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[NYTimes] Sources describe horror stories of young and inexperienced investors on Robinhood, many engaging in riskier trades at far higher volumes than at other firms
Richard Dobatse, a Navy medic in San Diego, dabbled infrequently in stock trading. But his behavior changed in 2017 when he signed up for Robinhood, a trading app that made buying and selling stocks simple and seemingly free.
Mr. Dobatse, now 32, said he had been charmed by Robinhood’s one-click trading, easy access to complex investment products, and features like falling confetti and emoji-filled phone notifications that made it feel like a game. After funding his account with $15,000 in credit card advances, he began spending more time on the app.
As he repeatedly lost money, Mr. Dobatse took out two $30,000 home equity loans so he could buy and sell more speculative stocks and options, hoping to pay off his debts. His account value shot above $1 million this year — but almost all of that recently disappeared. This week, his balance was $6,956.
“When he is doing his trading, he won’t want to eat,” said his wife, Tashika Dobatse, with whom he has three children. “He would have nightmares.”
Millions of young Americans have begun investing in recent years through Robinhood, which was founded in 2013 with a sales pitch of no trading fees or account minimums. The ease of trading has turned it into a cultural phenomenon and a Silicon Valley darling, with the start-up climbing to an $8.3 billion valuation. It has been one of the tech industry’s biggest growth stories in the recent market turmoil.
But at least part of Robinhood’s success appears to have been built on a Silicon Valley playbook of behavioral nudges and push notifications, which has drawn inexperienced investors into the riskiest trading, according to an analysis of industry data and legal filings, as well as interviews with nine current and former Robinhood employees and more than a dozen customers. And the more that customers engaged in such behavior, the better it was for the company, the data shows.
Thanks for reading The Times. Subscribe to The Times More than at any other retail brokerage firm, Robinhood’s users trade the riskiest products and at the fastest pace, according to an analysis of new filings from nine brokerage firms by the research firm Alphacution for The New York Times.
In the first three months of 2020, Robinhood users traded nine times as many shares as E-Trade customers, and 40 times as many shares as Charles Schwab customers, per dollar in the average customer account in the most recent quarter. They also bought and sold 88 times as many risky options contracts as Schwab customers, relative to the average account size, according to the analysis.
The more often small investors trade stocks, the worse their returns are likely to be, studies have shown. The returns are even worse when they get involved with options, research has found.
This kind of trading, where a few minutes can mean the difference between winning and losing, was particularly hazardous on Robinhood because the firm has experienced an unusual number of technology issues, public records show. Some Robinhood employees, who declined to be identified for fear of retaliation, said the company failed to provide adequate guardrails and technology to support its customers.
Those dangers came into focus last month when Alex Kearns, 20, a college student in Nebraska, killed himself after he logged into the app and saw that his balance had dropped to negative $730,000. The figure was high partly because of some incomplete trades.
“There was no intention to be assigned this much and take this much risk,” Mr. Kearns wrote in his suicide note, which a family member posted on Twitter.
Like Mr. Kearns, Robinhood’s average customer is young and lacks investing know-how. The average age is 31, the company said, and half of its customers had never invested before.
Some have visited Robinhood’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., in recent years to confront the staff about their losses, said four employees who witnessed the incidents. This year, they said, the start-up installed bulletproof glass at the front entrance.
“They encourage people to go from training wheels to driving motorcycles,” Scott Smith, who tracks brokerage firms at the financial consulting firm Cerulli, said of Robinhood. “Over the long term, it’s like trying to beat the casino.”
At the core of Robinhood’s business is an incentive to encourage more trading. It does not charge fees for trading, but it is still paid more if its customers trade more.
That’s because it makes money through a complex practice known as “payment for order flow.” Each time a Robinhood customer trades, Wall Street firms actually buy or sell the shares and determine what price the customer gets. These firms pay Robinhood for the right to do this, because they then engage in a form of arbitrage by trying to buy or sell the stock for a profit over what they give the Robinhood customer.
This practice is not new, and retail brokers such as E-Trade and Schwab also do it. But Robinhood makes significantly more than they do for each stock share and options contract sent to the professional trading firms, the filings show.
For each share of stock traded, Robinhood made four to 15 times more than Schwab in the most recent quarter, according to the filings. In total, Robinhood got $18,955 from the trading firms for every dollar in the average customer account, while Schwab made $195, the Alphacution analysis shows. Industry experts said this was most likely because the trading firms believed they could score the easiest profits from Robinhood customers.
Vlad Tenev, a founder and co-chief executive of Robinhood, said in an interview that even with some of its customers losing money, young Americans risked greater losses by not investing in stocks at all. Not participating in the markets “ultimately contributed to the sort of the massive inequalities that we’re seeing in society,” he said.
Mr. Tenev said only 12 percent of the traders active on Robinhood each month used options, which allow people to bet on where the price of a specific stock will be on a specific day and multiply that by 100. He said the company had added educational content on how to invest safely.
He declined to comment on why Robinhood makes more than its competitors from the Wall Street firms. The company also declined to comment on Mr. Dobatse or provide data on its customers’ performance.
Robinhood does not force people to trade, of course. But its success at getting them do so has been highlighted internally. In June, the actor Ashton Kutcher, who has invested in Robinhood, attended one of the company’s weekly staff meetings on Zoom and celebrated its success by comparing it to gambling websites, said three people who were on the call.
Mr. Kutcher said in a statement that his comment “was not intended to be a comparison of business models nor the experience Robinhood provides its customers” and that it referred “to the current growth metrics.” He added that he was “absolutely not insinuating that Robinhood was a gambling platform.”
ImageRobinhood’s co-founders and co-chief executives, Baiju Bhatt, left, and Vlad Tenev, created the company to make investing accessible to everyone. Robinhood’s co-founders and co-chief executives, Baiju Bhatt, left, and Vlad Tenev, created the company to make investing accessible to everyone.Credit...via Reuters Robinhood was founded by Mr. Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, two children of immigrants who met at Stanford University in 2005. After teaming up on several ventures, including a high-speed trading firm, they were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement to create a company that would make finance more accessible, they said. They named the start-up Robinhood after the English outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
Robinhood eliminated trading fees while most brokerage firms charged $10 or more for a trade. It also added features to make investing more like a game. New members were given a free share of stock, but only after they scratched off images that looked like a lottery ticket.
The app is simple to use. The home screen has a list of trendy stocks. If a customer touches one of them, a green button pops up with the word “trade,” skipping many of the steps that other firms require.
Robinhood initially offered only stock trading. Over time, it added options trading and margin loans, which make it possible to turbocharge investment gains — and to supersize losses.
The app advertises options with the tagline “quick, straightforward & free.” Customers who want to trade options answer just a few multiple-choice questions. Beginners are legally barred from trading options, but those who click that they have no investing experience are coached by the app on how to change the answer to “not much” experience. Then people can immediately begin trading.
Before Robinhood added options trading in 2017, Mr. Bhatt scoffed at the idea that the company was letting investors take uninformed risks.
“The best thing we can say to those people is ‘Just do it,’” he told Business Insider at the time.
In May, Robinhood said it had 13 million accounts, up from 10 million at the end of 2019. Schwab said it had 12.7 million brokerage accounts in its latest filings; E-Trade reported 5.5 million.
That growth has kept the money flowing in from venture capitalists. Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates are among those that have poured $1.3 billion into Robinhood. In May, the company received a fresh $280 million.
“Robinhood has made the financial markets accessible to the masses and, in turn, revolutionized the decades-old brokerage industry,” Andrew Reed, a partner at Sequoia, said after last month’s fund-raising.
Image Robinhood shows users that its options trading is free of commissions. Robinhood shows users that its options trading is free of commissions. Mr. Tenev has said Robinhood has invested in the best technology in the industry. But the risks of trading through the app have been compounded by its tech glitches.
In 2018, Robinhood released software that accidentally reversed the direction of options trades, giving customers the opposite outcome from what they expected. Last year, it mistakenly allowed people to borrow infinite money to multiply their bets, leading to some enormous gains and losses.
Robinhood’s website has also gone down more often than those of its rivals — 47 times since March for Robinhood and 10 times for Schwab — according to a Times analysis of data from, which tracks website reliability. In March, the site was down for almost two days, just as stock prices were gyrating because of the coronavirus pandemic. Robinhood’s customers were unable to make trades to blunt the damage to their accounts.
Four Robinhood employees, who declined to be identified, said the outage was rooted in issues with the company’s phone app and servers. They said the start-up had underinvested in technology and moved too quickly rather than carefully.
Mr. Tenev said he could not talk about the outage beyond a company blog post that said it was “not acceptable.” Robinhood had recently made new technology investments, he said.
Plaintiffs who have sued over the outage said Robinhood had done little to respond to their losses. Unlike other brokers, the company has no phone number for customers to call.
Mr. Dobatse suffered his biggest losses in the March outage — $860,000, his records show. Robinhood did not respond to his emails, he said, adding that he planned to take his case to financial regulators for arbitration.
“They make it so easy for people that don’t know anything about stocks,” he said. “Then you go there and you start to lose money.”
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💡 Case Study: Passion or Money? Can you do both?

Passion or money? You can pick both. Mike Rubini, formerly a jazz musician did it by running a consulting company first. Then learnt to code and built SaaS products.
Jazz music playing
Today’s interview is really juicy. We have Mike Rubini, a musician turned indie hacker. His story reads almost like notes from a jazz masterpiece. I learnt a lot from it and am helping myself and many entrepreneurs get started with it.

🎵 Listen Along with this Edition

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💡 Key Takeaways

Try it yourself

From High 5-figure Consulting to SaaS

What did you make your first profit on?

I made my first profit on the internet as an indie maker running a marketing agency. It was 2011 and I was in New York studying at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.
It was my first time in a big city, as well. I flew to NYC from Terlizzi, a small town in southern Italy. I did this only because the school gave me a scholarship.
I saw how hard the life of jazz musicians were. Determined to earn a decent living and be free to play whatever I wanted, I tried something else
I built Jazz Services. It's a digital marketing agency that serves the niche of jazz musicians and jazz brands. It was a niche that I knew very well.
The first profit came for a client of the agency.

Why did you make that product?

I made it because I wanted to earn money to be free to play whenever I want, and to support my life in New York.
I also made it to help jazz musicians and jazz brands out there. A lot of them didn't have the attention they deserved.
In the beginning, I did Social Media Marketing and website design. Then, we did some paid advertising for artists as well. We were able to send some artists into the first positions of Billboard charts. Another thing I'm proud of is that we also power some of the jazz websites out there. We provide them with more reach by setting up their communication on social.

What was the struggle between your passion in music and money like?

I feel torn all the time actually, even now. In music, there's this underlying thought that you are a "true" musician only if you do music full-time. In my mind it's easy to think that I am less of a musician because I also do something else. It's hard! Every choice has some sacrifices, but the way I think about it is this:
Would I rather sacrifice my art and do weddings and teach in schools? They are completely fine activities but I don't like them. They make me miserable musically speaking. Or, would I rather do something completely different? One that allowed me to do what the heck I want musically speaking? I like the last option better.
I don't like the word "balance". There's never a balance but I do have the option now to do what I want with my time. At the beginning I was also in school so I had very little time to dedicate to the business, but I made it work.
I always was very clear. I value time freedom a lot so my lifestyle is this. Work when I want to work, play my saxophone when I want to play and that's what I do.
Having time to help my family without asking permission is also a big thing I wanted to have.
You have to know where to go, then you can choose which roads to take.

If you don't mind sharing, how much did you make?

At the beginning I was doing $0/month like everybody else. I took some jobs for free and learned a ton, especially on how to win more jobs, communicate with clients.
One thing that helped me a ton is going into a meeting well-prepared.
I would always have a PDF ready. It was an in-depth analysis of the client's situation and an analysis of their social media or website performance. In it, I highlighted where they could improve. These PDFs were even 20 pages long. You show that you took time and you give them something. That's Robert Cialdini's reciprocity right there.
Another thing that helped is doing more of what worked. It sounds simple but we often look for new things. In actual fact, we need only repeat the actions that give us the most results. Even if they don't scale at the beginning.
Down the road, I made $2-5k/month, which is not a lot in NY. I went back to my hometown in Italy eventually.

How did you decide on the business model?

At first I was doing everything. Getting clients, support, delivery. I learned a lot of how to run an agency. I learned that I could delegate some of the work to Next Eleven countries and that's what I did.
I learned a lot about how to manage Virtual Assistants (VAs) through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). And how to manage clients. How to talk to them, how to reduce scope creep, etc.. So, I would call this business model a "agency arbitrage business model" but it's not something I decided on. It came with time.
This was mostly through trial and error.

Where is the product now?

My agencies (I have another one for startups, by the way) still get a few leads and some still make some money. Now my focus is on SaaS.

What are you working on now?

Through the years, I've learned that I have some superpowers. I can (somehow) code, I can (somehow) market and I can tap into the creativity that I've developed as a musician.
So I switched my business model and I'm now working on SaaS (software as a service). Currently, I'm bootstrapping a few software products. You can find them on
The latest project is** Treendly**, which spots rising trends in different industries. It's making €1142 monthly. My total monthly MRR is €3456 from 6 projects.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs starting out?

Learn to code and start something. I would advise to start with whatever you feel comfortable with and can make your ROI sooner.
Usually, a service business like my consulting company, Jazz Services is something that has straightforward Return On Investment (ROI).
Then reinvest in long-term bets.
Editor's notes: Running a service business pays you money while you learn how to run a business. Your clients pay you immediately. Use that money to grow your business. At least you won't go hungry and get payoffs in Month 1 rather than in 12 months for a SaaS as a new founder.
Special thanks to Vera Sun, Wit Sumathavanit and Dominic Abela for proof-reading.

Let's Discuss

  1. Are you currently struggling with something similar?
  2. Have you had to decide between Passion versus Money? How'd you deal with it? Can you tell us what you learnt about it?
  3. Does this inspire you? What projects are you working on now and what are your next steps after reading this case study?
Let me know if you want to read more of these case studies! I interview entrepreneurs like Mike Rubini weekly to condense hours of lessons into a quick 5-10 minute read.
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[Part 2] KAVA Historical AMA Tracker! (Questions & Answers)

ATTN: These AMA questions are from Autumn 2019 - before the official launch of the Kava Mainnet, and it's fungible Kava Token.
These questions may no longer be relevant to the current Kava landscape, however, they do provide important historical background on the early origins of Kava Labs.
Please note, that there are several repeat questions/answers.


How do you think about France in Kava market development plan?

What is your next plan to raise awareness among French about Kava?


Why did you choose Cosmos instead of Aion, which comes with AVM built on JAVA, which can be accepted by many developers?

Will there be a possibility that one day we will be able to collateralize a privacy coin, such as Monero, on KAVA?

  • Answer: We like programming in GO, interfaces are OK for Java. Cosmos will also feature a WASM module and EVM later. The Cosmos-SDK is very flexible and it allowed us to choose our own security model. That was unique compared to other frameworks where we had to adopt the underlying blockchains. In Cosmos-SDK we can create our own blockchain.
  • Re: privacy - you can do some fun things in payment channels to make transactions more private. Such as onion routing clearing and settlement across different nodes. This can be possible in the future, but not our priority now.


The biggest advantage of finance is the efficient allocation of resource allocation. If KAVA connects assets of multiple platforms through the interchain technology, the efficiency across the market will be improved.

But in terms of connectivity, Facebook's Libra, with its centralized giant platform, could be a big threat for the future. Of course, regulatory uncertainty still exists. KAVA wonders what big platform companies think about entering the blockchain field and how they can cope with their competition.

  • Answer: We think of Kava as a DeFi service that can integrate with wallets, exchanges, and other platforms when users want loans or stable coins for payments. We don't see competition with Libra, but we see lots of users potentially getting into crypto which will be good for the market, good for BTC, and good for Kava.


What will you do with the money after IEO?

What is the most important markets that Kava is focusing?

What is your marketing strategy to approach those markets?

  • Answer: What will we do with the IEO money? Put it in a bank and keep building. We keep our funds safe in secure accounts that are insured. We always maintain at least 2 years runway in pure fiat to ensure we can survive in any bear market conditions and come out on top in the end.


On mainnet, which function/feature can we expect to see on Kava since i only saw informations about its testnet?

  • Answer: mainnet will feature KAVA, staking, delegating, validator software, voting and governance / parameter changes. Following mainnet, the validators will vote to enable transactions and the CDP platform. We expect this to be towards the end of the yeaQ1 2020


How does Kava maintain the stability of its stablecoin? Are there any opportunties for outsiders to arbitrage or any other mechanisms to maintain price stabilization?

  • Answer: Kava users deposit crypto assets as collateral and can withdraw a loan based on the amount they deposited. They must always provide more collateral than the loan is worth. When the value of the collateral drops due to market conditions, before it reaches the value of the loaned amount, the platform will auction off the crypto assets for USDX that is on the market at a discount. Holders of USDX can buy these assets at a profit. This removes USDX from the market and makes sure that the global USDX to collateral in the system remains balanced. Similar to MakerDao, 3rd parties can run "keepers" - very simple implementations which continuously monitors the Kava/USDX credit system for unsafe CDPs, and execute the liquidation function the moment they become unsafe. Keepers can also perform arbitrage on DEX/Exchanges executing trades across the Kava platform and the markets.


Alright! So KAVA is doing DeFi right, could you explain DeFi in layman term to us.

  • Answer: Decentralized Finance. Finance is really ensuring everything about past, present, and future value of money. You need safe custody and a store of value to keep money you earned in the past safe to be used later when you need it. You need something liquid and easily tradable to be used in the present. And the trickier one is the future - people need to get loans on the assets they have or hedge against the assets they have in order to ensure they can build for a better future. That’s finance.
  • DeFi is taking all those things and making them open access and unregulated so that regardless if you were born with out an ID, if your credit score is bad, or if the government is trying to censor your actions and limit your spending - DeFi promises to give you a way to get access to the financial products you need.


Could you please briefly explain your projects, and why you choose DeFi as a problem to solve?

  • Answer: Kava is a cross-chain DeFi platform for cryptocurrencies. Kava offers decentralized loans and stable coins for any other crypto asset such as BTC, XRP, BNB, and ATOM.
  • DeFi is the killer use case of crypto today. I think most people see this clearly now. We believe providing the basic DeFi services is the very first step that is required before blockchain technology can really become wide spread - so we started here.


Why the name of the project KAVA?

  • Answer: We started in crypto thinking we would build banking products and we wanted a more relaxed cool name to stand out from other solutions. Turns out Kava means many things.
  • Kava = Hippopotamus in Japanese
  • Kava = crow in hindi
  • Cava = wine region in spain
  • Kava = a medicinal root you add to Tea
  • Kava = now a cross-chain DeFi platform
  • But TLDR - we liked the name and thought it sounded short and sweet.


What do you think of the future of DeFi in this space? Will DeFi one day take over the traditional financial systems? -- any wild guess on when it might happen?

  • Answer: I think centralized solutions will always have certain advantages and DeFi will also have certain advantages.
  • But truthfully, KYC is a problem from a user experience point of view. One of the big things with DeFi is there is no need to make people go through a KYC process anymore.
  • If we imagine a world where USD Is king, or Renminbi is king, or BTC is king. DeFi has a place in all of them because open access to financial services is a basic human necessity.


As we have known, Lending is not the only problem to solve in the whole financial areas, are you planning on going beyond lending? What other financial products are in your pipeline?

  • Answer: Thats a good #Q .
  • While we have a lot to solve to offer lending to other crypto assets - we can expand our support to non-crypto assets, to NFT tokens, and other assets.
  • We also have plans to offer derivatives and other synthetics other than USDX - such as synthetic bitcoin and Yuan. What is exciting about Kava and the oracle system run by validators is that we can leverage this infrastructure around the world to do all sort of things.
  • One of the more interesting products is creating under-collateralized loans using payment channel (layer-2 tech) of our USDX coin. Two parties can lock funds in payment channels and place bets on the price feeds from the oracles. When the funds reach a maximum threshold, the bet closes. Since a price feed is just a data set, we can have the settlement rules be multiples of the real data. In simple terms we can create 100x leverage products for the craziest of traders 😉


Btw KAVA is a bit unique because it use Cosmos/Tendermint. While other DeFi use Ethereum , why you guys choose Cosmos?

  • Answer: Cosmos is the future. Even facebook’s Libra consensus design was just a copy of Tendermint. Kava, Binance, the Cosmos Hub and many other blockchains are built on the same Cosmos-SDK framework.
  • It’s very flexible and soon interoperable. This is a huge advantage over Ethereum. Where system’s like MakerDAO will be forced to develop in a slowly evolving chain like Ethereum and only touching Erc20 assets, Kava will be able to rapidly evolve, program in GO rather than solidity, and interoperate with chains like Binance directly.
  • We’re very excited to get BNB and BTCB onto Kava’s CDPs and to put KAVA and USDX onto the Binance DEX. This is fairly easy on Cosmos.


I saw in KAVA deck that you guys will use USDX, is it a stable coin? How is it going to work and its relationship with KAVA token itself?

  • Answer: USDX is an algorithmically stable token pegged to the USD. USDX is the token users recieve when they get a loan from the Kava platform. USDX is collateralized or backed by crypto assets so the Kava platform should always hold more crypto value than the USDX it loans making USDX a very safe store of value even if the market crashes 10x overnight. That is what a stable coin should do.
  • USDX is special though. Natively, users can spend or trade USDX freely like other stable coins, but the important difference is that 1) USDX is free of censorship and does not require a bank or anything else. 2) USDX can be “bonded” or “staked” providing an interest bearing yield between 2-10% APR. This is substantially more than what I can even get from my bank account.


From your point of view as KAVA team, what would be most anticipated feature in KAVA ?

  • Answer: Our CDP platform launch later this year. The first USDX will be minted then.
  • Support of BTC in the CDP smart contracts. No blockchain has supported a real decentralized custody and use of BTC with smart contracts before.


Indonesia is one of the “developing” countries, how is DeFi can help in making a difference in those “developing” countries?

  • Answer: I can’t speak for developing countries as it’s not my expertise, but DeFi in general is trying to offer the exact same services to EVERYONE. Whether you are in San Francisco or Indonesia, the financial services you should have should be similar. The rates and fees you pay should be the same. DeFi is fair treatment and open access for everyone. That is what’s nice about having things run on a protocol.


Last but no least, since we are doing AMA in Indonesian group, I believed our members wants to know if you are interested in going to Indonesia to expand your community and reach?

  • Answer: As I said, I have not been before! I am traveling throughout South East Asia for a lot of the year. It is one of my destinations. I hope to meet many of you while I am out there.


Defi companies are growing at a rapid pace, but they're actually smaller than traditional financial institutions. In order for Defy to become a global trend, it must eventually acquire consumers within the traditional financial industry.

Traditional financial consumers, however, have poor technical understanding and want psychological stability through government guarantees such as deposit insurance. After all, what does KAVA think about long-term competitors as traditional financial institutions, and what long-term strategies do they have to embrace traditional financial consumers?

  • Answer: We think of financial institutions as big honey pots of potential DeFi users. For example, if Kava can offer margin lending at better rates than a bank because there is no middle men or compliance costs, users should want to use that service.
  • As crypto grows, I believe more FIs will integrate crypto assets and DeFi services. For example, in the US you cannot currently margin trade crypto as a retail user. But it could be possible for a regulated FI to integrate a lending service like KAVA without causing issues with regulators due to Kava having no counter party risk other than the user itself.


MakerDAO is only for ethereum but Kava support multiple assets, is this only difference?

What are Kava main advantages compared to MakerDAO?

  • Answer: Kava supports multiple assets THAT are on different blockchains. Maker can only support ETH. This is a huge difference. In addtion, the role of Maker is quite likely a security token. It represents fees paid by others. Where in Kava, the token is used in security of the blockchain protocol itself. The holders of Kava have a lot at stake and need it to govern the system. Maker holders have nothing at stake.
  • I think a huge difference is that with our model being POS and based on validators with slashing if they don't participate our governance participation and management will be much more effective than MakerDao.


Ticket claim for KAVA Launchpad is comming around the corner. This maybe last IEO ticket claim of this year. With this hype and expectation of investors/traders, do you think KAVA will be a big boom to end this year with happy tears?

If someone wants to manipulate Governance function of KAVA by changing voting result by possessing many Validators Node through buying over 51% KAVA of market, what will KAVA team do? Do you think Emergency Shutdown(Maker has this) can be considerd as a solution?

How will USDX be minted and backed on KAVA platform? If its based on uses crypto collateral, how will KAVA team make it stable since the inflation of crypto price?

  • Answer: I believe Kava to be underpriced currently, especially compared to maker which is 10x the value and serving ETH which is much smaller market than ours.
  • But I cannot tell you with certain if Kava will boom or bust - only the market can decide that. As with all speculative assets, do your homework and trade at your own risk. We here at kava are very LONG Kava, but we are biased 😉


Stablecoin is the word that I heard everyday, so do you have any plans to release wallet for stablecoin?

  • Answer: There are already wallets created for Kava that can hold our tokens 😉


My first question is: Why do traders choose to use KAVA instead of margin on exchanges?

My second #Q is: What happens whenKAVA doesn't have enough cash to loan out?

  • Answer: Traders who cannot get passed KYC can use Kava. Traders who want better rates than exchanges can use Kava. If regulators like in the US prevent margin trading, Kava is a great solution.
  • Kava creates USDX out of thin air when users withdraw loans. It will only create Kava is the user locks a great value of crypto in the system to back it. When the USDX loan is repaid, it is destroyed. In this way, Kava can scale however big it wants - it will never run out of cash.


i heard as you said before in San Fransisco, Silicon Valley. what is the relationship about Silicon Valley and KAVA? and what will KAVA done in this Q1 ?

  • Answer: I am born and raised in Silicon Valley. I am blessed to have grown up in this area where lots of tech innovation is. However, I am the only one at Kava that lives here full time. The others on my team are in the Cayman Islands and Cambridge.
  • San Francisco is a hub for the largest crypto projects - Ripple, Coinbase, Stellar, etc. It's a great place to network with founders and feel inspired to do big things. It is not the best weather here, but the people are focused and extremely helpful if they can be if you aim to do big things.


With regard to minting new USDX, is there any potential chance to against Global financial law? Likewise USDT, issuing money should guarantee deposit of real collateral as I have known.

  • Answer: USDX is debt. It is not a guarantee, but the protocol's rules state it must have more crypto assets behind it than the # of USDX issued. In this way, rules are better than guarantees. Tether guaranteed 1:1 USD, it turned out not to be true because their funds were seized by regulators. That is impossible in the case of Kava.


What is the uniqueness of KAVA project that cannot be found in other project that´s been released before?

  • Answer: Cross-chain is unique for us. But most unique is our partners and validator group that is launching our blockchain. We have incredible partners that support our work including Ripple, Cosmos, Arrington, Hashkey, SNZ, Lemniscap, etc.


KAVA was initially planned to launch on Ripple network but later switched to Cosmos Tindermint Core. What is that something you see in Tindermint Core that is not available anywhere.

  • Answer: We did not plan to launch on ripple and did not launch on "Tinder"-mint. I have a fiance - she would be quite mad.
  • We did however use the Cosmos SDK - a tool set, to build our blockchain that features tendermint consensus.
  • Tendermint is just the consensus so I assume you mean the SDK. The SDK is very much "choose your own adventure" you can build anything and design all the spec of your blockchain easily. In this way you choose the tradeoffs that make the most sense for your special application/network


How much portion of USDX is backed from crypto/fiat money ...& please mention why any trader, hodler will prefer USDX over other stable coins?

What are the biggest challenges you expect to face and how do you plan to overcome these challenges?

  • Answer: 150% of USDX or more is backed by crypto. Traders will use USDX because it offers a savings rate. This rate allows traders heding bitcoin or other assets to not only store value, but earn a return.


What do you think about creating liquidity for the Kava project?

  • Answer: It's the biggest challenge. My hope is the savings rate USDX offers will give it natural organic demand over existing stable coins. It will definitely be a large BD process to get USDX listed and used worldwide.
  • We work with some of the worlds best market makers to seed liquidity today. But we will need organic demand in the long-term


So many IEO projects consistently drop in price after listing. Whats different with KAVA, what are some special highlights?

  • Answer: Why is Kava based on Cosmos? Based on what considerations?


How do you see the chinese language community? How do you view the opportunities for growth in the chinese community?

  • Answer: You will be soon listing on Binance, what are your plans on the business side after listing? In one years time, what are your thoughts on where Kava's development will be?


If we take a look at all the different types of DeFi products/apps out there, including decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, atomic swaps, insurance products, lending platforms, trade financing platforms, custodial platforms, crowd investment platforms, etc, nearly cover all the important areas of traditional finance.

In this age of all these different platforms taking hold, where does Kava see itself appealing to its app developers, users, investors?

  • Answer: What does Kava do? What can a normal user (of crypto) achieve by using KAVA?


How does Kava maintain the stability of its stablecoin? Are there any opportunities for outsiders to arbitrage or any other mechanisms to maintain price stabilization

  • Answer: What is the reason for the IEO price reaching 6x the first round private sale price? How did you come about to reaching this valuation?


What would you be able to do more for Russian-speaking communities and regions?

  • Answer: one thing to keep in mind is that yes, we do have limitations and regulations to follow when it comes to certain countries and we will adhere to those regulations in hopes of proving ourselves to be a thoughtful and long-term solution. while we may not directly work with some countries, we hope that communities there can understand that we're here focused on being sustainable rather than another project around shorter-term gains.
  • for myself, I'm actually belarusian myself so I absolutely see the value of working in the CIS/Russian-speaking regions. we'll continue to do AMAs, interviews, and always engage with Russian-speaking communities to better understand what the #Q s, concerns, and thoughts.
  • If there's anything else we can do in this region and with the @gagarin_ico communities, please let us know!


What are your major goals to archive in the next 3-4 years? Where can we KAVA ecosystem in this period? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption?

Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

  • Answer: We want to really build out great DeFi products for the masses. I really believe that DeFi will be a major force to allow much more mass adoption for crypto over the coming years. In the sorter term, we want to push out our blockchain and build on top of that our CDP platform, which allows users to trustlessly put collateral onto the Kava blockchain, and receive a loan in USDX that will be also trustlessly administered.
  • We will then build out more complex products and financial derivatives for crypto users and traders. We have barely scratched the surface in what we can do with DeFi so I can't predict the future, but we want to build products that are pegged to BTC values so that traders have more leverage purely in crypto.


Which one of your milestone do you think was difficult and which was the encouragement that courages you to achieve it?

What were the Minimum and Maximum limit of KAVA tokens that one can be able to STAKE after the Mainnet launch ? And What will be the percentage of reward one gets and will it in future ?

  • Answer: Good #Q ! Well we've been working on open source cross-chain technologies for a number of years and honestly it can be a pain. I think the Cosmos SDK made it significantly easier to implement the features that we wanted into the software.
  • I think the largest challenges for Kava are not software based but in market adoption. Makerdao is a great project and they have spearheaded a lot of the work in the lending field. Hopefully Kava can be a very meaningful contributor as well


What if someone fails to repay the debt? Is that KAVA is taking collateral system to enterprise level & if so, what's the plan? How secure KAVA is to safely handle the collateral tokens?

  • Answer: These CDPs or "collateral debt positions" are always over-collateralized, which means you have to have more asset locked up in the bucket than you can draw from the bucket. The system leaves a margin when the collateral is 'called' to be able to sell off. If the asset cannot be fully redeemed KAVA is minted to cover the balance. Hence KAVA is a 'lender of last resort". This is why its important that we select good initially assets to support 👍


I am very impressed with your voting method, how does it work? Whether users can vote to change things in the platform, are you a programmer with filters to decide what can be voted on and what is not possible?

  • Answer: Thanks. A lot of this was pioneered with the Tendermint team. Basically voting is entirely open and asynchronous, meaning anyone can submit a proposal to be voted on. All the project in the Cosmos ecosystem are working diligently to expand the space of variable or features that can be modified via this governance method in protocol. For example, we were the first to enable transactions directly via governance in our Testnet-2000!


Where does the interest rate come from for holding USDX specifically & technically?

  • Answer: Great #Q ! Just like in MakerDAO, lenders of collateral (e.g. BTC, BNB) pay an annual interest rate to borrow USDX. A portion of that interest rate accretes to holders of KAVA, the rest we can apply a 'carrot' for users to adopt USDX. In short, Savings rate is loan interest rate less 'rents' collected from KAVA holders


As far as I understand it KaVa is used both as a staking token and as collateral for Kava stablecoins (UsDX) .Can you talk a bit about the stability mechanism? Can other forms of collateral be used to create Kava stablecoins (a la Multi-Collateral Dai)?

  • Answer: KAVA will not be used as a collateral type in the CDPs. Collateral types will be assets exogenous to the system, like BTC and BNB. Of course BTC and BNB's value fluctuates. To make USDX not fluctate we ensure there is always more BTC or BNB in the CDP bucket than 'stable' USDX. Therefore BTC could increase or decrease a lot, as long as its less than the 'stable' debt of USDX that you have drawn, the system is healthy and functional 👌


As far as I know, KAVA had 150 Validators in the test. Why do you have so much. Which conditions are your team based on to choose / invite them to stay decentralized, important for a Defi platform like KAVA?

  • Answer: KAVA mainnet will launch with a cap of 100 validators. We want as many validators as possible. The reason? What if KAVA was run by just you and me. Well that works if people trust us, but its pretty for us to collude and act maliciously. Its harder for 100 people to collude -- its still possible, but harder. And so we put a lot of effort in to promoting a healthy and large validator community, and empowering them to grow their stake in the system


As a developer, which program languages can i use in kava core smart contracts?

2How secure your fully on-chain liquidity protocol & What's is a core Smart Contract ?can you briefly explain.

  • Answer: Yay developers! 🤓 The Cosmos SDK is currently written in Golang. So thats a good start. What other language would you like to work in?


What do you think of DEFI in the Blockchain space?

DeFi brings many benefits to users, but conflicts of interests with the Bank. What is the solution of kava?

  • Answer: Defi to me is offering financial primates, the supplies of which are spreadout amongst many participants, as opposed to few. People offer loans on BTC today. Kava's goal is to maximize the amount of counterparties to any loan, thereby 'socializing' the returns on any activiely used financial product


What is the crucial thing, in your opinion,that would increase adoption of KAVA and possibly the rest of crypto. What’s the KAVA economic model and how will it is architecture ensure scarcity of the token and help to growth token price?

Can you tell me more about the new technology that combines the benefits and interactive functions of Cosmos with the DeFi applications you have built?

  • Answer: Principly what I believe is 'new' about the KAVA tech stack is that we are building a standalone piece of software that treats other network techologies as 'first class citizens'. This means from the ground up our design is mean to easily incorporate and work with other software. A lot of blockchain is a story of "everyone will use my software, because its the best". Kava Labs worked for years against this view while bringing open Interledger to market.


As Per Kava website ! $KAVA was done many partnerships with Big project like Ripple, Cosmos, TenderMint, Hashkey, etc ! So, whats the major reason and benefits of these partnerships to kava project?

Kava Project have their own Mainnet Blockchain So, whats the main work of Cosmos Blockchain in Kava ? Is Kava projects is on Both mainnet and Cosmos OR Kava is just using the Cosmos Blockchain services?

  • Answer: Working together. Pooling resources and talent to make something bigger! Crypto is still a little fish in a huge ocean of financial services. Kava Labs has always had an eye for inclusivity. Grow the pie!


I have been too involved in KAVA's AMA, I think I know all about your technology.I want to ask a successful person like you why come with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, with talent. There are many other areas for you to choose, so why are you targeting such a risky market?

  • Answer: Successful ay? hehe. Depends how you define success and what your goals are. I love delivering products to users. Crypto has some fantastic users, and there is still sooo much to be built. I think KAVA has a lot of promise, but there is still so much work to be done and I hope users like you all become producers some day as well


What's the most critical and innovative point of KAVA to ensure users that it is the best under DeFi niche?

How can you compete MakerDAO which has done good number of business with recent market! If I hold KAVA tokens how KAVA leverage the tokens value and make it moon for me? 🙈

  • Answer: "IF" you hold KAVA tokens now? 😂 Again I think this a markets concern. To the extend that users on other chains begin to trust KAVA brand for loan issuance, and we get some solid adoption of USDX I think we're in a good spot. I would say a benefit of KAVA is that we are FOCUSED. We're not trying to be everything for everyone. This is lending, quite simply, for the large market cap coins -- and that's hard enough


Why KAVA needs to create it's own stable coin, whereas there are are many other options available in the market? Is that crypto tokens can be stable!!?

  • Answer: Yeah there are a lot of USD backed stable coins that is true. Indeed we have looked around with working together with a number of them. The difference with USDX (and DAI) is that its crypto-collateral backed. Doesnt mean we won't work with others in the future 😉


Processing fees on loans we need to pay in kava or usdx?

Which types of success you've been seen in testnet? Why on Nov 5th you've planned to launch mainnet? How many testnet was processed in the past?

  • Answer: Three major testnets with some minor iterations therein. Testnet-3000's software was pinned to KAVA mainnet software. That testnet is looking good which is a good indicator for smooth sailing on mainnet launch, we'll see 🤞


DeFi is a hot niche when it comes to crypto/blockchain project! Most of the projects are developing aiming DeFi, How KAVA is looking to contribute in DeFi ecosystem? What will be the approach of KAVA to systemize & increase adoptability?

  • Answer: DeFi is big. Mostly on Ethereum, which is great! KAVA is for non-ethereum networks 😇


What is the main reason that you think that Cosmos-based Kava zone will present a new validator opportunity :- a complex and multi-faceted governance system that allows differentiation?

  • Answer: Validator #Q , nice. I believe its important for validators to be able to distiguish there service in multiple ways, not just on security (otherwise they will be treated as a commodity). KAVA present an opportunity for validators to distiguish themselves on the basis of proper governance of system parameters on behalf of their delegating constituents. KAVA is a "lender of last resort", so delegating to a sophisticated validator could lead to better results beyond security.


How is kavas tendermint better than other defi consensus especially with the introduction of etheruem 2.0 which many believe will be better than all others - considering kavas association with ripple, is it possible to foresee defi loans from crypto to fiat ?

Maybe kava partnership with centralised banks?

  • Answer: IDK about that. But we will be working closely with the great folks over at Ripple, thats for sure!


Adoption is one of the important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the invertors' eyes.

Can you tell me what KAVA has done and plan to do to achieve Adoption in the reality, real use cases, our real society?

  • Answer: Bitcoin is real!? I'm continuously impressed by the demand and size of that network. Help us capture that demand! Really, if we can I think the future looks bright for KAVA!
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[D] CSGO Newbie Investing Guide (2019)

This is the first iteration of a new Newbie Guide to Investing in CSGO, covering most basic issues. Some subjects are in the work and will be added at a later date.

Before we start, THIS is a fantastic overview of CSGO Market History (until April 2019) and a must-have, including timeframes for regular and operation drops, many important events and lots of useful info, made by steamfrag

Which items can be invested in?

Introductionary Note: Discontinued consumables (cases, stickers and basically all containers) are better items for long term investment than non-consumables, since consumables get deleted from the market when used, thus reducing their quantity over time, unlike skins which are only deleted if a user gets banned or if the skins are used in trade-up contracts. Specific skins/knives/gloves could be profitable to invest and to hold long term, if you know exactly what you are doing. But generally skins are better suited for frequent trading and not long term investing, or if you want skins to play with and more or less hold their value with some potential to go up in price. As an example, Here is a video from TDM HeyJesus from last year explaining what I mean. If you are more interested in trading with others, nice knives and gloves, etc. and not mid/long term investing, visit /GlobalOffensiveTrade

List of all CSGO Cases in Chronological Order:

Case Name Release Date Rare or Active Drop
CSGO Weapon Case 14. August 2013 Confirmed Rare
eSports 2013 Case 14. August 2013 Confirmed Rare
Operation Bravo Case 19. September 2013 Confirmed Rare
CSGO Weapon Case 2 08. November 2013 Confirmed Rare
eSports 2013 Winter Case 18. December 2013 Confirmed Rare
Winter Offensive Weapon Case 18. December 2013 Confirmed Rare
CSGO Weapon Case 3 12. February 2014 Confirmed Rare
Operation Phoenix Weapon Case 20. February 2014 Confirmed Rare
Huntsman Weapon Case 01. May 2014 Confirmed Rare
Operation Breakout Weapon Case 01. July 2014 Confirmed Rare
eSports 2014 Summer Case 10. July 2014 Confirmed Rare
Operation Vanguard Weapon Case 11. November 2014 Confirmed Rare
Chroma Case 08. January 2015 Confirmed Rare
Chroma 2 Case 15. April 2015 Confirmed Rare
Falchion Case 26. May 2015 Confirmed Rare
Shadow Case 17. September 2015 Confirmed Rare
Revolver Case 08. December 2015 Confirmed Rare
Operation Wildfire Case 17. February 2016 Confirmed Rare
Chroma 3 Case 20. April 2016 Confirmed Rare
Gamma Case 15. June 2016 Confirmed Rare
Gamma 2 Case 18. August 2016 Confirmed Rare
Glove Case 28. November 2016 Confirmed Rare
Spectrum Case 15. March 2017 Confirmed Rare
Operation Hydra Case 23. May 2017 Confirmed Rare
Spectrum 2 Case 14. September 2017 Active
Clutch Case 15. February 2018 Active
Horizon Case 02. August 2018 Possibly Rare (needs more data)
Danger Zone Case 06. December 2018 Active
Prisma Case 13. March 2019 Active
CS20 Case 18. October 2019 Active
Shattered Web Case 19. November 2019 Active

  1. The Cache Collection
  2. The Chop Shop Collection
  3. The Cobblestone Collection
  4. The Gods and Monsters Collection
  5. The Overpass Collection
  6. The Rising Sun Collection

  1. The Assault Collection
  2. The Aztec Collection
  3. The Baggage Collection
  4. The Dust Collection
  5. The Inferno Collection (The Old One)
  6. The Militia Collection
  7. The Mirage Collection
  8. The Nuke Collection (The Old One)
  9. The Office Collection
  10. The Vertigo Collection

  1. The 2018 Inferno Collection
  2. The 2018 Nuke Collection
  3. The Bank Collection
  4. The Dust 2 Collection
  5. The Italy Collection
  6. The Lake Collection
  7. The Safehouse Collection
  8. The Train Collection

  1. M4A4 Howl (removed due to copyright violation) - The only Contraband item in CSGO
  2. Dual Berettas Retribution (removed due to artist ban)
  3. P90 Desert Warfare (removed due to artist ban)
  4. CZ75-Auto Poison Dart (removed due to artist ban)
  5. MAC-10 Curse (removed due to artist ban)
  6. USP-S Orion (removed due to artist ban)
Note: Some skins were banned from a case, but can be traded up to with trade-up contracts

  1. Sticker Howling Dawn (removed due to copyright violation)
  2. Sticker King on the Field (removed due to artist ban)
  3. Sticker Winged Defuser (removed due to artist ban)
  4. Sticker Harp of War (Holo) (removed due to artist ban)

Other ways to profit on the market than long/mid term investing


How many items can I hold in my inventory?
Officially, 1000. You can list excess items on the steam market (for high unrealistic prices) and basically use the steam market as extra space. Note that the price of your listed items on market + your steam wallet cannot exceed $2000 at any given time. You can increase the number of items in your inventory and the amount of steam wallet money through some tricks. It is however recommanded that instead you simply make extra accounts and prepare them for usage as extra space and as storage accounts, if you need more space.

How much is the Tax/Fee on Steam Community Market?
Approx. 13%-15% total for most.
Here is one in Euro by donbernie and Here is one for items under $1 by HwanZike
Yes, if you want to make Gaben really happy, sell for 3 cents and give him 2

What are some real-money marketplaces for CSGO items?
Use all external sites at your own risk

I've personally used skinbaron and skinbay and had no problems so far. There are others out there like cs deals. Update (Oct 2019): I used Bitskins before they changed ownership in Oct. 2019. I am waiting to see who the new owners are (still unknown) and how the site develops, before using them again.
Also note that the most popular one, OPSkins was BANNED by Valve in 2018. Do not use OPSkins if you want to cash out from or cash in to Steam anymore. Their so called VGO Skins aren't actual CSGO skins, even though they look similar. Update (Oct. 2019): OPSkins apparently made a comeback with a P2P system without using Bots. Proceed with caution, because Valve basically sent them a cease and desist letter in the past letting them know that they aren't allowed to be associated with CSGO and use any intellectual property of Valve on their websites at all anymore.

What is the most efficient way to cash out?
Sell the items directly at Bitskins, Skinbaron or another trustworthy site. Depending on the items, this can take a while. As an alternative you can exchange your investments into liquid items (popular skins for frequently used weapons, certain knives, case keys, sticker keys, nametags etc. - spend some time to determine which item gives you the best rate) and sell those liquid items on external cashout sites. The latter method will increase the speed at which you get money but will lose you a larger percentage. Keep in mind that BitSkins/Skinbaron take a percentage (5% to 15%), Paypal takes a percentage (~2%), and that the item values on external sites (real money value) are always lower than in the Steam Community Market. Also, every transaction on the Steam Community Market takes away 15% already. Occasionally the items on external sites are so cheap compared to SCM that it becomes worth it to sell them on SCM instead, buy keys from the in-game store, and then sell those keys on external sites again. When selling on SCM it almost always is correct to sell with an order that's higher than the highest buy order and higher than the lowest sell order if the lowest sell order is lower than recent trends display.

What is the most efficient way to buy in?
Buy items (not necessarily CSGO only) from trustworthy external cashout sites or from highly reputable sellers with high cash rep if they offer a better deal (you can find some on /GlobalOffensiveTrade) and sell the items on the Steam Community Market. Spend some time to determine which item gives you the best discount compared to Steam Market Price. Be aware that some items such as souvenir skins, certain Stattrak knives, etc. might have a very high discount, but are very very hard to resell back on steam market, avoid these items and stick to popular items. There is a reason why they have such a high discount. Also be aware that some items might be manipulated on steam market, thus showing a very high discount on 3rd party sites when compared, avoid these items and check their market history to be sure. is one of the tools that can help you with good deals, or the deals section at BitSkins. The general rule is also the cheaper the items, the higher the possible discount. For instance you could buy very cheap stickers for sometimes 50% off, and resell on steam market. But the downside is that it takes a lot of time and effort than a single expensive item, but gives you more steam wallet money at the end. Make sure that after steam tax, you always get more money than if you deposit the money directly to Steam, otherwise this whole process becomes completely pointless.

What are the case opening odds?

Normal StatTrak
Knives and Gloves 0.26% 0.026%
Covert 0.64% 0.064%
Classified 3.20% 0.32%
Restricted 15.98% 1.598%
Mil-Spec 79.92% 7.992%

Why did item X increase/decrease in price?
Possible reasons: CS:GO updates/balance changes/game changes/market changes (e.g., Tradeup Contract), new cases/operations (both short-term, due to opening frenzies, and long-term, due to increased supplies of skins), a famous streameyoutuber hypes an item, someone tries to manipulate the market, a AAA game is released, a tournament is taking place (CS:GO, DOta 2 etc.), a Steam-sale like Summer sale is going on, a market-bug is ongoing, the ingame drop rate was increased/decreased, legal issues about things related to the CSGO market (e.g., betting/gambling), etc.

If I create a new Steam account, how do I transfer items to that account? How long does this take?
Create a new account, log in (via the thick client), set up your profile, enable Steam Guard, wait 15 days, and transfer the items to the account from your main (double check that it is your account). If you intend to use the thin client (e.g., via Chrome), make sure that you log in from there as well because Steam will impose a 7 day trade restriction on your account when you attempt to create a new transaction from a new device (a device meaning a new browser). Also, if you do not have mobile authentication enabled on the alt account, there will be a 3 day delay for trades. You can use the same phone number & email address for many Steam accounts. Also, Gmail forwards emails addressed to your account even if dots (.) are added in between the username characters of your email address.

If I create a new Steam account, how do I use the Community Market? How long does this take?
Same steps as above, but you need to purchase a game that costs at least $5 or deposit $5 into your Steam wallet (and wait a month) before being able to use the Community Market. Keep in mind that using a new payment method will trigger a weeklong community market cooldown on your account.

After buying a CSGO item from the Steam Community Market, how long do I have to wait until I can sell/trade it?
They are sellable immediately on the Market. You need to wait 7 days until you can trade them to another account. Note that items from some other games, have the 7 days cool down both for trading AND steam market (like Rust).

How do buy orders work?
When you place a buy order, the market first looks for all the cheapest items that can fulfill your order. Then the oldest listing (i.e. the seller who has waited the longest) is selected and purchased. If the items are listed in multiple currencies, the amounts are first converted into your currency before being selected (i.e. a 0.03 RUB listing has no priority over a 0.03 USD listing). If multiple buy orders satisfy a new market listing, the oldest matching buy order will be selected. It used to be different in the past, but was changed in 2017.

How do I create multiple listings at once on Steam Market?
You could use one the addons listed in the "useful sites and tools" section of this guide down below. The current most secure way (since no external extensions are used) is a solution suggested by u/soldture . Simply copy this link:[]=Falchion%20Case
Change Falchion%20Case to your desired item name. This solution only works with commodity items. This also works with other games (you have to change the appid and replace it with the appid of that game, for instance Rust is 440.

Item X hyped and is going to moon. Should I Buy?
Usually parabolic moves are followed by a crash (not always but most of the time). It is almost never a good idea to buy when something is mooning because of a video, some news, manipulation, mass hysteria and hype or whatever else. Buy the rumour, sell the news.

Item X is crashing hard. The Market is crashing. I am shaking and panicking. Should I Sell?
Stay calm, take a deep breath and find out what is really going on and what you really think about it. As an example: there was a huge panic when gambling sites were being banned. Many people panicked and sold their items for ridiculously low prices. People were telling eachother that the skin market will crash and never recover if there is no gambling and the world is going to end. And here we are in 2019, and almost everything (including skins) is at its all time high. However, sometimes you just need to sell fast. Let's say you have a skin from a collection which was inactive for a long time, making the prices of the skins go very high, and then suddenly the collection became active again for whatever reason. Or Gaben officially tells us that he is going to do something crazy with the market which will inevitably crash everything. In that case yes, sell fast (just an example)

Useful sites and tools

Use all external sites, tools and addons at your own risk, some are risky to use, some old and not updated

Chrome addons:

Useful Youtube Channels

Helicobacter: FAQ 2.0 (huge shoutout, copied a lot of stuff from this FAQ, sometimes word by word)
Steamfrag: Very useful graphs and market data

Disclaimer: The information offered here is not financial advice. We, the mod team, are just a bunch of gamers and hobby investors. Do your own due dilligence before investing any real money in to a game and do it at your own risk! Use all external links, sites, tools, addons, etc. at your own risk! Any information in this thread may be outdated at any given time. You should be mentally prepared to lose everything invested in virtual items. Valve could change the rules affecting the market anytime. Third party cashout and trading sites and their BOTS could be banned anytime. External events such as successful lawsuits against Valve, new state laws, new country laws, etc. could also affect the market anytime by forcing Valve to take measures (for instance case opening is now restricted in Belgium and Netherlands, OPSkins got banned, Gambling sites were banned, etc.). Also note that all of your items legally belong to Valve, even if you paid for them.

Suggestions and potential corrections to this guide are always welcomed and will be added if necessary and approved by the mod team. I will try to keep this guide updated.

Last updated: Nov. 2019
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Financially Fucked But Have Time? Here Are Some Things I Did To Get Back In The Green.

Hey /Entrepreneur! How are we all doing today?
I know that there are probably a few people who are struggling financially. Maybe you're a student and can't find a part time job. Maybe you're working fulltime but are living paycheck to paycheck because you have a debt to repay. Maybe you're doing fine and just want to make some extra cash to invest into your main business. Or maybe you just want something productive to do with your free time.
Last year I made a few bad business moves and had to halt work temporarily due to some mental health issues. By the time I was back on track and had things rolling again, I had no money in the bank. I wasn't in trouble, but needed more money to make more money, and I hustled and made as much money as I could. Here are 3 things that I did to make some money when I really needed it:
1. Importing Tech & Reselling Locally
Buy from Aliexpress and list on classified ads websites (I'm talking Craigslist, Gumtree, Kijiji, etc.). Buy low, sell high. It's as easy as drop shipping, and you can start with any amount of money. Say you have $200 to work with: you could buy a 20x $10 smartwatches (I did well selling the U80 watch, just make sure it comes in a sealed retail box and has a strong and comfortable band, also check reviews, there are lots of variations of the same products going around in China), list them for $15-$20 each and offer free local delivery (if you have a vehicle you can drive around in), and publish your ad to local classified ads websites or Facebook groups. I'd recommend getting a $19 'Square' card reader so that you can take card payments as well, people appreciate the professionalism and the fact they don't need to get cash out in advance.
It might take you a month or two to sell those 20 smartwatches, but then you'll have turned your $200 into $300-$400, and you can go for round 2 with multiple products and more of them, or just bank it and put it into something else. Once you have a few thousand dollars, you'll be able to buy enough products to have constant stock with a wider variety and have a consistent stream of revenue coming in (the revenue could be anywhere from a hundred dollars, to several hundred dollars depending on how much money to have to use to buy stock, where you live, competition, time, etc.).
Products that I had success with included luxury looking smartwatches, fitness watches, car dash cams, cheap wireless security cameras, cheap drones, gaming headsets and gaming mice. You'll need to test your own local market to see what works for you.
Tips: Buy a portable card reader so you can take card payments (Square sells one for $19 that plugs into your phone). Offer free delivery if you can, it will increase sales. If you don't have a good camera, use the photos from the Aliexpress listing, even though they are generally bad they come across as more professional than dark low quality phone photos. Don't advertise a warranty, but replace anything that is broken out of the box or doesn't last (or just refund them); it's a good business practice. Be careful with what you buy from China; if a smartwatch you sold explodes when charging, burns down the buyers house and kills someone, it's on you (if you can't afford insurance or to register the gig as a business, just be cautious with what you sell). Check local stores and the sites you are going to list your products on before ordering to make sure there isn't competition with that specific product, or at the least make sure you are the cheapest seller in your area. Spend time writing your listing copy, get it perfect before publishing. You may need to relist each item every few days as they can get pretty far down the ranks on classified ads sites and stop getting found pretty quickly. Experiment with listing upgrades (highlighting, homepage promotion, etc.).
2. Selling Services
The services you can offer will depend on what you have. If you have a lawn mower or other landscaping related equipment, you can start offering garden care services. If all you have is an iron, start ironing peoples clothes and charge by the basket. There are several airconditioner cleaning businesses in my local area that make a killing; they charge around $100 per aircon and the average house probably gets 3 done at a time, they seem to take 40 minutes a piece. What I personally did was lawn mowing.
Once you have your equipment and know what service you want to provide, review your competition. The good thing is, you don't need to be the cheapest and as long as it's something that has alot of demand in your area you'll be able to get customers (hopefully repeat customers).
If you're broke, get some paper and a marker, and draw up flyers (or design and print them off a computer if you have access to one). Put them on notice boards, hand them out, deliver to letterboxes; whatever you need to do. Make sure to let friends and family know what you're doing as well, they may be interested themselves or could refer someone who would be. A website isn't a must if it's a short term thing, however it can make you look more professional and established and get you higher end clients; a WordPress theme is $50, learning to customize it is free, and website hosting can be as low as $1 / month.
Tips: Offer the best service possible. If you have the skills, time, and money then setup a website, create a logo, brand your uniform, and go all out after you've tested your local market and know that the service your offering is going to work. Don't waste money on a TV or radio ad for the service sidegig, you can advertise for free on classified ads websites and local Facebook groups. Letterbox delivery services often have good deals for first time customers; last month I saw a company offering flyer design, printing, and delivery to 10K houses for just a few hundred dollars. Don't be the cheapest as you might miss out on customers who think you're services could be dodgy, there are lots of people in my area who pay $100 to have their lawn mowed even though people offer the same service for $40; don't work twice as hard to bring in the same money as a competitor.
3. Growing & Selling Instagram & Twitter Accounts
If you're tech savvy, this can be an easy way to make some money. It's free, and requires very little work time, however takes a few months to grow each account and make any money. I sold several packages of accounts that I grew and it was really easy money.
Sign up to a service for either Instagram or Twitter that allows you to automate your account growth. The software will need to be able to follow and unfollow other users, and schedule posts, that's it.
Create say 10 accounts on Twitter, and 10 accounts on Instagram, and connect them to the website/software that automates the growth tasks. Set up the follow and unfollow feature so that the software follows and unfollows around 500 people per day, and press go.
Go to a free stock photo website such as, search keywords relating to your accounts niches, and download 20 photos for each account. Use the software to create the posts all at once, and schedule the 20 photos so 1 is posted every 5 days to each account.
After the 3 months once all of the schedule posts have been published, each account should have close to 5000 followers (assuming your have your follow/unfollow settings setup okay so you can achieve a 10%+ followback rate).
What you'll want to do now is sign up to EpicNPC here: and create an ad in the social media section promoting the accounts that you are selling. If you sell 20 accounts together with 5K followers each, you should get $150-$300 USD. It's not alot, however it's very easy and even though it takes 3-4 months to get paid, it is only like 1 day of setup work so is still worth it.
Tips: Don't set up more than 2 accounts per platform per day, otherwise your device and IP address may be flagged for spam and your current and new accounts could be banned. Accounts in travel, luxury, and fashion niches sell well right now. A source has informed me of an Instagram algorithm update that is going to be rolled out soon that will make low following accounts worthless as their post reach will be very low (because if this, I'd recommend just focusing on Twitter).
3. Safe Sports Betting With Bonus Bets
This is not a business, it's a one time money making idea. I was able to make a couple of hundred in 2 days with just a few hours work and a few dollars to start with, and it got me out of trouble as I did it with less than $100 in my bank account with some bills coming up.
What you need to do is turn off any ad blocker software then search google for keywords like 'sports betting', 'sports bet websites', etc. Look at the ads on the first few pages of search results, there will be a few promoting sign up bonuses (generally things like 'Deposit $10, Play With $80').
Once you have one or more websites open on the page you need to go through to get the sign up bonus, open up the terms and conditions pages to see what conditions are set on promotional money. Most websites require you to turn the money over 2-5 times before you can cash out, after that some websites take away the bonus money from the win (so if the bonus was $50 and you win $100 you're account will only show $50), and most sites require you to bet on games with certain odds (generally 1.3 or higher).
Find out the odds you need to play to quality and how many times you need to turn the money over. Then, go to the tennis section and find games that have great odds in favour of one person (I'm talking 1.2 to player 1, and 6 to player 2). Then what you need to do is not bet on the team winning, rather bet on them winning at least 1 set (which is highly likely as they are tipped to win the whole game anyways), and create a multi bet with 3-5 games involved until the odds are what they need to be.
Let's assume you deposited $10 of your own money, and the site gave you $100 to play with. To withdraw, you need to turn the money over 3 times at 1.3 odds or higher. Do the multibet strategy on Tennis matches, betting that the player will win at least 1 set. Once the game is over, if you've lost then you've lost, move onto another site that offers a good sign up bonus or just quit. If your bet won and was successful, you'd now have $130 in your account on the website.
Now remember, you need to turn the money over 2 more times before you can withdraw. Don't be stupid and gamble the money. What you need to do is find any tennis game and bet on both teams to win. Use this calculator: to find how how much money to place on each team, and it will work out so that you lose only a few dollars on the game no matter who wins. Make 2 bets using the same strategy, then withdraw the money and delete your account on the site.
Tips: There is risk involved with the first bet, so don't use this method unless you can afford to lose the money. Never gamble, it's stupid and rigged, you will lose everything eventually. This works because you only need to go in with $10-$20 and can make $100+ on a very safe bet with bonus money. Do not sign up to the same website under a different name, you will get banned for claiming the bonus bet twice if you access the site and both accounts from the same IP address, device, and with the same bank account connected to deposit/withdraw to. If this method works for you, look into sports betting arbitrage; it's another way to make money with very little risk and can be used long term as opposed to just once per website.
Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or want help executing on a side business idea. Get off your ass, get pumped, hustle, make some money. Work hard, but work smart. Good luck /Entrepreneur!
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[GUIDE] How I turned €500 into €15000 without risk / What have I learnt about betting during the last two years.

This is going to be a long read, and English is not my tongue language so excuse me in case there are some grammar mistakes.
I will try to explain from my experience which methods I have used during the last two years to make money in this business. Some of them worked pretty well, some of them not that good, but still I want to share with you guys some tips specially for those who just began on Betting.
To make this clear: The strategy I used and I am still using to make money on betting is the Bonus Hunting strategy I am explaining below. The rest of this post are tips and other methods which I have tryied but *not with that good results, and of course, with risk*
There are PLENTY of amazing posts / comments about this here, but it's always good the have a reminder. From my experience this are some of them:
That's way so far the best betting method I have ever used. It takes time to Master but it's really simply an everybody can do it. I am sure you all have heard of that. Just in case you didn't do it yet, here's a basic guide:
Eg) Bet365 offers €100 to new Users if you deposit €100. (They also give a €50 phone-bonus with small requeriments). Of course you can not withdraw the money inmediatly. You have to move the money X times before that.
The requeriments for Bet365 in Spain are x4. So Bonus money + Deposit money x4. That makes 800 EUR. And the minimum odd is 1,5 and you CAN'T bet on Asian Lines.
What do I do now? Well, you just have to sign up in different betting houses and move the money. Or in other words, bet against yourself. You will need a Surebet software for that, you can easily find one on the Internet. In my case I use this one because it's pretty simple.
All the betting softwares work more or less the same way, they show:
-Profit: Bet between -1,5% +2,5%. AVOID betting at 45% surebets because that's a mistake from the bookies, they will change your odd after betting if you get lucky to place your bet before they notice of their mistake.
-Bookmarker: Here it will show up between which bookmarkers you have to place your bet. For example, you have now €200 in Bet365, and you just sign up on Pinnacle. Then you have to deposit money on Pinnacle and place the bet in both websites. Let's say Arsenal-Chelsea. Over 2,5 goals in Bet365 is @2 and Under 2,5 goals in Pinnacle is @2,03. No matter what happens that you will make 0,83% profit and you will have moved €200 of those €800 you have to move. Or even better than that, let's say the Final Score of the match is 1-1, so U2,5 goals. In that case you would have won your bet on Pinnacle, which means that you would have made aprox. €200 profit on Pinnacle and you would have lost €100 in Bet365 (Remember that from those €200 just €100 are yours, the rest is the bonus part). You have won €200 on Pinn, you have lost €100 on Bet. So totally you have made €100 in just one bet.
That's the best case, hunting the bonus in just one move. If the final score would have been 2-2, then you would have made your 0,83% profit and keep betting between Bet365 and other bookies until you would have moved the €800.
-Event: That's where you are going to bet. YOU NEVER BET ON SPORTS OR MARKETS BEFORE DOING RESEARCH.
Eg) Liverpool-Aston Villla
Over 3,5 cards @2
Under 3.5 cards @2
Seems like a good way to move your money. But you have to know that a red card in some BH is considered as 1 card and in some others is considered as 2 yellow cards.
Let's say there was 2 yellow cards and 1 red card: That would make 3 cards in one BH and 4 in another one. Imagine O3,5 was were the red cards count as one and U3,5 where red cards count as two. You would have lost all your money.
How do I know which ammount I have to bet on every case? Let's say you have found a nice 2,7% profit bet between two betting houses and you have a bonus in one of them. You will get the bonus and also the profit, that's a good one. This betting house offers a €100 bonus if you deposit the same amount. So now you would bet €200 in one side and X amount on the other side.
Let's say ManUtd vs Hull City:
MU Asian Handicap -0,5 @1,97 - Betting House 1 (You have the bonus here)
Hull City X2 @2,06 - Betting House 2
You would bet €200 @1,97 at BH 1 and €191,26 at BH2. Here's the link from one calculator I'm using (all work the same way).
You can only hunt the bonus ONCE per person which means that If you want to continue doing this method you will have to find more people who wants to do it. That's what I have done, friends of mine gave me the documents I needed + PayPal/NetelleSkrill verified account and I do it for them. Of course I pay them around €100-€150. Which is not bad money for them considering they have to do nothing almost. Is it hard to find people? Well, I have 6 on the line right now, everybody wants money for free specially if they are students.
How much money do I need for getting started? I would say around €500. So you can sign up for a €100 Bonus depositing €200 in another house and you still have some extra-money just in case you win all your bets on the 'Bonus Betting House' and you haven't moved enough money to make the withdrawal yet. Once you start making money you can do this method for more than one person at the same time.
How much money can I make? Depends on the betting houses available in your country and the number of persons you are doing at once. UK is the best one so far (more BH, more offers) Spain is pretty good also. You have to do your own research for your country.
2. ARBITRAGE BETTING That's what you use for hunting the bonus - moving money between two betting houses without risk because you have placed bets on all the possible options -. You can do it independently. If your country has acces to betting houses where you don't get limit you can move money between them at high profit ranges.
Eg) Valencia-Sevilla.
BBTS YES @2,3 - Betting House 1
BBTS NO @1,97 - Betting House 2
There is a 6,85% profit on this Bet. Which is amazing. Now you could place a €2000 bet. For example betting €1032,72 on option 1 and €1205,69 in option two you would make €136,82 no matter what happens.
What is the problem with this method?
3. TRADING I have done Betting Trading for a while, you can do it WHILE the match is being played or before that. What is the method about? It's about trying to figure out what the odds of one match are going to do before they do. Obviously you need to have strong information about the match you want to bet on.
*Eg) Based on this week. Dortmund-Real Madrid. Dortmund to win opening odd was @2,78 (15th September). The odd right before the match for the same bet was @2,23. WHY? Well, because something has happened between these time. Real Madrid couldn't win Las Palmas the 24th + some injuries + Cristian Ronaldo haven't done his best. And Dortmund won Wolfsburf 1-5 and Freiburg 3-1 in 3 days.
Now let's see somehow you could have seen that Real Madrid would have trouble in Las Palmas stadium and Dortmund would continue winning on Bundesliga.
Let's say you placed a €1000 bet on Dortmund to win @2,78 (day when the bookies offered the match). Then you waited and right before the match was started you bet €1588 on Real Madrid +0,5 @1,75.
You would have made €191,43 and the match would't have even started.*
Check it yourself here
Of course this a risky-long term example, but you can do it before and after the lines-ups. If you think some player won't play because you have strong information about that, place your bet, wait for the odd to raise up and close the bet on the other side aftertwards.
Does anyone really make money this way? Yes. Let's say you know a professional tipster with a lot of subscribers. When this guy shows the next bet a lot of people who have payed for that service will bet there, and usually big amounts of money. If you somehow know where the influential-tipster is going to bet before he posts it to his subscriptors you have your business done. Open bet, wait for the odd to go down, close bet other side.
What does people who doesn't have access to this kind of information (mostly everybody)?. They do big research, check a lot of pages, be documented as posible. If you find something really good some or later the odd will drop. But it's hard to find.
Where to do trading? Pinnacle doesn't limit, that's why most of people uses that BH. Also betfair is an excelent option for this kind of methods.
Good luck with your betting!
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The 🐳 1000 dollars twitter giveaway

the 1000 dollars twitter contest
Today at 05:29:26 AM
Please retweet and follow me Here is the contest The bot is here The Beginner License is the perfect license for inexperienced traders who want to learn how to utilize Haasbot’s basic features. The Beginner License is also ideal for traders who have not previously used any bitcoin automation tools and want to get a feel for how the software will work for you. The Beginner License is limited by the types of safeties, indicators, insurances, and can only run 2 of each bot type at one time, for a total of 8 bots (2 of each). Beginner License
0.05BTC 3 Month Period Maximum Trade Bots: 2 Maximum Arbitrage Bots: 2 Maximum Order Bots: 2 Maximum Script Bots: 2 Beginner License Safeties Beginner License Indicators Beginner License Insurances Candlestick Patterns Excluded Web Server Interface Included API Access Backtesting Included Auto-Tuning Included
The casino system
Have you been looking for a Bitcoin gambling script? If so, you are on the right page to end your search. Our Bitcoin Gambling Script comes with provably-fair dices, multiple interactive games, a Bitcoin faucet and user interaction options including forums and a live chat for your users.
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Our Bitcoin gambling script is vested with bullet-proof security, and uses CoinPayments API for payments. The script also contains a referral system to help your faucet grow beyond borders easily, and Satoshi Snakes to help you to generate your impressions and earn more ad-revenue. The script is also built on Bootstrap, so expecting a brilliant UI won't be a mistake.
The script also comes with great features to promote user activity and engagment. The script contains a chat-box so that your users can communicate effectively, generating more impressions and interaction, and user engagement. The script also contains a Contact form so that your users can stay in contact with you. You can also use the in-built forum system for mass public interaction. Forums further allow you to interact with your users in an effective way, and generate more ad impressions to increase your earnings. You can easily maintain the site with our fully-featured admin panel which contains ability to change settings, manage accounts, perform withdrawals and other necessary functions.
Key Features Included:
Bitcoin Faucet Satoshi Snakes Fortune Hunter Roll Dice Hi-Lo Dice Lottery/Raffle Other Important Features Included:
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Bitcoin Gambling script is easy to use and stable. Expecting high-performance wouldn't be a mistake. Who prefers gambling without provably fair algorithm? No one. It's provably fair, and safe. No hacks, no bots. Script's source is easy to edit, and goes easy on your eyes. No poorly developed code. Let your users deposit and withdraw instantly with integrated CoinPayments API. Increase your activity and revenues with our in-built faucet. It's well proven, and safe from bots. We promise. Let your users spend their boring time with your Satoshi Snakes game. Pay them for each block collected, build your site's activity. Let your users roll dice and let your users win random amounts - this builds activity and trust. Provably fair! Let your users bet, and test their luck. This is all provably fair! No trouble for you! Let your users test their luck! Set raffle contests and accumulate huge amounts of deposits to your contest! Sounds cool, right? Your users can build automatic bots to bet at the games. We've a decent API for your users. Give your users a voice! Let them interact at chatting room and forums! It's well trusted, hugely used and is considered one of the best scripts in the industry. Webmasters have noticed a decline of 90% in bot activity at their sites after switching to our script. Box Contents:
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Games Included
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In a Nutshell
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Multiple games Faucet Chat and forums Great support
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AMA with Will Warren from 0x project (wwarren)

wwarren hi all :wave: you can find the 0x FAQ here:
jakethepanda Hi all. Please join me in welcoming Will Warren from 0xproject. (edited)
boldninja hi Will you from 0x?
jakethepanda :clapping:
boldninja @wwarren is your aim decentralized exchange only for ethereum asset tokens?
wwarren boldninja: 0x supports all Ethereum-based assets that adhere to the ERC20 token standard. There are many ERC20 tokens, worth a combined $300M, and more are being created each month. We believe that, by 2020, thousands of assets will be tokenized and moved onto the Ethereum blockchain including traditional securities such as equities, bonds and derivatives, fiat currencies and scarce digital goods such as video game items. In the future, cross-blockchain solutions such as Cosmos and Polkadot will allow cryptocurrencies to freely move between blockchains and, naturally, currencies such as Bitcoin will end up being represented as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
cad Hi Will :slightly_smiling_face:
bangomatic @wwarren welcome
mward hello
sevi Hi !
moobox salutes like Benny Hill
techbytes welcome Will
boldninja Any estimate month when you'll run your campaign Will?
wwarren boldninja: We are targeting early Q4!
Hi will (edited)
welcome will
mike hi will
wwarren Thanks for the warm welcome
jakethepanda @wwarren Is 0xproject actually making an exchange or just creating the platform that others can build on?
wwarren jakethepanda: we are currently developing a web application that allows you to manually generate and fill orders. It will not be a full-fledged for-profit exchange with a real time order book, but will allow you to do OTC trading with known counterparties. That said, we will be developing open-source software for anyone that wants to operate a for-profit exchange on top of 0x.
wwarren Our primary focus is on developing the platform and we expect others to build exchanges on top of it.
jakethepanda Does my question make sense?
boldninja What is your minimum target you want to achieve with funds, will there be any hard cap?
wwarren boldninja: our minimum target for fundraising is in the range of $15M. This is based upon what we expect we will need to execute our development road map over the next 3-5 years.
wwarren We've experimented with the idea of various uncapped fundraising formats that eliminate the first-come-first-serve issue and allow for price discovery but we've concluded that "investors" aren't sophisticated enough to understand auction and other formats (based on GNO).
eth only?
wwarren cannabanana: yes
mike what kind of business entity are you setting up?
wwarren mike: 0x Foundation is structured in the same way the Ethereum Foundation is: as a nonprofit organization based in the Swiss Canton of Zug, also known as crypto-valley.
mike thanks
boldninja chill canna :trollbounce:
1 at a time :smile:
choffan Hi on the ark website there is a long roadmap. I have notcied that nothing has changed on it for a while. will it be possible to tick every box from red to green as tasks have been fulfilled. as this can keep investors updated knowing how progress is going.
wwarren choffan: asking the wrong fellow :slightly_smiling_face:
choffan haha yeah
dr10 I think this is a good idea, I wanted to ask this aswell. For a better overview.
boldninja @wwarren I suggest you just write here and put @ the guy you are responding to those reply to message are a bit so-so with slack (edited)
choffan @wwarren Hi on the ark website there is a long roadmap. I have notcied that nothing has changed on it for a while. will it be possible to tick every box from red to green as tasks have been fulfilled. as this can keep investors updated knowing how progress is going.
djselery a while? we are 4 weeks old
boldninja choffan wwarren is not from Ark
choffan @boldninja new to slack
djselery this is an AMA for ... not ARK
too bad you guys are all about hype these days with ETH. I'll never participate in an ETH ICO
boldninja Will anybody be able to act as "exchange" and set their own fees?
could 0x ever be used to facilitate the distribution of new ethereum tokens, replacing the traditional ICO format?
wwarren @cannabanana I understand your frustration with overhyped vapor ware projects with nothing to show. I feel the same way about a large portion of projects out there at the moment. We are not one of those projects. In fact, we will be using our own protocol to launch our token!
it's not even that @wwarren I just think that people are jumping on the ETH bandwaggon. Vaporware or not, is not the issue.
wwarren We've raised seed funding so that we can get to a fully-functional v1 before launching our token.
@dafty yes! We will be using 0x to launch our own token.
I just think that with so many ETH ico, many bad things are possible.
jakethepanda @wwarren How many months/years in the making is 0x? How long have you been working on it?
and of course you will sell out in 5 minutes
then what
wwarren @boldninja yes! Anyone can create an exchange, charge transaction fees and retain 100% of their revenues
@jakethepanda my cofounder Amir and I have been working on 0x full time for 8 months now without pay
wwarren @cannabanana While there are many low quality projects out there, there are also high quality projects that are truly innovating
jakethepanda @wwarren What is the token called? Can you explain a little about what will create demand for the token? I understand holders don't collect fees or dividends.
if we're talking about the same amir, I'll for sure wont ever participate
wwarren @jakethepanda 0x is inherently a cryptoeconomic protocol implemented within a system of Ethereum smart contracts. 0x protocol token (ZRX) are used by Makers and Takers (market participants that generate and consume orders, respectively) to pay transaction fees to Relayers (entities that host and maintain public order books).
More importantly, ZRX tokens are used for decentralized governance over 0x protocol’s update mechanism which allows its underlying smart contracts to be replaced and improved over time. An update mechanism is needed because 0x is built upon Ethereum’s rapidly evolving technology stack, decentralized governance is needed because 0x protocol’s smart contracts will have access to user funds and numerous dApps will need to plug into 0x smart contracts. Decentralized governance ensures that this update process is secure and minimizes disruption to the network.
@cannabanana I'm fairly confident that we aren't talking about the same Amir :slightly_smiling_face:
good :smile:
with a fixed ZRX supply, could you see relayers hoarding tokens and driving the trading fees up until it becomes too expensive for typical traders? would there be any defined minimum or maximum fee caps?
wwarren @dafty Relayers are free to set their fees to any value they want and can change them dynamically to respond to changes in ZRX value
boldninja will there be any "burn" mechanisms in place for your tokens?
wwarren Relayers will compete for volume by having setting their fees to reasonable levels
why did you guys choose an ETH only ICO
just want to know why all these ICOs are choosing ETH only and deciding to basically ignore a huge section of crypto fans.
wwarren @boldninja no, the total supply of ZRX will be fixed. Their value will be proportional to their utility within the system ~ how much trading activity is taking place
I'm not an exception to the rule, many old school bitcoiners wont touch ETH so just wondering why nobody accepts bitcoin anymore
wwarren @cannabanana we are launching our token using our own protocol that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.
Therefore, we only have access to Ethereum-based assets
then will you only trade ETH tokens on your exchange?
jakethepanda @wwarren What % of the coin supply is held by the team and will it be a reverse dutch auction?
wwarren @cannabanana yes, our system is compatible with all Ethereum-based assets that comply with the ERC20 token standard
ok, good luck man.
wwarren @jakethepanda The founding team will retain 10% of all tokens. We decided against any sort of sophisticated crowd sale structure due to the amount of unsophisticated "investors" out there at the moment.
We experimented with the idea of other fundraising formats that eliminate the first-come-first-serve issue and that allow for price discovery, but after the Gnosis auction we determined that there are too many unsophisticated investors that won't do their due diligence :confused:
jakethepanda That's good to hear
wwarren Therefore, we will likely issue tokens at a flat rate in a capped distribution.
That provides the funding necessary to execute our road map, but that also keeps our market cap at a reasonable level
@cannabanana thank you :smile:
mike gnosis wasn't a true auction, just started with an arbitary price which sold out very quickly.
i was confused with gnosis myself, didn't realize that only a small percentage of the tokens were sold the way it was structured.
wwarren @mike agreed, it was an interesting idea that could have allowed for price discovery
mike Swarm Fund will be using a new method, which I've wanted to use for some time as well.
jakethepanda How long after the sale will tokens be available? There will be a working product on launch?
wwarren @mike there are many crowdsales going on and there isn't time to get intimately familiar with the format of each one
mike tokens are sold at a formula which constantly increses the price as tokens are purchased.
wwarren @jakethepanda yes, we will have a working product at launch and the tokens will be available immediately
brb 5 minutes!
mike the current prevalent model has worked well in a lot of cases, so people have stuch with it, the fixed distribution with the crowdfund over a month long period.
personally i think many of them are grossly oversold, especially the ones selling out at over 10 million USD in a few minutes, but time will tell.
wwarren keep firing away, I'll get to every question
nt91 Ark is trying to go over 17p it keeps bouncing
mike is 0x written in Solidity?
been going over the whitepaper, looks interesting. decentralized exchange is what first got me into alt coins
jakethepanda @wwarren :this:
boldninja bridge 0x to Ark :trollbounce:
mike makes sense to run a DEX on a side chain to keep the costs down. A big attraction of DEX is the idea that everyone has the same access to the market data, and they eliminate high frequency data. There is likely to be arbitrage between fast centralized exchanges and DEX's.
would be great if we could bridge 0x to Ark.
will you be doing any talks at the SF ETH meetups?
jakethepanda @wwarren :point_up:
wwarren @mike we don't have any talks planned at the moment but are certainly open to it
mike would love to see you present when you're ready. dex is close to my heart, been wanting to see this develop for years now. the SV meetup is a great venue.
jakethepanda @wwarren are you open to potentially bridging to other chains like ARK?
wwarren @jakethepanda yes, we will be working to generalize 0x so that it is blockchain agnostic in the future. But it is important to point out that we are not attempting to create a cross-blockchain solution, we are leaving that to the smart people at Cosmos and Polka Dot
Instead we are enabling exchange of assets that reside on the same chain
WTF really?
what about the dudes giving you a speaking opportunity right now?
dr10 thought the same xD
you drop the name of the dudes who want to make exactly what we are and say they are "the smart people"
you sure don't have enough time to look at the industry I guess
bangomatic Well that didn't go well :-) I guess we'll doesn't know and we are direct competitors with Cosmo
numba1enigma @wwarren i know its been asked, will you send out an email or tweet when you are in the bay area, ca to talk more about the project
id also be really into your porject if you put in ark listeners on your platform. id really be a fan of trading with the ark poker chips at meetups per mike
wwarren @bangomatic @cannabanana hey guys, didn't realize ARK is building cross-blockchain stuff! I'll have to dig in. I only heard about ARK recently
@numba1enigma we are located in SF and happy to chat
moobox the satanists don't want crypto to succeed
mike fix is our lead developer on Ark, can talk more about bridging.
moobox but they'll use it for black funds
i didn't realize how useful it would be to them when btc was invented
wwarren @mike interesting, would love to learn more about how ARK bridges blockchains. Is it still under development?
moobox but mass adoption / retail, forget it
numba1enigma @wwarren what part of sf
michaelthecryptoguy How do you see a smart contract in say 2 years or 5 years? What direction or area would you see the most usage or growth?
moobox and ark, well it's nothing to shut that down
see fermat/iop
ripple has some of the chosen ones behind it
wwarren @numba1enigma SoMa
moobox so that'll surviva for a while
mike Have you ever gone to the love nest meetups? they host talks in a nice informal setting.
michaelthecryptoguy Money poured into a project doesn't always make something survive
wwarren @michaelthecryptoguy I think we are in the early stages of a full-fledged token economy where all types of assets are tokenized and moved onto blockchains (edited)
jellevds BTC finally taking a breath? :)
wwarren @mike nope, haven't heard of it
mike that's my vision as well - goods and services are tokenized, can be pre-sold at a discount for liquidity, the tokens can exchanged on the market and eventually redeemed for the product. They can also be backed by inventory, work similar to real bills. (edited)
wwaren, yes still under development. The quick roadmap - make ark cloneable. The first iteration is now functional (today!). Will release tomorrow with video - make clones interoperable via smartbridge - provide sdk so any blockchain could listen to ark and interoperate with ark (edited)
mike it's joel dietz's meetup, decentralized autonomous eceonomy.
moobox the future is a boot stepping on a human neck, forever
numba1enigma @wwarren how will your project interact with augur?
wwarren @numba1enigma each outcome in an Augur prediction market is an ERC20 token which may be traded using 0x protocol
our development teams have been working together to ensure future integration
mike tokens can also represent baskets of other tokens or backed by physical commodities and used as hedges.
numba1enigma @wwarren sweet, and your approach to fiat onboarding? bridge to stellar? bridge to ark via smartcards?
can ark tag livestalk?
wwarren @numba1enigma we are only building the exchange infrastructure needed for smart contracts to programmatically trade tokens
we won't be focused on fiat on-ramp/off-ramps
each trade will be an eth transaction?
wwarren @cannabanana correct, trade settlement occurs on the blockchain. Orderbooks are hosted off-chain
This is a necessary requirement to allow smart contracts to execute trades programmatically: Exchange.fill(order, value)
numba1enigma how fast will trade settlement be
you don't think there will be too high of a fee per trade or too much bloat on the blockchain?
wwarren @numba1enigma ~1 block time
jakethepanda @wwarren see @fixcrypt comment above about Smartbridge.
gas fee + trade fee
wwarren @cannabanana people already use the blockchain to transfer currency, I don't consider exchanging 2 currencies to be bloat
tx currency but I don't trade by sending bitcoin tx with $1.50 fees
wwarren @jakethepanda looking into SmartBridge, excited about cross-blockchain solutions
ryano Ark is a great community and it would be nice to work closely with other great communities like yours.
wwarren @cannabanana you are correct that tx fees will make it uneconomical for small value trades, but for large trades I expect the fees to be <= Poloniex for example
@ryano I'm brand new to ARK and this community, but will definitely stick around to learn more about your tech
ryano Ark provides the best user experience in this space, and since your order books are maintained off chain bridging our platforms would provide a great user experience from start to finish. The bridge would help with settlement. In fact ark can already do this by using smartbridge text to send API functions as you mentioned
mike Ethereum and Ark have different use cases. Ethereum is good for being able to upload a relatively simple contract to run on a massively decentralized blockchain without having to look for delegates to give it its own chain, but since it runs on every node, it costs a lot more to run it if the code is complex. Ark is more suited for running complex applications on their own decentralized chains with delegates and relay nodes for scaleability, which can communicate with other chains via the main chain and smartbridge. (edited)
jakethepanda @wwarren :point_up:
mike so i expect them to complement, not compete with each other.
There's a very good chance Ethereum will be the first chain bridged to Ark since it can be done with a smart contract instead of needing a hardfork.
wwarren @mike ARK sounds compelling. Are there any people actively working on bridging ARK + Ethereum?
numba1enigma @wwarren i just read existing work on whitepaper. the only time there will be a trading fee is when a channel is closed and executes a smart contract trade? Can i trade in a channell indefinately until i take my money out of the exchange
michaelthecryptoguy :+1:
That would be awesome if you could
mike Fix is working on the bridging, and we talked to another development company experienced with Ethereum today, though their first project would be something different, so should have more details later on as things firm up, but they bring some very good capabilities to the table and can accelrate our progress.
Right now, we have the vendorfield for writing and reading data, which already allows for some interesting appliacations, and have some projects going on in this area while the smartbridge is developed.
ryano I would add that the infrastructure is already there to execute boilerplate ethereum contracts though ark
If an app is made to "listen" to transactions at a particular address those transactions can specify the function parameters for creating a contract. Same way you could send an 0x transaction instruction to execute with 0x
mike I have to go to an onsite, but will check in as i can. Thanks Will, for taking the time to AMA with us, please continue, as there is much interest in 0x and decentralized exchange, a holy grail of alt coins for some time now.
very cool, ryano, look forward to seeing some examples show up.
jakethepanda @wwarren :point_up:thanks for taking the time. Hopefully you stick around to learn more about ARK.
wwarren @numba1enigma sounds like you are asking about state channels which are a bit different
numba1enigma thanks guess i butchered it. ill read it cover to cover. thanks
wwarren @mike thank you for your questions!
@jakethepanda thank you, I'll stick around and learn more
michaelthecryptoguy @wwarren Thank You for your time. You were in here a few hours.
numba1enigma kinda feels like ark smart things project augur bets and Ox can all work together somehow to create awsomeness
jarunik Thanks a lot for the AMA. :slightly_smiling_face:
submitted by Jarunik to ArkEcosystem [link] [comments]

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