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An Anna Analysis: Slashing more than prices! (Indepth, Calcs, Strategy)


Hey there, I'm here to sell you a character that you already own: that's right! Not everyone's favorite blonde-haired friendzoner, or... that one guy... but the red-haired wonder! Anna's in Fire Emblem yet again, and swinging an axe with her cheeky smile! As one of the starting characters, she was most likely a staple of your team... until you realized that 4 and 5 stars were infinitely better. Anna was then left in the dust for most of the game as a mediocre Green Axe, passed over for Hector and Camilla. With the advent of Skill Inheritance, however, how good is Anna, really? What is the optimal build involving her? What role does she serve on a battlefield filled with crazy powerhouses, horses, and a neverending deluge of pineapples? These are questions that I seek to answer. The opinions in this thread were created as the analysis was written. I'd like to share with you all my opinions and why Anna is the best redhead.
Note that most of this is theorycraft/numbercrunching, since the battlefield is unpredictable.

Updated 4/17/17 13:56 PST

*Disclaimer: I'm not updating this to reflect the addition of new units into the game, or skills. If I think there is a better Anna build someday, I would just write a new analysis.

tl;dr Overview

Build: UFA (Unidentified Flying Anna)
Nature: N/A
Weapon: Nóatún
Assist: Reciprocal Aid
Special: Iceberg/Luna
Passive A: Fury
Passive B: Desperation
Passive C: Threaten Defense/Speed
How to use: Bait people, lose enough HP to activate your skills. Warp around and bop people with your 16MT Brave Axe until they're dead.



Statistical Overview

As she is a starter character, Anna cannot have any Boons or Banes.
5* Anna BST: 158
HP Atk Speed Defense Resistance
Anna Base 41 29 38 22 28
Anna + Fury 41 32 41 25 31
Avg. Axe 44 33 28 32 22
Let's compare her to an average Axe user.
  • Anna has 3-4 less HP and Attack than average.
  • Anna has a terrifying 10 Speed higher than average.
  • Anna has a disappointingly low defense compared to average.
  • Anna has a somewhat high Resistance compared to average.
Her lower Attack is somewhat compensated by her unique weapon, Nóatún, which is on par with the strongest weapons in the game at 16Mt, bringing Anna to 45 Attack unboosted, which is slightly above average across all units.
Anna's defining feature in her stats is her speed. She has the second highest base Speed in the game, one point lower than Neutral Lon'qu's 39. This allows Anna to double 78/110 units in the game if comparing neutral speed natures, roughly 80% of the neutral, unboosted roster. Pretty impressive. She can only be doubled if the other unit has a Skill that boosts speed.

Stat Dump: How does Anna measure up?

Alright. Base Anna will ORKO 33 characters in a straight-up fight, assuming they are using their strongest MT weapon (this is ignoring skills and going off pure BST).
  • The neutral Blues that Anna cannot ORKO at base are Cordelia, Shanna, Subaki, Catria, Corrin-F, Sully, Oboro, Ephraim, Gwendolyn, and Effie.
  • She kills neutral Takumi. Suck it, Takumi.
33 characters is roughly 30% of the cast. As you would expect, being a Green character bestows on her an unfortunate weakness to the plethora of Red characters.



Weapons Mt Range Effect Unlock
Iron Axe 6 1 - 2*
Steel Axe 8 1 - 2*
Silver Axe 11 1 - 3*
Nóatún 16 1 Unit may move adjacent to any ally when HP <= 40% (Escape Route 2) 5*
Specials Charge Effects Unlock
Night Sky 4 Grants +50% to damage dealt 2*
Astra 5 Grants +150% to damage dealt 4*
Passives Type Effects Unlock
Vantage 1 B Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP <= 25%. 3*
Vantage 2 B Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP <= 50%. 4*
Vantage 3 B Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP <= 75%. 5*
Spur Res 1 C grants adjacent allies Res+2 during combat. 2*
Spur Res 2 C grants adjacent allies Res+3 during combat. 2*
Spur Res 3 C grants adjacent allies Res+4 during combat. 4*
Anna comes with the coveted Vantage. Her legendary weapon effectively gives her another skill in Escape Route 2, which will be examined in-depth later. Her specials are mediocre due to their long charge time. Her Spur Res offers little synergy with her kit. Overall, she doesn't have a terrible default kit, but it can be made much better.

What not to do with Anna

Alright, let's get to it. This will help us narrow down our choice of skills to put on our redhead.
  • Unequip Nóatún. It's what makes Anna Anna. Her base attack is honestly too low to use Brave Weapons and she doesn't have high enough Res to justify using Killer weapons + Iceberg/Glacies. Any other weapon, Raven can probably use better due to his higher base Attack.
  • Distant Counter does not synergize with Anna that well. Put it on someone who needs it to counter mages. Anna needs stats, not utility. You could make a case for her becoming a mage killer, but as a Green that job is better performed by Julia, who takes pittance from mages and can threaten other units. Save your Hector; Anna much prefers stats.
  • Defiant Skills are theoretically useful to her since they do synergize with Nóatún, but she really wants both an Attack AND a speed boost. It helps her deal with other units running Fury. Also, without Fury Anna is a bit squishier before losing health, which could lead to OHKO's. Also, using a Defiant Skill will prevent you from buffing that stat with Hone skills, actually weakening you in the long run.
  • Axe/Lancebreaker aren't ideal. She already murders most of the Lances with the proper "A Skill". Axebreaker is too niche and it won't fix Anna's ORKO problems against most greens.
  • Escape Route: lol
  • Movement Skills: Like Knockback, Drag Back, Pass, etc. Either very, very niche or redundant. There are better choices.
  • Seal Skills: They shouldn't be alive after your attack.
  • Renewal: Counterproductive with Nóatún/Desperation.
  • Ardent Sacrifice: Sadly, Anna sits at 41 HP. Ardent Sacrifice will not be enough to activate Desperation... which, given Anna's low defense, is usually not a good idea.
  • Wings of Mercy: Makes for a very entertaining Anna, but who isn't entertaining with Wings of Mercy? Anna is here to plunder and destroy. She's already getting the action.
  • Hone/Fortify Skills: This is Anna's fight. She doesn't have time to be supporting people. In all seriousness, she's not going to be sitting still supporting; her counters should be adequately handled by your team already. They're not bad, persay. Just that there are more entertaining things out there. You could still run it, but Threaten Skills can help her secure 1v1 kills.
tl;dr: Anna makes the big bets in combat. Don't choose defensive skills.

Skill Inheritance - A

Let's give Anna a helping hand with her "A" skill slot. There are four popular choices for her here, and we'll examine each of them. Equipping the following skills will give you ORKO potential against the following characters (once against barring their own skills):
  • Death Blow: 10 Characters. Camilla, Catria, Fae, Hawkeye, Jaffar, Lissa, Merric, Robin-F, Sully, Virion
  • Darting Blow: 12 Characters. Anna, Catria, Corrin (F), Felicia, Gaius, Maria, Niles, Nino, Rebecca, Setsuna, Subaki, Sully
  • Life and Death: 19 Characters. Everyone from both Darting Blow and Darting Blow combined but missing out on Hawkeye and Merric..
  • Fury: 14 Characters. Everyone from Life and Death minus Anna, Felicia, Robin-F, Setsuna, and Virion.
Characters who are considered "important" to kill are bolded. This is either because they are a top Arena threat or they are a Blue unit: Anna's job is to kill blues.
In raw kill potential, Life and Death comes out on top; it offers pretty much the key benefits of Death Blow and Darting blow without needing to be on your turn either (which will be important later). Fury comes close; personally, I believe the only important kill you miss out on is Robin-F, which can be compensated for with a certain C Skill later.
Finally, one very important thing. Fury grants you an additional 3 Spd, Def, and Res, all of which are critical to her survivability and ability to activate HP% skills. With the speed boost, Anna will not be doubled by +Spd Fury Lyn/Setsuna. It also safeguards against +Spd and Hone Speed'd Lucina, Nino, Hana, Fir, and Linde. Why is this important? The only unit in the game that can OHKO Fury Anna without using Death Blow is Chrom. With Fury's +3 Defense/Resistance boost, Anna cannot be OHKO'd by Lucina, Hana, Ryoma, Laslow, or Seliph even if they have a +Atk nature. This, as later analyzed, will actually allow Anna to win full health trades against them. For this alone, Fury is invaluable to her bulk.
In addition, normally Anna needs to take 11 damage to activate Desperation (covered later) and 25 damage for Nóatún. Fury will assist with this, since ideally Anna will not be getting attacked anymore after the opening blow and the chip damage from combat will never kill Anna.
tl;dr: Fury is fabulous.

Skill Inheritance - B

Theoretically, there is almost no better choice on her than Desperation. Anna does not have the defenses to take multiple attacks. Desperation gives her the ability to leap in with a Brave Axe effect... with 8 additional attack that almost reaches +Atk Cherche's Brave Axe. This is what lets Anna become a terror on the battlefield when combined with Nóatún. She can leap to a well-positioned ally and ravage her target (combatwise of course).
But why not Vantage? Basically, Anna is almost incapable of inflicting OHKO's except on characters like our resident paper towel, Azura. Considering that Anna would like to be at low HP to make use of Nóatún, Vantage does not synergize with her kit. It only allows her to pick off already weakened enemies... which is counterintuitive to Anna's high attack/speed kit. It offers Anna nothing on offense. Losing out on Desperation when you're at low health is equivalent to no longer being able to double someone.
Vantage isn't terrible. It just... doesn't fit Anna. Put it on Hector. Or Nowi. Or even Minerva. They can use it better than Anna.
tl;dr: Desperation. Be desperate for Desperation as you are for more Anna's.

Skill Inheritance - C

There are a few that stand out. We'll be assuming Fury is used here.
  • Threaten Defense: This gives Anna a bit more killing power, giving you ORKO potential against Arthur, Barst, Felicia, Hawkeye, Matthew, Merric, Minerva, Narcian, Robin-F, Saizo, and Virion (and Red Swords under certain conditions) if you can bait them into range correctly. Probably the most useful.
  • Threaten Speed: It lets her kill opposing Anna, Felicia, and Setsuna. It also helps neutralize Speed boons. It grants Anna the guaranteed double on every character without a Hone Speed buff/Fury buff (and still allows her to outspeed any character below 35 speed with Fury, and 33 speed with Life and Death.
  • Savage Blow is an interesting idea, but it doesn't synchronize well with Anna's spontaneous playstyle.I'd rather just take the Threaten Defense for kills in certain positions, as we will examine later.
There is no "hard and fast rule" for which characters will be dealt with by TD or TS, due to SI being rather unpredictable in whether or not characters will carry Fury/LD. You should just choose either TD or TS based on your team composition. If your team does not have issues with fast attackers, as your team specializes in OHKO's, Threaten Defense is better to net those OHKO's. If you have a team that requires doubles to kill, it is best to go with Threaten Speed. If you have no idea which one is better, just go with Threaten Speed since Speed is arguably the most important stat in FEH.
tl;dr: Threaten their Defense or Speed.

Assist Skill

  • Reciprocal Aid is probably the most versatile option here. If Anna can't take the front-line, she can switch HP with someone who's tanking to drop herself down low enough, benefitting her while healing her ally. She can also use it to regain her HP in order to tank another hit, giving you some key 3HKO's on Red Swords.
  • Draw Back can combos well with Dancer support. Fly in with Nóatún and get a kill. Use a Dancer to get another turn, Draw Back to drag the dancer away to safety.
  • Swap shenanigans. Not much to say here.
  • Rally skills are nice if Anna isn't doing anything, but meh. They're more efficient paired with a support bot who has Hone/Rally skills.
tl;dr Use Reciprocal Aid to heal Anna, get Anna low, or heal a teammate. It gives her flexibility in her HP and the ability to soak up another attack.
Credits to DaiGurenZeroKarel for putting forward an excellent case for RA.

Special Skill

There are really only a few viable skills to put on Anna: Reprisal, Moonbow, Vengeance, Iceberg. Anna can actually make use of 3 turn charges due to Desperation, but of course it's less reliable over the long term. Which you use is up to you, since they provide varying levels of damage depending on the situation. Some rules of thumb:
  • Reprisal should be doing 3-12 damage, usually around the 8 damage mark.
  • Moonbow does 8 damage on average (comparing to 27 defense), going up to 12 or so damage depending on the target.
  • Vengeance takes longer to charge but does between 5-20 damage, usually around the 13 damage mark as a minimum.
  • Iceberg does an additional 15 damage after Fury.
  • Luna does more damage than Iceberg against tanky targets and less against Squishy targets.
Skills other than those cannot consistently charge. For someone as fragile as Anna, it's important to get Skills available ASAP. 3 Charge, in theory, is the best for her if you are confident in doubling everything - (Enemy Attack + Your Counter + Your Counter) as the opening move allows your Special Skill to be ready. Keeping in mind that Fury Anna gets 52 ORKO's, Here are the number of units that can be ORKO'd if your Special Move goes off:
  • Reprisal (8 damage): 64
  • Reprisal (12 damage): 72
  • Moonbow: 63
  • Iceberg (15 damage): 77
  • Vengeance (20 damage): 87
As you can see, Anna's kill potential skyrockets with the level 3 Charge skills. Moonbow is slightly less effective than Reprisal on average, most likely because the bonus damage isn't enough to make a different versus high defense targets. So this brings it to Reprisal versus Vengeance, since more likely than not Anna will have more than 28 damage on her.
A two turn charge skill will be ready every third instance of combat. A three turn charge skill will be ready every fourth instance of combat. Because we are trying our best to have Anna double everything in Embla, there is little incentive to use a two turn charge skill because Anna attacks in sets of two. Let's say that Anna is attacked by +Atk Lucina. She takes 38 damage, and counters Lucina for 13 damage. Reprisal would now be ready, granting an additional 11 damage. This fails to secure a ORKO on Lucina, and you have to spend the next turn attacking Lucina (and killing her). If you ran Vengeance, it would be available on your next attack and is "wasted" on Lucina, but you also now have the option of warping away and using it on someone else. Thus, I would argue that rarer damage spikes benefit Anna more than frequent damage boosts.
Vengeance versus Iceberg: To do equivalent damage, Anna would need to take 28 damage. This does not seem to be that hard, considering her low defense, and I expect Anna to be below the 13 HP mark more often than not (combat after Nóatún will drop you to 10 HP). However, it really depends on your preference. Iceberg is more reliable in doing damage, and Luna allows you to break through tanks more easily.
Defensively, Miracle could save her life, but it's absurdly long charge time combined with Anna's fragility and Fury chip damage can quickly make it useless. Remember: if Anna's at 1HP due to Fury, Miracle will not activate.
Also, Draconic Aura only grants you 14 damage as opposed to Iceberg's 15 (with Fury factored in). The only change it causes it that it lets you OHKO opposing Anna who do not have Fury.
tl;dr: Vengeance for highest KO potential, Iceberg for reliability, Luna for tanks.

How to Redhead

Ok, technical stuff done. (no lie, i made a whole spreadsheet for this.)
So we have our Anna with Nóatún, Draw Back/Swap/Reciprocal Aid, Vengeance, Fury, Desperation, and Threaten Defense. Fantastic. How to use her? Simple.
  1. Let Anna tank a hit and hit back
  2. Fly wherever the hell you want and kill things
Yeah, I wrote the whole guide to say this. The key to Anna being surprisingly flexible lies in her Speed + Desperation : she is so difficult to double and OHKO that she makes for a great opener in a battle. She can 1v1 anyone aside from Alfonse/Chrom and live, most likely at an HP low enough for Desperation to kick in. Pair her with a Dancer like Azura or Ninian for color coverage. Nóatún allows you to jump around the battlefield, but most importantly it allows you to move, kill an enemy, and then run away. Alternatively, you can use it to jump to an exposed enemy and instantly gib him with Desperation. Your Dancer can help Anna move away to retreat, or help Anna continue on her merry way.
The mindset, then, when using Anna is to force the opponent to engage Anna at her own pace. The AI is easily baited; it will cheerfully send a Lucina or Marth to her. She will survive the attack, drop low enough to activate all of her skills, and then proceed to delete them from the field with Desperation. In fact, Anna with Desperation + Threaten Attack will beat quite a few Red swords if they initiate onto her. With Dancer backup, Anna becomes nigh-impossible to catch.
tl;dr: Bait an attack to drop her health. Kill people. Don't get caught. Kill lots of people.

Damage Evaluation

If Anna initiates

Alright, so how well does Anna actually do with Fury + Desperation? She can instantly kill 52 enemies who are neutral Defense/Speed. These are the units that Anna kills without any buffs aside from Fury.
  • Red: Lilina, Sanaki
  • Blue: All units aside from Gwendolyn and Effie.
  • Green: Nino, Raven, Camilla, Fae, Julia, Cecilia
  • Colorless: All units aside from Felicia, Setsuna, Matthew, Saizo, Virion, Azama, Gordin
With Hone Attack buff, Anna gains the following 11 ORKO's:
  • Red: Raigh
  • Blue: Effie (disregarding Wary Fighter)
  • Green: Minerva, Merric, Arthur, Robin-F, Hawkeye
  • Colorless: Felicia, Matthew, Saizo, Virion
So, not bad. Anna does great as a catch-all Blue/Colorless killer. She can finish off the majority of Greens if they have prior chip damage as well.

If a Red Sword initiates:

As stated before, Anna survives all unboosted Reds. They need to do 66 damage to her 41 HP in a single attack to OHKO her. Keep Anna away from Brave Swords. 29 characters can OHKO her with a Brave weapon at neutral, going up to 42 characters with +Atk natures. Screenshot where +is their attack modifier and the number in the box is the damage Anna suffers.
  • All Red Swords are using either a Legendary Weapon or a Silver Sword+ and a +Atk nature where possible, to demonstrate Anna's raw survivability against single attacks.
  • Anna has Hone Attack support, since she is on the defensive.
  • Neither unit is not using a Special unless noted.
  • Red Units have all skills unequipped for ease of calculation. The meta is unstable right now. Theoretically, Reds should be running an offensive A skill and Swordbreaker as their B slot.
  • Reds with Triangle Adept and Axe breaker automatically beat Anna so these skills are disregarded, as she has no business fighting them.
  • If Threaten Defense is used, add 10 to the damage dealt to the character (5 from each attack on a double). If Threaten Speed is used, Anna secures a KO on Lyn due to outspeeding her with the speed debuff.
  • Vengeance is not affected by WTA. I am not entirely sure about this, but the wording seems to confirm it?
  • Alfonse: 36 damage, 43 with Deathblow. Anna loses.
  • Caeda: 26 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 51 damage.
  • Cain: 35 damage with a Silver Sword+. Anna 3HKO's with 42 damage. Note: Cain typically runs a Brave Sword. If he initiates onto Anna with a Brave Sword, Anna loses.
  • Chrom: 42 damage. Anna loses.
  • Corrin (M): 36 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 49 damage from Threaten Defense.
  • Draug: 32 damage with Silver Sword. OHKO with a brave sword. Don't fight Draug. Ever.
  • Eirika: 26 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 45 damage.
  • Eldigan: 36 damage. Anna does only 56 damage over 4 attacks + Vengeance and TD (7+7+12+12+18), killing him.
  • Eliwood: 35 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 54 damage. Note: Eliwood typically runs a Axe breaker. Against all Axebreaker, Anna loses.
  • Fir: 26 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 51 damage.
  • Hana: 38 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 54 damage.
  • Hinata: 35 damage. Anna does 40 damage over 4 attacks + Vengeance and TD (5+5+10+10+17), killing him. Note: Hinata typically runs a Ruby Sword. Against all Ruby Swords, Anna loses.
  • Karel: 32 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 48 damage.
  • Laslow: 38 damage. Anna kills with 62 damage over four attacks + Vengeance TD (11+11+16+16+20). **Note: Laslow typically runs axebreaker. Against all Axebreaker, Anna loses.
  • Lon'qu: 31 damage. It is very difficult for Anna to double him; she does 43 damage after Threaten Defense. Anna loses.
  • Lucina: 38 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 48 damage, assuming Lucina is not +Spd.
  • Lyn: 31 damage. Anna cannot double neutral Spd Lyn and deals only 35 damage. Anna loses. If Threaten Speed is used, Anna doubles and kills all Lyn.
  • Marth: 35 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 46 damage after Threaten Defense.
  • Ogma: 38 damage. Anna 3KHO's with 39 damage after Threaten Defense. Note: Ogma typically runs a Brave Sword. If he initiates onto Anna with a Brave Sword, Anna loses.
  • Olivia: 30 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 42 damage.
  • Palla: 33 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 49 damage after Threaten Defense. Note: Palla typically runs a Ruby Sword. Against all Ruby Swords, Anna loses.
  • Roy: 33 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 57 damage. Note: Roy typically runs Triangle Adept and Sword of Seals. Against TA, Anna loses.
  • Ryoma: 38 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 42 damage.
  • Selena: 26 damage. Anna 3HKO's with 37 damage after Threaten Defense. Note: Selena typically runs Triangle Adept. Against TA, Anna loses.
  • Seliph: 38 damage. Anna deals 71 damage over 4 attacks + Vengeance and TD.
  • Stahl: 33 damage. Anna deals 54 damage over 4 Attacks + Threaten Defense, killing him. **Note: Stahl typically runs axebreaker. Against all Axebreaker, Anna loses.
  • Tiki: 32 damage to Anna. Anna deals a total of 50 damage over four attacks + Vengeance and TD (6+6+11+11+16).
  • Tiki (Young): 27 damage to Anna. Anna deals 46 damage over four attacks +TD, killing Tiki-Y.
Screenshot: + numbers are their defense modifiers. Numbers in squares is damage dealt.
  • Anna with Hone Attack effectively ORKO's every Blue and Colorless except Gwendolyn, Effie, Felicia, Setsuna, Azama, and Gordin. A Hone speed will net her Felicia and Setsuna.
  • If initiated upon, given Vengeance, Anna can theoretically kill every +Atk character in the game aside from Draug and Lyn if they don't run TA or Ruby Swords or Axe breaker.
  • Don't let Brave Red/Green weapons initiate onto her though.
  • tl;drThis effectively means that Fury/Desperation/Vengeance Anna is able to defeat 62/66 melee characters in the game if they initiate onto her and they don't have axebreakeTriangle Adept/Ruby Sword. If they do, Anna is screwed.

Comparing Anna to Raven

Probably her closest comparison. Let's look at their stats, assuming Raven is using a Silver Axe.
Character HP Atk Speed Defense Resistance
Anna 41 29 38 22 28
Raven 41 34 35 25 22
If Raven has a +Spd/-Res nature, he matches Anna's speed. When equipped with a Silver Axe, he hits 49 attack, four points higher than Anna with Noatun. You can have the same passives on him. So what does this say?
  • +Spd -Res Raven gains KO's on Felicia, Matthew, Saizo, Minerva, Merric, Virion, Arthur, Raigh, RobinF, and Hawkeye.
  • If both him and Anna have Hone Attack, he gains ORKO potential against Hana, Tharja, Barst, Eliwood, Narcian, Azama, Cherche, Gordin, and Gunter. In other words, he can deal with a few Reds and a few more greens.
So in terms of raw killing power? Raven is better, certainly. It then goes to the question of whether that killing power is worth the effect of Noatun and the flexibility it provides Anna.
As for lower RES, he does get OHKO's by +Atk Sanaki, Lilina, and Tiki. That does affect his ability to front-line, as Anna can avoid this OHKO's and even kill the opposing character on her turn.
tl;dr: Raven kills some more Reds/Greens. Anna has superior mobility with Noatun and avoids OHKO's from Sanaki, Lilina, and Riki.

Comparing Anna to Cherche and Minerva

Neither of them have hair on her tier. Both of these two are fliers. In terms of BST:
Character HP Atk Speed Defense Resistance
Anna 41 29 38 22 28
Minerva 40 31 33 32 22
Cherche 46 38 25 32 16
  • Anna has average HP, slightly lower Attack than Minerva, by far the highest speed, much lower defense, and very high resistance.
  • Minerva possesses the lowest HP, but that is compensated for by solid Defense and passable resistance, as well as acceptable Speed.
  • Cherche is a flying physical wall. When she goes KNOCK KNOCK on someone's door, they're dead unless their name is Chrom/Alfonse.
I'm not going to do a deep analysis on Minerva or Cherche. Both of which have been wonderfully done here and here. The Cherche analysis in particular is using Cherche on a Flyer Emblem team, so the calcs came out pretty obscenely strong. However, let's take a look at the number of units each can ORKO, given Fury/Death Blow, Hone Attack Support, and +Atk nature on the two fliers.
  • Anna: 52 Units. 2/35 Red, 25/27 Blue, 6/22 Green, 19/26 Colorless.
  • Cherche: 88 Units. 15/35 Red, 27/27 Blue, 20/22 Green, 26/26 Colorless.
  • Minerva: 51 Units. 3/35 Red, 21/27 Blue, 10/22 Green, 17/26 Colorless
In terms of raw kills, Cherche surpasses both of them by far, pretty much ruining everything aside from Reds with her Brave Axe+ build. The drawback: Cherche will be sitting at a pitiful 17 speed, which means that she'll get ORKO'd by any Red Sword or half-decent magical double that has at least 36 damage after WT calculation (45 from Blues). Cherche is the definitive glass cannon of the three. Minerva comes in as tankier than Anna. Anna has warp shenanigans and is pretty much guaranteed to never be doubled, while Minerva has a spammable special and flying movement. On the other hand, Minerva and Cherche are greatly limited by their weakness to bows. Either they waste their A slot on the Shield, or they remain susceptible to OHKO's from Bow users. Anna is only susceptble to Kagero, who she ORKO's anyways.
tl;dr: Cherche kills things best but gets doubled and hates all ranged characters. Minerva flies around and is tankier but loses out on being a hard counter to faster Blues and fuck takumi. Anna warps around and is the hardest to kill but has mediocre matchups against Green/Red.

Good Teammates for Anna:

  • Azura: Provides Blue coverage. Can defeat entire teams of reds by herself. Dance support. Wears a paper towel. What more do you want?
  • Olivia: If equipped with WTA or a Ruby Sword, she provides coverage against the bulky Greens that Anna struggles against. Also a dancer. Doesn't wear much clothing. A pink-head, so she helps Anna's red hair stand out more.
  • Tanky Blues: They will counter the Reds that Anna can't deal with that well. Effie and Nowi stand out the most. Sharena and Robin-M are also fine partners.
  • Mages. Anna really shines when paired with ranged attackers since it perfectly spaces out Escape Route for her. She's not too picky about which one to pair her with, but nukers are probably preferred since together, they can each delete an enemy safely. Mages are preferred to Archers because they can strike Resistance where Anna hits Defense.
  • Red Swords: They help Anna deal with her fellow Greens, and Anna cleans up the Blues. Tankiness is prized over nuking ability, because Anna can clean up things fantastically well with some chip damage on enemies.
  • Flying units: They aren't limited by Terrain, so they can help Anna get to where she needs to be reliably while she can murder the pineapples that seek to pincushion them. Blue and Red fliers are recommended, as they will provide color coverage for Anna.


Anna is fascinating. She boasts speed that Blues could only weep for accompanied by a terrifying legendary weapon and passable HP+Resistance. However, despite wearing actual armor and swinging an axe, she possesses less defense than fking Wrys in his monk robes and less base Attack than friggin Lucius. She is also extremely susceptible to Triangle Adept, Axe breaker, Brave Weapons, and Ruby Swords. But despite her flaws, she appears to be a relatively well-balanced character who can reliably massacre most of the Colorless Roster and Blues not named Effie. She avoids many OHKO's and keeps on fighting as if she's John McClaine. She has red hair.
But most importantly, she murders Takumi.


  • Anna with 1 HP, Attack Buffed, and Vengeance activated can potentially ORKO 95/110 characters in the game.
  • If Anna could get an Attack Boon and Resistance Bane, she would be able to ORKO 103 characters in the game with a fully charged Vengeance. IS when
  • Despite being a redhead, Anna cannot deal with many Red Swords in a 1 on 1 if she initiates. That's why she teases.
  • Has the best "Special" portrait in the game by far.
  • Nóatún) is the home of a Norse God. Why it's the name of Anna's weapon, nobody knows. It is also a supermarket.
Feedback? Questions? You found something wrong in my results? Please let me know! I'm pretty sure some calculation is off somewhere. Or that there's a broken image link.
If you want to take a look at the spreadsheet I used, a read-only copy is here.sorryfortheformatting. Formatting is a bit wonky due to conversion to a google sheet, so sorry about that.
Leave a comment, and feel free to discuss the results!
Some discussion topics:
  • How has Anna been working out in practice?
  • Any alternate builds?
  • What teammates have the best synergy with her?
  • How do you actually say Nóatún?
  • When we inevitably get more Annas, what classes do you want them to be?
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Yes! Esports betting is big business, and it’s rapidly getting bigger. There are many different ways to bet on esports contests, including real money betting, skin betting and fantasy betting. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out the page listed below. It tells you everything you need to know to get started. In 2018, there was a huge $1 million prize reserve for the MLG Columbus occasion held between March 23-25. Splyce were the champs, parting a $500k prize between the five players in the group. Out and out and coordinate wagering is well known for the Halo Championship arrangement, however note that chances are accessible just barely before the The official standings for Major League Baseball. Esports betting is a bit of a grey area in legal sports betting as of right now. While a number of states have legalized sports betting , most have not specified a stance on esports and where it fits into the sports betting landscape. Betting on eSports. Gambling on eSports is a relatively new phenomenon and currently just a limited number of bookmakers offer markets and odds for real money bets. At the moment there are four main games which you can lay a wager on.

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Horse Racing Del Mar - YouTube

Raider JIm Martinez Horse Racing expert gives us strategies to have fun and making money betting the horses in Del Mar California Hide chat Show chat Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested ... If your pro soccer betting picks have you down today get a free MLS prediction between the New England Revolution vs Monteal Impact at ez-winners. https://ww... This video explains the basics of the Win, Place and Show bets in horse racing. Check out to learn more about how to bet on horses, and get our Kentucky Derby Picks! #bettingonhorses,#handicapping horses, #horse racing, #horseracingtips #bettingonhorseracing, Join Weekend Handicapper as he explains how to bet horses when you have a small bankroll. Many people ... Live Horse Racing Betting With JIMMY THE BAG Tampa Bay Downs Will Rogers Downs Wed Apr 15th