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US DoJ closes forex investigation into Deutsche Bank [paywall]

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When the scam broker investigator reviews a Forex or Binary Options broker

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[Forex Broker Exposure] GPAK Has Been Investigated by the Police

As the financial market with the most frequent transactions, the Forex market is favored by global investors due to its high efficiency, liquidity and flexibility. However, many illegal brokers also lurk around on this lucrative market, attracting investors with appealing yet misleading advertisement such as “starting trading with only US$5” and “speedy deposit and withdrawal”, or promising investors so-called “bonus” for successfully inviting others to open account at the platform. But behind the attractive “high profits” claimed by brokers, there are often great risks or even traps.

As one of the victims suffering such broker scams, Mr. Wang reported GPAK to WikiFX and shared his experience of being defrauded to warn other investors against the illegal Forex broker.

Complainant: Mr. Wang
Forex broker: GPAK
Broker website:
Time of opening account: February, 2019
Time of withdrawal: June 20th, 2019
Withdrawal status: in process
Customer service: no response
Website status: inaccessible

Event Recap
I opened an account on GPAK in February, 2019 under the recommendation of a friend and made 2 deposits through Alipay. From February to June, I managed to make some profits which added up with the initial deposit to US$3,503.62.
I once contacted the customer service in April to withdraw, but was advised to wait, as he claimed my request won't be processed during the May Day holiday. On June 20th, I was informed that my application had been approved. But strangely enough, my trading account showed the application remained in process and I still didnt receive the money a week later. When I tried to log in my GPAK account, I found the website was no longer accessible and the customer service didn't reply any more.

Case Study
First persuade investors to deposit through “acquaintance's recommendation” , and then postpone their withdrawal applications to prepare for escaping, which is an old trick of illegal brokers.
In Mr. Wang's case, GPAK first got Mr. Wang to deposit through the marketing strategy of “acquaintance's recommendation” and further lured him into making more investments with attractive profits. When Mr. Wang tried to withdraw, the customer service began to pull up all kinds of excuses such as withdrawal can't be processed during the holiday in order to postpone withdrawal and perhaps win themselves more time for running away.

Case Summary
As more Forex scams have been exposed, the illegal brokers also become more sophisticated in their tricks. We conclude the following tips based on Mr. Wang's case:
  1. Investors should always check a broker's qualification and stay prudent about the recommendations of others, even from your friends.
  2. Think twice when you seem to be profiting and want to double down your deposit, as no investment comes without risks.
  3. Asset safety should always be your priority. Only deposits made through UnionPay or in escrow are under the regulation of the People's Bank of China, and there's still a chance of getting the money back even if you' re defrauded. However, if the deposit is made through Alipay, WeChat Pay or personal transfer, investors risk suffering great loss.

According to the information on WikiFX App, the licenses from FCA(UK) and NFA(US) which GPAK claims to hold are suspected to be cloned, while its AR license from FCA(UK) has been revoked. Currently without valid regulatory status, the broker is rated at only 1.93 on the WikiFX App and bears significant risks, please stay away from it.
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Wells Fargo Fires Forex Bankers Amid Internal Investigation

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12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation

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U.S. investigating forex trading at Wells Fargo: WSJ

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[National] - American Express shares fall on report FBI investigating its forex pricing | NBC

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[National] - American Express shares fall on report FBI investigating its forex pricing

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What safe pennystocks brokers can you guys recommend? (Only the ones where you have actually withdrawn profits count)

Hi guys! :)
I believe this is a good question for anyone who's new, especially coming from Europe, as we can't use WeBull or Robinhood, which I believe work pretty safe under all the regulations and after I've seen so many of you guys using them (though that doesn't guarantee you were able to easily withdraw profits still).
I've been digging in some of the old posts but I am very anxious about starting an account with brokers such as:
A quick search gives me results such as:
and the list could go on and on when it comes to brokers like those. I know these sites, especially Forex Peace Army, and these are mostly real opinions and reviews from real people who were scammed.
Thing is, in the past I used to work with the Prosecutor's Office and investigators on cases of brokerage scams, and plenty of such companies (even some of these I named) were also involved at times. I am really anxious about it as I can see everywhere people writing about playing against the brokers, so your loss is their gain clearly and I know some of the victims myself, who were simply scammed and robbed off of their hard-earned money, even life savings at times.
I've been trading normal stocks through my brokerage account at my bank in Poland, but I have no idea how can I safely trade pennystocks like you guys and be sure that if I actually become successful I am not going to be denied by the brokerage company that is going to come up with hundreds of excuses, technical problems, delays, questions for documents and verification, not replying etc. in order not to let a withdrawal go through. I know this all too well.
Can you guys recommend any legitimate brokers that are regulated by SEC or other financial authorities in the US for a non-US citizen? I don't trust CySEC, ASIC etc. - these guys are paid to give out licenses to anyone who pays well, so that's not safe at all, especially CySEC. Look how proud they were of IronFX in the past.
I will really appreciate any answers I can get :)
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eToro Review, how to recover money lost trading on eToro

Exchanging has consistently been a precarious activity; accomplishing higher alpha is among the top needs of store chiefs. In spite of the fact that this may appear to be a negligible 'savvy work', with the zillion measure of data moving during each time into the monetary markets, a store administrator (FM) is rendered unfit to adapt and complete his activity elite and most extreme return.
eToro Review, how to recover money lost trading on eToro
Multi-resource (cross-resource) class exchanging includes great measure of research and examination, and to make a benefit through this training requires a FM to effectively work nearby the broker - Alpha is the thing that it is about (Skinner, 2007). Discovering liquidity and making benefit on exchanges executed with more prominent spreads and returns has been a definitive point of most fence FM's. In any case, with expanded guideline and straightforwardness in the present monetary markets FM's have needed to investigate better ways to deal with accomplish the ideal alpha and at last make benefits.
Utilization of calculations in exchanging has seen critical development in the previous decade. Different systems exist to help a FM in his/her mission for alpha. These vary across resource classes, exchange sizes, chance craving and different elements.
Exchanging plans to talk about the basics of algorithmic exchanging with a view on displaying procedures which may help in choosing a calculation system. In resulting articles we hypothetically manufacture an alpha-model fit for keen request directing over different settings. We will likewise address a couple of calculation assessment rules dependent on examine around there. We finish this arrangement of articles with accentuation on the effect of innovation in the development of calculation exchanging. The arrangement closes with investigation on a thought of utilization of distributed computing to actualize algorithmic models.
Shouldn't something be said about gambling 1%? Would that be more secure? Shockingly, the appropriate response is no. On the off chance that you hazard excessively little on each exchange, you wind up devastating your record development seriously over the long haul. Gambling too little is similarly as awful as gambling an excessive amount of with regards to boosting your exchanging benefits. As should be obvious, Forex exchanging cash the executives resembles navigating a precarious situation... you have to get the correct equalization to remain on course.
As a matter of first importance, you should realize that the 2% rule is intended to augment your benefits while limiting your hazard over the long haul. If you somehow managed to chance say 10% or even 5%, you would think that its difficult to recuperate your misfortunes after a couple losing exchanges. For instance, if you somehow happened to lose 20% of your record, you would need to have a 25% increase just to earn back the original investment.
What a great many people don't understand is that the ideal hazard per exchange isn't really 2% for each framework. It truly shifts dependent on the hazard profile of the exchanging framework you're running. 2% is considered as extremely traditionalist for most frameworks, and for certain frameworks it's similarly as awful as gambling 1% on the grounds that it's excessively low. In the event that you need to err on the side of caution, you should focus on a hazard for every exchange of between 2-4%, 2% being the most moderate setting and 4% being the most forceful. The distinction between 2-4% can be twofold or even triple your exchanging benefits for the year!
With everything taken into account, Forex exchanging cash the executives is an imperative part of exchanging Forex productively and effectively. Without an ideal Forex exchanging cash the executives procedure, you're costing yourself a great many dollars consistently. Obviously, regardless of how great your cash the executives methodology might be, you need a gainful Forex exchanging framework to supplement it also. With these two components set up, your exchanging will be relentless!
Forex is my obsession, which is the reason I truly love helping anybody to defeat their difficulties and become beneficial in their own exchanging.
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12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation

source link: 12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation
poster: Shesgoneagain, original conspiracy link
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Forex Trading - Getting Started

Forex Trading: a Beginner's Guide
The forex market is the world's largest international currency trading market operating non-stop during the working week. Most forex trading is done by professionals such as bankers. Generally forex trading is done through a forex broker - but there is nothing to stop anyone trading currencies. Forex currency trading allows buyers and sellers to buy the currency they need for their business and sellers who have earned currency to exchange what they have for a more convenient currency. The world's largest banks dominate forex and according to a survey in The Wall Street Journal Europe, the ten most active traders who are engaged in forex trading account for almost 73% of trading volume.
However, a sizeable proportion of the remainder of forex trading is speculative with traders building up an investment which they wish to liquidate at some stage for profit. While a currency may increase or decrease in value relative to a wide range of currencies, all forex trading transactions are based upon currency pairs. So, although the Euro may be 'strong' against a basket of currencies, traders will be trading in just one currency pair and may simply concern themselves with the Euro/US Dollar ( EUUSD) ratio. Changes in relative values of currencies may be gradual or triggered by specific events such as are unfolding at the time of writing this - the toxic debt crisis.
Because the markets for currencies are global, the volumes traded every day are vast. For the large corporate investors, the great benefits of trading on Forex are:

From the point of view of the smaller trader there's lots of benefits too, such as:

How the forex Market Works
As forex is all about foreign exchange, all transactions are made up from a currency pair - say, for instance, the Euro and the US Dollar. The basic tool for trading forex is the exchange rate which is expressed as a ratio between the values of the two currencies such as EUUSD = 1.4086. This value, which is referred to as the 'forex rate' means that, at that particular time, one Euro would be worth 1.4086 US Dollars. This ratio is always expressed to 4 decimal places which means that you could see a forex rate of EUUSD = 1.4086 or EUUSD = 1.4087 but never EUUSD = 1.40865. The rightmost digit of this ratio is referred to as a 'pip'. So, a change from EUUSD = 1.4086 to EUUSD = 1.4088 would be referred to as a change of 2 pips. One pip, therefore is the smallest unit of trade.
With the forex rate at EUUSD = 1.4086, an investor purchasing 1000 Euros using dollars would pay $1,408.60. If the forex rate then changed to EUUSD = 1.5020, the investor could sell their 1000 Euros for $1,502.00 and bank the $93.40 as profit. If this doesn't seem to be large amount to you, you have to put the sum into context. With a rising or falling market, the forex rate does not simply change in a uniform way but oscillates and profits can be taken many times per day as a rate oscillates around a trend.
When you're expecting the value EUUSD to fall, you might trade the other way by selling Euros for dollars and buying then back when the forex rate has changed to your advantage.
Is forex Risky?
When you trade on forex as in any form of currency trading, you're in the business of currency speculation and it is just that - speculation. This means that there is some risk involved in forex currency trading as in any business but you might and should, take steps to minimise this. You can always set a limit to the downside of any trade, that means to define the maximum loss that you are prepared to accept if the market goes against you - and it will on occasions.
The best insurance against losing your shirt on the forex market is to set out to understand what you're doing totally. Search the internet for a good forex trading tutorial and study it in detail- a bit of good forex education can go a long way!. When there's bits you don't understand, look for a good forex trading forum and ask lots and lots of questions. Many of the people who habitually answer your queries on this will have a good forex trading blog and this will probably not only give you answers to your questions but also provide lots of links to good sites. Be vigilant, however, watch out for forex trading scams. Don't be too quick to part with your money and investigate anything very well before you shell out any hard-earned!
The forex Trading Systems
While you may be right in being cautious about any forex trading system that's advertised, there are some good ones around. Most of them either utilise forex charts and by means of these, identify forex trading signals which tell the trader when to buy or sell. These signals will be made up of a particular change in a forex rate or a trend and these will have been devised by a forex trader who has studied long-term trends in the market so as to identify valid signals when they occur. Many of the systems will use forex trading software which identifies such signals from data inputs which are gathered automatically from market information sources. Some utilise automated forex trading software which can trigger trades automatically when the signals tell it to do so. If these sound too good to be true to you, look around for online forex trading systems which will allow you undertake some dummy trading to test them out. by doing this you can get some forex trading training by giving them a spin before you put real money on the table.
How Much do you Need to Start off with?
This is a bit of a 'How long is a piece of string?' question but there are ways for to be beginner to dip a toe into the water without needing a fortune to start with. The minimum trading size for most trades on forex is usually 100,000 units of any currency and this volume is referred to as a standard "lot". However, there are many firms which offer the facility to purchase in dramatically-smaller lots than this and a bit of internet searching will soon locate these. There's many adverts quoting only a couple of hundred dollars to get going! You will often see the term acciones trading forex and this is just a general term which covers the small guy trading forex. Small-scale trading facilities such as these are often called as forex mini trading.
Where do You Start?
The single most obvious answer is of course - on the internet! Online forex trading gives you direct access to the forex market and there's lots and lots of companies out there who are in business just to deal with you online. Be vigilant, do spend the time to get some good forex trading education, again this can be provided online and set up your dummy account to trade before you attempt to go live. If you take care and take your time, there's no reason why you shouldn't be successful in forex trading so, have patience and stick at it!
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Kodimax Review, how to recover money lost trading with Kodimax

You can not recuperate your cash from exchanging online.If you screen the normal measure of misfortunes and benefits that robot accomplishes on back test, you will get a smart thought of how well it is performing. For instance, in the event that you have a productive framework yet the normal misfortunes are a lot bigger than the normal gains, the robot is relying upon just a couple of signs to make all its benefit. In the event that you have an enormous number of misfortunes yet the normal is low, at that point the robot is performing great to cut its misfortunes rapidly.
Kodimax Review, how to recover money lost trading with Kodimax
Typically it is viewed as that the more prominent the hazard, the more noteworthy the expected prize, yet this is certainly not a firm standard, and you need your exchanging robot to chip away at the triumphant side of this sign. Truth be told, the MetaStock framework analyzer will compute a prize/chance proportion for you. This differs from horrendous, at - 100, to astounding at +100.
Hazard the board is basic in making a benefit in any kind of exchanging, and has a few aspects, not all of which you are in charge of when you utilize a Forex robot.
Given that any framework has times when there will be misfortunes, a fundamental component of hazard the board is that you don't chance losing beyond what you can bear to. The misfortunes that you will really observe are difficult to know, in any case the framework would have the option to anticipate and dispense with them, yet you should depend on chronicled proof to get an inclination for this.
A few robots allow you to set the size of part you will exchange, giving you some manual control of the procedure. Robots will likewise compute part estimates for you, in view of their customized settings. Exploration what your robot will do, and in the event that its methodology shows up unreasonably unsafe for your personality, at that point downsize the measure of cash that you put into its record at any one time. When you have made a benefit, you might need to secure some of it by pulling back it from the record, despite the fact that that reduces the sums that the robot can use to make more benefits.
In discussing the best approach to pick a Forex robot, another part of hazard the executives was referenced. This is the measure of drawdown that you may expect with common exchanging. This is something you will have investigated in your robot's choice, and is basic to your drawn out exchanging future. There will be times when progressive failures sway your record, and you should be certain that these won't cut off your exchanging vocation.
Hazard the board is significant in Forex exchanging. This is for the straightforward explanation that Forex permits you to use your underlying venture by and large. This is a preferred position on the off chance that you are in a triumphant circumstance, however on the off chance that you exchange and endure huge misfortunes, your agent can even approach you for more cash than you at first kept.
You will for the most part have the option to exchange at any rate 100 to 1 on a standard record, and the proportion might be expanded in the event that you exchange Forex Minis which are one-tenth of the size, or Forex Micros which are one-hundredth. Note that not all agents manage these littler sizes. It is basic that you see exactly what results the value developments can have on your cash.
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How To Avoid Forex Scams

  1. The fledgling Forex dealer can choose a self-coordinated internet exchanging methodology. This kind of expert merchant chooses the Forex Scams best stage that fits with a general technique. The online stages are managed. There will be a commission expense for any offer or solicit orders put through this sort from online framework.

  1. The new Forex dealer can choose to utilize an online tutor framework. There are counselors accessible through a few of the internet exchanging frameworks. Workshops are offered that help with outline choices and request investigations.

  1. There are online robotized Forex exchanging frameworks that can be chosen. These records for the most part require a bigger store sum that is remembered for a pool of assets that are exchanged together.

A Forex Trading Journal

The online merchant getting by through self-guided Forex exchanging might need to devise an individual exchanging diary. Composing a different diary can keep an ongoing record of the online exchanges that are finished. There are extra motivations to keep a Forex diary, and these reasons are the accompanying:
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Not a forex trader, but want to make a medium term directional bet for hedging purposes.

I am not really a forex trader, but I want to make a leveraged directional bet on AUD/USD pair.
The time frame of the trade is going to be somewhere between 3-9 months of holding time.
Which tool would be best to do so?
  1. CFDs, ig, etoro, etc...
  2. Options, exchanged traded
  3. Futures, exchanged traded
  4. Leveraged spot via broker, i.e. Oanda, etc...
Which tool should I investigate? and what is the advantages of each of them vs other, any other tools I am missing.
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OANN: U.S. investigating forex trading at Wells Fargo: WSJ

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U.S. investigating forex trading at Wells Fargo: WSJ

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[Business] - Wells Fargo fires forex bankers, investigates unit: WSJ

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First arrest made in forex market rigging investigation - A City banker has been arrested by the Serious Fraud Office in connection with its investigation into the rigging of the £3.5 trillion-a-day foreign exchange markets.

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Wells Fargo fires forex bankers, investigates unit: WSJ

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[Business] - U.S. investigating forex trading at Wells Fargo: WSJ | REUTERS

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[Business] - U.S. investigating forex trading at Wells Fargo: WSJ

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Forex scandal: IGP to announce next course of action Forex News - NTVforex Pound Sterling Price News and Forecast: GBP/USD bulls likely to target 1.26 Forex Investigation ForexPeaceArmy  Sive Morten Daily, GBP/USD 07.09.20

Spreads on Forex pairs vary depending on the actual pair and are as low as 2 pips. The maximum amount of leverage you can trade with is as high as 400:1. Investors should familiarize themselves with the risk associated with trading CFD & Forex on margin. The minimum deposit for new accounts is $500, and investors can use BPay to fund their account. Getty This story is available exclusively on Business Insider Prime. Join BI Prime and start reading now. Google is preparing for a long antitrust summer as multiple investigations into its business come to a head. CEO Sundar Pichai will testify in front of Congress later this month alongside the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.But Google… INVESTIGATIONS into the money laundering and forex trade fraud case involving Michael Amushelelo and Gregory Beni Cloete are not completed. Amushelelo and Cloete, his business partner, appeared before magistrate Samunzala Linus Samunzala in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Monday. The case was postponed to 20 August for investigation. It also transpired the police investigating team […] As the Forex investigation moves forward the issue for independent traders is the preservation of a free and independent market in which the standard signals or trading serve to make profits if properly used. As the market is cleaned up trading should be safe but in the meantime be aware of a conspiracy by traders to manipulate market pricing. Forex Investigation a Global Affair. The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority was the first agency to say it’s looking into allegations that dealers shared information on client orders with

[index] [15078] [7491] [1591] [574] [20726] [19949] [2020] [15506] [13445] [18203]

Forex scandal: IGP to announce next course of action

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun will announce the next course of action over the police report lodged by the the Royal Commission of ... In this video I follow up my 'Welcome to Forex' video by explaining what the current Forex Trader investigations are all about. My guess is they will put the odd person in jail - if they are lucky ... Professional Forex Trading analysis by Sive Morten with Forex Peace Army. Videos are recorded fresh daily to help forex traders stay profitable. Forex News - NTVforex Pound Sterling Price News and Forecast: ... Today's action marks the second probe through south-heading 20DMA (1.2493) which marks solid barrier. Repeated failure to break ...