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List of Major SPACs & Latest Updates

Here's a summary tracker I use to keep track of latest developments of major SPACs I'm interested in. Feel free to comment below with other SPACs to add and I'll update the list to keep it fresh and current.
(edit: updated to reflect additions and comments)
Act II Global Acquisition Corp.
June 10, 2020 - Act II Global Acquisition to Purchase Two Companies Creating Whole Earth Brands. The two companies own a range of consumer sweetener brands including Equal along with a thriving flavorings business. The close of the deal is imminent, with the deadline for Act II investors to redeem shares for cash on Thursday, June 11 and the vote to approve the merger on Monday, June 15.
Units: ACTTU
Warrants: ACTTW
Shares: ACTT

Forum Merger II Corporation
Ittella International, a plant-based food company with a broad portfolio of innovative products available both in private label and the Company’s “Tattooed Chef” brand, and FMCI announced a definitive agreement to combine as Tattooed Chef, Inc. (“Tattooed Chef”). This transaction will introduce Tattooed Chef as a Nasdaq-listed public company, with an anticipated initial enterprise value of approximately $482 million, 2.2x Tattooed Chef’s estimated 2021 revenue of $222 million, or 15.6x Tattooed Chef’s estimated 2021 Adjusted EBITDA of $30.8 million.
Units: FMCIU
Warrants: FMCIW
Shares: FMCI

Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp.
June 4, 2020, Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp. announced that it held a Merger Meeting and the stockholders approved a business combination agreement, with Lion Financial Group Limited, a Chinese investor-focused trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services.
Units: PAACU
Warrants: PAACW
Shares: PAAC

Opes Acquisition Corp
Fast-growing burger chain BurgerFi signed a non-binding letter-of-intent to merge on June 8, 2020.
Units: OPESU
Warrants: OPESW
Shares: OPES

Nebula Acquisition Corporation
June 10, 2020, Nebula Acquisition Corporation Completes Business Combination with Open Lending, a leading provider of lending enablement and risk analytics solutions to financial institutions. Upon completion of the business combination, Nebula changed its name to Open Lending, and its common stock is expected to begin trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker symbol “LPRO”, commencing June 11, 2020.
Units: NEBUU
Warrants: NEBUW
Shares: NEBU

Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp.
May 20, 2020, Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp announced it has signed a non-binding letter of intent and expects to sign a definitive agreement to acquire a digital banking platform that is among the fastest growing in the country with several million accounts. The target company features an advanced, purpose-built platform via proprietary technology that provides a full suite of low-cost banking products including checking, savings, and credit cards to millennials and middle-income consumers.
Units: MFAC-UN
Warrants: MFAC-WT
Shares: MFAC

Collier Creek Holdings
June 5, 2020, Utz Quality Foods, LLC, a leading U.S. manufacturer of branded salty snacks, and Collier Creek Holdings announced that they have entered into a definitive to combine and form Utz Brands, Inc. Utz Brands will be a leading pure-play snack food platform in the U.S. Upon the closing of the transaction, it is expected that Utz Brands will trade under the ticker symbol "UTZ" on the New York Stock Exchange.
Units: CCH-UN
Warrants: CCH-WT
Shares: CCH

Churchill Capital Corp III
February 14, 2020, Churchill Capital Corp III announced the pricing of its $1 billion initial public offering of 100,000,000 units at $10.00 per unit. Churchill Capital Corp III was founded by Michael Klein, who is also the founder and managing partner of M. Klein and Company.
Units: CCXX-UN
Warrants: CCXX-WT
Shares: CCXX

Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp.
March 10, 2020, Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp., Led by Harry Sloan and Founding Investor Jeff Sagansky, Announces Completion of $690 Million IPO.
Units: FEAC-UN
Warrants: FEAC-WT
Shares: FEAC

Tenzing Acquisition Corp.
May 21, 2020, Tenzing Acquisition Corp. announced the vote by shareholders to extend the deadline to consummate an initial business combination from May 26, 2020 to July 27, 2020 (or September 28, 2020 if the Company has executed a definitive agreement for a business combination by July 27, 2020).
Units: TZACU
Warrants: TZACW
Shares: TZAC

Oaktree Acquisition Corp.
July 18, 2019, Oaktree Acquisition Corp., Announces Completion of $175 Million IPO. The Company’s sponsor is an affiliate of Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (“Oaktree”), a leader among global investment managers specializing in alternative investments, with $119 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2019.
Units: OAC-UN
Warrants: OAC-WT
Shares: OAC

Graf Industrial Corp.
April 8, 2020 Graf Industrial Corp. announced that it is in negotiations relating to a potential business combination with polypropylene recycling company PureCycle Technologies, LLC (the "Target"), pursuant to which the Target would become a publicly traded company (the "Transaction").
Units: GRAFU
Warrants: GRAF-WT
Shares: GRAF

Churchill Capital Corp II
June 26, 2019 - Churchill Capital Corp II announced the pricing of its $600 billion initial public offering of 60,000,000 units at $10.00 per unit. Churchill Capital Corp II was founded by Michael Klein, who is also the founder and managing partner of M. Klein and Company.
Note: The first SPAC from this group successfully combined last year and trades as CCC. This is likely to acquire a company before the larger CCXX as it was launched first.
Units: CCX-UN
Warrants: CCX-WT
Shares: CCX

Jaws Acquisition Corp
May 13, 2020 - Jaws Acquisition Corp. announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 60,000,000 units at a price of $10.00 per unit. Led by Chairman Barry S. Sternlicht and Chief Executive Officer Joseph L. Dowling.
Note: Barry Sternlicht is an incredibly successful investor who formed and sold the Starwood Hotels to Marriott for $13.6B in 2016, and he currently manages a $60B fund, Starwood Capital. Joseph Dowling is the CEO of the Brown University endowment fund, which has over $3B under management and has been one of the top performing college endowments in recent years.
Units: JWS-UN (Units haven't separated shares and warrants yet)
Warrants: JWS-WT
Shares: JWS

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Two Views of Survey Data: The Modal Motte User | A Ranking of Everything, From Scott Alexander to Stalin

A few survey results are still trickling in (you can still take it if you'd like; I've yet to formally close it and upload the csv file), but it's reached about 1/10 of the subreddit subscribers at this point, which should be more than enough to begin to draw some conclusions and have some fun with the data. To begin the process of analysis, here are two of the simpler ways to look at it:
A Ranking of Everything
On the survey, I included an interminably long set of questions inviting everyone to rank a wide range of people and topics on a five-point scale as compared to others in similar positions. Now that I have that data, I thought it best to blatantly misuse it to compare the incomparable. If you've ever wanted to know whether the Motte prefers the furry fandom or an increased military budget, or what it would choose between gay rights and the Wall Street Journal, here's your chance. Presenting: A Ranking of Everything, From Scott Alexander to Stalin.
The other half of this post is a more straightforward reading of the data, a view of exactly the sort of person this place attracts:
The Modal Motte User
The modal Motte user is a 29-year-old, right-handed straight white man with a Bachelor's degree, a US citizen who lives in California. He has finished his formal education and now earns around $65000 a year, though his net worth remains under $10000. He is single with no kids for now, but he plans on having 2 kids eventually. He is not affiliated with any political party. He was raised Catholic, but now considers himself an atheistic humanist. He considers himself a capitalist, a libertarian, and a classical liberal. He got 800s in both SAT-math and SAT-verbal, but despite this scored only a 1500 overall. He scored a 33 on his ACT. Per the MBTI, he's on the border between INTJ and INTP, which breaks out more clearly in the OCEAN model with very high openness to experience, average agreeableness and conscientiousness, slightly below average extraversion, and low negative emotionality.
He's worn glasses since childhood, had a hundred books or so in his childhood home, and mostly read for pleasure as a kid, though he also enjoyed video games, TV, and playing outside. He went to public school, but didn't like it. Now, he spends 8-12 hours in front of a screen daily, reads hours of longform text each day, and generally also watches videos and plays games. He sleeps about seven and a half hours nightly, and has not had the pleasure of a lucid dream. He lives in a city, but hasn't yet been convinced of the joys of living in a cyberpunk dystopia and prefers outdoor activities to city ones.
He is convinced the dress is blue and black and the voice says Laurel. He used to be a Star Wars fan but has never liked Marvel or Game of Thrones. He's been known to watch anime on occasion. He has never been to a Renaissance Faire, a Comic-Con, or a video game tournament, and has no desire to do so. He's also not a committed enough anthropologist to attend a furry convention. Catcher in the Rye is his least favorite book.
He cooperates in prisoner's dilemmas, would offer a stranger a fair split of found money, and would take the stranger up on their offer even with an unfair split. He's oddly reluctant to participate in the Stanford Prison Experiment. At least he knows how much a pile of cucumbers weighs, though. He thinks it's only acceptable to shoot a stranger who's broken into his house if they pose a clear threat to his life or those of his loved ones, thinks cannibalistic shipwrecked sailors are immoral but should not be punished, and might gossip depending on circumstances. According to him, "racecar" is a good palindrome, though when it comes to pangrams he's more partial to sphinxes of black quartz, and he turns towards Rudyard Kipling for good poetry.
In 2016, he voted for Hillary Clinton, and in 2020 he plans to vote for Joe Biden, though if he were in the UK he would support Boris Johnson.
He believes his country should not increase immigration rate, but should move towards freer trade. He thinks the current abortion laws are more-or-less reasonable and his country should consider moving towards single-payer healthcare, though he's not adamant about it. He hopes to avoid stricter regulation on tech companies and budget increases for the military or education, strongly opposes gun control, wants looser IP laws, and hopes to see fewer legal restrictions on drug use. He believes we have done enough for gay rights at this point and strongly believes we do not need to do more for trans rights. He is ambivalent about a need to support religious freedom. He sees a need for aggressive action against climate change, supports further investment in public transport, and is generally in favor of higher taxes on the wealthy. He's cautiously against a universal basic income, is ambivalent about the need for a more comprehensive safety net, and would like to see the government shrink.
As far as personal beliefs goes, he thinks people should perhaps eat less meat, but sees no ethical issue with consuming animal products. He has moral qualms about late-term abortion, but not most drug use. He believes strongly that socialization is not the primary cause of differences between men and women and that there is no need for greater gender balance in STEM professions, also holding with a bit less certainty that we should not aim for greater gender balance among schoolteachers. He believes that prejudice against Christians, women, men, and minorities are not serious problems in the US today, though he's less confident about the later groups on the list. He is extremely confident IQ tests measure something real and important and confident that intelligence differs between ethnic groups, though is uncertain whether they are primarily genetic in origin. He does not believe we should limit immigration from countries with low average IQ.
He is weakly confident that sex and gender are distinct, and more certain that there are only two genders. He does not consider trans women to be women, but believes you should use someone's preferred pronouns if requested. He is confident gay marriage is morally no different than straight marriage, but believess with equal certainty that a baker should be allowed to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding. He sees promoting the family unit as important for a healthy society, is conflicted but ultimately weakly against polyamorous relationships, and sees nothing wrong with consensual pornography. He's torn on the morality of casino gambling but ultimately feels it's not a moral concern. He is certain that anthropogenic climate change is occurring, and weakly confident it is a catastrophic problem. He feels strongly that capitalism is the best economic system available and is largely ambivalent on regulation, ultimately weakly opposing it. He is skeptical of centralized government and ambivalent about religion, seeing it as a weak force for good.
He thinks human genetic engineering is a good idea and rejects the idea that people in developed countries should have fewer children, but agrees that people in developing countries should do so. He sees a problem with consumerism in our society, believes modern architecture is worse than traditional architecture and modern art is worse than traditional art, and thinks the West is in decline. He believes we are no more or less moral now than at any point in history, but is certain we are better off than ever before, and thinks humanity's future is bright.
He hates Donald Trump, dislikes Mike Pence, and is largely ambivalent but weakly against Mitt Romney and Joe Biden. He likes neither Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi, hates Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Hillary Clinton, and is torn on Bernie Sanders but leans towards dislike. He likes Andrew Yang quite a bit and sort of likes Tulsi Gabbard.
As far as past presidents go, he likes Obama but not Bush, is ambivalent about Clinton, Bush the Elder, and Reagan, dislikes Nixon, doesn't care about Lyndon B Johnson, is torn but ultimately favorable towards FDR, is ambivalent about Herbert Hoover, likes Theodore Roosevelt, loves Abraham Lincoln, hates Andrew Jackson, likes Thomas Jefferson, and would march into battle for George Washington.
What about world figures? He's ambivalent about Boris Johnson but quite likes that Cummings chap who advises him, strongly dislikes Jeremy Corbyn, is ambivalent but weakly against Macron, ambivalent towards Merkel, against Netanyahu and Modi (though he doesn't know much about the latter), and is aggressively against Putin, Xi Jin Ping, Nicolas Maduro, and particularly Kim Jong Un. He carelessly has no opinion yet on Tsai Ing-Wen.
Rather predictably, he unconditionally hates Stalin, Hitler, bin Laden, and Mao. He likes Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill, loves Lee Kuan Yew but hasn't yet learned just how great he is, is ambivalent but weakly positive towards Thatcher and weakly negative towards Blair.
The only cultural commentator he really likes is Scott Alexander, but he's also favorably inclined towards Bryan Caplan, Paul Graham, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and Freddie deBoer--if he thinks about them at all. He kinda likes Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Sam Harris, but doesn't feel strongly. He doesn't really like Ben Shapiro, can't stand Richard Spencer or Alex Jones, mostly dislikes Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, and likes Hitchens. Many other figures labor in obscurity even in this obscure corner. Those who know about Moldbug are torn on him but weakly favorable, the fewer who know about Bronze Age Pervert are largely against him, and Steve Sailer gets weak positive ratings and a lot of uncertainty. He's not too keen on Contrapoints or Tucker Carlson, and doesn't like Steven Crowder assuming he thinks about him at all. If he's heard of Nick Fuentes, he can't stand him.
News organizations don't fare much better. He only really likes FiveThirtyEight, The Economist, and the Wall Street Journal, and he'll give a weakly favorable shrug to The Atlantic. He's not keen on the NYTimes, Washington Post, The Guardian, or The Intercept (if he cares at all about it). Everything else, he can't stand: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Vox, Breitbart, Jacobin, Chapo Trap House, The Young Turks. He doesn't often think about Drudge Report, OANN, or BreadTube, but he hates the lot.
And what of movements? He dislikes Black Lives Matter, the trans rights movement, gender-critical feminism, gun control, the pro-life movement, the furry fandom, and open borders. He can't stand intersectional feminism, white identitarianism, antinatalism, or social justice. He is ambivalent about animal rights and ambivalent leaning towards positive about the gay rights movement, second-wave feminism, and the pro-choice movement. He kind of likes the religious freedom movement and likes gun rights. He strongly supports Effective Altruism and would march in Hong Kong with the protesters there if he could.
He's participated in the Motte since the days of the SSC Culture War Thread, at least three years now, and thinks it's stayed pretty much the same since then. He sees himself as rationalist-adjacent though wouldn't personally identify as one, likes and regularly reads Slate Star Codex, and comments on the Motte occasionally. He's never been warned or banned, but then again, he doesn't often comment. He thinks the rules are neither overly permissive or strict, sees them as generally clear, effective, and consistent, and doesn't see a left or right bias in moderation (...well, he says, maybe a tiny leftward bias). Meanwhile, he sees the culture as friendly and ideologically diverse (if right-biased), and thinks it provides accurate information, but sees it as a bit repetitive. He mixes zontargs and zortlax up even though zontargs has since left for greener pastures.
Alarmingly, he has not yet stopped beating his wife.
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  • The British Crown and the C.I.A. teamed up treasonously via QinetiQ Group Plc controlled by the Monarch
  • Lord Pirbright (Rothschild) and his banker cousins at N.M. Rothschild & Co. were godfathers of the 2nd Boer War concentration camps (1899-1902) to drive the French, Dutch and Germans out of South Africa
  • New Evidence: Leading London Jews were running the first modern war concentration camps where over 60,000 whites and blacks died, including more than 14,000 mostly white children who were subjected to Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (now Wellcome Trust–Coronavirus funder and GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine experiments
  • These Privy Council and Parliamentary records have been discovered after much difficulty and missing documents
Fig. 1—Henry (Rothschild) de Worms 1st Baron Pilbright (1840-1903), also called Lord Pirbright. Baron Pilbright’s grandmother was Schönche Jeannette Rothschild (1771–1859). Her father was Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744–1812), the founder of the Rothschild colonial banking business in Ceylon where Lord Pirbright’s father Solomon de Worms established the “Rothschild” coffee and tea plantation with slave, and nearly slave labor.
(FEB. 20, 2020)—Once we discovered that the Coronavirus was created and patented (U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701) by “The Pirbright Institute, Woking, Pirbright, Surrey,” we were compelled to learn more about this Pirbright organization and the village of Pirbright.
  • Pirbright grew up in Ceylon on “The Rothschild Plantation” where they grew coffee and tea sold through their Rothschild-financed British East India Company.
  • At age 45, Baron Pirbright became the British minister of trade and colonies (1885-1892). During those years just prior to the founding of the Pilgrims Society in 1902, Pirbright promoted Cecil Rhodes, N.M. Rothschild, Alfred Milner and John Buchan in the Boer Wars.
  • He also oversaw the British patent office when Nikola Tesla’s began filing his wireless telegraphy patents.
  • Regarding Tesla, Pirbright secretly allowed the British Admiralty and Post Office to steal from Tesla using Guglielmo Marconi as their fake inventor and make monopolistic deals with Marconi Wireless.
Pirbright also coached Henry S. Wellcome and Sir Henry M. Stanley in their rapacious acquisition of valuable African poisons and cures used in extensive vaccine experimentation on human beings—including black and Boer (German, Dutch and French) prisoners they had put in concentration camps and performed fatal Wellcome Trust drug experiments.
Lord Pirbright gave Cecil Rhodes an almost free hand in the British South Africa Company to write laws, collect taxes and run his own police force in their new British Imperial-Fascist Corporatism model for reorganizing the British Empire while continuing to control the resources of their colonies, even after Home Rule was implement (like Rio Tinto – global mining company [including uranium] that is also a Rothschild creation for the British Crown that the Monarch controls to this day), Viscount Alfred Milner, co-founder of the Pilgrims Society, was Rio Tinto chairman from 1923-1925, and earlier a director for many years.
One of our conclusions from this investigation is that The Pirbright Institute is very evidently part of the Pilgrims Society’s 200-year Rhodes-ian plan to create an un-elected one-world government where America is made subservient to the Pilgrims Society and its United Nations. As we are just now discovering, Rhodes had a mentor for his 200-year plan.
As a direct result of investigations to track down the ownership of responsibility for the current Coronavirus outbreak, a new ring leader in the creation of the Pilgrims Society (1902) has just emerged from hiding in the history books.
The tracing of patent ownership lineage of “U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701, Coronavirus” led us to The Pirbright Institute, Surrey, UK, near Woking and Guildford.
The man who appears to be the Pilgrims Society nexus point is not Cecil Rhodes, but rather Rhodes’ Rothschild family mentor Henry (Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright, sometimes referenced simply as “Lord Pirbright” or “Baron Pirbright.)
The topic “Pirbright” has many tentacles.


  • We’ll start with the name “Pirbright.”
  • On the surface, Pirbright is a posh little English village in the Greater West London county of Surrey, less than 6 miles southwest of Woking and 7 miles northwest of Guildford.
  • However, literal Frankensteins lurk in Pirbright’s meadows.
  • The Pirbright Institute is a research institute in Surrey, England, dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals. It is located on 200 acres of land controlled by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), just south of the village of Pirbright.
  • The Pirbright Institute has close affiliations with vaccine pharmaceuticals including British Merial (originally a joint venture between drug companies U.S. Merck and French Sanofi-Aventis), German Boehringer-Ingelheim, British Wellcome Trust, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation are the two largest investors in pharma research on the planet and heavily fund The Pirbright Institute.
  • The investigation into Merial cited extreme sloppiness such as bio security lapses, poor drainage systems, poor maintenance and inspection, poor communications, lack of oversight of contractors working on the site, poor record-keeping, conflicts of interest within the government entities and Merial’s commercial interests.
  • Merial and its key shareholder, the French company Sanofil, were together acquired by German Boehringer Ingelheim on Jan. 03, 2017.
  • Merial was founded in the UK on Mar. 07, 1997 through the merger of the animal health businesses of Merck and Rhone Merieuxm (also named Sanofi-Aventis) and is one of the top 10 players in the UK pharmaceuticals industry. They operate in more than 150 countries, employ more than 5,000 people, and boasted 2007 sales of £1.1billion.
  • On Feb. 09, 2017, Boehringer-Ingelheim bought Merial-Sanofil and continues to operate Merial’s vaccine manufacturing facilities at The Pirbright Institute.
  • Merial Animal Health Limited (50% owned by U.S. Merck) was sold to French Sanofil on Jul. 30, 2009; then three months later on Oct. 12, 2009, built a $70 million production plant named Merial Animal Health Co., Ltd. (Nanchang, China); then sold to German Boehringer Ingelheim GMBH on Feb. 09, 2017), but still produces poultry vaccines from their 12-acre plant having retained the name Merial Animal Health Co., Ltd. (China) – just a 4 hour drive from Wuhan, China. Map of The Pirbright Institute, Pirbright, Surrey, UK.
  • Note, Pilgrims Society at the BBC and Reuters are floating a malicious “false flag” propaganda currently-BBC-Jan-30-2020.pdf) from unattributed assertions that the Pirbright Coronavirus patent is a different, weakened coronavirus, not the one involved in the current outbreak. Such an assertion would violate U.S. Patent Office “inequitable conduct” rules—lying to the Office. See sidebar on right.
  • In other words, you are forbidden from giving a patent application misleading name.
Indeed, there are currently 75 patents with coronavirus in the title-operated-by-BRITISH-SERCO-performed-Feb-28-2020.pdf). The Coronavirus patent is one of 11 awarded to The Pirbright Institute. These titles described the uniquenesses of each claim (a requirement). For The Pirbright Institute U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701 to be allowed the name simply “CORONAVIRUS” means what it says. Also remember, British SERCO manages the patent approval process at the U.S. Patent Office, the the possibility of fraud is heightened, especially considering that SERCO’s sister company QinetiQ–both controlled by the Monarch’s Golden Share giving 100% veto power over operations–essentially approved the patent to themselves. This is evident fraud.
On Oct. 12, 2009, Merial invested over $70 million (US) to build a “Merial Animal Health Co. (China)” 50,000 sq. meters poultry vaccine production plant in Nanchang, China. Nanchang is only a four hour drive from Wuhan.
This Merial plant was founded on Oct. 12, 2007)—just two months after the Aug. 05, 2007 foot and mouth outbreak in the U.K. Given current Chinese prohibition of foreign ownership control, the Chinese government would control Merial (China) with the The Pirbright Institute—British Ministry of Defense, and/or QinetiQ as possible minority stockholders. The big pharma shell game is quite evident.
Henry (Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright evidently had a vision to combine vaccines, wireless, propaganda, mind control and banking and use these technologies to control the masses and make money for his Pilgrims Society conspirators.


On the same property as The Pirbright Institute is Cobbett Hill Earth Station—a satellite teleport that boasts “more than 25 antennas with active operations on 13 satellites” using C and KU-band antennas that are powerful enough for directed energy weaponry.
Experts in electronic warfare who have studied the Pirbright property footprint believe it is almost certain that both the Pirbright Institute and the adjacent Cobbett Hill Earthstation teleport share “hardened” underground facilities that are able to withstand direct attacks. This conclusion was further affirmed by CETel GMBH CEO Guido Neumann who boasted on Jun. 01, 2019:

“Cobbett Hill is located only 25 miles from central London in the UK, and occupies a seven-acre secure compound on 200 acres of land. Currently, it houses more than 25 antennas with active operations on 13 satellites plus spare capacity enabling quick turnaround times on even short-notice customer requirements. Due to the locations historical use by the British Ministry of Defence it has blanket planning permission for unlimited antenna installations within the 200 acres and operate within an RF exclusion zone preventing any local interference.”
Trigger words projecting secret underground government and conspiring-corporate activity: “quick turnaround times,” “blanket planning permission,” “unlimited antenna installations within the 200 acres,” “RF exclusion zone preventing local interference,” “seven acres on 200 acres,” and “historical use by the British Ministry of Defence.”


  • As you can see here, SERCO has been awarded almost $10 billion in from the U.S. Patent Office, FEMA, OMB, Navy SPAWAR, OPM, State Department, DoD, Army, Navy, FAA, FEC, etc. In short, America’s ship has already been boarded by British pirates in defense, space and technology projects by a Pilgrim’s Society-complicit Senior Executive Services (SES).
  • We were shocked to discovered that QinetiQ has an almost equal number of U.S. contracts.
  • QinetiQ has received over $8.5 billion U.S. federal contracts. (PDF | Excel-downloads directly to your Downloads folder).
  • SERCO has received over $9.5 billion U.S. federal contracts. PDF | Excel-downloads directly to your Downloads folder)


On Nov. 15, 1895, Henry De Worms (1840-1903) was appointed to be 1st Baron Pirbright, of Pirbright, County of Surrey (UK)—the current site of The Pirbright Institute and Cobbett Hill Earthstation teleport.
On Oct. 03, 1893, Lord Pirbright inherited a substantial sum in those days—about £350,000—as residuary legatee of his mother Henrietta Samuel’s estate. He used these funds to fund great mischief, including purchasing the land in the greater Pirbright area on land that today houses MOD (Ministry of Defense) facilities associated with British Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), including The Pirbright Institute, essentially controlled by the Wellcome Trust and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—two key funders of the Pirbright Institute along with U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and Cobbett Hill Earthstation, that are both adjacent to the Army Training Center – Pirbright land acquired by the Army in about 1875.
Lord Pirbright also bankrolled Henry Wellcome’s meteoric rise in the pharmaceutical business as well as Sir Henry M. Stanley’s expeditions to Africa to collect new cures and poisons for Henry Wellcome, as well as secure west African mining rights for Belgium King Leopold II, the British South Africa Company and his protégés Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Winston Churchill and John Buchan, among others.
Henry (Rothschild) De Worms, First Baron Pirbright’s paternal grandmother was Schönche Jeannette Rothschild (1771–1859). Jeanette’s father, Pirbright’s great grandfather, was Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)—the founder of Rothschild banking. See Dict. of Nat. Bio (1914), pp. 495-496, 51 MB (be patient when downloading).
A young Henry de Worms lived his early years on the family coffee, tea and spice plantation in Ceylon actually named “Rothschild.” This bound the de Worms to the rapacious imperialism of the British East India Company that the Rothschilds bankrolled. The Jewish Chronicle (London)-De-Worms]-The-Culminating-Apostasy-pp-16-17-Solomon-Davis-pub-The-Jewish-Chronicle-(London)-Jan-16-1903.pdf), Jan. 20, 1903-De-Worms]-The-Culminating-Apostasy-pp-16-17-Solomon-Davis-pub-The-Jewish-Chronicle-(London)-Jan-16-1903.pdf#page=13) (9.6 MB).
Indeed, Pirbright led Britain’s imperial trading empire when he was Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade (1885-88)-De-Worms-1st-Baron-Pirbright-Parliamentary-Secretary-to-the-Board-of-Trade-(1885-1888)-Wikipedia-accessed-Feb-22-2020.pdf), and Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies (1888-92)-De-Worms-1st-Baron-Pirbright-Under-Secretary-of-State-for-the-Colonies-(1888-92)-Wikipedia-accessed-Feb-22-2020.pdf#page=2) under Lord Salisbury.
For context, on the Board of Trade, Henry (Rothschild) De Worms 1st Baron Pirbright was succeeded by political Zionist Lord Balfour (1989-1992). Balfour was also President of the Board of Trade with Sydney Buxton (2nd Governor General of the British South Africa Company) and future prime ministers Churchill and Lloyd George.
Balfour was the author of the Balfour Declaration letter to Baron Lionel W. Rothschild (Pirbright’s cousin and fellow leader of the London Jewish community, and the funder of Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa Company and De Beers Consolidated Mines in Cape Colony, South Africa). Balfour’s letter called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In 1902-1905, Bonar Law took the same post and later becane privy councillor (1911), British war cabinet during WWI (1916-1918), and later prime minister (1922-1923).


Henry (Rothschild) De Worms and Lord Salisbury subdued the British Parliament in the 1880-90’s to promote the Boer Wars in the Transvaal, South Africa to, among other things to : (1) crush the stiff colonial business competition from the German Hanseatic League, Dutch East India Company and the French East India Company, (2) to further consolidate the Rothschild monopoly over the Bank of England, (3) monopolize African mining through Cecil Rhodes, N.M. Rothschild and De Beers, as the way to finance, (4) a new privatized, imperial corporatist-fascist model for the British Empire named the British South Africa Company, (5) recruit new blood into this ruthless elitist club by funding Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford in perpetuity.
Rhodes established The Round Table to promote this “English-speaking” hegemony over the the world. His new club of self-aggrandizing elitist Robber barons )(including Americans) was a moral grab bag of ideas that borrowed from John Ruskin’s settlement movement ideas where elites would rule over socialist/communist communities as overlords, dispensing their wisdom over the hapless masses in their charge. Tellingly, the leaders of the 2nd Boer War, Viscount Alfred Milner and General Lord Roberts, were Ruskin fans. Also tellingly, Ruskin eschewed spirituality and religion until late in life.
The Round Table organized as a secret society that borrowed Jesuit stealth takeover processes to hide their hegemonic intentions. With Rhodes’ blessing, they employed any tactic needed to acquire the resources to achieve their 200-year imperial corporatist-fascist goals “…(3) The seizure of the wealth necessary.”
On 13 March 1888, Rhodes launched De Beers Consolidated Mines where Rhodes was first chairman , with funding from N.M. Rothschild & Sons supplied in 1887.
In 1888, Queen Victoria appointed Baron Henry De Worms to the Privy Council. His barony was extinguished upon his death since he had no male heirs. However, he appears to have given away his land holdings to the Ministry of Defence which had been under his authority.
On Dec. 20, 1889, De Worms, Rothschild and Salisbury supported the formation of an autonomous British South Africa Company to enable Cecil J. Rhodes to form a replacement corporatist (Robber baron) model to replace the British East India Company. In this model the lower classes would be ruled under socialism and culled with eugenics (war, poison vaccines, man-made disasters) while the upper class rulers would live lives of luxury under the British peerage system. In their system, free thinking could not be tolerated, therefore, the Judeo-Christian ethic of free will would have to be neutralized or abolished. According to Rhodes’ 200-year plan, these commercial princes would operate as a secret society and use Jesuit stealth tactics to lie, cheat and steal to achieve their plan. Rhodes encouraged them that the resources to achieve this plan must be acquired at any cost.
The British South Africa Company would empower Rhodes to run South Africa as a corporation with its own laws, taxes and police force. This profligate governance model eventually led to Milner and Roberts establishing the world’s first concentrations camps in the 2nd Boer War. Over 60,000 souls, including 14,000 children were murdered in these barbaric camps via suspicious outbreaks of measles, typhoid and dysentery. Family described to our researchers that children with even sniffles were taken away from their parents and never returned, presumed murdered. Notably, Henry Wellcome supplied his medicine chests full of experimental vaccines to the British Army that were used in these death camps.
The British acknowledge that the concentration camps helped break the backs of the Boers and led to their defeat.

The lionized British explorer Sir Henry M. Stanley is buried in Pirbright. His legend says he explored “Darkest Africa” and allegedly said upon encountering missionary David Livingstone who he was searching for: “Mr. Livingstone, I presume.” Given our new information into the propaganda surrounding the Stanley, we are wondering if any of this is true. It may have just been a tall tale that sold a lot of newspapers. It may have been a learning lesson for newspapermen that they could make up stories out of whole-cloth and the public would believe them unquestioningly.
In 1874, Stanley’s second African expedition was finance by two newspapers , The New York Herald and Britain’s Daily Telegraph. The Daily Telegraph’s editor, Edward Levy Lawson, later Lord Burnham, co-founder of the Pilgrims Society (1902), was chairman of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, and founded the Empire Press Union and while organizing of British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS, now GCHQ)—the last three events all in the summer of 1909.
Henry Wellcome told the story of Stanley’s use of his medicine chests full of experimental vaccines in his The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera (pp. 150, 151, 291) that he presented to the 650 newspapermen delegates at the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909. In that conference he asked the delegates to repeat Stanley’s efforts to collect toxins, cures and poisons and he would reimburse them to be sent to his Wellcome laboratories in the UK for analysis.
Wellcome helped finance Stanely’s expeditions. Stanely also helped Belgium’s Prince Leopold II secure the Congo for the Rothschilds and De Beers’ diamond and gold interests.
Wellcome and Stanley were both born promoters who used the corridors of power to secure their wealth and influence. Wellcome Trust today is the second largest grant-maker in the world after The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Now we must return to Wellcome’s, Rhodes’s, Milner’s, Robert’s and Stanley’s Parliamentary sponsor Henry de Worms 1’s Baron Pirbright.
In his powerful positions at the Board of Trade and as overseer of the Colonies, De Worms was responsible for all patents and trademarks.
During this time, a bright young Serbian-born inventor named Nicholai Tesla was inventing wireless telegraphy, electric light, motors, power and free energy devices. His first patent, for an electric arc lamp, was awarded on Sep. 02, 1886 30, 1884. (De Worms assumed control of the Board if Trade in 1885).
Therefore, during De Worms trade and colonial oversight of the British patent office (1885-1892), Tesla filed 56 patents.
Hindsight makes it quite evident now that we can see the forces behind the transition of the British Empire from control by the British East India Company to a new form of British corporatist imperial fascism, that they would apply Rhodes’ admonition to acquire resources at any cost, to stealing Tesla’s wireless telegraphy invention for use in their imperial communications scheme for use in the Admiralty and as a propaganda tool to control the masses and “create public opinion.”
It is our strong belief that these Robber barons created Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi as their cardboard cut-out front man to create a British global monopoly named Marconi Wireless on emerging wireless telegraphy. In short, Marconi’s alleged parallel invention of wireless telegraphy is all fake.
Indeed, during deWorms oversight of trade and the colonies, the British post office began secretly creating deals with Marconi Wireless without the knowledge of Parliament. The insider trading got so bad that in 1913 it almost took down a future Prime Minister (David Lloyd George) and King’s Counsellor Rufus Daniel Isaacs. These men while knowing that Marconi’s monopoly (organized by De Worms and his Rhodes’ relative Charles F.G. Masterman—later chief of the British War Propaganda Bureau) was unassailable, had secretly bought shares for themselves in Marconi America, just before Marconi Wireless Britain went public.
The unmistakable commonality here in Britain’s new corporatist-fascist imperial plan for the new British Empire was to have unanimity of vision and direction across banking (dominated by Rothschilds), pharma (dominated by Wellcome), government (controlled ultimately by the Pilgrims Society), Wireless Technology (controlled by the Marconi Wireless monopoly), propaganda (controlled by the Empire Press Union) and information (controlled by MI6, MI5, GC& CS, renamed GCHQ).
According to Rhodes’ instructions, these men were compelled to nudge America back into the Empire. They used these levers of power and control to achieve this goals, and they are still at it today. After forming their secret Pilgrims Society and took control of global newspapers, intelligence, wireless and cable, they set out to recapture America.
Andrew Carnegie even bankrolled American education, textbooks and libraries to change American opinion about Britain in order to condition the population for re-assimilation.

They use the Crown Agents to press this plan globally.

They promoted the Round Table and Milner’s Kindergarten.

They promoted Fabianism.

They promoted Zionism.

They promoted Bolshevism, Socialism and Communism.

They formed Reuters and Associated Press.

They direct Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Times, Washington Post, New York Times.

They funded American libraries and textbooks.

They promoted the League of Nations.

They promoted the U.S. Federal Reserve.

They promoted Fascism.

The promoted The Inquiry.

They crashed the U.S. stock market in 1929 to consolidate their ability to control American banks.

They promoted the Council on Foreign Relations

They formed organizations like the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Atlantic Council, NATO, Bilderberg, Aspen Institute, Bohemian Grove to promote their reassimilation of American into their new world order Empire.

They promoted NATO.

They promoted the World Bank and IMF.

They stole the social networking inventions from Columbus-innovator Leader Technologies via the IBM Eclipse Foundation to unify and accelerate their activities world.

The Crown Agents successfully formed the Senior Executive Service (SES), the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), USAID, The Aerospace Corporation to take over the Executive Branch with a permanent Pilgrims Society bureaucracy.

We return to the question of why the Pirbright Institute—the patent holder of CORONAVIRUS—is situated on the same Ministry of Defence property as the Cobbett Hill Earthstation with massive array of powerful, weapons-grade antennas and dishes. And, that is only what we can see from satellite images.
As with most secret government labs doing often questionable and illegal research, these facilities are probably massive underground.
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Clashes have broken out between far-right protesters and police officers as the Metropolitan Police warned protesters they must leave central London by 5pm.

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Clashes have broken out between far-right protesters and police officers as the Metropolitan Police warned protesters they must leave central London by 5pm. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of last week's violent clashes, authorities had told Black Lives Matter protesters to stick to their planned route near Hyde Park, while far-right groups were ordered to remain near Parliament Square.
Members of the groups had vowed to protect memorials from being defaced after the Cenotaph and the Sir Winston Churchill statue were spray painted amid Black Lives Matter protests last weekend.
Police had feared anti-racism demonstrations - sparked by the death of George Floyd in the US last month - could be hijacked by counter-protesters.
Black Lives Matter called off their planned protest on Saturday to avoid clashes between the groups but police believe thousands will still attend.
Aerial footage shows clashes between protesters and police.
This Saturday, those affiliated to the Black Lives Matter protests must remain north of the police carrier erected on Whitehall, while right wing protesters have been ordered to remain south of the line.
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The Nazis were leftists. This statement is blasphemy to the academic-media complex, since everyone knows the Nazis were degenerate right-wingers fueled by toxic capitalism and racism. But evidence Adolf Hitler’s gang were men of the left, while debatable, is compelling.

The dispute on Nazi origins resurfaced through the confluence of brawling alt-right and antifa fringe movements and recent alternative histories by Dinesh D’Souza and others. The vitriol and lack of candor it produces from supposedly fact-driven academics and media is disturbing, if unsurprising. They stifle dissent on touchy subjects to maintain their narrative and enforce cultural hegemony.
However uncomfortable to opinion shapers, alternative views of the Third Reich exist and were written by the finest minds of their time. Opinions from the period perhaps carry more weight because they are unburdened by the aftermath of the uniquely heinous Nazi crimes.
“The Road to Serfdom,” by F. A. Hayek, is one such tract. Published in 1944, it remains a classic for young people on the political right discovering their intellectual roots. A sort of academic “1984,” it warns of socialism’s tendency toward planned states and totalitarianism.
One aspect of the book can shock the conscience. Hayek describes Nazism as a “genuine socialist movement” and thus left-wing by modern American standards. Indeed, the Austrian-born Hayek wrote the book from his essay, “Nazi-Socialism,” which countered prevailing opinion at the London School of Economics, where he taught. British elites regarded Nazism as a virulent capitalist reaction against enlightened socialism—a view that persists today.
The shock comes from academic and cultural orthodoxy on National Socialism. From the moment they enter the political fray, young right-wingers are told, “You own the Nazis.” At best, the left concedes it owns communism. This comforts a little, because even if far higher in body count, communism supposedly rebukes the scourge of racism. But it’s all a lie.
Socialists Occur in All Parties
This debate incurs the instant problem of ideological labels. They are malleable and messy, and partisans constantly distort them. They also change over time. President Trump’s particular political brand muddies the scene further, in rhetoric if less in policy.
“Conservative” and especially “liberal” have changed over time and have different meanings in the United States and Europe. Hayek himself, who had a more European view of conservatism, was wary of labels. He spurned both “conservative” and “libertarian,” and dedicated his most famous book “to the socialists of all parties.”
For precision, I refrain from using “conservative” or “liberal” unless through quotation and use “left” and “right” as generally accepted in modern America. The right consists of free-market capitalists, who think the individual is the primary political unit, believes in property rights, and are generally distrustful of government by unaccountable agencies and government solutions to social problems. They view family and civil institutions, such as church, as needed checks on state power.
These people don’t think government should force a business to provide employee birth control or think law should coerce bakers to make cakes against their conscience. They think the solution to bad speech is more speech, and the solution to gun violence is more guns. These people talk about freedom—the method of individual decisions. (The counterexample might be gay marriage but that is a positive right—“give me something”—instead of a negative right—“leave me alone.”)
The left believes the opposite. They distrust the excesses and inequality capitalism produces. They give primacy to group rights and identity. They believe factors like race, ethnicity, and sex compose the primary political unit. They don’t believe in strong property rights.
They believe it is the government’s responsibility to solve social problems. They call for public intervention to “equalize” disparities and render our social fabric more inclusive (as they define it). They believe the free market has failed to solve issues like campaign finance, income inequality, minimum wage, access to health care, and righting past injustices. These people talk about “democracy”—the method of collective decisions.
These Definitions Put Nazis Firmly on the Left By these definitions, the Nazis were firmly on the left. National Socialism was a collectivist authoritarian movement run by “social justice warriors.” This brand of “justice” benefited only some based on immutable characteristics, which perfectly aligns with the modern brand. The Nazi ideal embraced identity politics based on the primacy of the people, or volk, and invoked state-based solutions for every possible problem. It was nation-based socialism—the nation being especially important to those who bled in the Great War.
As Hayek stated in 1933, the year the Nazis took power: “[I]t is more than probable that the real meaning of the German revolution is that the long dreaded expansion of communism into the heart of Europe has taken place but is not recognized because the fundamental similarity of methods and ideas is hidden by the difference in phraseology and the privileged groups.”
Nazism and socialism competed with the Enlightenment-based individualism of John Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, and others who profoundly influenced the American founding and define the modern American right at its best. These thinkers fit easily with Hayek’s Austrian School of Economics, which opposed both the imperialist German Historical School and the Marxists.
Hayek knew what he was talking about. He was a 20th-century intellectual giant. His collected works include 19 books; he won the Nobel Prize in economics and Presidential Medal of Freedom, and held the honor of Maggie Thatcher’s “favorite intellectual guru.”
But Hayek is only one man. The intelligentsia fiercely attacked him as reactionary throughout his life. Perhaps he was wrong.
Hayek’s Definitely Not the Only One Yet the evidence the Nazis were leftists goes well beyond the views of this one scholar. Philosophically, Nazi doctrine fit well with the other strains of socialism ripping through Europe at the time. Hitler’s first “National Workers’ Party” meeting while he was still an Army corporal featured the speech “How and by What Means is Capitalism to be Eliminated?”
The Nazi charter published a year later and coauthored by Hitler is socialist in almost every aspect. It calls for “equality of rights for the German people”; the subjugation of the individual to the state; breaking of “rent slavery”; “confiscation of war profits”; the nationalization of industry; profit-sharing in heavy industry; large-scale social security; the “communalization of the great warehouses and their being leased at low costs to small firms”; the “free expropriation of land for the purpose of public utility”; the abolition of “materialistic” Roman Law; nationalizing education; nationalizing the army; state regulation of the press; and strong central power in the Reich. It was also racist and anti-immigrant.
The Nazi charter coauthored by Hitler is socialist in almost every aspect. In some areas, the Nazis followed their charter faithfully. They treated children as property of the state from the earliest age and indoctrinated them at government schools and clubs. The individual had limited rights outside the volk. German lives were for the betterment of the people and state. One’s group identity determined his rights and social hierarchy.
No checks on state power existed. The cross played no role compared to the swastika. Hitler’s musings on the church, while at times ambiguous, were mostly negative. “Once I have settled my other problems,” he occasionally declared, “I’ll have my reckoning with the church. I’ll have it reeling on the ropes.”
When told of Schutzstaffel (SS) Chief Heinrich Himmler’s flirtation with the occult, Hitler fumed: “What nonsense! Here we have at last reached an age that has left all mysticism behind it, and now he wants to start that all over again. We might just as well have stayed with the church. At least it had tradition. To think that I may some day be turned into an SS saint! Can you imagine it? I would turn over in my grave…”
These attitudes shouldn’t be surprising given that the socialist thinkers who provided the theoretical basis for Nazism abhorred English “commercialism” and “comfort.” As Hayek described, “From 1914 onward there arose from the ranks of Marxist socialism one teacher after another who led, not the conservatives and reactionaries, but the hardworking laborer and idealist youth into the National Socialist fold.” These “teachers” included professor Werner Sombart, professor Johan Plenge, socialist politician Paul Lensch, and intellectuals Oswald Spengler and Arthur Moeller van den Bruck.
Also, Adolf Hitler Loved Karl Marx It wasn’t only theoretical. Hitler repeatedly praised Marx privately, stating he had “learned a great deal from Marxism.” The trouble with the Weimar Republic, he said, was that its politicians “had never even read Marx.” He also stated his differences with communists were that they were intellectual types passing out pamphlets, whereas “I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun.”
It wasn’t just privately that Hitler’s fealty for Marx surfaced. In “Mein Kampf,” he states that without his racial insights National Socialism “would really do nothing more than compete with Marxism on its own ground.” Nor did Hitler eschew this sentiment once reaching power. As late as 1941, with the war in bloom, he stated “basically National Socialism and Marxism are the same” in a speech published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
Nazi propaganda minister and resident intellectual Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary that the Nazis would install “real socialism” after Russia’s defeat in the East. And Hitler favorite Albert Speer, the Nazi armaments minister whose memoir became an international bestseller, wrote that Hitler viewed Joseph Stalin as a kindred spirit, ensuring his prisoner of war son received good treatment, and even talked of keeping Stalin in power in a puppet government after Germany’s eventual triumph. His views on Great Britain’s Winston Churchill and the United States’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt were decidedly less kind.
Nazi and Communist Hatred of Each Other Was Brotherly Despite this, there’s a persistent claim that Nazis and communists hated each other, and mention that the Nazis persecuted socialists and oppressed trade unions. These things are true, but prove little. The camps’ hatred stemmed from familiarity. It was internecine, the nastiest kind.
The Nazis and communists were not only in a struggle for street-war supremacy, but also recruits. These recruits were easily turned, because both sides were fighting for the same men. Hayek recalls
the relative ease with which a young communist could be converted into a Nazi or vice versa was generally known in Germany, best of all to the propagandists of the two parties. Many a University teacher during the 1930s has seen English or American students return from the Continent uncertain whether they were communists or Nazis and certain they hated Western liberal civilization. . . . To both, the real enemy, the man with whom they had nothing in common and whom they could not hope to convince is the liberal of the old type. One way Nazi propagandists exploited this ideological match was the communist red. They used the color on purpose. As Hitler states in “Mein Kampf,” “We chose red for out posters [and flag] after particular and careful deliberation . . . so as to arouse [potential communist recruits’] attention and tempt them to come to our meetings.” And Stalinist Russia didn’t exactly promote trade unions.
Nazi leadership and recruiters weren’t the only ones to see similarities between themselves and communists. George Orwell remarked, “Internally, Germany has a good deal in common with a socialist state.” Max Eastman, an old friend of Vladimir Lenin, described Stalin’s brand of communism as “super fascist.”
After several years on the continent, British writer F.A. Voight concluded, “Marxism has led to Fascism and National Socialism because in all essentials it is Fascism and National Socialism.” Peter Drucker, author of the acclaimed book, “The End of Economic Man,” stated, “The complete collapse of the belief in the attainability of freedom and equality through Marxism has forced Russia to travel the same road toward a totalitarian, purely negative, non-economic society of unfreedom and inequality which Germany has been following.”
Today’s Antifa and Alt-Right Are Similar We see parallels today. Antifa and the alt-right are both collectivist groups vying for supremacy among “their” people. Although there likely won’t be much personnel crossover, in policy their differences shrink.
Hitler saw the Russian experiment as right in spirit and wrong in execution. The term “alt-right” denotes distinctness from the American right. Richard Spencer, the coiner of that term, speaks like a left-wing progressive, advocating a white utopia supplied through government: “No individual has a right outside of a collective community.” Another alt-right figure, Jason Kessler, is a Barack Obama voter and “Occupy” participant.
Critics argue the Nazis didn’t fulfill all their socialist goals after 1933. Some industrialists supported Hitler’s rise. Others, who saw no other choice, eventually acquiesced. They were early adopters of the Washington adage, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Also, the Nazi Party’s foremost left—the SA brownshirts led by Hitler rival Ernst Rohm—were eliminated in the Blood Purge of June 30, 1934. But none of this changes Nazi attitudes toward these interlopers.
We can find clues to Hitler’s practical stance on economic questions from the writings of his confidant, Otto Wagener. In texts only translated in the 1980s, Wagener explains that Hitler saw the Russian experiment as right in spirit and wrong in execution. Removing production from the industrial class had spewed unnecessary blood. Industrialists could be controlled and used without slowing the economy or impeding social progress. His task was to convert socialists without killing the entrepreneur and managerial classes.
Other Reasons Hitler Didn’t Pursue Socialism Even More Other practical reasons exist. Hitler needed the industrialists. He undoubtedly had world domination in mind by the time he took power, which would require utmost industrial might. He also had a failing economy to revive, and removing production ownership would have likely been disastrous.
Nazism was a ‘middle class’ socialism that tolerated private enterprise as long as it paid homage and stayed in its lane. Hitler was also disdainful of bureaucrats, the occupation of his hated father. Perhaps most importantly, state control of economics just wasn’t that important to him. Rearming, purifying the volk, indoctrinating children, teaching schoolboys to throw grenades, and building infrastructure to someday invade neighbors were Hitler’s priorities. Nazism was a “middle class” socialism that tolerated private enterprise as long as it paid homage and stayed in its lane.
This lack of overt hostility didn’t mean the Nazis welcomed the bourgeoisie or the industrialists. Hitler described the bourgeoisie as “worthless for any noble human endeavor, capable of any error of judgment, failure of nerve and moral corruption.” In 1931, as the Nazis gained power in elections, Goebbels wrote an editorial warning about these newcomer “Septemberlings,” the bourgeoisie intellectuals who believed they could wrest the party what from they considered the “demagogue” old guard.
Distrust of these outsiders also continued through the Nazi reign. At the beginning of Nazi control, some party members entered businesses, declared themselves in charge, and gave themselves large salaries and other perks (a practice quickly stopped). As armaments minister, Speer had an up-close view of German industry and party tension.
Early in the war, Hitler had assured him he could run his department without regard to party membership, as it was “well known” the industrial technical class did not affiliate with the party. When he defended industry as not “knowingly lying to us, stealing from us, or otherwise trying to damage our war economy,” an icy reception from party members followed.
When All Else Fails, Cry Racism Despite the thoroughly collectivist Nazi ideology, one aspect settles the left-right debate for American leftists: racism. Leftists adamantly believe the right swims in racism. They discover racial dog whistles and grievances in everything from hotel toiletries to eclipses. Now, the Nazis were undoubtedly racists. But in context of socialist movements of their day, racism was the norm; there were no exceptions.
As shown by George Watson, author of “The Lost Literature of Socialism,” racism and socialism also swum together. Marx may have extolled the workers of the world to unite, but that didn’t mean he thought all races could join. This view was codified in Friedrich Engels’ essay, “The Hungarian Struggle,” published in the January-February 1849 issue of Marx’s journal, Neue Rheinische Zeitung.
According to Watson, “The Marxist theory of history required and demanded genocide for reasons implicit in its claim that feudalism was already giving place to capitalism, which must in its turn be superseded by socialism. Entire races would be left behind after a workers’ revolution, feudal remnants in a socialist age; and since they could not advance two steps at a time, they would have to be killed.” According to Engels, they were “racial trash.” Marx himself, sounding every bit the Hitler mentor in 1853, wrote, “The classes and the races, too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give way.”
Racism Is Endemic in Socialism’s Roots This racial view was mainstream socialist thinking through the Second World War. It manifested in eugenics, a left-wing idea popular on both sides of the Atlantic, with proponents such as Planned Parenthood founder Margret Sanger. It ended finally in the Holocaust, which was eugenics writ large in the most evil way. Watson states, “The idea of ethnic cleansing was orthodox socialism for a century and more.”
No German socialist in the 1930s or earlier ever sought to deny Hitler’s right to call himself a socialist on grounds of racial policy. English socialist intellectual Beatrice Webb lamented that British visitors in Ukraine had been allowed to view a passing cattle car full of starving subversives. “The English,” she said, “are always so sentimental” about such matters. This makes sense when one views socialism as defending the rights of one group—the citizens of basically homogeneous countries.
According to Watson, “It is notable that no German socialist in the 1930s or earlier ever sought to deny Hitler’s right to call himself a socialist on grounds of racial policy. In an age when the socialist tradition of genocide was familiar, that would have sounded merely absurd.” In America and England as well, the left’s ascendency during the first progressive movement was full of racists, including Woodrow Wilson, Sanger, and writers H.G. Wells and Jack London.
We see more recent examples of left racism and ethnic cleansing in unusual places. Leftist hero Che Guevara wrote, in his 1952 memoir, “The Negro is indolent and lazy and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.” Except for “quiet manner,” find the difference between Hitler and avowed Marxist Pol Pot upon the latter’s 1998 death in The New York Times’ obituary:
Pol Pot conducted a rule of terror that led to the deaths of nearly a quarter of Cambodia’s seven million people, by the most widely accepted estimates, through execution, torture, starvation and disease. His smiling face and quiet manner belied his brutality. He and his inner circle of revolutionaries adopted a Communism based on Maoism and Stalinism, then carried it to extremes: They and their Khmer Rouge movement tore apart Cambodia in an attempt to ‘purify’ the country’s agrarian society and turn people into revolutionary worker-peasants. Nor was anti-Semitism a right-wing malady. Stalin was anti-Semitic, as was Marx, despite his Jewish heritage. Anti-Semitism is still quite alive on the left, with figures like Linda Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan, and Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom.
Rabid Nationalism Is Also a Socialist Hallmark Related to the racist claim is that Nazis’ nationalism excludes them from the left. But arguably the most nationalist countries today are Cuba, China, North Korea, and Venezuela. All are militarized, and nobody considers them right-wing. Even Stalin ruled as a nationalist.
A newer claim from the professoriate says because Churchill ran on nationalizing programs in 1945 when Labour’s Clement Atlee beat him, the Nazis weren’t actually leftists. This completely misunderstands wartime Britain. By 1945, Britain had been mobilized for six years.
As author Bruce Caldwell states, “The common sacrifices that the war necessitated bred a feeling that all should share more equally in the reconstruction to come. Universal medical provision was itself virtually a fact of life during the first years of the war, certainly for anyone injured by aerial bombing or whose work was tied to the war effort—and whose work was not in way or another?”
This sentiment spurred Downing Street to undertake a report on the post-war Britain’s welfare state. The so-called Beveridge Report included proposals for family allowance, comprehensive social insurance, universal health care, and requirement for full employment. It debuted in 1942 and sold 500,000 copies! Even Churchill wasn’t going to stem that tide. In fact, no one disturbed the consensus until Thatcher burst on the scene in the mid-1970s.
Not Liking the Truth Doesn’t Make It False The debate on Nazi origins has surfaced mainly because right-leaning authors like D’Souza have forced the issue. Historians’ reaction has been swift. For obvious reasons, the left hates this debate. The “Nazi” slur is as old as the Nazis themselves. People who see themselves morally superior based in part on racial attitudes don’t like examining the odious racial history of their intellectual forebears.
People who see themselves morally superior based in part on racial attitudes don’t like examining the odious racial history of their intellectual forebears. But the left’s umbrage doesn’t mean they’re right, and neither does their ability to pile on dissenters through cultural and media hegemony. In fact, it might mean the opposite. In 1981, 364 preeminent British economists wrote in disgust at Thatcher’s economic proposals. It read in part, “There is no basis in economic theory or supporting evidence for the Government’s belief(s) . . . [P]resent politics will deepen the depression, erode the industrial base of our economy and threaten its social and political stability.”
In the long run, to paraphrase the famous economist John Maynard Keynes, all these academics died, and no one remembers them. The more vehemently the left, particularly academics, argue their dissociation with the Nazis, the more it becomes clear they protest “too much.” Indeed, the failure here is as much one of academic prejudice as any willful wish to avoid truth.
Anyone interested in this question shouldn’t take my word. But neither should he or she listen uncritically to leftist historians with a vested interest in their views. Interested readers should draw their own conclusions from current scholars and those of the time not so burdened by the place Nazis occupy in the American psyche. If you are on the right, you may realize you’ve been carrying an excruciating intellectual cross that isn’t yours.
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04-25 12:04 - 'The problem with Indians according to me- an analysis(Long read)' (self.india) by /u/rishifilmmaker removed from /r/india within 386-396min

I have been meaning to write this article for months now, but because I am a lazy fuck, and always distracted I could not sit and do it. This is the best place I felt I could post this as you folks are open minded rational individuals. This will be long as I shall try to put in every observation I have had- please bear, and upvote so others can see and contribute.
Right, here we go:
I am an officially diagnosed schizoid. You don't have to know what that is, just that one of its main features is weak ethnic affiliation. I have never understood group belonging and cannot stand patriotism. I have been kicked out of classrooms for spitting and tearing the tiranga. I do not understand why anybody would be proud of their nation. I can write an essay on this topic but I'll refrain so as to not veer offtopic. It is a biological aspect in my opinion- For as long as I can remember I cannot stand groups. Nor can I stand emotions, sentimentality and melodrama. It is my firm believe that religion, patriotism and emotions must be replaced by rationality, intellectualization, science and technology. So you can understand my daily existence living in an uber emotional nation such as ours.
On the other hand I have an excellent ability to observe groups and analyse them. I studied in Canada and would score with distinction in my psychology classes on essays I wrote on analysis of cultures and people. It is a gift I am very proud of. I have observed Germans, Americans, Canadians, Taiwanese, and of course my fellow Indians and analyzed their behaviour,character and nature.
See, the problem with Indians is that Indians are OBSESSED with India. This is a strange phenomenon which is not observed anywhere else. The only comparison I can find is a fundamentalist Muslim who breathes and eats Islam all day. There is absolutely no other comparision. Sure, other nationals are jingoistic for their nation and faith- I see it in every nation. But Indians aren't patriotic,they are obsessed with the concept of India. Obsessed with the word India. I’m sure you know what I speak of: turn on any news channel and you’ll see. India this, India that. India kya bolega, India kya karega. India, India, India. Its like India is this umbrella or an invisible aura surrounding every Indian constantly.
This nation is the worst example of a collectivist society. There is zero individualism- Nobody is an introvert or an extrovert or a schizoid or a borderline…Everyone is Indian. Go to any news channel and you’ll see someone say, “The world looks up to Indians,” or something along that tune. There is a nationalist YouTube channel called WION hosted by an Indian chick whose entire job is to gloat about the greatness of India all the time. I have literally amassed so many examples of Indian media literally lying through their skin telling the masses here about how that nation said something great about India, or "look at how they respect India, when upon researching its all utter bullshit. I remember reading Times of India and there was a small subliner with the words- Global Indian takeover! If you think North Korea is brainwashed you should see the people here- and its so much worse because atleast those poor Koreans don't know any better. But here, all it takes is one click to see if its true and yet Indians gleefully refuse to do it.
Everyone just blatantly makes shit up. This is so strange to observe it boggles my mind. How can people be so gullible? Indians literally lack…they(we) LACK the ability to introspect. The cognitive dissonance is so bad it has to be seen to be believed. They will look at a blue table and call it red and be fine with it. On the one hand they masturbate to the Indian flag and yet have their visas queued up to leave at the first opportunity. I have observed this on individuallevel, group and state level and on the national level.
There is an Indian fervor of the sorts nobody can comprehend. How do you explain a humongous mass of 1.4 billion to all act in the same way – in a democratic nation no less – where they can look around and see for themselves? Indian culture is best, Indian food is best, Indian languages are best, blah blah blah. To make things worse people here are totally unaware of other cultures. There is zero interest,zero desire to know about the world, know about other philosophies, know about sciences or rational concepts. Anybody comes to India and the idiot interviewers make it all about India- what do you think about India? Do you like butter chicken? What's your thought on Bollywood? Why the fuck would Roger Federer care about Bollywood? Why would they make Aamir Khan sit alongside James Cameron or Bill Gates asking retarded questions and giving retarded opinion? And why does NDTV always have Aamir present at every event when someone comes- Its like he is omnipresent. Does he sleep in their studio? Is there a secret tunnel from his house to the NDTV studio? Why have him as an authority EVERYTIME a foreign guest shows up? Do they have to have an Indian alongside everytime a foreign figure shows up?
Anyhoo, Indians lack any knowledge of other cultures. Tell them about the wonders of the world, and they either feign disinterest or become downright hostile. Nobody behaves in this manner, not even the worst trailer trash redneck of Alabama. Indians operate on a very, very low wavelength. And you know what- This is the reason we have been invaded and taken over all throughout our history. We have always been inward looking, myopic, self centered and self obsessed. ALWAYS. The foreigner would look and go: Look at this bunch of idiots bickering among themselves, let’s take advantage. I am sure this is what the Brits felt and did. Like an anthill in the African savannah Indians are 1.4 billion blind ants oblivious to outside forces or the great land beyond.
There was an Arabic polymath called Al Beruni and he mentions this phenomenon in his books, in the year 1017 no less(!!) about India when he visited. He writes:
The Hindus believe that there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, no science like theirs.They are haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited, and stolid. They are by nature niggardly in communicating that which they know, and they take the greatest possible care to withhold it from men of another caste among their own people, still much more, of course, from any foreigner ... Their haughtiness is such that, if you tell them of any science or scholar in Khorasan and Persis, they will think you to be both an ignoramus and a liar. If they traveled and mixed with other nations, they would soon change their mind.
Isn't he spot on? and more importantly isn't this the way majority(perhaps 98%) of Indians are EVEN TODAY? I know its true because this is the nature of the Indian- Every fellow Indian I have met,be they an 17 year old nationalist or a 60 year old world weary CEO. This contemptuous of anything foreign. I do not observe this with anyone- else not the chinese nor the Pakistani. I would rent out a house in Ottawa, Canada and my impressions formed there were eye openor. The Chinese or Somalians would genuinely be curious about the local culture. The reason China is so far ahead is that they have taken inspirations from everywhere be it music, literature, science or architecture. They put a plan and implement it. Westerners analyze, interpret even willingly adapt foreign cultures if it suits their worldview. With Indians- with every one of them I observed the same thing- operating on a lower wavelength, zero interest,if not outright contempt for other cultures. India best, fuck the rest. What's worse is that in Canada they would want to room only with Indians, but then later they would form further subgroups- bengali, gujju, tamil. And then bicker and play petty games. This is what happens on a group level and on a national level. Bicker and show others down. Petty jealousy. I remember being in St Xaviers, Mumbai they formed a group in FY called "terrible lingo". The whole idea of this group was to, and I quote- "speak hindi worse than a firangi would"! I have observed this with NRIs,so many times I have lost count. They'll try to show down the fresh off the boat desi. Its like its in the blood- this arrogance and the arrogance to put others down.
Why do you think this is? Have you ever wondered? This nature?
I feel that a lot of this can be explained by genetics and especially the environment. India has always been a closed society. Perhaps the temperature (very temperate and tropical), climate, and the diet have made the humans here this way- content with themselves with no need to seek foreign lands. Another reason could be the way the majority of Indians are reared from childbirth- mollycoddling and risk averse create close minded individuals who are inherently fearful. I have heard innumerable examples in many cultures in India where the children sleeping with their parents in the same bed till they’re 5 or 6 years old is not just normal but encouraged.
Another psyschological factor could be "learned helplessness". The reason I mention this is because usually if a minority is repressed you will always see them fight back, retaliate or stage a rebellion- in all culture in all of history. Here in India even the muslims and christians join in the Indian love orgy…Mera Bharat Mahaan meri Jaan mera Bharat. That is all you'll see on youtube or quora. Think about it- you'd imagine that the fact that they can very well see the vitriol the Indian Hindus have for them everywhere online and yet they are blind to it. It’s like it goes over these morons’ heads. There’s no retaliation. There’s no desire to fight for their background. They all revel in operating on a lower wavelength guided by "aukaat,pyaar or dosti-bhai-chara. "
A friend of mine had a debate with a dalit and he was genuinely shocked to see that this Dalit not only didn’t want to overthrow the system of Brahmanism but actively supported the Brahmins and Hindus.There are many such dalits like this. I have personally seen these Dalits and lower castes working in my house (I am a rich Brahmin) all throughout my childhood. Not only were they fine with being mistreated but they reveled in it. This is dictionary learned helplessness which basically means a mental state in which an organism forced to bear aversive stimuli or stimuli that are painful or otherwise unpleasant becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with those stimuli, even if they are escapable.The Dalit, perhaps thorough eons of such behavior, has become genetically programmed to enjoy this suffering. For the uninformed it is a tragedy,for them its the norm.
But not just Dalits…To an extent every Indian is this way. Indians are molded into a slave mentality from birth. They are pussified. They are slave to the system, slave to their caste, their culture and above all slave to their mother and father. I cannot stress this enough- Indians for the most part lack creativity in any sphere. Zero creativity in anything, be it in schools, architecture, cinema or art. There is no Indian architecture like there is Chinese,Japanese or West Coast.Just look at our cities and it will be absolutely clear. I don't even want to talk about cinema. Nobody lives for posteriy, heck nobody even thinks on those terms.
You must be aware of this- all school and college is a burden of homework and rote learning. On top of that they are brainwashed in school with this fervent jingoism of the worst kind. It’s not even a manly heroic type of jingoism but the pathetic wimpy sort. Oh the mughals enslaved us. Oh look! Jallianwala Bagh. We are reared to be perpetual sufferers. No wonder there are so many emotional tunes all over the place in movies or news. Everything will have somekind of manipulative background score be it scenes in movies or in the news(!).
Indians grow up worshipping heroes and idols and authority. There is no self pride. Go on any YouTube video of Shahrukh Khan, and there will be an idiot Indian professing that Forbes ranked him the 2nd richest actor in the world. How do you explain this? And there are so many threads full of discussions and debates if anyone dares challenge this. It's as if their own family's reputation is at stake. Just google the Shahrukh Jeff bezoz video and read the top comments. They are cringy, they reek of pathetic inferiority complex. As if Shah Rukh’s wealth and status makes their individual existence better as a whole. Even when a video on cricket has nothing to do with India, they will shove India into the talk.They will shove Tendulkar in a debate on Bradman and Lara. And they are too dumb to see how it irks others. Nobody does this- not smaller nations such as Pakistan or Sri Lankans. Only Indians. In a way with the prominence of jio, the world is knowing of Indian behavior and mindset.
Indians even look anxious all the time. I have observed this…Put them on a stage with a White guy and see how they react…Doesn’t matter if its a middle class guy, a big actor, or a top CEO. They become anxious. Their eyes go wide open. And often they start looking down at the earth. I have seen Amitabh Bachchan, Virat Kohli, and top CEOs behave in such manner. Its like all 1.4 billion follow the same pattern. Anxiety and fear. Utter lack of convictions and self-belief.
Phew, rant over. Will you hate me now? Am I already on some kill list? Look, I love my nation but constant observation has made me realize Indian culture is shit. Absolutely shit. The people here need to man up. Stop being emotional. Indians are incredibly emotional – it is cringy and terrible to observe. One can blame politicians but the politicians come from the masses. Everyone here operates on a lower,petty wavelength. Infact I'd say things have gotten worse-in the 60s,70s and even the 80s there was still a good inherent nature present here. People dressed well, were polite and perhaps even humble. Bollywood films of that era are far better in their subject, execution and feel. But the past 2 decades or so its been a downward spiral.
I know most of you guys are different and I feel good about it. I have read a lot of posts on this forum and your observations and outlook are much better. Far better in fact. It would be better if we started a clan or something and seperate ourselves from the mainstream which cannot change their inherent nature, let alone work on politics and what not. But this is what I feel is inherent Indian problem.They say India needs a revolution, a benevolent enlightened dictator. But can a revolution even start, let alone lead to change? Can there be a ballsy, self realized individual who will take the nation by its balls- A Napoleon, Ceaser or even Churchill? I leave that to you. Would love some feedback.
The problem with Indians according to me- an analysis(Long read)
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Photo interpretation of tree canopy using dot grid - $0.22 per HIT - 2-5 minutes per hit

Our final phase of HITs have been released!
Please note that this last phase has been divided into four different HIT id groups to reduce the size of the output data files we will collect and analyze after the HIT is completed. Three of the groups have 375 HITs and one with 371 HITs.
Thanks to everyone who has worked our Phase 1 and 2 HITs, and especially to those who provided feedback. We noted that some people saw a blank map that wouldn't load when trying to interpret their hits. Based on our testing of the interface and the number of individuals who experienced this issue and the traffic during that time we have determined that this is likely due to excessive traffic on the sites that our HIT requires or possibly in some cases the issue could be related to bandwidth limitations for the user. If this occurs please return the hit and try again at a later time. We apologize that there is not a better solution to this problem and appreciate your patience.
Please also allow me to clarify that the 2-5 minute per hit timing is an estimate. Experts with experience can interpret a two-time period complex scene in under two minutes (i.e. lots of clicking and decisions). We expect it could take a new interpreter up to five minutes to interpret the same scene. There are also plot locations which will have no tree canopy at all, which should not take more than a few seconds, though the majority of scenes have trees and canopy. A conservative estimate, if you were issued all complex hits and you'd never done this type of work before means it could take up to five minutes per hit.
Thank you!!
THIS HIT SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED ON A CELL PHONE (it is not possible to click on the dot grid)
Search for 'Tree Canopy' and select Virginia Tech Cloud Interpretation Group's 'Identify Trees on NAIP Aerial Images' HIT-- Qualification required
Number of HITs: This is phase three of three phases. There are 1496 HITs in this phase, but 1998 HITs total. These 1496 HITs are published in four different HIT id groups, three wth 375 HITs, and one with 371 HITs.
Project Description: Tree Canopy Cover Photo Interpretation
We are excited to announce the first phase of a research project that invites Turkers to test their photo interpretation skills by identifying trees on aerial images. The easiest way to find our HITs is by searching for the phrase "Tree Canopy": https://worker.mturk.com/?filters%5Bsearch_term%5D=tree+canopy. Then select one of the four HIT groups that appear from the Virginia Tech Cloud Interpretation Group. Our HITs require you to obtain the "Tree Canopy Classification Qualification", which you can do directly from this link ( https://worker.mturk.com/qualifications/3HE7BV11MT84QVPX4KHPXR2VMBFS1Z.) before accessing our HITs. If you invest the time to earn this qualification, you will have an opportunity to work up to 50 HITs in this phase and hundreds more in upcoming phases, at a pay rate of $0.22 per assignment.
Tree Canopy Cover (TCC) is defined as the measure of the proportionate area covered by the vertical components of tree crowns. (Sanders, 1986) TCC is an important measure that determines how dense canopies are in a region. It is measured in a percentage, with higher percentages representing more closed canopies. Information about TCC is to measuring forest health and productivity and is used in applications like climate change mitigation, forest management, and pest and disease monitoring. TCC influences wildlife habitat, urban property values, and rainfall partitioning, among other natural processes. (North et al. ,2017; Pandit et al., 2014; Owens et al., 2006)
Tree canopy cover can be measured both in and outside of forests. Trees don’t have to occur just in forests or large expanses of treecover in order to be counted toward TCC. TCC can be measured for trees mixed with other land uses, such as those in close proximity to homes and buildings, or in agricultural settings.
The 2011 and 2016 National Land Cover Database (NLCD) Tree Canopy Cover (TCC) products utilize training data collected by experienced photo interpreters. Observations of tree canopy cover were collected using 1-meter NAIP imagery overlaid on a dot grid. At each point in the dot grid, experts interpreted whether the point fell on canopy or not. The proportion of positive observations yields percent canopy cover. These data are used in conjunction with a set of 30-m resolution predictors (primarily Landsat imagery) to train a random forest model predicting TCC nationwide.
We will test the use of crowdsourced photo interpretations of canopy cover to validate national products. Crowd-workers will interpret percent TCC using a 100-dot-grid overlain on 1-meter NAIP imagery. At each point in the dot grid, interpreters will determine if the point falls on canopy and indicate if it does. The proportion of canopy observations to non-canopy points will yield percent canopy cover for that area.
Crowd-workers will apply this methodology at plot locations across the United States subsampled from the public Forest Inventory and Analysis database. Each HIT will include the interpretation of one plot on two separate dates.
After data is collected, researchers will compare a subset of crowd-sourced interpretations to interpretations obtained from one or more experts in order to determine the best methodology for validating the NLCD TCC models. We will then compare the NLCD TCC models from 2011 and 2016 to multiple interpretations using one or more of the tested methodologies.
We will also utilize ancillary data about the interpretation activity, such as the interpreter’s zoom behavior, utilization of false color or true color composite, and duration of interpretation to understand the relationship of these metrics to interpretation quality, and possibly to create a custom methodology for interpretation weighting and selection based on this information.
The overall research project, funded through a grant by the United States Forest Service (USFS), is titled "TCC 2021 Research and Development". The primary researchers are as follows, sorted by their affiliation:
Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech:
Valerie A. Thomas (Principal Investigator)
Randolph H. Wynne (Co-Principal Investigator)
Jennings, S. (1999) Assessing forest canopies and understorey illumination: canopy closure, canopy cover and other measures. Forestry, 72 (1), 59{74. doi:10.1093/forestry/72.1.59
North, M. P., Kane, J. T., Kane, V. R., Asner, G. P., Berigan, W., Churchill, D. J., . . . Whitmore, S. (2017). Cover of tall trees best predicts California spotted owl habitat. Forest Ecology and Management, 405 (August), 166{178. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2017.09.019
Owens, M. K., Lyons, R. K., & Alejandro, C. L. (2006). Rainfall partitioning within semiarid juniper communities: Eects of event size and canopy cover. 20 (15), 3179{3189. doi:10.1002/hyp.6326
Pandit, R., Polyakov, M., & Sadler, R. (2014). Valuing public and private urban tree canopy cover. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 58 (3), 453{470. doi:10.1111/1467-8489.1203
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The World on its Axis : My Take on the Axis Win Timeline because of US Neutrality

The World on its Axis : My Take on the Axis Win Timeline because of US Neutrality
It tried to be original and entertaining while keeping the story likely. I always thought versions that involved America occupied of somehow D-Day failing weren't very organic. Its a tried trope, but let me know what you think.




February 15, 1933 - President-Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt is shot and mortally wounded by Giuseppe Zangara at Bayfront Park in Miami, FL. Mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak, and two others are also wounded. The assassin is later sentenced to death by electric chair for his crime.
February 28, 1933 – The Reichstag Fire Decree is passed in response to the Reichstag fire, nullifying many German civil liberties.
March 4, 1933 - VP-Elect John Nance Garner of Texas is inaugurated as President of the United States. His speech with its hallmark phrase, "We shall wright the ship of state and our economy, not by running from our values, but embracing them", begins to rally the public and Congress to deal with the Great Depression. His subsequent addresses, that began eight days later, would lay out a plan for relief for both the poor and business.
March 5, 1933 - The Great Depression: President Garner declares a "Bank holiday", closing all United States banks and freezing all financial transactions (the 'holiday' ends on March 13).
March 9 - June 16, 1933 - The New Deal social and economic programs are passed by the United States Congress in a special one hundred day session to address depression era economics. The gold standard was dropped on April 19 and ratified during the time of this session on June 5. Canada also drops using the gold standard.
March 31, 1933 - The Reconstruction Finance Corporation and the Glass-Steagall Act is passed by Congress to bail out failing banks while ensuring that depositor money cannot be leveraged for speculation by banks. It is seen a crucial lynchpin for stemming the tide of bank closures.
April 1, 1933 –Nazi SA agitators, led by Julius Streicher, organize a one-day boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses in Germany.
May 27, 1933 - The Century of Progress World's Fair opens in Chicago, Illinois. Held along the banks of Lake Michigan on 427 acres, this depression era fair was a successful event, both in financial and attendance terms, taking advantage of cheap labor to keep costs low. It lasted for two seasons, drawing over 39 million visitors over its 1933 and 1934 years.
June 21, 1933 – All non-Nazi parties are forbidden in Germany.
August 1, 1933 - The National Development Act restricts enforcement of Anti-Trust on companies doing business with the federal government.
August 12, 1933 – MP Winston Churchill makes his first public speech warning of the dangers of German rearmament.
November 8, 1933 - U.S. President Garner unveils the Civil Works Administration, an organization designed to create jobs for more than 4 million of the unemployed.
November 11, 1933 - In South Dakota, a strong dust storm strips topsoil from depression era farms. It was one in a series of such storms to plague the Midwest during 1933 and again in 1934.
November 16, 1933 – The United States declines to establish formal diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union after an invite from Premier Josef Stalin is rebuffed. President Garner is in agreement with the British PM, Ramsay MacDonald, that Communism is the greatest threat to the liberal democratic order in the West.
November 18, 1933 - The US Congress passes the National Sales Tax Act to begin generating more revenue for the government, this is met with some rancor from the more progressive left while being hailed as a sound fiscal decision by those in the business community.
December 5, 1933 - The 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is passed, ending prohibition.
March 1, 1934 – Manchuria becomes Manchukuo, following an invasion by the Japanese. Former Qing Dynasty emperor, Puyi, is installed as regent for the new Japanese crown colony.
June 6, 1934 - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is established with the signing of the Securities Exchange Act into law by President John Nance Garner.
June 30 – July 2, 1934 – Night of the Long Knives in Germany: Nazis purge the Sturmabteilung (SA), the left-wing Strasserite faction of the Nazi Party, and prominent anti-Nazi liberals in a series of political murders.
August 2, 1934 – Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Germany, or head of state combined with that of Chancellor, following the death of President Paul von Hindenburg.
August 15, 1934 - The United States pulls its troops from Haiti after installment of a US friendly government.
December 29, 1934 - Japan renounces the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and the London Naval Treaty of 1930.
March 16, 1935 – Adolf Hitler announces German re-armament in violation of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. US investment and suppliers contribute to the resurgent German industrial economy.
June 2, 1935 - The greatest hitter in the history of baseball, Babe Ruth, retires from Major League Baseball. He is among the charter class of players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, New York, in 1939.
June 9, 1935 – He–Umezu Agreement: China's Kuomintang government concedes Japanese military control of north-eastern China.
July 2, 1935 - The National Labor Relations Act is defeated in the Senate splitting Democratic factions.
August 14, 1935 - The Social Security Act, proposed by the progressive Democrats of Congress as part of the New Deal legislation effort, is defeated after bi-partisan lobbying against it led by President Nance Garner. He is remembered as saying that, "While many reforms are needed to ensure the stability of our economic health; Socialism will not be the order of business in America, not today, not tomorrow." This is lauded by the conservative elements in both parties as a middle-of-the-road policy of "rational reform". More critical members of the Democratic Party call it fence-sitting that ignores the plight of those hit the hardest by the Depression.
October 2 – October 3, 1935 – The Second Italo-Ethiopian War begins as General Emilio De Bono of Italy invades Ethiopia.
September 15, 1935 – The Nuremberg Laws go into effect in Germany, removing citizenship from Jews.
September 30, 1935 - Hoover Dam is dedicated by President Garner and becomes a public works centerpiece of the "New Deal".
January 20, 1936 – King George V of the United Kingdom dies. His eldest son succeeds to the throne, becoming Edward VIII. He is the last Prince of Wales.
March 7, 1936 – In violation of the Treaty of Versailles and Locarno Treaties, Nazi Germany reoccupies the Rhineland.
May 7, 1936 – Italy annexes Ethiopia.
May 12, 1936 - The Santa Fe Railroad inaugurates the all-Pullman Super Chief passenger train service between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California.
May 30, 1936 - Gone with the Wind is published by Margaret Mitchell.
July 17, 1936 – The Spanish Army of Africa launches a coup d'état against the Second Spanish Republic, beginning the Spanish Civil War.
August 1, 1936 - The Summer Olympics Games open in Berlin, Germany under the watchful eye of German leader Adolf Hitler, whose policies of Aryan supremacy had already begun to take shape. The star of the games was Jesse Owens, a black American, who won four gold medals at the Berlin Games.
August 19, 1936 – The first of the Moscow Trials in the Soviet Union begins the great purge of Soviet officials considered disloyal by Stalin.
November 3, 1936 - John Nance Garner overwhelms his Republican challenger, Alfred Landon, for a second presidential term. His Electoral College margin, 403 to 128, and 57% of the popular vote was a landslide and insured Garner a mandate for his strategy of moderate and balanced stewardship.
December 10, 1936 – Edward VIII abdication crisis: King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom signs an instrument of abdication at Fort Belvedere, Surrey in the presence of his three brothers, The Duke of York, The Duke of Gloucester and The Duke of Kent.
December 31, 1936 – The United Auto Workers begins the Flint Sit-Down Strike in Flint, Michigan. President Garner ordered federal intervention using Michigan National Guard to break the strike. 3 workers were killed and 23 injured in the ensuing melee. After GM refuses to recognize the UAW, union leaders later decide to ally with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), increasing their membership for the first time since 1924.
February 16, 1937 - Wallace H. Carothers patents the polymer, invented in the Dupont labs.
May 6, 1937 - At Lakehurst, New Jersey, the German airship Hindenburg makes the news when an electrical failure causes an emergency landing, thankfully the use of helium prevented a fire from occurring onboard. All passengers landed safely.
May 12, 1937 – The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II takes place at Westminster Abbey, London.
May 27, 1937 - The Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrian traffic and one day later, after a ceremonial press of a button from Washington, D.C. by President Garner, receives its first vehicles. It created a vital link between San Francisco and Marin County.
July 2, 1937 - The Second Sino-Japanese War begins after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Pres. John Nance Garner reaffirms America's commitment to neutrality. Despite some pressure from the Left, President Garner declines any proposal that may change the Neutrality Acts or place any economic sanctions against Japan.
August 14, 1937 - The Appalachian Trail, extending two thousand miles from Mount Katahdin, Maine to Springer Mountain, Georgia is completed.
November 12, 1937 - Amelia Earhart returns to Lockheed Airfield in Burbank, CA, to complete the first round the world flight by a woman to much public fanfare.
December 13, 1937 – Second Sino-Japanese War: The Battle of Nanking ends with the Japanese occupying the city. In the Nankin Massacre which follows, Japanese soldiers kill over 300,000 Chinese in 3 months. A few days previously, the Nationalist government of China has moved its capital to the southwestern city of Chungking.
March 13, 1938 – Anschluss: Germany annexes Austria after a popular referendum for unification.
June 25, 1938 - Federal legislation known as the Fair Labor Standards Act is defeated in Congress. It would have established a minimum wage of $0.25 at the time, as well as time and one half for overtime.
Instead a separate bill prohibiting most child labor was passed by a narrow margin creating some amity between the diverging conservative and progressive wings of the Democrat party.
October 31, 1938 – Great Depression: In an effort to try to restore investor confidence, the New York Stock Exchange unveils a 15-point program aimed to upgrade protection for the investing public. The proposal is endorsed by President Garner and passes Congress as part of a budget bill.
September 29, 1938 - Munich Agreement: German, Italian, British and French leaders agree to German demands regarding annexation of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. The Czechoslovak government is largely excluded from the negotiations and is not a signatory to the agreement. Neville Chamberlain returns to Britain from meeting with Adolf Hitler and declares "Peace for our time".
November 9, 1938 - Kristallnacht: In Germany, the "night of broken glass" begins as Nazi Brownshirts and sympathizers loot and burn Jewish businesses (the all night affair sees 7,500 Jewish businesses destroyed, 267 synagogues burned, 91 Jews killed and at least 25,000 Jewish men arrested)
January 5, 1939 - President Garner asks the U.S. Congress for a modest defense budget increase to modernize US military equipment.
January 27, 1939 – Adolf Hitler orders Plan Z, a 5-year naval expansion program intended to provide for a huge German fleet capable of matching the Royal Navy on its own by 1944. The Kriegsmarine is given the first priority on the allotment of German economic resources.
March 28, 1939 - Dictator Francisco Franco assumes power in Madrid, remaining in power until 1975, after his army successfully routes the Republican forces.
April 12, 1939 – Italy captures and annexes the Kingdom of Albania forcing King Zog into exile.
April 30, 1939 - The New York World's Fair opens for its two year run. This world's fair, spectacularly conceived for the Flushing Meadows trash dump made famous by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Queen's, New York, is often credited with proving to the American public that prosperity and good times could lay ahead after the decade of depression. The fair was centered by the Trylon and Perisphere theme structures and included the participation of 52 nations and 11 colonies, despite the growing presence of a looming World War. The New York fair closed on October 21, 1940 and drew 45 million paid visitors. During the same year, a competing fair in San Francisco, known as the Golden Gate International Exposition, became a second example of a spectacular world's fair signaling the end of the depression era. Held in the middle of San Francisco Bay, it opened February 18, 1939 and would close on September 29, 1940 with an attendance of over 15 million.
June 12, 1939 - The Baseball Hall of Fame opens in Cooperstown, New York, home of one of baseball's founders, Abner Doubleday. The first class of inductees included Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson.
August 2, 1939 - Albert Einstein alerts President John Nance Garner to an A-bomb opportunity, the proposal is considered far-fetched and outside of US priorities for the time being. The idea gains some theoretical traction among scientists despite lack of official resources for development. Einstein had arrived as a fugitive from Nazi Germany six years earlier on October 17, 1933.
August 23, 1939 – Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact signed between Germany and the Soviet Union, a neutrality treaty that also agreed to the division of spheres of influence in Eastern Europe.
September 5, 1939 - The United States declares its neutrality in the European war after Germany invaded Poland and annexed Danzig, effectively beginning World War II after a year of European attempts to appease Hitler and the aims of expansionist Nazi Germany. Despite this, the US Congress creates a "Cash and Carry" amendment to the Neutrality Act, motivated by manufacturing interests in both parties, which will begin arms trades with any nation willing to pick them up from US ports. This becomes lucrative for the US, creating jobs and much needed revenue.
September 10, 1939 - Nazi Germany begins its euthanasia program for the handicapped, mentally ill, addicted and other "social undesirables". The Catholic Church protests this vigorously.
April 9, 1940 – WWII: Germany invades the neutral countries of Denmark and Norway in Operation Weserübung, opening the Norwegian Campaign. The British Royal Navy attack elements of the German fleet off Norway. Vidkun Quisling proclaims a new collaborationist regime in Norway. The German invasion of Denmark lasts for about six hours before that country capitulates.
May 10, 1940 - Germany begins the invasion of France and the Low Countries.
May 20, 1940 - The Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the German concentration camps, opens in occupied Poland near the town of Oświęcim. From now until January 1950, around 3.6 million people will be killed there.
May 26- June 4, 1940 - The Dunkirk evacuation: The British and French navies together with large numbers of civilian vessels from various nations complete evacuating 300,000 troops from Dunkirk in France to England.
June 3, 1940 - The United States government approves a sale of surplus war material to Great Britain.
June 14, 1940 - On the same day Paris fell to the German army, the Naval Expansion Act is signed into law by President John Nance Garner, increasing the capacity of the U.S. Navy by 9%. Four days earlier, John Nance Garner had hosted a trade conference with representatives from Japan securing an increase in oil exports to Japan, greatly benefiting the US oil industry.
June 17, 1940 - France surrenders to Germany. Marshal Philippe Pétain becomes Prime Minister of Vichy France and immediately asks Germany for peace terms.
September 7, 1940- The Blitz: Nazi Germany begins bomb raids on London (the first of 76 consecutive nights of strategic bombing).
September 16, 1940 - The U.S. Congress approves and enacts the first expansion of the US volunteer military; increasing US active duty forces to 320,000 personnel. The US will retain these troop limits until 1956.
September 26, 1940 – A group of Japanese officers in violation of an agreement signed four days earlier with French Indochina, take Đồng Đăng and Lam Sơn with 40 Franco-Vietnamese troops killed and around 1,000 deserting. As Japan consolidates control over Indochina, President Garner quells demands from some in his party to impose a total embargo on all scrap metal shipments to Japan. He is determined to not take sides in the growing war in the Pacific.
November 5, 1940 - President Garner decides to make way for a new candidate for President and endorses the bid of his VP, Democrat Millard Tydings, over firebrand progressive Henry Wallace after a heated convention battle. In a stunning upset of 282 to 249 in the Electoral College, victory is secured by Republican candidate Arthur Vandenberg, winning his first presidential election. A major factor in Vandenberg's success was ensuring the US will never enter war in Europe or Asia under his watch and was committed to rolling back some New Deal tax hikes signed by President Garner.
At the GOP Convention, Gerhard Kunze, of the German American Bund, and Charles Lindbergh, of the America First Committee, both deliver keynote speeches endorsing Arthur Vandenberg for his support of strict neutrality and anti-communism. Also, speaking at the convention was Father Charles Coughlin, a priest whose weekly radio show was instrumental in getting Catholics to turn out to the polls for the Republican candidate.
January 26, 1941 – After aviator Charles Lindbergh testifies before the U.S. Congress and recommends that the United States negotiate a non-aggression pact with Adolf Hitler; President Arthur Vandenberg extends an invitation to Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop to open negotiations with Germany.
March 11, 1941 - The Charles Lindbergh Museum of Aviation is dedicated at US Army Air Corps School at Patterson Field with the participation of such luminaries as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh himself.
March 16, 1941 - The Lend-Lease Act is passed by the Democrat majority in the House, which would have provided $7 billion in military credits for American manufactured war supplies to Great Britain and other nations. The bill is later is defeated in the now Republican Senate. Vandenberg announces that "Cash and Carry" will continue due to lobbying efforts by manufacturers earning incredible gains by selling to both sides, but the US will not extend credit to any particular side.
March 24, 1941 – WWII: Rommel launches his offensive in Cyrenaica.
June 22, 1941 –Operation Barbarossa: Germany invades the Soviet Union. Winston Churchill promises all possible British assistance to the Soviet Union in a worldwide broadcast: "Any man or state who fights against Nazidom will have our aid. Any man or state who marches with Hitler is our foe." Italy and Romania declare war on the Soviet Union. The June Uprising also begins in Lithuania and establishes a Provisional Government of Lithuania begun by the Lithuanian Activist Front in an attempt to liberate Lithuania from Soviet occupation.
June 26, 1941 – Hungary, Bulgaria and Finland officially join the Axis in their fight with the Soviet Union. Greece is occupied by Italy with the aid of German forces.
July 3, 1941 –Joseph Stalin, in his first address since the German invasion, calls upon the Soviet people to carry out a "scorched earth" policy of resistance to the bitter end. Meanwhile the German Army has captured the Baltic States with local Anti-Communist support.
August 14, 1941 - Negotiations for assistance are held between President Vandenberg and Great Britain's Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, without any significant agreement to change America's neutrality policy. The US, however, does agree to significant intelligence sharing with the UK.
August 25, 1941 – The Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran begins.
November 5, 1941 – US concludes a non-aggression pact with Japan and agrees to future talks to expand trade between the two nations. Oil sales to Japan continue to be profitable to US business interests.
November 10, 1941 - Germany invades and occupies Iceland after defeating British defenders on the island. This amphibious force helps develop German invasion capabilities by sea and foreshadows Operation Sea Lion. The Atlantic shipping lanes are now dominated by the German navy allowing the U-Boats to create havoc for British supply.
December 29, 1941 - "Second Great Fire of London" – Luftwaffe carries out a massive incendiary bombing raid on London, starting 1,500 fires. Many famous buildings, including the Guildhall and Trinity House, are destroyed. The raids continue for 71 days.
January 8, 1942 - North Africa is abandoned by Great Britain to concentrate resources at home for defense of a possible German invasion.
January 20, 1942 – The Holocaust: Nazis at the Wannsee Conference in Berlin decide that the "Final Solution" (Endlösung) to the Jewish problem" is deportation east, and later extermination.
February 6, 1942 - President Arthur Vandenberg rebuffs desperate requests from the Soviet Union to aid them in their defense from German invasion and instead decides to conclude an agreement with Germany for a non-aggression pact between the Reich and the US.
February 7, 1942 – United States Maritime Commission issues a warning for fleet operators to avoid passage in the North Sea and English Channel due to the deteriorated security situation from the Battle of Britain.
March 10, 1942 - Operation Typhoon succeeds as Moscow falls to German forces. Stalin's government is evacuated eastward to Omsk, taking with it the body of V.I. Lenin and many works of Russian art.
April-July 1942 - The Japanese Pacific campaign expands to the capture of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands resulting in the capitulation of most British forces in the region. Australia remains the last bulwark against Japanese domination of the Pacific and now faces the threat of Japanese long-range bombers.
May 12, 1942 – Second Battle of Kharkov: In the eastern Ukraine, the Soviet Army initiates a major offensive to re-capture the city of Kharkov from the German Army, only to be encircled and destroyed.
May 30, 1942 – Due to an intelligence miscalculation, British RAF Bombers en route to bomb Cologne are off course by 58 miles from their targets and suffer heavy air losses to the Luftwaffe.
June 27, 1942 - Remaining British forces capitulate at El Alamein, losing Egypt to Rommel's forces. The Suez Canal becomes a vital link to Persian Gulf oil for the Axis powers.
July 30, 1942 - After a long sustained air campaign over Great Britain and the steady decline of British Naval forces through attrition by U-Boats and the Luftwaffe, Operation Sea Lion begins with a massive airborne invasion of 15,000 Fallschirmjäger from Dunkirk, Normandy and Pas-de-Calais across the channel, mostly concentrated at Ramsgate and capturing the greater part of Kent.
August 1, 1942 – An amphibious invasion begins with over 80,000 Germans with armored support establishing beachheads along the shores of Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. This begins Britain's final struggle against the Reich. The last, and largest, Blitz on London begins and will kill thousands of civilians and defenders and effectively destroys Central London.
August 6, 1942- the Palace of Westminster was severely damaged from aerial and artillery bombardment and was unable to be saved from the resulting fire. Buckingham Palace also sustained a direct bomb impact and was rendered uninhabitable. Churchill lamented that it was the "saddest day in English history". Most members of Parliament and the Royal Family were safely evacuated to Canada days prior.


August 10, 1942 - Japanese bombers begin raids on Australia concentrating efforts on cities and ports in the North of the country. During the month of August, the Japanese complete several successful invasions of Fiji, Samoa, and New Caledonia. Australian ships are now cut off from supply from America.
August 12-14, 1942 – A British counter-attack fails under withering air power, strained supply chains and civilian evacuation diverting manpower. The British Army makes a full retreat up the Thames to defend what remains of London.
September 20, 1942 - London falls to German occupation and Churchill's home, Chartwell in Westerham, becomes HQ for the German invasion force led by Field Marshall Walther von Brauchitsch. Field Marshall Alan Brooke and General Bernard Montgomery organize the defense strategy against the German invaders from Northampton.
October 21, 1942 –Battle of Stalingrad: The situation for the Russian defenders of Stalingrad turns desperate and starvation forces them to surrender to German forces under General Friedrich Paulus. He later sends Adolf Hitler a telegram saying that the German Sixth Army is now unopposed.
November 3, 1942- Battle of Britain: German forces capture Northampton and Oxford after weeks of fierce resistance.
December 13, 1942 – The English winter has halted the German advance for the time being after entrenched British Home Guard hold the lines from Liverpool to Sheffield.
February 14, 1943 - Rommel secures control over both Tunisia and French Algeria. While on the Eastern front, German occupation forces obliterate Rostov-on-Don as a reprisal for a local uprising.
March 14, 1943 - After months of frostbite, malnutrition and illness at the Home Guard line, a renewed push by German forces breaks the front wide open. The British Home Guard makes a hasty retreat northward to Scotland.
March 22, 1943 –Khatyn massacre: The entire population of Khatyn in Belarus is burnt alive by the German occupation forces.
April 7, 1943 - The remaining forces in Britain, under Field Marshal Alan Brooke, surrender to Field Marshall Walther von Brauchitsch at Glasgow.
April 13, 1943 - The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. is dedicated on the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's birth by President Vandenberg.
May 5, 1943 - The formal instrument of surrender for British Forces in the UK is signed on the deck of the German Battleship Bismarck while docked in the Port of Bristol.
May 14, 1943 - Sir Oswald Mosley is appointed the new Prime Minister, under German direction, after being released from prison earlier in the year.
May 21, 1943 – The German Army begins a major clean-up effort in London using paid British laborers and lending manpower in effort to win hearts and minds. Many British citizens volunteer to help deliver German aid around their neighborhoods and villages, mostly since many British citizens are now unemployed and homeless.
June 8, 1943 – German forces invade into Yugoslavia to put down a Chetnik partisan uprising and bolster their Italian and Croat allies war effort.
June 10, 1943 - BUF militias with Einsatzgruppen support begin a campaign of clandestine arrests and executions against dissidents, Jews, Freemasons, recent emigres and former government officials over the course of the year across the British Isles.
June 21, 1943 - Race riots over civil rights abuses in Detroit and Harlem cause forty deaths and seven hundred injuries.
July 6, 1943 - After months of brutal siege and urban warfare, German forces have seized the city of Kazan on the north Volga River from the Soviets. This causes a catastrophic defeat for the Red Army of the North.
July 28, 1943 - Japanese forces seize the island of Tasmania, after 4 weeks of fighting, and begin preparing it as a launching base for the invasion of mainland Australia.
August 10, 1943 - Japanese bombers raid Australia's southwestern cities and ports in preparation for an invasion of the mainland. Urgent requests for US arms shipments to be sent to Australia are denied by President Vandenberg in an effort to avoid being pulled into war with Japan.
September 16, 1943 - With the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Iran, Shah Reza Pahlavi reforms his government around National Socialist principles and signs a trade agreement with Hitler to supply Germany with oil and other resources.
October 24, 1943 - The Japanese begin Operation Nomikai, a full scale invasion of Australia with a force of over 1 million soldiers by air and sea. Flinders, Torquay, Cape Paterson and Walkerville are the first beachheads to be captured after weeks of heavy bombardment. The Australian forces, out-supplied and outnumbered 7 to 1, struggle to defend territory from the rapid Japanese advance.
November 17, 1943 - The Detroit Conference is held for five days, concluding in an agreement between U.S. President Arthur Vandenberg, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and German Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop about a formal peace treaty between Germany and the Commonwealth ensuring that the remaining members of the British Commonwealth, particularly Canada, will not be attacked by Germany. Arthur Vandenberg makes it clear, alluding to the Monroe Doctrine, that a German offensive into the Americas would mean trade sanctions and probable war. Adolf Hitler finally agrees , in exchange for generous post-war reconstruction aid, and the war between Germany and Britain is over after official recognition of Germany's occupation of the British Isles was guaranteed by the US. Many British citizens saw the abandonment of the British homeland as a disgraceful betrayal, permanently impugning the reputation of Winston Churchill and the Royal family exiled in Canada.
December 12, 1943 – In a major crackdown on English intelligentsia, German and BUF authorities conduct a purge at Oxford University. In a massive display, over 20,000 books are burned outside Bodleian Library and 23 academics are arrested by the SS, including Bertrand Russell who is shot while "trying to escape". Similar smaller purges occur over the next two weeks at Cambridge University, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and the University of St Andrews.
December 17, 1943 - The first nuclear chain reaction is produced at the Auergesellschaft plant at Oranienburg, creating fission of Uranium U-238, under the direction of Wilhelm Ohnesorge and Nikolaus Riehl.
February 5, 1944 - A second Australian front is opened when 200,000 Japanese soldiers land at beachheads in Townsville and Darwin.
March 1, 1944 – Austrian-born economist Friedrich Hayek is arrested and executed in Birmingham, Great Britain, for his manuscript The Road to Serfdom, which was decreed to be a "treasonous assault against Reich economics".
April 10, 1944 - After a coup successfully deposes Stalin, Nikolai Bulganin, and others. New Soviet officials negotiate a ceasefire, ceding most land west of the Urals to the Germans in exchange for a cessation of hostilities. Adolf Hitler, with reservations, agrees to ending the war in the East. The next day Hitler declares Victory over Europe and is hailed as the “Savior of the German People”. A massive victory parade and rally is held in Berlin for the returning Reichswehr. The War in Europe is now over and the Nazi Reich begins consolidating its control over its various puppet regimes and war allies.
June 2, 1944 - Japanese forces advance south from Brisbane and capture Sydney as supplies run dry for the city defenders.
July 16, 1944 - By decision of the Soviet Politburo, Stalin and his close affiliates including Generals Molotov, Bulganin and Khrushchev, are quietly executed by firing squad in a military prison outside of Omsk. Over the next year the Soviet Union is reformed as the Democratic Federation of Soviet Republics (DFSR).
July 26, 1944 –The Messerschmitt Me-262 becomes the first jet fighter aircraft to enter military service.
August 11, 1944 - Australia finally capitulates after the siege of Canberra results in a decisive Japanese victory. Former PM, Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, negotiates the instrument of unconditional surrender and is later rewarded with the post of "Prime Minister and Governor-General" of an Australia that is now a vassal state in the Greater Japanese Empire. The Australian resistance will continue in the North and West for many years. This is seen as the end of the Japanese War in the Pacific. Japan can now focus its attention to consolidating control over its Chinese holdings.
October 1, 1944 - New concentration camp sites are erected in Western Russia to accommodate to newest influx of former Communist Party members, dissidents, “Mongolic” Slavs and Jews netted during the ongoing occupation of western Russia. In many cases, entire villages and towns have been razed by Waffen SS as reprisals for resistance. As part of the Ost Plan, these areas are being ethnically cleansed for the settlement of Germans.
November 6, 1944 - Arthur Vandenberg secures a second term as president, in a 332 to 199 defeat of challenger Henry Wallace, due to his steadfast avoidance of war and resurging economy. Despite neutrality remaining popular among Americans, many Democrats now worry about the advances Germany has made and its newfound position as the dominant power over Europe and Africa.
December 12, 1944 - The United States begins the Philadelphia Project, a clandestine project to create an atomic bomb, after learning that Germany has successfully tested an atomic bomb named the “Heisenberg Device" in the deserts of Algeria. The project will use the brightest minds of science and take several years to bear fruit.
March 5, 1945 - Hitler visits Moscow, under incredibly tight security by the SS, to inaugurate the new National Socialist regime under Konstantin Rodzaevsky. The new regime promises to accelerate the purge of former Communist elements and to eliminate Non-European and Jewish influences from Russia. The Reichswehr works with local partisans to continue to suppress former elements of the Red Army resistance still engaged in guerrilla warfare with the occupation forces in Western Russia.
May 7, 1945 - Germany invades Switzerland and, after two months of resistance, captures Bern and annexes the nation into the Reich.
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Photo interpretation of tree canopy using dot grid - $0.22 per HIT - 2- 5 minutes per hit

Phase 2 of our HITs are still live!
Thanks to everyone who has worked our Phase 1 HITs! We now have our phase two hits live, which represent 450 new locations!
THIS HIT SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED ON A CELL PHONE (it is not possible to click on the dot grid)
Search for 'Tree Canopy' and select Virginia Tech Cloud Interpretation Group's 'Identify Trees on NAIP Aerial Images' HIT-- Qualification required
Number of HITs: This is phase one of three phases. There are 50 HITs in phase 1, but 1998 HITs total.
Preview: https://worker.mturk.com/projects/3KSJQJJC8XICP3EW8NMIB0F6I8TKGN/tasks?ref=w_pl_prvw
Project Description: Tree Canopy Cover Photo Interpretation
We are excited to announce the first phase of a research project that invites Turkers to test their photo interpretation skills by identifying trees on aerial images. The easiest way to find our HITs is by searching for the phrase "Tree Canopy": https://worker.mturk.com/?filters%5Bsearch_term%5D=tree+canopy. Our HITs require you to obtain the "Tree Canopy Classification Qualification", which you can do directly from this link ( https://worker.mturk.com/qualifications/3HE7BV11MT84QVPX4KHPXR2VMBFS1Z.) before accessing our HITs. If you invest the time to earn this qualification, you will have an opportunity to work up to 50 HITs in this phase and hundreds more in upcoming phases, at a pay rate of $0.22 per assignment.
Tree Canopy Cover (TCC) is defined as the measure of the proportionate area covered by the vertical components of tree crowns. (Sanders, 1986) TCC is an important measure that determines how dense canopies are in a region. It is measured in a percentage, with higher percentages representing more closed canopies. Information about TCC is to measuring forest health and productivity and is used in applications like climate change mitigation, forest management, and pest and disease monitoring. TCC influences wildlife habitat, urban property values, and rainfall partitioning, among other natural processes. (North et al. ,2017; Pandit et al., 2014; Owens et al., 2006)
Tree canopy cover can be measured both in and outside of forests. Trees don’t have to occur just in forests or large expanses of treecover in order to be counted toward TCC. TCC can be measured for trees mixed with other land uses, such as those in close proximity to homes and buildings, or in agricultural settings.
The 2011 and 2016 National Land Cover Database (NLCD) Tree Canopy Cover (TCC) products utilize training data collected by experienced photo interpreters. Observations of tree canopy cover were collected using 1-meter NAIP imagery overlaid on a dot grid. At each point in the dot grid, experts interpreted whether the point fell on canopy or not. The proportion of positive observations yields percent canopy cover. These data are used in conjunction with a set of 30-m resolution predictors (primarily Landsat imagery) to train a random forest model predicting TCC nationwide.
We will test the use of crowdsourced photo interpretations of canopy cover to validate national products. Crowd-workers will interpret percent TCC using a 100-dot-grid overlain on 1-meter NAIP imagery. At each point in the dot grid, interpreters will determine if the point falls on canopy and indicate if it does. The proportion of canopy observations to non-canopy points will yield percent canopy cover for that area.
Crowd-workers will apply this methodology at plot locations across the United States subsampled from the public Forest Inventory and Analysis database. Each HIT will include the interpretation of one plot on two separate dates.
After data is collected, researchers will compare a subset of crowd-sourced interpretations to interpretations obtained from one or more experts in order to determine the best methodology for validating the NLCD TCC models. We will then compare the NLCD TCC models from 2011 and 2016 to multiple interpretations using one or more of the tested methodologies.
We will also utilize ancillary data about the interpretation activity, such as the interpreter’s zoom behavior, utilization of false color or true color composite, and duration of interpretation to understand the relationship of these metrics to interpretation quality, and possibly to create a custom methodology for interpretation weighting and selection based on this information.
The overall research project, funded through a grant by the United States Forest Service (USFS), is titled "TCC 2021 Research and Development". The primary researchers are as follows, sorted by their affiliation:
Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech:
Valerie A. Thomas (Principal Investigator)
Randolph H. Wynne (Co-Principal Investigator)
Jennings, S. (1999) Assessing forest canopies and understorey illumination: canopy closure, canopy cover and other measures. Forestry, 72 (1), 59{74. doi:10.1093/forestry/72.1.59
North, M. P., Kane, J. T., Kane, V. R., Asner, G. P., Berigan, W., Churchill, D. J., . . . Whitmore, S. (2017). Cover of tall trees best predicts California spotted owl habitat. Forest Ecology and Management, 405 (August), 166{178. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2017.09.019
Owens, M. K., Lyons, R. K., & Alejandro, C. L. (2006). Rainfall partitioning within semiarid juniper communities: Eects of event size and canopy cover. 20 (15), 3179{3189. doi:10.1002/hyp.6326
Pandit, R., Polyakov, M., & Sadler, R. (2014). Valuing public and private urban tree canopy cover. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 58 (3), 453{470. doi:10.1111/1467-8489.1203
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European guests at war criminal Putin's parade as humiliation and spit in the face of Europe

European guests at war criminal Putin's parade as humiliation and spit in the face of Europe
The latest report of the UN Syria Commission covering the period from July 11 to January 31, 2019, once contained accusations of Bashar al-Assad regime and – for the first time – of Russian air force over airstrikes on Idlib. Naturally, the UN commission called such actions a war crime, blaming Russia and the Syrian authorities for violating human rights.

Meanwhile, as time shows, neither the occupation of Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in Ukraine, nor the bloody crimes of the Russian troops in Syria, nor Russia's interference in the civil war in Libya, nor many other bloody and flagrant crimes of the Kremlin military machine seem to discourage a number of European politicians from supporting the Putin regime and even indulging it.

And, of course, against this background, I can't help but recall the invitation to the Kremlin's May 9 Victory Day parade of a number of European leaders, among whom, as you know, is French President Emmanuel Macron, who has already agreed to participate in this militaristic extravaganza of a war criminal.

In my opinion, it would be a real paradox, a surreal nonsense indeed, to see among those invited to the "Bavarian Generals Hall" in Munich, in 1942, to the annual pledge of allegiance of Nazi troops, figures like Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But, this paradox does manifest itself fully in 2020, when leaders of civilized European countries appear to be willing to stand along war criminal and dictator Vladimir Putin on Red Square. Or at least, one of them.

In fact, the attendance by Macron, or of any of world leader, at the May 9 parade in Moscow is not about their personal shame. First of all, this is about a historical shame for their countries, introducing this visit into the chronicles against the backdrop of the bloody bath in Idlib and another humanitarian crisis that the Kremlin is provoking through its Syrian puppet, Bashar al-Assad.

Standing next to the tyrant and seeing terrorist troops marching the square, while tens of thousands of Syrians are fleeing their homes amid bombings by Russian warplanes and the advance of the Russian-Assad troops – isn't it the greatest humiliation of own dignity?

Besides, along with refugees, Syrian officers and security operatives, as well as members of affiliated radical groups are also penetrating European borders. We are perfectly aware of what it will all result in for Europe, recalling the humanitarian crisis of 2015, when Russian-Assad groups created lots of dormant terrorist cells across the EU.

But if the problems of 2015, pulsating around the issue of Russian-controlled radicalism and terrorist blackmail, which brought populists and right-wing political forces to power, were limited to this, today Europe may be facing a threat of a different magnitude.

The humanitarian crisis of the current scale is extremely untimely in the context of the emergence in Europe of hotspots of the ubiquitous coronavirus, which can lead to its uncontrolled spread, thereby worsening the epidemiological situation in Europe significantly.

And therefore, the manifestation of any loyalty to and flirting with Putin is not just a personal humiliation for any politician who allows themselves to act like this – this is a potential humiliation for the whole nation, which they represent. This is humiliation before a war criminal and a tyrant.

Is Europe ready to accept this?


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BBQ Chicken University: Dads launch summer sports league in Churchill. A group of dads in Churchill are making sure the children in their neighborhood keep active and engaged in their community Senior Contract Manager at Churchill Group CMI Affiliate Member United Kingdom 81 connections. Join to Connect. Churchill Group. Garforth Community College. Report this profile; About. Experienced Senior Contracts Manager within the facilities services industry. Proven service delivery experience in student residential, commercial services Churchill, an investment-specialist affiliate of Nuveen (the asset manager of TIAA), provides customized financing solutions to middle market private equity firms and their portfolio companies across the capital structure. Churchill Asset Management LLC is a majority-owned subsidiary and member of the TIAA group of companies. We use cookies The Churchill Society of Wisconsin is one of 25 USA authorized affiliates in the International Churchill Society, The Society was established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. Headquartered at the historic Milwaukee Club, the Churchill Society of Wisconsin, schedules several events throughout the year for members and guests. Ken serves as president and CEO of Churchill Asset Management, an affiliate of Nuveen. Throughout his career in the investment industry he has accrued a broad range of experience in leading middle market businesses. Previously, Ken served as president and a director of Carlyle GMS Finance (Carlyle’s publicly traded business development company).

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