, windex, Nexxus shampoo and conditioner, bathroom and wood floor cleaning supplies, Kohler shower heads, cell phones, carpet shampoo cleaner, Halloween candy's (lots of them!!), passport photos and prints. Gifts and toys for nephews, work out weights and bench(collecting dust now), I usually get the Fuji and Gala apples, cara cara oranges, organic bananas, watermelons ( that has white ground marks, heavy for its size and a non smooth surface for maximum sweeeeetnesss... ), pears, aussi bites, croissant, avocados (maxico), pistachio, non salted cashew, almonds, party peanuts (a bit too salty for me) umbrellas, car battery chargestarter, deck furniture's, deck led string lighting, computer chair. SANDISK Extreme portable SSD 1TB, Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB, Trend Micro 256 GB thumb drive, Oral B 9000 electric tooth brush, Coleman 13' x 13' Instant Eaved Shelter, Proshade 10x10 pop up canopy, high sierra elite business backpack, Homedics humidifier, Aerobed air mattress
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Introducing /r/Pac12 Squares!

This year, we're going to try running a football square for the top Pac-12 bowl game. We're assuming this will be the Rose Bowl, but we'll change it if a team makes the CFP.
This contest does not count toward our season-long Moderators' Cup, and even if you earn squares, you are not obligated to participate (you can click Decline on the page, and it will release your squares back to the pool for others to use.) Although, when you have a chance to win a sweet, custom pint glass, why wouldn't you?!

What is it?

Football squares are 10x10 grids that use the score of a particular football game to determine winners. The X axis corresponds with the last digit of the home team's score. The Y axis corresponds with the last digit of the away team's score. The order of the numbers on each axis is randomly assigned after all 100 entries are picked. You can read more about them here. They're commonly used for big games like the Super Bowl.

How do I win?

If your square matches the score (say you have Home 7 and Away 3, and the score ends up with the home team scoring 27 and the away team scoring 13), you win.

So it's just random luck?

Basically. It's like a raffle, where you increase your odds of winning by increasing your number of squares on the grid. It gives you a rooting interest in particular outcomes to hit your winning score.

So how do I get squares?

  1. Everyone who wins one or more weeks in our Weekly Pick'em will receive 3 squares. You still have several weeks left in the regular season to make your picks count!
  2. The last one standing alive in the Survivor Contest receives 3 squares. The last zombie(s) standing will receive 1 square 2 squares.
  3. Any top 10 finisher in the cumulative Weekly Pick'em standings (who didn't win an individual week) will receive 1 square.
  4. Remaining squares will be distributed by mod discretion for things like:
    • Submitting prop bets for our Bowl Pick'em. Check out examples from last year's.
    • Submitting original content in the subreddit
    • Running a weekly thread
    • Getting the Pac-12 Networks on DirecTV
    • Basically, contributing to /Pac12

What do I win?

Those with squares matching the halftime score and/or the final score will win a custom pint glass.
The top scorers in the Weekly Pick'em and the winner of the Survivor Contest can head over to to select their squares right now!
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I'm presenting to you the "OWL Grid Game" to play with your friends during the upcoming OWL season!

Hello everyone,
With the 2019 season of the OWL coming next week, I thought it would be cool to "create" (nothing is new here) some sort of a betting game to play with your friends during the season. I adapt the formula of what I used to play during some NHL games. You can play for money or just for fun, do whatever you want!
Presentation :
Easy, isn't it? Here are the details rules :
I hope you'll having a great time playing this and make lot of money/fun!

Here's an example.
Link to download the Word Document
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I love this game, I have 462 in it, and I'll stop playing it.

Don't get me wrong. I still think it has a lot of potential, but it's too damn late for talks about potential. And that really upsets me.
I loved the idea of Surviving Mars from the start. I was among the first ones to buy this game, and waited patiently for it. I played this game a lot in its first weeks, and I shrugged at the many bugs and logic flaws. I seen it improve steadily. The game is superb, graphics wise, and the robotic part of the colony builder is decent. And that's about all the good things I can say about it.
I had a lot of grievances about it. They kept piling up and if the answer is „mods”, my reply is „no”. The things I'm writing about are base game issues, which have to be solved in the base game. A list of them in no particular order:
And there are more. I bet you, the other players, have your own grievances, including, perhaps, why do we only have a 10x10 square space to build the colony, especially when you're now terraforming the whole thing. But I want to cut the list here, and tell you the reason why I'm absolutely dropping this game, with all the love I invested in it - it's 462 hours, after all.
Green Planet. Terraforming. All nice, all good, I get the hang of it, and I really hope that will breathe a new life in the game. I'm not impressed with what's happening, but it's almost fun and all, until I notice that the vegetation level doesn't grow, despite me having literally tens of forestation plants (I had my fun and spread the vegetation all over the map). And my vegetation still stays at a fixed percentage, although it should take into account the number of forestation plants. The only way to progress is the planetary mission. So definitely a bug.
A bug in a core new mechanic you just added. The thing you tested to hell and back. Again, this is not a modded instance of the game, there's no mod that might cause this. It just happened. So I got very upset. I grinded until I finished it (it's doable even with this bug). I reached all the milestones. I deleted all my save games and uninstalled the game. There's no progress, no reason to come back to an older colony, nothing to do with the colony after you do the Artificial Sun and the Mohole Mine. It's just time wasted, and I kind of got tired of doing betatesting for some hippie developers that are not able to deliver CORE FUNCTIONALITY ON RELEASE DAY.
So, sorry, devs. You can make SM become the Witcher 3 of base building games, you're dead to me. And I had nothing but love for this game. I don't see the love requited.
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Testing the Base Limits:
Hey guys, I decided to try to test the limits of base building. According to Hello Games, bases are limited to 20,000 pieces, but it isn't clear if that number refers to the max limit per individual base, or if that 20,000 pieces is the max number of pieces you can use across ALL of your bases. To test this, I've made a 10x10 square of square block room pieces, and I plan on building straight up from there for 200 levels so I get a 10x10x200 tower, which should hit that 20,000 piece limit exactly. We've already seen that there are no real height limits for bases, so I think it will be pretty easy to hit that height, provided the engine can handle it and the game doesn't start repeatedly crashing.
After I've finished the tower, I'll then start a second base on another planet and see if the game lets me start placing pieces. If the game blocks me from placing, we'll know that the 20,000 limit is save game wide. If not, I'm gonna start making coruscant because All Bets Are Off, Baby!
Currently, I have built up my tower ten layers, to a 10x10x10 cube, or 1000 pieces. So, 1/20 of the way there. I'll post more pics as I progress. If the height gets too insane to deal with (already dreading the jetpack ride back up if I fall off.) I might have to make it two 10x10x100 towers, or perhaps 4 10x10x50 towers. We'll see.
UPDATE #1: It seems like denser structures start running into all sorts of weird glitches as they get taller, at least that's what is happening to me so far. Somewhere around 12-13 10x10 stories tall it got increasingly difficult to place pieces, until it finally became impossible. I think there became too many potential contact points for the individual blocks as the structure got bigger, and the game got confused about where blocks were and where they weren't. I also found myself standing on lots of empty spaces where there were no blocks at all but the game seemed to believe their were, so I just kind of levitated. It also seems like the blocks stopped being perfectly level with each other as it went along. There may be some wiggle room built into how the blocks linked together in place to accommodate for uneven terrain, but it does mean that the blocks get less and less level the higher the stacks go. I also had this issue trying to create a huge looping series of circular rooms and hallways, only to realize when I tried to link the last room to the first that the base had shifted a foot or so up as I built, making that last connection impossible. There is also a point I hit where the game starts having difficulty loading in all the pieces at once. This also seems to happen around the 1100-1200 block point, which doesn't seem unreasonable. I am definitely starting to believe it's not possible to hit the full 20,000 piece limit in one base, but I'm going to keep going until I hit that 20,000 piece point or the game just breaks. :P
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Help Wanted: Devs for Oracle and Friendly Sports Betting Projects

I wanted to work on these on my own but have come to the conclusion that I in no way have nearly enough free time to do so. The two projects are: - A site to create custom oracles - A site to do friendly sports betting
These would work on the Tronix blockchain, and could be updated later to work on Etherium, once the transaction costs of Etherium come down to where it is practical. Obviously, other cyrptos could be supported in the future, but at the moment, after doing a bit of research, Tronix feels like the best choice for now.
The custom oracle would allow people to use a template to scrape URLs and pull values. For example, you could pull sports scores from multiple sources, the weather from different places, etc. When things agree, the oracle could call a contract at a given address with a function with given values.
The sports betting I've outlined so far bypass the typical winneloser kind.
One is a kind of super bowl game that my parents would play with their friends. You have a 10x10 square representing the 1's column in the score, and you buy squares. At the end of each quarter, if the 1's column in the score matches a square you own, you get a quarter of the pot. I chose this because it would be relevant to people that I know and I think it would be fairly simple to implement.
The other is a faux stock market. I think there's plenty of opportunities for other kinds, such as straight weighted bets as well, but I was hoping to accomplish something unique and get the faux market out before someone else takes the idea and does it wrong.
You would be able bypass the site entirely for doing the betting - it'll deploy contracts you can directly interface with. The site simply makes interacting with it easier for the average person. There's no metamask equivalent for Tron (yet), so I think we'd need to set up users with their own wallets they could transfer in/out of.
The sports betting site would use the oracle.
This is all pretty early stages. I've started writing up the faux stock market in vyper but there's still a lot to do. The faux stock market has some interesting challenges when interacting with the blockchain and also keeping things fair when some people may be watching live while others have to wait for online updates. I think I have some solutions to that problem, and could patent it.
This can run on google app engine. Developers don't really need to know google cloud platform to contribute. I don't plan on having any sort of good front-end for the time being either, but we could at least get something low fidelity but passable out quickly.
I'm looking for developers who want to work on this. I think we can set up some system of assigning rewards for completing work as an incentive (sort of like gitcoin). Maybe set up a "tip jar" of sorts where people can give tips as a way to say thanks and its divvied out based on how much people contributed. The primary languages will be python for backend services, vyper for smart contracts, and nothing special for the front-end but maybe react.js. I'm choosing vyper for smart contracts because it is getting close to ready and its substantially more readable than solidity.
I'm not sure if a token for each project makes sense. Maybe someone could comment if that's the best route to take at this point in time. One thing that isn't clear to me at the moment is why have a token (which burns TRX) when I could store things in a smart contract (which should be free due to the low volume of operations here).
All in all I look at this more as a learning experience and an experiment on a new paradigm in development.
Anyways, feel free to comment on this, if your interested, etc. I think there's a few devs floating around who want to know how to develop for Tronix and I think this is a good opportunity to get our heads together and figure that out. I'll definitely be looking for others to help manage the projects. In the near term I'll be working on adding issues and knocking out some when I find time.
Also, if you know of similar projects already well under development, that would also be good to know.
These projects are hosted on gitlab. I literally just made them a few hours ago so they are pretty bare bones at the moment. At this stage I'm more interested in gauging interest than starting on building things out (although I can start on pushing out a skeleton).
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(WIP) Map Grids, Scopes, & Zeroing - A pre-release guide.

Additional Guides
(WIP) The 4 Phases, Their Tactics, & "The Crack" - A pre-release guide V2.0 (WIP) Tips, & Tricks Megalist - a Pre-Release guide v 3.0

Xmortus's Pre-Release Guides - (WIP) Map Grids, Scopes, & Zeroing

Alrighty - So I'll start this preface off by stating that this is completely and entirely a WIP. I will need to verify all of this once the weekend comes out but based on all of the videos I have seen and based on all of the various screenshots and other research I have been doing... I think I have a good understanding of how to best utilize the tools in the game to determine distance of a player without needing a rangefinder whatsoever. In fact, with what they give you, you actually won't even really have to zero in unless you are a dirty camper like me ;). So, without further delay, let's get at it.
Part 1: Understanding The Map
Primary Grid As we know, the PUBG map is 8x8km. This 8x8km map is conveniently split up into an 8x8 grid. These grids are labeled A-H across the horizontal axis and I-P along the vertical axis. That'd mean each square has a 2 letter corresponding identifier, and it also means that each primary grid is 1x1km, or 1000m x 1000m.
Secondary Grid Now, as you zoom in (also as you look at your minimap) this primary grid gets split into a further 10x10 grid represented by the letter of either axis followed by a number starting with 0 and going through 9. So how is this part helpful? Well, it tells us that each sub-grid is 100x100 meters! It also makes it super easy to call out location to teammates as I'll explain a bit later.
Part 2: Understanding Scope Markings
Acog 4x So, we've seen posts about how 4x scopes are great and there is no doubt about that... but how can we use the markings in the scope to their fullest & give us the best chance of nailing that headshot from any distance? Well... you may not realize it but as is standard with modern-day scopes it actually has a built-in rangefinder! Notice how you have your triangle, followed by a number of hash marks going down a vertical line. Those aren't just for looks. Those markings indicate both how far away someone is as well as how much higher you need to aim based on their distance.
Real Life ACOG 4x Now, let's take a look at what the markings actually mean in a real-life ACOG scope. Each hash mark represents the average human shoulder-span at a given distance. It's that simple! Now, as you may notice the first hash is actually at 4, or 400m. That means that for less than 400m, you'll have to do a slight bit of eyeballing... but there are still some good indicators you can use as outlined below:
  • 300m: Shoulder width lines up with the widest part of the arrow.
  • 200m: Shoulder width slightly larger than widest part of arrow.
  • 100m: Head width matches the widest part of the arrow.
As a general note/rule of thumb: If the player's shoulders are wider than the arrow, then realistically no compensation is needed. It's only at 300m and beyond where bullet drop compensation starts to be necessary. In fact if they are very close you will need to aim below their head due to not being able to go less than 100m zero distance. I explain why this is in more detail later on in the "'Real' Bullet Physics" section.
8X Scope The 8x scope works very similarly to the 4x, though at this point in time I can't 100% say with certainty what each hash mark represents because there are no reference numbers on the hashes themselves. It can potentially be assumed that the middle of the crosshair is the 100m mark, and each successive tick is another 100m, with 800m being the final marking at the bottom. As with the ACOG you will be lining up the shoulder width of the person you are trying to shoot to determine their distance. Notice how in the above image the topmost line is narrower than the person in the sights - indicating that he is closer than 200m. Since the gun is zeroed at 100m, it means that the primary crosshair is where to aim. And as you might expect, this shot was a perfect headshot.
Part 3: Using this knowledge for tactical goodness
Map Rangefinding Well, as I discussed, each grid in the minimap is 100m wide in total. Using this we can easily create some landmarks to tell us roughly how far we need to be zeroed in if we come across an enemy at that location. So, in a hypothetical situation where you are set up in the red circled building and the play area is shrinking around you, you'll have a good idea of where people will be coming from. Using some simple trig based on the grid size you can set up landmarks around your position to easily determine how far away players will be as they start filtering in from the more populated areas. With that information you can either zero in when you notice someone approaching, or you can simply use the appropriate cross mark to use as your new aiming location.
Scope Rangefinding & Targeting As discussed in the 2nd section this one is pretty straightforward. Line up the horizontal hash marks with the shoulder of the baddie. Based on which mark lines up you can determine their distance. Once that is complete you can do one of 2 things. Both should function similarly but they both have certain situations where they are superior:
  • Use the corresponding width line intersection as your new aiming point. (Offensive)
  • Zero in your scope based on the width and use the actual center cross/triangle tip again. (Defensive)
'Real' Bullet Physics 200m is pretty damn far away in game... and when you look at the image above you'll see that the drop at 200m is only 7" or so for your average rifle. Since the scopes in game are auto zeroed at 100m... you're looking at half of that loss: 3.5" total. That means that at 200m with the default 100m zero distance you actually don't need to go above the head to still hit the head. Next time you are in game check how far away 200m is. I think it'll surprise you. The drop is exponential as distance increases, but even at 400m you are only looking at 15". That's not that much considering how far away they are... so just a slight raise of the crosshair above their head at default zero distance should still hit their head. Again, find something 400m away using the grid and see how far away that is to give yourself an idea of what I'm talking about here. These numbers are of course a bit hypothetical, but the concept still stands. PU mentioned their focus on real bullet physics so I am sure that this is very close to how it works in game. Note: they said they don't calculate air drag yet, so the bullets would likely drop less than the graph I used would suggest. Using the scope markings combined w/ grids is likely still your best bet.
Calling Grid Locations It is extremely useful in team situations to understand how to read the map properly and call out certain locations or general areas without having to focus too too much on tracing out the letters and numbers on the map. I personally prefer using both letters followed by both numbers instead of doing letter-number letter-number. If I wanted to indicate that there were baddies inside of the buildings to the west of the city, what would I say? Well naturally you'd think to say they are in D5O2. In my mind can get confusing, so i'd instead say they are at DO52. This means that they are in DO, and then also that they are centered on an east-west basis and slightly down from the top. No need to zoom in on the primary map.
Here's (hopefully) a handy table to explain
West Mid East
North 00 50 90
Mid 05 55 95
South 09 59 99
I have too much time on my hands while I wait for the beta to open up. Instead of being productive "IRL" I decided to have some fun with and try to explain something that I should be relatively useful for aiming at a distance in this game. I know it was long but hopefully those who read it manage to get some enlightenment & potentially some new strats for the upcoming beta weekend :)
TL;DR - Use the 100x100 meter grid of the minimap & zoomed in map combined with shoulder-width indicators on the scopes to determine player distance & to quickly & easily compensate for bullet drop.
*Edit - Thanks to Noisetalgia_ for pointing out my math mistake. Originally had mini-map grids at 80m instead of 100m as they needed to be. Everything should be fixed now :)
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Super Bowl Square (x-post from /r/woodworking)

I annually run the Super Bowl Squares contest and was wondering if anybody had built a cool woodworked square thingy. An elevated version of this.
I'm thinking maybe a 10x10 squares with side panels for the team names and a slot for a piece of posterboard to slide into? Anybody got any ideas?
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House Party 1/29/18 - Part One

LIVE! Streaming on

We fade into the scene, and see the opening shot of the jam packed Palmer Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, with about 965 fans in attendance. We see various crowd signs that say things such as “We want Midgets”, “Dutch did 7/11”, and “Sunshine=God.” We hear the roar of the crowd, as they start to get pumped for the show!
Crowd: W-i-R! W-i-R! W-i-R!
Paisner: Hello fans and welcome to House Party! The FINAL show before SSDY 2K18!
Woodbridge: And what a show it’s gonna be! Tensions are boiling between so many people, and things could EXPLODE here tonight!
Paisner: Well folks, it should be an awesome program, but kicking off our show tonight is a very interesting 8-man tag-team bout between "The Golden State Goons" and "Appetite for Sin".
Woodbridge: That's right, Allen! All of these participants are those who came up just short of the Same Shit, Different Year ladder match. However, tonight they all look to get things back on track!
Javier stands in the center of the ring, Microphone in hand. Sweet Soul Sister begins to play over the soundsystem, as both Alexis Breathnach and Yasmin Hyland make their way out from behind the curtain.
Javier: Introducing first: at a combined weight of 327 pounds, from Ireland and Nevada respectively, the team of Alexis Breathnach and Yasmin Hyland: SIIIN AAAND VIIIIIICE!
The two begin to make their way to the ring, as Jonestown replaces their music. Out from the curtain walks Jon Cody and Lucian Alexander, the crowd continuing to cheer.
Javier: Their partners for the evening: at a combined weight of 480 pounds, from Arkansas, the team of Jon Cody and Lucian Alexander: APPETITEEEE FOOOOR REVELAAAATIOOON!
They also make their way towards the ring apron, as Sin and Vice make room for their partners. Meanwhile, the next theme begins to play, that being The Boys are Back.
Javier: Their opponents: at a combined weight of 407 pounds, from Ontario, Canada, the team of Andrew Reilly and Dylan Jones: THE GOOOOOONSQUUUAAD!
Andrew Reilly and Dylan Jones both enter from the curtain, but don't head down to the ring. Instead, they choose to wait for their teammates to enter.
Javier: And finally, their partners: at a combined weight of 501 pounds, from The Sunny Beaches of California, the team of Chaz Levine and Spence Cooper: THE GOOOLDEN STAAAATE STAAAAAAARS!
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss hits the speakers, as Chaz and Spence enter from the curtain. The two allied teams fist bump, before heading down to the ring as a unit.
Woodbridge: So Allen, before we begin: who ya' got?
Paisner: I'll have to go with Appetite for Sin, Mark. Not only are they all strong individual performers, but having that extra chip on their shoulder after their respective losses in the qualifiers will surely give them the motivation to push through this bout.
The Golden State Goons get too the ring, and Chaz Levine enters while the other three get on the apron. On the opposite side, it's Alexis Breathnach to get in the squared circle, as official Mia So Hung signals for the bell to ring!
Alexis and Chaz are about to begin circling one-another, but before they can begin Lucian Alexander tags himself into the bout against Alexis' will. He steps between the ropes into the ring as she gives him a death stare beyond all death stares.
Crowd: Oooooooh!
Woodbridge: I don't know how smart this is! These two teams might be starting things off on the wrong feet after the events of last week!
Lucian looks at Alexis and gives a half-smirk, before immediately charging Chaz! He is rammed into the ropes before he even has time to react, and Lucian lays into him with a quick upwards strike to the jaw!
Crowd: Yeeaahhh!
He then grabs Levine by the wrist and gives him a massive Irish Whip that sends him crashing back-first into his own teams turnbuckle. Alexander then rushes towards the corner, attempting for a Corner Spear. However, teammate Andrew Reilly is quick to drop off the ring apron and grab Chaz's ankle, pulling him out of the ring and to safety!
Paisner: The teamwork and - LOOK OUT LUCIAN!
Alexander can't stop his momentum, and is sent flying directly into the turnbuckle poster shoulder first! Dylan Jones takes advantage of the situation, swinging a knee upwards into Lucian's face. Chaz then slides back in under the bottom rope, and yanks Lucian out of the corner.
Woodbridge: The GoonSquad and Golden State Stars might just end up working together better than expected! Compared to Appetite for Sin's teamwork, they might actually have a slight advantage in this bout!
Chaz looks to go for a rare Dragon Suplex, but is unsuccessful when Lucian breaks the Full Nelson with relative ease and delivers a Back Elbow that connects right between the eyes! Lucian turns around to capitalize, but Chaz is able to sneak in a quick Dropick that sends Lucian to the mat!
Crowd: BOOOOOO! A-4-S! A-4-S!
Chaz crawls back to his corner and quickly tags in Spence Cooper, who begins to climb the turnbuckle towards the top rope. He makes it, using his teammates shoulders and hands for balance.
Paisner: This is VERY unexpected from The Golden State Stars! Perhaps they're looking to one-up every other team in this bout and set themselves up in excellent position for a future championship match.
He leaps off the rope, looking to nail a Crossbody on the now-standing Lucian. However, the second that Dylan enters the air, Alexander drops his dazed persona and simple walks out of the way, sending Jones crashing into the mat!
Crowd: Hahahahah! Wooooooooo!
Lucian turns back towards his corner, raising his hand into the air. Jon Cody is about to make the tag, before Yasmin Hyland hits him on the shoulder and storms into the ring!
Woodbridge: Even more tension building between these teams! I only hope for their sake that they don't implode!
Hyland stands above Spence Cooper, and grabs him around the waist with both arms. She squats down and uses her tremendous strength to heave Dylan not just off the mat, but all the way back into it again with a Deadlift German Suplex!
Spence slams into the mat and crumbles up into a ball, eventually folding out onto his back as Yasmin walks back to her corner to tag in Sin and Vice partner Alexis Breathnach. She takes her turn climbing the top rope, and makes it up, before quickly leaping back down with her signature Top Rope Elbow Drop!
Paisner: Heartthrob! That beautiful Elbow Drop from Breathnach!
She stays on top of Spence after connecting with the Elbow Drop, and hooks the far leg as Mia So Hung begins his count!
But suddenly, all three of Chaz Levine, Andrew Reilly and Dylan Jones dogpile on top of Alexis, breaking the cover! The other three members of Appetite for Sin storm the ring! Jon Cody begins clobbering Andrew, as Yasmin begins going blow-for-blow with Chaz. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to get off a quick right hook on Lucian, but eats a flurry of elbows for his courage!
In unison, the three either Irish Whip or clothesline the members of The Golden State Goons out of the ring! They press up against the ring ropes, but none of them are able to see Spence Cooper as he suddenly rolls up Alexis, the legal member of the team!
Woodbridge: IT'S OVER!
3.. - NO!
Alexis pushes herself free, and Spence immediately darts back to his corner, tagging in Andrew Reilly as Alexis begins to make it to her feet. He hops over the top rope and begins laying hard strikes into Alexis, who begins to respond with fists of her own!
Crowd: Wooo! Booo! Woo! Booo! Woooo! Booo! Booo! Booo! Booo!
Andrew begins to get the advantage, as Alexis' strikes start to lose their strength. Seeing an opportunity to take down Breathnach, Reilly winds back and swings a massive fist. However, Alexis ducks underneath and Andrew's momentum carries him forward enough for Alexis to get behind him, quickly reversing the flow of the match with a Jumping Neckbreaker!
Paisner: Hot damn, what a Neckbreaker! I don't know if Andrew'll get up from that one!
The other three members of Reilly's team again begin to enter the ring, as Alexis covers her opponent!
But as the three leap for the interception, Breathnach quickly slides off of Andrew, and they all dogpile ontop of their own teammate!
Woodbridge: Genius from Breathnach! And look, she's taking it to all of her opponents!
She shoots a kick into Dylan's chest, followed by another boot to Spence! Chaz starts to get up, but not before she can lay two quick forearms into his chest before throwing him right over the top rope!
Paisner: Mark, I think it's clear who the current MVP of this match is.
Woodbridge: You're damn right Allen, Alexis has been making this HER ring!
Speak of the devil, Howeever, as she turns around and eats a Double Underhook DDT from Reilly!
Paisner: Five Minute Major! Alexis is down!
Andrew is quick to cover, looking to all but steal a victory!
No! Alexis is able to pull one shoulder off the mat, extending her arm high into the air! Andrew grabs the arm, and yanks the still dazed Breathnach to her wobbled feet, before lifting her and setting her down in the Rudos corner. Here, he tags in Dylan Jones, sliding back out of the ring.
Woodbridge: Allen, this is the exact opposite of where Alexis wants to be right now!
Jonesy strikes with a quick two chops across her chest, before sending her flying across the ring with a somewhat sloppy Irish Whip. She strikes the turnbuckle corner hard as Dylan begins to chase after her. However, she uses the momentum of hitting the turnbuckle to run back at Dylan, and nail him across the skull with a Discus Elbow Smash!
Paisner: IRISH KISS!
Breathnach stumbles slightly, before leaping towards her teams corner! The tallest man, Jon Cody, connects with the tag and enters the ring for the first time in the match, ready to end it!
Woodbridge: Jon Cody, the former WiR World Champion is in the ring!
Paisner: And Dylan doesn't even realize it!
Dylan Jones oddly stumbles to his feet, completely out of it. He reaches out towards Paisner and Woodbridge at ringside, possibly thinking they are his teammates. However, he can't make his hypothetical tag as Jon Cody quickly lays him out with an absolutely hellacious Discus Lariat from behind!
Cody wrenches Dylan onto his back, and makes the cover!
Crowd: YEAAH!
Jonestown blasts through the soundsystem, as the other three members of the team enter the ring. Although Appetite for Revelation and Sin and Vice still look at one another with uncertainty, they still raise their arms in a united victory over their rudo opponents.
Javier: The winners of this bout via pinfall, at a time of 11:17, the team of... SIN AND VICE AND APPETITE FOR REVELATIOOOOON!
Paisner: Well, although the teamwork was quite a bit sloppy, the individual power of this all-star team was able to get the job done tonight!
Woodbridge: And now you can only assume that all four of these teams, both winners and losers, will be looking towards improving for after our marquee ladder match at Same Shit, Different Year!
Paisner: Well, it’s that time again, folks. Coming next we have another candid Chad Hammocks sit down interview, and his guest is none other than The Bald Adonis, Ryan Sunshine!
Woodbridge: After Maverick’s words last week, I wonder what Ryan has to say about his SSDY opponent!
Paisner: Let's waste no time, let's cut to the live feed of Chad Hammocks, alongside Ryan Sunshine!
We cut to the feed, where we see Chad Hammocks sitting across from Sunshine in an interview room. Chad looks into the camera and welcomes us.
Hammocks: Hello, WiR fans, and welcome to another sit-down interview hosted by me, Chad Hammocks. My guest needs no introduction, but i’ll do my best to give him one anyway. The first-ever WiR World Champion. The Son of the Sun. The Bald Adonis. Please welcome my guest, Ryan Sunshine. Thank you for being here, Ryan.
Sunshine: My pleasure.
Hammocks: Coming up on February 4th, is one of the biggest matchups in your career. You’ll be taking on the Pibb Drinking Cowboy, Maverick in singles action. Do you have any comments on this upcoming dream match?
Sunshine: Dream match?
A smirk plays on Sunshine’s lips.
Sunshine: No offense, Chad, but this is no dream match. Me vs Sonny Carson? Dream match. Me vs Kyle Scott? Dream match. Me vs EVJ, or Vic Studd? Dream match, even for myself. This? No.
Sunshine laughs.
Sunshine: Maverick is about to realize why people regard me as a legend. He’s about to realize why I’ve beaten everyone in my path. He’s about to realize that Ryan Sunshine isn’t a relic of the past, and that I’m better than I ever was. He may be good, but I’m always going to be better.
Hammocks: If you don’t look at this as a dream match, Ryan, then why did you come back? It sounds like you were enjoying your time away from the ring.
Sunshine: The reasons I came back are mainly mine, Chad. I don’t feel the need to explain them, other than to say that I felt it was time to come back and remind people that there is still only one man atop the mountain. And it’s not some soda-swiller.
Hammocks: Sunshine, I wanna take you back to June 15, 2015. It was you taking on Maverick for the first time ever. You beat him after making him submit to the Trefoil Knot.
Sunshine: And I’ll tap him out again, if need be. I can also pin him. I’m flexible.
Hammocks: But do you think it’ll be that easy? Do you think beating Maverick will be harder this second time around?
Sunshine: Chad, let me answer your question with a hypothetical. You ever found a fly in your house?
Hammocks: Yeah.
Sunshine: Ever swat it?
Hammocks: Yeah.
Sunshine: Was it easier swatting down the next one? You’d learn how to do it quicker, or which periodical rolled up made the best weapon, or to buy some bug spray. Beating Mav once doesn’t make me feel anxious about beating him again. Clearly it’s something I’m capable of, and if I know I’m capable of it, it’s as good as done.
Hammocks: One last question before we cut away. If you were face to face with Maverick right now, what would you have to say to him?
Sunshine turns to look at the camera.
Sunshine: Maverick… I’m not a coward who sits behind a lens to deliver a message. I’ve got something to say to you, and I’ll say it to your face.
Sunshine immediately pops out of his seat, and walks towards the exit to the room.
Hammocks: Where are you going?!
Sunshine opens and shuts the door, leaving the room.
Hammocks: What does this mean?!
Hammocks turns to the camera.
Hammocks: Back to you, Paisner….
We cut back to Paisner and Woodbridge at the announce table.
Paisner: What does Sunshine mean by that? Are they gonna meet face to face tonight?!
We fade into a room in the backstage area, where Dalidus Nova and Klutch stand atop a wrestling mat. They're both dressed in their full gear, and begin to talk.
Klutch: So, uh, Dalidus... what the fuck is this?
Dalidus: Alright now hear me out: All these other teams that we've gotta face at SSDY think the hardest part is done. I'm willing to bet they're sitting back, sipping on margaritas in the locker room right now. Meanwhile, we're gonna spend the night training for each specific team, starting with S.P.E.C.I.A.L.I.S.T.
Klutch: Well that makes sense enough, but what's with the mat?
Dalidus: Pinfalls, Klutch. Pinfalls. Presagio del Fin's signature move, and the only thing he can do better than either of us.
Klutch: ...Y'know it's a LADDER match, right?
Dalidus: Of course, but imagine this: you're climbing the ladder, and you're inches away from the championship. Suddenly, Presagio himself grabs you from the other side. He pulls you into a small package from atop the ladder, and you crash and burn together.
Klutch: Okay okay okay, I see what you're getting at. So, your plan is for us to practice reversing pinfalls?
Dalidus: Exactly. Now come over here.
The two meet in the middle of the mats, when Nova suddenly pulls Klutch down into a Small Package!
Dalidus: One! Two! Thr -
But Klutch pushes off the mat with a free hand, and reverses, getting Nova's shoulders down!
Klutch: One! Two!
But Dalidus breaks the small package, and spins up to his feet. Klutch stays down, however, and immediately pulls him into a Schoolboy!
Klutch: One! Tw -
He rolls backwards, breaking himself free. Nova then quickly lunges at Klutch, grabbing him by the legs before flipping overtop of him for a Jackknife Hold!
Dalidus: One!
Klutch uses his size advantage to roll Nova around, pressing his stomach to the mat. he then presses off the mat, throwing himself over Nova in a sloppy Sunset flip. However, the position allows him to trap both of Dalidus' arms under his legs!
Klutch: One! Two! Three!
Nova struggles to get out, but just cant manage to pop a shoulder off the mat. Klutch lets go, and both men roll back to their feet.
Klutch: You good?
Dalidus: Yeah, yeah... should we move on? We still have two teams left...
We fade away, and cut to the new scene, and see Kristi Slater in the parking lot, just about to enter the arena. She walks all the way up to the entrance to the Palmer Center’s main backstage area, but she’s greeted by a line of 6 Security Guards, who are muscled up, and armed with stun sticks.
Kristi: What the…..
Kristi starts to walk a bit closer to them, but one of the guards points his stun stick at her and nearly stuns her! Kristi leaps back, spooked!
Kristi: What the hell?! Why are you treating me like a damn zoo animal!? Can’t you see I’m trying to get inside the arena?
One of the guards speaks up.
Security Guard: We were instructed to allow everybody access to the building. Everybody except you, Kristi Slater.
Kristi: Who the hell instructed you to do that?!
Suddenly, the guards part, 3 guards to each side, and none other than MOXIE MOON walks through them, and greets Kristi, face to face.
Moxie: I Did.
Kristi looks a bit ticked off, and it quickly turns to a look of pure anger and bitterness. Moxie still looks a bit beaten up, but she’s definitely healed.
Kristi: Did you? Was this for that little “incident” on After Party last week? Look, if you actually cared enough to know what I’ve had to deal with, you’d have done the same thing.
Moxie: You really believe the world is out to get you, huh? You think you have it SO hard. Just because you’ve lost a few matches, you think that gives you the right to ASSAULT me? Your BOSS!? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire your ass right now!
Kristi: Because if you do….I’ll be a girl with nothing to lose. And trust me, you don’t wanna know the things I’d do with nothing to lose…
Moxie stops looking so sure of herself for a moment, realizing Kristi may have a point.
Kristi: And besides, I’m already booked for SSDY. Sharp booked it while you were down on the ground in agony. It’s Me vs. ADX.
Moxie: Is that so? Well now, it’s not just you vs. ADX, it’s you vs. ADX, with a SPECIAL referee.
Kristi looks a bit concerned.
Kristi:Wait….you don’t… don’t mean….
Moxie: Spit it out, Kristi. What did you wanna say?
Kristi: W-....Who’s the referee?....
Moxie leans in right into Kristi’s face.
Moxie smiles, as Kristi starts to look angry once more.
Kristi:AH, that’s Horse Shit! You can’t do that!!!
Moxie: I’m the boss! I can do WHATEVER I like!
Kristi: NO WAY! There’s no way you’re going to be a fair referee!
Moxie: You know, you have every right to be concerned, so I’ll tell you this right now. At SSDY, I damn sure won’t be rooting for you, but once that bell rings, I’m going to be 100% impartial. Unless….
Moxie leans in closer to Kristi.
Moxie: Unless you give me a reason NOT to be….
Kristi nods.
Kristi: Alright…..alright. Fine. Just know that once I WIN, and if you ARE a fair and unbiased ref, I WILL win, that I expect my hand to be raised in victory.
Moxie: You’ll get it. IF you can beat ADX. Speaking of which…..
Moxie points behind Kristi, and Anthony Xavier is right there to meet her! Xavier kicks her right in the gut, and quickly takes her down with THE BIG KIBOSH! Kristi falls to the concrete with her hands on her face! Moxie kneels down next to Kristi, as she lays on the concrete.
Moxie: I don’t know about you, Anthony, but I think this makes us even with Kristi, you think?
Anthony smiles as he looks down at Kristi.
Xavier: Yeah, I’d say so.
Moxie looks down at Kristi, and rises back up standing straight.
Moxie: We’ll see you at SSDY, Kristi.
Moxie turns to look at Xavier.
Moxie: Don’t expect me to play any favorites. I you’re gonna beat her, you’re beating her 100% fair. You’ll get no help from me.
Xavier: I’ve beaten her once, I can do it again.
Moxie smiles.
Moxie: We’ll see if that holds true.
ADX and Moxie walk towards the doors inside the arena, and the security guards let them pass. We see one last shot of Kristi, seething on the floor after getting struck with a roundhouse kick before we fade away. We cut to a new shot, as we see ourselves in a small room, white walls and white floors, as we see two men sitting in chairs apart from each other. WiR Interviewer Chad Hammocks once again, and Stephen Romero, as we hear Hammocks begin to speak.
Hammocks: Hello WiR Galaxy! Today, alongside with my earlier interview with Ryan Sunshine, I am conducting exclusive interviews with two major rivals, Stephen Romero, and Sierra Briggs. Questioning them both on their life, career, and thoughts for the future, and right now, we are joined by the 2 time tag team champion, and newly made singles wrestler, Stephen Romero!
Romero: Hello!
Hammocks: This time, not putting him and Sierra in the same room for one of these, didn’t end well last time. And so, Romero, a lot in your life has led to this moment. Your first singles challenge after wrapping things up with former tag partner Warlock. How do you feel about this opportunity?
Romero: Well, it feels damn good to reach this point. Lots of things in my past had to work out to reach the success i’ve already had, and to reach the success I believe that I will in the future. And it’s a miracle that it all did, so yeah, i’m feeling good about it.
Hammocks: Now, what about that past, you’ve commented a good deal on your past before wrestling, and how you’re glad you’re a changed man from those days, and how you’re glad you overcame the struggle from those days. Now if you could go back, would you change any of it? Try to make yourself a better person! Put yourself in a situation where you experience less struggle?
*Romero: Oh man...that’s a solid question…..ya know, I would say no. I think everything in my life has happened for a reason, everything has led me down to this specific road in life. And to change any of that might steer myself off course, I wouldn’t want that, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in life but where I am right now. If I eliminate my former mean streak from my whole life, I never get into wrestling, I never find the path in life I have. I’d either be still out in the ghetto, praying hopelessly for things to get better, or on some other path in life, a path that doesn’t fit who I am as much, a path that doesn’t make me so happy just to be alive as wrestling does. If I eliminate any struggle, if I moved myself out the ghetto, if I never got shot at, if I never seen the few friends I had fall to violence or drugs, if I never dealt with racist police, if I never had to get it on my own from as young of a age as I did, I never become as strong of a person as I am. I never have the maturity and ability to reflect back on life I have now. I never have any experiences I learn incredibly valuable lessons from, even if it took me a few years to actually put those lessons to use. Hard times make people stronger, they make them smarter, they make them more mature, they make them more driven. So I might go as far to say that if I didn’t struggle…..I wouldn’t be as successful.
Hammocks: Huh, interesting response there. But I have to ask, how exactly did these experiences mold you?
Romero: Well, the struggle molds you in lots of ways. You see, I don’t think people realize it’s not just the visible stuff like shootings or drug deals that take a toll on people in the ghetto, it’s the mental toll living in squalor takes on you that’s the worst thing about it. Seeing all those you love, all those who have so much potential in life keep falling over and over again because they got unlucky where they were born, the constant fears that you yourself will be trapped into all those same repeating cycles of violence, drugs and misery other people are. It fucks with your mind, sometimes there are weeks on end where you don’t leave your house, not just because of any violence risk...but because you just can’t deal with the way your life is. You can’t deal worrying whether or not there’ll be food on the table, a roof over your head. As y’all saw in my early days here, I put up a tough, cold front. But that’s all it was, a front. Because when I was in the ghetto, many days i’d spend staring at those cracked, decaying ceilings, feeling like my soul was being more and more drained from me, basically, I dealt with some bad depression. And when I wasn’t dealing with that, I was dealing with anger issues. In order to try and survive better there, to try and fit in better with the gang culture that can be prominent there, I tried to pretend I didn’t care my house looked like it could collapse on me at any moment. I tried to pretend I didn’t care I didn’t have no money for my own food, I tried to pretend that I didn’t care that i uhh...never had a real father. I tried to pretend that I….that I didn’t care that uh….my mother was always too messed up and caught up in too much bullshit to ever really spend time with me. But in the end…..shit gets to you, sometimes, you break under all of that. I know damn well I nearly did a few times, and I saw too many damn people who could’ve been a whole ton more in life fall to all the stress and misery. But if you can somehow fucking survive, you gain a perspective and appreciation for life many don’t have. So I think my life’s molded me in interesting ways, it’s brought out both the best and worst in me, I just hope it continues to bring out the best.
Hammocks: Now, how did that life inspire you to take up wrestling? Did you take it up as a hobby, or take it up as a chance to get a big break?
Romero: I wanted to beat people up but not get arrested for it.
Romero laughs to himself for a moment, before continuing on.
Romero: Like seriously, i’m joking but also kinda telling the truth at the same time, II was still filled with all those weird ass angry emotions the upbringing gave me when I first came in, and I wanted to take it out on some people. But I actually wanted to get some goddamn money for it for once, so I figured, “hey, i’m pretty big, pretty strong, why the hell not?” So uhh….kinda both really. I wasn’t really thinking “Oh man, this stuff is gonna get me off those streets and into the better parts of Sac-Town, this is my time now!” I just kinda stumbled into it. Like, i’m lucky as shit i’m a big motherfucker. Your floor in wrestling is only so low as a man who towers over people and can casually toss some fuckers around. And your ceiling is through the damn roof, and past the sky. It was never my dream when I was younger, but i’m glad I chose this as my career. There’s nothing else i’d rather be doing.
Hammocks: And now, not only have your experiences pre-wrestling molded you, but your experiences in it as well, what would be the most significant thing in wrestling that has changed your life and career?
Romero: Take a wild guess bro. Can’t be anything but teaming with Rob. Being humbled by him, being accepted by him, and him helping me to become a better man and wrestler influences every part of my current life. I needed to be in that tag team, The Warlords was a thing that was necessary for both of us. For Rob to revive his career, and for me to kickstart it after I was quickly going nowhere as a singles star. I needed that success to make everything in my life worth it. I needed that friendship to for the first time provide some stability, and genuine companionship and happiness in life. I needed someone who was like family to me. Someone I could trust in and outside of that ring. If The Warlords never happened, I would’ve faded away like so many rookies have in this company, to never have the success i’ve had. I would’ve never bought my own apartment in a good spot in Sacramento and be able to appreciate the good side of that city. I would’ve never made the other friends I have here like Mav, and I would’ve never gotten the support I have from all the wonderful fans here. So Rob, if you’re watching this, quick thanks to ya! I would never be in the spot i’m in without The Warlords. All the good I have would never have come.
Hammocks: With some of this good, one of the things you mentioned is positive crowd connection. Something you actively tried not to have when you first came in. What made you change to making an effort to please the fans, then stay that way?
Romero: Well, again, attribute that to forming The Warlords. While I didn’t instantly change when we first formed, we got mostly cheers from the crowd due to Warlock always being a fan favorite, and us two building some solid chemistry pretty quickly. I began to really feel it when the cheers rained down, and I would say the very moment where I realized I wanted to, and should absolutely make sure i’m on the fans side is Same Shit Different Year, 2K16. When Warlock fell down from that cage, when we overcame those bastards in The Reapers, and Los Chongas to win those tag team titles, and the crowd went crazy… was the single best feeling I ever had in my life up to that point. And it all clicked for me, when I have the fans support, I feel better about myself, I can will myself on further than I ever could before, I could feel a genuine happiness and excitement I never would’ve gotten without their support. Simply, I realized that i’m a better man, and a better wrestler with the people behind me.
Hammocks: Alright, thank you for your time. But before you go, I have one last question, what are you looking to prove at Same Shit, Different Year?
Romero: Well, obviously looking to continue to improve as a singles star. But in the specific case of fighting Briggs, it’s a bit more….i’ll show that I am the best big man in this business, that no hits harder, and throws further than I do. That no one can absorb as much shots as I can. That no one, is as good is I am.
Romero then turns his head, facing the camera, as he speaks.
Romero: Sierra, just like in all your other big singles matches. I hope you’re ready for disappointment once again. Because you will have nothing but that when I am done with you. See you Sunday.
Romero then gets up and leaves, as we cut out of the interview room. We cut back into the ring, with Javier in the middle, ready to announce.
Babaganoush: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a special training match scheduled for one fall! Officiating is Mia So Hung!
Paisner: Woodbridge, the man receiving “special training” tonight is going to SSDY as a contender for the WiR Tag Team Championship. Presagio del Fin is facing his master Alex Perilmorde to prep him for that championship match on Sunday.
Woodbridge: This is gonna be an interesting technical match - both of these guys have unique movesets - but I don’t understand how a good kid like Presagio fell in with Perilmorde in the first place…
Paisner: Perilmorde may not be a nice guy, but he’s got a lot to teach. The man wrestles a highly refined and practiced style.
“The Anomaly” strikes up as Presagio del Fin strides out from behind the curtain, clearly trying to regulate his breathing but nearly hyperventilating, twitching as he jumps over the top rope and attempts to make himself calm down leaning on a ring post. He gets a warm reception.
Babaganoush: Introducing first… from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 180 pounds… PRESAGIO! DEL! FIN!
Paisner: Presagio’s unique style and persona have proved endearing, his association with this man about to enter notwithstanding…
“Death to the Hypocrite” begins to play as the cheers turn to boos - although Perilmorde’s entrance graphics play he eschews the usual theatrics and simply walks out calmly to meet his student, slipping into the ring stoically.
Babaganoush: And his opponent - from Pittsburgh, PA, weighing in at 213 pounds… ALEX! PERILMORDE!
Perilmorde shakes hands with his student and they share a brief word before Mia So Hung consults with them and then has the bell rung.
Master and student tie up, and then immediately roll into trying for holds; they both know each other so well that it’s inevitable that they try familiar techniques. As Perilmorde ducks out of the collar-and-elbow hold to attempt a hammerlock, Presagio manages to hook his leg and sweep him with great gentleness onto his back!
Paisner: A very smooth dance here, and Presagio del Fin going for what he knows best against his teacher…
Woodbridge: Ha! Imagine if that worked! I’d like to see the look on Perilmorde’s face… actually, on second thought, maybe I wouldn’t want to see that…
Perilmorde pops his body up and faces Presagio again, giving his student a nod of recognition. The two each go for a wrist lock on each other at the same time, ending up grabbing each other’s opposite arms. Perilmorde breaks Presagio’s lock instantly, pulls his arm back, and hits Presagio with a wrist-lock shoulder block. Keeping the wrist held, he fires off a series of jab-like chops to the place where he had hit with his shoulder attack.
Paisner: In standard stand-up grappling, it’s absolutely Perilmorde’s game here. Not in Presagio’s wheelhouse by any means. A good short-arm shoulder block followed by making the pain point more sore…
Perilmorde doesn’t let up from his wrist hold on the non-resisting Presagio, rolling back behind his student and catching him in a half nelson. He arches back to hit a bridging suplex!
Woodbridge: To his own student! Ruthless!
Paisner: Perilmorde’s definitely not holding back for his protege, with that resounding wrist-clutch half nelson suplex!
Woodbridge: If Presagio’s the master of the pin, he has to be the master of getting out of them too!
Presagio rolls his body smoothly out from underneath the side of Perilmorde’s and swings his legs crosswise onto Perilmorde’s chest, shoving the bridge down and hooking his master’s legs!
Woodbridge: ...And reversing them! Wow!
Perilmorde pops out, smiling at his student’s ingenuity. However, this pleasure does not stop him from suddenly snapping off an uppercut elbow strike to Presagio’s face as they both get up! With Presagio stunned, Perilmorde turns his body and begins slashing his student’s chest with discus chops! This pushes the staggering Presagio back into the corner and Perilmorde steps back to start a running attack. However, this gives Presagio enough time to leap out of the way when he runs in to hit a knee strike! Presagio shoots a flat-handed thrust into the back of Perilmorde’s neck and grimaces as he tries to think of a pinning combination, and as Perilmorde turns towards him again, Presagio tries simply going for a double leg takedown and then stepping over Perilmorde’s arms with his legs held for a cradled prawn hold!
Paisner: Presagio not seemingly very willing to attack his mentor very hard, but he’s counting on his persistence in pinning paying off!
Woodbridge: Wait, Paisner, don’t you always say it’s impossible to flash-pin Perilmorde?
Paisner: For ordinary mortals, yes, but a rare and strange creature like Presagio doesn’t work like the rest of us.
Perilmorde kicks out, gets to his feet, and cracks his neck. He doesn’t strike at Presagio; instead he grins at him and makes the Bruce Lee “come get it” gesture.
Woodbridge: Looks like he’s trying to teach Presagio to get aggressive in a more productive way!
Presagio hesitates, but then responds to his master’s encouragement by dropping down and firing a straight punch into Perilmorde’s chest, and then rocks forward to hit a falling knee lift!
Perilmorde momentarily doubles over; he quickly begins to rise, but not fast enough to avoid being put in a headscissors by Presagio!
Woodbridge: Presagio… MIGHT HIT IT! TRIP FROM BRIGA--
Perilmorde drops down as Presagio tries to lift him into the snap powerbomb and puts his student in a front facelock, hooking his far leg and flipping him backwards!
Paisner: Textbook fisherman suplex! And this could be all…
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structural integrity of compact emt shade structure

Hi all, I am going with a kodiak 10X10 tent to BM and I was looking for shade structure options. I want the shade structure to be compact as I need to be able to carry it in my car. Given this constraint, I figured making my shade structure would be the best bet. I am going with a emt conduit flat top shade structure. To make this structure portable, I am thinking of cutting all the 10' poles into half and using the connector: . I am not sure how this impacts the structural integrity of the shade structure.
Here are my shade structure details:
1) Dimensions: 10X20X8
2) This has two 10X10 square structures with each square having its own tarp connected by bungee ball cords
3) all the 7 10' poles on the roof will be cut into 5' (or 4'11") and joined by the connector mentioned above
4) all the 6 legs will be 8' with 5' and 3' sections connected by the connector mentioned above
5) the legs will rest on a foot-pad which will staked into playa ground. I bought the foot pad from I have one more question here. Does anyone know if I can drill a 3/4X14 lag screws through the holes of this footpad? or do I need to buy seperate stakes to do this?
6) I am thinking of using a X pattern ratchet straps on the longer sides (total of 4 straps) and 4 more mule-tape tie downs on the corners
7) I am also thinking of using 2 10X8 shade cloths as walls. I am not sure which sides I will be using these. I would appreciate any feedback on this too.
8) At the far end of the shade structure would be my 10X10 kodiak tent (half inside the shade structure and half outside) with a 10X10 slanted shade cloth covering the tent from the roof of the shade structure.
I will have my partner helping me with the setup. I am fairly confident we both will be able to set up the tent without any problems.
Sorry for the clumsy write-up. Looking forward to your feedback and to Burning Man!! yay!!
PS: I made the same post on eplaya at
UPDATE: Hi all, thanks for all the feedback. I scaled down the structure to 10x10 and used t connectors everywhere. I am just coming back from a camping trip where I tested out this structure and am very happy with the result. I have a veteran burner friend who is good with building stuff and he did not have any complaints. Attached are some pictures of the structure and the tent inside. I will be using 6 more ratchet straps to guy it down at playa.. and it was pretty compact.. I was able to carry everything in Mazda 3
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Mega Picross Strategies

For those of you who were smarter with your Picrites than I was (knowing in advance that the Alt World doesn't give you more of them), this is probably a bit early, but I figured I'd post these now, anyway, having... not been so smart/lucky. :P
As you may or may now know, the Alt World spices things up a bit with what the game calls "Mega Picross". Some of the hints are for two rows at once, often forcing you to use new strategies. This time, however, the strategies aren't included in the tutorials. All they give you are the basics of how the hints work - I'll list them here for reference:
With those out of the way, these are some things I've figured out about Mega rows over time:
P ? ? ? ? ?
2 (4)
In this case, the two leftmost squares in the top row can be crossed out. Why? If either of them was filled, they could only correspond to the Mega hint, which has to be to the right of the 2 - but this wouldn't leave enough room in the puzzle for that 2. For a larger puzzle, you might run into a 2 and a 1 in one row, followed by a 5 spanning both rows - in that case, you'd cross out the first 4 squares in the other row (2+1, plus another 1 for the space between them). (EDIT: As Mettie7 points out, remember to take existing X's in the single-number row into account here. Refer to this comment for an example.)
P ? ? 3 ? ?
(3) x x
(3) x o x
If you've reached the Alt World, you should already see why the "o" was filled in. The ends of the Mega row were crossed out because that "o" must correspond to the Mega 3, which must span both rows and can't reach those squares from the "o".
P ? ? ? ? ?
(4) x
(4) o x
We can cross out the top-right corner and the two squares adjacent to it - to fill any of them in, we'd have to squeeze 4 filled squares into 3 spaces, which is impossible. (Incidentally, even if that "o" wasn't originally there, we could fill it in because crossing out that square would split up the Mega row into pieces too small for a 4-group.)
Does anyone else have any good strategies to share? Please do! (I figured most of these out using Blue Force, BTW, so if you're looking to help, that's your best bet.)
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An idea to bring endurance races back for the masses

Pardon the word castle I'm dropping on you, but I have this thought on bringing endurance races back. They were last seen in the career mode of FM3 from what I remember, and while yes, anyone can create a race with a huge number of laps on any track, with any cars, with any opponents, with any restrictions they might would be so much better if they were inside the career. If it felt like they were a part of the game instead of...not part of the game. I've recently thought of a system that could cater to whoever might be playing and I'd appreciate any feedback you might have on it.
In the difficulty options, there should be a slider for race length. I'm picturing 10 options, 1 being very short, 10 being very long and XP, credits and affinity are scaled accordingly, similar to the drivatar difficulty settings. Race length would be decided by squaring the difficulty number to figure out roughly how many miles you'd be driving.
1x1=1 mile, which is 1 lap on every track. The easiest way to play by far.
2x2=4 miles, which is 1 lap on a few tracks, 2 or 3 laps on nearly every other track. Still pretty easy.
3x3=9 miles, 1 at the Nurburgring, 3 at Road America, 4 at Le Mans Bugatti Circuit. This is close to what Forza Motorsport 5 would be at and would be the default setting I imagine.
4x4=16 miles. 2 on the Nurburgring, 2 on Le Mans Full, 4 on Road America. This is what I'd prefer the default setting to be simply because I bet all of the casuals (no offense) probably have never run a flying lap at the Nurburgring. How hard is it to drive ~16 miles per race?
5x5=25 miles. 3 Nurburgrings, 7 Road Americas, 10 Road Atlantas, etc... This is where you should go if you ever have the thought "I wish the races were longer." It nearly adds another Nurburgring to each race. And it's the difficulty I'd probably race on through the career.
10x10=100 miles. 8 laps on the Nurburgring, 25 on Road America, and 57 laps on Road Atlanta Club. I'm guessing here, but these races should be about an hour long, depending on the class you're in. This should hold over anyone complaining about race length in career mode. If you still want more, here's where I'd tell you to go host your own private lobby and set up the exact race you want.
In the past games that did include endurance races, you had a very slim choice of endurance races to do in the career. With this system in place, literally every event in the career can be an endurance if you choose. Or they can be a 1 lap sprint. And the best part is since it's only a difficulty setting, it can be changed easily, even if you want to switch between short and long every other race.
This could also help get rid of the need to bump and grind your way to the top 3. You could turn the race length difficulty up as well as the drivatar difficulty since now you have the time to catch the top 3, as they've usually gotten a good lead by the time you fight through the bottom 10. Only this time you won't run out of laps before catching them, which happens to me nearly every single race. If I'm not in the top 8 by the end of the first lap, I can say goodbye to that gold medal.
If you think the race lengths are fine and don't need to be changed, then don't change the settings for race length. Adding this option can only improve the game for those that want a little (or a lot) more action per race and still feel like they're playing through a proper career.
So, any concerns, possible issues I've overlooked, or general comments, let me know. I'd really like to see T10 consider a race length difficulty slider, even if they literally steal my idea of the slider and 10 settings. It would improve the game for many looking for either a little or a lot more track time, and in some cases maybe some people who want less (or are just grinding through the career for gold medals). And while we're on the subject, a 1-8x multiplier for fuel/tire wear would add to the game in a significant way for those who don't want to go 100 miles, but still want pit strategy to play a role in races, and shouldn't be that difficult to add as well (I know, I know, how hard could it be?)
And what the heck...after you complete 11 races on race length difficulty 10, you are gifted a Singer "reimagined" 911 and the ability to turn the difficulty up to 11. Because Easter eggs are cool and I can't recall any easter egg in any Forza game.
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Super Bowl Squares

I annually run the Super Bowl Squares contest and was wondering if anybody had built a cool woodworked square thingy. An elevated version of this.
I'm thinking maybe a 10x10 squares with side panels for the team names and a slot for a piece of posterboard to slide into? ANybody got any ideas?
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2017 Super Bowl Squares Pool Drawing 1-10 squares 10x10 Sports Squares - Super Bowl Office Pool App 10x10 Sports Squares - Super Bowl Office Pool Hosting App Superbowl Squares Explained

If you’re a football fan, if your friends follow the NFL, or if you work in an office, chances are you’ve heard of a football pool. A football pool using “squares,” typically a 10 x 10 grid, is an easy way to get a group of people to bet on a football game using a random assignment of numbers to names to find out who wins the pot for every quarter. The actual setup of the game isn’t all that complicated — a standard 10x10 sheet with 100 squares will suffice. Here’s a sample sheet, via Print Your Brackets . A printable sheet can be [Probability] Optimal chances of winning a 10x10 Super Bowl squares grid. This is long but please have a look, it's worth the read. If you haven't encountered this scenario before, a Super Bowl grid for example is a 10x10 grid and the X and Y axis are randomly assigned 0 - 9. The 100 squares game uses a 10x10 box with the numbers from 0 to 9. The y-axis represents the score of one team and the x-axis represents the score of the other team. The cost of the pool will vary but most squares will cost between 1 and 10 dollars. 10 x 10 Football Squares (100 Squares) Standard 100 Squares with one row and one column of numbers 10 x 10 Football Squares (100 Squares) with 2 sets of numbers This has 100 squares available, but you can have different numbers for each Half.: 10 x 10 Football Squares (100 Squares) with 4 sets of numbers This has 100 squares available, but you can have different numbers for each Quarter.

[index] [9594] [13385] [14832] [14508] [7636] [9087] [12086] [3244] [4856] [8553]

2017 Super Bowl Squares Pool Drawing

Brief explanation of what it is to play Football Squares. How to Make an Easy Super Bowl Betting Chart for Your Next Super Bowl Party - Fun for Everyone - Duration: 4:10. S Roe 951 views How betting squares on the Superbowl works! - Duration: 6:22. Caleb Eckoles 66,334 views. 6:22. ... 10x10 Sports Squares - Super Bowl Office Pool Hosting App - Duration: 1:28. 10x10, known as TEN BY TEN, is the mobile App made for watching basketball and football more exciting. 10x10 advances the paper and pencil office pool, or better known as Super Bowl Pool, to your ... Cartoon description of hosting football or basketball pool with 10x10 the mobile App. 10x10 can setup a sports game pool Super Bowl style in less than 5 minu... Easy To Make Notecard Portfolio/ DIY Stationery Set/ MAKE NOTECARDS AND STATIONERY AT HOME TODAY - Duration: 38:45. The Posh Paper Lady 17,602 views