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Date: 2012-09-27
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What happened to Dave? Do you still keep in touch with him? Dave moved back to China. We still Skype on a regular basis but we haven't seen each other in the flesh in over three years. I miss him a lot, he was a best friend to me and my girlfriend and practically lived on our couch (usually playing Tetris on my DS) during the day.
I'm coming at your base with two rockvees and an ambo - you've got a jarmen, two scorps and a quad. What do you do? Snipe the ambo with Jarmen and target both Scorps on the first rockvee, their missiles will insta-gib it. Kite back with all units while Jarmen picks off the MDs and the Quad adds some DPS. As soon as the Scorp missiles are re-loaded, turn around, engage the second rockvee and clean up the remainder with an a-move. EZPZ.
What has Doug been up to? Doug moved back west, about 4000km away from me. He's also a dad now to an unbelievably cute little girl and works full-time. I don't get to see him enough, but at least I still do (looking at you, Dave...). You should check out his podcast - Link to
What was the primary motivation for bring back Pure Pwnage? Were you surprised by the fan support after all these years? Link to
But seriously, I've never for a moment felt comfortable leaving the web series as we did. I didn't want to regret that for the rest of my life, which is the path I was on. The movie is an opportunity to once again do something new and different to keep our creative process fun and exciting, while leaving our characters and universe in a much nicer place should we decide this is the end.
Oh man am I pumped you're doing this. -What was your favorite experience from PP? Did you expect the Internet show to become as big as it did? How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands??? The very first theatrical premiere we held at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto. We were eating at a restaurant down the street, discussing our expectations. I thought somewhere between 12 and 25 people would show up and it would be pretty awkward. Geoff left first to go to the theatre because no one would recognize him and I'll never forget the frantic phone call we received a few minutes later. The line-up was down and around the block. Nearly 800 people showed up. It's one thing to see numbers on a website and another entirely to see all those people in real life. We ended up having to run through the crowd with hoodies pulled down, panicking as we heard shouts of "There they are!!". Afterwards I tried to escape via the back door but it didn't work. We started getting swarmed from all around and my flight instinct kicked in and I just started running. I got stopped and swarmed in the middle of the street and luckily one of the larger fans recognized I was terrified and screamed at everyone to give me room. I spent three hours signing every last autograph and, for one moment in my life, felt like Brad Pitt. Afterwards we went to eat at an all-night diner and everything was back to normal; no one knew who the fuck I was. I didn't slept for two days. (also, man I wish I knew how to carriage-return on Reddit...)
Why is Dave so pro at cooking? Because he's the pickiest eater I've ever met. Not picky in the sense that he only eats a specific variety of foods, but in the sense that quality is everything and almost nothing meets his standards, forcing him to cook for himself.
Were you happy the way the TV series turned out? Yes, I am happy with how it turned out, especially given the obstacles involved in making a real 'TV' show. Constant network revisions, writers/directors forced onto the project, 14 hour days with no downtime, etc. If you compare it to other TV comedies (and not our previous web series), I think it stands up. But then again, I think most modern TV comedies are pure crap, with rare exceptions like 'Louie' on FX or 'Limmy's Show' on BBC Scotland. I think a big problem for our existing fan base is that they had a strong expectation of what it would be, and when the structure and tone was changed... well, people don't like changes to the things they love. In a perfect world, they'd have given us full creative control and I think we would have knocked it out of the park for old fans and new.
Which episodes of PP (web series) were the most fun or memorable to film? Episode 2 was a blast to film because it involved drinking a few pitchers of beer and randomly interacting in-character with people on the street. Those were the days.
Episode 10 is my most memorable because I took the writing more seriously than the other episodes and felt that we really, really needed a solid episode (and return to our 'roots') after experimenting with 'micro balls' in episode 9. The opening scene is a personal favourite - sitting alone in my underwear and doing 57 takes until I felt I nailed it. That is actually me typing...
How many famous people do you know of that liked Pure Pwnage a lot, and how did you find out? (Like Artosis from the SC-scene) PP Teh Movie has been an idea you and Geoff have thrown around for many years now, but when was it decided "Fuck it, let's crowdfund it!"? Was it a spontaneous decision just recently after you started being more public, or have it been in the works for quite some time already? Not sure how many in total, but I've been surprised how many big figures in eSports have reached out to me, especially after the IEM event and/or the movie announcement. A lot of casters (Tasteless, Artosis, Day9 and more) and players (Sheth, Destiny, HuK and more), of which I will certainly forget some if I try to list them. I've known dApollo since the days when EA would fly us out to balance-test the Alpha versions of new C&C games. The actor Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films) is a fan and in fact one of the first people to buy an 'i pwn n00bs' shirt from us back in the day. Apparently he used to wear it to set. I met him in Calgary and we mutually freaked out (I'm a big Harry Potter fan). I love my family life. In all honesty, I was terrified I might be a bad dad, given my predisposition to obsess about work or games, but as it turns out I was born to be one. It's funny how our instincts work. I am completely obsessed with my son and it kills me to spend any time away (the IEM Germany trip was my first time away from him and quite an emotional trial, so sorry to those sharing beer with me on that last night, lol...) Of everything I've done in my life, I'm most proud of my family. We're all very healthy and happy. As cliche as it may be and incomprehensible to many - it's all that really matters in this short life.
Will you ever feel too old to play Jeremy? I do both at the same time... from home ;) Although I don't consider myself a star of any kind these days. Just a dude who once did some stuff people dug and hopefully does some more stuff people dig in the future. The IEM really liked it. It was a great experience for me personally. I'd never done any real hosting before, so it was very experimental. On the first day I went with a dry, sarcastic tone and learned a couple things: the lack of energy is not a good hosting technique, and people under a certain age have no idea what dry comedy is and mistake it for 'awkward'. By day 3 I found a groove and was having so much fun. I really hope I get more opportunities in the future, I can only get better.
Nah. If I start getting too too old, we could always cast a 'padawan' and make jeremy the Yoda ;)
Thanks for all the answers, but you missed the second one about Teh Movie. I understand if you want to avoid talking about if for now, I'm just curious. :) Oh shit, that was an honest miss!
Real #2. I just recently decided to come back to work 'full time'. I've been working on a few projects on and off the past couple years, but nothing that required my complete devotion like teh movie. I guess I just wasn't prepared to stop being a full-time dad. Recently my son started school and suddenly I felt it was time to go back to taking n00bs to school myself. I wrote up a proposal and a little over a month later our campaign launched.
Remember that time we met at comic-con and I made you pose for an awkward picture? No? Oh, good. LOL.
Will the game Vasectomy be in the movie? Ever since it was talked about in the last web series episode, I've been waiting to see what becomes of it. I can neither confirm nor deny that Vasectomy will be in the Pure Pwnage movie. ;)
What is your favorite game of all time? Have you ever used "You remind me of ghey." in a real argument? Too hard to answer, but I'll give a list, in no particular order, of some of my favourites of all time: F-Zero (SNES, N64 and GC), Zelda: Ocarina of Time (best single-player game of all time IMO, I actually feel sorry when I meet people who haven't played it), SC: Brood War and C&C: Generals (best RTSs ever), Tetris, Ultima Online (I could do a whole AMA talking about this masterpiece of a 'game'), Dragon Warrior (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), B.R.E. (BBS Door Game)... and seeing as you didn't specify video game: Tennis and Chess. I know I've probably forgotten another dozen and will regret later...
You recently hosted IEM (which was amazing!), any plans to get more involved with SC2 and which race do you play? Oh, forgot 2-4... #2 I answered already, #3: I really hope I have more opportunities to work in eSports in the future. It's been a childhood dream of mine. I play Protoss and regret every second of it :) #4: No, although I'm prepared to bust it out in case all else fails.
Jarrett played Ultima Online... I feel weak in the knees, Great Lakes reppin! NAPA VALLEY BOOOYYEEE.
Whats your opinion on what Call of Duty has done to the games industry? I think the 'annualization' of franchises was a tragic turn for any non-sports franchise. I think we're in the middle of a transition, I expect most games to move to a F2P or subscription model over the next decade. I haven't played Call of Duty since the fourth instalment and am generally not a fan of the franchise. Also, Bobby Kotick sucks balls.
Would you rather fight one hundred duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck? One horse-sized duck. That motherfucker would be scary. The little horses would be too cute and I wouldn't have the heart to hurt them.
Is it alright if I be you for halloween? EDIT: I'm glad that you answered, I love you and had to make the question really quick at lunch today. More than alright, it's pure awesome.
Why did you decide not to go with Kickstarter for your movie? It is more well known and better in the sense that the charge doesn't happen right away, so I can donate and be able to handle it when the charge goes through. Kickstarter requires a US social security number, bank account and resident address, AKA it's only for Americans. As Canadians we didn't have much choice. Indiegogo also takes less fees than Kickstarter, which is a plus.
Who's idea was it to have those horrible clips of teh masterer and the ninja powers? It was a mutual decision. We were watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the time (great series, check it out) and decided to have some action-combat fun in our own sandbox. A lot of Pure Pwnage was made that way - us simply wanting to experiment as writers/directors to keep the creative process fun. In hindsight, we know now why TV shows don't suddenly change their formula mid-series... ;)
What are you goals for the Movie with all the extra money you've received on FYI: I'm really psyched about the whole project. I really just want to make the best movie we can. We don't plan on paying ourselves a penny from the money we raise; everything is going into more locations, more and better actors, more opportunities for promotion, etc.
If I remember correctly... Did someone actually buy some of your hair? Yeah, I think it ended up being over $3000. We spent the money on a trip to Holland to surprise some of our favourite fans. We even shot some of the show there. One of the best experiences of my life.
Why didn't you just sell some more haiball hair to raise the movie money? In a perfect world...
Can you comment on the performance of the TV series and what benchmarks the network wanted / expected you to hit? In terms of 'ratings', the TV show did well for the channel it was on. Much better than, say, the first seasons of Trailer Park Boys (same channel). I think the network might've had higher than usual expectations because of our huge web traffic, when in truth, most people watching TV shows on the web don't watch TV shows on television. I know I hadn't had cable for years prior to getting a TV show.
What is your opinion of trailer park boys? I really enjoyed the first few seasons but it started to lose me after that. Oddly, the opposite of what their ratings suggest most others thought.
Do you have dog? Who is Dog? Please respond. Growing up I had a dog named Maxwell. When I moved in with my girlfriend 15 years ago we had a dog named Kemo. Both have since passed away and I'm not sure my heart can take losing another family member, so I'm dogless atm and make do by visiting the local park and being the creepy dog guy.
Correct me if I am wrong, but Kemo was the dog you used in one episode, right? Yes, we immortalized him as 'Dick'. Man I miss that little guy :(
How often do people recognize you on the street nowadays? i've missed you. Not very often any more. Occasionally I'll get approached or notice someone noticing me (there's a certain look I can now spot a mile away...), but it mostly only happens at or around events with fellow nerds, like comic-cons.
How do you feel about the feed me song "headshot"? Did he have to license the FPS Doug sound clips from you and did you know about the song pre-release? They didn't have a license and we had no idea. We found out after the fact through Twitter thanks to fans. It was an honest error on their part, they had no idea about the show and thought the FPS Doug clip was a stand-alone one-time thing whose producer they couldn't find. I've since talked to them and they are super cool dudes and it's all good. I'm happy that people enjoy the tune, although I'm not into dubstep myself. Assuming that's what it is, I know people can get a little crazy sub-dividing techno music genres...
Huge fan since the web series. Jeremy VS Jarett in a BO9 in sc2 who takes it? 5-0 Jeremy. Jarett then smashes his keyboard and complains about balance and/or design, while suppressing his regret at choosing Protoss in the first place.
What are your favourite pizza toppings? I have simple tastes in pizza - Pepperoni and Jalapenos!
Lyk dis if u cry evertim. Not showing to my son... but upvote for you!
How awesome was 2007? Link to I was ~14 at the time, me and my friends had my mom drop us off for the screening in Houston, TX. Oh god, this is a good reminder that I need to lose a few pounds before we go to camera...
Can we expect Dave (Dawei) in teh Pure Pwnage movie? If he's not, I'll be more disappointed than anybody.
What's one interesting thing you think that we don't know about Pure Pwnage? The Pure Pwnage logo was made by my good friend Kevin. We never paid him for the work, or had any sort of contract, so technically he still owns it. He likes to remind me of this about once a year.
What was your favorite episode of the oringal web series? If I have to pick one - Episode 10.
Do you really prefer cc to bw? if so why? My two favorite RTS games of all time, including those on the shelf today, are StarCraft: Brood War and Command & Conquer: Generals. Between those two, I probably had more fun playing Generals, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's a better game.
Met you guys in London a few years back. Are you planning on doing any more European visits any time soon? Edit: I decided to add a couple more photos from this particular encounter 1 2 (I'm the one who hugged you :)) I love Europe and really, really hope we can screen the film there. I'm also strongly considering moving there... like, permanently.
Do you still hump your monitor? LCD monitors just aren't the same. Baby needs some CRT-back, nomsayin'?
One thing I loved about the webshow is your chemistry with Miranda Plant. Did any of that transfer off-screen? Miranda is amazing and such a pleasure to work with that we made her name a verb during production. We now say an actor is "Miranda'ing" if they: always show up early, are always smiling and pleasant, and always give it their all. We're good friends off-screen.
Hey Jarett! Long time fan, started watching PP back in the days when you guys started out, freaking love it man. Did you expect the series to be such a big hit when you started? And in that regard, did you ever expect to be doing a movie about it? What inspired the character of Jeremy? Will you be rubbing your balls on the scripts you'll be sending to the donators? No, we had no idea what we were getting into. If you told us then what was to become of Pure Pwnage, I would've thought you were legitimately crazy. Being a competitive C&C player, I was forced to interact with an uncountable number of douchebags. They were amazing at playing the game, but completely failed at being decent human beings. I just wanted their replays. The original Pure Pwnage was a way for me to vent by taking the piss out of them. Little did I know...
Is Kyle still a noob? Kyle? Totally.
I will by special request only. It's not the default option.
Did you ever actually get addicted to WoW? I was never actually 'addicted' to WoW, although I did play a lot starting on launch day. I was an Everquest addict for a year and a half during university (quad-boxing 10+ hours a day and almost failing out of school as a result), so I was familiar with the genre and its pitfalls. Honestly, after EQ, WoW just felt like a children's game and I was immune to the addictive elements. My power guild had moved from EQ to WoW, we were the first ones in Molten Core, I was one of the first priests to 50, blah blah blah, and after I got all the knowledge I needed to write the WoW content in Pure Pwnage I quit and never looked back. (well, except for an ill-fated attempt at a 'Pure Pwnage Guild')
I think MMOs are evil, frankly. I have what can be described as an 'addictive personality type' and it's just not safe for me to play them. I haven't played any more since WoW and the only game that even tempts me to go back is the upcoming Dragon Quest X, and only because I was a huge Dragon Quest fan growing up and it also looks childish enough that I couldn't possibly get addicted. Always a risk, though...
Was your power guild by chance the guild Zephyros? We had a similar history, though a lot of our older members from the EQ days have started disappearing. Negative. We played on Rallos Zek. The best time of my EQ life was when Sullon Zek launched. Everyone on an equal playing field, mostly carebears from the blue servers giving PvP a shot, and me and my roomies having so much PvP experience... We just dominated. Some of the most fun I've ever had actually, often brought to tears from laughing so hard.
Have you rubbed any shirts on your balls lately? Just the old soft ones I use to mop up after I... nm.
Pure Pwnage (web series) will forever be one of the closest pieces of gaming culture to my heart, and I'm really excited for the movie. I had trouble getting into the TV series, partly because of the changes and that I don't have cable or anything:P But I still would like to finish it. How do you feel about the way people compare the web series and the TV series? It bums me out a bit, but I totally expected it. It's impossible to approach the TV show objectively if you've been a big fan of the web series beforehand. Also, I share many of the criticisms myself, so it's easy reading them. I do think that the TV show is better than most people give it credit for, though. C'est la vie.
Which do you feel is your preferred medium: stand up or scripted comedy? Which did you prefer shooting: the web series or the television show? I have an insane amount of respect for stand-up comedy and hope to one day get back on stage myself. It's such a pure art-form, just you and a microphone and no second chances. By comparison, scripted comedy is much, much easier, and consequently not quite as rewarding personally (although far more rewarding financially unless you're in the top 0.01% of comics). I preferred the web series because we had the time and atmosphere to just let me go and do my thing, improvising a large portion of the show's dialogue. In TV, you're counting the minutes and have limited takes of each scene, and often times you know you could do better with another take, but you're moving on. It can be a bummer.
Hey Jarrett! I was wondering if you would ever continue the web series? My friends and I have been waiting to see what would happen with Chris for years now. I would definitely consider doing something more on the web. This is something we'll discuss after the movie is complete. It's a different landscape now though, so a return to the original formula of one piece of ~25 min content every 3-4 months probably won't cut it.
off, if there are people in this world capable of making the ultimate Gamer movie i truly believe that You, Geoff and Joel are the ones. I've known Geoff since grade 5, or about 10 years old. I met Joel when I was about 18, in the basement of a mutual friends house, playing 007 on the N64. I met Dave shortly after I moved to Toronto. I was living in some shitty student housing (even though I was no longer a student) and he moved into the room across from me. We hit it off instantly, probably a faster personal connection than I've ever made in my life.
If you play any non-competitive games at all, what's your favorite? I play a fair bit of Mario Kart 7 on my 3DS, though online and always with the intention of winning... it's just in my nature :)
Where do you find your inspiration? I look up at the sky and then think about how we're all just a bunch of silly apes, barely out of the trees, hanging out on this one planet in this one solar system in this one galaxy and there's so little time to enjoy it all. All the unimportant shit just fades away and I'm left with this overwhelming desire to LIVE my dreams. Then I try to.
If you could meet anyone from history (famous or not) who would it be? This answer probably depends on my mood, but right now I'll say Bill Hicks. I think he'd make really good company.
Long time fan of both the web, and TV Series! One of my favourite scenes was when Doug annihilated that keyboard in his garage after a death in CS:S. How many keyboards have suffered the same fate at the hands(feet) of Doug? Joel (Doug) has busted a number of keyboards (and headsets and speakers...) in his time, but I'd be lying if I said many keyboards haven't met a similar fate at my hands. I used to keep around 3-4 extra in my closet, just in case of a losing streak in Clan Wars. Of course, having those extras around just gave me even more excuses to Hulk Smash that shit...
What/who was the influence behind Jeremy's mannerisms and how he spoke? I haven't broken a keyboard in years now. It could be age, or it could be that I have an expensive mechanical keyboard I can't afford to replace :)
Thanks for doing this, Can't wait for the movie! I don't know where Jeremy's accent came from, it was an improvised stream of consciousness thing. It's a big exaggeration of how I thought others perceived the Canadian accent. The mannerisms are mostly just improvised, but the spanking was directly influenced by my good friend John during the days of our Big Buck Hunter addiction.
If you HAD to go gay for some dude, who would it be? Roger Federer.
I did not know about the movie project until now. That's awesome. Ever since the show ended I've been waiting for some more pwnage. You guys are awesome. Well, the mail man just delivered a few new books to my house. I'm anxious to read what William Goldman and Syd Field have to say on the topic :)
You've now went from a web series, to a tv series, to now a movie. How does your approach differ for these different mediums? Obviously technologically it's a little different, but how much does it affect the way you approach the storytelling? I have a scientific approach to most everything in life. So step one for me is research. I've never written a movie before and it's a little intimidating. Once I'm more educated on movie-writing and confident in structure, I need to just trust my comedic instincts and see what the result is. Then reiterate.
Huge fan, is there any way i can help on set if you get the movie off the ground (or even have a very small part in it)? (I live in Toronto) We're accepting resumes for everything from interns to actors. Email your info to: [email protected].
What happened to the clip that you and Joel filmed, are you going to release it ahead of the movie or is it going to be included? Absolutely love your work btw, best of luck making this film. If you're referring to some of the unreleased Episode 19 content, we're saving it for a special moment. It will be seen. In fact, I have a scene open in Premiere right now...
What games are you playing regularly these days? LOVE the show, and I also loved the TV series to death. You guys are part of what makes the internet so great. League of Legends, Mario Kart 7, Tiny Tower, and I've just recently started playing Starcraft 2 again thanks to the Heart of the Swarm expansion. Also trying to get into DotA 2. One of those was a joke, I'll leave that up you to figure out.
Will you play LoL in the pure pwnage movie? I'm not sure who may or may not play it in teh movie, but I'd love to include it somehow and I hope Riot Games thinks it's a good idea too. I'll ask them in person at the upcoming World Finals in L.A. ;)
If the film does well commercially (I'm sure it will), is there a chance of a continuation of the series from there? Be it another feature or a return to episodic web content? Absolutely.
Will I be seeing you presenting at future eSports events? I sure hope so, man! Either way, I hope we have a chance to grab some more beers together at the LoL World Finals in L.A.
Since the Indiegogo announcement, I've been listening to a lot of the old music from the webseries - it's been great. Pure Pwnage composed a lot of my identity in high school and legitimised my gaming habits. Thank you for that. How do you plan on promoting the movie? Will you rely on old fans or try to find a new audience as well? I had the privilege of meeting you and Geoff when you came to Australia for Episode 15, so maybe some local screenings? So far our plan is similar to that of the web series - rely on making a quality product that people want to talk about. We won't have a budget to do traditional promotion. We need word of mouth. Once we have a finished movie, we'll submit it to festivals and hopefully the energetic throngs of fans that (hopefully) show up will speak loud and clear for us. After that we can host our own tours, write the local and web 'presses' and hope it snowballs from there. At the end of the day, we're banking on the merit of the film, not the merit of a marketing campaign.
Are you at all excited about the new Command and Conquer free to play game that's supposedly coming out in 2013 or will you be sticking with SC2/Heart Of the Swarm for all of your RTS needs? It's free, so I'll give it shot. That's the beauty of free-to-play. If the game sucks, I'm gone... so they have to make it good. When EA has your money up front, you can almost bet you'll be feeling stolen from.
I do expect though that HotS will be my RTS until LotV is released. My confidence in EA is immeasurably small.
We featured you on Cadred! Link to What's the best way to contact you for business inquiries? Thanks man! Tweet at me, I'll DM you back with an email address.
I remember reading somewhere that you would be going to South Korea to work for Gom and the GSL in some capacity. Is this still happening? That was a bad joke that got a little out-of-hand. Not that I wouldn't take that job...
Thank you so much for Pure Pwnage! I've been a huge fan ever since the web series first started. Are there plans on updating the Noob Store with new products? There should be some new products around when the movie launches, probably not before then.
What game is your biggest guilty pleasure? Magic the Gathering.
Also, remember the first ever PurePwnage fan meet in Calgary at the BlackSwan? No? Maybe this photo will bring back memories! And how could I forgot that meet?! Best toque ever.
AWSOME! Your show was the shiz back in the day...Do you hate when people say "Powned" ITS FUCKING PRONOUNCED OWNED but spelled with a P.FFS...HEADSHOT! It used to bother the hell out of me, but now I've given up. We lost the pronunciation war. Fortunately I don't hear either very much these days.
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