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Lineage 2: Revolution NA New Start Guide Patch 260 - 1 August 2018

Lineage 2: Revolution NA New Start Guide Patch 260 - 1 August 2018
Hello L2R Sub Reddit. I've seen a lot of posts about new player guides and as the Sub Reddit guides haven't been updated in a while i pulled all the relevant information from here and from my own written guides i do for my clan to produce something for new players. Happy for constructive feedback. PlayL2R has provided the most value to the guide and is credited in the guide. Im in no way affiliated with them but they have formalized most of what i already had.
Lineage 2: Revolution NA New Start Guide - Level 260 Patch 1 August 2018 - V1.0
Table of Contents
Starting the Game
- Leveling
Combat Power
- Monster Codex
- Forge
- Leveling Gear
- Upgrading
- Combining
- Enhance Equipment
- Enhance Attribute
- Damage Reduction Chart
- Limit Break
- Change Sub Stats
- Soul Crystals
- Rune Imprinting
- Mounts
- Skills
- Titles
- Achievements
- Arena
- Elixirs
- Cloaks
- UR Gear
Other Game Tips
- Clans
- Alt Characters
- Mercenary Quest
- Grinding and Daily Activities
- Farming PoB and RSS
- Red Diamonds
Discord -
Welcome to my New Start Guide for Lineage 2: Revolution. I will heavily rely on links and guides from PlayL2R as this is an indispensable resource for all things L2R.
Lineage 2: Revolution is a mobile game and to get the most out of the game you need to be able to auto-battle for extended periods of time.
I would recommend playing on emulators like NOX or Bluestacks when grinding overnight so you don't strain your device too much.
Nox -
Bluestacks -
Memu -
Currently Nox is the preferred emulator, as you are able to make use of recorded macros.
As this is a grinding game, ranged & and fast moving characters have the biggest advantage.Please see PlayL2R for class guides.
Popular Picks are as follows;
Elf Silver Ranger - Ranged DPS
Dwarf Slayer - Melee DPS
Human Warlord - Melee DPS
Dark Elf Phantom Ranger - Ranged DPS
Elf Elder - Support Healer
Human Paladin - Tank
Once you have selected a class it's time to login.
Starting the Game
Disclaimer - I am of the opinion that Combat Power is more important than your Level. It might be tempting to level very fast to "catch up" but you will be actually slowing your progression by going to fast. As you are starting the game late you actually have a huge advantage, you can solo farm field and Elite dungeon with hardly any competition. It is with information i would highly recommend skipping everything that grants additional Experience - Exp Potions from the level rewards,Exp Dungeon and Exp Chests from the Clan and the clan fire. Disclaimer
Leveling - 1-120
Please see above link for the PlayL2R 1 -120 Guide.
With the current update it is very easy to level to 120, in some cases at the detriment to your overall Combat Power (CP).
Please take the time to read this article Play L2R for some knowledge on optimisation of gear and how the forge works.
Hot Tips for Early Game.
- Focus on your elite gear (Names of Weapons and Armour in the forge guide.- You can draw R Grade Armour from First Monthly Login, which you can claim immediately upon logging into the game. (if you get Boss armour, you can logout and recreate character. R Grade Chest preferred as it has the best Defence Stats)
- Upon Reaching Level 10 and unlocking Achievements you will receive 1200 Red Diamonds. Save these for now. I would use these to expand your inventory to allow better farming.- Recently they changed the Class Transfer Quest to reward an SR Weapon Selection Box. This is crazy!. I suggest saving all Varnishes and Enhance Scrolls until you get this Weapon. Then pump up the SR Weapon. Our Goals should be too get the to SR Level 30 and possibly +10 Enhance. If you get lucky save any S or R Grade additional Elite Weapons. We will use these to Attribute Enhance.
- If you are lucky and combine a Magical Rare Weapon, it would advantageous to level to SR30 as well and work on this weapon along side your elite.- Aim for Nassen Jewellery Set. Speed is invaluable and has solid sub stats. If you want to do PvP then i would recommend Elven for Stun Resist. Jewellery is hard to come buy try to save additional items from your chosen set of B quality or higher- Cores - Once you unlock Talking Island and Gludio Summons, try to join as many summons as you can too max those early cores and assist with your CP gain.
- Safe Enhance where possible.
- Adena will frustrate you. AFK overnight in Elite Dungeon and complete field farming through the day to maximise adena gain and scrolls for Sub Quests.
- By the time you hit level 120, you should have a complete SR Armour Set and SR Weapon. And with some luck you may have S or R Jewellery set as well.
Leveling 120-180
Hot Tips for Mid Game
- My focus for the next levels is to focus on getting you Elite Weapon and Magical to SR30 and have it Safe Enhanced to +21. This can be easily achieved if we are Farming in both Elite Dungeon and Field. This includes using R and SR Elite Weapons as Fodder to Attribute Enhance to level 10.- PvP and Magical Armour and Weapons. I would prioritise Magical > PvP Weapon. Again same as the elite weapon, work on this in the background. Attribute Enhancing the Magical weapon is godly for Magical Mobs farming later on in the game.Attribute enhancing Magical Armour is not required at this stage.
- Remember when you can continue to Farm the Monster Codex. Use your Stones to focus on A Grade Cores of Stats that will benefit your character. Your Class guide will give you the stats to focus.
Leveling 180-260
Hot tips for Current Patch
- UR Elite Weapon. During the last 180 levels you would have been getting Scraps and other materials for UR your gear. Our First focus will be our Elite Weapon and Armour. Please see this article about UR. - Magical Weapon - Farming magical monsters will be more effective for adena farming and leveling in general. So it is suggested you focus this weapon as well.. Attribute Enhancing this weapon at every opportunity. Whilst again there will be differing opinions on this a max attribute red weapon will hands down beat elite weapon up till level 240.
Combat Power
Combat Power is a subjective number that at a glance gives us a number we can compare to others as a reference of our in game power level. This however does not take into attribute levels, alt character stats for example. Below are all the things that as player we can do to increase your ingame power. Please see this article about building combat power.
Monster Codex
As of the 260 patch the Monster Codex contributes 186,258 Combat Power.
Please see this article from PlayL2R, that shows what each character class should focus on. But as a point you should aim to do some core farming when you can, either using the monster dungeon feature or hard grinding mobs.
If you are in a clan a Core Buff can be brought which increases Core Drop Rate. Likewise if you hold a B Grade Fort, a Core Potion can be brought that increases Core Drop Rate. Combining these two provides the highest drop rate of cores. Try to aim for a full clan party under the effect of both buffs to get the maximum benefit.
Field Bosses that drop cores currently reset at 4 hour intervals from reset.
World Boss Guillotine spawns once a day at reset. Only 100 people can enter from the whole server. To better your chances of getting in, is too walk to the front of the spawn location and a pop up will appear. Once he resets the Time will go blank for one minute before the timer flicks too Alive. There is a small delay between when this flicks on and when you can enter. Watch the chat in the bottom left. Once it says World Boss Guillotine has arrived hit the Enter Button.
Below is a link to a Google Spreadsheet you can use to see how your tracking with your Codex.
Leveling Gear
For leveling up gear try to always use B Grade items and sell the C Grade. One B Grade Item gives more XP than 3 x C Grade Items and at a lower cost of 2000 vs 2100. In the long term it is always the way to go. As you progress in the game more options for varnishes open up (R or SR grade varnishes) which i would use to level up as well. Particularly when it comes to accessories, varnishes are invaluable and should always be the first pick from selection boxes if possible.
As you start trying to upgrade Armour, Weapons and Accessories you will eventually hit a wall on Upgrade Stones. Here are some tips for getting more stones:
Complete the Daily Dungeons on Stone Days and Reset twice for 300 Red Diamonds to get 12 Stones. Daily Dungeons even on days without stones you can select different days to reset. I always choose Sunday to get the Stone Selection Box for 200 Reds.
The Clan Shop has 3 x Random Stone Boxes every week for 60 Clan CoinsAFK Field Farming (Not Elite Dungeon) will get you some occasionally.Trading Post is an option as most are now minimum 54 Blue Gems.
Combining items gives us a chance at acquiring Rare Weapons and Armour. Using A items for combines is the most efficient. If you combine A+A items and receive a Magical or PvP items you can save that item for later on. If you combine a Normal or Boss Item, you can again level them up and do S+S or even R+R combines. Whilst these cost a lot of adena to do, if you are struggling to get enough upgrade stones, you can do combines to try your luck at getting the items you need.
The item in the left side when combining will be what the item will combine into (ie Light Armour, Rogue, Helmet) Now when it combines it will randomly generate a helmet from the loot pool. either the Elite, Boss, PVP, or Magical set.
The item that is placed into the right hand side does not affect the combine, so you can use A items for a different class here. (Ie Robe Mystic, Helmet)
Enhance Equipment
With the introduction of the new “Safe” Enhance system here is our take on what you can do to maximise your enhancing efforts. Plain and simple, “Safe” Enhance all the way to +20, Enhance to +23 then move onto Safe Enhance with Maphers from level +23 till +30. This is so you never lose any CP and scrolls aren't being wasted.
Use Normal Scrolls for +1 to +20 then use your Normal Scrolls for +23 then move onto safe enhance to +30 using Maphers and Blessed Scrolls (Level 22 if bad luck with enhances)
Enhance Attribute
When attribute enhancing, on your first two attempts use an R grade item or an R grade Attribute Enhance Stone. This gives you a huge amount of success chance when you swap back down too using S Grade items.
Best practice is too Attribute enhance and Limit Break your Rare gear(Magical and PvP) with Stones you acquire from events, Rift, Tower of Insolence etc.
Using Weapons, Armour or Accessories for Attribute Enhance at SR is 100% success. Whilst leveling up these items is a huge resource sink, it is of my opinion that Attribute Enhance of Magical and PvP Gear should only be done with SR Gear as they can be rare to combine. You can Attribute Enhance the elite/boss/normal weapon and armour using R or even S gear as its more frequent to get hold of.
For your elite/normal/boss weapon and elite set armour you would use those S, R or SR grade items too first Attribute Enhance your gear to level 10 Attribute then focus on Limit Break after. Some parts of the community will have differing opinions on this, however at this stage of the game we are looking at building the elite set to handle AFK overnight at Level 260, thinking long term success not short term.
Damage Reduction Chart
The chart below shows you the mitigation provided by Attribute Enhancing Armour.
Limit Break
Limit Breaking an item increases its ability to Level by 2. (SR30 to SR32) Whilst it can provide a decent CP gain, remember that Attribute % Damage is more valuable and this should be focused after you have fully attribute enhanced.
Change Sub Stats
Sub stats are an important part of gear optimisation.Below is a chart from youtuber Fizdarth, showing the most preferred sub stats for each piece of weapon, armour and accessory. Costs 100 Red Gems too reroll your sub stats.Farming items such as your Elite Set. HP Drain is always a clear winner. On your Elite Weapon HP Drain, Attack Speed and Crit Rate are the best stats. As for Magical and PvP Weapons, Attack Speed, Crit Rate and Crit Damage are my preferred sub stats.
Soul Crystals
Please see this article on more infomation on soul crystals.
Soul Crystals are socketed into your Weapons and Armour too increase Specific Stats. In the beginning i would socket in B or C grade Soul Crystals only and save any A, S, R or even SR Crystals you receive. At around level 100 i would now look focusing on your Soul Crystals. Try to upgrade as many A Crystals to S and “Sell” the C and Crystals out of the gear instead of removing and insert the Higher Grade crystals. Attack stats provide the highest damage gain so Prioritise your Weapon and Gloves as they hold the attack and crit soul crystals. Save all your Penetration and Resilience soul crystals even C grade as these are the hardest to come by.
You get Soul Crystals from Farming, events, Castle Siege Festival etc. But the best place to farm them is in Monster Summons. Below is a list of which mobs drop which stones. To maximise your Soul Crystal gain it is best to farm the mobs at at + or - 4 levels around you.
Soul Crystal Farming Summon Stones - Patch 260 (Level 120-260)
124 Vir - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
128 Alfonso - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
128 Mesheemp - Accuracy SC
132 Shakos - Evasion SC
132 Rashkos - Accuracy SC
132 Medes - Accuracy SC
132 Luka - Evasion SC
132 Luce - Crit rate SC
132 Thox - Crit resist SC
132 Holst - P.Def/M.Def SC
136 Corepio - Evasion SC
136 Rua - Crit resist SC
140 Bornesting - HP SC
144 Albert - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
146 Hector - Crit rate SC
146 Preta - Crit rate SC
146 Jeff - P.Def/M.Def SC
150 Vulture - Crit resist SC
156 Gargu - HP SC
162 Gorokk - Accuracy SC
162 Verock - Evasion SC
162 Morpheus - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
162 Wilhelm - P.Def/M.Def SC
168 Agarez - HP SC
168 Oomba - Crit resist SC
168 Skullchaser - P.Def/M.Def SC
174 Creatus - Accuracy SC
174 Jason - Crit rate SC
174 Ravolas - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
182 Sandstorm - Evasion SC
182 Adolf - Crit rate SC
182 Bear Grylle - P.Def/M.Def SC
182 Gaytin - Accuracy SC
190 Genos - Crit resist SC
190 Xeno - HP SC
190 Sling - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
198 Karix - Crit resist SC
198 Toruq - Crit rate SC
198 Silenos - Evasion SC
206 Trasos - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
206 Host Fungus - Accuracy SC
214 Barbara - P.Def/M.Def SC
214 Shadow - Crit rate SC
214 Rena - P.Def/M.Def SC
222 Herven - Mix of all.
222 Amos - Accuracy SC
222 Helissa - HP SC
230 Enclema - Evasion SC
230 Larva - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
236 Kloud - Crit rate SC
236 Vanuk - P.Def/M.Def SC
236 Tarba - Crit resist SC
242 Edwin - HP SC
242 Sophos - Crit resist SC
242 Marata - HP SC
248 Morta - P.Def/M.Def SC
248 Kreta - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
248 Mita - Accuracy SC
254 Enas - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
254 Defender - Crit rate SC
262 Cailyn - Accuracy SC
268 Veiloss - Evasion SC
274 Gari - HP SC
282 Alkaios - P.Atk/M.Atk SC
Rune Imprinting
Rune imprinting provides a permanent boost to stats. Rune fragments are mainly acquired by the Tower of Insolence. Small amounts drop from field mobs and mobs in side summon stones. They can also be brought from the clan shop.
You can auto imprint or select which stats you want to increase. I would encourage you to focus your main stats first then focus the other later on.
Mounts provide a speed boost whilst travelling around the maps, but more importantly they provide an increase in stats. Please see this article about mounts.
A few notes on mounts.-The equipped mount provides 100% of its stats. Non equipped mounts only provide 30% of there stats.
-Once unlocked do your Summon Circle everyday,
-Take the time to level your mounts and equip each mount with gear and upgrade them as you go.
- Mount Items have a sub stat that you can reroll. Crit Rate and Crit Resistance provide the most CP.
Please read the class guides on PlayL2R for your priority list of Skills. tips on Skill Points:
- Prioritise your Weapon and Armour Mastery Passives first.- You gain 80 Skill Points per day for completing the dailies.
- Only level your starting skills to level 3 and save your Skill points for when you complete your class transfer quest.
- For Rouges make sure you think about what class you will transfer too, as you have both Melee and Ranged attacks you can level. (Example Dark Elf Rouge, which can transfer too Astral Walker - Melee so you would pick the melee skills not the ranged skills for Phantom Ranger)
Achievements are earned through doing actions within the game. Importantly though, each level provides a Combat Power Boost. Just playing the game will tick this off, but you can hunt achievements if you are close.
Titles are earned by completing different levels of achievements. Titles provide a small combat power boost once acquired.
Arena can be completed 5 times a day for free. Using red diamonds it can be reset a further 5 times. It also provides honor ranks. Each win gives 10 points and each loss 5 points. Each Honor rank gain much like achievement ranks provides a CP boost. Aim to complete your 5 free attempts each day.
Elixirs provide a permanent increase to four primary Stats HP, MP, Attack and Defence. To craft them you need Herbs and Elixirs which are gained from “The Pit” each day. Additional resources can be gained by the Garden Cloak and the clan shop.
Please see the PlayL2R guide on cloaks for more information.
Cloaks are unlocked at level 75. Currently there are 6 in the NA Version. The Exp cloak is given as part of the cloak tutorial. The Resolution Cloak which is automatically given when part of a clan. The Blood Ranger Cloak is brought using Blue Diamonds. The Garden Cloak is sold for 3 Million Adena in the shop. Both the Cloak of Red Destruction and the Cloak of Virtuous Blood are earned through doing rifts. Either Combining Materials or a Brooch Drop from Normal, Hard or Very Hard Difficulty Temporal Rift. They are upgraded using Cloak Yarn or Fragment Materials.I would encourage you too save the 3 million adena and purchase the garden cloak as it provides additional elixir resources that helps with CP gain.
UR Gear Upgrading
Please see the PlayL2R guide on UR Gear. are few discussion points on UR further to the guide.- UR Provides a huge CP boost too your character. However, keep in mind that UR is for the end game. Netmarble are giving you the items you require to UR at least your elite set including weapon, as you progress through the game. Focus on your Attribute Enhance first before looking at UR.- The materials required to craft UR do take time to farm. You can salvage gear in order to gain materials faster. I recommend currently once you have maxed attributed your gear to start combining for rares and leveling to SR and salvaging for Materials. I currently use all PvP gear too level to SR for Salvage. I however i keep all Magical Gear as im still working on attributes. Try not too salvage at S or R as you are missing out on Ripped Recipe Fragments and Rare Materials.
Other Game Tips
Alt Characters
You currently have 4 Character slots you can play in L2R. Your main and 3 alts. If you are looking to increase your in game power you can micromanage 3 alts to gain a capped 5% increased stats, that are applied to all characters but it is not reflected in the ingame CP calculations. Currently if you have 3 alts at level approx 168 each. You will reach the cap. There are many ways you can approach this task.
With the recent changes to leveling and the current exp pots you get as you level, reaching level 100 is quite fast. As a bare minimum and not much effort (3-5 mins max)
Login-Collect 3 Daily Quests and Reset the next 3.-Collect Weekly and Monthly Logins-Auto Complete Tower of Insolence (as you level unlock a few more floors each day when you have time)-Do Adena dungeon if unlocked-Collect Rested XP-Auto Exp Dungeon if unlocked.
-Start your our own Alt clan and do a Max Donation of Adena each day.This will give you clan coins you can spend on Exp boxes from the clan shop.
Mercenary's Journey
The mercenary quest lines provides items that benefit you. Have a look as each unlocks and see what the next ones to open up are and if you can plan your daily tasks around these quests.
Being a part of a clan provides you with a community too interact with and assist you when doing Clan Dungeons, Temporal Rifts, Summoning Circles and Temple Guardian.Also providing access to the clan shop and if you hold a fortress or castle the conquer shop.
Contribution Points
Each day within a clan you can donate resources to gain contribution points. Each week you can earn a maximum of 5250 Contribution Points. You can gain additional by resetting for 200 Blue Diamonds. And for completing Clan Hall Quests. You can donate the following amounts each day.
75000k Adena1200 Proof of Bloods600 Red Starstones
Adena and Proof of Bloods allow the clan to level Clan Buffs and Upgrade Crystal of Unity. Red Starstones allow the clan to reset Clan dungeons each day.
Grinding and Daily Activities
As any good lineage game.. We need to grind, and grind hard. Below is a chart of what i am to achieve each day within L2R. As a freemuim player with about 2-3 hours game time and the rest AFK. This is just my personal way of attacking the daily grind and can be molded to fit your work/life schedule.Reset (In Priority Order)
  1. Complete Core Buff (If on)
  2. Complete Clan Dungeons
  3. Complete all party relates tasks
  • Summoning Circle
  • Temple Guardian
  • Rift
  1. Complete all Solo Tasks
  • Extraction Pit
  • Daily Dungeon
  • Adena Vault
  • Exp Dungeon
  • Tower of Insolence
  • Arena
  • Clan Hall Solo Quest
  • Dailies
  • Weeklies
  • Main Quest ( If available)
  • Sub Quests
  1. All other Daily Activities
  2. Overnight Field FarmBefore i sleep i will conduct the following CP Boosts
  • Elixirs
  • Level Mounts and their equipment
  • Level Cloak
  • Imprint Runes (if required)
  • Do any Limit Breaks/ Attribute Enhances if i got lucky from TG, CD or Summon Boxes.
  1. Daytime Elite Dungeon Farm (Including hot time)
Before leaving for work i conduct the following CP boosts
  • Enhance Equipment
  • Enhance Mount Equipment
  1. Just before the next reset i will level Soul Crystals from the Elite dungeon farm.
Farming Proofs of Blood and Red Starstones
A key part of contributing to a clan is effective farming of PoB and RSS. Again please see the guide put together by PlayL2R.
Adena Farming
Please see the Adena Farming Guide from PlayL2R.
Red Diamonds
Below is a Red Diamond Guide written by a member of the L2R Sub Reddit. If you know the author please let me know and i will credit appropriately.
Red Diamond Daily Priority
(Assuming you have access to all dungeons)
  1. Variable amount to max inventory slots
  2. Variable amount to have attack speed substat on your SR weapon(s)
  3. 100 to reset Daily Dungeon on stone days (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday)
  4. 30 to reset Arena twice
  5. 200 to reset Daily Dungeon on a stone day other than your current day
  6. 200 to reset Daily Dungeon again on stone days (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday)
  7. 100 to reset Very Hard Rifts (if you can do them)
  8. 30 to reset Arena for the third time.
  9. 400 to reset Daily Dungeon on a 2nd stone day other than your current day
  10. 100 to reset Daily Dungeon on scroll days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  11. 200 to reset Very Hard Rifts a second time (if you can do them)
  12. 200 to reset Daily Dungeon again on scroll days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  13. 90 to reset Arena two more times
  14. 100 to reset Summoning Circle once
  15. 100 to reset Hot Time for 15 mins
  16. 100 to reset Hot Time for 15 mins
  • Variable amount to have at least 2-3 good substats on each piece of SR gear
  • 50-150 to reset quest scrolls
  • 100 to reset Temple Guardian Reset
Some Explanations
  • Inventory slots is super important for being efficient at this game and the more you have, the more stuff you can pick up in an overnight grind/the more A equipment you can keep for future combines. I doubt anyone that plays this game seriously can disagree with that being the number one priority to max with your red diamonds.
  • Attack speed on your weapon basically adds 10-12% more damage...Yeah
  • Radiant Upgrade Stones (the new reward for completing hell daily dungeon) can be salvaged for 10 normal upgrade stones. That is 2.5 times what you get from very hard (4 stones) in which most players were doing the 200 red diamond reset on each stone day. That makes doing a 400 diamond reset on hell difficulty 25% more valuable than doing two 200 diamond reset on very hard. If your low CP and cannot do the hell dificulty, I would suggest only resetting daily dungeon once for 100 red diamonds on stone days (Hard and Very Hard difficulty only) and saving the rest of your diamonds for when very hard becomes available to you. Ask yourself this when comparing the 400 RD reset versus other ways to spend the value greater than 2.5 upgrade stones (400 RDs for 10 stones = 100 RDs for 2.5 stones).
  • Very hard rifts, for people who have not played them, offer two “extra rewards” which have a chance to be some of the most valuable rewards in the game. These include maphrs, blessed scrolls, attribute stones, cloak brooches, limit break stones, etc. The chance to get these better rewards is MUCH higher than normal rifts (for those of you who are stuck on those and barely get anything after running normal currently). Maphrs and Blessed scrolls can also be in multiple quantities. Very hard rifts do require a high attribute red weapon to complete smoothly (or at least two people in your party with a high attribute)…so it might be awhile before a lot of people can do it.
  • Resetting arena a couple times isn’t that big of a deal in terms of RDs and goes along way to get you extra honor ranks ahead of other people who do not do this. Resetting even more seems excessive but if you can reach rank 1 on the arena ranks everyday, you can claim 300 diamonds. Thirty more honor per day will also add up over time and put you a few honor ranks higher than other people over several months.
  • Extra RDs should probably go towards getting at least two good substats on each piece of gear. If you want to go farther than that, that's probably going to cost you tens of thousands in RDs.
  • I am excluding quest scrolls resets for now. While magical monsters are farmable in elite dungeons (like the 230s or so), I do not think many people are going to be field farming given the high amount of equipment/adena you need for UR. This might change when we are higher level. If you are low CP or cannot farm that well in the elite dungeon, I would probably do at least one reset a day.
  • I see absolutely no reason at this time to reset Temple Guardian. I have always found that you get way more fodder than you have adena for, so that lowers the value of the varnishes and extra equipment. The only good thing is a chance for R and SR gear (.05% chance or so) out of the boxes. Not worth it even for whales IMO.

Possible Sources of Red Diamonds per day

  • 30 from Daily Activities
  • 58 from Monthly Rewards (400 per week)
  • Variable amounts based on current events, NM compenstation, and main quests
  • 120 from Daily Diamond
  • 250 from login materials (1500 every 6 days…100 for five of the days…1000 on the 6th day)
  • 333 from login diamond (2000 every 6 days…200 for five of the days…1000 on the 6th day)
  • 0-300 from Arena
Best Ways to Spend RD
Note, I am not including extra RDs you get from other stuff

F2P Tier

Monday/Wednesday/Friday (scroll days):
  • 2 Arena Resets for 30 RDs
  • Total RD needed per day = 30 RDs
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday (stone days):
  • Reset once for 100 RDs (100)
  • 2 Arena Resets for 30 RDs
  • Total RDs needed per day = 130 RDs
Total RDs needed per week = 130 * 4 + 30 * 3 = 520 + 90 = 610
Possible way of getting enough RD per week: (30 from Daily Activities + 58 from Monthly Rewards + 25 from Arena) x 7 = 113 x 7 = 791

Freemium Tier

Monday/Wednesday/Friday (scroll days):
  • Reset Daily Dungeon once for 100 RDs
  • Reset Stone Selection once for 200 RDs
  • 3 Arena Resets for 60 RDs Total RD needed per day = 360 RDs
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday (stone days):
  • Reset Daily Dungeon twice for 300 RDs (100 + 200)
  • Reset Stone Selection once for 200 RDs (if on stone selection day, reset weapon or armor once)
  • 3 Arena Resets for 60 RDs
  • Total RDs needed per day = 560 RDs
Total RDs needed per week = 560 * 4 + 360 * 3 = 2240 + 1080 = 3320
Possible way of getting enough RD per week: 120 from Daily Diamond + 30 from Daily Activities + 58 from Monthly Rewards + 250 from Login Materials Total RDs made per week + 50 from Arena = 508 * 7 = 3556

Premium Tier

Monday/Wednesday/Friday (scroll days):
  • Reset once for 100 RDs
  • Reset Stone Selection once for 200 RDs
  • Reset Weapon or Armor Stones once for 400 RDs
  • 5 Arena Resets for 150 RDs
  • VH Rift Reset once for 100 RDs
  • Total RDs needed per day = 950 RDs
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday (stone days):
  • Reset twice for 300 RDs
  • Reset Stone Selection once for 200 RDs (if on stone selection day, reset both weapon and armor once)
  • Reset Weapon or Armor Stones once for 400 RDs
  • 5 Arena Resets for 150 RDs
  • VH Rift Reset once for 100 RDs
  • Total RDs needed per day = 1150
Total RDs needed per week = 1150 * 4 + 950 * 3 = 4600 + 2850 = 7450
Possible way of getting enough RD per week: 120 from Daily Diamond + 300 from Rank 1 arena + 30 from Daily Activities + 250 from login materials + 333 from login diamond + 58 from Monthly Rewards Total RDs made per week = 1091 * 7 = 7637
Author Notes
Credit For Red Diamonds Guide - (Please let me know)
Eruptor - Bartz01
submitted by Eruptioneer to Lineage2Revolution [link] [comments]

Letter to My Dad about Russiagate

Dear Dad,
You are the person who made me into a progressive. We’ve had rich talks about politics since I was a teen, and I love you for that. Right now, though, we see things differently viz. Trump and Russiagate. I understand and respect your thinking on all this, but I feel like I need to carefully write down my own thoughts to give you my perspective. Please pardon typos or factual inaccuracies (which are hopefully minor).
I’ll start with the leaks that have come out since Comey’s firing. They suggest that: (1) Comey was tightening the noose with the Russia investigation (this is possibly true, but the “noose” is more likely around Flynn, Manafort and/or Page, not Trump); (2) Comey was seeking money from Congress to expand the Russia investigation (apparently the Justice Department now says this was NOT the case); (3) Trump was furious with Comey for his Congressional testimony about being “mildly nauseous” about tipping the election to Trump; (4) Trump was also furious with Comey for not making a serious investigation of the leaks that have undermined him, and instead putting the Russia investigation first.
None of it proves that Trump is in Putin’s pocket (you and I agree on this). It’s political theater. Trump certainly looks like he fired Comey to impede the Russia investigation, but there’s no evidence of that. He had other reasons to fire Comey.
Be that as it may, what I want to point out is that the people at the center of the swirl, Flynn, Manafort, and Page—shady characters all—are only symptoms of a much larger problem that festers in our party, too. They are being made into scapegoats, if you will. Our media and Democratic leaders portray them as sui generis examples of “treason,” when more likely they are just representative of a rampant corruption that has nothing specifically to do with Russia or even Trump.
First, let me rehearse my understanding of the charges against Flynn: (1) he allegedly spoke about Obama’s sanctions in his phone call with the Russian ambassador in December, before Trump took office, presumably telling the ambassador that he would see to it that sanctions were lifted. Perhaps, too, he was stupid enough to thank the ambassador for Russian hacking, or perhaps said he didn’t give a damn about the hacking allegations and that he’d advise Trump not to investigate; (2) he took $45,000 from Russia to attend an RT event, where he sat at a table with Putin; (3) he did not properly register as a representative/agent of a foreign government (Russia and Turkey both).
According to Sally Yates, former acting attorney general, whom the NSA supplied with a transcript of Flynn’s call, Russia could have used Flynn’s words to blackmail him. I don’t see it. Whatever Flynn said viz. Russia and sanctions was probably technically illegal, since he wasn’t yet part of the administration, but not treasonous, nor vulnerable to blackmail. My guess is that Yates was legally and factually correct in her actions and assumptions (except for the blackmail part), but prosecutorial in her representations of them. I could be wrong ... Flynn might have said something even more egregious. He does seem to be the biggest fool in the administration apart from Bannon and Trump himself. Nevertheless, I reserve judgment until the facts are available.
As for the charges against Paul Manafort and Carter Page: Page was supposedly recruited by Russia agents … this came out in a court case in 2013 in which Page was called to testify. Page was never charged with wrongdoing, but did have Russian friends, and was a pro-Russia lobbyist, basically. Page, like Flynn, it seems, should have registered as a representative/agent of a foreign government, but didn’t. He technically violated the law, but was he actually in Russia’s pay to act as a secret agent? I haven’t heard any evidence of that, though maybe the FBI has turned up some. Still, he is small potatoes. At best he could have advised the Trump administration to be friendly toward Russia. He had no power.
Manafort had been head of a Ppolitical agency working with Ukraine’s pro-Russian president. He, too, should have registered as a representative/agent of a foreign government, but didn’t. But was he in Russia’s pay to do Putin’s secret bidding? So far, there’s no evidence of that, though again, perhaps the FBI has turned up something. More likely, Manafort simply had business ties to Russia and was more than willing to push the administration to favor Russia, but wasn’t an actual spy. Or, maybe the lines between being a spy and being someone who is pro-Russian, and who does business with Russians, is so blurry that it’s impossible to tell the difference. In the present state of things, however, the blurriness might well be replaced by accusations of treason, just like in the McCarthy era.
My question to the U.S. media and powers-that-be would be: is it unheard of, until now, for powerful people in government and/or industry to work on a contractual basis for foreign governments and/or take money for services, e.g., speaking at an event in that country? (The Clintons certainly come to mind in this regard). Is it unheard of, until now, for foreign governments to curry favor with U.S. political and financial elites by paying them for services, or by paying them to serve in a public relations capacity? Is it unusual, until now, for our own U.S. corporations to curry favor, moreover, with U.S. elites or with foreign elites in these very same ways?
I doubt that any of it is unheard of, or even rare. It’s wrong and unethical, but my guess is that such behavior only comes to light when someone is very very mad about a “stolen election.” At other times, it goes under the media’s radar, mostly. In fact even, now, most of it is going under the radar. In focusing narrowly on a Russia-Trump scandal, our media fails to give us a fuller view of the corruption endemic to our system, of which Flynn, Page, and Manafort are minor examples.
I’ll point out that the press did almost no investigation into ties between the Clinton campaign and staff members affiliated with, say, Ukraine, or Israel (though we did get a smattering of reporting on nations like Saudi Arabia and Norway that contributed to the Clinton Foundation specifically to curry favor). Are we therefore to assume that powerful Israelis, and/or the Israeli government, or powerful Saudis, do not curry favor with powerful Americans in the same way that the Russians do? Do powerful Ukrainians, and/or the Ukrainian government, not curry favor with powerful Americans—including people in Clinton’s campaign—the same way the Russians do? Maybe not. But can we say definitively no, they don’t? Or can we only say that journalists and the FBI haven’t investigated these ties, though they have investigated ties between Trump people and Russians due to the current climate of anger at Russia’s alleged election interference? (By the way, what ever happened to the FBI’s supposed investigation into the Clinton Foundation … the press barely mentioned it during the campaign, and hasn’t mentioned it since the election at all, so far as I know.)
Manafort, Page, and Flynn may well have broken the law by not registering as spokesmen/agents for a foreign nation, but the same can probably be said for dozens or hundreds of others who never get investigated. Not to mention the fact that American politics is organized around legalized bribery by American corporations that hire former “public servants” as lobbyists, or pay them for giving speeches, etc. etc. Is Flynn’s taking $45,000 to speak at an RT event qualitatively different from Hillary Clinton taking hundreds of thousands from Wall Street to give speeches? Or Bill Clinton taking huge payments to give speeches in foreign nations, when his wife was planning to run for president? And what about the hundreds of millions of dollars that pro-Israel Americans put into presidential, Senate, and House campaigns specifically in order to elect leaders favorable to Israel (Hillary Clinton is today dining with Haim Saban, her biggest donor, I believe, who said something like “I’m a single issue guy, and my issue is Israel”)? Are those donors not working on behalf of a foreign government? Such contributions, I might add, dwarf any remuneration Russia has given to its alleged operatives associated with Trump.
On Deep State: Some reporters and Democrats are now telling us that “there is no Deep State”; there’s only Trump paranoia, or left-wing paranoia, causing us to imagine one. The CIA, NSA, and FBI happily work for the American people, we are told. Those agencies don’t pursue their own agendas over and above the agendas of elected officials. Thus we have no reason to be suspicious of our intelligence agencies’ assertion that Russia interfered in the election, or that Trump administration underlings were/are working on behalf of Putin. And yet there is a Deep State, and we have many examples of it. For one: James Clapper, the former head of the NSA, lied to Congress in 2013 testimony about the nature of the NSA’s data collection programs, telling Congress that the NSA does not gather data from U.S. citizens. Part of what Edward Snowden leaked proved that Clapper had been telling a lie—the NSA was indeed collecting massive data from U.S. citizens—but no action was taken against Clapper (in fact, he was promoted). The CIA, moreover, has a long and documented history of lying to Congress and the American public, stretching from the Bay of Pigs to the present. Glenn Greenwald at has a fine article detailing the numerous instances of the CIA and/or NSA lying to the public over the past four decades.
Snowden’s reward for his whistleblowing was exile in Russia. The CIA and its allies (McCain, Graham, etc.) have meanwhile tarred him as a Russian agent. They are now trying to shut down Assange and Wikileaks (the Trump administration itself is doing this, partly no doubt to respond to the Russia-done-it hysteria). How very convenient for Deep State that Democrats—traditionally defenders of civil liberties, free speech, and whistleblowers—are now frothing at the mouth to jail Assange, and Snowden, too, if they get the chance (and what a wonderful legal precedent they’ll set for any journalist who leaks information damaging to Deep State in the future). By the way, the case for Snowden being a Russian agent is based on a debunked story about his time at a Hong Kong hotel, where he turned over his information and allowed himself to be interviewed by American journalists. Supposedly there was a multi-day period that was unaccounted for, during which time he was huddled with Russian operatives. The Intercept and others have debunked that story, but NSA/CIA and their water-carriers are still telling people, without evidence, that Snowden was a Russian spy.
Both the CIA and NSA meanwhile are deeply invested in protecting Ukraine and the Baltic states from Russia. Both agencies are also deeply invested in protecting the EU from Russian “interference.” Both agencies have deep and profound ties to NATO, which has itself been long dedicated to isolating Russia from the rest of Europe. The CIA, if not the NSA, meanwhile has a long history of interfering in elections in other nations—including European nations—whether through mere propaganda, or “fake news,” or through actual coups (among the most recent being the overthrow of the elected, pro-Russian president of Ukraine in 2014. I’m not sure what role the CIA played, but the State Department did approve the coup and helped organize the new government). CIA and NSA high-ups will presumably work against any U.S. administration sympathetic to Russia’s attempts to control—or even influence—Ukraine or the Baltic. In short, the Democrats who claim “there is no Deep State” are fooling themselves. There is a Deep State, and it can and does work against elected U.S. leaders when it perceives itself and its goals threatened.
Regarding a question that both of us wonder about: Do we know for certain that Russia hacked DNC and Podesta documents/emails and fed them to Wikileaks?
The “evidence” given to the American public shows that (1) the hackers had IP addresses correlating with Moscow’s time zone (a time zone that also includes Ukraine and Israel, among other nations); (2) that one of the hackers left behind the “signature” of the founder of one of Russia’s modern intelligence agency (why would a Russian hacker do that? Seems highly unlikely); (3) that the hackers seem to have worked during normal Russian business hours (which of course would be normal Ukraine and normal Israeli business hours, too. Moreover, would real Russian hackers, who presumably don’t want to be discovered, work only during normal business hours?); (4) that the hackers used tools and IP addresses associated with “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear,” which are simply names invented by an American cybersecurity firm (CrowdStryke) to identify specific hacking patterns, as revealed by IP addresses, hacking tools, and targets (in other words, the actual hackers … or who they work for … is unknown, though the larger pattern of WHO they hack seems to suggest that they work for Russia. On the other hand, experts have suggested that those same hacking patterns could suggest that they work for other organizations, too).
The problem is that CrowdStryke, like other cybersecurity firms, works backwards in its investigations, first determining the probable malefactor, then seeking evidence to prove the malefactor guilty. Too, since CrowdStryke was the only organization that investigated the DNC servers, we have only their word to go on. In other words, whatever information the government put forward in its public report did not come from its own investigation of DNC servers, but came from CrowdStryke. Behind that information lies whatever secret, classified information that the NSA and CIA have collected, but the public can’t assess that information unless it’s declassified. The NSA, I should add, does apparently have the power to track hacking on its own—without actually investigating the hacked server—but still presumably can be duped by false IP addresses, etc. Too, the official report issued by the Obama administration to prove Russian guilt included no contrarian facts or arguments, even though plenty of cybersecurity experts have posited both. The mainstream media, however, is so certain that Deep State is telling the truth that they don’t bother to investigate contrary theories. They don’t take them seriously. Not only is this because they trust Deep State, but it’s also because they were deeply attached to Clinton’s candidacy, deeply angered that she lost, and angered still further by Trump’s attacks on the media. Instead of doing their job like Edward Murrow, we have people like Maddow mimicking Glenn Beck in putting forward vast conspiracy theories. Some of those theories even insist, without a shred of evidence, that the Russians are assassinating people to keep the full hacking story from coming out.
I should add that I do NOT think Deep State is out-and-out lying or conspiring to hide the truth. I think they believe Russia did it. But their longstanding and deeply held political biases might well cloud their judgment. At the least, the U.S. needs a special commission comprised of experts without any axe to grind who can assess the data and give the public its opinion of whether our intelligence agencies are correct. Bill Moyers said just that when the Russia story broke, but it fell on deaf ears.
Meanwhile, the Washington Post has put a new motto on its masthead, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” which is pompous and fatuous, and false, given WaPo’s eagerness to print PropOrNot’s McCarthyite crap unfiltered (more on this later), not to mention the false story about Russians hacking Vermont’s grid, not to mention WaPo’s publication of 16 anti-Sanders stories in a 24-hour period during the primaries. I suppose it’s true that Democracy Dies in Darkness, but who’s creating the darkness?
Getting back to the hacking: Can a hacker use an IP address from another nation? Yes, this is easy. They simply hack a computer in another time zone/nation and use it as a robot. This is done constantly as a way to throw off cybersecurity. Can a hacker emulate another hacking group’s pattern? Yes. In particular, a state-sponsored hacker would have the ability to do that.
Were the hacking tools used to gain access to DNC emails available to non-Russian state hackers? Yes, once hackers use a specific tool, it gets released into the larger cyber world. It can get replicated and made available for “open source” upload (which is precisely what happened in this case). Moreover, the tool used by Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear was NOT a modern version. The tool had been updated many times (new versions created), yet these supposedly elite Russian hackers used an old version for some odd and unexplained reason. As for the Podesta emails, the hackers simply used a phishing scam (in other words, they sent an email to Podesta that posed as something official, and which asked him to supply his login and password. He was fooled, and complied, partly because one of his own staff confirmed to him, mistakenly, that the email was authentic and not a scam. The staff member says he accidentally typed “authentic” instead of “inauthentic,” and is now deeply embarrassed by his typo, of course. Phishing scams are ubiquitous. I get phishing emails every single day (which I ignore, or which our own institution’s cybersecurity people catch before they get to my inbox). Phishing is not something that only a Deep State Russian actor can do.
By the way, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear supposedly represent the two different Russian spy agencies, GRU and FSB (I think it’s FSB). From everything I can glean, U.S. intelligence was not in the least surprised that they hacked into the DNC and/or Podesta. Our intelligence agencies do the same stuff, and do it all the time. Every intelligence agency in the developed world does this. The surprise was that the hackers fed their trove to Wikileaks. The problem is, even if the U.S. can conclusively determine that Russians did the hacking, they can’t be sure that other agencies didn’t also hack the same documents, and that Russians were for certain the actors who supplied Wikileaks. Others have pointed out, moreover, that Russia would be unlikely to give documents to Wikileaks, given that Clinton was overwhelming favored in the election. They surely knew that the U.S. would track the hacks, or try to do so. Why take the risk that Clinton, once president, would even be more anti-Russia and more pro-Ukraine than she already was?
Finally, the Obama administration announced that “all 17” U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians had hacked the DNC and Podesta emails. That claim in itself deserved profound scrutiny from the media. As journalist Seymour Hersh immediately asked, did the Coast Guard and the Air Force sign off? What would they know about it? In his most recent testimony before Congress, James Clapper admitted that only three agencies produced the report: the NSA, CIA, and FBI. The Obama administration asked the others to rubber stamp it to make the administration’s assertion appear more powerful, and to deter press scrutiny and pushback. Too, the NSA only said that they were “moderately confident” that the Russians conducted the hacks. I think they have since upgraded that to “highly confident,” but not sure. I’m still not convinced.
Another key point: after the DNC found out it had been hacked, it reported the hack to the FBI but refused to let the FBI examine its servers. Instead, it turned to CrowdStryke, a cybersecurity firm with strong ties to the Democratic party and to Ukrainian nationalists. One of CrowdStryke’s two owners/founders is Dimiti Alperovitch, a Russian émigré who also sits on the board of an organization dedicated to defending Ukraine. Alperovitch and his company had in the past asserted that Russia had used cyberwar to destroy 80% of Ukraine’s artillery, an assertion that was proven completely false. No Ukrainian artillery was destroyed by Russian cyberwar, zero (Alperovitch was recently forced to retract this claim). He had also claimed that Russia had launched a vast cyberwar against Georgia during the Russian-Georgian War, another claim that has been debunked (Russians, or at least Russian hackers unaffiliated with the state--but who were doing the state’s bidding anyway—did wage amateurish and ineffectual cyber-war against Georgia. They succeeded at shutting down the public webpages of Georgia’s utilities websites, but not in altering the actual software that controlled the utilities).
Immediately after the illustrious Washington Post wrongly claimed that the Russians had to tried to hack a Vermont utility, our illustrious former CIA chief, James Woolsey, repeated Alperovitch’s claim about Russia’s supposed cyber-attack on Georgian utilities. Woolsey claimed that the Vermont incident was “exactly what the Russians did to Georgia.” But nothing of the sort had happened in Georgia, nor did anything of the sort happen to the Vermont utility. The Vermont utility simply discovered an inert hacking tool on a computer, a tool that had nothing to do with altering the grid. The hacking tool was indeed manufactured in Russia, but was not a tool that only Russians possess … it had been widely disseminated, and is used by hackers all over the world (along with who knows how many other tools manufactured here, or in Russia, or many other nations). How could Woolsey—a former CIA director—jump to a conclusion so demonstrably and profoundly wrong? Doesn’t make him look competent. Yet the press never questioned Woolsey’s misstatement because they were so focused on the Russia-done-it meme.
What the scanty U.S. official report on Russian hacking additionally claimed as evidence was that the Russians had been using their RT network to undermine American democratic institutions. RT’s specifically named sins involved holding debates between third-party candidates (I guess Stein and Johnson) and giving voice to left-wing critics who question whether the U.S. really is a democracy, given the power of money to dictate political outcomes. What I take from this is that the elite CIA/NSA/FBI people making the report assume automatically that the American left (not the establishment Clinton left, but the left represented by Sanders and others) is anti-American, and that any media venue that gives the left a voice is trying to poison the waters of democracy. This was also the conclusion of PropOrNot, the organization that suckered the Washington Post into printing its conclusions on the stolen election, in which it listed virtually every single independent left-wing media outlet as a “dupe” or a knowing instrument of Russian propaganda … because, after all, they were reporting on the Wikileaks material, plus calling attention to the dominance of money in American politics.
This is pure Cold War-think. Yet the American public—particularly those who lived through the Cold War—are receptive to this sort of thinking, and assume that RT is indeed an instrument of Russian propaganda … and that its intent is to undermine American democracy. Sure, Putin might have used RT to divide the left and get Trump elected, but if so, he was only able to do that because the true left is already marginalized by the U.S. corporate-owned media (even so-called “public” radio and television, NPR and PBS, are mere shadows, partly thanks to the basic centrism of their reporters and editors, partly thanks to their paranoia about being abolished, and partly thanks to the fact that they’re no longer public at all, but mostly privately funded by corporate donors and wealthy individuals). And beyond that, assuming Putin really was behind the Wikileaks stuff, what Wikileaks published was nevertheless authentic. The DNC people were indeed feeding anti-Sanders stories to the press; organizing the debate schedule to favor Clinton; giving Clinton debate questions in advance; etc. I don’t think the DNC “stole” the election, as some Bernie people think—nor do I think that electronic voting machines were hacked—but it is abundantly clear that the DNC was pro-Clinton, not neutral. The DNC, in other words, gave Putin the wherewithal to make his evil plan succeed, yet Democrats blame only Putin, not the DNC.
So long as the DNC and the Democratic elites who fund and staff it are unapologetic, I can’t get very mad at Putin, even if he did sponsor the hacking.
Like many other progressives, what I see here is a McCarthyism … not self-conscious McCarthyism, and not on the scale of 1950s McCarthyism, but nevertheless an attempt to tarnish and marginalize the admittedly abysmal and dangerous Trumpites and, in the bargain, the left-wing press, by associating them with Russia and with Putin, who is now considered the most malevolent, diabolical figure on earth. Angry Clinton voters, who should know better, are buying all this stuff, hook, line, and sinker, because the pro-Clinton media (Maddow especially, but lots of others) are feeding it to them, and driving up ratings to all-time highs in the doing. Glenn Beck must be angry that they stole his secret formula. Already they’ve driven a deep wedge between Trump and Russia, thus helping stir up a new cold war, not to mention improve the odds greatly for American involvement in Syria, which could lead to war with Russia.
Sanders, fortunately, is too smart to question the Russia hysteria, which would only get him labeled a dupe. He’s been cool as a cucumber, thank God.
That said, I have no doubt that RT does, to an extent, sponsor programming that tends to help Russian government goals. As I said, they may even have given voice to left-wing American voices in order to divide the left and help Trump win. But the fact is, our own corporate-owned media refuses to give the left a voice, making it impossible to gain a hearing unless through alternative media (whether self-funded online efforts like The Young Turks network, or Democracy Now (a fantastic organization), or RT. Certainly RT is no more given to promoting left-wing points of view than Democracy Now or The Young Turks, which have no Russian connections … but which are alternative outlets that critique mainstream media.
And I’ll add that the mainstream media richly deserves critique. The New York Times is dedicated (mostly) to Clinton’s neoliberal message on domestic policy, neoconservative foreign policy, and was guilty above all others of getting us into the Iraq War by printing Judith Miller’s WMD stories. Unfortunately, that sin wasn’t a one-off mistake; the real problem lies with the centrist, hawkish, pro-Likud, pro-austerity, neoliberal editorial board and owners. They’re all Democrats, I’m sure, but they’re hawkish centrists. These and other members of the elite media and donor class are the people who influenced Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to vote for the Iraq War in 2002, and who continue to influence our Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq policies, not to mention our party’s policies viz. free trade bills, taxation (keep it low!), and health care (no single payer!).
The support that our mainstream media immediately gave to Trump’s Syria strike is telling. The big-time reporters are almost all liberals (conservatives are correct in that assumption), but they’re establishment liberals who are paid unseemly amounts of money, and who support belligerent foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, and who don’t see wealth inequality as a major issue. They’re members of the investor class, after all, unlike the great reporters of Murrow’s generation, or Cronkite’s generation. Maddow gets $30,000 a day, and I’m sure the others on MSNBC aren’t far behind. Yet much of the reporting she has done of late is fabulist, melodramatic crap. Same goes for the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Post, has a $600 million contract with the CIA; he bought the Post for a mere $250 million. He doesn’t control the editorial board, but they know damn well who they work for. No surprise that they printed the PropOrNot tripe when no other big media outlet would touch it (PropOrNot is an org. with a secret membership comprised of retired intelligence staffers … hardly surprising that they’d tar the left-wing independent press as dupes of Russians).
In short, both the major national print outlets and the major networks are dominated by neo-liberal editorial boards who serve billionaire corporate owners, while their reporters are for the most part careerist, group-think, centrist liberals (for genuine perspective on the issues, I go to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone; Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept; Robert Parry of Consortium News; Norman Solomon of Common Dreams; Robert Scheer of Truthdig; and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now … several of them are Pulitzer winners, and all of them work outside the mainstream, and I’d hazard a guess that not one of my friends, including my colleagues, as well as X, X, and X, ever read them. They confine themselves to venues they consider authoritative: the Washington Post and NYT, along with MSNBC and NPPBS, though they also read the occasion piece from ever-centrist, anti-Sanders Vox and/or The Daily Beast). MSNBC, incidentally, deliberately chose to make itself more conservative in the last couple of years. They’re still liberal, of course, but their stars (like Maddow and Reid) tend to put identity politics over and above all else. So far as I can tell, their talking heads are basically okay with neoliberal economics, or at least don’t consider the various free trade deals a major problem. Joy Anne Reid has said just that, as I recall. She and others suggest that Sanders, with his economic message, is simply catering to the white working class and abandoning people of color, which is ridiculous and divisive crap.
Long and short is that I’m not fully convinced that the Russians did hack the DNC and Podesta. Deep State might have damning evidence that Russia did it, but it has not shared that evidence. They say it’s classified, which I can accept. But until it’s declassified and vetted, I don’t think Democrats should be cheerleading for Russia-gate allegations and prosecutions. The biggest sin of Flynn and Page and Manafort is probably that they were sympathetic to Russia and willing to advise Trump accordingly (and Trump himself is sympathetic to Russia for his own reasons, some of which are perfectly legitimate, and others are deeply self-serving). But we’re treating them as if they’re uniquely treasonous, as if no one else takes foreign money (or corporate money) and then seeks to shape policy to favor their benefactors. But in fact, everyone in Washington is doing that. Obama taking $400,000 from a Wall Street firm to give a one-hour talk is a symptom of a system gone completely awry. What a tawdry thing for ex-presidents, or ex-secretaries of state, to do, let alone people who yet hope to become president. Neither Truman nor Carter did it, thankfully. But everyone else thinks its fine, and some “liberals” (Noah Trevor, e.g., and others) have the gall to out-and-out attack anyone who says otherwise. After all, a black ex-president should not be denied the goodies that a white ex-president gets. As if the tawdry examples of Clinton and Bush are universal and admirable, whereas Truman and Carter are irrelevant.
Finally, how can Democrats be so incensed at Russian hacking of the DNC when they nominated a woman who set up her own home-brew server in the basement of her home in Chappaqua, New York, with one person to do all the maintenance and security? It is said that Colin Powell and Condi Rice did the same because they used personal email accounts, but that was completely different. It’s stupefying to me that a person as savvy about tech as my lifelong best friend, X, can tell me “they all did it.” Powell and Rice set up private email accounts with major providers (e.g., Google or Microsoft or maybe AOL) that employ whole armies of cybersecurity people. Too, they used their private emails under exceptional circumstances, not for all official business (as did Clinton); turned over their emails for record-keeping without being forced to do so; and, most important, used the private email accounts before the State Department imposed a rule forbidding that practice. From the time she arrived, Clinton was briefed about NOT using a private email account, yet she not only did that, but set up her own homebrew server. Of course the FBI concluded her server was indeed breached by foreign hackers. How could it not have been breached? It was nothing but a little homebrew setup with no real security in place. And we’re now beside ourselves that Russia hacked the DNC? And Comey is investigating Russian hacking, but he was just fine with letting Clinton off the hook for setting up a homebrew server that was open to any half-ass hacker in the world? And somehow we Democrats were hellbent on nominating someone who understood flat zero about cybersecurity; who didn’t take it seriously when she was told about it; and who set up her private server solely and selfishly to protect herself from FOIA requests re the Clinton Foundation.
Frankly, she was right to worry about the conflicts of interest involving the Clinton Foundation. Anyone half smart should have known that those conflicts would dog her in a general election. She was lucky enough to face Trump, who is himself the most corrupt man to ever run for president. But unfortunately, her conflicts of interest (along with Bill’s womanizing and her own Wall Street loyalties) inoculated him against the charge that his character disqualified him for the presidency. Plus, Clinton refused to listen to Bernie Sanders, or even to her own husband, about the necessity of campaigning in the Upper Midwest on economic issues. Why on earth did Obama and every other leading Democrat think it was a great idea to nominate Hillary Clinton, and clear the entire field of serious competitors, including Biden, in order to do so? Her shelf-life had expired in 2008, and yet you couldn’t say anything negative about her in 2016 without getting your head chewed off on the blogs (the Hillbots were every bit as nasty as any Bernie bro). It was like the Democratic Party was caught in some weird time warp.
This is why I feel no sympathy for Hillary Clinton, victim of everyone except her own flaws. She can blame Comey’s Oct. 28 letter for giving Trump the presidency, but it’s not like that letter appeared out of nowhere (and moreover, her slide in the polls had begun three days earlier). Comey had promised Congress, under oath, that he would notify them if the case were re-opened, which is exactly what happened after the discovery of the emails on Weiner’s laptop. He was obliged to send the letter. Democrats are furious that he didn’t also notify anyone that he was also investigating connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, but that was a completely different investigation, and he was under no obligation to Congress to reveal any of it, and no one knows whether or not Trump himself was a target of the investigation anyway.
Yet Hillary Clinton goes around blaming Comey and Putin and Sanders, the great misogynist trio, thus keeping Democrats divided and angry. I’m proud of Bernie Sanders when I think of how different his post-election actions have been from hers. He has expressed almost no bitterness or blaming at all about Clinton and the DNC, despite their use of lies to defeat his candidacy, e.g., “he’ll take away your health care!” or “he opposed the auto bailout!” or “he endorsed Fidel Castro!” or “he only cares about the white working class!” I agree with you strongly that Democrats will do well in 2018 midterms, but that won’t mean the party is unified except in opposition to Trump. It just means there’s a temporary lull while we vote for Congress. The big fight will be in 2020, and Hillary Clinton will be on the wrong side of it, as, in all probability, will 95% of my friends and colleagues.
This is why I just can’t look at any more Facebook posts from X, X, and X about Russiagate or Hillary Clinton. What I most hate about this thing is that it alienates me from my closest friends and family. But it’s too stressful to hear or see Russiagate blather, then get into a flame-war, or, just as bad, force myself to be quiet about it.
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Update Notes - Closed Beta Patch 1
Lore Fixed a journal inaccuracy and made it clear Nexus orbits a trinary star system. Tutorials The challenge tutorial has been updated to reflect the new reward track system. World Bosses Most of the large scale 20-man bosses on Nexus now have a system in place that allows players to force spawn them. Gargantua Lethargic debuff now functions properly. King Honeygrave Will no longer leave his encounter space. General Improved server stability in response to network timeouts. Rapid Transport can now properly be used while mounted. Will now handle unsupported texture formats without crashing. Account items from standard and deluxe edition rewards cannot be claimed multiple times if the player already has the item in an inventory or bank. This prevents additional copies of the items being mailed to the player. Stationary enemies will no longer continue to keep turning to face the player if they happen to be killed while trying to stay facing the player. Quest rewards have been adjusted so that their item levels more closely represent the challenge level of their associated quests. The effective item level of a player will now properly update when the player enters rallied PvP matches, rallied PvE groups, or mentors. Stats on items will now properly display the stats they are currently providing while the player is rallied. The spell effect tooltips for spells provided by items will now properly reflect the effective item level of the item which cast it. The effective item level is different than the item level when the character is rallied or mentoring. Fixed a bug where the movies at the beginning of the game could crash if the app was moved between monitors simultaneously. Players will now be prevented from claiming an account item from their pending inventory if it is multi-redeem and already in their account inventory. Adjusted timing on Mechari to properly appear on the platform during the Dominion Waking from Cryo cinematic. Quest-givers will no longer say their goodbyes twice when the player ends a conversation. To help clarify what a "Lair" creature is, we have come up with a solution for them. Our solo elite rares will now be Elite Champions and our group rares will be Legendary Champions. You'll be able to see this on their affiliation tag and their tooltip when mousing over them. We also updated their nameplates to represent them being rare/elite creatures. Character Fixed a bug where the Granok female neck was disappearing on certain helms. Customization Blocky artifacts seen in some textures such as Cassian Female faces have been fixed. Mounts The Snarfelynx Mount, Data Drifter Mount, and Glitterkitty Cruiser Hoverboard now indicate that they travel faster than normal and ignore riding skill in their tooltips. Several mounts have been renamed for consistency. Holo Wardrobe Adjusted the costume system to allow unlocked but deprecated items to still be used in costumes. Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing changes if they have exactly enough money. Fixed messaging for a case when saving a costume fails but no result is given to the player. Costume items can now be unlocked regardless of a character's ability to use the item. The Holo-Wardrobe will now properly update when the player receives currency. Item Specials Barrage will no longer cause multi-hit to deflect 100% of the time. Items Mounts Fixed bounds of Snarfelynx mount. Classes Support stances have moved to level 6. AMPs Focus Recovery AMPs (Desperation, Attrition, Focus Mastery) have updated recovery values. Combat Spells that Multi-Hit can no longer be reflected. Default Telegraph opacity settings have changed to help make telegraphs more easily visible. These settings can be changed in the Combat tab of the options menu: Enemy NPC Harmful – Outline Opacity: changed from 85 to 100 Enemy Player Harmful – Outline Opacity: changed from 85 to 100 Self – Outline Opacity: changed from 85 to 100 Self – Inside Fill Opacity: changed from 85 to 25. Dying in an instance while party members are still in combat will now properly show available resurrection options. Group members will no longer be able to see multihit or transference damage/heal floaters. Damage reflected is now capped to the current health of the unit reflecting. Engineer Fixed an issue where Engineer bots were granting experience. Abilities Eradication Exosuit and Provocation Exosuit now allow Engineer AMPs and Abilities to ignore Volatility threshold requirements while active. Bio Shell Now shows splash range in the tooltip and displays a telegraph on impact. Bruiser Bot Blitz: interrupt is now instant and removes 1 IA. Taunt no longer affects 5-man enemies or higher. Diminsher Bot Strobe ability now uses the same targeting mechanism as Barrage (Artillery Bot). Energy Auger Base: Removed cast time. Reduced GCD to 0.5s, down from 1.25s. May now be cast off GCD. Increased cooldown to 25s, up from 6s. Reduced damage to 7.08/lvl + 22.33% AP + 4.77% AP/tier, down from 13.69/lvl + 43.25% AP + 6.18% AP/tier. Reduced field damage to 1.33/lvl + 4.2% AP + 0.9% AP/tier, down from 2.37/lvl + 7.47% AP + 1% AP/tier. Field now increases ally’s movement speed by 100% while they are inside. Mortar Strike Now shows splash range in the tooltip and displays a telegraph on impact. T4: Energy Auger no longer grants Overcharge. Target Acquisition T4: Multi-Hits deal 6.03% AP technology damage to the target every 1s for 3s. Stacks 4 times. T8: Deal an additional 10.1% AP technology damage to the primary target. Increase splash radius to 8m and secondary target count to 9. Has been reworked! Base: 2 second channel: every 0.5s, deal 8.26*lvl + 26.09% AP + 2.53% AP*tier to the target and 4 enemies within 6m. Cooldown: 7s. GCD: 1.25s. Range: 25m. Esper Abilities Mending Banner Fixed a bug where Mending Banner T8 would heal an additional target. T8 additional target distance increased to 8m, from 5m. AMPs Follow Through Empower reduced to 8% from 10.5%. Medic Abilities Crisis Wave Tier 4: Landing a Multi-Hit restores 1 Actuator. Energize Empower reduced to 14%, from 17%. Quantum Cascade Tooltip now indicates that other abilities can be cast while channeling. Recharge Empower reduced to 12%, from 15%. Triage Tooltip now indicates that the ability builds 1 Actuator. AMPs Armor Coating Defense now reduces damage taken, changed from increased Armor. Chemical Burn Damage now procs off Multi-Hit against any foe, and no longer pierces shields. Danger Zone Empower reduced to 10%, from 17%. Emergency When an ally with 15m takes damage that puts them below 30% health, restore health to that ally. Emergency Extraction Enables Extricate to break allies free of all CC effects. In Flux Empower reduced to 6.5%, from 12%. Protective Surge Landing a direct heal on yourself or an ally under the effects of your Mending Probes or Protection Probes also restore shield. Running On Empty Redesigned: While at 0 Actuators, your Shield Surge, Crisis Wave, and Rejuvenator have no Actuator cost. Shield Surge and Crisis Wave have a 15s cooldown instead. Scalpel! Forceps! Empower reduced to 7%, from 8%. Stay With Me Empower reduced to 10%, from 17%. Transfusion Fixed a bug where the health sacrifice was being affected by damage buffs and debuffs. Spellslinger Abilities Void Pact Empower reduced to 12%, from 15%. AMPs Power Surge Empower reduced to 8%, from 8.6%. Spell Armor CC Break component has been removed. Now, while the absorb is active, Damage Taken is reduced by 50%. Stalker Abilities Clone Fixed an issue where T2 Clone lasted longer than intended. Nano Skin Lethal Buff now grants an additional Critical Hit opportunity, rather than adding to Critical Hit Chance. Neutralize T4: Cost increase is now reset by Punish instead of Stealth. Pounce T8: now regenerates 1 charge every 10s, changed from 2 charges every 20s. The tier 8 tooltip will now properly display the recharge time. Preparation Empower and Defense buffs are now granted at the end of the channel. Now grants additional Critical Hit and Deflect opportunities with a 15% chance each, rather than increasing Critical Hit Chance or Deflect Chance. No longer stacks. Duration is now 4s + 0.5s*tier. Ruin T4: The Shield Overload can no longer be independently deflected. Steadfast Now grants an additional Deflect opportunity, rather than adding to Deflect Chance. Warrior Abilities Augmented Blade Base: Reduced melee damage to 4%, down from 8%. Kinetic Drain is now Kinetic Rage: drains 5 Kinetic Energy per stack every 0.25s, increases Melee Damage by 0.5% per stack, and reduces Lifesteal by 1.5% per stack. While Augmented Blade is off, removes a stack every 0.33s. T4: Increased Critical Hit bonus to 4%, up from 3.5%. Bolstering Strike Now generates 150% threat. T8: May be cast 3 times in a row with no cooldown. Afterwards, the next cast reduces the cooldown by 1s. Power Link Reduced Kinetic Drain to 56 - 2*tier, down from 65 - 2.5*tier. Power Link now only affects players in the caster's party, and no longer displays persistent visual effects on secondary targets. Now only shows the border of the telegraph while active. Savage Strikes Fixed an issue that caused Savage Strikes to generate Kinetic Energy during Overdrive. AMPs Recklessness Empower reduced to 7%, from 7.5%. Stack count reduced to 3, from 5. Content Achievements Officially Licensed Ultimate Protogames Mantle will now advance for any optional objective achievements players have earned. Three of the optional objectives did not have associated achievements, so these are now added into the game. Auroria The location link for Battleblood Trench now correct points to this area for the quest "Exanite Examination." Fixed some location links for the quests Into the Warhound's Maw, Fall of the Bladevault Keeper, and Bladebane. Updated combat and sounds for the quest 'The Ground Beneath Your Feet'. Blighthaven The jetpack suit worn during the daily quest "Anti-Primal Antics" no longer requires a periodical recharge, and provides players with an optional teleport back to Nursery Trading Post upon quest reward. The Final Attack Phase has been removed from the "Guardians of the Grove" public event. The event is now won only by succeeding in the Final Defend Phase. Celestion The challenge "Horn of Heralding" now has a flavor comm call on start to provide story context. Crimson Isle Players who Achieve or Complete Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab without turning in Welcome To Crimson Isle will be correctly pointed at Mondo Zax's new location to turn in Welcome To Crimson Isle. Deradune The tooltip for the spell "Agility of the Gnarlfoot" now properly displays the Dash Regeneration percentage. Ellevar Location links for the quest De-Probing Time should now work. Exile Arkship Adjusted the teleport location for the Greenhouse to avoid players getting stuck in props. Changed the VO for the cinematic that goes to Northern Wilds to no longer mention Thayd. Farside Magthar the Meteroborn will no longer cast Splitting Image in combat. He will now use the Staunch Defense combat package. Galeras The quest summary for "Defeating the Ravager" has been rewritten for consistency and to include more information about the quest. Location link for "Stormwing Fortress" during the quest "Storm the Gates" now points to the correct area of the map. Journals, Tales From Beyond The Fringe's, and Datacubes are now collectible at all times as intended. Illium Merchant Jarala has resumed standing in her appointed place, rather than hiding away in a wall. Levian Bay Players will now receive a comm call for the quest "Lighting the Way" if they run off without getting the quest. Players will no longer get a comm call for the quest "Mind the Mines, Scrab the Scrab" in Crimson Isle by simply traveling to Levian Bay. Malgrave Fixed the location link for the step to "Speak with Deputy G0M3R" for the quest Checking on the Marshal. The long objective text for the quest Darkspur Karaoke now shows up correctly in the quest log. Added location links to long objective text on the quest Rescuing the Chief Mineralogist. Northern Wilds Rhoda Wellspring's VO is no longer cut off by the cinematic that plays at the end of the quest Empowered Tower. Southern Grimvault The Boiling Depot taxi destinations have been adjusted to properly reflect where the player is being dropped off (Fort Gritty for Exile, Blazen Bulwark for Dominion). The Defile The taxi from Hope's Dare to Inspiration point in the Defile no longer flies through giant lasers activated by scientists in the Sonic Plaza. Whitevale The quest "Mutually Assured Destruction" has been fully updated with location links. The quest "Krazog's Gutpunch Brew" now has an objective link to help players find Ringtail razortails. Location links for quests in Wigwalli Village should now correctly point you back to Wigwalli Village. Location links have been updated for the quest Toxic Test Bed. The quest "Bot's Eye View" now has location links for all objectives. Wilderrun Added a location link for the Maiden Pool into the completed objective text for the quest "Torine Lifewater" in Wilderrun. Getting interrupted while using the Communication Relay for the quest Breaking Ground will no longer display in the combat log. Fixed some of the text for the Imbuement Quest "Tall Drink of Water". Dungeons Protogames Academy Veteran Wrathbone no longer targets 2 players with Rock Throw. During his 33% midphase transition, he now casts Rock Throw less frequently. Veteran Wrathbone's auto-attack damage has increased significantly. Gromka Reduced her Auto Attack damage. Iruki Boldbeard Now does a pull at the beginning of Annihilate. Changed the color for the initial safety bubble. Changed the visual for the collision bubble. Static Pulse renamed to Static Emission. Static Emission now has a cast time. Static Emission is now an Aura. Veteran Gromka Reduced her Armor Pen from Condensed Heat to 5% (from 10%). Wrathbone Will now jump to the middle of the combat space before engaging with players after each phase transition. Skullcano Mordechai Redmoon Fixed an issue with some of his spell cooldowns. Stormtalon's Lair Stormtalon's damage bonus from Static Charge has been reduced to 5% per stack (down from 10%). Skyborn Tempest Tornado Alley's damage has been reduced. Tornado Alley's damage now ignores 75% armor. Tornado Alley can no longer crit. Ultimate Protogames Bev-O-Rage will now properly reset and begin combat in his Vend-bot position. Initialization Core Y-83 Added the Smooth Operator and Evolutionary Revolutions guild achievements. Raids Drop weights have been re-adjusted to account for the larger number of assault roles present. Datascape Elemental Pairs Mnemesis Snake no longer focuses on Mnemesis if the current Snake Snack target dies. Genetic Archives The teleporter that takes players to the second floor of the Genetic Archives after they have defeated the Fetid Miscreation is now working as intended once again. Dreadphage Ohmna Fixed a tooltip error with Might of the Dreadphage. Protogames Allstars Removed achievements. PVP Arenas Updated the Arena type name in the Group Finder UI. Battlegrounds Walatiki Temple Spatial shift will no longer cause the target to drop the mask. VO declaring the winning team now plays correctly. Imbuement Items Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. All You Can Carry down to 3. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. Smart Bomber down to 10. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. And I Helped down to 5. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. It Belongs in a Museum! down to 5. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. No Respect for Tradition down to 2. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. The Blood of My Enemies down to 30. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. The Warrior down to 30. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. A Bit of a Torrent down to 8. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. It's the Bomb down to 3. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. Dropping a Bombshell down to 6. Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. Hall Monitor down to 5. Warplots Warparty rank permissions no longer errantly display settings for 'Editing Guild Holomark', 'Vote', or 'Bank Tab Log'. Adventures Removed the instance discovery requirements for all adventures. Players can now queue for all adventure instances through the group finder as long as they meet the minimum level requirements. Bay of Betrayal The tooltip for 'Amplification Spike' now accurately reflects the spell. Expeditions Each Expedition's quest has been placed within the instance itself. Separate quests that lead players to each Expedition's entrance have been created for their respective zones. Deep Space Exploration The Cryo-Tranquilizer can now be used without having to wait as long for it to recharge. Gauntlet "Brick" Braggor has stopped unnecessarily repeating himself. They Came From Fragment Zero! Fix for speed increasing buffs breaking the flow, rendering it impossible to complete. Paths Scientist The "scan" key will now scan the current mouseover unit if it can when the camera is in automatic mouselook mode. Soldier The telegraph for "Cave Thumper" in the "Caving In" Path Mission will now properly display to the caster. Housing Public events removed from the Dueling Arena plug. The achievement Pit Fighter can still be achieved by dueling inside the arena. Fixed the "Send All to Crate" button in the Housing List panel for visiting Roommates. Fixed an issue preventing players from entering the Underground Bunker, Spacious Cassian, Spacious Chua, and Spaceship houses. Fix for the housing action bar not disabling properly when the player visits another residence they don't have permission to. 50 new decor pieces are available from the Housing Vendor. Decor More than one 'Chua Guard (Style 1)' decor can now be placed. Fixed a bug where decor placed around the center house plot wouldn't load correctly for certain players. Fixed manually typing in a scale value for decor in the Advanced Panel to override the default max scale values. Interactive decor will no longer be enabled after being moved while in edit mode. The faction guards and alien guests or worker decor now have their scale clamped between 0.9 and 1.2. The 'Exile Guard (Female, Style 1)' decor is now correctly categorized in 'Characters and Creatures'. Economy Vendor items that cost alternate currency properly display them in the tooltip instead of gold. In-Game Store The three durations of Flask of Fame each have a unique display. Essences (which tracks your Carrot fill in Madame Fay's Fortunes) will no longer show up in the account inventory UI. Items Item Tooltips now indicate if an item can not be deleted. Some incorrect dye names have been adjusted. Bags which turn into Malfunctioning Items will now be mailed to the character. Items that are stored in these malfunctioning bags will be moved within the inventory or mailed to the character if their inventory is full. This will work for both the backpack and the bank. The dye costs for Eldan Gold and Green have been dramatically reduced. There is no longer an Item Tooltip LUA error when mousing over items that cannot be deleted. Rune Sets Rune Sets and Rune Set bonuses have been adjusted. Runes Specials are displayed next to the socketed rune icon in item tooltips. Augmentor Rune Tokens will now be replaced by the correct tier of Rune Tokens. Runecrafting Fixed a bug in Runecrafting that allowed some elements to be dragged around that shouldn't have been able to. Created new tutorial panels for runes and runecrafting to explain the changes to those systems. Tradeskills Added introductory crafting quests into Thayd and Illium in the event that these quests were missed in the starting zones. Added colorized text links to all work orders to linked schematics. Added end game crafting items to the Tier 5 Crafting bag from Bev-O-Loot. Crafting variants belonging to a previously selected schematic will no longer incorrectly appear. Salvage Salvage loot is now being properly rewards for items ilvl 50+. Restored the multiple rolls on the salvage table when salvaging items of higher quality. User Interface Account Inventory Moved Entitlements from the Account Inventory addon to the Character panel. Fixed malfunctioning filter buttons. Challenges Challenge rewards now show the total reward track points earned if you get to each medal tier. Chat Log Omnibits earned will now be displayed in the "Loot" channel in chat instead of the combat log. Custom chat channel commands will no longer result in an unrelated error message. Character The key slot no longer counts towards your average item level. Communicator When the player is returning a Communicator call (Default Keybind: 'C'), calls that turn in achieved quests will now be preferred over missed calls. Content Finder Fixed an issue that caused the Content Finder's "Join as Group" button to remain enabled. Fixed an issue where players could not queue for Warplots. Circuitboard Crafting Added the cost to craft the item to the Craft and Start Craft buttons. Death Players may now open the store to purchase service tokens. Guild Registration The Guild Registration window now works correctly with Automatic Mouse Look enabled Holo-Wardrobe Fixed an error that occurred when the player tried to swap costumes while that functionality is on cooldown. Fixed an error that occurred when mousing over deprecated items that are equipped in a costume. Interface Menu List The Interface Menu List will now inform players if any live events are currently active in the world. Keybinds The keybind for Sit now works correctly. Level Up Unlocks Attribute increase level up unlock notifications have been removed. Login Incentives Fixed an error that can cause a crash when trying to view rewards after the current final reward. Mail Fixed an improper message when attempting to open multiple mail messages at once. Match Tracker Fixed an error that occurs when a player leaves Walatiki as a flag is being picked up or dropped. Added a label that tells players which team they're on. Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to vote to surrender. Options Hitting escape while a cinematic has faded out the screen will no longer bring up the options menu. Path Tracker Optimized the various Path tracking addons. Quest Tracker Improved the performance of the Quest Tracker The quest name for imbuements will no longer display a stat name. Recall Frame Added controls to spend service tokens. Resource Conversion The Resource Conversion window now works correctly with Automatic Mouse Look. Sprint Meter The Sprint Meter now shows correctly after changing zones Store The store now notifies players if they cannot claim an item because they have already reached the limit on that type of item. Fixed the tooltips for décor packs in the store. Changed the Store’s default keybinding to ‘U’ Opening the store now stops the player’s movement Fixed an issue that caused items that required Loyalty Rewards to appear "Locked" even though they should be available to claim. Taxi Map Fixed a bug that allowed players to zoom out too far in the Taxi Map Updated tooltips and confirmation window for Rapid Transport. The Taxi Map window now works with Automatic Mouse Look mode. Added the option to hide POIs while using Rapid Transport. Tooltips Item tooltips have undergone significant changes to reflect the new stat and runecrafting systems. Updated the creature difficulty markers on unit tooltips. Item tooltips will only show the active stage of an imbuement chain. Tutorial Fixed an issue where tutorials would appear behind the chat window and objective tracker. Vendor Fixed an issue where closing the vendor settings window would close the entire vendor window. Art Fixed a duplicate ship appearing during M13 Arrival cinematic. Lighting bug has been fixed in character creation/select screen. The Metal Maw cinematic should now properly play the second time a player encounters it regardless of whether or not they skipped it the first time. Audio SFX is now in sync on Metal Maw's birth animation. Chua Warblimp SFX volumes have been updated. Fixed volume level of Announcer VO to be more in line with other VO volume levels. 
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