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Ebony Knight just creeped up on me...I just made one-handed legendary and am toting Windshear for purposely long one handed battles...bet I get 30 skill points manscaping him slowly...

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Australian Tote NSW Tab Betting

To everyone who is from Australia and bets on horses, I have got a question. I wonder if anyone has experienced the same thing. When I try to place a tote bet on NSW tab, I want to place bets on multiple horses in the same race. However, if I do that, they count as a single bet. I understand that obviously I can't multi horses in the same race, and I am not trying to. I am just trying to put separate tote bets on horses in the same race, but for some reason I am unable to do so. Anyone know why that is so? I have selected to horses but it is treated as one selection. It is interesting because Tasmanian Tab allows you to bet on two horses as two separate bets.
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How do the big syndicates bet into tote pools?

I'm more so referring to Australian or Hong Kong horse racing where the race doesn't always start on time and horses can be withdrawn from the barriers etc. Isn't it impossible to get your bets on at the right time and right price? Also what happens when all the big syndicates pile into a horse in the last seconds and it ends up well below what is considered 'value'?
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Australian Tote NSW Tab Betting

To everyone who is from Australia and bets on horses, I have got a question. I wonder if anyone has experienced the same thing. When I try to place a tote bet on NSW tab, I want to place bets on multiple horses in the same race. However, if I do that, they count as a single bet. I understand that obviously I can't multi horses in the same race, and I am not trying to. I am just trying to put separate tote bets on horses in the same race, but for some reason I am unable to do so. Anyone know why that is so? I have selected to horses but it is treated as one selection. It is interesting because Tasmanian Tab allows you to bet on two horses as two separate bets. I have attached a screenshot which would hopefully clarify what I mean.
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@AFP: RT @AFP_Sport: The advent of a 'Global Bet' uniting betting across the world could be the spark needed to ignite wider interest in horse racing, UK Tote Group leader Alex Frost has told @AFP_Sport Interview: https://t.co/Cp5rKBuKbE by @pirateirwin https://t.co/4xSZlRe5uC

@AFP: RT @AFP_Sport: The advent of a 'Global Bet' uniting betting across the world could be the spark needed to ignite wider interest in horse racing, UK Tote Group leader Alex Frost has told @AFP_Sport Interview: https://t.co/Cp5rKBuKbE by @pirateirwin https://t.co/4xSZlRe5uC submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

Talking Horses: Tote's 'game-changer' bet guarantee set for Cheltenham bow

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Talking Horses: Tote's 'game-changer' bet guarantee set for Cheltenham bow

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[Sports] - Tote and Britbet sign 11th hour landmark £50m pool-betting deal

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[Sports] - Tote and Britbet sign 11th hour landmark £50m pool-betting deal | Guardian

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[Business] - Boscabet to provide tote betting displays at British racecourses | Irish Times

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Here are some of the best lines from the show. I'm sure I forgot a lot of them but I can't think of them I know they're out there though. I also put 2-3 good moments on the show

-You now women married? Why no tell me this before. No touching with me. Me not accept this (ZIED THEN STORMS OFF)
-You are so mach sexy so so mach sexy. (ZIED)
-You're gonna be lucky if your dick dont fall off (DINYELL)
-Go back to your broke ass country or else you're gonna pay you hear me (BIG RED BETH TO MAHAMIT ON THE PHONE)
-Mahamit decided that we're not having secks because he's a muslim (DINYELL)
-You are a whore and you will not talk to me like this tonight. Goodnight. Slut ass bitch ass cunt ass whore (CHANTEL)
-He has told people that I smell and that I peed on 'eem (DINYELL)
-She was like fighting with me over it. She would be like crying and screaming on the floor in front of her teenagers I WANT MY SECKS TONIGHT. IF YOU DONT GIVE ME MY SECKS TONIGHT I CALL THE IMMIGRATION AND GET YOU DEPORTED (MAHAMIT)
-Don't terrarize me with your pregnacy (ANDRRRREI)
-I need eem here I want eem here he made me a better person (DINYELL)
-Danielle moaning whenever she cries about Mahamit
-Fuck you you lied again to my face (ANGELA AT THE BOAT CRUISE)
-Skyla I can tote it I just need ya egg (ANGELA)
-Lana mmmmmmmmmmm (David's creepy noise) (DAVID)
-Lisa's groan (BGL)
-I got 50 men waiting to marry me in the states right now (BGL)
-She chrew my Louboutins at me. (JESSE)
-That's why Ash dumped you ass point blank Avery (BGL)
-Dinyell she is miserable person she used to having miserable life (MAHAMIT)
-If we talk about physical relation I think Dinyell is acceptable for me (MAHAMIT)
-Weeyams is the love of my life (YOLANDA)
-I love cook my sister I love cook my sister so mach (ZIED)
-I'm attracted to Nickle maybe just 55% (AZAN)
-I'd say Lisa is exactly 70% good in bed which is exactly what I expected (SOJABOY)
-Did you put weight on? (TOM)
-You're gonna let this fucking pervert come at me with fucking charges. Ed has molested women he's groomed them and God only knows what the fuck else he did. (BGL AT THE TELL ALL)
-Do you think every man in this world has sex with his wife everyday? (Walmart Tom)
-Khalas khalas!! (Yazan)
-The time were Yolanda's phone said "The Williams"
-Fuck you fuck the Britany fuck everything (Yazan)
-Syngin is a cisgendered white male (Tonya)
-I don't think Synging is my soulmate. My first boyfriend was my soulmate (Tonya)
-Anna please Anna (Mursal and Anna crying histerically when he had to go back to Turkey)
-The mans brain is all boxes and womens brains are interlinked (Ash)
-Why are there recordings of your voice talking to other women? (Nickle)
-The time were Azan said he couldn't make it to Grenada because of a "family emergency"
-Coltee you're a fat fat loser who live at home with his mother (Larissa)
-Oh Coltee I know you are tired look you are fat too (Larissa)
-Go there and talk to the bitch she's a fucking bitch! (Larissa)
-Coltee do you fuck your mother because you act like she's your little lover (Larissa)
- You think I don't know her by now? You think I don't know her for 8 years? Stop putting your American mentality on to this (David)
-When you have big ass and you go boom boom (Annie)
-I have 5 kids with 4 different women (Robert)
-A few weeks ago you call me "n word" which I know is totally inappropriate in America (SOJABOY)
-I thought my visa wouldn't come and that I wasn't gonna be able to be with Sumeet (Jinny)
-Cut the fucking thing cut it now she's disrespecting him fucking stop it Barb! (BGL ABOUT SHAUN AT THE TELL ALL)
-Ed and Avery are the most fake fucks on the air right now (BGL AT TELL ALL)
-Ed fuck you you're the goat you're the fucking goat! You wanna sit here and talk shit no fuck you! (BGL AT THE TELL ALL)
-You told Rose her fucking breath stinks and to shave her fucking legs. Meanwhile you're coming in here with your fucking greased up hair looking like a fucking bum in the South after that you said she's fucking taking your money. You said Rose scammed you (BGL TO ED AT THE TELL ALL)
-Is it because you love your mama more than your ex wife (Chantel)
-If you don't like him divorce him period! (Nicole)
-Did you just call me a fucking bitch? (Chantel)
-Yes (Nicole)
-I think maybe Teem is gay (Veronica)
-The time where Veronica storms out and spills water on Teem
-I think I should to be lesbian (Larissa)
-Men always put in their profile about a tacos and hiking (Larissa)
-Kalani job very easy. It's just cleaning and taking care of keeds (Asuelu)
-The father of the bride pays for the wedding Leeb (Andrrrrei)
-When Leeb starting crying in front of her father for him to pay for the wedding
-If Asuelu don't start stepping up either his ass is going to get beaten or I'm sending his ass back to Samoa (Kalani's father)
-Lying bitch (Asuelu)
-I just renewed my lease on the apartment sorry Annie (Robert)
-We have sex like 5 times a week (Annie/David).
-AND YOU DON'T HIT HIM YOU HIT HIM THATS WRONG AND YOU STOP! (Mykhul and Angela big airport road brawl)
-Oh hell nah we're not going out there there's raw dawgs everywhere (FATHER CHANTEL IN DR)
-The time where Chantel family don't wanna get out of van at Pedro's grandmothers
-We need mommys blessing to get married (THE CRINGE OF BGL CALLING HER MOMMY)
-You called us stupid American with mental problems (Mother Chantel)
-You want the chicken feet (Pedro)
-The big brawl between Pedro and Chantel family
-Ay ay ay what you say what you say? (PEDRO YELLING AT RIVER AT THAT BRAWL)
-The time were Pedro danced with Coraima and then Nicole shows Chantel the video
-You're ugly (ROSE)
-Lisa is bigger than I expected. She is a very controlling women (SOJABOY)
- Pedro's mom has a business in the DR where she finds stupid Americans to match with a person on the island in order to harvest the American dollar (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-When Angela beat up Avery at the tell all
-Things are about to get a lot stupider (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-When Chantel and Winter found out Jah had another kid
-Hold my rings (Mother Chantel after the brawl with River and Pedro)
-I think that Pedro's mom runs an illegal business where they find stupid americans to harvest they american dollar (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-Almost there lazy (AZAN)
-My whole family anal so clean (JIHOON)
-Mens doesn't control me (JULIANNA)
-You need to cut it on a bias baby so that it stays juicy. Trust me I've worked in restaurants I know this (DARZY TO JESSE THAN HE DROPS THE KNIFE AND STORMS OUT)
-Baby are you Nigerian (YOLANDA)
-The time where Yolanda's commenting and crushing over Weeyums British accent
-May I halik you (BIG PRED)
-It's not a poor mans game we admit this it's not a poor mans game (DAVID)
-In voodoo they use a lot of chicken feet (MOTHER CHANTEL)
-You done told me that a million times MYKHULLLL (ANGELA)
-You gonna give me a black eye Mykhul (ANGELA)
-Raw dawg mmmmmm (BGL)
-I'm not like work oriented I think I'm more stay at home mom and social media influencer (JASMIN)
-The time where Nicole is trying to hug Azan and he keeps pushing her away
-When Nicole was shoving Azan on the bus
-Winter finding out Jah has another kid he hid
-When BigPred and Rose are arguing outside the cafe at 12 am
-We didn't have Sax until September (DINYELL)
-You treated him like a little goat (BIG PRED)
-He makes my skin crawl (BIG RED BETH)
-Why no find house for us two only (ZIED)
-Aladin doesn't give good jiggy-jiggy (LAURA)
-Lana does not have many dating profiles they're people pretending to her they're all fakes! (DAVID)
-Condoms are for slut people (ASUELU)
-Try to buy a butt (LARISSA)
-It's my tax paying right to get married in America. I'm a single tax paying meemah that dont make much moeny (ANGELA)
-I think you was horney and you was lookin for a bitch to fuck (ANGELA)
-I did the BJ you know for real (MYKHUL)
-It's an amazing adventure (DAVID)
-I only drink juice I don't drink water (DAVID WHILE CAMERA IS POINTING AT HIS STOCK PILE OF JUICE)
-I have no idea where Gatar is I sell didos for a living (LADY AT SEX SHOP)
-I don't see one some thing about God here (LUIS)
-debil owls (LUIS)
-I can't talk to jesus when I'm drunk (AKINYI)
-I work so mach work (ZIED)
-I hate stay at home no work (ZIED)
-I was with a women before (REBECCA)
-Everything makes you uncomfortable Steph (ERIKUH)
Steph smashing the glass in the motel
-My parents really no accept you after this (ZIED)
-Are you with Matthew just for the sex (LUIS TO OLIVIA)
-All of the times when Dinyell would moan and desperately cry everytime time Mahamit left her
-When Angela fought over and over with Mykhul's friends
-The theory that Pedro's sister is actually the wife
Let me know what I missed lol
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[Business] - Boscabet to provide tote betting displays at British racecourses

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By request: My Recap of the Leaked Tell-All video.

A slow descent into madness: an exhaustive recap of the tell all leak
Supposedly the leaked video (clocking in at 10+ hours) was the second day filming.
I watched the entire thing. This is a rambling list of the thoughts going through my mind while watching, and a fairly comprehensive timeline / summary of events, or at least the juiciest parts. I believe it becomes fairly obvious when my mental state started to decline - I was well into the 5th hour by then.
Part 1: David
The show begins an hour into the video.
A lot of time was spent on David. Asking David the same questions, hoping he’d get a clue. Instead he doubled down on his delusion.
David started in this endeavor by going on two trips with a friend over 20 years ago. He states he did not like it - 25 guys meeting 400 women in a big bar. He said it was horrible - he called the women aggressive and professional daters. He went on another trip with 10 guys meeting maybe 40 women in different cities. He describes receiving catalogs of women and selecting specific ones to meet on the trip. A friend he met on one of these trips introduced him to a web site in 2007.
Lana does not work for the web site or get paid. According to David, the web sites are US sites, they contract through the agency that vets the “girls”. He insists Lana derives no income from the web site or agency. It’s illegal for him to contact her directly? He pays in order to not be scammed.
He has known Lana for 7 years. She was too young at the start - he won’t “date” anyone under 25. He wasn’t talking to Lana for 2.5 years. He’s “dated” 30 girls in Ukraine when he wasn’t talking to Lana. He’s been to Ukraine 20 times. He’s been engaged twice to women over there (and twice in America.)
David says Lana is very poor. Has very few clothes and possessions. She only has five pairs of shoes and gets a new pair of sneakers every 3 years or so. She doesn’t speak English. He bought her an iPhone to talk directly but she doesn’t like the keyboard because of her long fingernails. She can’t talk directly to him on the computer because the agency owns the laptop and monitors activity.
He’s spent $250,000 to $300,000 on “dating” on these sites. He claims he’s a millionaire so the money is no object.
Friends of David appear, say their piece, then disappear.
Cesar appears. David had talked to Maria years ago. Said she was high maintenance.
Yolanda and Usman join in. Usman has poor connection. Usman leaves.
A wild Tom appears. Tom compliments Yolanda’s weight loss. Says he’s not hitting on her, just complimenting her.
Tom doesn’t watch much of the show. Says David is his “fast forward couple”.
Cesar says he visited Maria. Maria wasn’t happy he showed up. But she met him, they took photos, she asked to see his phone and he realized later she deleted the photos. They spent 10 days together, he got a couple of pecks on the cheek and lips? But no intimacy. Specified no tongue. Maria was “pissed off” that he showed up, refused to meet Cesar if the cameras were there. Wanted him to buy her a $500 pair of shoes and $300 dinner.
Tom asks if he packed the chocolate panties. Cesar said he took the beaded candy ones.
Yolanda said Cesar DMd her and left his phone number. Cesar says Yolanda is beautiful and that he “loves chocolate” with a Pervy laugh. But he says he was just reaching out as friends. Shaun asks Cesar if he DMs Tom. Tom confirms that he did, and that the alumni reach out to each other.
Shaun asks Yolanda if she would date Cesar, she replies with an emphatic no.
David went back to Ukraine and met Lana. They kissed, no other intimacy. He proposed, she accepted (they show clips.) Lana is still on the dating sites. David is still on the dating sites because Lana is. Lana is still on the site because that’s where her only friends are, David basically describes her as a shut in with no friends.
At one point later in the show he drops the bombshell “love has nothing to do with it.”
Ed appears. He’s holding Teddy (against the dog’s will) on his lap. Ed shouts into his mic. He yells repeatedly about David being scammed for the better part of 18 minutes.
David gets excitable. Yells about this being bullshit. Yells at Tom that Darcey was still talking to other guys.
The current status of the relationship? David thinks they’re not together. He hasn’t communicated with Lana in 6 days. But their engagement hasn’t been broken. So they’re engaged but no longer together?
Lana refuses to participate because she’s getting hate mail from guys who have seen the show accusing her of being a scammer.
Stephanie appears.
Stephanie says she thinks it’s disgusting that Lana is being discussed like she’s a commodity. Points out that their relationship is transactional. David and Ed are screaming at each other over her. Stephanie Commends David for not worrying about spending $100,000 while Ed freaked out about spending $2.
A clip of David proposing to Lana with a prop fake ring shows. David says the jeweler advises not buying a real diamond because he didn’t know her ring size. Says she wants to choose her own ring.
Return to Ed and David arguing.
Usman appears.
David is getting heated.
Bottom Line: David’s retiring to move to Ukraine, but started the K1 process.
Shaun wraps the segment with David still arguing at the 3-hour mark. Shaun leaves (possibly to drink heavily - I would be if I was her.) I forgot to note that at some point Tom made a remark to Ed about him not being able to see his toes. It was a joke, but went completely missed by everyone else.
David, Ed, Stephanie and Usman chit chat. Usman sings a bit.
Part 2: Yolanda
We resume at 3:30 with Yolanda.
Yolanda had the flu at the beginning of December. She was in a coma for a month and was on a ventilator for 3 weeks. Her kidneys and liver were failing. Her doctor now believes she had Covid-19.
She did not hear from Williams during that time. She heard from him just a couple of months ago. She didn’t tell him about her coma, he was talking about his aunt dying so it “didn’t come up.”
He didn’t reach out directly, he went through “sweetberry” (?) on Instagram to ask if he could contact her again.
Yolanda’s daughter and a PI the daughter hired join in. PI says the accounts have ties to Nigerian scammers.
Usman joins. He knows nothing about Nigerian scammers, doubts they’re Nigerian.
Usman leaves. Darcey joins. She’s wearing a platinum blonde wig, primping a bit, trying to center herself on the bed she’s sitting on. She’s nodding along to absolutely nothing, shaking her head and smiling periodically like she’s involved in a totally different conversation than we are seeing.
Daughter and PI leave. Shaun asks Darcey what she thinks about Yolanda and Williams. Darcey goes into a spiel about being a target and people on IG preying on her. Starts talking about Jesse and Tom. Says she spent a lot of money on Jesse, says she helped Tom financially and bought him clothes and gifts. Goes into a tangent of non-specific items, won’t provide a direct answer on how much she spent but finally claims she spent $2000 on Tom.
Erika appears.
Shaun tries to get back on the topic of Yolanda and Willams. Shaun asks Erika about her opinion on The Williams mystery IG account and the blackmail.
Darcey uses that opportunity to talk about being targeted by a “network of people” that was calculated by “people in different countries to target certain people around the world.”
“Maybe Nigeria was a part of it, Maybe England was a part of it”. After Tom, Darcey says she met someone who targeted her, says it was a couple she knew and Tom was a part of it, says IP addresses traced to Nottingham and there’s a network of people targeting women around the world.
Darcey claims her second time in Amsterdam she was robbed while shopping after Jesse told her to leave her passport if she was going out shopping. Later says pickpocketed. Implies that the robbery was a setup by Jesse.
Shaun tries to redirect the subject back to Yolanda and Williams.
Lisa appears.
Lisa jumps right in with her expertise about Yahoo Boys, G-Men and grooming people. Darcey drops off and Usman reappears.
Lisa’s gravelly voice takes on a fake Nigerian accent as they yell “baby love” at each other.
Lisa goes on about her social media expertise. Explains the three different cultures of Nigeria. She tells Yolanda to join the Facebook Group SSA: Scamming Scammers Action that Lisa is a big part of.
They convince Yolanda to try to call Williams on speakerphone. No answer.
Lisa is also an expert in African and Nigerian accents FYI.
Erika leaves. David reappears.
Lisa dominates the conversation. Keeps recounting conversations and events of hackings and stuff.
Lisa starts talking about Blood Rituals. Sacrifices. Money rituals. Voodoo dolls. Kidnappings. Killing people to bring luck in scamming people. They believe in black magic and juju. Lisa and Usman keep interrupting each other. Usman has never heard of this. Lisa insists this is real. Go to SSA on Facebook, all the proof is there.
Yolanda, David and Shaun are stunned silent.
Usman is trying to fact check Lisa’s completely far-fetched theories. Lisa purses her beak.
Finally, Shaun redirects.
Yolanda says she’s done. If she hears from Williams again she’s done.
Yolanda is getting DMs all the time offering to FaceTime her. David tells her to go get her Groove back in Jamaica. Yolanda and David both get DMs encouraging them to hook up since they’re both in Vegas.
We are 5 hours 10 minutes in. Let’s see a clip! We see Lana before she met David. She’s at the gym. She’s walking around Kiev in a silver puffer jacket and Nikes. She using her iPhone (with her short nails) to take pictures. She’s shopping for makeup. She’s sipping a latte in a cafe while typing on her laptop. She’s talking to a friend on her iPhone. She talks about America. She knows that you can get married quickly in Las Vegas. She tells her friend she has an exciting day tomorrow “I’m meeting an American.” Her friend asks if he’s wealthy.
Shaun points out the inconsistencies in Lana’s apparent poverty and David’s understanding of her circumstances. David says “that’s not real”.
We spent the next 10 minutes or so with Yolanda, Usman, Lisa and Shaun trying to talk some sense into David. It doesn’t work.
Shaun leaves for a break.
Ash appears. We spend the next while discussing quarantine. Ash hadn’t heard about Yolanda being sick, his eyes get wide when he hears her coma tale.
They’re talking about lockdowns and restrictions and being able to go where you want. David thinks they’re talking about Ash being able to visit the US on his Australian passport.
Lisa’s ex-husband just got out of prison.
David lives in a rental house that’s being sold in a month.
Yolanda asks if people read their tweets.
Lisa has a stalker with 25 accounts. Lisa now has her phone number and address. She’s going to have her arrested and “put charges against her”.
David gets death threats.
Back to Yolanda and the Covid.
David leaves.
Tom returns. He asks how many bottles of lube Lisa and Usman used raw dogging it. She said none - I’m guessing she just peed on him a la Dinyell.
More R-rated banter. Lisa tells Tom to ask about Usman refusing to join the mile high club.
Ash looks stunned into silence. Maybe a bit frightened. He’s retreated to his nothing box.
Usman tries to explain about the 70%, that it’s a B and a compliment. Tom asks why she paid twice the going rate for a goat.
Lots of goat talk. Peeing goat talk. Showering the goat. Walking in sandals through mud and goat shit.
Tom makes a crack about not being the only cast members showering with animals. Ash asks about Ed showering with Rosemarie’s father? Then his feed goes out.
Lisa starts talking about gross food. Tom are goat brain in Albania. Lisa starts everything with “Usman, tell them about the time...” then just talks over him to tell the story herself.
Stephanie appears.
Ed appears.
Usman leaves. Lisa tells them about the armed convoy everywhere they went. Ed wants to know about the goat. More goat tales.
7 hour 10 minute mark.
Part 3: Lisa and Usman
Shaun is back with Lisa and Usman. We lose Usman.
Lisa had surgery.
She hurt her baby toe before going to Nigeria. Ruptured a blood vessel. It swelled up in Africa. Returned to the US with a dead/dying toe. Got infected, went gangrenous, was amputated.
Usman returns.
The next segment is insufferable.
Usman says Lisa calls him a N***** frequently. Lisa screams about opening a can of worms.
Usman asks if American women are all like this.
Lisa and Usman are married but keep blocking each other.
Lisa is Usman’s first serious relationship.
Lisa freaks out about women on Usman’s comments and in his DMs.
Says she’s seen the other girls Usman dated, they’re “3 times my size”.
They fight about Trish Playtas.
Lisa talks over Usman. Yells, curses, threatens.
Enter Giant and Aba (?) after 25 minutes of toxic bullshit.
Lisa talks about getting “gangbanged”. (I think she means ganged up on, but she’s so cringe who can tell.)
Lisa has a screaming match. Hangs up because she was “mistreated and disrespected”.
Enter Lisa’s friend Nikki.
Nikki screams about disrespect for the next forever. Lisa returns.
There’s endless raspy screeching about bitches, clowns, motherfuckers and more disrespect. Fuck you. Fuck outta here.
Shaun loses all control.
Aba and Nikki scream at each other some more.
Shaun gives up. She is writing something just below the screen. I suspect it’s her resignation letter.
Finally Shaun redirects the conversation. She brings up the polygamy.
If Lisa has an egg and can tote it, Usman doesn’t want another wife. If Lisa can’t squat and hatch Usman’s offspring, he will take another wife.
Cue Lisa’s expertise on polygamy.
Clip Roll: the night before the wedding, Lisa storms off and disrespects Usman’s brothers the night before the wedding.
Lisa cackles.
Avery and Ed appear.
Usman and Lisa keep arguing.
Shaun asks Avery’s perception. Avery asks “where is the love?” All she sees is them screaming over each other and assert themselves.
Before Lisa can respond Ed jumps in.
Lisa calls the kettle black and says Avery and Ed aren’t portrayed well.
Ed started to watch the show after he decided to be on it.
Ed compliments Usman for being calm and respectful and not using any foul words.
Lisa Cackles. Ed calls her a bull in a china shop “no disrespect”. Says he thought she was the definition of a narcissist, but says she’s actually the definition of delusional.
Lisa interrupts. Usman starts singing. Lisa and Ed scream over each other. Lisa tells Avery to shut up, says she went on Ed’s live drunk and making an ass of herself. Ed keeps screaming “delusional”. Lisa calls Avery a drunk. Avery tells Usman “not all American women are like that”, Lisa rebounds with “that’s why Ash dumped your ass.” Ed tells Usman there are many more nicer women.
Ed: she treated you like a piece of shit. She treated you like a slave.
Lisa: you are a piece of shit!
Ed: you made America Sick!
Lisa: Ed Fuck You! Fuck You!
Lisa: you abused Rose to go on this show because no fucking other woman would! You fucking used her (x 5). Shut the fuck up.
More screaming over each other.
Usman begs Ed to calm down.
Lisa: you’re going to let this fucking pervert who’s got charges for sexual harassment... you’re going to let this idiot come at me with the fucking charges he’s got? This fucking pervert has been grooming women. The women are coming out of the woodwork saying Ed has molested them, he’s groomed them, and god only knows what the fuck else he did to them.
More screaming.
Ed: the internet is fake!
Lisa: Harry (producer) remove these two right now!
Lisa calls them Thing 1 and Thing 2 and demands Harry remove them.
Ed gets cut.
Lisa continues to scream at Avery about glass houses.
Tom appears.
Usman is yelling now.
Shaun tries to gain control.
Tom: I was nervous delivering that letter to Darcey but coming in to this conversation is wild!
Shaun brings up the polygamy subject again.
Lisa might move to Nigeria for The Other Way.
Shaun disappears.
Avery drops.
Lisa says “Tom, this is all for show. It’s a dog and horse, pony show I call it.”
Tom blows smoke up her ass. His idea of love is apparently jealousy, anger and disrespect. He says it’s obvious they love each other because apparently only people truly in love can be that hateful and vicious and angry to each other.
Shaun is back. Darcey appears. Usman is singing. Darcey is swaying to Soja Boy, slurring, “do it big! Lisa, Be the queen!”
Darcey’s been in the sauce.
Usman tells Lisa to cover her bra.
More second wife talk.
Tom asks a question about what kind of second wife Usman would have. Darcey says something. Shaun asks Lisa a question. Usman freaks out and screams “Tom asked me a question, let me answer the question”. This leads to Lisa screaming at Shaun about disrespecting Usman, screams at the producer “you better tell this hostess to shut her mouth” shut up! Shut up!”
Usman keeps yelling. Shaun trying to calm everyone.
Lisa: Barb! Barb! Barb! Do you hear me? It’s time to cut her now! Barb! Cut her now! Barb! Cut the fucking thing, cut it now! She’s disrespecting Usman! Fucking stop it! Stop it barb! Fuck off!
Darcey looks like a confused bobble head.
Lisa hangs up.
Usman and Darcey talk about Trish Playtas.
Darcey: things are don’t differently in America, I’ve been in the entertainment industry way before Tom, way before Jesse.
Usman starts to explain going live with Trish.
Lisa returns.
Part 4: Wrap Ups and “where does your relationship stand?”
Shaun turns to Darcey and Tom, asks where the future of their relationship is. Lisa and Usman respond loudly, not letting them talk.
Finally, Lisa and Usman are gone.
Tom: friends maybe blah blah blah great mom, good person, wish you the best.
Darcey: my journey, my daughters, my brother who passed blah blah blah don’t want toxic negativity
Ash and Avery return: same question
Ash is worried about his hair being cut off on the screen.
Ash started the journey with the intent to propose. Says he loves her. Breaking up was the hardest thing. Future is going to be looking after his family.
Ash answers the question in a concise, straight forward manner.
Just kidding. He uses a lot of words to absolutely avoid answering anything.
Avery says this is a hard question to ask someone who just separated. She trails off. I think... I don’t... I wanted... honestly...
Erika and Stephanie return: where do you stand?
Not even friends. Can they ever be friends?
Stephanie says best case is friends from afar.
Erika says they’ve been friends and fought many many times. She came in today wanting to speak and wasn’t able to do that, but doesn’t hold any hate. It’s going to be hard to see any of this in a positive light.
Erika didn’t get a change to express that she took a big step coming out to her parents then Stephanie dumped her the next morning.
Stephanie came out to her mom too apparently, but it wasn’t like Erika’s coming out (receptive and kind).
Pick up lines:
Asking what they’ve been doing during the quarantine, will air at the beginning of the show.
(Erika makes earrings!)
Shaun has to rephrase the question to Stephanie to ask specifically about... HER ILLNESS!
Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
Yolanda wrap up: no more online dating. She’s going to meet men at the market or the casino. Old school.
Ed wrap up: who cares.
Ok. I guess we do.
Shaun asks about the shower. I just can’t listen to him anymore. Then she asks about the first night they were intimate. I’m going to barf.
Ed takes full responsibility for “not the things I did, but the way I did them”. Rose is mad at him right now. She wanted to reconcile February 9.
Ed is taking a break from dating (sorry ladies!) but Rose taught him to love again and “she didn’t destroy me like my first marriage did.”
His mom is moving in with him. But she’s a nurse so hasn’t moved in yet. Ed’s mom is a nurse caring for a young child with a tracheostomy.
Ed sucks, but a round of applause for Mother Ed is deserved.
David wrap up:
David is going to retire earlier than planned because of the recession resulting from the quarantine.
Shaun asks about the first kiss.
David says something about bowling. He bowls 4 strikes with Lana.
The girls in Ukraine love bowling but don’t get to do that. So he takes them. He bets kisses for every strike he bowls.
Lana is upset over the publicity from the show. Gets physically ill in front of the camera.
If she won’t come to the US or dumps him, he will live part time in the Ukraine - 3 months at a time - to continue dating women there.
It’s over. Thank God.
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Want me to dig through all the trash? Alrighty, I'll dig through *all* of the trash.

Tl:Dr at the beginning: Corporate guy wants me to start sifting through the lot trash as I bring it in so he can see what's setting the scanner off, so I sort through all of it, even the three day old maggot piles.
Alrighty, so. I'm a janitor at a big blue chain grocery store, and part of my daily routine is to check the parking lot trash cans for trash, and bring in any full bags in this big grey tote cart on wheels, and it comes through the front doors. (The back doors are either to small or raised off the ground for semis, so those aren't options, as well as the compactor we use is inside.) Like every store, we have large metal detectors that beep and buzz if a "stolen" item still has it's RFID tag, or if a store phone is acidentilly taken out in a pocket. Being a "don't act, just watch" store, as well as having parking lot pickup for stuff, a lot of these active chips end up in the trash. So, when my cart passes through those detectors going inside, they almost always go off, and get ignored as I'm clearly not walking out with the stuff. Cut to the morning of the day I'm making this post, and Corporate is there. You know the type. Big. Mean. Stickler for the rules, as you should be. He hears the beeping, sees the cart- and demands that I remove the offending item so it can be scanned out. Now, company policy is to just leave stuff like this, that's beyond salvage or donation, as the budget has wiggle room for "lost" items anyways. But noooo, Corporate insists that I get it out, right there, in the store lobby. So I open the lid of the cart. Now, anyone who's ever made trash knows that the longer it sits and the hotter it is, the more maggots pile up. This trash had been out there for the two days I had off and noone did it, and it's currently the warm and wet season where I live. I'll spare you the details, but when Corporate saw the white shag carpeting that was the circle of life coating the bottom of that cart from where a bag busted- well. I don't thing he would have made me do it. But I pulled up my rubber gloves, found the "lost" item (Some Advil package with the security device still on it) and held it out to him. He told me that he'll just find the item number and mark it that way.
Was it worth it, sticking my hands in that again, in the middle of all this in the world? You bet it was.
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"You don't know real love until you have a child"

I don't know if this has been posted before, but I'm willing to bet it has been, so apologizes in advance if this is discussed frequently.
I find this phrase incredibility insulting, and I'm not sure why people think its perfectly okay to say to someone, when you say that you don't have or want children.
"You don't experience real love, until you've had children." "There is no love, like the love between a mother and a child." "Once you have children you'll understand that nothing else even compares." And other various versions of the same thing.
I don't understand why anyone thinks this is okay to say... I've had this sort of thing said to me many many times over the years (I am in my early thirties currently). First off, there are alot of incredibly shit parents out there, so I highly doubt they are experiencing this new level of spiritual love that people are toting, and second, how fucking dare you say that my life will be less than because I don't want a child??? How dare you say that I don't love my husband, my dog, my own parents... at a deep level that you have bestowed to only be between a mother and a child? I don't get it. Why does saying you don't want a kid, automatically give someone the right to tell you that your life - the love you have to give, and your contribution to the world in general, is inherently less than?
Its so frustrating, and I'm so tired of defending my life, or trying to prove... my own happiness?
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Hybrid large SUVs

In this current trend of high fuel efficiency (and positive direction), Why aren't automakers equipping their large SUVs with a hybrid version?
The large "brand new" edition GMC 2021 suburbans, Tahoes, Yukon and XL all come with the same 5.3 and 6.2l they've had for decades. They used to make a hybrid yukon but that died off, but was also done like 8 years ago.
2020 Toyota landcruiser and Sequoia neither have hybrid options. (And we know Toyota loves their hybrids.)
Ford Expedition doesn't have a hybrid option either.
What gives? I'd bet 90% of the Americans who buy these SUVs to tote their family's around would love better gas mileage and range in their vehicles.
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Entity MC search?

I’ve been reading a lot of Endbringer fics recently and it’s made me curious about going a few steps further! I’m looking for any fics where the main character is either an Entity or masquerades as one.
The viewpoint of an Endbringer on Earth Bet interacting with other Endbringers and Eidolon, or what effects they have by rebelling or otherwise breaking from the pattern has been great fun, but now I want to see the next level of that and see the Triumvirate shit their pants when they realize they’re not facing one but two Entities! Or maybe they try to play them off one another- I don’t know, whatever, I’m sure it’ll be great!
An example of what I’m kind of looking for is a scene in Manager where Slender!Taylor is present when Scion sends off Leviathan and he sort of nods at her. Slender!Taylor has been a mysterious boogey figure throughout the story and the brief interaction kinda throws spooky implications for the Triumvirate about what’s going on there.
So yeah, any crossovers, OCs, SIs, all the things like that are totes welcome! If anyone can help me find these that’d be great thanks!
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Nifty Or Thrifty: TSA Season 2 Continentals (Part II)

The "Nifty Or Thrifty" article series takes a comprehensive look at various condensed metas--Silph Arena Continentals, in this case--particularly focused on Pokémon where you can save yourself some stardust. More than likely, you got this far by splurging a bit, but with the way this format has been formulated, you may still need some cheap options in certain slots.
I won't rehash what the folks at Silph already wrote about it, but I'll just say that this is a whitelist format, with a specific group of Pokémon to select from for each of your six team slots. As just one example, in Slot #3, you can select Azumarill OR Registeel OR Skarmory OR Altaria, but only one. That will break up some GBL and former Silph Cup cores for sure! Read more about the specifics over here.
So, I will be mixing up the format of this article a bit to match. Instead of listing all the Pokémon with a 10k cost to add a second move, then 50k, and so on, I will instead go slot by slot and list the eligible 'mons I think are most worthy of consideration, going from 10k on down through 100k in each of those sections. And instead of my usual section split out for each (10k, 50k, and so on), I will instead mark each one with some 💸s. One is 25k, two is 50k, three means 75k, and finally four 💸 means you're dealing with a Legendary/Mythcal and its 100k second move cost. Make sense? Hope so, because we've got a lot of ground to cover, so let's gooooo!
Last time, we looked at Slots 1 (Fire/WateGrass) and 2 (Ghost, Normal, Fighting). Today we'll pick up where we left off with the next two slots. Here we go!

SLOT #3 - Dragon/Fairy/Steel

As you'll see, this is perhaps the most pivotal slot decision on your team. The Pokémon eligible here are all top of the meta picks in The Silph Arena and GBL, so being forced to use just one of them is a difficult decision, and your choice will in many ways dictate what you choose in the other slots. Good luck!
Dragon Breath | Sky Attack & Dragon Pulse
I know everybody is eyeing Azumarill and Registeel for Slot #3, and I probably don't need to explain why. But you know what? If I were in it, I think good old Altaria would be the way I would go. Outside of Ice and Fairy and maybe a rare Rock type, it really doesn't have any truly hard counters, and so Altaria always puts up a good fight. Slot #3 is typically going to be a "build around" pick due to the importance of many of its members, but Altaria feels like one you can throw onto just about any team and profit. It does typically struggle with the other two biggest contenders for this slot, Azumarill and Registeel, but it can beat the former if it lacks Ice Beam and the latter if it goes to 2 shields.
Charm | Ice Beam & Play Rough
Slim pickings among 10k options here in Slot 3... it's really just Alt and Wiggly. At least Wiggly can put in some serious work. Charm is still a fantastic way to deal with the Darks and Fighters and Dragons that aren't terribly threatened by much else in this meta. As a bonus, Wiggly can overcome a LOT of other big names, including Munchie/Snorlax, most of the big Waters (including the Mud Boys, Lapras, and Rainy C), everything with Shadow Claw but Typhlosion, and conveniently--and for a rather radical change of pace--the vast majority of Grasses... all of them except the four that are also part Poison (Plume, Gloom. Vic, and Guss). And the list is longer and more impactful than just what I listed too... and that's all with JUST Charm. I know it's hard to consider Wiggly over the other powerhouses in this slot... but I think it's a move that could actually really pay off.
As a quick aside, Clefable and Granbull and even Charmers we're discuss in other slots are basically all just worse Wigglytuffs. The only reason to really consider another are the ones that don't occupy Slot 3. So Clefable (and Bull) are out, in my mind. And thus endeth the 10ks here!
Bubble| Hydro Pump & Play Rough/Ice Beam
And the ONLY eligible 50k 'mon in Slot 3 is of course more expensive than that, with Azu needing to be nearly maxed. Presumably you have one already at this point, though, so that's likely moot. What is NOT moot is the neverending debate about what move to run alongside Hydro Pump. I think the argument may be stronger for Play Rough here, with it most easily getting wins against other Waters (namely Lapras, Blastoise, and famously, the mirror). Ice Beam alone doesn't even get Noctowl, who can shrug one off (though a followup Hydro Pump can get it done). Play Rough also makes Zweilous a lot easier, not shockingly. What Ice Beam does have going for it is better speed, allowing it to more easily bait a shield and set up a closing Pump against things like Probopass, and of course a much easier time against Altaria, but for my money, I'd run in with Play Rough in this format and not look back. Just my thoughts! As per usual with Azu, neither IB or PR is ever fully "wrong".
Dragon Breath | Body Slam & Dark Pulse
Since we were just talking about it, yes, Zweil gets a chance to flex here. Azu and Regi (and Fairies and Steels in general) are a good way to deal with it, as are Fighters. And while those are, yes, likely to appear on many teams, there is really not much else at all that scares Zweilous. And you know what? I'm just going to let you ogle over that list I linked to, remind you that Zweil is an investment you could immediately turn around and use in the newly announced Catacomb Cup, and move on.
Dragon Breath | Aqua Tail & Return/Dragon Pulse
Instead, I am probably better off bringing things like 'Nair to your attention. I mean, everyone who's used one and/or is considering one already know Zweil is good. But did you know Dragonair is right on the same level? There are quite a few matches that flip--Zweil uniquely getting things like Lapras, Noctowl, Cradily, and of the big one, Altaria, whereas Dragonair knocks out Poliwrath, Hitmontop, Beedrill, and Froslass--but at the end of the day, there is more alike with these two Dragons than there is that is different, and they are both very, very effective in this meta. You might not have a Zweil built, or even be able to get one built in time, but still crave its performance. So don't despair! There's a much better chance you DO have a 'Nair ready to go (or close to it), and you can do some serious damage with it too.
Fire Fang | Power-Up Punch & Play Rough/Return
Fire Fang is definitely the fast move to go with here. I mean, full disclosure, Ice Fang not surprisingly has the best results against things like Altaria and Zweilous, and it alone gets Cradily and Flygon, but conversely, Fire Fang has better numbers across the board, still beats Alt and Zweil thanks to Play Rough (and yes, it can forgo baiting and has time to double PR each of them), and picks up all the big Steels (Regi, Skarm, Mel, Perr, Jirachi), Froslass, and Beedrill and Galvantula. That kind of success is really hard to ignore. Mawile's biggest problem? Occupying Slot 3.
Air Slash | Sky Attack & Flash Cannon
Yes, this is a very stacked slot, and Skarm is probably an afterthought with all the competition here, but it's worth reminding everyone that Skarmory is still very solid. It may not occupy YOUR third team slot, but it will surely occupy somebody's. Be ready to face it at some point, and have a good gameplan.
Thunder Shock | Rock Slide & Superpower
Just because the moveset is the same old, same old for Melmetal doesn't mean it isn't still very, very good. There aren't many things that can count Steels, Dragons, Bugs, Normals, Rocks, Fairies, Flyers, AND Ices among its relatively wins, but here we are. As a bonus, Mel also stands up to most of the Grasses in this meta and can even shake off Obstagoon, Charizard, and Haunter. Melmetal is as solid as they come, really only outshined by our next entry....
Lock-On | Flash Cannon & Focus Blast
The overall numbers actually look... mortal? It trails Melmetal and others in sheer number of wins and flexability, but Regi is a ticking time bomb that strikes terror into the heart of many. If you have played PvP for any amount of time, you probably don't need me to tell you what it's like to be staring down a Registeel with anything but a Fighter, Fire, Mud, or shield advantage, so I won't waste any more of your time. Registeel is very worthy of this slot, and you should be prepared to stare it down once more.

SLOT #4 - Poison/Rock/Ice

Unlike Slot 3, one could argue that Slot 4 is perhaps the most "filler" slot on your entire team, usually a wildcard that you'll only want to call in for special (but important!) situations. That doesn't mean these are bad Pokémon by any means, though!
Volt Switch | Rock Blast & Wild Charge/Stone Edge
Whether with Stone Edge or Wild Charge, the Alolan Rocks (and Golem especially) are a surprisingly strong candidate in this meta. A-Golem gets AhChu, A-Tails, Cherrim, and Altaria with Edge, and Probopass, Melmetal, Jirachi, Lanturn, and Azumarill with Wild Charge. Either way, it racks up many wins against Flyers, Bugs, Waters, Fires, and as a bonus, all the Ghost but Mud Slapping Golurk, and carries a very robust win percentage against the entire meta. In my estimation, this dirt cheap wild card is a strong candidate for your vote here in Slot 4. This is no mere spice pick, folks.
Wing Attack | Poison Fang & Shadow Ball/Return
Admittedly, Golbat probably wouldn't included here if it weren't so inexpensive to build. Because it's really more of a niche pick--a specialist, if you will--than a meta-definer. But it's a good niche, dispatching all Fighters but Lucario, all Grasses but Cradily, and all Fairies except (disappointingly) Azumarill, as well as things like Beedrill and Flygon. You can trick it out with Shadow Ball to also beat A-Wak, Marshtomp, Jirachi, and Perrserker, or with Return to instead beat A-Muk, Obstagoon, Quagsire, and Sunny Castform. So again, niche, but a good way to cheaply fill some key roles.
Razor Leaf | Sludge Bomb & Moonblast
These two are basically clones of each other these days. Whichever one you have, they are top notch Razor Leafers, meaning they famously shred pretty much anything Water, Ground, or Fairy, plus overcome the major Fighters, Haunter, Munchlax, and Alolan Raichu, and even Probopass by just shredding it with all Razor Leafs. Honestly, I like them both a bit better than...
Razor Leaf | Leaf Blade & Sludge Bomb
It's not that Vic is bad by ANY means. I have sung its praises many times in the past, and it's still the defacto choice when you just want a big mean Razor Leafer. BUT, with the reduction in cost of Moonblast, I think it's fair to say that the bulkier Vileplume and Gloom have closed the gap between them and reigning Grass/Poison RL champ Victreebel, and perhaps even surpassed it. Vic shreds, but it also can't stand up to punishment in return. It still does pretty much everything you want a Leafer to do, and on sheer damage alone is able to get things like Tangrowth and Serperior and Froslass that Plume & Gloom cannot, as well as making Probopass much easier. But on the flipside, the bulk of the other two allows them to hold up long enough to beat Haunter, Flygon, Munchlax, and Togekiss, which I consider more valuable wins than the unique ones Vic gets. But to each their own... what fits YOUR team best?
Poison Jab | Acid Spray & Hydro Pump
Tentachthulhu requires a special operator to get its top performance, as you have to know when to lay down a trap with an Acid Spray bait and when to drop the hammer with Hydro Pump. Do it right, and you take out the likes of Registeel, Probopass, Skarmory, A-Wak, Munchlax, A-Muk, Noctowl and more. Do it wrong and... well, you can still get some big names with just Spray, including Azumarill (and ALL other Fairies too), Machamp, Obstagoon, Mantine, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Charizard, and even Lapras and others. Long story short: even a novice-piloted Tenta can get some good work done, but in the hands of someone with experience, it can wreak real havoc.
Shadow Claw | Shadow Punch & Shadow Ball
Oh yes, it still does a lot of work here.
Oh, you wanted more? Okay, uh... with Sludge Bomb you get close wins over Blastoise and Rainy Castform, but with Shadow Ball you instead take out Mantine, Quagsire, Skarmory, and Registeel. I think it's probably pretty obvious which way to go, no?
Um... Haunter is still fantastic at shredding Fighters, Fires, Ices, most of the Grasses, and all the Fairies but Mawile and Wigglytuff, including Azumarill.
Okay, I think I'm done here. You know how good Haunter is by now. Is it good enough to be YOUR Slot 4 pick?
Bullet Seed | Stone Edge & Grass Knot
Cradily does Grass things, beating the Muds and Waters and Rocks and Electrics. And it also does Rock things, taking out Bugs and Flyers and certain Fires, plus things like Alolan Muk, Munchlax, and Alolan Raichu. It can't beat Altaria, most Steels or Grasses or Fighters or several others, but there is nothing else that can quite do all that it DOES do. Cradily fills a very unique niche, and if you find you have a Cradily-shaped coverage hole on your team, you now know where to look.
Rock Throw | Rock Slide & Thunderbolt/Magnet Bomb
Rock Throw is the better fast move here, but beyond that, the charge moves really don't matter much. They all add up the same, with the same results. With no Bastiodon, Probpass is the next best thing, grinding down Altaria and other major Flyers with grinding certainty, as well as Fairies, Bugs, Ices, Fires, and even most Grasses, and then troublesome things like A-Muk and Zweilous. As with Bastie, there isn't too much Probo can do about most Waters, Steels, Muds or Fighters, but on the flipside, there isn't much that the many things that fall before it can do to save themselves either.
Snarl | Dark Pulse & Gunk Shot
Need a surefire answer to Grass, Ghosts, Fires, Psychics, and oh yeah, Azumarill? Unlike Ultra League, A-Muk has all those advantages here. If you've used it before, and liked it before, you'll probably like all it can do here too. Is it worth your Slot 4 pick? I know I keep saying it over and over, but that depends on your team, my friend.
Charm | Psyshock & Ice Beam
What more needs be said? If you didn't take a Charmer in Slot 3, and many won't, this lets you get a crack at one here in the wildcard that is Slot 4 instead. Comparing it to top Charmer Wigglytuff, A-Tails misses out on only a handful of fringier Pokemon (Perrserker, Serperior, Tangrowth, Cradily, and Haunter), while actually gaining Blastoise and having a not very surprising slight edge against Ice types. And while Charm is what you mostly want here, having reachable charge moves like Ice Beam and especially Psyshock are nice too.
Ice Shardᴸ | Surf & Skull Bash/Ice Beamᴸ/Blizzard
Speaking of Ice types, Lapras remains the most versatile one. You get over 90% of its performance with just Ice Shard and Surf, merging its Ice and Water sides seamlessly in taking out all the major Grounds, Fires, Flyers, Dragons, and bonuses like Skarmory and Froslass and A-Muk and Cherrim and Shiftry. Then you can get Blastoise and Azumarill with Skull Bash, or go with more of an Ice commitment with Ice Beam snagging Ludicolo and Hitmontop, or even better, Blizzard potentially taking down Galvantula and Obstagoon (and either Ice move also typically getting Cradily). And if you REALLY want to mess with your opponent, you can even go with Water Gun and become harder on Fires, Grounds, and Steels, even having the chance to flip Munchlax and mighty Registeel, but the Dragon wins get super close or evaporate completely, as well as any chance of threatening any Grasses. But hey, that may work beautifully for the right team, and certainly has the element of surprise going for it. The point with Lapras is that it is uniquely flexible and unpredictable, and that and fantastic bulk are its big advantages. In my opinion, it makes an excellent choice as your Slot 4 wildcard.
Ice Fang | Aqua Tail & Crunch
And speaking of versatility, we have the Swiss Army knife of the Dark/Poisons, Drapion. Ice Fang is what makes it partcularly interesting, alone taking out every Dragon and Grass in the format except Bubble Ludicolo, plus Flygon, Haunter, Sableye, and more obviously, Togekiss. Aqua Tail allows Drap to beat both of its Dark/Poison cousins, and Munchlax, and turn the tables on Stunfisk, and then the most impactful addition after that is Crunch, adding on Perrserker and Dark-weak Jirachi, Froslass, and A-Wak. Drap is the one D/P that can't really get Azumarill, even if you REALLY reach for it and slide in Sludge Bomb, but it does a lot of other good that its D/P brethren cannot.
Counter | Rock Slide & Earthquake
Slot 4 truly is a wildcard... you can even sneak a quasi-Fighter in here thanks to Sudo having the potent Counter. While that is perhaps the biggest selling point--allowing you to NOT take a Fighter in Slot 2 and free that up for something else--the fact that is also totes around Rock Slide is a big point in Sudo's favor as well. Between the two, it beats things you want your Fighter to beat (Probopass, Obstagoon, Zweilous, Melmetal, Munchlax) AND things you want a good Rock type to take out (Charizard, Altaria, Galvantula, A-Wak, Togekiss, Lapras, etc.). And then Earthquake solidifies some anti-Fire wins and puts on a nice bow by bringing in Lanturn as well. And one more selling point: double moving a Bonsly and THEN evolving nets you the infamous Baby Discount™ to save a nice chunk of change.
Regice: Lock-On | Earthquake & Blizzard
Regirock: Lock-On | Stone Edge & Focus Blast
Again, we have a Slot 4 alternative to one of the big Slot 3 choices, with two other Regis able to tag in for Registeel if you so wish. So let's compare and contrast.
Regirock has the most Registeel-esque performance against the core meta, partly because it retains Focus Blast for the killing blow. The two share the same wins with the following differences:
But, end of the day, all three Regis are indeed very viable. Regirock in particular impressed me, with its not-very-favorable typing failing to drag it down as far as I feared. If you really like Registeel but just can't bring yourself to burn your Slot 3 on it, well, the very next slot may hold your answer.
And that's the list of what I personally think--based on over a week of analysis--are the most impactful and reliable Pokémon for Slots 3 and 4 in Continentals. I did look at EVERY eligible Pokémon for these slots, so if it's not listed above, it just didn't make the cut. They're not all trash or anything, but many (Clefable, Granbull, Shelgon, Muk, Qwilfish, Rhyperior, Carracosta, and more) are just worse--and often more expensive!--versions of things I DID highlight.
So just two more slots to go: 5 and 6, which I will either get out over the weekend or sometime next week ahead of Continentals' arrival. I have to juggle now Catacomb Cup (which will require its own very extensive analysis) approaching at the turn of the month (mid-week next week!) and finishing this off with Part III, so depending on how things go, I may flip flop the order. But either way, look for them both in the near future!
Until then, you can always find me on Twitter for near-daily PvP analysis nuggets, or Patreon which now has a tie-in exclusive Discord server you can access to get straight through to me. And please, feel free to comment here with your own thoughts or questions and I'll try to get back to you!
Thank you for reading! I very much appreciate you taking the time to read all this and sincerely hope it helps you start crafting your team. Some of you may not need my help, but I am willing to bet many are still scrambling a bit, and that's why I do this! Good luck as you begin prepping, and check back in the coming days for more. Until then, good luck, my friends!
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[Review] Dior Saddle medium in ultra matte black (TS Aaron) + Toile De Jouy strap (TS Anna)

Disclaimer: I think Aaron included the box for the saddle bag for free. He had asked if I wanted the box, and I said no, but was pleasantly surprised it was included anyway. Not sure if lost in translation. No incentive given for this review.
Back with another review so I seem busy when I should be working.
tl;dr: Saddle bag (Thumb Factory) from Aaron, strap (Angel Factory) from Anna. Quality 9/10 (saddle) 9/10 (strap); Accuracy 8/10 (bag), 9/10 (strap); Satisfaction 9/10; Sellers 20/20


When Dior came out with the ultra matte collection, I just fell in love with the Lady Dior in matte black. I added her to my wishlist. Black hardware, with its super high maintenance will-it-or-won't-it chipping attitude, just speaks to my dark soul. Also bought and received the Loulou with black hardware (review coming soon. Spoiler alert: I would die for her). But I digress. I asked Aaron for high tier ultra matte options in black just to see, and he sent me pix of what the factory ("Thumb Factory") had. The Lady Dior is life, but I also saw the saddle bag. Did I need a tiny bag like this? No. Did I end up getting her? Yes. Am I still gonna get the LD? You bet your sweet ass I will.
As I waited for the order, this review by the lovely deia_xvi made me realize I "needed" a strap. I was already working with Anna on another order, so I added to that shipment!

Transaction details for the saddle bag

Seller: TS Aaron. Contact info here. I used WeChat
Cost: 1280 CNY - 10% = 1150 CNY (~$160 USD)
Payment method: PayPal F&F
Shipping via UPS (this included another purse): 450 CNY (~$63 USD)
Order timeline:

Transaction details for the toile de jouy strap

Seller: TS Anna. Contact info here. I used WhatsApp
Cost: 900 CNY - 10% = 810 CNY (~$115 USD)
Payment method: PayPal F&F
Shipping via DHL (this included a purse and sunglasses): 410 CNY (~$58 USD)
Order timeline:


My photos
PSPs: saddle bag | strap
Factory pix: saddle bag from "Thumb Factory" | strap I didn't ask for the factory name, but the picture look the same as Angel
Auth: saddle bag | strap. The only thing I could find.


Quality - 9/10 (saddle), 9/10 (strap)

Saddle * Leather is supple and smells lovely (no fufu smell) * Matte black hardware is weighty. I heard black hardware on any brand may chip. I've flung her around because I'm just not elegant when it comes to holding bags. So far, so good. * Stitching seems good * Magnetic closure and zippers work well * Inner suede is soft * -0.5. I swear the strap holding the D is cut crooked. * -0.5. Glazing is messy around the hanging straps
NOTE: The strap on the saddle came really bent, but I took out my clothes steamer and followed the advice here with good results. I was scared to continue, but I will give it another go. The comparison photo is in the album in "my photos."
Strap * Leather quality is good * Hardware is also weighty * Embroidery seems to be high-quality * Stitching is neat * -1 because of the smell. It's not a fufu smell. But it smells old and damp. I've been hanging it to air since I received, and it's slowly getting better. Any tips? I might try spraying with a watewhite vinegar solution that works for other musty smells.
Is she worth $115? I'm gonna say no. But is she worth $1k+ for skinnier fonts and clearer print? HELL NAH

Accuracy - 8/10 (saddle), 9/10 (strap)

I preface all my accuracy with that I'm pretty trusting in high-tier factories. I'm not sure where Thumb Factory lies on the spectrum. I GL quickly if there are no glaring defects. Please take that into consideration when reviewing my accuracy statements.
I have not seen this specific strap in person, which may work out to my advantage as I don't think it's that common where I live.
I'm also not rating the dust bags or box for authenticity purposes. However, I included them in my pix above if interested!
Saddle I relied heavily on previous RLers' reviews, this site, and this site
  • -1 for the shape. Saddle, why you playing hard to get? I knew before I ordered that the saddle bag is difficult to rep because of its odd shape. I created a very crude set of gifs comparing my saddle bag with that of the ones on Fashionphile and the Dior site. You can see that the lower end of the saddle is longer on the auth. The flap is also higher in the Fashionphile auth but similar in the Dior site. Not sure if that comes with wear and tear? Also, the back pocket on the rep starts higher than auth.
  • -1 Segue to the measurements being a off
    • 25.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm auth
    • 24 x 19.5 x 6 cm rep
  • Hardware logo looks good
  • Inside stamping + date code are correct
  • Zipper color is black on Fashionphile but a darker gold-toned zipper on Dior site. My rep is that darker gold-toned color
  • Zipper has correct "CD" imprint
Strap * - 1 because that font is THICCCC * The Made in Italy stamp looks correct * Measurements match that of online (95 x 6 cm) I stared at the tiger compared to this and feel like they're not twins, but at least cousins?
Will I wear the saddle + strap to a Dior boutique? Probably not. Will I wear her elsewhere? HELL YES. To my untrained eye, I thought the shape was pretty good until I gif-ed it. Although I live in a metro area, I don't see a lot of people wearing the saddle bag. Granted, we've been sheltering in place... but even before then.

Satisfaction - 9/10

I love Dior. Probably my Top 3 fave designers. This saddle was an impulse buy when I was going to get the Lady Dior instead. So that -1 is for me having a little bit of buyers remorse because I know I won't use her as often as I should. "WIYB?" "Oh, just my phone and a lip balm..."
Also, the smell on the strap is pretty strong, and I hope it goes away soon.

Seller Communication and Service - 20/20

No complaints for either! Both Aaron and Anna were quick in responses, especially during business hours in China. Shipment was fast for both too. I’ve seen some comments that either are indifferent to Anna or love her. I’m definitely on the love Anna and Aaron teams!
Wishing everyone a great weekend! aloha
Edits: Updated factory information
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[d100] ways for players to accurately RP being siblings with one another

  1. Repeating the same jokes while separated
  2. Recalling the same childhood memory with wildly different retellings of it.
  3. Embarrassing nickname that triggers an argument
  4. Funny story involving working together
  5. Subtle nods to signify they are all thinking the same thing
  6. Mostly harmless fist fights morifinde
  7. Predicting where the other sibling put their [item] givemedrawingideas
  8. Arguing over who gets the [magical item] givemedrawingideas
  9. Older sibling sometimes messes with younger sibling's hair givemedrawingideas
  10. Calling each other fun nicknames like "dumbass" or "fuckhead" Super_Fightin_Robot
  11. ⁠Commenting about how mom would be so mad at them for doing insert current task GedValmarius
  12. ⁠sniffs in siblings general direction Bleghh... GedValmarius
  13. ⁠Accidentally being nice to sibling while doing a task together. GedValmarius
  14. ⁠Defending sibling from any and all perceived threats. After all, only you are allowed to pick on them. GedValmarius
  15. ⁠Small harmless pranks that you both do on each other for fun and you both think it’s hilarious. GedValmarius
  16. ⁠Getting annoyed at how they chew their food. GedValmarius
  17. ⁠Getting them some food they like after a bad fight to make them feel better. GedValmarius
  18. ⁠Constantly compare and compete with your sibling at EVERYTHING. GedValmarius
  19. ⁠Prestidigitation pranks. They will never trust you within 10 feet if their food. GedValmarius
  20. ⁠Have your end goals be the same but how you go about them may be different. ie. You both want to buy dad a cool abyssal forged tool set for Father’s Day but you want to steal it but your sibling wants to pay for it. GedValmarius
  21. ⁠Ask them for advice. Some siblings trust each other’s guidance even if they can still hate each other’s guts. GedValmarius
  22. Immediately putting banter and arguments aside to defend parents or each other craterfist
  23. ⁠Arguments over who is taller even though they are the same height. WarmOutOfTheDryer
  24. ⁠"borrowing" clothing/shoes/ books ect. WarmOutOfTheDryer
  25. ⁠Stealing only half of something as a prank. (Think all the left shoes missing. Just the left ones.) WarmOutOfTheDryer
  26. ⁠Buying them an item they wanted but couldn't get and hiding it in their bags. WarmOutOfTheDryer
  27. ⁠Practice bouts always end up with one sibling in tears of rage. WarmOutOfTheDryer
  28. Late night communication spells from their drunken sib. "I love you maaaaaan. Like brah....." WarmOutOfTheDryer
  29. Cooking a special family recipe together. Having to go way out of their way to get the special ingredient so that they can do it just like how PopPop always did it! Zeugirdork
  30. Mortal enemies, until they band together to fight another foe. Be it a lich, or rude drunkard. Green_Eyed_Otter
  31. "Remember how you had a crush on X?" Green_Eyed_Otter
  32. "Don't repeat that thing you did while you were 7." Green_Eyed_Otter
  33. Will tell you, you are worthless. In the same breath tell you, you are too good for pratically everyone. Green_Eyed_Otter
  34. Fight over who introduces who. Green_Eyed_Otter
  35. Dramatically screaming "BROTHER! IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!" When entering the same room even if they saw each other literally 60 seconds ago. Mr_Lobster
  36. Being very proficient and synchronized at doing a mundane task they've been doing together since they were kids (washing dishes via wash and toss, cooking while passing tools around like a mad circus, etc.) Pyromancy4life
  37. Both react with a same mannerism or pose they picked up from their parent. Pyromancy4life
  38. Communicating with each other in a version of Common so full of in-jokes that it’s nearly impossible for anyone else to understand without several evenings worth of reminiscing to explain them all teh_doctah
  39. One sibling randomly pulling faces to catch the other off guard teh_doctah
  40. Insisting that they sit on particular sides when riding a cart, as well as very strict rules around calling shotgun teh_doctah
  41. One tends to run away from responsibilities, while the other is already very used to catching their sibling at the usual hiding spot. Lessandero
  42. they had a sibling tatoo Made, one of them has it at a rather embarrassing spot. Lessandero
  43. One always repeats what mum used to das, the other always does what dad used to do. Lessandero
  44. they share a pet and constantly fight for it's affection. Lessandero
  45. they always complain about eqch other's sleeping habits to their other companions Lessandero
  46. they share a favorite meal/song/story Lessandero
  47. one of them keeps an old, embarrassing secret of their sibling and occassionally used it to blackmail them into doing the right thing Lessandero
  48. Acting civil and nonchalantly addressing each other with creative profanities and appraising the insults like a fine wine while attempting to keep composure. Th3R3493r
  49. One measuring out a rough half and the other chooses the bigger-looking half even if it require exact measurement to decide. Th3R3493r
  50. Taking an item the other one had while they are not looking and placing it in a different location near them. Th3R3493r
  51. Giving the other one something they ask for, but, acting dodgy for no reason to get the other one to think they did something to it despite not doing anything. Th3R3493r
  52. Cover up evidence from a crime or vouch for the other without being asked to. Th3R3493r
  53. Taking responsibility for something the other did to keep the other safe. Th3R3493r
  54. Throwing a non-dangerous item (block of cheese, a teddy bear, a fist-full of spaghetti, etc.) at the other without warning after a non-serious debate. Th3R3493r
  55. Egging on the other to do something stupid but not too dangerous. Th3R3493r
  56. Wing-manning for the other one if they are on good terms at the time or as payment for favors. Th3R3493r
  57. Consoling the other when the other truly needs help. Th3R3493r
  58. Doing "EXACTLY" what the other asked. (Example: "Get milk and if the store has bread grab two loaves." The store will have bread, so, the sibling will get milk and two blocks of cheese.) Th3R3493r
  59. One will tote the brag of "I will always be older than you". Th3R3493r
  60. You think your sibling is annoying, noisy and just overall unpleasant. You are also the only person allowed to talk badly about your sibling, how dare anyone else not like the most perfect being in existence. Kagamime1
  61. They look a lot alike but get offended when this is pointed out "I do not look that bad!" NewToSociety
  62. Will share clothes without really noticing. NewToSociety
  63. In taverns, they always argue over which one the server likes more NewToSociety
  64. Being mad at each other causes rapidly-escalating prank wars NewToSociety
  65. nostalgic explanations for unusual gifts RandomOptimist
  66. tell potential dates embarrassing tales of previous romantic disasters RandomOptimist
  67. accidentally dress too much alike once in a while RandomOptimist
  68. get really suspicious when each other actually asks to borrow something RandomOptimist
  69. blame everything on their parents, or a different sibling RandomOptimist
  70. absolutely tell the truth when asked "does this make me look fat?" RandomOptimist
  71. magnify their relatively few personality differences to odd extremes RandomOptimist
  72. know each other's mood by what they're humming RandomOptimist
  73. thoroughly interrogate (ahem intimidate) potential dates RandomOptimist
  74. finish each other's old family quotes RandomOptimist
  75. correctly interpret each other's snarkasm RandomOptimist
  76. intentionally misinterpret each other in wildly amusing situations RandomOptimist
  77. press each other's buttons, step on each other's last nerves RandomOptimist
  78. know exactly what to fear when the other is bored/curious/drunk/enraged or some other stupidity-inducing circumstance RandomOptimist
  79. know when to bet on each other, and win RandomOptimist
  80. chronically say/muttegrumble "oh, grow up!", "I don't know why I put up with you", "the things you do for family..." RandomOptimist
  81. mispronounce the same words because of nanny's lisp RandomOptimist
  82. endless, but usually rather accurate, opinions of what the other would or wouldn't like RandomOptimist
  83. compare each other to different family members, especially about unintentional resemblance or similar quirks RandomOptimist
  84. over-dramatic mimicry of each other's quirks, usually to irritate the sibling while making everyone else laugh RandomOptimist
  85. absolutely refuse to play each other's favorite games because their competitive natures would kill each other RandomOptimist
  86. fondly reminisce about the good ole days, recounting events that other people might consider awful RandomOptimist
  87. play key roles in each other's (often conflicting) plots to take over the world - they'll worry about the conflict if either of them actually get anywhere with it RandomOptimist
  88. react the same way to unusual or irritating events, especially when they're not together RandomOptimist
  89. pack extra clothes just in case (ahem, because they know) the other will swipe some RandomOptimist
  90. constantly make up new variant rules to old games RandomOptimist
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Since we have no sports I decided to build a virtual horse racing app

Since we're without sports I thought maybe I could build a simple virtual racing application to make up for the lack of entertainment.
So, here it is!
Races are scheduled every 10 minutes, and larger races start every hour from 5pm to 9pm CST.
Happy to hear any ideas that I could add that might make it better. I've still got some other plans in the works for it, but this is the most simplistic version.
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Once upon a time, a lethal virus has flooded the planet and this ode to the Chanel Boy Bag was written. Happy Quarantine-ing to my fellow RepLadies. Here’s a special happy birthday and/or happy anniversary to those who cannot celebrate their birthdays and/or anniversaries like they used to due to COVID-19. I hope this long read gives you some inspiration for a future bag to reward yourself and compensate for your sacrifices during this time.
My most liked review on the sub is for my Chanel Boy Bag review. To this day, I’m still receiving many inquiries regarding the bag. Not to mention my most celebrated rep is this bag so I think its just fitting for me to do a guide. I enjoyed my black boy bag so much that I now own enough of the bag. I have bought auths, I caved because the color made me do it. Then it was followed by of course I must own a classic auth right? Lol. This is my first written guide so please, go easy on a sis. Grab a drink (cause I got a lot to say), and I hope this is useful. Cheers🥂!



These are the sizes of the boy bag that have been available throughout its production run so far. The bag is now considered a mainstay at Chanel but size availability of the bag varies by season. So just because you have seen it from a TS moments or Yupoo but do not see it on the Chanel website, it doesn’t always mean it is a fantasy. Also, I must note that the boy collection has been designed in different silhouettes (totes, clutches, wallets etc.). I will not be including any other silhouette other than the flap kind. The only one missing in the photo line-up below that also has a flap kind of silhouette is the boy WOC. For the purpose of this guide, I will not be including the Boy WOC version because it has a different structure and need a separate guide on its own.

Size Reference (Base In Inches) Size Namesake (Auth) Size Namesake (TS Reference)
6 Mini n/a
6.5 Vertical Boy Bag (Informal), North South Boy Bag (Formal(?) 16 cm (according to TS Anna and TS Redden), 16 cm boy "phone case" (according to Min)
8 Small 20 cm
10 Old Medium/Medium 25 cm
11 New Medium 28 cm
11.5 Large n/a
15 XL n/a
The most popular rep sizes are small, old medium and new medium. These sizes are named by sellers and factories by their size in cm: as 20 cm, 25 cm, and 28 cm respectively. These are the size references you will find in a TS seller’s moments or Yupoo (should you happen to search it that way).
If you were to order a bag from a TS and you say for instance that you want an old medium, it is easier to refer to as 25 cm. If not, they will come back to you with a description for 25 cm. Old medium is what they are referring to. Do not be confused.


Boy bag in leather material more commonly appear in either quilted or chevron. This is especially true for reps as well. You can purchase seasonal boy designs from TS sellers but chances are they won’t always have in stock or factories may discontinue making them. So for the purpose of this QC guide, since the more common leather patterning is quilted and chevron, I will be limited to discussing these.
These are two authentic small boy bags side by side. I want to point out your attention to the uneven quilts. To me the boy bag is almost ragged-y type, in a sense that there’s barely any uniformity when it comes to the quilting. Based on the authentic I’ve examined the variation and differences on a boy is more evident versus the traditional flap bag.
You can see in the blue circles that the spacing of the end quilts are not even on both sides. Its actually more noticeable in the purple bag than it is on the grey. I don’t think the boy bag is made/designed to present clean evenly distributed quilts. You cannot tell a rep and an auth apart just based on these ends. Boy bags with even quilts do exist however, very rarely. When it comes to quilt I think the only way to determine the authentic from the rep is if you count the whole diamond quilts (this would be an obvious call out). For the small size the traditional boy bag it should have 4 whole diamond puff quilts horizontally (refer to picture for positioning). For the old medium, it will should have 6. For the new medium, it should have 7.
Another thing to note is that the cut off ends on the diamonds in magenta box here, is not always going to be even at every bag, not even if it’s the same size bag. Its not always going to be a perfect 3/4ths of the diamond visible when cut off for stitching. Sometimes an old medium like this can have 1/2 of the diamond visible when cut off on the edge.
If you have a small size boy bag and it has more than 4 quilts horizontally across in the positioning specified above this would be a bad rep. An exemption to that quilting rule is this boy bag in calfskin with larger quilts in the size old medium (it is special edition for that particular season). I got this image from a YouTube video blog, I’m not sure if I could say the name of the channel here.
The diamond edges where it cuts off does not need to be even for it to be considered an excellent rep. This size of the edging is not consistent across authentic bags either. As you may have seen from the photos above, they’re not even either in the same bag from end to end.
I think there is much more things going on in a chevron pattern in terms of rep. Hint: more details to watch out for.
In an authentic chevron pattern I notice that this detail is consistent like so, for close up. The tip of that last inverted triangle (if you may call it that) is always touching the hardware.
I have seen in some PSPs (such as u/robertcym) as seen here that there is a spacing. This is not the only PSP I’ve seen with this, there’s actually quite a bit of PSPs from people that has this from the same factory (this is from God Factory/GF).
Another thing to note with this is the tip of that inverted triangle. The auth is never rounded the stitching never curves down to meet the metal it has two straight end stitches that forms into a v, as seen here and here. Some tip of the inverted triangle I have seen from other PSPs in the sub are semi-rounded, which means there is a straight horizontal stitch that connects the two tips. The tip must be sharp straight pointy stitching and not rounded stitch. It must be a stitch \/ like so and not \_/. This is me being picky though. Is it calloutable? Yes and no, it depends on the person looking. If he or she has trained eyes for it. Can some people live with a rounded stitch? Yes. Have I seen an auth with rounded stitching there that meets the flap? No. If you have, let me know. Have I seen a perfect rep with straight sharp point stitch? Yes. There’s a majority of them in the sub. I just thought this is worth mentioning.
Now comes the chevron pattern count. In my research, I notice that the counting of the visible inverted triangle is even with the positioning of the I guess let’s call it “stripe”? on the side. This is what I mean, see here. Referenced here is the small and the magic number would be 3. An old medium should traditionally have 4. The new medium should have 5. Do you see it? Do you see it? Lol, if not here they are. There is of course an exception to this rule of numbers. This bag is a size medium but as you can see it has 8 visible whole triangles and it has 8 slanted stripes as well.


For quilted bags stitch count I don’t think there is much to say. “Experts” say that low stitch count is usually a sign of the bag being fake. So, what is low? The quilted stitching per diamond should at least have 10 stiches per side of the diamond, but there is a whole thread on TPF (The Purseforum) of a bag having 8 stitches (visible in recently produced bags). I have an authentic with 7 and Fashionphile has lots with 6 or 7 lol. I think the information about 10 stitches per side is outdated. You should be comfortable with your rep at 6 or 7. I also saw some authentic boy bags in earlier production date with 8 stitches. During my research, I didn’t run into a 10 stitches per side of the diamond quilt bag.
For chevron bag stitching, have fun counting. Lol. There’s just no way this is going to be an issue unless your boy bag is deformed, or unless the stitch lines are too long, which I have never seen as an issue on a rep boy bag.
In all seriousness, I think that lesson for the stitching and looking at it in a bigger picture is that your quilts should not be overly puffy. I find that lambskin is a bit puffier than calfskin or caviar. The puffiness should be uniformed throughout the bag, meaning there should not be one puff that is puffier or less puffier than the others.
Is someone going to approach your rep bag and start counting the stitches? No. Should you be concerned if one quilt is puffier or less puffier than the other? Yes this might be an issue. But were talking actual noticeable, that a normal human eyes without staring is able to notice like - oh that quilt has some weird inflammation to it.


The snake head strap has previously been in issue for reps. When I was looking for the #PerfectBoyBag, there was a group buy going on for a particular factory with rounded snake head strap (I forgot which factory already). I think that the snake head strap issue has since been rectified and corrected with newer batches. I don’t see the snake head strap being an issue anymore. There is also a variation in authentic straps so its not always the sharp even snake head strap you expect, some of them are rounded snake heads. It doesn’t depend on the factory either, there is just no uniformity at this.
Having said that if auths can’t get it uniformed, don’t expect your reps to be cut out 1000% identical. My best advise is you have to be a realistic buyer, know that even on auths the snake head strap is not consistent with the shape. Some are sharp snake head and some are rounded snake head as long as its not an oblong or rounded circle, you are okay.
I have seen this posted by a user way way back and I happen to store it on my camera roll - I couldn’t find his/her post anymore. If he/she sees this post please let me know so I can give you due credit. Anyway, it’s a comparison of snake head strap from two different high-tier factories GF and OF: here. I believe the OP got it from a seller’s moments and reposted it.
I’ve seen these variation on the snake head straps in auth as well, this is why I attest that having a not so sharp snake head is not going to be an instant call out. Sorry but Chanel hasn’t even polished their strap shape to be uniformed. Why should you expect reps to?


I don’t have much to say about the strap thickness other than its not even the same exact thickness amongst the auths I own. Here is a comparison of an auth in the left and rep on the right (the rep appears to be a lot thicker than the auth – see here). But in reality, there are also auth that are as thick. I especially noticed this in my cousin’s auth caviar in a 24 series when the bags were side by side. I unfortunately was not able to take photos of her bag in comparison to my rep since at the time, I was carrying an auth as well. But even then both of our auths are not the same in thickness.


The boy bag is characterized by two circular button fasteners to adjust the strap - those buttons are marked engraved with interlocking CC logo. There are only two buttons across every size. This is the reference of the two buttons I’m referring to. Here’s what I notice. In caviar auths including the ones I own, the adjustment hole is explicitly there. You can tell its there, whereas for the rep caviar, you can barely tell the circle thing is really narrow. Here’s what I mean, these boy bags are three different straps of caviar auths, now look at the rep which is the fourth from the right, as you can see the first three from the right have explicit dot holes. The fourth one does not have an explicit hole, I mean it is there but its like a dot, very tiny even compared to the third auth strap whose hole is the smallest among the three auths, the fourth rep one just seems that its not there. I could only attest this is true for caviar God Factory/GF though. The lambskin rep I own has clear dot in there.
187 is pretty good with their caviar holes. Its visibly there if you really must take notice. The bag I own which doesn’t have a visible dot there is from GF. Is it calloutable? Lol to you if you ask me where the dot is. Unless of course one of you ladies from here goes like BBP1NKA? Omg hey sis! Now, is someone going to approach your bag and examine the hole? No. Is it a tattletale sign of a rep? meh. I’ll live. Can you live with it for the price you’re paying? Yes. Does it affect the way you use the bag? No. Can you correct it if the strap dot hole is too small? Yes, you can. Stick your little brother’s pick up stick in there and tug in circular motion. It should be fine since leather does stretch.


The main closure hardware of the boy bag is referred to in many different ways: brick closure, graphic clasp, double/interlocking/intertwining cc fastening mechanism, side squeeze closure, etc. whatever you call it but yeah that...
Many blog sites refer to this closure in different ways either the fastening mechanism or the side squeeze closure. I have three notes here. In the yellow circles, the tips of the interlocking CC’s must be a straight flat it should not be curvy. In purple squares, the contact or where the leather meets the metal plate should not have any spacing. I have seen in some reps that there is a spacing problems there. There should not be a noticeable space, I repeat. In the orange square, there should also be no spacing there, because if there is a noticeable space there, your metal plate might be too small.
For your reference here are the different hardware types produced throughout the boy’s production time. I compiled them all and this is accurate as of 2020. If I did miss something do let me know so I can include it in. You can also use this reference guide in case you are wondering if a particular make, model, combination is a fantasy.
For this next point, I don’t want to say this as a QC tip because you can live with this flaw in case your rep has it. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker. The reason why I say its not a deal breaker because absolutely nobody should be near enough your bag to be able to observe this. However, I still must mention this another noticeable difference I notice with an auth vs. a rep is that some not all reps will have an imperfect hexagon screw inside from how the clasp is holding onto the bag. Here is what I mean https://i.imgur.com/C896tFe.png. An auth boy bag will always use a hexagon screw or an Allen shaped screw. All of my reps have this and they have clean lines. I have seen some midtier factory boy bags on our sub that has a messy kind of screw. Can you live with it though? Yes. Is it a deal breaker? No. Is it calloutable? Uh well like I said no one should be near your bag like that.
Also its worth mentioning that this particular hardware's thickness if you observe it from the side auth vs. auth or auth vs. rep is not the same thickness. So if you walk into the store don't be devastated if you put your rep bag side by side an auth and its not as thick as each other. It wouldn't be even if they're the same hardware material/color.


In terms of the chain color, I have an authentic ruthenium hardware and a rep ruthenium hardware. The ruthenium hardware in my opinion would be the most perfect choice for someone who is super anxious about his/her rep bag being calloutable. You cannot call out the ruthenium hardware for being uneven color because the characteristic of ruthenium is rustic feel and antique-y looking. You also can’t call out a ruthenium for being old or new because ruthenium in and of itself can oxidize (as long as it doesn’t become shiny that its almost close to silver you’re fine). If you’re one of those people that is really worried about colors being different from the auth or the shade of the color, go for ruthenium. I cannot stress this enough. Alternatively you can go for antique gold. I saw two different antique gold bags at my local Chanel boutique side by side and they too have different tones of antique gold one was warmer in undertone and the other is more neutral shade of antique gold. I say that this is a safe alternative route as well. I do own a rep new medium with this particular antique gold style and I have an experience of carrying it inside the boutique. Calloutable? Be not afraid to judge thee. Your eyes will lie. My pocket will lie. Only my TS will reveal you the truth, if you can find her.
The shiny gold hardware. My sister owns an auth and a rep on this hardware and unless you put them side by side then that’s when you will run into a comparison. I must say though that its not like you are picking a foundation and you need to find your perfect shade. But for accuracy tip, the authentic is shinier and more lustre(?) than the rep. Here’s the comparison for your reference. Is it calloutable? In my opinion no and I’m seriously really picky as heck already in general. But I do know where to place my expectations so like I said you’re not matching a foundation. You need to calm down in getting the perfect auth shiny gold shade. Realistically speaking Chanel would probably come in variation with their shiny gold sooner than you think (if its not happening already) as its already happening with their caviar season variants.
Weight of the chain auth vs. rep. 1:1. Enough said. I speak for 187 and God factories. I can’t tell you about any other factories because 187 and God are the origin of the ones I do own.


For comparison refer here. Two of these logos are authentic, the other one is a rep. Can you guess? Lol. If not don’t bother you probably won’t need an accuracy critique for this anyway. But the answer is reveal is in the very bottom of this guide. The rep font face is a slightest bit thinner and it also has a more yellow undertone than gold. If you are versed in jewelry, the rep gold is like Saudi gold in hue and the auth is an Italian gold in hue.
Other than the CC metal closure buckle, another appearance of CHANEL is in the metal plates connected to the hole where the strap is inserted see here. This CHANEL has a unique typeface which as I’ve seen on my reps and on PSP reps of other people has been consistent on high tier bags. This engraving should not look like a bubble outline it should have flat lettering mind the ends of the letter none of them curves.


The new medium has a zip pocket, it would be located on the back where the logo is at. The large boy bags does have it too. The old medium and the small do not have zip pockets. The zipper should say lampo at the back. Are you really going to go to that length? Very unrealistic. But for your reference, my GF new medium and 187 new medium both have it.


The interior of the Chanel boy bag is fabric lined. It should be the same color as your bag, in general (for leather rep bags) there are many exceptions to the rule of course. For black bags though, it can either be in dark grey, or blue (earlier authentic versions of the bag has a baby blue interior). These days though I see reps predominantly use the grey interior fabric lining, which I think is so much better looking anyway.


For the purpose of this guide, I will only be mentioning high tier factories that produce this bag. I will stick to my premise. As I said before and I’ll say this again, buy the highest-tier you can afford when possible. If you are buying rep Chanel for the first time and/or is used to authentic, a piece of advise – go for the highest tier (determined based from reviews and not just the seller saying so). There are a million reviews and resources found in this amazing sub. Please do your homework because your hard-earned money will go to it. I also believe that obtaining a rep does not excuse a person from cheapen-ing out, a rep does not have to look like a rep. Buying a rep or buying an auth, is a decision where to put your dollars into, it is in your best interest to be mindful. I can’t stress this enough.
The three factories best known for Chanel high-tier are 187, God (GF), and OF (Original Factory). I do not own any OF boy bag. I do prefer the lambskin on the 187 King boy bag vs. the one from God Factory because the quilts are dense. I feel that when I press on the God lambskin quilt there’s air inside whereas the 187 is pretty dense and tight. I’m sure this won’t matter to a lot of people and this is me being picky. Is my auth dense? Yeah it is, it doesn’t feel like I’m pressing on a bubble of air. For the caviar however, there is no difference its as tight as an auth when you press against it.
God Factory: I should note that God factory has two different caviars. One is matte. One is shiny. If you have a preference, you must specify this. I ran into a QC on the sub where the OP’s boy bag from God is a shinier caviar whereas mine is matte. Auths do come in both matte and shiny, the earlier versions of the boy bag will tend to be from a shinier caviar batch. Yes auths come in batches too and they’re differentiated by something called a “series” which is determined by the first two digits of the serial code. Lol. You’ll have to communicate to your seller with regards to buying a God Factory (GF) that you prefer either matte or shiny caviar. If you don’t I’m not sure what each seller will give you as default. I also must mention that it is rather painful for your TS to exchange a bag for you if you are not mindful which caviar you wanted. Its not a TS thing, it’s a factory thing. The TS could very well try to exchange your bag for you but the factory is resisting.
187: 187 has two tier of bags within their factory, king and high. The king, they claim is 1:1 with the auth in terms of leather. I will attest that yes it is. The high version they say is 1:.9999998 lol. I can’t comment on this because I do not own any high version. There was a comparison that TS Heidi did on her previous website but I cannot locate it anymore. While I was writing this I have reached out to TS Heidi to provide me that old post somehow if she still has it. This was her response. I'm still clarifying whether 187 does not make high anymore or just Heidi stopped selling the high versions. I will keep you posted.


Who do I prefer buying from? Why? I get this question quite a bit and I think this is the perfect way to answer it. I prefer to work with sellers I have experience with. I can only comment on Redden, Heidi, and Min. They’re the only sellers I bought a boy bag from or actually all my rep Chanel came from them. They’re all pleasant to work with. I know a lot of people have awful experiences exchanging a bag with Min based from reviews I read up here. Its not Min, it’s the factory. I’ve had a conversation with Redden about factories because if you are Redden’s customer you know that she gives you prices which is broken down into 3 in RMB (price of your item + her commission + shipping to warehouse). TS do not get paid enough commission to go through the hassle of exchanging a bag if there is nothing wrong with it (in other words, if its not broken). It’s a pain for sellers to exchange an item if it’s a picky issue meaning if there’s no damage to the bag. This is a contingency you are sacrificing in buying a rep. Do I think its fair? Sure it is, you’re buying a rep that’s why mods and people who understands keep saying be realistic with your expectations. Yes it’s a rep and it doesn’t need to be an awful rep, at the same time don’t expect a 1:1 or have doubts whether your bag is calloutable or not. I know many people have worries about getting called out but honestly most of the time I think its just you thinking it psychologically since you know it’s a rep that’s why you feel someone is going to inspect your bag. As for the boy bag an auth to an auth doesn’t even have an accuracy copy ratio of 1:1. Again, be realistic.


I put this information last as many of you might not care lol but the Chanel boy bag is actually named after Boy Capel, Coco’s lover. Its launched in 2011 and was designed by the late legend, Karl Lagerfeld. Karl was inspired by the cartridge bag used for hunting. End of history. Bag became iconic. Now a mainstay at Chanel. Now well-repped too. I'm not going to yap about this so much because this information is pretty much Google-able.


Serial Code/Authenticity Cards: I didn’t include serial codes because I don’t think its important to QC. If you think otherwise, I’d love to hear why. The reason why I think its not important to QC is that its not part of what you would call “passable”/”calloutable” you cannot call out a rep bag because there’s no serial code or the serial code is wrong unless you are passing it off as retail (meaning you have intentions of selling it as an auth). This guide and to be honest this sub does not and should never intend to fraud people by selling them reps. I do personally condemn this act, it’s a scam. I don’t want someone to use my QC guide as a way of having the bag pass off as retail and be able to scam someone with it. I’m 1000% there with you on having reps for personal use. I’m also 1000% there for our RepLadiesBST because people know explicitly they are buying reps. What I will not tolerate is other people buying reps to resale their reps as auth. Please don’t do that. The support provided in this sub or this guide never intends to scam people.
Prices: I did not include prices because I don’t know for a fact what is the factory base price since different sellers has different ways of calculating their commissions, which are then added to their price. I also don’t want to provide a price point comparison for the same factory from different sellers because I believe in seller’s integrity. Each seller calculates their commissions differently, for reasons and purposes I’m sure they have enough justification for and I respect that.


Yay! You made it this far. Answer to which logo is rep? Middle.
The boy bag has been well-repped for quite some time now. There are variations to the auth releases as there is a variation on the rep batches. I think that going for a high tier factory is the safest bet of not having a calloutable bag. For new buyers/first time buyers that want to take that leap and dive into rep, I think the boy bag is a safe bet for first timers and going for a high tier factory wouldn’t disappoint you.
I know it’s a long read. I hope you digest and find the information useful for your rep journey or boy hunt. I’m curious to hear what other information additions there are for the boy bag and if you are in the market I hope you find your perfect boy and fall in love with it forever.
Stay healthy.


✶✶ EDIT 1.0 ✶✶

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